The Opposition modus operandi: Hyping one OUTRAGE FAD after another

What exactly is the Opposition platform? What do they propose to be the alternative path to the way being shown to Filipinos by current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte? If we are to believe, as today’s Opposition partisans would have us believe, that the Duterte Way is all bad, what proposal for a different path is on the table?

These are questions that any decent political opposition would be expected to answer even during impromptu ambush interviews. But no. The top Opposition “thought leaders” are too busy sniffing around for the next outrage fad around which they would whip up the all-too-familiar media circus they had become famous for.

The Opposition owes this rather primitive character of theirs to the Yellowtards. The Yellowtards are the bloc of partisans rabidly loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan and are the purveyors of the renowned victimhood narrative that started with the assassination of former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr in 1983. In the ensuing several decades since then, necropolitics — a national mythology spun around martyred “heroes” and the hapless “oppressed” — dominated the character of the National Debate and, in the process, intellectually-bankrupted Philippine politics.

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Thus, the usual epicentre of the typical Yellowtard-inspired outrage fad of the week is some sort of “victim” that is elevated to the national stage with the support of Big Corporate Media organisations that are all too happy to join the victimhood circus. The key message of the messaging and propaganda that coagulates around these fads is, what else, the badness and “evil” of the incumbent government. The aim is by all intents and purposes criminal at its core: to incite rebellion under the guise of a fight against the “evil” strawman put up by Yellowtard “activists”.

Like the average Kapamilya starlet, Celebrity Victims come, soak in their 15 minutes of fame, then go when a rally whipped up around them fizzles. They are the stars of a perverse sort of victim porn that the Yellowtards have become prolific producers of. One wonders, however, if they continue to attract a big enough audience for their dishonest “documentary” teleseryes. See, the key to a successful TV show or movie franchise lies in their cast of characters and how potent they are as emotional hooks. Evidently victim porn “heroes” no longer get the job done for the Yellowtards and even less so for the communists whose efforts at parading one stiff after another before the Filipino people now consistently fail to draw their attention away from the latest K-pop or Korean tele-drama craze.

With national elections just around the corner, the million dollar question is increasingly relevant:

What sort of Opposition do Filipinos deserve?

For now the only answer to that is a negative one: Not the one we are seeing today.

Not one that remains fixated on necropolitics. Not one that seeks to incite sedition rather than inspire collaboration. Not one that lacks a vision for the Filipino people. It’s time Filipinos put their collective foot down and demand achievers rather than mere victims.

One Reply to “The Opposition modus operandi: Hyping one OUTRAGE FAD after another”

  1. The opposition, led by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, is addicted to the “false narratives” of fake heroes and fake saints…

    Ninoy Aquino was the founder of the New Peoples’ Army. He was a traitor, and a consummate political opportunist…Cory Aquino, was an uneducated stupid housewife, who claim herself to be a saint and show her being religious, by praying infront of church altars, with many media photographers , to take her pictures.

    No political platform, to show to voters; only these “false claims” and some fake shows of being saintly…
    The ignorant Filipino voters, swallowed the “political tricks”, hook , line and sinkers…so they ruled for almost 30 years…

    These people don’t know anything about political platforms…all they know is to hook you with emotional victimhood; and politics of destruction.

    Let us put them again directly into the “inodoro” , where they belong !

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