PNoy reportedly laughing at jokes amidst the tragedy unfolding in CDO and Iligan

Social networking sites keep undoing the impeccable image President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) is trying to project. Gone are the days when Malacañang Palace officials can keep their shenanigans hush-hush while regular folks battle for survival outside in the real world. Facebook and Twitter are social networking sites that act as double edge swords for high profile individuals. On one hand it can launch someone’s career while on the other, it can shoot it straight down. Those 140 character twitter messages have been known to destroy someone’s reputation quicker than anyone can hit the delete button. Any attempts at apologising after the damage is done is futile once the Netizens get their hands on insensitive messages sent by anyone high on either wine or pure adrenaline.

The first tweet that made the Second Aquino Government look like a twit was when Presidential speech writer Carmen “Mai” Mislang posted derogatory messages about their Vietnamese hosts while PNoy attended his first ASEAN summit meeting back in 2010. Malacañang went into damage control by banning its Communication Team from using social networking site Twitter immediately after Mislang tweeted “Wine sucks” and “Crossing the speedy motorcycle laden streets of Hanoi is one of the easiest ways to die”. The people showed no mercy for Mislang. Although being a buddy of the President, she only received a slap on the wrist, Mislang is already a national disgrace.

Unfortunately for Malacañang, not everyone is under their control or in their payroll. The recent backlash they are receiving from Netizens came after Filipino actress, Valerie Concepcion inadvertently revealed that PNoy was at a party during the height of the tropical storm Sendong which claimed the lives of 650 Filipinos as of this writing.

Concepcion probably did not realise that gushing about being with the bachelor President the night before would get PNoy or her in a lot of trouble. A simple tweet saying that “It was nice to see Pres. P-Noy laughing at my jokes & enjoying my performance…”, is something that others would have easily dismissed as normal considering it comes from a space cadet, but not when there is a catastrophe unfolding in some part of the country.

Now some rabid supporters of PNoy are blaming Concepcion for her insensitive tweet. I say good on her for revealing a national concern. She should not be blamed at all for PNoy’s own insensitivity. Concepcion should be lauded for revealing the true state of the country’s leader during a crisis. Besides, it was PNoy who was laughing at her jokes without any care in the world in the first place. PNoy was probably putting some meaning into the saying, “laugh and the world will laugh with you”. His behaviour now is pretty consistent with his behaviour during the Mendoza hostage crisis in 2010 when relatives of the eight Chinese tourists who died in the hands of disgruntled gunman, Rolando Mendoza were outraged at seeing PNoy smiling during the press conference after the tragedy.

The lack of a formal statement from PNoy about the disaster is a real disappointment for many Filipinos. His Communication staff has been left defending his inaction. It seems like PNoy does not consider tragedies outside Manila as urgent. In the wake of this tragedy, it has been revealed that Cagayan de Oro did not get any warning about the possibility of being hit by the typhoon. Here’s what the Mayor had to say

Cagayan de Oro City (CDO) Mayor Vicente Emano said they were not warned of the strength of Tropical Storm Sendong (international name: Washi), which lashed Mindanao and left more 300 people dead, with almost 300 more missing. “Wala naman talagang sinabi na ganoon ang mangyayari,” Emano said in an interview with dzMM. “Kami ang tinamaan ng mata ng bagyo, hindi na po sinabi yan.”

“Wala pong nagsabi na ganito ang darating na bagyo sa amin, wala man lang bulletin, wala man lang nakapagsabi na we will be in the eye of the storm,” he added.

Cagayan de Oro is rarely hit by storms, and many residents were ill-prepared for the wrath of Sendong. Flash floods triggered voluntary evacuations as early as midnight last Friday.

Obviously, PNoy’s reaction to the tragedy in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City is a far cry from his reaction when typhoon Basyang ravaged Metro Manila:

On Tuesday, the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) announced that Basyang would batter Northern and Central Luzon areas, but the storm lashed Metro Manila instead.

At an emergency meeting called by the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) in Camp Aguinaldo, Aquino told PAGASA that accurate weather information is vital for the government in preparing for disasters.

“That information it is sorely lacking and we have had this problem for quite a long time. … You do what you are supposed to do… this is not acceptable. I hope this is the last time that we are all brought to areas different from where we should be,” the president says.

Is PNoy being selective and is only prepared to come out when Imperial Manila is affected? Hopefully not. His reaction in the next few days could make or break him.

The irony here is that the Malacañang communication team would be busy fending off criticism against PNoy instead of concentrating on coordinating relief and rescue efforts for the victims of Sendong.


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It gets more ludicrous as you now have the 3 witches rushing out statements and kris using her tv programme as a propaganda tool.
But in the process inadvertently contradicting manual quezons retraction of one lie with another lie.
These amateurs are a disgrace to decency, an insult to integrity, and an affront to those who perished.
sad, selfish, and stupid.
Wake up philippines.


“Now some rabid supporters of PNoy are blaming Concepcion for her insensitive tweet.”

Now this is just sad. I didn’t see anything insensitive about it; she merely stated a fact. It wasn’t as if it was her fault that PNoy was there. (I hope…)

But what can one expect from his rabid supporters? The poor souls are in denial (what else is new?); they know well the true reason for this backlash hence the pathetic attempt to divert everyone’s attention to Valerie Concepcion.


P-noy party – the pr damage limitaion

Lacierda – “just a few minutes”
Quezon – “30 minutes”
Coloma – “2 hours”
Kris – “all night – but had phone with him”

Its the continual lies which i hate more than anything. Shows how much they think of their ‘bosses’ . Sack the lazy incompetents

It is interesting, but sad to see the pathetic and childish/naive comments of the p-noy cult on social media, who are clearly out in force and in defensive mode. The social media responses all fall into the categories below – most verbatim quotes. The other common characteristics is they love to waffle, often bring god into the equation and never have any substantive reply, simply slogans/motherhood statements or rantings. Excuses/blame – Act of god. Pnoy not to blame – Corona should resign – It was only a party – Trust in god and p-noy – Gma should have stopped illegal… Read more »
Der Fuhrer
The boss dictator is heading for faraway Mindanao. Time to show his mettle. Time to be less mediocre. Here is some unsolicited advice for him: 1.No photo ops or videos showing you smiling, laughing, looking confused, angry or frustrated. 2. No short time(counted in several or more minutes)stays in affected areas. Emphasis on empathy. 3. No political speeches or statements about your enemies in target personalities and institutions. Don’t be insensitive and respect the dead. 4. No statements blaming others. It is time to take responsibility for your management and manila team lapses. 5. No barfing in public or on… Read more »
Josh T.

Whenever there’s a threat to his clan’s interests, he attacks, but when tragedy strikes outside his family’s realm, he doesn’t care at all.


oh when will the Flips realise how inutile this president is… gaddamit he should be the one impeached!

oh wait it gets better….

“The President does not want to immediately visit the typhoon-struck areas because he does not want to become the focus or the center of attraction when he visits,” Valte had said

really????? that’s the best excuse they can muster? wow we live in a sick society…. **** you Noynoy!


sana may mag people power to oust this “pestedent”…ay…president pala…bwahahaha

All the comments here so far is made by a bunch of idiots. Knows how to point a finger, yep, it is Noynoys fault, has to be. Some idiot here like to use F words too, and that someone should go f**k himself in the butt as his mentality is,hmmmp, nope, will not go down to his level. If you punks think you can do better than Noynoy, why don’t you run for President next time and I wish you can make it so all the blame will be directed at your ass and you’d better not be Partying when… Read more »

Perhaps I owe an apology for saying that F word. I only did so because I am outraged by a sitting President partying while people are dead. It is a national calamity and disaster. You know what a bigger disaster is? this Aquino presidency and those people not outraged by how things are going.

Gabs Narazo

it’s a sad truth. we have someone who sits at Malacañan who doesn’t care if the Philippines is in tragedy or not.


I can’t wait for JPE to be ousted as senate president…dahil pag nangyari yun mag-ku-kudeta for sure…yey! ma-e-exile ulet ang mga aquino pabalik ng ‘merika…magbenta na lang sha ng hotdog dun, yun ang mas bagay sa kanya!


Mejo OT, pero did anybody read about TyphoonK and how this blogger has been posting updates about Sendong as early as Dec.10? It’s interesting that she uses data from free sources.–13-but-weather-blogger-went-unheeded

If there’s someone who needs to be impeached it’s the president himself! Heck, he hasn’t done anything good for this country at all. We aren’t blaming him for the disaster, but as President of this country he should be the first person to show concern to his fellow citizens. Most of those people probably even voted for him and he doesn’t even know how to show empathy. Shame on him! Shame on Kris and her sisters for covering up for him. If they had any decency at all they should have told him what a responsible president should do and… Read more »
Der Fuhrer
Uncle Adolf’s chilling quotes mirrors Uncle BadNoy. “What you say to the people collectively in the receptive state of fanatical abandonment remains in their mind like an order given to someone under hypnosis, which cannot be wiped out and resists all logical argument.”-Adolf Hitler “In the size of the lie there is always contained a certain factor of credibility, since the great masses of the people… will more easily fall victim to a great lie than to a small one.”-Adolf Hitler Does BadNoy do this? Ever wonder why Vincenzo and his kind speak their minds like they do? The answer… Read more »
YCK PC Bacolod

Love pnoy on all of his incompetence.

Hyden Toro
The Mayan Calendar in Guatemala, states: that an ending of an Earth Era (end of an Earth Era, not the end of the world), will be on Dec. 21, 2012. The Mayan Civilization was a very advanced civilization in Science and Astronomy…it says: the Planet Earth; the Sun; and the Center of our Galaxy will align themselves. This happens every 25,000 Earth Years of cycle. If you believe it: it’s your business…but for me: I hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. The Mayan civilization just disappeared on this face of this Earth…they left only their writings on… Read more »

so it’s true.. that president noynoy has not make any plans yet. I was actually checking all the channels for the past couple of days.. akala ko pa nga, baka wala lang ako sa timing manood ng balita dahil parang walang balita tungkol sa anong ginawa na ni Presidente. Hindi pala ako nagkakamali. Wala pa pala syang nagagawa. Naunahan pa siya nila Vice Ganda at ni Angel Locsin.

As much as possible its not right to point fingers when something went terribly wrong, and this disaster is not even directly the cause of any man. But the lack of action and motivation to work on a huge disaster is very unacceptable. Some people learned a lot during the Japan tsunami. The people affected on the east coast of Japan did not ever tried to blame anyone at all the moment the disaster happened. Instead they focus on fixing the problems, cleaning up the disaster and even tried to keep the people’s spirits high. In short they focus to… Read more »

Instead of uniting the country and pooling all resources and expertise regardless of political party or affiliation, including Perlas for environmental planning and Gordon for calamity and emergency operations, even Gibo etc, abNoy prefers to fill gov’t position with his KKKs. They are so focused on vendetta, PR, and “papogi” that they fail to offer realistic and sustainable solutions to our country.

I’m beginning to wonder who abNoy actually prayed to during his “discernment.”