Leni Robredo’s IMPOSSIBLE promise to regain public trust in government: Filipinos trust her LESS than President Duterte!

Ibalik ang tiwala sa gobyerno,” (“Regain public trust in the government”) says Leni Robredo in her most recent campaign video where she lays out her plan to provide “jobs for all”.

One wonders though. If Robredo’s pitch is to regain public trust in the Philippine Government, the question is, is she the right person to make good on such a promise? According to the latest Publicus Asia report, Pahayag Q4, incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte continued to maintain a trust rating of around 55 percent — more than twice Robredo’s 23 percent rating this quarter. This is corroborated by another metric exhibited in the Pahayag report showing that about 68 percent of survey respondents believe that the country is “headed in the right direction”.

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On what basis then does Robredo presume to promise an uplift in public trust in the government if the public trusts her less than the incumbent? Robredo’s impossible promise makes even less sense when considering her, yet again, dismal showing in the popularity section of the Pahayag survey which is an indicator of her ability to win the coming national elections. Her rival and top presidential bet Bongbong Marcos enjoys a 52 percent preference rating this quarter up from 49 percent last quarter and still dwarfing Robredo’s whose rating slipped from 21 to 20 percent over the same period.

Clearly Robredo and her campaign team need a serious reality check (if this latest report still does not put a rocket up their asses). They continue to believe they will overtake Team Marcos – Sara Duterte over the remaining five months of the campaign (and delude their supporters into thinking the same), yet there is no evidence nor data to back their optimistic appraisal of their situation.

Indeed, Robredo’s only chance of winning these elections is if her minions succeed at removing Marcos Jr. from the race through disqualification or cancellation of his Certificate of Candidacy (CoC). If she wins by default it is likely that Filipinos will be even less trusting of her government and, over her six-year term will only see her as the person who deprived them of the person who should have been president. Robredo and her camp need to face the facts. There is no way they can win — even if she succeeds at becoming the next President of the Philippines.

16 Replies to “Leni Robredo’s IMPOSSIBLE promise to regain public trust in government: Filipinos trust her LESS than President Duterte!”

  1. Even if bbm is disqualified,which is not going to happen, leni will still not win.both the promising economist manny pac and gay bar gyrator isko will beat her like an ownerless dog on a saturday afternoon.
    she can only hope to beat that guy woody de guzman, who will get exactly 5 votes and not even his mother in law.

    1. Even if bbm is disqualified,which is not going to happen, leni will still not win.
      I can sense you are trembling in saying that. ?

      If BBM is disqualified, Leni is a sure winner. That’s the end of the story. Hard to accept but true.

      1. Leni is a sure loser.
        She will get beaten, like a fattened dog amongst gin drinkers.
        Her campaign has now been converted into an anemic people’s movement, a sure sign of lack of support and funds.

    2. Fortification is the way.

      Just like in 2016 elections, the votes for Yorme and Pacman will be transferred to her thus defeating BBM. And barely there will be a backlash because anti-Marcos brand is so engraved in pinoy DNA, they fear it more than the COVID and its variants.

      1. Ha?!? Not reading surveys? Even if you sum up the votes for the other candidates and give them all to Leni, BBM still leads… “Don’t know much about history, … don’t know much about algebra, don’t know what a slide rule is for…” Hehehe

      2. Apologies for failing to provide enough context for the “fortification”.

        Fortification as in electronic manipulation of votes. Contrary to mainstream reports, Leni won because some votes from other candidates (I think Chiz was one of them) was transferred to Leni overnight during the counting. And thus I can’t help that the fortification will happen again next election (or BBM gets disqualified first).

  2. Lugaw Robredo, who won the Vice Presidency, thru election cheating, with the help of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, is trying to convince us voters, to trust in her…

    Who would believe this election cheater, who is a puppet of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis ? Lugaw Robredo, who is a three times Law exam Bar flunker…is the dumbest politician, I have ever seen in Philippine politics…

  3. Fat chance she would get votes even if BBM gets the DQ – the other Bong is still in play for that possibility. You can also expect Mayor Tolongges to ratchet up the Duterte copycat shtick.

    1. Well, looks like Go just quit for good. Wonder what deals did their Davao faction cut for them to throw in the towel.

      1. Go finally exiting was an expected outcome. PRRD though leaving with him and pulling out of the Senate race was a surprise move. So, it makes me wonder whether the Cusi faction did not want to support his “recommendation” for Pres (most likely BBM) as they would have most likely supported SDC for VP anyway, since she is a Duterte.

        Most likely a lot in the Cusi faction didn’t want to link their support with a “Marcos” as they view it as political suicide even now. So they didn’t want to follow PRRD, hence why PRRD pulled out is my guess. Our political parties here are parties in name only. Principles don’t tie them together, self serving interest do anyway.

        It would be surprising if this was all an “orchestrated 4D Chess move” to dismantle Pimentel’s party from the inside. Now their party doesn’t have a standard bearer, they can’t simply switch to Pacquiao’s faction as they’d really be viewed as balimbing. I know it isn’t orchestrated, just that it would be funny if it was.

  4. If BBM gets to be disqualified, tapos na boksing! Leni is president, Sotto vice-president. Runner-up for president? Could be Isko or Lacson.

    1. In an alternate universe where bbm was snuffed out as a child by a time traveling pedophile priest, then both manny pac and isko will beat her like an ownerless dog.how?because all those bbm votes will NEVER transfer to leni who is dumber than rocks.
      do the math.

  5. If disqualified, which is not going to happen.people with deep pockets and 80% of all mayors and governors already pledge support..if leni has spent all this time doing actual politics instead of childish interviews and soup kitchens and hadouken videos, that support would have been hers.

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