Dec 1 to 6 2021 Pulse Asia Survey affirms grim prospects for Leni Robredo campaign

Same result different survey. The most recent Pulse Asia survey on voter preference had yet again shown Bongbong Marcos as the top preferred presidential candidate of a majority (53 percent) of respondents. Opposition “leader” Leni Robredo is a far second with just 20 percent. The results are consistent to two previous recent reports (Publicus Asia and Laylo) on voter preferences indicating that Marcos and, very likely, his running mate Sara Duterte will win the presidency and vice presidency respectively come May 2022.

The Opposition remain optimistic probably because pessimism is not an option. There is no other way to go but soldier on and many among their ranks have expressed a chilling sentiment — that defeat is not an option. Former Inquirer editor John Nery articulates the logic that props up this fascinating optimism.

The gap IS wide, but 20% means the Robredo candidacy is NOW viable. At this same pt in the elex cycle 6 years ago, Pulse Asia had Binay at 33, Duterte at 23, Poe at 21. The gap between 1st & 2nd then was smaller, so Marcos at 53 is a real concern. But history says 20 IS viable.

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Nery also draws energy from beliefs amongst members of his camp within their echo chambers that Robredo’s campaign is an actual “movement” that just needs to be managed properly. Nery, however, points out that evidence that Robredo had, indeed, launched a “movement” comes in the form of “negative proof”.

More negative proof came in the last couple of weeks, including but not limited to the heated debates between Robredo supporters a) over the kind of billboards that should be put up, b) whether columnist Manuel L. Quezon was right to assert that Ferdinand Marcos Jr. had successfully claimed the mantle of change and that the Vice President had failed to define herself in the public mind, and c) if the ornery controversialist Miyako Isabel diagnosed the Robredo campaign’s media and communications failures right.

Yellowtard “thought leaders” like Nery seem to tiptoe around the elephant in the room — that Robredo’s campaign suffers from a lack of strong leadership. This, by itself, speaks of Robredo herself and could be indicative of the sort of president she will be — one pulled in different directions by the same sorts of idiots that surround her today.

Robredo’s campaign evidently continues to struggle, which is strange considering that she has, in fact, been campaigning since she was proclaimed “vice president” back in 2016. Right there is the one thing really worth thinking about when considering Leni Robredo. If she can’t get her shit together even now — even after years as “vice president” and over that same period regarded as de facto “leader” of the Opposition — what sort of government will she run as president?

96 Replies to “Dec 1 to 6 2021 Pulse Asia Survey affirms grim prospects for Leni Robredo campaign”

  1. For a fake vp, 20% is actually respectable..but given that she has been media whoring and bad mouthing the digong admin for years, thats just a bit in mindanao i dont think she will even get 5%

  2. No matter how optimistic you look at it and how much you may want to soldier on, if you get only 5% in mindanao then youre toast..a luzon candidate is not winning any election without at least 30% in mindanao.

    1. To maintain morale, she should just skip mindanao and cebu and just focus on bicol region and iloilo in the visayas.thats it.NCR is a black pit of fear and
      they will even lose negros too.they can have camiguin, but theres practically nobody there.

  3. The pink campaign people must be demoralized by now, but theyl never admit it..wont be surprised to see turncoats and surrenderees before year’s end..mindanao is closing up like a giant clam, the central visayas is indifferent and NCR is a black pit of fear..wont even have to mention the north, which is the literal abyss.

    1. Pro-Marcos loyalists should glorify the late strongman Ferdinand E. Marcos and worship him as a hero after BBM becomes president in 2022 to make sure that Marcos era and Martial Law is a golden age.

      Even after FEM’s death, he is still hailed as the most decorated war veteran after he fought against Japanese in WW2 and declared Martial Law in 1972.

      1. Hey, when Leni wins, we should glorify the good ol’ days of People Power and Plaza Miranda Bombings under Cory of late 80’s. It was fun during Post-Marcos era right? The Total Freedom by Democracy. I love it.

    2. I’ll tell you what..the 20% who are now polling leni, most are actually just anti duterte.come nearer elections, most will be either bbm or manny pac..and leni will be left with just 5%..doomed

      1. Too bad he’s actually Diavolo in disguise. Yellowtards love to use the “Marcos apologia is too hip for its own good” BS is that it works.

        Creating a vision and hope of a future is not even “Marcos apologia”. Yellow Apologists are much worse because they always made bad decisions in their everyday lives and blame it on someone else when things go wrong. Cory, Noynoy and even Kris Aquino are a prime example of this kind of mindset.

        And the worst part? They love it.

        1. What about Marcos apologists?

          We need the future about “Marcos apologia” after BBM becomes president.

        2. At Propaganda Boy, I think you should stop using negative labels on someone or any fans you don’t like. You’re just making it worst for your community. Anti-Marcos rhetorics will do you no good, I’m telling you.

        3. At DIO, I don’t know..If using negative label on someone else as that perceived enemy, just because they don’t agree with you. It doesn’t matter if they doing good nor bad. It breeds unjust generalizations and it’s no wonder why your community getting more enemies than allies. It’s vice versa for the both sides.

        4. At DIO, “Ordinary people” who shares your ideology is what you’re saying. You do not speak for general population. All I see with your people is just attacking and stomping those perceived “enemy side”, You and Megget are no different. So, you don’t get moral high ground either.

        5. @Gman

          I have clear moral agency that I tell what is right and what is wrong, I choose to do a free will whatever I want.

        6. At Propaganda Boy, Okay. That attitude is why you’re gaining more enemies. Haven’t you realize? Such arrogance you’re presenting is not a good representation for your community. Disappointing, really.

  4. When you are few in numbers, low in resources, poor in organization, and diminished in morale, the best strategy is to retreat..lie low for 5,10 years..rebuild your support with real accomplishments and good politics..and come back strong and ready to vanquish the soldier on in the present would be foolish.

  5. The pink/yellow liberal party can give up their national aspirations for the moment.just focus on serving the people at the local 20 years who knows?a white knight can emerge and take the party to the promised land once again..
    in the meantime, they are pure liquid shit and will not be winning any elections in the foreseeable future.

  6. The pinktards have tried taking the high road, and failing, will now be gearing up for a vicious and desperate black propaganda war against bbm come january..wait for trillaning to be unleashed with his bogus exposes and fake bikoy videos

  7. Just wait for the Presidential Debates and you will see Leni destroy BBM with her superior intellect and expose him as a simpleton. Only then will the people wake up and see the truth. Leni is the best choice.

    1. Let me guess. Leni the “lawyer” will bring up martial law and dictatorship every chance she gets. And don’t forget the ill-gotten wealth! BBM is expected to be a gentleman while Leni can be a b**** who will likely just use the woman card.

  8. 2022 will be a robredo vs marcos contest..oh wait francis leo is running for senator not that case, it will be clean-shaven bbm vs bbm with a slight moustache..

  9. But what is that 53% mean? Yes, it means ‘in favor of’ BBM, but what does it indicate, really? Does it mean they favor him because he’s intelligent and quick-witted? That majority wants him because of who he is, the most capable, hence, the best candidate?

    I’m sorry to disappoint, but not among those mentioned justifies the 53% he got from the survey. What the score validates is the people’s interest in him because he has the name Marcos. BBM is not running and representing himself. He is not capitalizing on his person and his accomplishments or his potentials. He is merely clutching on the Marcos label because he knows there is a waiting and salivating crowd, a fan base of his father, that he can defend on. Not only that, the loyalists, the base have offsprings too, the millennials, willing and ready to embrace and swallow everything about the person their parents have mythologize into something worthy even if in truth he’s just a blank wall.

    Ferdinand maybe a myth, but BBM is a deceit. ?

    1. Whatever you make of that 50+ percent, the fact is, it is the best and possibly only indicator of someone’s probability of winning these elections. Perhaps if the Yellowtards had focused their strategy around using popularity statistics as measures of success, they would be in a better position today. In fact if things were flipped around and it was MaDumb who enjoyed that 53 percent, you’d probably be patting yourselves in the back assured that the people have chosen Dumb and Dumber. But here we are in the real world and here you are trying to come to terms with that number that describes a probable outcome not favourable to your narrative. To that there are only two words one can think of as a response. Tough shit. ?

      1. Agree 100%. Maybe, the painter is referring to the more unqualified late ones who only won because of somebody’s timely deaths. Hehehe.

      2. See what happens when the table is turned?

        Remember how the Marcos loyalists, the same loyalists who are now rejoicing and celebrating, frothed in the mouth as they attacked Noynoy Aquino for being on the same situation where BBM is now? You people said the same thing against Noynoy. That he is a know-nothing guy and was just in it because of his surname. Remember how you continue your attack riding on the same alibi after he was elected and even beyond after he stepped down from office?

        Yeah, it’s true, the Yellowtards, the Marcos loyalists and the Duterte diehards are all one and the same: they are just groups of people all salivating for power, period. There is no honor, honesty, integrity, and moral standards that separates the groups from one another. Everything is recycled just to take down the other side regardless if the offensive is true or not.

        Let me repeat, I’m just a narrator giving an account of an event that is taking place. And what we found out is the real shallowness of Philippine politics and everyone had a hand on it.

        1. Yes, a narrator that twist everything to fit his narrative is what you saying. Banging hard on the labeled fans while lowkey support Leni and Maria Ressa. Great job.

        2. Ahaha and Justice, I need analysis not ad hominem.

          Don’t waste space on this blog with your one-liners. Go ask Khayri R.R., JT or Megget for help. Don’t look at me, look at the topic and say your piece.

          Guys, I cannot respond to childish play.

        3. The arrogance of the color-blind one is showing. Just because he merely writes lengthily, often in circuitous fashion, and turning around ones commentary, makes him feel more privileged to use this space than the others. Sorry, you are wrong. These privileged and entitled feelings – just like your idol- make you lose others’ agreement and respect. The sense of an argument is not proportional to its lenght. Hehehe.

        4. Lots of ngak-ngak no argument, no position, no opinion. You guys don’t even argue your point, you just complain and whine and cry like a baby.

          I write lengthily because there’s something to write, issue to talk about, unlike you guys, you post just to attack personally and not talk of issues. This is a blog not child’s play.

          You support BBM, go ahead tell us why you are right about him and why you are voting for him.

          Don’t be a jologs, grow up kids.

        5. @Juan Luna Ah, the old “Look at me, I’m smart and others have an intelligence of a children”. No, the issue is YOU. That’s why no one would even bother to argue with you because when someone called you out on your behavior, you labeled them as “BBM Loyalist” or jologs or Bobo or whatever insults/political fandoms you come up/lumped with.
          But go on, keep riding that high horse of yours.

        6. @Ahaha
          I don’t know why you’re hurting. My position is out there. All you have to do, if you have the balls, is to question or challenge it. You don’t agree with me, fine, you are welcome to say why and prove me wrong, but don’t make me an issue. It cheapens the conversation.

          You are doing a disservice to this blog. We read articles with 4 or 5 or more paragraphs, proof that the writer took time to think and formulate an idea and all you can come up with are 2 or 3 sentences? Most times a paragraph from you contains nothing but personal attack and insults.

          Grow up, man. Make BBM proud. ?

        7. @Juan Luna Damn, alright. You’re just being too high for your own good. What a way to turn it other way around, all of sudden it’s me that insults and do personal attacks while you use double speak to make yourself look good. Great job.

      3. Benign0, then defend the late strongman and great leader Ferdinand E. Marcos and his family at all costs and personal interests. Yet, he is the most decorated war hero with 32 real medals. When BBM becomes president, the Marcoses will return to Malacanang to usher golden age of new Marcos and martial law will come to crush anti-Marcos.

        1. Trolls like you would never understand how and why martial law was declared back then. If there is no First Quarter Storm or Red Scare, there would be no martial law.

          Bongbong is too smart do that martial law thing… unless you would do something STUPID. Like doing another First Quarter Storm with your commie friends.

        2. Terrorists like us would be like that. Otherwise, China may block GetRealPhilippines or any country will block the website. This means censorship.

      4. @benign0

        “What I read in my own time is my business. What I publish via ********************** is all u got.”

        What a pro-Marcos loyalist you are… sounds like a logic.

        1. Is this an argument? How is that statement became Pro-Marcos Loyalist? You’re just hurling insults for the sake of it, Dio.

    2. You know, somehow in your comment there’s a point to be made. That’s why changing the faces on paper bills might be a good idea.

  10. 2022 will be a narrative of good vs evil.
    What the pinklawans probably dont realize is, they are now in the role of the evil.

    1. “What the pinklawans probably dont realize is, they are now in the role of the evil.”
      Which means, before it was you and your kind on the role of evil and now it changed?


  11. Too bad, nobody was able to address objectively the question about what the 53% rating of BBM is all about.

    All I read was groan and moan and complaint why the yellowtards are losing. 53% is a big number and should be easy to explain if one knows how.

      1. Right now the pinktards have 3 options left, all desperate :
        1)character assassination
        2)actual assassination, with bullets
        The noble thing would be number 3

    1. You want speculations on that 53% voter preference for BBM? What amount of explaining will suffice to someone who’s convinced that a candidate -who can’t prove her own winnability -would win next year? If you say it’s the Marcos label, then you’d have to mean that the senior Marcos is approved of by a lot of people, which includes the old and new generation. You can’t just use the yellow anti-Marcos narrative as the only basis for a negative or positive opinion. The government isn’t just one man. But if the way to the throne is as savage as it can get, then the sacrifice must be commensurate to the goal.

      1. That’s how we should do it here, mano-a-mano. You take a stand, you stand. ?

        I’m not asking for speculations, the issue demands a conversation, dialogue or debate about the ratings that BBM had. I just cannot pat the back and congratulate each and every rabid Marcos loyalists here because BBM got a good grade? Of course not. We exchange views and see where we end up.

        My position about it is that, majority of those numbers (53%) are Macoy-influenced votes. It’s very clear, even to you, that the father still has a sizable followers in the country and for sure, as shown by the survey, the son benefitted from it. The other votes are from the deer in the headlights millennials. The rest maybe from those who truly believes that BBM is the best candidate out there. I don’t.

        How about you, what do you think those numbers came from?

        What I said may be hurtful to some but it’s my view. I’m not saying it because I favor another candidate. Nope. It’s my take on the issue.

        1. Let’s see. So, based on your comment it’s because majority are old time existing Marcos followers, some are from new gens and the rest are believed that BBM is a good candidate right? I may add to that, probably the half or some of those numbers is because of on going war between BBM fans and Leni fans, lately Leni fans are annoying alot of common people who aren’t BBM fans but chose to go for BBM as retaliation to rabid Leni fans. While I admit that there are just as bad as rabid BBM fans, they’re aren’t that visible. Maybe on this blog only? Just imagine, you’re taking a peaceful look at your social media and some of your very, VERY political friends are posting crap about certain candidate, just to piss you off. That’s what I think for now.

        2. I may add to that, probably the half or some of those numbers is because of on going war between BBM fans and Leni fans, lately Leni fans are annoying alot of common people who aren’t BBM fans but chose to go for BBM as retaliation to rabid Leni fans.
          That could also be one ground. You see that’s the reason why I advanced the idea of possibilities about that 53% BBM got. I’m okay with that because like you I’m surmising too.

          It could be a lot of things but some people here would rather take care of their emotions first than talk about issues.

        3. I can only speak for myself. If Marcos Sr. built a good legacy with his presidency, then that’s just what it is to certain people. If they think and observe that the vision and work of the father has a potential in the son, then what’s the problem? Can BBM even put his name on every project without the risk of getting rejected by the anti-Marcos entities in gov’t? Just a thought, but who knows.

          The conversation is happening all over the place. Are you just trying to point out that BBM owes his popularity to his name? The candidates have the opportunity to make themselves known and be accessible. If you think a sizeable number of voters are ignorant, despite the decades of anti-Marcos propaganda bombardment, then you better check your reality. Lies eventually self-destruct.

        4. Of course, there are people, lots of them in fact, that still admires Macoy and his accomplishments and fantasizes his ‘legacy’ and connects it to BBM as a continuation of his myth. Is there a problem with that?

          Yes, there is a problem there because Macoy is not BBM. The father has proven himself to be an astute politician not because of patrician connection or because he has a popular and notorious name. He didn’t defend on a ready-made hungry and salivating political base to carry him to success. In fact, being wily and crafty, he was able to position himself by doing things his way. Academically, we all know who the father is, accomplishments-wise. Compared to his son, his education has never been put to question. Oh, yes, he did a lot of good things during his time and it meant to a lot of people. Sadly, he stayed too long that eventually made the bad outweighs the good that caused his downfall.

          Am I saying BBM owes his popularity to his name? Is there any other way to put it? Well, he has his sons as props for starter. His dad didn’t have cuties when he he was beginning to make his mark in politics. Imelda came in later. In fact, he has the Nalundasan case to carry as a political handicap. He was not a ‘Marcos’ instantly. He made the Marcos name through guts and glory; it took blood, sweat and tears, in all direction, to make people remember the Marcos brand. He did nice and worst things making memories and history by himself, good and bad. By himself.

          And BBM?

          There is really nothing to begin with with BBM. He has a borrowed history he’s capitalizing on. Good for him. That’s all.

          Finally, if all people in the country will swoon and fall all over for BBM for what he is or what they think he is, not only 53% but 100%, it will not stop me from thinking he’s a phony.

        5. Right now, I’m just curious what BBM can do as president, Ilocos seems to have a good opinion on him. I don’t expect Lacson nor Isko to even catch up to Leni and BBM. I’m just waiting for final results. Whoever wins, win. It is what it is and that’s coming from a former Joseph Estrada supporter.

        6. Right now, I’m just curious what BBM can do as president, Ilocos seems to have a good opinion on him. – Gman
          That’s a good question for the Marcos loyalists, you know, wooh, success! And a good question, too, for the anti-Marcos, boooooo!

          For me, he’ll try to do what he did with Ilocos where he served as governor. And it will never be enough or good enough even if he is capable, which I think he’s not, because I cannot see it in him. BBM, to me, is just a billboard drawing attention for advertising something about himself based on fantasies. There’s nothing behind it. Believe me.

          Sorry for being judgmental, I’ve seen it in Erap, saw it in Duterte. Mind you, those two are ‘outstanding’ mayors in their own right. Before becoming president both men have been loved and adored by millions of their fans for what they’ve done to their cities. Erap for his movie appeal and Duterte for his fondness on the sight of blood. I mean, they have their own history, good or bad, whereas BBM has a history that, let say, just starts with a letter ‘H’. A history that has to be filled in yet. In other words, zero, blank, nada.

        7. To Juan Luna – It’s fine, people take offenses on whatever you say because your tone seems to be a bit combative. That’s my impression on you whenever you comment on other articles. Just being honest with you.

          Besides that, I used to idolize Erap before reality slaps me to the face, each leaders has it’s own flaws, the ups and downs or maybe Filipinos are politically fragmented, basically political battle royale and looking at United States..It wasn’t really that different and they’re the first world country. I conclude that no political systems will ever be perfect, humans are just flawed. Anyways, I usually refrain from predicting the outcome for BBM or Leni as their history has yet to be written. There’s this thing that “You wouldn’t know until you try” whether it will succeed or failed the whole country. It’s basically a gamble due to how our current system works that even an attempt to salvage it won’t be a guaranteed fix. Philippines is technically doomed and were living it.

        8. @Gman
          Combative is too strong a word for I do not really attack people because of their views. Yes, I attack issues harshly especially political people but never the members of the blog. Yes, I sometimes ‘play’ with them when they get too hot but it’s not really my agenda.

          I think I’m highly critical every time I give my opinion on issues because I want to be clear on what my position is.

          About Erap, I think, at the time when he was very popular, all Filipinos want him to succeed. I voted for him, in fact, thinking that he’s different from the rest. We have not have a leader quite like Erap that was so well-loved not only by the mahihirap but also the mayayamans. Eventually, the weight of the Office took a heavy toll on him and the rest was history.

          For me, nothing is wrong with us when it comes to politics. I just suspect that the system of government we have may not be the kind that is appropriate to us. Democracy is hard especially Pinoy style. Instability is inherent on leadership changes. Political conflict is constant and too much cooks contributes to unnecessary delays. And then there’s the unceasing corruption.

          You could be right, what we’re doing is just a gamble. Only thing was, in gambling sometimes you win.

        9. At Juan Luna, yeah, combative is probably too strong but I couldn’t think of any equivalent at that moment, my bad. Yes, Erap was beloved by everyone and I think Fernando Poe Jr. made it but death claimed him before he could write his history, I also had the same feeling for Manny Pacquiao if he won, It’s Erap all over again.

          Yes, our current system isn’t appropriate for us, It will probably take us a long time before we could find a balance and yes, in gambling, you win sometimes, I believe on that. Common people should wisen up on who they choose to vote but that’s probably asking too much for “mahihirap” that don’t have any means to do research and surviving life is more important to them.

          By the way, it was a fun discussions/conversations with you.

    1. Then Marcos apologia shall be hip for its own good. Then glorify the late strongman Ferdinand E. Marcos and hope for return of Marcos in Malacanang and rise of New Society/Bagong Lipunan.

  12. Just hard to rally behind leni.the pinktards can carry her around town like a statue of the virgin mary, and no one will follow..this was a dumb choice, a polarizing figure who will not attract any new converts.
    the better option would have been surrender.

    1. You’re like a broken record, how many times you will say that?

      Anyway, happy new year to you and your loyalists friends. You’re about to lose next year, lol!

      1. This comment by Juan Luna doesn’t sound like he’s just looking to exchange views on this site. Is he engaging in this blog to confirm the ignorance of Marcos and Duterte supporters?

  13. Somebody wants to be indulged, looking for reasons why BBM will win. The latest OCTA survey shows BBM gaining a percentage point and his idol losing 6 percentage points. But he still hallucinates that his idol will win next year. You should be the one thinking of reasons why your idol is not gaining instead of persistently asking why BBM is our chosen one. If you cannot take the heat, then better leave the kitchen. Go hike and eat lugaw. And we are the childish ones. What arrogance. Hehehe.

  14. It will save a lot of money..and bikini mayor wont mind taking a bad beating, like a faithful dog in a severe famine..this makes sense, giving way to someone who can win converts and who will continue to matter after 6 years.

  15. Because leni is a useless bitch puppet who will matter only to flies and tape worms and people who still use vacuum tubes and crocodile tears.

  16. Leni is a useless tool puppet camwhore.
    Bbm wins because leni is annoying , and her unskippable 30 second! youtube ads are annoying, and the pinktards are evil.

    1. And you think gays are evil because of pink.
      Pink is putrid. Everyone loves black color for BBM. And white color for Sarah.
      This is not about hatred.
      Marcos apologia would be hip for its own good.
      And in defense of Marcos cronies such as Herminio Disini and Roberto Benedicto.
      Nothing hateful or in hatred.

      Once BBM becomes president, we want to make everything black and white. Cross my heart and nationalism and conservatism will come again.

  17. BBM is continuously gaining because of annoying and self-centered people, full of themselves, who idolize the lugaw, like the painter, who thinks others are wasting this space. Branding others childish, loyalists, jologs, just because they ignore his view. Kahiya! Hehehe.

  18. Well, based on the posts here about Leni, I guess she already lost and BBM is the president already. Why do we keep bringing her up then? Aren’t we all sick and tired of discussing this person? I remember Trump getting this much hate in discussion within the U.S. and he got elected anyway despite it all. Maybe if we stop talking about her and talk about the other candidates instead?

  19. Sure I can, no problem but based on what I have seen so far you basically proved that this is an echo chamber and you repeat everything that we all already know and what is going to happen next. If Leni is a phony, who cares? She is done for just like that party she served what’s there that we don’t know yet about Leni Robredo’s failing campaign? Noynoy is dead, Cory is dead, Ninoy is dead. There’s noone left to take the mantle of that. It doesn’t matter what color she wears, they have been defeated already. In fact, can we just skip the elections and crown the next guy already?

    Leni’s going to lose anyway no matter how much it is discussed here. Liberal Party or the Opposition or the “Controlled Opposition” has nothing on BBM. It is collapsing from within and it only has things to show but it’s only for show. Nothing to prove at all. It doesn’t matter what she does, she looks like she doesn’t even want to be President and someone just pushed her to be one. This is going to be a landslide victory so ya’ll got nothing to worry about. It’s over, Megget.

        1. Oh my god, i bit the bait?it was just a bait?the yellowtards are still alive
          .?the demons of edsa have not been exorcised?

      1. @Megget aka Maggot,

        You think New Society will be alive again and Ferdinand E. Marcos’ memories will be alive? How can we worship his heroism and godliness with his loyalists & cronies and our Marcos loyalists, to criticize and purge pinktards, yellowtards and Aquinos?

        @Benign0 and @Gman…
        Argument varies…

        1. At Propaganda Boy, But you never present any argument other than Anti-Marcos crap, sarcasms and throwing demeaning labels. Not to mention accusing everyone here as Marcos worshippers, smh.

        2. At DIO, It seems that you don’t really care about this country, You and your people are here to do divide people even further, at this point, Anti-Marcos propagandists like you are just political grifters and nothing else. Just use whatever it means to destroy the perceived enemy. We already tried that People Power crap and what did we get? Even more pain and suffering. You can’t just use that Anti-Marcos bullcrap when you allied yourselves with leftist militants like NPA, who also terrorize civilians. If you can’t see that, there’s no helping you.

    1. At DIO, Is this what Anti-Marcos people represents? Insulting/attacking other people for disagreeing with them. What’s worst is calling others as trolls and terrorists when they themselves are doing the same thing in this blog. That’s being hypocrite, DIO. This is why no one is taking you and your people seriously. I hope that gets through your thick skull. You/Propaganda Boy and Megget are no doubt match made in hell.

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