Tie a Yellow Ribbon on the Ball and Chain in the Old Oak Tree

I’m comin’ home, I’ve done my time
Now I’ve got to know what is and isn’t mine…”

The people has spoken and punctuated it with rage that drove the final nails to the coffin of the Yellowtards’ political dreams. A seething anger to be exact.

It has been the goal of the Yellows-turned-Pink for six years to use anger that supposedly will come from the electorate, to use it against Duterte and all the remnants of the strongman Marcos Senior’s regime.

But unfortunately for them, that rage they were trying to incite in the people against the government backfired. They’ve realized (albeit a bit too late) that they’ve already alienated the very ones who they want to be on their side. And they’ve waken up into the nightmare that they were already dealing with:

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  • The electorate’s rage against the perceived fraud in the 2016 elections;
  • The electorate’s rage against the Liberal Party and to whatever form it morphed into;
  • The electorate’s rage against lawmakers and some Supreme Court justices for ignoring the existence of massive fraud in spite of compelling evidences;
  • The electorate’s rage against cancel culture;
  • The electorate’s rage against the Yellowtards’ frequent humiliation of people who are not aligned with their political stance by calling them “tanga”, “bobo”, and trolls;
  • The electorate’s rage against the holier-than-thou, the elite, and the condescending.

Engaging the toxic Yellow army head on was futile, so the ordinary voters figured. For who can withstand the constant vitriol and all the personal attacks?

And so the people just waited for the perfect moment for redemption: May 9th 2022.

They know fully well that it’s the perfect opportunity to say the F-word and “screw you” in a civilized and democratic way.

And that, they did with finality and emphasis – 16M times for the presidency and 21M times for the vice presidency.

Finally, the “bobo” and the “tanga” electorate as the Yellowtards relished to name the people outside of their echo chambers, finally had a new meaning to the old song symbolizing LP’s return to power:

Now the whole damned bus is cheerin’
And I can’t believe I see –
– the Yellowtards and Pinklawans met with a hundred yellow ribbons round the ball and chain that’ll be tied to their feet in the ole oak tree,
never to rape the lands again and be free.”



2 Replies to “Tie a Yellow Ribbon on the Ball and Chain in the Old Oak Tree”

  1. Yeah, majority have spoken and vote against the YellowPinks, it’s their fault for pushing the people’s button. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  2. Rage depicts uncontrolled violence or anger. Fortunately, none of that I witnessed in the just concluded elections. It was a surprisingly peaceful elections considering the participation of controversial candidates with their impassioned followers. For sure there was simmering anger from other people who felt they have been aggrieved by past events hence they are more emotional than others. But elections are always accompanied by mixed, different and contradicting emotions, specially in a country where personal and party politics is problematic at the most.

    The Marcos camp won the game against the Leni-led Yellow/Pink party. That’s the story of the day, the rests are all the same. There were people raging on both sides. One side heckled to death the other side in 2016. This time it’s the other side’s turn to take the heckling into another level. Tit for tat between the two groups composed of the same animals. By animals I mean the comparative raw emotions on both camps in terms of their desire to dominate and defeat the enemy and the passionate lust for power to conquer all.

    Even on ideas and image projection, both parties are the same. In 1986, ‘tie a yellow ribbon’ was the theme song of the Yellow to commemorate Ninoy Aquino’s return; now it’s the Marcos camp co-opting the popular song to celebrate their victory and in a way the return of a Marcos. In ’86, the Marcoses was hounded by the antis out of the country; now their followers are the antis hounding the Yellow party out of power. We come full circle.

    I just wish and hope that the changes that will take place upon BBM occupying the office of the presidency will yield concrete results beneficial to the Filipino people and to the country as a whole. ??

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