Declassified CIA dox reveal Cory Aquino blamed CPP-NPA for human rights abuses in 1988

Documents publicly-available from the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) website detail reports on human rights violations that allegedly occurred under the administration of President Cory Aquino. The documents, dated between the 15th and the 29th December 1988, cite reports issued by London-based Amnesty International that assert that incidences of torture perpetrated by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) “have increased since the Manila government stepped up its counter-insurgency campaign against Communist rebels”.

The CIA report also quotes then President Aquino who, in her official response to Amnesty international, defends her government and points to the Communist Party of the Philippines and its terrorist arm the New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) as the more culpable party involved in any human rights abuse happening in the Philippines.

Last Saturday, Mrs. Aquino acknowledged that violations were continuing, but blamed the Communist insurgency led by the New People's Army for most of them. She said that the abuse of human rights was not a policy of her administration and that it was unfair to blame the problem exclusively on the military.

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A report on militant organisations published on the Stanford University website describes how the CPP-NPA is founded on the premise that China is the source of both ideology and resources to effect violent revolution in the Philippines. The report also shows the history of the CPP-NPA’s efforts to solicit support from other terrorist organisations around the world.

From its 1969 establishment until the 1976 normalization of Philippine-Chinese relations, the CPP-NPA received support, weapons, and funds from China. However, even though the CPP-NPA modeled its armed struggle on China’s own Maoist movement, Chinese support for the CPP-NPA seems to have been limited. The CPP-NPA also sought support, weapons, funds, and training from like-minded groups overseas, including the Japanese Red Army (JRA), the Maoist factions of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), the Sandinistas, the Communist Party of El Salvador, and many other organizations…

Most disturbing of all is the account of the Stanford report of events that sealed the record of the CPP-NPA as an enemy of the state as well as the baffling way that its current ally, the Liberal Party (today known as the Yellowtards), contributed to the twisting of facts that led to a confused record of these events.

In February 1971, [CPP founder Jose Maria] Sison met with CPP-NPA Central Committee members to discuss his plan to attack a Manila rally of the Liberal Party, which opposed President Marcos. The purpose of the attack was to provoke another government crackdown and ideally gain support for the CPP-NPA. On August 21, three CPP-NPA members threw four grenades onstage at the rally in Manila’s Plaza Miranda before fleeing the city to a CPP-NPA camp.

Even back then, the confused nature with which the Philippines’ political leaders respond to clear acts of terrorism was on exhibit. Rather than be unified across partisan interests in condemning a bald atrocity perpetrated by a Cold War enemy the Liberal Party, instead, blamed the attack on the government of then President Ferdinand Marcos.

Liberal Party members blamed President Marcos for the attack, which had killed much of his opposition. Marcos, who blamed the CPP-NPA for the bombing, responded by suppressing leftist political activity and suspending habeas corpus. These measures marked an increase in Marcos’ power. In response to Marcos’ repression, hundreds of student recruits joined the CPP-NPA. [27] [28] Meanwhile, Sison denied that the CPP-NPA had been involved in the attack.

Things haven’t changed much in the last half-century since.

Today, it is interesting how the current Yellowtard-led Opposition, its lackeys in Big Corporate Media, and its circle of so-called “activists” dishonestly water down the nature of the CPP-NPA as terrorists and enemies of the state. They denounce “red tagging” of leftist groups as a “ploy” perpetrated by the government to endanger the lives of members of these leftist groups. However there has been no categorical denial of links between the CPP-NPA and these so-called “leftist” groups coming from any of their leaders.

Indeed, the Yellowtards and their presidential candidate “vice president” Leni Robredo are in bed with legal front groups of the CPP-NPA as they mount a campaign to prevent the rise of leading presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos and his running mate Sara Duterte. They use the buzzword “red tagging” to keep all conversation about the Philippines’ communist problem muddied and assure themselves the breathing space they need to continue their illicit activities in the country’s university campuses and in the countryside.

Former Rep. Neri Colmenares who chairs Bayan Muna, one of the legal fronts of the CPP-NPA, is a staunch supporter of Robredo’s bid for the presidency. Not surprisingly, Colmenares would rather be defensive than be supportive of fact finding with regard to the CPP-NPA’s terrorist activities. His approach is to introduce a political red herring to the argument — one that paints his lot as “victims” of a conspiracy to deny them their right to participate in the national debate.

Colmenares thinks that silencing critics and making them think twice about voicing concerns and opinions – and eventually kicking the carping Makabayan bloc out of office – is a way to weaken the opposition before the 2022 national elections.

“One of the reasons why they’ve been planning to Red-tag is because dissent and criticisms are mounting, so they need a more active tagging […] to stifle (dissent). That’s the real intention of Red-tagging, it has been going on since the time of former President Ferdinand Marcos, to silence critics as you would stay quiet after being Red-tagged,” Colmenares said in Filipino.

“The second purpose of Red-tagging based on our analysis, the reason why it seems to be on the rise recently because the elections are near. And I think, our analysis here, they are concerned that their candidates are not faring well in the survey, if there are surveys going out, it does not represent their actual candidates,” he added.

Colmenares even suggests that “red tagging” is to blame for the catastrophic loss the Opposition camp suffered in the 2019 mid-term elections where every one of the eight bets in their “Otso Diretso” coalition failed to bag a Senate seat.

According to Colmenares, he and members of Otso Diretso – the opposition senatorial slate of the Liberal Party and its allied groups in the 2019 elections – were subjected to Red-tagging even before the campaign. But allegations died down eventually, which Colmenares took as indicative of electoral propaganda.

He thinks the accusations had an effect on the fate of the opposition, as none of the opposition bets – Otso Diretso or not – made it to the Senate.

Note that Colmenares’s arguments are all appeals to victimhood designed to muddy rather than clarify the facts and arguments pertinent to the case. These have since been revealed to be obsolete and an ineffective propaganda tool. Filipinos are getting better at seeing through the dishonesty of the CPP-NPA and the circle of “activists” they surround themselves with in their futile efforts to come across as legitimate partners of the Filipino people in real nation building.

That Yellowtard figurehead Leni Robredo, purported “leader” of the Philippine Opposition today, would participate in a dishonest fashioning of communists like Colmenares as “partners” in “building a nation” smacks of hypocrisy considering the late matriarch of Yellowtardom Cory Aquino herself battled these terrorists.

[Credit to Thea Tan for posting the declassified CIA documents on Twitter]

10 Replies to “Declassified CIA dox reveal Cory Aquino blamed CPP-NPA for human rights abuses in 1988”

  1. What about the human right abuses committed under martial law benigno the clown?!?!

    Funny how GRP is silent about that. The CPP-NPA has not been a problem for years and is a now a legal political movement.

    Your so stoopid. More people were killed by EJK than the NPA. Get your clown ass out of Australia and go to the Philippines. Idiot know nothing.

    You should shut the hell up as you live in Australia. The greatest risk to FREEDOM is a reenboldened military who wants martial law under BBM

    1. > “What about the human right abuses committed under martial law”
      > “The CPP-NPA has not been a problem for years and is a now a legal political movement.”
      > “More people were killed by EJK than the NPA.”

      It’s really hard to look at Martial Law human right abuses without sorting through to the sea waves of Anti/Pro-Marcos ones. At least the accurate ones since both sides, Anti/Pro are either black propaganda against Marcos or Somewhat glorifying authority abuse and ignoring the dark side of that era. What you’re asking is pretty much a herculean task that even a lazy, yelling welps like you won’t even bother to look.

      You’re also willing to ignore the CPP-NPA atrocities against civilians in Mindanao, even now and just because they become legal movement, doesn’t make them even more problematic than they are during Martial Law era, Thank the Yellow Liberals. You’re shouting EJK killed more than CPP-NPA, those EJK killings are just rookie numbers compared to CPP-NPA killings. If we follow mainstream news about 7,000 (EJK) to 50,000 (CPP-NPA) are huge gap but somehow EJK is more alarming according to you. It’s all thanks to these CPP-NPA terrorists we have Martial Law.

      1. Gman,

        These liberal Yellow/Pink-Tards won’t listen to evidence linking their party to the NPA, even if it’s staring them in the face, unless it’s adulterated version has been broadcasted by ABS-CBN/GMA or published in Rappler. Martial Law was declared not to oppress the masses; it was designed to control the influence of the NPA and the oligarchs who are in power now.


    2. your daddy was still swimming in your granddaddy’s nuts so how would you know anything about the ‘human rights abuses committed during the martial law’?!

      cpp/npa not being a problem for many years?

      well tell that to the businessmen who get extorted at and security forces that deals with their attacks on a regular basis.

    1. Megget,

      Yup, there is a strong evidence of a close connection between NPA’s leader (Jose Maria Sison) and the Yellow Party, and that is what the Filipino voters needs to know.


  2. Just think about how the young Ninoy was able to convince the Hukbalahap to come down from the mountains, it’s already a good lead to his and the Liberal Party’s early connection with the Communists movements long before the NPA was born. Ninoy may have promised Mr. Taruc something big then – like founding the NPA once he’d become a senator.

    In 1967, Ninoy Aquino won a senate seat. And Alas, by December of 1968, the CPP was established and the NPA came next just barely 3 months later in March 1969!

  3. This is super insane story that Liberal Party and CPP-NPA-NDF invades our nation Philippines for so long which is one of the reasons that our nation didn’t rise.

    Dapat malaman ito ng taumbayan lalo nga ngayon na election season that we must need triple time to cheer our bets na dapat karapat-dapat maging future leaders natin na dapat maninindigan sa tama na isa dapat dun sa hinahanap ko ay malakig paninindigan na kalaban talaga ng taumbayan ang komunistang-teroristang CPP-NPA-NDF at yung mga pulitikong at personalidad na kasabwat ng nasabing salot ng bansa saka higit sa lahat yung pagmamahal natin sa kapwa pati sa watawat at bayan nating Pilipinas.

  4. CPP-NPA-NDF and their Filipino activists are closely tied together, and have been spreading their influence throughout the archipelago since the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and the reason why Marcos declared Martial Law in 1972. When the Yellow Party successfully wrestled power away from the Marcoses in 1986, the spread of this Leftist movement made their way into the very fabric of our lives, through their “Bamboo Network” of political and business dynasties that engaged both in legal and illegal dealings. President Duterte had tried to exposed these “Bamboo Network” of Yellow influence, but he was up against a vast network of formidable enemies that have already entrenched themselves in our society for more than 3 decades. The only way to get rid of these Socialist/Communist influence is not to vote them back into a position of power on May 9.

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