“We need to make Leni WIN!” and other chilling Yellowtard ululations

The more the facts surrounding Opposition presidential candidate Leni Robredo’s failed campaign confront her followers, the more we hear this call to action: We need to make Leni win. Take a bit of time to pause and think about that for a minute. Is it up to Robredo’s “KakamPink” camp to make her win? It seems the Yellowtards are forgetting an important detail about democratic elections — that it is the people through their votes in elections that determine who gets to serve them in leadership roles. Campaign teams do not make politicians “win”. People make them win. And elections are not about politicians “winning”. They are about the people choosing.

Herein lies the whole trouble with the attitude the Yellowtards apply to their campaign. Reading between the lines when taking stock of the messaging they put out, it is easy to detect the sense of entitlement in their regard for these elections. If their dishonest “good” versus “evil” narrative in which they cast themselves as the “good” weren’t enough, they believe they hold the right to judge a person’s personal preferences. We see this in how, with every random encounter they have, they demand that people reveal to them who they plan to vote for and then, following that, slander the choice of that person.

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It’s no wonder that Robredo’s campaign is not making any headway. Members of her camp insult the Filipino Voter’s intelligence at every turn. Rather than offer them clear bases to make a smart choice, the Yellowtards routinely subject them to emotional appeal or, worse, emotional blackmail. In his recent Inquirer opinion piece “Lost opportunities”, Manuel L. Quezon III writes of the incompetence of Robredo’s campaign strategists specially in those crucial early days observing how “her ads were weirdly angled to please perhaps those who made them and approved them, but not the voters. In a similar manner there was a ridiculous motherhood-oriented pitch that threatened to sink her campaign before it could even be launched”. Quezon was not through with them yet at that point in his piece which he caps with this categorical indictment…

Her first campaign salvo was beyond a flop. Her latest commercial is better: a friendly but firm, enumeration of her policies for labor. A perfect ad: for a senatorial candidate, since most campaign on only or at most only a few, issues to set them apart. But it is not a presidential commercial. The overarching heart and soul of her candidacy in the public mind still does not exist because it hasn’t been communicated.

And so now, as they sink further into the depths of desperation, Robredo’s supporters’ call to action remains as nebulous as her campaign platform itself. But there is a chilling ring to it. We need to make Leni win. How exactly? With magic? Oh, wait…

31 Replies to ““We need to make Leni WIN!” and other chilling Yellowtard ululations”

  1. Lenny will win..her ratings are very high among 8 year old gamers.
    All she has to do is wait a short 10 years until these voters are actually old enough to vote.
    Advance kasi mag isip si madam.

    1. in line with the writers flawed logic, isnt campaigning another way of asking someone to vote for your candidate. so its downright improper and impolite to campaign for a preferred candidate? well duh.

  2. Leni must win because the apparent support for BBM is just in the head. All those surveys and caravans are just a product of imagination. There’s no need to see evidence for something imagined.

  3. What if nobody wins?

    Is smartmatic going to be used again or is this manual voting like before?

    Are we going towards mail-in voting like what was done in USA?

    We are such a hot mess.

    I honestly think nobody should win but all of five of them need to come together and work out something that can actually be a force of change in this country. Else, I think the people are better off being led by each individual ruling their own little countries instead. Like per se, if they don’t like this person’s administration, they can simply move out to another. Each candidate has a place of its own where they will get the most votes and will be most effective in ruling. What’s the point of ruling a thousand or more island where not everyone gets the same amount of love? Not even a federal shift is gonna save this, it’s just going to add more bureaucracy to an already problematic one.

        1. how can she be the fake vp? ferdinand b0b0ng narcos jr lost 3x in the recount. did you mean comelec is lacking integrity? then that leaves your idol tatay is subject to doubt as well, aint it? and hello 7 hour glitch!

        2. Another public relations gimmick in the life of the fake vp.. – Megget
          Oh, come on Megget, grow up and move on! She’s about to become president and you’re still crying over 2016 election lost? ??

        1. hahaha 6yrs in denial. she’s about to be president and they’re still harping about her being fake vp. hahaha.

    1. Fake vp…
      …it hurts so much.
      Yeah, I agree. Imagine, she served six years as vice president of the country and did a decent job. Now, she’s gunning for president. It really, really hurts! Lol!

      Be ready to have a Fake president! ?

      1. Well, that’s a good sweet six years for her. Now, she’s gunning for another six years as president.

        Better improve your act so you can stop her. ?

  4. Given that the opposition act is so shitty, bbm at this point only needs to stand on a makeshift stage doing hand signals for the blind while leni performs an elaborate political harakiri.

  5. the real work is in disaster preparation and prevention..not in handing out relief goods..and digong already done the real work, then these clowns show up with biscuits and cameras shit eating grins on their faces..

    1. How did you know, you never been Vice President.

      Relief distribution is hard work and very important. Sitting on your butt and just criticize people who work in relief effort is pure evil.

    1. Taking photos of people receiving relief goods..and of yourself giving the same relief goods, thats a really shitty thing to do..its the cameras that make it a shitshow.

      1. oh and how about that photo ops done by bbm, where he even had the time to fix his hair? now isnt that the height of shittines?

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