Aika Robredo “sex video”: The latest Yellowtard stunt to make them look like victims all for political gain

The week has barely started and the Yellowtards have cooked up a new outrage fad. The venerable Philippine Star “reports” on this dubious subject today in its article “Robredo camp slams sex tape allegations involving daughter, urges supporters to ‘hold the line’”. Note, however, the use of the term “allegations”. What then is the Robredo camp “slamming” then? What are they calling on people to “hold the line” against? Looking into the article itself, we find out that these are not even allegations per se but mere “rumors of an alleged sex video involving one of the daughters of Vice President and presidential candidate Leni Robredo”.

PhilSTAR, it seems, is not reporting news. It is “reporting” the cries of bloody “victimhood” that Robredo, her daughters, and the entire Yellowtard Camp are now filling social media with. Evidence of this familiar modus operandi is all there in the PhilSTAR article which “reports” the whole point of this latest circus being all about pinning the blame on “[accounts] supporting the campaign of Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the son and namesake of the late ousted dictator who is also running for president.” What evidence do they cite that supports this rather hasty conclusion? Nowhere in the article is the answer to this simple question revealed. The lack of any verified evidence that all this noise constitutes a legitimate issue that deserves to be taken seriously evidently did not stop a who’s who of Yellowtard honchos from issuing their two-cent ululations on the matter. PhilSTAR “reporter” Franco Luna does his part and uncritically amplifies it in his “report” as he does quoting a recent tweet from Yellowtard senatorial candidate Chel Diokno…

Ito ang latest script ng kabila, targeting the daughters of VP Leni. Alam nating desperado na sila dahil sa paglakas ni VP, but it takes a special kind of evil to resort to misogynistic attacks against the kids. Ito ba ang uri ng pulitika na gusto natin para sa ating mga anak?

Interestingly enough, the tweet seems to have since been deleted. It is, however, easy to see in the way Diokno worded his tweet that the aim was to use this latest circus as a platform to demonise administration candidates Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte who are leading the race by an effectively insurmountable margin. By now, however, this latest Yellowtard lie seems to be spreading. One culprit is a certain Dr. Gia Sison who uncritically (true to Yellowtard form) takes a “stand” to “defend” the Robredos in a tweet despite not enjoying the benefit of any verification that these sinister conspiracies to disrespect the Robredo family are actually true. What does spreading a lie make one? Well, logically that would make one a liar too.

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The fact is, there is no evidence that these “sex tapes” actually exist. Even if they do, they are unlikely to be authentic as it does not take much nowadays to create and spread deep fake videos as the software used to superimpose video footage over another is so readily-downloadable from the Net.

Nonetheless, it is not just PhilSTAR that is amplifying this latest Yellowtard-created circus. The Philippines’ biggest media organisations have themselves jumped on the bandwagon. In “Robredo camp mulls legal action over malicious video”, CNN Philippines quotes Gabriela Party-list Rep. Arlene Brosas who screeches “This is a cheap, sexist online attack meant to demean women and to distract the public from VP Robredo’s crusade for good governance, health-based pandemic response, and people’s welfare”. The Inquirer puts in its own two-cent piece on the matter in “Leni Robredo on hateful attack vs daughter Aika: Stay focused, fight it with truth” which it closes by pointing out that “fact-checker said that Robredo is the biggest victim of negative misinformation, while her opponent in the 2016 vice presidential polls and in the upcoming 2022 national elections, Bongbong Marcos, is the beneficiary of positive but misleading messages on social media.” Imagine our shock over this “revelation”, right?

Not to be outdone, Soc Villegas, Archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan in Pangasinan and former president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), posted an “open letter” to Aika Robredo on Facebook assuring her that “God has your back secured and safe.” Villegas also promises her; “When I lift the Host and chalice in all my Masses this Holy Week, I will also lift you up to the Lord.” This is the same Villegas who had earlier effectively given the Church’s blessings to Filipinos who wish to sell their votes to back a similar assurance Robredo had given to a community of domestic helpers. God is, indeed, on the side of the Yellowtards.

So, if there is, indeed, a sex video of Aika Robredo circulating all over the Net, one would have expected at least one of the chi chi “journalists” of the Philippines’ Big Corporate Media organisations to at least perform a forensic examination of said evidence. In any case, simply uncritically quoting a public personality and packaging that as “news” without corroborating from a third party is just plain lazy. Honesty, after all, is a lot to ask of a community the members of which have become among the least-trusted “professionals” in an industry clearly in its twilight years.

14 Replies to “Aika Robredo “sex video”: The latest Yellowtard stunt to make them look like victims all for political gain”

  1. Same old Philstar, Inquirer and other local corporate media? Not even surprising. If that alleged sex tapes existed, it should be easy to find, in the internet space, anything can be spread like a wild fire and also..why would Leni’s daughter upload those kind of videos on the internet and risk themselves doxxing? Like, don’t even record whatever you’re doing in your own bedroom or if your partner cannot be trusted? How can you be this careless? It’s just not enough evidence to even pin it on BBM’s camp or his supporters other than malicious propaganda.

    1. clearly sick for gaslighting readers; previous comments sounds misogynist. you all don’t bother no capacity to discern the pattern of attacking VPL since 2016. Example: An FB account user now hunted by VPL team of lawyers for commenting that” VPL’s mouth is fit enough to do a fellatio on pduts dick. There are documented with receipts similar malicious comments consider yourself warned.

      1. Yeah but were these users really affiliated to BBM himself? Were there evidence? I guess there’s none. To pin it down to BBM himself is pure lazy and ignorant (and yes, vengeful). Attacks against Leni by netizens whether from a private or public account should not in any way represent BBM. Their thoughts and opinions are theirs not BBM’s. And for you to be mute on attacks directed towards PRRD or BBM, for that matter, is just sickening.

        Sick of Leni abusing the role of being the victim here.

      2. no disrepect, but you should be fair even you have biases. Leni is tbh so pretentious and abviously manipulating minds of the people. how can you say you are humble and descent while what spews from your mouth are self-righteousness and thrash, putting yourself up on the pedestal? Im just sick of, when she is hit, she says its offensive, its below the belt, blah blah blah. like she wants to call her ancestors and complain abt it? She keeps on taunting people, keeps on poking her fingers on other’s asses and its ok? cmon, wtf? I wasn’t voting for BBM before but her actions makes me sick and her leading numbers gets me worried that she might have some excuse to cheat. (which is not new in our politics). she has double standards and she only goes to where it is convenient for her. In which I don’t like these kind of people and these people are dangerously AMBITIOUS and GREEDY. This political stint, if you don’t research well will get you blinded. You are just a pawn, and will always be a pawn unless you are the one in power.

      3. So…since this “sex video” conveniently appeared…how come the time stamp of upload was on 2019? Also, run time of the video was 00:00? Waiting for an Answer

  2. Lol bbm running scared because of the PINK WAVE

    Benigno the fool trying to run cover for a negative campaign that backfired.

    Bbm is about to become the biggest loser in Philippine politics. The lead is not insurmountable benigno. You should learn how to do math. What a dummy. So many switching from bbm to Leni

    Hahahaha I laugh at your tears megget. You are a sad loser who only thinks about sucking it

  3. The sex video issue is probably exaggerated or non-existent at all. I can’t find any sex video of at least a deepfake. The ones that I could find are porn videos that are slapped with the name “Aika Robredo” on it.

    Also, Leni was in her unusually stale emotion when was interviewed about it. A normal parent would be angry about this. If PRRD is in the situation with his daughter Kitty, he would be frothing in anger on national TV.

    The kakampinks are scrapping the bottom of the barrel to find a new issue to throw against the BBM campaign.

    1. The trouble with the Yellowtards is that they so quickly launch into shrill screechy tirades on the back of very little evidence. It is like that LIE about the “203 billion pesos” that they insist Bongbong Marcos owes the Philippine government in back taxes. There is actually no evidence that this figure had actually been demanded of BBM nor any documentation that this is a liability against him personally. Yet the Yellowtards — amplified by Big Corporate Media – continue to propagate and amplify this lie.

  4. Desperation time.

    Theyre trying to generate outrage from this fake non-video.
    I bet they planted it themselves, evil bastards.

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