Gwyneth Anne Chua is the latest Yellowtard outrage fad

So this person Gwyneth Chua is, it seems, the latest bozo who is a victim of their own careless social media behaviour. Chua seems to have been literally caught on camera on a night out with friends when she should have been in quarantine after having just flown in from the United States. According to a Business Mirror report, the Department of Tourism (DOT) refered to “screen captures of TikTok videos of Chua and her friends” citing these as evidence of her offense.

Photo said to be that of Gwyneth Anne Chua

Filipinos are understandably hopping mad considering she and some of her companions that night have since tested positive for COVID-19. Netizens have since gone on their all-too-familiar “cancellation” spree and Opposition “influencers” are citing this as further evidence of the corruption that supposedly proliferated and worsened under the watch of President Rodrigo Duterte. Many are huffing and puffing outraged that just as things were “getting back to normal” along comes this “privileged” chick who went out and ruined it all.

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The Gwyneth Chua story may yet be another example of how you can get away with pretty much anything under Duterte’s admin if you’re rich

It is interesting that, for some reason, it is members of the Opposition — particularly partisans associated with Leni Robredo’s Yellowtard bloc within it — that account for much of the shrill online vitriol being thrown at Chua. Could it be that this is further evidence of the sorts of vindictive and hateful characters that tend to gravitate to the Yellowtard cause? Indeed, many Yellowtards are even threatening violence against her.

In truth, there is very little evidence to suggest that Chua is the only person singularly accountable for the surge in cases currently being recorded or that she is responsible for bringing the Omicron variant into the Philippines. Nonetheless, the Yellowtards are putting her up as the whipping girl to which they could direct all of their angst — angst, perhaps, that manifests not just their anxiety over a pandemic they are powerless against but also frustration over the failed campaign of their political camp.

If all it takes is one awfully irresponsible individual to leave a society extremely vulnerable to the latest COVID variant, then perhaps consider that the system is a total failure in the first place?????

The intensity of the vilification only leads one to ask: Why don’t the Yellowtards express the same outrage over jeepney drivers and operators who routinely endanger the lives of millions of Filipinos because of their reckless driving and substandard maintenance practices? Perhaps they are given free passes just because they are “poor” and coddled by communists. Or they are just plain being selective considering what is at stake in these coming elections.

22 Replies to “Gwyneth Anne Chua is the latest Yellowtard outrage fad”

  1. The famous, rich, powerful and elites should be exemplary and show others that it is important to follow the laws, rules and guidelines. As they are apparently role models to many.
    Your argument – that the poor must then also follow these otherwise they must also be critized – is a bad one, because poor people needs to work in order to survive. So they are exempted.

      1. I didn´t express myself clear. I really mean this: Depending on each situation/case poor people are exempted from critique.

  2. Gwyneth Chua compared to the poor.

    Covid does not discriminate, rich or poor, so why politicized the issue?

    If people are mad at Chua, they should be because the virus kills. What’s political about it? Ah, she’s not the only one spreading the virus. Just the same, she should be made the poster girl of irresponsibility because, again, the virus kills.

    Whatever it is benigno sees on the matter I don’t see anything wrong in castigating the party girl cum poster girl for being irresponsible and insensitive.

  3. Everyone is at risk. We’re barking at the wrong tree here. Blaming other people for the sniffles is just dumb at best. The barking should be at the ones who introduced a vaccine that did not protect anyone except from being discriminated, while the goalposts are being moved further and further away. We need something that’s gonna stop this. At this point, all it is doing is thinning the herd and not immunizing it.

    As to the topic at hand, all it’s doing is making someone more popular that is not going to help anyone at all. It’s a footnote for yesterday’s news. Happy New Year!

  4. No, people are right to blame Gwyneth Anne Leonardo Chua because pagod na kami sa pandemic. Pagod na kaming mamamatayan ng kamag-anak at kaibigan. Maraming mahihirap na naparusahan for not following protocols then this woketard rich kid Poblacion Girl did that because she thought she can get away with it. Putangina siya.

  5. This is another clear case of the incompetence of the Duterte Administration. Tough on drug dealers and terrorists but cannot stop a spoiled rich girl? Pathetic.

    When Leni gets elected as our next president, stuff like this will not happen under her watch. She is a true public servant who has dedicated her life serving the Filipino People!

    1. Oh please! Give me a break. The irresponsibility of this person is not the government’s fault. It is hers and hers alone. Penalize her or put her in jail for not following the law and suspend the license of the hotel involved.

      1. true, mga yellowtard talaga gobyerno agad may kasalanan lahat2x nlng pati cguro pag nabulonan sila kasalanan parin ng gobyerno lol

      1. Pag na upo si Leni wala talagang mangyayari ganun dahil wala na goverment. Walang nang pilipinas nun. Yellowtard. Madumb.

    2. It will still happen. The only difference is that media won’t report it, and Leni’s admin will deny it – same as BS Aquino not wanting to admit he could be wrong/flawed.

    3. wow kasalanan agad ni Duterte? Diba kasalanan ng hotel bakit nila pinalabas why blame the government sila ba nagbabantay ky poblacion girl?

  6. Ambobo po nung choice of words niyo with the ‘yellowtard’. specially since matatalino nga ang nasa side ni leni and ambobo ng administration ngayon, ni Gwyneth Chua, at ng author ng article na ito.

  7. I guess it’s because we set different standards for everybody… We call them class ABCDE. Because we assume the ones on top to be “more fit” and thus be able to wield more power.. or something to that effect.

  8. party pa, covid later. wg nyo sisihin gobyerno for her itchiness to party lol.
    for sure yang elitista, mayaman, pinkyellowshit yan.

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