“Ok snowflake” rhymes better than “Ok boomer”

Anybody who’s been on Twitter a lot over the last several days will now have seen the latest fashionable catchphrase “Ok boomer” really taking off. The term “boomer” is short for “Baby Boomer”, a term used to refer to the generation of Americans born within the decade right after World War II ended. It has since been used to refer to non-Americans of the same generation.

“Ok boomer” became a thing when it began to be used as a conversation-ender by young “woke” people. That’s not to distract from the fact that “boomer” had increasingly been used as a slur against this generation for some time now by Millennials and the “Gen” Y and Z mobs.

Even “honourable” young lawmakers use it now to shut down challenges to their thinking they deem inconvenient.

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For example, 25-year-old New Zealand lawmaker Chloe Swarbrick was speaking in parliament on Tuesday in favour of the proposed Zero Carbon bill, which would set a target of zero carbon emissions for the country by 2050.

When another MP began to interrupt, Swarbrick cooly replied, “OK boomer,” and continued.

The irony that flies above the heads of the “woke” generation is that the baby boomers were the generation that originally laid the foundation for today’s copycat wokedom at groundbreaking scale. They were the original war protestors of the 1960s and the generation that coined the term “Make Love Not War”. They sang to John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance”, grew their hair and walked the earth uninterrupted by selfie moments. They managed to connect with one another and launch movements without the benefit of today’s technology.

In their day, the Boomers were far cooler than today’s ‘woke’ young people.

“Woke” young people who shut older people down by responding to them with “Ok boomer” ought to be ashamed of themselves. Imagine suggesting to a specimen of today’s young generation, “You need to study hard, get off your phone, be able to focus on a task for more than one minute, delay gratification, and read entire books from cover to cover”, and getting the response “Ok boomer”.

Or, perhaps, this

Corporate life is a living hell, specially if you’re a fresh grad. You’re treated like garbage and it’s all money no substance. Worked briefly in a corporation and it made me want to go back to journalism tho I wasn’t able to do so, I’m glad I’m still in the writing industry.

Ok snowflake.

Doesn’t that sound better? And, yeah, it rhymes better too.

Being able to string a few more words than the average “woke” snowflake, I’d probably also add, “You forgot the part about, first, EARNING, people’s confidence that you are NOT garbage.” Also, you need to make a bit more to be able to afford your own wheels and stop driving around daddy’s car like you own it, ok highway?

9 Replies to ““Ok snowflake” rhymes better than “Ok boomer””

  1. It’s become fashionable to blame the baby boomers for the young people’s own problems. Problem is, whatever mistakes the boomers did make, the younger generations are only repeating it and sometimes doing worse. And of course, at times they blame other people for their own mistakes.

  2. Ok boomers, we are here…

    In our country, the Baby Boomers, were the generation who witnessed the pre Martial Law era. They had seen the same thievery and the corruption of many Filipino politicians. They witnessed the rise of communism; student activism; and the rise of the New Peoples’ Army that was founded by Ninoy Aquino. They live thru the Marcos Martial law era.

    The EDSA generation, were the YellowTard generation. They worshiped the Aquinos as “Martyrs and Saints”. They were indoctrinated by YellowTard propaganda of the mainstream media. They were taught EDSA Fake News and Fake History, written by YellowTard authors, that became textbooks in our schools…They were the most EDSA indoctrinated generation, and most became YellowTards…The worshiping of the EDSA shrine was the “culmination” of their YellowTard pilgrimage.

    The Filipino Millennials are brought up with the :Information Technology devices; Internet; Twitter; Facebook;Web Blogs; Social Media; I phones; etc…they are the most informed of any Filipino generation. They are awakened by the Social Media and Web Blogs of the EDSA scam and fraud. They are also indoctrinated by the EDSA Fake News and Fake History. But most have now debunked the EDSA “twice told tale” as a malicious fraud.

    Every generation, has its failure and success. Each generation contributes to the development of our minds, and of our being Filipinos…. So, let us not despise or blame any generation. They deserve to be there, and they have done their best to improve our country, our mindsets and ourselves…

  3. Go for “Sure Snowflake” instead, and this is just an indication of the vast generation gap, you can state that Boomers did inherit a bountiful and prosperous era, and how they squandered it, forgot or even refuse to acknowledge the future generation, and raised their kids badly, but then the Millennial generation who are becoming parents now are whining about the most trivial of matters while committing the same mistakes as the Boomers they detest.

    I’ve seen idiots telling people who aren’t boomers and are even WW2-veterans with that meme.

  4. Guys, I’d found this interesting forum that is very related to the “OK Boomer” generation & why they becoming more annoying to this day. You could also do a discussions there if you want, and that forum what I’m talking about is the review of a Japanese anime film called Seven Days War, foretells about these 6 teenagers who are very rebellious to their parents and they want to seek a “comfortable zone” in order to free them from the tyranny of their adult parents and stay away from the dangers of adulthood in their youthful lives:


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