Former President BS Aquino was an even bigger sucker to China than President Duterte ever was


Filipinos of all people should know that you need strong and capable enforcement to ensure compliance to the law. They, after all, form a society of people that don’t generally abide by the law unless subject to a big stick. Look at Manila’s streets and you will find multiple layers of redundant enforcement measures — traffic lights, cops directing traffic underneath them, concrete barriers where lane markings would have sufficed, and the word “strictly” to punctuate various traffic signs among others. This attests to the reality that Filipinos don’t follow rules unless kicked in the ass.

Thus it comes across as quite baffling that Filipinos would now regard with scorn the supposedly “friendly” relationship Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte cultivates with China and then use it as context to criticise his government’s handling of the Reed Bank incident involving a reported collission between a Chinese vessel and a Filipino fishing boat. It seems Filipinos are banking on China to take action against the crew of the Chinese vessel that, it is alleged, “rammed” the Filipino fishing boat.

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The fact is, the onus is on the Philippines to mobilise an on-going capability to respond swiftly, decisively, and effectively to these incidents. Onus is on the Philippines to give chase to crooks and haul them back in to face Philippine courts. So far the Philippines has exhibited no such capability — which is why its “activsts” and “thought leaders” are lashing out against externalities to sidestep this elephant in the room.

Not surprisingly, the Philippine Opposition’s allies in Western liberal news media jumped at the opportunity to support this position. The Washington Post, for example, “reports” the cherry-picked opinion of a certain Jay Batongbacal, director of the University of the Philippines’ Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea…

“If the action taken by China on this incident is unsatisfactory — if they ignore or downplay it — we can expect it will be repeated in the future,” he said. “Or that China will further abuse the friendship the Philippines has shown to it.”

Of course it may be repeated in the future, professor. That’s because, in the future, the Philippines will still lack the capability to patrol its waters and project a credible enforcement presence against perpetrators of illegal activity within Philippine territory.

It comes across as astoundingly naive that Filipinos would expect a government to turn over its own citizens to the courts of another. Nonetheless, it is interesting to note that the Philippines is subject to an existing extradition treaty with the People’s Republic of China (PROC) that came into effect in 2006. Back in 2011, no less than then President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino supposedly invoked that treaty when he ordered the deportation of 14 Taiwan nationals to Red China despite their government’s objections. However, the proper procedure for extradition requires that “Philippine authorities determine that the extradition request complies with the terms of the treaty and that the documents provided are authentic, then the Philippines does indeed have to carry out its obligations to China under the treaty.” Back then, however, the Taipei Times reported

The truth is that when the Philippines put the 14 Taiwanese on board a direct charter flight to Beijing on Feb. 2, disregarding a writ of habeas corpus issued by the Philippines Court of Appeals, the procedure used was not one of extradition, but a simple deportation — and the two procedures are quite different.

As the debacle raged, Aquino had pretty much dug in his heels on the position he had taken handing over these Taiwanese nationals to Beijing…

President Benigno Aquino III reiterated Tuesday that the Philippine government made the right decision in deporting the 14 Taiwanese nationals to China, and that he will not apologize for sticking to that decision. “I did give instructions na medyo me problema tayo sa [that we see some problem with] apologies. Given the facts available at that time, the decision I believe was sound,” he told reporters after attending activities at Camp Aguinaldo in connection with the 25th anniversary of the 1986 EDSA People Power uprising. Taiwan officials warned that they will impose severe measures on Filipinos seeking work in the island-state “if the negotiations on the deportation row are not going as well as expected.”

To be fair, Aquino trod carefully as the circus transpired just as, today, Duterte treads and chooses his words carefully as more information surrounding the Reed Bank issue comes to light. The trouble is that troublemakers amongst the so-called “thought leaders” and “activists” of the Opposition prefer their government to make and take uninformed decisions and actions. Worse, the Philippine media, in their quest for profitable scoops, are further inflaming the situation by publishing and broadcasting irresponsible reports as well as content meant to sensationalise information and turn the debacle into popular entertainment. Just recently, what seemed to be an ABS-CBN News camera crew happened to be at the right place and the right time to cover a phone call between Lani Insigne and her husband Junel, captain of the fishing boat that was allegedly rammed by a Chinese vessel at Reed Bank. For what? Evidently the intent was not to inform but to subvert public opinion on the incident. Chalk one up for the predatory nature of ABS-CBN “news” reporting.

As usual, rather than contribute clarity to an issue, the self-appointed champions of “truth” amongst the Philippines’ activists and “woke” journalists are, instead, perverting it. It also attests to just how criminally selective today’s Opposition leaders are in the way they fulfil an otherwise critical role in a modern democracy. The fact is, Duterte is acting no differently to (if not exhibiting an improvement on) the way his predecessor handled a similar situation back in 2011.

The Opposition continue to fail to appreciate the underlying reason why the broader Filipino public had lost confidence in them at such a massive scale as to see them suffer a complete rout in this year’s elections. This latest debacle where statesmanship on both camps — the incumbent and the Opposition — was to be expected.

33 Replies to “Former President BS Aquino was an even bigger sucker to China than President Duterte ever was”

  1. The moment these fishermen allowed the media rags to run their mouth, Leftist Commies, and the LP feckless chicken warhawks like Robredo, Trillanes and Hontiveros to use them as props with the signature Yellow Journalism to enflame a situation after the Bikoy scandal, they lost my sympathy especially the Captain who was so traumatized he couldn’t meet President Duterte but had enough mental strength to be in a photo session with Robredo, doesn’t help that most of the media photos of the damaged boat is inconsistent. I’m sure the brave Liberals will go join the ROTC and the Navy in drives.

    1. Forgot to add this; “Boat captain saddened by Duterte’s remark on collision: ‘Hihintayin pa bang may mamatay sa amin?”

      When you’re so traumatized you can’t meet with the President face to face to share your concerns, but you can get media propaganda rags to report on your statements, there is no weasel word you can possibly make to say you aren’t politicized, and Kapitan Pilipinas here is asking for blood, he lost my sympathy and even my respect as free-willed human being who’s now gonna milk this as race and war-baiting bullied victim.

  2. Duterte’s cursing and namecalling disappear when it comes to China but on the other powerful world leaders, he is so brave and even wanted a war. He is so inconsistent.

    Duterte appears to be a coward and a lapdog of China. He always makes sure China would not get offended by his statements at the expense of the sovereignty and independence of the Philippines and most importantly the lives of the Filipino fishermen in the west philippine sea.

    Duterte is a fool. He allowed the Philippines to be debt trap by China and made some cozy relationship moves expecting a different result but only to be bullied time and again by China. Chinese knew better than him. The Philippines entered another episode of being a laughingstock to the world.

    Is war the only possible result when Duterte protested against Chinese activities in the sea as he repeatedly said? Definetely not. Chinese are not foolish enough. They did not declare war with other countries like Vietnam, Indonesia and Argentina who made an opened fire and even sunk Chinese vessels who were poaching in their internal waters. Duterte’s line of defense and threatening are nothing but childish and immature. He is purely an embarrassment to the brave national heroes who fought for freedom and independence and a meek leader as a commander-in-chief of AFP.

    1. Then prepare for War, because your emotional pleading is pathetic and don’t even act if that backstabber Aguinaldo was a hero. Hope the “childish and immature” warriors like yourselves have a concrete plan to invade China and control the entire South China Sea.

      1. Tenor,

        You are too naive of even concluding that war is the ultimate and last resort of serving justice to the bullied fishermen. Perhaps, you are brainwashed by Duterte’s bogeyman childish retort that in order to fight China is to prepare for war. As already established by the past maritime conflict experiences at sea, China’s approached is not even close to declaring war against countries that opened fire and sunk Chinese vessels who were poaching in the territorial seas of others like what Argentina and Indonesia did to them. China did not declare war and just went to demand invistigation to the matter first and demanded that ship who sunk Chinese vessels be held responsible and serve them the consequent penalties or they will impose economic sanctions to those countries. Unlike the Philippines, our government today is too focus on the possibilities of war and how not to issue a statement that will provoke China. Our government is not even inclined to believe the Filipino fishermen’s statements. Duterte would rather dismiss their sentiments and defend China all the way. He did not even guard our territorial seas by our coast guard. He allowed them to be at perils at sea with other foreign poachers.

        Indeed, Duterte and his Cabinets are traitors and lapdog of China to say the least. They are a national and international embarassment. Indonesia, Vietnam and Argentina surely laughed at us so hard because they think the Philippines is not only weak, but more importantly, has no guts to fight for its people demanding justice from the bullies like China. In fact, these three countries are weak militarily compared to China but they chose not to be bullied. The Philippines is not only weak but also has no dignity because the leader (Duterte) has no balls. Duterte projected that the Philippines is a super power when it declared the posibility of pursuing war against Kuwait over the Filipina maid who was raped and abandoned inside the freezer, and against Canada for the unreturned tons of garbage, but is so meek, humble and a real coward when it comes to China. So China is indeed Duterte’s master. That is the deal.

        1. Jason the Jingoist Keyboard Warrior, you can stop regurgitating the same comments you like in your little hugbox, but please do tell us what has crying to the UN and ASEAN who are among the biggest trading partners of China has gotten us? you aren’t just naive, you’re stupid enough to fall on the hook, line and sinker of the jingoist media and politicians and arrogant enough to think that returning to the good old days of being an unapologetic hypocrite of a foreign policy as last administration did, demand but never earn respect, guess you enjoyed Taiwan and Hong Kong telling the Philippines to piss off when we refused to give an apology and compensation to the their fellow countrymen who were victims when idiots like you said we shouldn’t be responsible for the Luneta Bus Hostage Crisis or the Philippine Coastguard laughing manically while putting lead on a Taiwanese fishing boat, if you don’t want to be a lapdog of China, then why do you want us to go back to the US’s side when they did nothing when your favorite President Noynoy fell for Obama’s BS during the standoff while his two subordinates gave conflicting reports on a deal that never was. Glad to see you being an angry, self-righteous and indignant jingoistic keyboard warrior, good to know your priorities are escalating a civilian maritime incident into an international flashpoint, your elementary school tier language and knowledge of International Relations and Foreign Policy is funny when it’s a repeated ad nauseam of your hivemind of “free thinkers”. And your xenophobia is noted, glad to see you want to escalate conflict with China by militarizing the South China Sea along with other claimants there, and if you do not see the credibility issues of the poor fishermen having a media blitz, then you are one blind idiot who doesn’t want to be a lapdog of China, but is a lapdog of the same politicians backed by the oligarchs and their propagandist media rags. If you’re in Manila, hope you enjoy half a day without water.

        2. Tenor,

          As I said we should imitate these aforesaid countries on the way they punished poachers in their internal waters even if they don’t have military capability to match China’s but they still have ways on their own to be respected because these are their duties and responsibilities to their countrymen and as provided for by their domestic and international laws. All I wanted is to give justice to our fishermen and make the Chinese crew accountable of their actions, making sure this incident won’t be a presumption of giving more reason to China to bully the Philippines again in the future. Unlike this, the hongkong incident was not a form of bullying. This cannot be compared. This was intentional because Chinese vessels left them to die even if they have means to help. The google map showed there were no other Filipino vessels to threaten the lives of Chinese as claimed by China. Chinese pretended to act like victims when it was clearly showed and proven that Filipino fishermen are the real victims. And media should not be blame for the news because they are reporting what the public should know and because you don’t have any alternative facts to counter those claims of the media means you are just whining. You are one biased stupid fucktard! You and the Duterte administration fell in love with China so much that no amount of Filipino patriotism, nationalism and public pressure would break that. Not only liberal party are complaining, other Senators allied with Duterte agreed that Chinese vessels be held accountable of this incident.

          China won’t even start a war against the Philippines because the former knows it has more to lose than to gain. War is just the product of the fertile imagination of Duterte to justify his love for China and to tolerate China’s activities in West Philippine Sea. And you as an addict fanatic of Duterte doesn’t want to dissapoint your master. Same in the case of Duterte to China. I regurgitate because I know I struck a chord and you hate to see the obvious. You are a blind follower indeed. Enjoy the love you have for your politicians.

        3. Jason, just you can stop projecting your ass-kissing and making excuses for a pathetic foreign policy as the Aquino administration did, and good to see you showed your true colors, keep kissing the ass of the “International Community” and “Poachers”? we’ve been catching them for years and this is your best counter-argument is having a strong stance against “Poaching”? And using “Google Map”, so Google is now your best bet to see that there isn’t fault by the Filipino fishermen? Did they have low-elevated lighting on their boat? And not gonna bother with your ad hominem attack, a blind man projecting his blindness on others, I’m sure your infantile foreign policy and international relations knowledge via Google will achieve us a stronger bargaining chip against China while you enjoy defending Jingoistic Propaganda and sidestepping that issue, with that statement of yours, you aren’t fit to even be a leader of the Philippines or even a Barangay Captain, you have not once justified the insanity that you’re swallowing wholesale like an addict, at least I’m honest enough to say I support this President, but you are one dignified imbecile in the internet at best, and here’s a better answer to your idiotic rambling, have all claimants on the South China Sea have a common fishing agreement while de-escalating the situation with a basic agreement that holds all parties accountable to help their fellow seamen, but no, you have no answer than “Hold China Accountable”, Your masters are the Oligarchs who proclaim they are pro-poor while supporting the status quo of having Criminals, Terrorists and Separatists , you support the moronic statements of Poe, Ping, Hontiveros, and Robredo who want an escalation, oh it won’t lead to war but it’ll escalate it, your priorities are stupid, you have zero knowledge of Foreign Policy but Google map is your evidence, you are one dumb jingoistic idiot who’s brave enough to confront foreigners along with the herd but aren’t accountable to your fellow countrymen who rape, steal and murder their way.

        4. Tenor,

          What makes you think I only based my evidence on google map? Clearly you are living under the rock. Your line of thinking is primitive. You only depend your argument on this website as your infantile source of shallow knowledge. FYI, Google map was indeed a real help to capture the positioning of the vessels at that time and was verified by China already that indeed Chinese crew appeared to be lying to cover up their crime. You should watch real news or read them sometimes to feed your small brain.

          The way you defended Duterte and his actions, you just prove yourself to be a zealous zombie fanatic enamored by your pro China politician. Indeed, you are a real idiot and a biased faggot. You are the one who doesn’t know about foreign policy because you have zero knowledge on international laws on the seas and the rights and responsibilities of States as provided particularly under the UNCLOS to protect and preserve territorial boundaries and marine lives.

          You and your ilk should migrate to China since you love to defend China’s best interests so much. Leave Filipinos alone.

        5. You can stop with your pathetic wailing Jason, keep with the insults, your google map knowledge is barely tolerable and pathetic citation of UNCLOS will solve the issue along with you barely rebutting past idiocy of Filipinos, you aren’t a patriot, you’re more of a crab mentality idiot who instead wants to go back to being the US’ proxy against China, and migrate to China? I thought the Philippines already was a province of China, glad to know your patriotism and love for your country extends to the corrupt politicians, criminals, terrorists and communists, they’re okay as long as their Filipinos right? Your priorities are misplaced and barely even mature, guess that’s why your senate candidates from the last election would have won if they kept angling for War against China, your “Pinoy Pride” is pathetic as the others, who I hope will join the AFP to defend against China, you want an escalation, but you seem to not remember what happened in 2010, 2012, and 2013, those dates have the foreign policy that you ardently defend when Hong Kong, Taiwan and China all told the Philippines to piss off, you can barely form a coherent foreign policy other than jingoistic nonsense. And one more thing, the crew’s cook is the only credible witness because he was the only one who was awake and had more of a reliable statement than the rest of the crew, but you like so many opinionated jingoistic morons are better at showing people at how patriotic they are than looking at the facts and realistic solutions, but please go on about how you, those opportunistic politicians, and the media are correct in making a civilian maritime incident into a military one and wanting to invoke the Mutual Defense Treaty with the US, go on, tell everyone that isn’t an escalation, I’m sure your conspiracy theory mindset will explain to us all on how Beijing told the Chinese vessel to ram that fishing boat, for no apparent reason than to bully poor Philippines, you can take your victim nonsense and continue with your xenophobia, I hope you boycott Chinese-Filipino goods and services too, you projecting little impotent idiot, go be a useful idiot for the Yellows then.

        6. Tenor,

          You are pathetic. Clearly I can see now how you want to drag liberal party down and all the other nonsense things in this discussion unrelated to the incident just to cover up the unpatriotic blunder of Duterte and your love for China. Indeed you are a dog with minimal brain. You follow what your master is telling you to do. China is so happy that Duterte and his ilk like you are speaking in behalf of China’s interests.

          The cook even said it appears China intentionally rammed their boat and left them to die. And that no other Filipino vessels should harm Chinese vessel if they chose to help them. It was clearly intentional and a crime. Yet you choose to side with Chinese interest, you should be declared persona non grata here.

          You have given the vague conspiracy theory that I like criminals and terrorist and even communist party to lead this country you are crazy. You like to involve everything just to appear Duterte’s decision is the best and that the valid opinions of other people don’t matter that means the level of your fanaticism and zombinies towards Duterte and China are all high like an addict whose brain is already damage.

          The US mutual treaty with the Philippines is of no moment. And your love towards de-escalation at the seas appears to be a blatant surrender that you want you to give access to all foreign poachers in the territorial seas of the Philippines to get unlimited resources that they wanted without regulation from the Philippines even if it means drying out marine life. And that the Philippines should do nothing about it in order, as you said, to avoid escalation is your best highlight of stupidity and moronic opinion here.

          Clearly, we should imitate Vietnam. Vietnamese did not depend on US, they only depend on themselves to fight China in defending their territorial seas. And even if they lost the fight at least they have showed to China they cannot be bullied. They even boycott Chinese products. And even those times, their economy is still rising nowadays much faster than other ASEAN peers and China even continues to make trade with them. China did not declare war against them. Duterte and you love to cite war as a bogeyman. You are so predicatable and pathetic.

        7. Then use google map and see who has occupied most of the Spratly’s, now you just went back to praising them while you aren’t questioning why they are near Recto Bank that many idiots like yourself are part of our territory, maybe they were poachers like you keep falling back into, and the Cook said that he wasn’t sure that ramming was intentional but they were left there, and again with your accusations and projections, tell me, what can Beijing gain when they ordered a civilian vessel to ram that small boat? And you’re even a bigger idiot if you fail to look at Vietnam and China, the former is getting support with the US but is not in a hurry to confront China militarily, and they have lost some skirmishes in the Spratly’s, so you wanting us to be like Vietnam is suicidal when no one came to their aid when that happened, shows how ignorant you are and glad you also read that Rappler article where they praised Vietnam, Look up Johnson South Reef Bank in 1988, that’s clearly high praise coming from some idiot like you looking for blood while their economy is dependent on China and South China Sea route, they don’t even dare escalate conflict even with US backing, but glad you won’t invoke the treaty but wants to play saber-rattling with China like the last unapologetic idiot who tried that, and last thing, it’s not a conspiracy mindset when your priorities lay in looking strong in the World than focusing on internal issues in the country, your clear and present danger is a maritime fishing incident being escalated without bothering with critical thinking as to whether this was just an accident or Beijing ordered it for no reason at all, and your memory of a gold fish is noted like the rest of your jingoistic morons who’ll forget all about this if not for the media.

        8. Tenor,

          The problem with you and Duterte is you always assumed that escalation is not a good thing at seas when in fact in history and even today, escalation continues to exist to protect one’s territory especially from pirates and illegal poachers at sea as provided for by international laws.

          Look, Indonesia blew up 50-80 illegal fishing boats of different nationalities including that of China, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines who illegally poaching in their exclusive economic zone. Tell me, did it result to further escalation and even a war? No, right? And to note Indonesia is just a third world country and it has weak military might compared to China’s but Indonesia remains to be firm and steadfast of its resolve. And other countries understood the point of Indonesia. And Indonesia’s economy continues to surge nowadays. Tenor is plainly idiotic by not wanting to confront illegal activities perpetuated by foreign poachers. Be it Vietnam, Malaysia or even China, as long as they are paoching illegally in Philippine waters, the Philippine government authorities are duty bound to warn, arrest and if not, blow up those fishing vessels just like what Malaysia, Indonesia and Argentina did to illegal poachers as it is incorporated in domestic and international laws of every country to protect its own territory. The Philippines, by not following its mandate given by laws because of its president, appears to be irresponsible and ridiculous to say the least.

          Indeed, Tenor is living under the rock and remains to be ignorant of what’s happening around the world. Tenor is plainly a loyal dog zombie to Duterte and will always agree to his master’s decision, as is Duterte towards China. Now the Philippines is trapped in this kind of paranoia of fear and false assumptions in dealing with maritime conflict problems because of its leader and his ilk like Tenor who don’t like escalation, the abundant resources found in Philippines seas that should be enjoyed by its citizens will just be depleted by foreign poachers. Now the Supreme Court of the Philippines issued a writ of mandamus to compel the Executive Department to act on the poaching of large clams in the West Philippine Sea by Chinese but I doubt Duterte will follow suit because as he said and his supporters said, we don’t want a war with China. LOL! idiotic and fucking bullshit. This is an impeachable offense. Indonesia and Vietnam laughed so hard. But Tenor would always be loyal to his master no matter what because Tenor is a loyal dog. So all the criticisms against Duterte are always wrong. So predictable.

        9. Tenor,

          Your arguments above widely show you have very poor information about international sea laws. Better go back to school and study internal waters, territorial waters, contiguous zone and exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and the role, rights and mandates of State under international and domestic laws to protect, utilize and preserve State’s maritime territory.

          What happened in reed bank was the lack of enforcement of laws by the Philippine navy as commanded by Duterte to monitor and secure the area from illegal entry of foreign vessels. That’s why Chinese trawlers and Vietnamese fishing boats were able to get passed the reed bank and made some fishing activities there because of no security coming from Philippine government surrounding the area, which is within the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines to which the Philippines is supposed to have exclusive rights and jurisdiction over other countries for Filipino fishermen entitled to fish around the area.

          What happened to Indonesia was that it was seriously monitoring and securing its EEZ and territorial waters from foreign vessels that wanted to get a catch from marine resources in its area. Thereby, a lot of fishing boats from other nationalities operated within were arrested and their vessels sunk by Indonesian authorities who were just doing their job by strictly implementing their laws against illegal elements even if this results to escalation or war for that matter which is far-fetched as you and Duterte are trying to inject in the uninformed Filipinos’ souls. Now I did not say Philippines should intervened in whole of South China Sea or the parts of seas not within Philippines EEZ or those what they called “high seas” but only to the area where the Philippines has exclusive jurisdiction such as the reed bank, where the Philippines should get an inspiration from Indonesia.

          Indeed, you have a modicum knowledge about this topic and you just want to write your emotions and argue with no substance. But I get it because you are just a moronic follower of Duterte. Suits you right, Tenor.

        10. Jason, keep moving the goalposts as you need to justify your unrealistic and idiotic suggestion to escalate the situation there along with blaming Duterte with the state of the Philippine’s Navy, and the EEZs overlap each other, you might want to also try to claim Sabah from Malaysia if you’re really that serious about your patriotic need to defend all of territory, even if you keep failing to bother to address with the history of conflict there, but more to the point your sad attempt at projecting your weakness at me after calling out your childish name-calling tantrum, gotta look mature to your circle of online friends? it is only on this particular topic you can show to the world how “patriotic” you are. And it’s particular that like so many pinoy patriots you can only show much bravery against China, but never to states like Malaysia and Indonesia who have an even longer track record of abuse against Filipino fishermen, guess the media forgot to report on those incidents vigorously while Noynoy was courting ASEAN against China.

          And here’s the thing, you cite international conventions and laws, yet you have zero realistic solutions other than “the Government should have done something!”, you went to suggest that we show up with overwhelming force just like last time, but fail to remember that we even lost more control of Scarborough Shoal, you said to invoke help from the US but this just emboldened a power in our region against the other, then you went from Duterte is a coward to pro-China slave, you aren’t even original in the slightest nor clever enough to counter all of my arguments, facts, and historical evidence, and maybe you should consult google map, try to find which countries have more military installations near our EEZ and maybe ask them to leave or get the Philippine Navy to get them out, and against it’s not China, it’s Vietnam and Malaysia, but guess your google search and news rag articles didn’t reveal that, and it’s a sad state to continue to harp about “EEZ” when you cannot effectively control overlapping borders between the different states near us, nor can you control and claim a body of water unlike land, so there you go, you reveal your ignorance and laughable attempt at making our Navy as capable as you say it should be while still trying to use the West Philippine Sea name, even though the US still calls it the South China Sea.

        11. Tenor,

          Unrealistic and idiotic huh? Maybe you ask yourself on that. You open your eyes and see in the map where the reed bank lies. It is placed near in the Philippines and outside the EEZ of other countries so the Philippines has a clear claim without an overlapping of other countries’ EEZs. The government is duty bound to enforce the international laws which the Philippines is a signatory and yet Duterte allowed Vietnam and China to conduct fishing activities there while bullying and harassing Filipino fishermen. Duterte committed blatant violation of international laws. He should be impeached.

          The way you argue you want me to decide like a president, you are stupid. I’m just an ordinary taxpayer who loves my country Philippines. You forget that Duterte is the president, and he knows this kind of problems before and yet he chose to be in this situation. If he cannot enforce what is written in the laws, then he better resign. Filipinos don’t need a president who represents China instead of the Philippine interests.

          You always say it is not easy and unrealisitc so your solution is to allow these foreign poachers to just take everything they wanted in Philippine sea resources while coast guard and navy will just be there watching while sipping coffee doing nothing to protect our resources, your idiocy is beyond repair. Giant clams were harvested continuously near Palawan by the Chinese poachers and yet our navy are just watching and doing nothing. They are rendered inutile and useless because their Commander-in-chief told them to be like that. Yes, allow these foreign poachers to deplete Philippine sea resources more and endangering marine lives to the critical level while not even a protest or words of condemnation coming from Duterte can be heard against China is an implied statement of betrayal against Philippine interest. Indonesia has an overlapping claims of its EEz but yet chose to implement laws of what the laws told Indonesia to do. China highly militarized the South China Sea near Palawan and wanted even the USA and the Philippines to ask permission from them during innocent passage means you are lying in your claim that Malaysia and Vietnam are the ones who committed more violations there.

          Even if Noynoy Aquino failed to protect the South China or West Philippine Sea is beside the point, he is now vulnerable of suits from opposing parties if he committed acts against Philippines laws, but now Duterte is the president for 3 years now and it is expected of him to enforce the laws in protecting territories like West Philippines Sea and Sabah whether unrealistic or not at least he tried but so far he did not even try and just surrendered everything to poachers particularly China because of his pathetic war argument and a never updated Sabah claim against Malaysia. Again Duterte blatantly committed betrayal of public trust. An impeachable offense. But I don’t expect him to be impeached because the Congress is a rubber-stamp in favor of him. But that doesn’t mean patriotic like me would stop from voicing out the truth while exposing the pro China color of Duterte which is now very clear because of this boat incident. And also to die-hard Duterte like Tenor, his brain is already programed by his master so it is expected all the time he will serve his master whether right or wrong, because for him, loyalty to politician matters more than loyalty to one’s country – a one of a kind pinoy brain dysfunction. You enjoy this stupid bliss while it lasts.

        12. Seems like you want a repeat of the same nonsense that happened in 2012 where you get a non-binding arbitration court and having the country waste it’s time, and court fees are paid for by the West to give the Philippines a shallow PR victory with no chance of enforcement what so ever, you kept citing Indonesia blowing up illegal fishing boats of poachers, I’m sure if the Philippine Navy caught that boat in Recto Bank and then we parade it around the world and blow up their boat, you wouldn’t call that an escalation. You are as delusional as the rest of the Pinoy Pride Patriots, I’m glad the 2016 and 2019 elections made sure none of your lunatic, unrealistic and emotional tantrum of Foreign Policies are enacted. I hope your Pinoy Pride Patriotism will also extend to those traumatize Filipino poachers, you like to cite law and order when the same could not be said to the undisciplined dysfunctional society we call a country. It must be destiny to make sure jingoistic and moronic suggestions like yours are ignored by the President you so detest.

        13. Tenor,

          I’m sure you are one of those pinoys who disobey law and order and went full-blown retard and undisciplined in the dysfunctional zombie society because you don’t like following international laws like UNCLOS which the Philippines and China are signatories. You love to be bullied, be fucked and be treated an animal by foreign power all the time and enjoying this kind of bliss is your only goal in life. Surely your brain is fucked up already by your loyalty to your politician and is beyond repair that’s why you don’t want to hear other people’s opinion. That’s zombie style for sure.

        14. Projecting your weakness on your opponent again, how about you explain to everyone on why your so focused on the Chinese Government and the Chinese in general instead of accepting a joint-investigation with cooperation with the Chinese Government, you went first and declared your Pinoy Pride Patriotism with an attack on Duterte and having the same pathetic response of “Zombie and Slave” to China, your Sinophobia is all over your ignorant declarations of self-immolating jingoistic immature rants, your first ignorant post was to attack the President, then China, that’s pretty much a tell-all sign that you used this opportunity to ignite your pathetic hatred against Duterte and China like the rabid opportunistic yellow parasite that you are, that makes your immature and ignorance of diplomacy even more obvious when you make the same mistakes as those Princeling-Senators like Ping, Poe, Robredo, Gordon, Hontiveros and Binay, that makes them along with many like you are ignorant of any realistic and practical form of diplomacy, but continue to harp about your supposed “Patriotism” when you’re still here ranting about how your non-solutions are the answer, and thank whatever power that be that you and them are not President of the Philippines, and are less fit to be a mature leader in the international community with your self-righteous indignation and childish tantrum to get whatever he wants regardless of the reality.

        15. Tenor,

          Duterte. What I wanted is that Duterte protects Philippine territory against foreign elements who illegaly entered and continually poaching and stealing all the vital and vibrant Philippine sea resources. Moreover, Duterte should give justice to Filipino fishermen who were harassed and bullied by the Chinese vessel while ensuring that they will be protected in the future using our minimum navy resources by standing what is ours and what is right to secure Philippine territorial seas at all cost as provided for by the UNCLOS. So far his only lame excuse is that he doesn’t want a war because he is afraid our Philippine navy will be lost. I mean who is going to buy that kind of trick? That’s not always the consequence by standing one’s ground. Other countries in Asia as I already argued above and Latin America that confronted Chinese vessels or even other foreign vessels in the past did not escalate into a war because they knew that going into a war is constly and unbeneficial at all. Duterte repeatedly keeps on fooling Filipinos by his war excuse while allowing the navy to be inutile and immobile seeing all those foreign poachers take away all our sea resources is deplorable.

          China. China is more agressive in claiming all of the SCS more than any other countries in the world without legal basis and to the detriment of other small countries like the Philippines that only wanted to protect its EEZ because of UNCLOS to which China is also a signatory. Call that xenophobic but China deserves to be hated by Filipinos. If you love that kind of illegal approach by China then you are one of them, you also deserves to be treated with hate and be label stupid and moronic.

          Joint exploration won’t change the attitude of Chinese because they are very vocal and firmed on claiming all of the South China Sea already. Unless Chinese government allows Philippine vessels to fish and to move freely in the SCS without being hampered by them then I don’t expect anything to change in the status quo over there. Despite Duterte being friendlier to China, lots of unwelcoming report in the SCS received by the Philippine government from 2018 to 2019 that signifies hegemonic attitude of Chinese, example, the way Chinese warned the Philippines to back off from South China Sea be it Philippine military aircraft’s innocent passage or fishing vessels means they don’t respect and treat the Philippines as a friend. In other words, they cannot be trusted. Duterte should stand up against bullies all the time while citing legal claims and international laws as its basis of protecting Philippine territory. That’s what a true President and a commander-in-chief must do. Otherwise he will be labeled in cahoots with China at the expense of Philippine resources in the WPS.

        16. “Duterte. What I wanted is that Duterte protects Philippine territory against foreign elements who illegaly entered and continually poaching and stealing all the vital and vibrant Philippine sea resources.”

          We have in the past declared a zero tolerance policy against poaching time and time again, but I’m pretty much amazed how you without the proper information, facts and an investigation already declared that the Chinese willingly ram the Filipino fishing boat for no reason because they’re automatically poaching in international waters that’s also being claimed by Malaysia and Indonesia. You continue to hammer the UNCLOS without even giving the Chinese to reply, or even ask the question as why reports say that the ships cook was the only one awake during that time, because in maritime environment you have to have a look out awake in the night to avoid sea mishaps, did you also bothered to check the conflicting statements they gave when some were asked if they have more than one look out during that night before the incident? did they have a way to quickly signal other ships and were their boat had bright lights to signal and warn other vessels in the vicinity? it’s a major mishap for the Chinese vessel to leave them, but more so that the boat didn’t even sink, only capsize, and will you also ask the Vietnamese ship why were they in Philippine Sea territory when they helped the fishermen? even more so that you never bothered to address this question, Did Beijing order a Chinese civilian vessel to ram and then abandon those Filipinos? and why are you generalizing the Chinese and especially giving the guilty verdict to the Government of China without giving them the right of reply and get their side of the story? why do you continually focus on this issue like the rest of the media rags you declare be truthful and without bias? why particularly in sea incidents where Filipino seamen have died with Malaysia and Indonesia are you so quiet while being a rabid jingoistic mutt when it’s the Chinese as reported by your good owners who want to invoke the MDT with the US and escalate a maritime incident with such bark with no bite but a bigger dog like the US will do it for you.

          “China is aggressive pursuing the entire SCS”, good to know this is an indicator of you not being born before the 70s and 80s, maybe if the current yellow journalists would post newspaper clippings of protests against Vietnam creating and maintaining military installations and posts in the Spratly’s can make you and the other bandwagoners who when told to get angry at China, they don’t ask why, they just do. And that majestic attitude of yours that we can’t work or talk with China is the reason why we’re still a laughingstock in the international community you so hold dear, ask the US if they cut ties and dialogue with China, and when you willingly ignore the various special interests groups that want to go back to 2012 with the Cold War attitude with China, no progress will be made, people will still be poor and hungry, while their egos and pride are placated, even if they are being willingly being used as an army of useful patriotic idiots, but at least their Government is willing to fight for their people while the Water Duopoly in Metro Manila are enjoying charging people more than what they owe while having half a day, 12 hours going to 15 hours the people are without water, because that’s the Pinoy Pride Patriot’s Priorities.

        17. Tenor,

          Hey, can’t you understand? these Chinese and Vietnamese are within the reed bank or inside the Philippine EEZ, and the moment they are there it is already a violation, plus Chinese rammed the Filipino fishing boat and leaving these fishermen in the sea is another violation. Are you going to insist your biased Chinese views that they deserve a kind of innocent investigation huh? Really you are stupid. That is the consequence of the negligence of Duterte by allowing the Philippine navy to be inutile while watching foreign (all nationalities) poaching in the Philippine waters taking all the resources they can get from Philippine seas that should be enjoyed only by Filipino citizens. Clearly you have zero knowledge on the rights of States to its EEZ and territorial waters.

          Whether these are dictated by Chinese government to ram the boat or not is not that important as of now because I know it will not be going anywhere, what Duterte should do is to identify the Chinese vessels first and then the crew and let them be extradited, put into trial in Philippine court, and if found guilty, be imprisoned plus payment of damages and violation for poaching in the Phil. EEZ. If he will do this and the Chinese government will side those Chinese crew, then that’s the indication the former has knowledge about this incident.

          What you stated above on why only the cook is awake etc. is immaterial since the Filipino fishermen did not fish in the “high seas” so these Filipino fishermen are in the right place because they are well within Philippine EEZ to which they have exclusive rights to fish.

          Another problem with your argument is that you tend to go back in the past. Can’t you see that China is now dominating the SCS? Militarizing and destroying all the marine resources by China’s government and ordinary citizens. Installing radars and deploying Chinese navy to monitor the area while giving a stern warning to all those military ships and aircrafts who only happened to have innocent passage in the SCS including the Philippines. And China doesn’t giving a regard and consideration to other countries’ EEZ like the Philippine’s. Really, you can’t see all of these blatant violations because you are blinded by your deep love towards China and Duterte. You are indeed very stupid.

        18. You have shown no thought what so ever than “They were in our EEZ”, did you know that the US does not recognize any claimants in the Spratly’s what so ever but they manage to send patrols of their Navy because Obama’s Pivot to Asia Cold War strategy? they dress up their claims as “Freedom of Navigation of International Waters”, keyword “International Waters” which also includes the Sulu Sea, but I guess you aren’t all up against the US when they make trips in and out of Sulu, but if you’re idiotic enough to play international lawyer, you can join up the opposition when they make another trip to the UN and ICC to have Crimes Against Humanity charges against China. Again and again you sidestep every violation of sovereignty between rival claimants and shown only special interest against the Chinese, if the entire Pinoy Pride Patriots were willing to defend our territory when the Sultan of Sulu sent his men to Sabah to press his claim, and the Philippine Government was happily “Observing the situation” while hundreds died, Filipino citizens died. Your backbone is only shown at a particular target that the yellow journalistic media and politicians deem a “Sensible” target of ire like a bunch of herded sheep, but I hope you’ll also press Vietnam and Malaysia’s “Violation of International Law”, If only the other two powers like Russian and the US would also comply with “International” Rulings. You have a bleak understanding of geopolitics and simple dress-up as sophisticated idiocy of those who think the Philippines have much clout against China, much less against the other claimants from Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. Because our claims against China is no less greater than their claims against us.

        19. Tenor,

          This exposes further your ignorance about international relations. Ever heard of Visitng Forces Agreement (VFA) and Status of Forces Agreements (SOFAs), huh? Try to research these concepts now before you write foolishly here. That’s the reason the US military forces are freely coming in and out of the Philippines and even station military basis to other Asian countries like South Korea and Japan because of those agreements. But that is outrightly unrelated to poaching of sea resources by foreign civilian vessels as the main topic here. You are already losing in this debate and you just want to pick up other topics even those already in the past admin just so you can pretend that you can still argue. Pathetic of you. Nice try, but you knew you already lost.

        20. Tenor,

          This exposes further your ignorance about international relations. Ever heard of Visitng Forces Agreement (VFA) and Status of Forces Agreements (SOFAs), huh? Try to research these concepts now before you write foolishly here. That’s the reason the US military forces are freely coming in and out of the Philippines and even station military basis to other Asian countries like South Korea and Japan because of those agreements. But that is outrightly unrelated to poaching of sea resources by foreign civilian vessels as the main topic here. You are already losing in this debate and you just want to pick up other topics even those already in the past admin just so you can pretend that you can still argue. Pathetic of you. Nice try, but you knew you already lost.

          More like you’re already lost with your Sinophobia nonsense and false patriotism. BTW, it seems you never heard of the word “diplomacy” so it also shows your ignorance of international relations. All you want is an all-out war.

          You already lost, son. You just went full retard with EVERYTHING you wrote.

        21. Are you really that naive to think that South Korea and Japan has any say about the US bases in their territory that was used as a forward military base and under the Nuclear Umbrella of the US to counter Chinese and Russian influence and power in East Asia while also having geopolitical influence on said countries? You have consequently wrote something that’s counter to your blithering statements of “Tuta ng Tsina” but we’re actually the “Little Brown Brothers” of the US when you defended US-interests contrary to full Philippine sovereignity. At least your imperative as a Yellow idiot is blatant time and time again, you do not want the Philippines to be neutral, you still use “International Law” to bludgeon China while having a high moral grandstand, how did that work out for the time and money wasted on a non-enforceable arbitration award to us with the full backing of the US?

          And again, you little to say to Malayisia I guess the Anti-Chinese Fever was up during that time when the Philippines did a victory dance when we won a shallow PR victory or how about when time when Filipinos ignorantly said that the Chinese and Taiwanese are the same and are liars, when a Taiwanese “Poaching” boat tried to ram a Philippine Coastguard patrol boat. I remember idiots burning Taiwan’s flag even before video evidence came

          But do continue with your paper-thin arguments, constant goalposting, and side-stepping of issues that ran contrary to your little narrative, and constant projection and sad lack of knowledge of how the world works, and there’s the silver lining that yellow parasites like you, the jingoistic media, and those opportunistic politicians are not President of the Philippines, nor will he ever take your advice, but continue to have your ignorant priorities being a “Pinoy Pride Patriot”. But continue this argument instead of using your time to rant about Duterte and China in front the US embassy, but I think your Leftist-Commie friends will call you a “Dog of the US”

      2. Jason, when your form of “escalation” is having a zero policy of illegal fishing boats, I’m sure the Philippines whose navy is neither great or the political will of the country is united can achieve the same thing, there goes your projection of your insecurities again, Zombie this and that and blindness, and one more thing, those poachers you keep yapping about were close to Indonesian waters where they have effective control along with their Navy, and you want the Philippines to bravely go out and control the entire South China Seas where rival claimants are still bickering as today? you aren’t just naive in a sense, you’re delusional to think Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and even Taiwan will accept the Philippines effectively trying to control international waters, and it’s brave of you to talk about “Poachers” again and again while that has nothing to do with this, and be calm, your emotional tantrum is written all over your opinionated nonsense.

        Just as naive as a blind man calling others just as blind as he is.

  3. At least the brave keyboard warriors actually remembered that this site exists so they can regurgitate the same garbage they project on others than themselves. I’m sure the brave idiots will join the Navy or Marines.

  4. During the Luneta Chinese hostage incident; Aquino hid and was nowhere to b e found and let the Chinese tourist hostages be massacred by the crazy policeman. Trillanes and Aquino sold the Scarborough Shoals and the Philippine mountains to China, thru “backdoor negotiation”.

    Now , the opposition, headed by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, with their Fake Vice President Lugaw Robredo, as their leader, is teaming up with the ABSCBN, and the RAPPLER.COM , to use the Reed Bank incident as a propaganda tool against Pres. Duterte.

    They were not successful in their attempted “Kudeta” , using “Bikoy” as prop. So, this may be the “magic wand” to remove Duterte, and put the incompetent Lugaw Robredo, as President…

    Everything stinks on the opposition. I have never seen so much stupidity !

  5. Why can’t Duterte threaten China with war like he did with Canada?

    Oo nga… bakit nga, pag China tago buntot si Duts, pero pag Canada ang bilis mag react. Alam na talaga saan ang puso nitong diktador na ito.

    Eh ano kung ilang taon na pinapakiusapan ng gobyerno natin ang Canada na pag-usapan ang isyung ito pero hindi sila pinapansin. Eh ano kung dalawang beses sa dalawang taon tinanong si Trudeau tungkol dito pero nililiko niya ang sagot niya? Eh ano kung may scheduled meeting ang representante ng gobyerno natin at ang Canadian Embassy eh hindi man lang sumipot mga Canadians sa meeting?

    Tapos ang China ayaw patulan ni Duts. Bwiset!

    1. Noynoy vs China, Noynoy blinked first and for the last 4 years in his term, he lost Scarborough Shoal with his two subordinates giving conflicting reports, never getting it back even after getting a promise from the US for help.

      Duterte vs Canada, Trudeau blinked first, because he’s of the same mindset as Aquino and Obama where they try to look good in the World, and this is about the trash they keep on shipping yeah, right? And “War” was also a threat to reassess the relation of Canada the Philippines, but people seem to take every word Duterte says as literal , and when you try to compare both situations as similar, I’m glad brave pinoy patriots like yourself aren’t the President of the Philippines.

    2. You missed that Duterte’s threat to Canada was ONLY a threat or warning so not even a full declaration of war.

      Plus it’s a clear evidence that Canada purposely exporting their trash to our country even way back in Noynoy’s time so it’s natural that Duterte will get pissed on it.

  6. Intellectual controversies tend to be like dog fights without the teeth, in which the barking not the biting does the damage.

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