Filipinos should have a strategic plan to exploit Hong Kong’s troubles

Tough luck for Hong Kong. This is really the attitude Filipinos should be applying to their regard for the circus going on in Hong Kong. One country’s crisis is another’s bonanza and Manila can profit massively at the regretful but necessary expense of the erstwhile shopping mecca of their chi chi elite classes. Unlike the migrant Chinese workers now employed by the Philippines’ weed-like Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs), Hong Kong refugees are high-quality immigrants who could bring in a bounty of capital into the Philippine economy. These are the sorts of migrants every government wants and the Philippine government should step up and compete for this coming harvest.

See, the Philippines’ Opposition really aren’t looking out for what’s good for the Philippines. The situation in Hong Kong can go pear-shaped in two ways: (1) People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops can start goose-stepping into the territory to crush the protest and/or (2) the anarchist infestation within the ranks of the Hong Kong protesters can intensify and accelerate the torching of much of what makes Hong Kong a nice place to visit and do business.

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The Australian government already gets it

There are two main reasons that a new exodus from Hong Kong could be a great opportunity for Australia. First is that Hong Kongers generally are quality candidates for immigration. As a senior official put it to me: “They are educated, they have money, they’re very savvy and we like getting them. The quality of the applicants tends to be very good.” They are valued for their entrepreneurial skills and professional qualifications as well as their commitment to education.

Second is that the Hong Kongers seeking to leave are likely to be people who value liberty. They are likely to want to live in a country where liberty is protected. And that means they are not likely to be supporters of the Chinese Communist Party and its system of infiltration.

Granted, Australia and other excellent countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand represent tough competition for the Philippines where people, over their lifetimes, spend the equivalent of prison sentences for murder stuck in traffic jams. However, the timeframe to get the national shit together need not be limited to the tactical horizons represented by this most recent activist circus. Hong Kong, as a bastion of liberal Western values, is strategic toast. If not already within the grip of Beijing, its two-system (blah-blah, whatever) status will come to an end one way or another. Even if this current circus ends, there will be others in the future. As the quality of its citizenship declines, the anarchic component of such “activism” will proportionately increase and the hand applied by Beijing to “manage” crises there will only get heavier. The ship has already sailed as far as Hong Kong’s future is concerned.

The way Filipino politicians are regarding China represents the sad old umbilical cord that nourishes their society’s colonial mentality. Western media has been serving barrels of Kool Aid to “inform” the world of the “evil” of China’s approach to managing Hong Kong. Perhaps it is time Filipino politicians become real nationalists and cut this Western supply of Kool Aid and regard the Hong Kong situation with independent minds. There are aspects of the Hong Kong circus that can work in the interests of the Philippines and, possibly, could be strong political agendas that could serve as winning components in future national elections. All it takes is to eradicate the small-minded snowflakery in the political chatter surrounding Hong Kong.

4 Replies to “Filipinos should have a strategic plan to exploit Hong Kong’s troubles”

  1. Hong Kong is the Asian market, it is one strategic place where China can dump all its lowered-priced values commodities as a result of intentionally lowering the value of its currency(Yuan) but the US will not take any of this as they see it as being unfair competition. Now we are seeing it more and more becoming obvious that the US is having something to do with this circus as these “activists” wave those American flags and asking the US government to intervene. The only thing the US government can do is, respect the power.

  2. Hong Kong is the “crown jewel of China” regarding business matters. Pres. Xi Jing Ping is not a fool , by doing the same thing as the late Chairman Deng Xiao Peng did on the Democracy demonstrators, at Tienanmen Square some years ago…I believe this will end in a good compromise. Pres. Xi Jing Ping had already withdrawn the Extradition Bill, to become Hong Kong law…

    The Philippines will never attract Hong Kong wealthy financial experts. Our country is full of crooks, scammers and corrupt politicians, who extort money in any way they can to get rich.

    The handling of Pnoy Aquino, of the Hong Kong tourists hostages at the Luneta Grandstand, is still Fresh in the minds of Hong Kong officials. Pnoy Aquino hid during that time, when the crazy police massacred the Chinese hostages. He did not even answer the phone call of the Hong Kong Governor. It was because Aquino was frozen with fear…he never apologized for his cowardice in the incident. Pnoy Aquino cannot handle stresses… He hides during stressful situations. The Mamapasano massacre is another incident, where he did nothing to save the SAF soldiers…

    The Hong Kong refugees will go to better countries like: Australia, Great Britain, the U.S., Singapore, Taiwan or even Vietnam…

    Sorry, but I believe it will be a ” long shot”, on the belief, they will come to the Philippines !

    1. As expected it never fails that someone with all negativity about the Philippine will sprout. We need to see other side of the coin sometimes.

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