Is Leni Robredo really SINGLE-HANDEDLY on top of the Typhoon Odette relief effort?

If we are to believe Chief Yellowtard “economist” JC Punongbayan, presidential candidate and “vice president” Leni Robredo is the only person really on top of the relief operations surrounding the havoc wrought by Typhoon Ria (local codename “Odette”).

Si VP @lenirobredo na lang ba ang nagtratrabaho sa national government. Feels like that.

Rappler and ABS-CBN say so, his fellow Yellowtards say so, and Robredo herself says so. So it must be so. Punongbayan mirrors the attitude applied by the Yellowtard-led Opposition to their campaign — that they are the only ones with all the ideas on how to run the country.

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“Tomorrow, our relief operations will resume. Ang assurance ko po sa inyo, mapupuntahan lahat ng lugar na nasalanta. Kung hindi po ako mismo dahil solong katawan po ako, iyong teams po namin…lahat ng lugar, maaabot po ng teams namin on the ground kasi halos anim na taon na namin itong ginagawa,” Robredo said.

(My assurance to you is that we will reach all the places that have been hit. If I cannot go there myself, our teams on the ground will be able to reach you because this is something we have been doing for almost six years.)

Robredo speaks as if the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Coast Guard, the Philippine Police, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), and the various local governments don’t exist. It’s as if she and her team are single-handedly saving the day.

Considering that much of this “relief effort” will ultimately serve as fodder for Robredo’s desperate campaign, it could well be that hers is very likely Philippine history’s most dishonest election campaign. She is effectively campaigning at the expense of her own government and is seriously and deliberately misleading the Filipino public.

If Robredo has any decency left in her, she should apologise to every government employee and public servant who is working hard and working quietly to do deliver essential services to Filipinos impacted by this disaster.

13 Replies to “Is Leni Robredo really SINGLE-HANDEDLY on top of the Typhoon Odette relief effort?”

  1. meanwhile, you keep yapping about 4 time Vice President winnder Leni Robredo (including the 3 time recount where b0ng narcos jr lost all recounts.) as you tabog0s say, anong ambag mo? and before you answer this question, anong ambag mo sa gobyerno, malamang meron, but ANONG AMBAG MO SA RELIEF OPERATIONS ni busy President Leni? meron ba? pakilatag ng resibo.

    1. Another person who does not read the news. Everyone is contributing to the relief operations for the Odette-affected Filipinos. It is only the lugaw bet, and the pinkians/yellowtards (like Pedro), who are claiming they alone are working. What a shameful lot.

  2. Good people make anonymous donations,or at least quietly, without PR gimmicks and contrived press releases..and certainly no need to post receipts

  3. Her relief operations is nothing more than what the DSWD and other voluntary organization are doing… Alleviation of the victims is more than the distribution of relief goods of food and blankets to keep them warm , but the bigger things as restoration of electricity and communication lines and the provision of temporary shelters and provision of security are done by the concerned agencies which are not in her command. It becomes a little funny reading she’s going solo in all of these relief activities.

  4. If she’s hugging the limelight for what she’s doing on the relief effort, good for her. She’s working and they’re showing it. Why get mad on the positives?

    What the anti-Leni should be doing is also work and outwork her in serving the people. You cannot score points by just yapping and whining and complaining.

    Like this fellow Megget, he has nothing to say good about the VP even if she’s doing good. I mean, you can criticize but criticize with sense.

    Like VP Leni Robredo is doing, GO TO WORK, people!!! ?

    1. Leni is actually wasting money going around in aeroplanes..the LGUs and government people whose actual job it is to handle disaster management can actually handle the job well enough..without the cameras and press releases..

  5. I really think the issue with those who are not Kakampink is the wording/messaging by the supporters.

    Leni and her camp are doing good but how they externalize and frame it with words in soc med and mass media seems to always have issue because of the apparent constant need to position themselves as “best”, “most upright” etc.

    I think the Kakampinks need to reign in that mindset as it doesn’t reflect well on Leni herself. Kind of like one step forward, 2 steps back. Like what I just stumbled upon but have not verified, supposedly some Kakampinks want to “cancel” celebrities for not being pro-Leni… or rather for being pro-Marcos as their choice.

    Head scratcher for me as they are supposedly anti dictator. But since I am not going to dive in to verify the info, I will treat it as rumor/hearsay. Don’t really need to bother with it.

  6. LOL. Ever heard the latest vomit KriSTD just spouted in Iloilo? She sounded like a landlord reminding her peasants that they owe their continued existence to her.

    Wait, she’s a bonafide landlord…

  7. Much of the effort of the Pinklawan goes to their media exposure and theatrics. There’s really no substance. Probably why they need artista endorsements.

  8. What Leni is doing is not that any different to what any voluntary organizations do and her minions think “Aw, look at Leni. She’s doing all the work that no other organizations could do.” I like how they claim that ONLY Leni is doing the work while other’s efforts are being ignored. Talk about over-praising their queen.

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