Islamic TERRORIST group the Moro Islamic Liberation Front supports Leni Robredo

A disturbing image was tweeted by Al Jazeera correspondent Jameela Alindogan today showing what appears to be a heavily-armed fighter of the Islamic terrorist group the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) posing next to a campaign poster of Opposition Yellowtard candidate and “vice president” Leni Robredo.

Inside the main camp of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

It would indeed be interesting to understand what exactly the position the Robredo camp takes with regard to the MILF. The MILF and the older more moderate Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) go way back. The origins of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front as a militant breakaway group from what was once considered a more “moderate” MNLF was over disagreements with the direction being taken by the MNLF leadership back in 1977 towards renouncing its own separatist agenda in favour of a more “conciliatory” deal with Manila then, a direction which bore fruit ten years later for the MNLF.

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In January 1987, the MNLF signed an agreement relinquishing its goal of independence for Muslim regions and accepting the government’s offer of autonomy. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front, the next largest faction, refused to accept the accord and initiated a brief offensive that ended in a truce later that month. By one estimate the Mindanao-based Moro Islamic Liberation Front fielded around 3,000 troops.

The MILF are responsible for the massacre of 44 elite officers of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Special Action Force (SAF) in 2015. The final report of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Board of Inquiry (BOI) organised to investigate this massacre is available and can be downloaded from the official PNP website here. The massacre transpired in the midst of the execution of “Oplan” Exodus personally overseen by then president Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III which aimed to “neutralize high value targets (HVTs)” consisting of international terrorists wanted by the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The atrocity prompted the Philippine Army to wage an “all-out war” against the MILF and, at the time had highlighted a fundamental fear along these lines…

The military fears Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) might mingle with Moro Islamic Liberation Front members to elude pursuing Philippine Army troopers in Central Mindanao.

Lt. Col. Harold Cabunoc, chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines public affairs office, said one of the challenges in the all-out offensive against the BIFF was the possibility both rebel groups might reunite. The BIFF is a breakaway group of the [Moro Islamic Liberation Front] which is nearing a peace agreement with the government.

In short, the Philippines and its people, from a military perspective, have only one strategic enemy — bad armed men who kill people in an organised manner in the name of a movement or religion.

How do the members of the campaign team of Robredo feel about being supported by this nefarious terrorist group? An answer to that question is not likely to be forthcoming considering the Yellowtards’ track record of being tight-lipped when it comes to glaring inconsistencies in the underlying ideology of their dishonest “movement”. As such, one can only wait in hope that the truth is out there somewhere. For now, abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

54 Replies to “Islamic TERRORIST group the Moro Islamic Liberation Front supports Leni Robredo”

  1. Both Moros and non-Moros suffered terribly under the marcos family criminality. The Moros are doing everything they can to prevent their history from being wiped out by the fake news machinery of marcos.

    Know the jebadiyah massacre? Plotted by Marcos to destabilize the Moro. Everything goes full circle to Marcos who is a giant piece of shit and the source of the country’s current issues

    1. One big problem:

      the so-called “Jebidah massacre” is FAKE NEWS
      even your sainted idol Ka-Ninoy thought so during his privilege speech in the Senate

      (ang problema maraming Muslim ang nauto sa imaginary event na ito)

      and thanks to you lot nawala sa atin ang teritoryo ng Sabah

      but yeah, keep convincing anyone not within your echo chamber

      1. Lr,

        The modus operandi of the Yellow Party is to cause confusion in our society, by portraying the MILFs as victims of Martial Law in order to cause dissensions and divisions within the population, through false propaganda.

        The Yellow Party has been engaging the Republic in a “bloodless war” for the past 36 years, by making it look like Martial Law was designed to oppress the masses and MILFs.

        In truth, Martial Law was declared to suppress the spread of Socialism/Communism, and to keep the Yellow Party members from taking control of the government.

        Unfortunately, the Filipino people have left their guards down and allowed the Yellow Party to brainwashed them into believing that the Marcoses were bad and they were good.

        Thus, EDSA Revolution and “People’s Power” marked the beginning of instability, and the end of the Republic, as we know it today.


        1. don’t worry hindi ako brainwashed na Yellowtard/PinkLawan/watchamacallit; gising namam na ako sa katotohanan

          also I already know most if not all of what you wrote

  2. The Moros have been trying to separate from the Republic as far as anyone can remember because of the different religion, political ideology, and way of life they lead with the rest of the country. In spite of their bloody past with the Marcos administration, the war between MILFs and the government will continue to wage, lives will be lost, and properties destroyed in that region regardless whether it’s BBM or Leni Rebredo who becomes the next president.

    Voting for another Yellow Party candidate will not guarantee peace between the Moros and the government, as evident of the massacre of the 44 members of the government’s special forces by the MILFs in 2015 under NoyNoy Aquino’s administration. There is no easy and quick solution to the ongoing issues between the government and MILFs, and should not be the sole basis, nor adulterated by anyone, of the voters’ decision on which candidate to choose on May 9.

  3. Lr,

    Like me, I guess you’ve been around long enough to know the truth that EDSA Revolution and People’s Power were a hoax.


  4. Megget,

    Yellow Party stooge Leni reminds me of Cory. Both feigned being a pious do-gooder in the eyes of the public while closing their mind’s eyes on their Party members fleecing the country, and oppressing the masses, through their fostered political and business dynasties in more than 3 decades. So much for being “Heroes” of the EDSA Revolution and beyond, who were supposed to lift the country from the devastations of Martial Law. “Villains” would be a more appropriate title.


  5. Villains and puppet fools.

    Even leni’s running mate has a name that means “puppet” in visaya.

    No way that clown gets any votes here in mindanao.

  6. Megget,

    It is reassuring to know BBM has a huge following in Mindanao, where President Duterte is from. We are at the best of time for the Yellow Party’s 36 years of feudalistic influence to end, that has done nothing but empower and enrich themselves at the country’s expense.

    Duterte, in spite of his controversial 6 years tenure as president, as well as a growing number of anti-Yellow/PInk social media bloggers, are waking up the Filipino people’s conscience to end their petty disparities, and unite to take their country back from these monopolistic political and business dynasties.

    Let’s hope the masses will stay vigilant leading up to, during, and after election day on May 9, and not allow the oppositions to cheat their way back into power, that may seal the fate for the Filipino people to lose their country to these oligarchs forever.


      1. Nobody could deter the choice of anybody’s choice it’s ELECTION terrorist or not terrorist wants to vote LENI cause she has the clean promise.

  7. Be reassured.

    And getting an endorsement from MILF wtf.
    Are these yellowtards dumb?
    (yes, they are)
    getting in bed with fringe lunatic terrorists.

    1. Megget,

      After 36 years of being lied to and deceived by these Yellow-Tard “Heroes” of People’s Power, with their promise to lift the country on their claim of devastations from Martial Law, only to realize much later that they’re the ones who have been stealing the country’s wealth and oppressing the people for the past 3 decades, I’m surprised there are still diehard Yellow-Tard supporters out there, especially on Get Real Philippines, who are still singing and dancing to these Yellow oligarchs’ tune and defending them.

      Which only means that, just because you can share quotable links from Yellow-Tard news sources, or similar liberal publications, you can continue to breathe life into the lies and deceits and validate what you’re doing inside your head.

      But time has an uncanny way of revealing the truth. I started my heated exchanges with these Yellow-Tard supporters on GRP almost 5 years ago, and decided to take a break for a couple of years because our diatribes were getting nowhere. Now, as the truth about these Yellow oligarchs begins to surface, and their supporters losing grounds on how to defend them, it is completely up to us to keep up the fight to give the Philippines and its people another chance of taking their country back from these Yellow-Tards.


      1. Money definitely speak volumes here

        This is your bread and butter
        Spreading Fake News

        Martial Law happened because of the staged ambush to Juan Ponce Enrile in the entrance gate of his Wack wack residence

        Marcos is from Liberal Party originally

        Corazon Aquino appointed Duterte way back during his stint as a Davao Prosecutor

        Oligarchy is still alive and well in Duterte and his allies themselves…..all hippocrites

        You get paid to do this so you must do a great demolition job to stay alive
        The real victims are the helpless and powerless citizens

        1. paradoxhomosapien,

          Of all the pro-liberal claim you’ve made above, only the last one makes the most sense–“The real victims are the helpless and powerless citizens”–makes the most sense. Now who will you vote for to do the job and why, pro-human rights advocate?


        2. paradoxhomosapien,

          Of all the pro-liberal claims you’ve made above, only the last one makes the most sense–“The real victims are the helpless and powerless citizens”–makes the most sense. Now who will you vote for to do the job and why, pro-human rights advocate?


      2. “After 36 years of..” – Aeta
        What’s with that ’36 years’? Like a broken record I’m sick and tired of reading 36 years in Aeta’s post. Is he crazy or just didn’t know he’s talking about? ?

        Explanation not vituperation is needed, Aeta.

        1. Juanita “Gwapita” Luna,

          “What’s with that ’36 years’? Like a broken record I’m sick and tired of reading 36 years in Aeta’s post.”— Juan “Gwapita” Luna

          Just because you’re tired of reading, and oblivious to, “that 36 years” of Yellowtard influence due to your mental “Yellow Retardism” condition, doesn’t mean the country’s going to accommodate your wishes to add 6 more years of Leni Rebredo, so you can say, “that 42 years.”

          Instead, what you need is 6 years of BBM to cure you of your Yellowtardism once and for all. Unfortunately, there’s nothing anyone can do about what you and NoyNoy Aquino have in common besides being both Yellowtards, Gwapita, but the country will still accept you for who you are. Just look at “Vice Ganda.”


        2. “Just because you’re tired of reading, and oblivious to, “that 36 years” of Yellowtard influence…” – Aeta
          Oh, boy, the troll is a retard. The 36 years was the Yellowtards years since Macoy fell? For the retarded mind of the troll, since Macoy ruled for 20 years, the 36 years that have passed should be attributed to the yellow.

          Gago pa sa math.

          Cory Aquino succeeded Macoy and she was president from 1986-1992. SIX years of yellowtards administration for sure. After her came other presidents that are not necessarily yellowtards.

          Ramos, Estrada and Arroyo are not yellow. They came from different parties. In fact, Ramos is the cousin of Macoy and Erap was a Macoy friend.

          Noynoy is pure yellow. Another SIX years of yellowtards

          Duterte is a criminal.

          So, where did you get your 36 years?

          Oh my God! Is this the kind of poster we have here on this blog? I mean, we are regressing! We no longer think anymore. We just open our mouth and say what we say without regard for truth and decency.

          Is this what we expect from the incoming (Marcos) administration?

          If so, we are toast! ?

    2. Megget,

      See what I mean? Dig some dirt on a Yellow-Tard and he’ll throw it in your face and tell you it’s yours. Tell a Yellow-Tard the truth and he’s bound to go off on you, even resort to using obscenities and sexual references they don’t know anything about. Yellow-Tard parents should really keep better tabs on their children on the internet site they visit, because it will corrupt their thinking and behavior (including their use of language), as we’ve just read from one of the comments on this thread.


  8. Lol @aeta @megget. You dumbasses need to get a room. It’s tiring watching the two of you give yourselves fellatio.

    Spewers of fake news garbage come together. Hitting all the talking points of fake tiktok Philippine history. You both should pick up a damn book.

    Or better yet aeta and megget. Go to Australia pick up benigno.the three of you can move to North Korea.

    There you can form your dictator loving human centipede. That is the ideal form for you.

      1. Money definitely speak volumes here

        This is your bread and butter
        Spreading Fake News

        Martial Law happened because of the staged ambush to Juan Ponce Enrile in the entrance gate of his Wack wack residence

        Marcos is from Liberal Party originally

        Corazon Aquino appointed Duterte way back during his stint as a Davao Prosecutor

        Oligarchy is still alive and well in Duterte and his allies themselves…..all hippocrites

        You get paid to do this so you must do a great demolition job to stay alive
        The real victims are the helpless and powerless citizens

  9. benigno,

    I have been hearing these ad hominem from Yellow-Tards since I started contributing to GRP almost 5 years ago, and they seem to get louder and more obnoxious as we get closer to election day. As you may already know, my family’s background is in agriculture (specifically rice farming) in the Philippines and has been the target of ad hominem by these Yellow-Tard supporters, by making me sound too rural because they believe this once vital economic sectors is no longer needed and have to be replaced by their Yellow demigods’ “Big Businesses” of shopping malls and condominiums.

    Now BBM is talking about breathing life back into our agricultural and energy sectors in his campaign, as well as pumping money back to public healthcare and education, that the political and business dynasties have pilfered away to further oppress and dumb the population down into desperation, and these Yellow oligarchs are squirming in the seat of their pants to prevent these country-rebuilding agendas from happening.

    I’ve said it then and I’ll say it again. The Philippines is an agriculturally rich nation, filled with literate and skilled people. The Yellow-Tards have been brainwashing us into an enviable cosmopolitan society of shopping malls and condominiums, through imported “mestizo” celebrities leading aristocratic lifestyles in those “Telebasura” programs on ABS-CBN and GMA for more than 3 decades. It’s time for the country and its people to wake up from their brainwashed delusions and get “Back-to-Basics” of how to live their lives, if they expect to take their country back from these Yellow-Tard oligarchs.


  10. Farming know how is no longer being passed to the young, same as fishing.

    Farmers and fishermen want their young to be college grads and teachers and soldiers and seafarers and at the very least, factory workers with regular pay.

    The silver lining? If we want to radically transform agriculture and fisheries in an instant, we can with enough political will do it in less than 10 years.

    Bongbong marcos , pasok.

  11. Megget,

    With today’s technology, we can revitalize farming and fishing. But first we need to stop the Yellow Party from buying more farmland and beaches to turn into more shopping malls and condominiums. BBM and SARA are the solutions.


    1. Lol BBM will revitalize agriculture?!? You idiots are delusional

      BBM doesn’t even live in the province or know jack shit about agriculture. All he knows about is flying first class.

      BBM is a spoiled brat who never worked a day in his life. Fixing agriculture, get the fuck outta here.

      At least Leni actually is from the province.

      Delusional idiots. Conveniently forgetting that it was Marcos that destroyed Philippines agriculture. Remember the coconut levy funds? Stolen by his cronies. Or the masagana-crap 99 which bankrupted a lot of rural banks

      Learn to read about Philippine history dummies

        1. Megget,

          Leni Rebredo is a stooge of the liberal Left, and has been since her husband was killed in a plane accident in 2012, in the midst of the “Pork Barrel Scandal,” which many suspected was plotted by the same group that is grooming her now. Kiko Pangilinan is a washed up presidential hopeful who will just be an “empty suit” running mate. Candidate Isko Moreno is just a backup stooge groomed by the Yellow oligarchs in Manila, in case Leni’s candidacy doesn’t pan out; the same goes for Ping Lacson.

          This is why it was easy to switch Moreno and Lacson’s supporters to Rebredo’s camp.

          Manny Pacquioa is probably the only candidate the Yellow Party won’t touch with a ten-foot pole because he is not only an anomaly, a newcomer in Philippine Politics, but also lacks the political savvy and doesn’t need the money to be stooged by the Left. I wouldn’t be surprise if Pacquiao’s Yellow-hating supporters doesn’t switch to the BBM-SARA camp on election day, since Pacquiao and the Dutertes (father and daughter) are from Mindanao–a distant reach from the Yellow-Tards in Luzon.


    2. benigno,

      Hark, I believe I’m hearing the same Yellow-Tard you’ve heard earlier. This time mouthing off more obscene ad hominem about agriculture, which he knows nothing about, other than collect the information from quotable Yellow propaganda sources he subscribes to.

      Gotta give it to these Yellow-Tard neophytes; they pretend to know the reality of life in the Philippines but really know nothing, other than to emulate the aristocratic lifestyles of their favorite “mestizo” celebrities from ABS-CBN and GMA living lavish lives in their condominiums, and hanging at their favorite shopping malls and beach resorts.

      The Yellow-Tards’ media brainwashing has really taken a toll on their Socialist “sosyal” supporters, and dangerously turned them into country destructive “Jack[s] of all trades but expert of none.”Perhaps BBM could include a rehab programs in his agenda for these Yellow-Tards when he’s elected.

  12. Megget,

    Yes, it’s probably going to be called “Maharlika Rehabilitation Camp” for former Yellow-Tard supporters, who have fallen out of love with country and people, and allowed themselves to be brainwashed by ABS-CBN and GMA to wantonly pursue a cosmopolitan “sosyal” lifestyle, in exchange for their rights, and their fellow Filipinos’, to live freely in their own country.


  13. This is why the majority in the Military wants to support BBM instead. Not only this but also the attempt of partymate of Leni which is Franklin Drilon to sell both Camp Aguinaldo and Camp Crame. Honestly this is too much.

    Don’t get me started on Leni “supports” the LGBTQ+ community. The reason why Same-Sex marriage cannot be a law is because Cory made a stupid Family Code that prohibits married gay people to be acknowledged by the government that they are married. That law stated that marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN. Because of the powerful Family Code, Geraldine Roman instead proposed Same-sex civil Union instead and now the Yellowtards “support” the SOGIE Bill. And this is also happening while they kiss the Church’s ass.

      1. I bet you never seen how insects/other invertebrates having sex. It’s even stranger that you will consider it unnatural. Mother Nature is freak. ?

  14. massive amount of money definitely speaks volumes here

    This is your bread and butter
    You have so much on your plate so bring all of them on

    Oligarchy is still alive and well in Duterte and his allies themselves…..the hypocrisy
    is appalling

    Same dirty power struggles and malevolent games with different players Chinese, Espanol and
    Caucasian alikes…..kill the message but don’t shoot the messenger

    Twilight zone of Philippine politics

    You get paid to do this so you must do a great demolition job to stay alive

    Keep the money ????₱₱₱₱₱
    coming to find your lifestyle and

    The real victims are the poor, ignorant, helpless and powerless citizens

    They were being used, played over and over again…..keep sucked up in the system to keep them stupid, mindless, dumb and gullible to believe all the lies and propaganda from different sides

    The population has been screwed since the dawn of politics…..who can win against these malevolent forces of powerful elites in various colors?

    The tactics and strategies just changed hands with the players but the game is still the same

    What is right from wrong?

    Screw morals, integrity and truth… is what matters in this life right…..??????

  15. Replies to your questions about who I deemed best to run the country?

    Maybe you can do so… seemed fit enough to do it…..

    Your intellect is at par with the so-called rulers of past and present…..

    Your credentials will agree I can tell from the way you speak volumes

    You sing the praises of your overlords…..

    Who is best to lead the blind?

    Note the sarcasm…..

    Anyway, hope you won’t take this against me but I’m not one for theatrics and flares of the pop culture….. politics or what not…..

    Being true to myself is hard enough…..

    I’m pro human and I believe that each life is sacred and should be given fundamental rights to live with dignity, honor and the basic rights to survive without doing harm to a fellow human

    At the end of the day…..who can argue against human tragedy

    The world is full of prey and predators…..

    A basic instinct so all of us are screwed anyway…..

    We just have our greed and basic instincts as part of this animal kingdom

  16. A. I. is taking over anyway give and take a few years into the future

    Democracy is an overrated word

    Election may be rigged or not

    If you have no power keep in the mindless state of being helpless, powerless, gullible and keep sucking up to those at the top or be ripped off…..

    Human condition is a terrible state of being alive but blind and unconscious…..

    Even death is elusive to those who truly seek it…..

    Anyway, wherever you are

    Hope the money keeps coming to help you stay alive

    Humans are like amoeba and just parasites of this earth

    We just survive, feed and multiply

    1. Nihilism is the word of the century….. Along with apathy and survival of the shrewdest

      Hail the Great Reset

      The poor, mindless, helpless and feeble minded citizenry will always cower before their greedy and malevolent predators …..

      Filipinos will go back to the dark ages….. The strong prey on the weak

  17. Hark! Where in the hell are all these liberal philosophers coming from with their “Chicken and Eggs” analogies?

    1. My guess is they were instructed by their master to pollute GRP to earn their living before election day. Parading themselves as fence-sitters when in fact their true color is showing. Hehehe.

      1. Justice,

        It is common knowledge for Yellowtards to pull anything, including resort to lying and cheating, to hold on to more than 3 decades of influence to monopolize the Philippines and its people. I’m not at all surprised at these Yellowtards’ dubious tactics to fill the pages of GRP with senseless propaganda, except for the barraged timing and consistency of their delivery to try to overwhelm the rest of us.


  18. Aeta ,

    the same place you came from I guess…..and who gives a $#!+ about liberal philosophers?

    only money matters my friend ca·peesh sheeesh

  19. barbaro,

    You obviously do because you are a liberal philosopher who only cares about fulfilling your own agenda, and does not care about the implications you cause on others. Having plenty of money, and still pursuing more, makes us take for granted the struggles of those around us, who are less fortunate, and become envious and vindictive of us for what we have. No wonder the Philippines can’t move forward as a society.

    There are too many aristocratic and individualistic people like you, who have gotten too comfortable and complacent in life, that they become an “island” in their own imagination and insensitive to others’ needs. I hope you sleep good at night, knowing that others who are less fortunate than you, don’t feel the same way about you. Remember, Envy is the dangerous monster we create on how we think and live our lives, and there are many of those in the Philippines.


    1. Okay

      You so obviously described yourself too

      Are you for one an advocate of peaceful reforms?

      Do you selflessly give to charity and are benevolent?

      Do you care about the plights and welfare of the IP after all your supposed too being one of them or is that just a name that appeals to your ego…..

      Do you help create jobs for the countless jobless pinoys?

      I got many more or ask but from the sound of your voice…

      ….your words are just that merely spoken to convey empathy but it lacks meaning and purpose…..substance that can drive real change for reforms and public service….. someone said your just living in comfort in the land down under away from the suffering of your fellow pinoys if your truly one of us not just by your own definition and interpretation…..

      Your views against the Liberal Party are your own but to malign innocent people because of your biases is another…..all politicians are just doing what they do best… their game in the dirty world of politics

      At the end of the day what matters is the people and what their government can do to empower each one of them to live better lives…..

      Agree to disagree

      Let respect rule the day

      We may not be on the same page but we can let tolerance and understanding prevail without resorting to ad hominems

  20. Aeta,

    Pray tell…..

    What agenda might that be?

    I can’t understand you

    You keep saying liberal propaganda and you seem to have paramount beef with the yellowtads and oligarchs yet you sing the high praises of other oligarchs like the Marcoses and Dutertes?

    I can’t help but wonder?

    Are you a staunch supporter

    A blind fanatic

    An emotional victim of the oligarchs

    A crony who gets a huge piece of the pie

    A family, relative or kin…
    One of their own…..whoever that family is

    An avid supporter…..or a paid troll maybe

    A spiteful, bitter, oppressed, hungry, lonely, mad, angry Pinoy of ethnic origin

    Or you are all of the above

    Just asking for a fellow wannabe

  21. I forgot are you from the camp of the sunshine passing himself off as anti-oligarch?

    The venom with which you spit such vile about the Aquino’s clearly explain where you’re coming from


    It seems personal with you

    Otherwise you won’t go around making assumptions about liberal views and reinforcing your biases against one party on favor of another

    You help create the massive division and perpetuate the polarization…..

    Hence my opinion that you are a TROLL who is doing a great job of it…..the liberal yellowtards as you call them…

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