The Liberal Party Faithful Are Weeping and Gnashing Their Teeth

” Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

Matthew 22:13


What is ironic about that Bible quote in the context of May 2019 is that if the Liberal Party heeded the advice of the first part of the verse, they would have stood a chance of not living out the second part of the verse. What is also ironic is that the prophecy of Azor Ahai in the recently concluded Game of Thrones proved to be a red herring.

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Liberals, Yellows, Otsos, Woke Walkers, whatever you call yourselves now. Weep more and gnash more of your Chel Diokno teeth. Nobody attended your rallies and protests yet you complain you were cheated. You fabricated and circulated the fake news to discredit your opponent and you never owned up to it. You let some LP fanboy take the fall since you are all cowards. You do more in secret   than you ever do in public. Otherwise you would have more to brag about in your campaigns.

They can’t even get a picture right . Source : Rappler . Even their pics are fake.

In 2016 you lost your grip on power for a reason. 2019 simply proves that you did not heed any lesson from the 2016 so you truly deserve zero presence in the Senate. You followed the Rappler method of looking at the world: Everything about Duterte is bad and everything about Noynoy is flawless. Duterte emerged in 2016 as the anti Noynoy without having to declare it.

A very yellow professor once ( or nine times) taught me ad nauseam the four basis of strategy from Michael Porter’s book Competitive Strategy . The basis of strategy help you determine the limits your organization will go to obtain their objectives. The basis of strategy help you determine what is external to your organization so that you can improve internally to obtain your objectives. The basis of strategy help you determine the course of your company.

Basis of Strategy:
1) The Threats and Opportunities to the Industry.
2) The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Company.
3) Personal Values of the Key Implementers.
4) Broader Societal Expectations.

I will start with point #4 since we are talking about a recently concluded election. The votes come from society so it would be prudent to be aware of broader societal expectations. In 2016 you lost your grip on power for a reason. 2019 simply proves that you did not heed any lesson from the 2016 so you truly deserve zero presence in the Senate. You followed the Rappler method of looking at the world: Everything about Duterte is bad and everything about Noynoy is flawless. Duterte emerged in 2016 as the anti Noynoy without having to declare it.

If you attack somebody non stop for 3 years maybe some of that time would have been better spent , you know doing something?

Broader societal expectations went from electing a president in 2010 whose only claim to the Iron Throne was that his mother died to disposing him and all his bannermen in 2016 and 2019. Just because Rappler has been consistent with their view on the world does not mean the world is the way they present it within the confines of their url.

Personal Values of the Key Implementers. Once again, funny how their values conveniently coincide with Rappler’s editorial values. Editorial values that find their way in their reporting. According to this columnist, Rappler has been paid in the past to parrot the political views of the Liberal Party. If you doubt his claim then why hasn’t Rappler sued the author the way Rappler themselves were sued by businessman Wilfredo Keng in February  of this year? Its funny how their first defense on why the charge won’t stick is the story originally came out four months before the law came into effect. A better excuse would have been ” the story is true”. Then again this is Rappler, a media outlet who claims not to be a media company.      I don’t understand people who look down on Fox News yet love Rappler. Fox News at least has been around long before Trump became president. Rappler came in a year and a half into Noynoy’s term and has been slobbering on him ever since.  Take this  time they tried to influence the outcome of Corona’s impeachment trial despite being the new kid on the block. 

Since we are on the topic of Gospels. Good to know while campaigning , one of the Otso heard some gospels for the first time.

We have established that there is no difference between the gospel of the Liberal Party and the gospel according to Rappler. Their personal values are identical.  The personification of their values rests in their chosen President who sat on the Iron Throne from 2010-2016. Neither Rappler nor the Liberal party nor the Otso have ever publicly attacked him but they publicly attack anything and anybody else who does not bend the knee to yellow values. So what they are telling you is that they value that he has done little with his adult life by the age of 50. They are telling you they value his hollow track record in Congress and in the Senate and his actions or inaction in issues like DAP, the Corona Impeachment, Dengvaxia, Mamsapano and his role in placing someone in COMELEC that had to be impeached and is in hiding. They value his “reputation ” enough that he campaigned for them.

Rappler will never accuse their golden boy of any wrong doing so they let Marcos do it

Anyboy who says “stand down” when our armed forces are pinned down deserves to be labelled the Mad King. Rappler responds to this issue in the usual Rappler/ Liberal party style. They made it about Marcos.  We can argue who said what but we can not argue the rest of the military were not ordered to come in and save the day that January morning . We also can not argue that four years later there is as much accountability as there is hair on Noynoy’s head. I also see no such lawsuits suing The Manila Times for the headline ” PNoy ordered AFP, SAF to stand down” . Feb 5 2015.  What I did see was the Liberals doubling down on their precious president. 

Andy Bautista copy cat crime?

I once wrote about the cheating in the 2016 election and the ramifications from it three years later.  In it you can read about undeclared cash, missing officials, deadbeat dads, drenched ballot boxes. If I can add one thing that we know now that we did not know then it’s that Leni must be a product of cheating. None of the senatorial candidates she endorsed got in. She supposedly has credibility with the people and not just yellows yet not one of her babies made the cut?? Andy Bautista must have been really worth the money back in May of 2016.

The Yellows would have done better if they ” cast him into outer darkness” when they had the chance. Reminds  me of another quote I will paraphrase from the Bible:

He who has not sinned must be Noynoy Aquino.

Nope , they are not as “woke” as they claim to be. They ( Rappler, Otso )  are blind to the sins of their poster boy and believed that many do not see what they refuse to acknowledge. That is not woke that is just dumb.  One more thing :

8 Replies to “The Liberal Party Faithful Are Weeping and Gnashing Their Teeth”

  1. At least people can now pay more attention to their government now that the leadership they reaffirmed to support will have better representation.

    The otso inidoro and their queen can’t even prove to be able to conquer the people’s will.

    1. The inidoro queen can’t even make a dent which further reinforces the notion she has her position through nefarious means. This question is for everybody but did you ever get the feeling that the people wanted the inidoros? That is a subjective question of course but as covered here in GRP even the hard core inidoro scribes felt miffed by the lack of response their hopefuls were getting even before the election.

  2. This blissful zero-Senate-seat Schadenfreude moment is what every child made fatherless by Noynoy’s “stand down” incompetence deserves to enjoy after getting zero justice for such a shameless act of betrayal.

    Never forget: SAF44 is exactly the type of outcome Filipinos can expect to get after having a born loser win in a presidential election just because his mama died.

    So when are the faces of those happy NPA/squatter-pandering clowns in our P500 bills gonna be replaced by authentic SAF44 men of valor? Tagal naman ng mga makukupad kumilos!

    1. The exact point I was trying to make. The Otso do not care about doing the right thing with that and the other points I mentioned. Clueless. Noynoy spoke on their behalf in Cebu. You live by the yellow ribbon , you die by the yellow ribbon. I wish I thought of that last night when I wrote this. Might have even been a better title.

    1. Tell me where I said that? All I said was certain people are pissed and now want to storm the streets by the dozens and feel so wronged. I will tell you that MSM wants everybody to believe that the trio jailed in 2014 were the only ones guilty. Of course the stupid believe that without realizing the Aquino attack dogs only targeted opposition senators. So only opposition were examined for fault. Does that mean Yellow loyalists not guilty of the same thing?? Let me remind you what it was like 2010-2016 when Malacanang kept pronouncing all allies innocent of anything and everything. Besides Noynoy was an ineffective senator who became an ineffective president.

  3. We have been fascinated, spellbound and mesmerized by the EDSA YellowTard Revolution. We revered the heroism of Ninoy Aquino, Jr.. We adhered to the “holiness and sainthood” of Cory Aquino. That we even elected the mentally retarded son, Pnoy Aquino as our President. We were desensithize by the show biz antics, of their whore daughter, Kris Aquino…who has now a declining “tulo” illness in the U.S. and the mainstream media, were the propaganda machines of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. There were YellowTards in the Senate and Congress, who did what they wanted to do, at their own behest. The Roman Catholic Church,priests, bishops , nuns, etc…were used to back up the lies perpetuated by the Aquinos. Even the Judiciary, to the highest level in the Supreme Court were subject to their influence.

    Suddenly, a barely known Mayor from Davao, who was subjected to much scrutiny about his role in Extra Judicial killings, appeared in the political scene. By some sort of “miracle” or the Filipinos being fed up; with the help of the : bloggers, FaceBook Junkies, Twitters, and other social media network people banded together to support Pres. Duterte. The Filipino people awakened from their 30 years of political slumber.

    The seasoned politician , Mar Roxas, with all his political antics, was defeated. Trilliling Trillanes and his mad dog partner: Alejano, who is Alegago were now irrelevant. And the Otso Diretso candidates went into the inodoro…the rest is now History. This part of the rise of the social media people to awaken their countrymen , will be looked upon by future generations of Filipinos. Because , this was their Finest Time in the best and worst of their country’s time !

  4. Evolving is not arrogance. It is confidence that won’t be pulled backwards, by those that feel left behind.

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