Yellowtards Hit All-Time High Moral Bankruptcy With Tweets Mocking Earthquake Ravaged Mindanaoans


When subjected to extreme situations where it means either life or death, the primal response of the human brain brought about by thousand years of evolution is either a fight or flight response. It is where things are reduced to essentials and the superficial and the miscellaneous take a backseat. To come out alive of anything that threatens survival is the only goal at hand. No matter what it takes, he’s got to stay alive. That is how HUMANS should have supposedly evolved.

How about Filipinos? Now that’s a good question.

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Politics have never turned so amusing than when President Rodrigo Duterte was sworn into office. This is perhaps because the common tao might have figured out that they finally found a level ground where they can deal with the Yellowtards. Before, most just turn a blind eye believing that speaking out will only go so far. That’s because in the long run, it will eventually amount to nothing considering that the elites have the monopoly of the manipulation of their greatest asset: public opinion. But thanks to their monumental gaffes and including those who are persistently educating the public with the truth, the match is now even, if not lopsided.

Change has come indeed. The once formidable Yellows may have finally met their nemesis which was evident in their catastrophic loss in the 2016 midterm elections.

They have definitely gone down. But of course they won’t give up that easy without a fight. Their occasional goofing around are manifestations of them being the epithet of the slugger who is still swinging while going down hard. However, the boxing is far from over. The opponent might have hit the canvas but he is far from out. And so the slugfest continues.

It’s an amusing political circus with highlights headed by “VP” Leni Robredo with her words of wisdom. Entertaining as it is, it is fast becoming a bore and nuisance.

But it may not only be the Yellowtards who are becoming amused and too preoccupied in devising ways to gain the upper hand in the propaganda war. The problem in engaging with such war, whatever the motive is, is that everyone may become oblivious to the essentials such as the immediate alleviation of sufferings brought about by the recent earthquakes in Mindanao.

It’s as if the hypothetical boxing arena with all the people inside is on the verge of being obliterated by a threat outside but the crowd is still pre-occupied with who’s gaining the upper hand in the match. Instead of momentarily setting their differences aside to unite in one good cause, what they do is throw jabs that are not at all relevant with the dire situation at hand.

First came the drug war. People seem to have forgotten that the casualties seen every day are but the tip of the iceberg that the drug menace has become. It’s hard to understand why some people want to stop the war “that isn’t working” that made the streets relatively safer than before. Is it that hard to see that curbing drugs will lessen future casualties? If the drug war evidently protects our children, why can’t they unite with the government’s efforts against the drugs while closely monitoring the prudence of law enforcers during the conduct of their duties?

When ISIS almost turned Marawi City into a terrorist state, the military needed to execute martial law as part of the efforts to subdue Isnilon Hapilon and his allies. As expected, it was maliciously tied to the martial law during Marcos. The worst part is that the soldiers and policemen, which includes those who are faithfully fulfilling their mandates to protect the people and state at the cost of their lives, are being vilified and accused of unfounded claims of abuse.

And then the recent gaffes by Leah Navarro and Yolly Ong in their hypocritical sorry-not-sorry apologies. If the “you are a Romualdez and the president is an Aquino” blunder sealed the fate of Mar Roxas, the Yellow’s recent politicization of the deadly earthquakes is a clear manifestation of their all-time high moral bankruptcy. Natural calamity victims, both DDS and non DDS, being subjected to mockery just because the current president hailed from Mindanao? Really? How much further low can you go?

It clearly shows how morally unfit the Yellows are to lead, considering that they have to identify who is pro and anti, to qualify who is more deserving of help.

And it just shows that public service is only secondary, if not the last on their list, to their political agenda. Their greed for their lost power no matter how they disguise it with perpetrated lies disseminated by main stream media, leaks out eventually revealing their sinister motives. It’s amusing how they seem oblivious to the fact that they themselves are putting the final nails of their own political coffins without help from anyone.

And for the rest, it’s easy to fall into the trap of gloating over the faux pas of the opponent and becoming rabid, condescending, and quick to condemn without looking internally. One should not forget that beyond all this political spectacle, humanity should take precedence above and over everything else especially when, like the immediate needs of the victims are needed the most.

2 Replies to “Yellowtards Hit All-Time High Moral Bankruptcy With Tweets Mocking Earthquake Ravaged Mindanaoans”

  1. This is a clear evidence that the Imperialist Manila with a bit of Yellow stained/oligarch character from the north really hates the people of Mindanao from the south. Hopefully the charter change of our country from the Yellow stained presidential form of government to a federal & parliamentary form of government & relocate our country’s capital from Manila to Davao City should push through immediately before 2022 or else…kawawa naman ang taga-Mindanao sa pagaalipin nila ng taga-Maynila. 🙁

  2. If you politicize human tragedies, like the earthquake in Mindanao, or the Typhoon Yolanda tragedy in Leyte…without even a sense of human sympathy or empathy. You belong to the worst kind of humanity, that ever walked on our Planet Earth.

    Mar Roxas and Aquino stole the Typhoon Yolanda Funds, during that time of calamity. They even let the goods destined to the victims of the Typhoon Yolanda rot in warehouses. These two people are too evil, that in time of tragedies…all they think is Power.

    Now, the Earthquake in Mindanao is there again. They are again politicizing the Earthquake tragedy. Instead of helping the victims…they use the time to criticize Duterte, who is from Mindanao.

    Did these idiot YellowTards, ever learned their lessons ?

    It is good that we have now the internet; the Information Technology and the Social Media. Because these YellowTards made the Mainstream Media, their political propaganda machine; complete with Fake News and Biased opinions.

    They even cheat in the 2016 election; and put their puppet, the nuisance Fake Vice President Lugaw Robredo in the VP position. They put biased judges to block and manipulate the recount in the 2016 VP election.

    It is good that the Filipino people are now awakening. The False and Fake narratives of “hero/saint ” of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis , are now known as sham and scam… The EDSA fake news, that became fake history, taught in our schools is now debunked as a malicious fraud.

    The last election where the “otso diretso” of their candidates went directly to the “inodoro” showed that the Filipino people are slowly becoming responsible and wise voters !

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