Is there REALLY a “War on Truth” as @TIME Magazine asserts?


According to TIME Magazine, the world is in the midst of an information holocaust — a “war on truth” in what had become parlance in an industry being torn apart by a crisis of relevance. If there is any war being waged it is all in the heads of the captains of these sinking boats. This time, TIME had overdone it — put up characters associated with their own kind as 2018’s “Person of the Year”. But of course, in remaining consistent with the assertion that a “War on Truth” is raging all over the planet, the “heroes” of the year ought to be media people.

Indeed, if there is one thing Rappler CEO Maria Ressa, this year’s Philippine contribution to TIME‘s diminishing brand equity can be credited for, it is popularising the practice of Big Corporate News organisations making the news about themselves. Ressa, of course, is renowned for a massive well-funded global campaign to create a cult of personality around herself. This TIME spiel represents the pinnacle outcome of that campaign. But in acceding to Ressa’s string-pulling global roadshow spanning the last several years, TIME too had succumbed to this nefarious practice of making itself the news.

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Never mind that Ressa stands accused of tax evasion. Never mind that Rappler has long attracted the ire of real journalists for giving an entire industry a bad name. Never mind that the idea that “press freedom” is “under threat” in the Philippines escapes crtical challenge coming from observers and analysts outside the media industry. Ressa, as the circus TIME spins today takes pains to highlight, is a media person. That makes her, following the now all-too-familiar journalist-as-hero narrative, exempt from paying taxes.

Mainstream media people still don’t get it. The reason they and their dinosaur organisations are trapped in a rapid spiral to the ground is not because of some “conspiracy” against them. It is because they failed to anticipate the competition. Ironic indeed, considering that TIME itself had long recognised the potential power of the Internet as a force in the democratisation of mass communication. As recently as 2010, TIME even named Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg “Person of the Year”. Zuckerberg had, as we are being told now, gone on to be regarded as one of the “enablers” of the purported “disinformation” infesting the Net — the “bad guy” in the “war” the new “persons of the year” are now supposedly soldiering within.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, today’s ‘bad guy’ in the ‘War on Truth’ was once a TIME Magazine posterboy.

We can see now that it is really Big Corporate Media outlets like TIME that are insulting the intelligence of their audience. If Zuck, an alumnus of this illustrious circle of TIME-bots, can go on to become part of the Axis of Evil (we are told) in an industry that once lionised him, it brings one to wonder what the latest mannequin Maria Ressa would go down in subsequent history as.

The key here is that people should hold an independent opinion about what they read in the news rather than rely on Big Corporate Media to tell them what to think. If not, they merely succumb to the same affliction that, in an irony that seems to escape Big Media’s cheerleaders, had supposedly become the 21st Century’s cognitive epidemic. One then could conclude that Big Corporate Media actually is part of the problem and, itself, one of the fuels in their own imagined “War on Truth”. Perhaps this is a fact they desperately try to cover up by propping up as “heroes” people who hail from their own industry.

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  1. Corporate mainstream media, like the :Time Magazine, ABS CBN,,, etc…are dying breeds. They will soon become “extinct” like the huge bodied dinosaurs. One way to save themselves, is to call themselves : ” the embodiment of truth”…and put the fake news provider, Maria Reesa on their front cover…

    The mainstream media is hallucinating, experiencing, that the social media people/bloggers are at war with them. They label themselves, “Truth”. They feel boxed in, on all sides. Their opponents, the social media warriors are closing in…so, the “war on truth” is going on, and maybe coming to an end…

    Maria Reesa is their last shot of the mainstream media to make themselves relevant to their readers !

    They cannot accept the role of the internet and the Information Technology. They thought, they could tame “this Beast”…but they cannot, So “this Beast” will eat them alive !

  2. If you can ignore Maria Ressa for a moment (not sure why you guys get so obsessed with her) and the media’s natural inclination to be self-serving (because that’s what sells column-inches), I think there actually is a global problem with Truth at the moment.

    I work in a science-based industry and I’ve noticed the scientific method, in general, is understood by maybe 0.1% of the population. In many countries it is not taught correctly in schools. It isn’t taught at all in the Philippines. People don’t understand how science decides what (might be) true and what isn’t. They don’t understand, in even broader terms, how to evaluate truth objectively. Truth is therefore decided on the basis of whoever shouts the loudest, and the modern world is awash with all kinds of superstitions.

    Filipinos have never been very good at distinguishing truth from lies – in fact they make a habit of conflating the two – but this sort of thing is now going global. The Age of Reason is dead and gone.

    1. Scientific method relies on empirical evidence based on neutral observations or data. Would you consider Rappler/Ressa neutral in the context of their discourse?

      Blaming the ordinary Filipino people for not discerning the truth rather than the medium by which they were deceived does not bode well about the soundness of your logic.

      I believe being an activist is seeking the truth AND making people accountable for their own actions. Kudos to GRP for being one of the platforms in this regard.

      1. @Darwil : I think you misunderstood my point. I was saying that –

        a) most that people (especially Filipinos) aren’t equipped with the cognitive skills to evaluate what they’re reading. So they tend to just believe anything that accords with the values.
        b) the lack of science education in schools is just one reason for this deficit.

        I am not BLAMING them as such. I’m just pointing out what IS. In my opinion Filipinos are deliberately trained not to think. That is the purpose of school here. Stupid people who can’t think for themselves are easy for politicians to manipulate, and that keeps them rich.

        This is an incredibly effective technique for social control: it is almost impossible for a brainwashed person to realize they’ve been brainwashed.

        1. I agree about the inherent inadequacies of the curriculum. However, there is not much that we can do about that nor is this the proper forum to address that.

          By having a healthy discussion on media entities and exposing their biases not to mention their violations of the law, we may be opening up people’s mind on certain aspects that mainstream media choose to overlook. This way maybe they would be more discerning on the news or views being presented to them and not take them at face value. This way ordinary Filipinos will be encouraged to look for alternative sources to help them piece together the truth, or a better version of the truth that is being forced feed to them.

        2. “I agree about the inherent inadequacies of the curriculum. However, there is not much that we can do about that nor is this the proper forum to address that.”

          You’re kidding me, right? You’re just going to ACCEPT your children being brainwashed because there’s nothing you can do about it?

          “This way ordinary Filipinos will be encouraged to look for alternative sources to help them piece together the truth, or a better version of the truth that is being forced feed to them.”

          This will not work. They already have access to different viewpoints. The problem is that they are UNABLE to “piece together the truth”. This is a learned skill, and it has been deliberately trained out.

          The problem is compounded by the fact that Filipinos have a truly bizarre view of “Truth”. Filipinos are very dishonest people and don’t seem to have much use for objective facts. Sometimes they just make stuff up. Often they believe their own lies. Interestingly, this makes Filipinos very gullible: as long as you press the right buttons, you can make a Filipino believe all sorts of nonsense.

        3. @Marius: I am not able to post my reply directly to your last post in this thread so i’ll just throw it here.

          Nowhere in my previous post did I convey my acceptance to brainwashing or whatever presumptions you have with the curriculum. What i posted and what you implied are different.

          In the age of internet and social media landscape such as the Phils., people are presented with volumes of diverse views – additional sources of information to help them make their own judgement.

          I have not lost faith in the ordinary Filipino people’s judgement. They may be misguided but they are not stupid.

        4. @Darwil: your meaning seemed pretty clear. “There’s not much we can do about that” suggests you don’t want to consider the things you can do about it. If I’ve misunderstood, then what exactly did you mean?

          >> I have not lost faith in the ordinary Filipino people’s judgement.

          You can have all the faith in the world, but it doesn’t alter reality. Filipinos in general seem to have an inexhaustible supply of belief when it comes to thinking everything will turn out fine eventually.

          >> They may be misguided but they are not stupid.

          Many of them are stupid (in the sense that they have a very low IQ), but that’s a different problem entirely. I suspect it’s partly malnutrition, partly deliberate dysgenics, and partly bad education (again).

          If they’re misguided, then you need to fix the thing that’s misguiding them. Get a kid when he’s five years old and you can destroy his capacity for rational judgement for the rest of his life. And this is exactly what the State education system is designed to do. If you don’t address this problem at its root, there’s very little point in having “faith”.

          Let me put this another way: why do you have no interest in reforming the education system, which (to an outsider) is clearly responsible for 60%+ of your social problems?

        5. @Marius: My point is I don’t consider myself proficient in education system and I wont dare say I have enough data to offer recommendations of some sort hence, not much We can do (“WE” is assuming you are too, which may be premature).

          However, I do have my own observations on Phil education system vs. Singapore (my 3kids are currently studying here in Singapore).

          Regarding your other comments, I’ll just leave it at that. Else, we will never get to the end of this.

    2. I think that the same old dynamic is behind this “crisis in truth,” that people will believe what they want anyway. Simply, people are more used to having their guesses, perceptions and opinions accepted as truth, and don’t want anything that proves them wrong. It’s the same old attitude, it just came back as part of a cycle. Probably that happens on the world scene, science, then backslide, science, then backslide, etc.

      And, there’s probably more distrust of science maybe because of things like “vaccines cause autism,” but more like because of a perception that science has only been used for profit. Science also led to smartphones which people believe are making children zombielike. Whether rural or urban, they just think that way of science these days, they see it as something used only for taking advantage of them. Anything coming from a corporate laboratory can’t be good.

  3. Oh, and as for tax evasion: well, they’ll come for you eventually. The BIR writes their own law and runs their own courts, so they’re free to go after whoever they think is worth milking.

  4. “What is truth?” Pilate asked to Jesus.
    Pilate is confuse because as a ruler he has always been the “truth” or no one will dare say he’s a liar.
    Truth have always been for those who dominates society until another truth takes over.

  5. Time magazine is facing its biggest enemy in decades; and its not fake news. It’s dwindling readership. Compare the number of people who choose to visit youtube and Time is still a corporation, and it needs funds to survive.
    Like all the other big names in corporate media it needs to learn to adapt to the current market. BBC has kind of done this, and thats why a lot of people (british or not) still trust it more than any news outlet. Though I still think BBC has its share of horseshit for appeasing the MCB.

    1. TIME, like all in print media, is on financial downturn. It needs funds. It so happens that the editor-in-chief is a friend of the multi-billionaire Loida Nicolas-Lewis.

  6. Marius,
    “Let me put this another way: why do you have no interest in reforming the education system, which (to an outsider) is clearly responsible for 60%+ of your social problems?”

    I fully agree with you. I also want to add: the way and how PH parents raise their own kids. That is maybe that other 40%.

    1. LOL. Agreed! But even that is (partially) a result of the education system. And so it goes round in a huge dysfunctional circle, with stupid parents sending their kids to bad schools, where they learn how to make the same stupid decisions their parents did.

      Have you seen the Ph school textbooks? If not, do get some and read them. You’ll laugh.

      1. @Marius: As a preacher of scientific method, how did you arrive at that 60%+?
        Can you cite your reference for that ” 0.1% of the population” in your earlier post?
        You seemed very comfortable throwing numbers around, I expect nothing less than accurate figures backed by legitimate sources.

        You do know that the truth NOW based on your scientific method may not be the truth TOMORROW when contemporary experimental data renders it obsolete.


        The advent of the internet, powerful computers and search engines has rendered your advocacy on scientific method (17th century) outdated.

        Your argument on education being the major culprit of PH’s social problem is a gross simplification of an overly complex issue. Have you had a chance to observe other countries in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, etc)? Why do Filipinos thrive (even those who came from “bad schools”) in these countries? How did the Filipinos became the 9th biggest migrant in the world according to the 21017 Migration Report? Surely if they have social issues and bad education, brainwashed, etc, they won’t be able to hold on to their jobs and can’t integrate with the local population.

        This thread is about “War on Truth” and yet here we are, deviating from the topic and talking about education system which you keep bringing up.

        Perhaps it is not surprising since you wrongfully assumed that I have no interest in reforming the education system (again: off topic).

        1. @Darwil: it’s called “hyperbole”.

          It’s shorthand for “a very big number” and “a very small number”, respectively.

          >> The advent of the internet, powerful computers and search engines has rendered your advocacy on scientific method (17th century) outdated.

          Rubbish. It’s precisely because people think big data is a substitute for thinking and logic that we’re in this mess. The philosophical underpinnings of the scientific method are still sound, and the article doesn’t actually suggest otherwise (it’s just a clickbait title). In fact the author confuses the concept of a scientific body of knowledge (stuff we learned, or think we learned, via the scientific method) with the method itself.

          You seem to be making the same error here:

          >> the truth NOW based on your scientific method may not be the truth TOMORROW when contemporary experimental data renders it obsolete.

          which lends support to my assertion that virtually nobody knows what science is or how it works.

          Incidentally, science came of age with Karl Popper’s contributions in the mid-20th century … and almost immediately afterwards went out of fashion.

          >> Your argument on education being the major culprit of PH’s social problem is a gross simplification of an overly complex issue.

          Of course it is. That doesn’t alter the fact that the education system is a national disgrace.

          >> Have you had a chance to observe other countries in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, etc)?

          Yes. None of them make the mistakes that Filipinos do. I was quite specific about this: the Filipino education system deliberately sets out to destroy the child’s capacity for rational thought and implant dysfunctional ideas like Pinoy Pride. Do you disagree?

          >> Why do Filipinos thrive (even those who came from “bad schools”) in these countries?

          OFWs represent 5% of the adult population. Of those, 84% are in dead-end jobs (low-skill occupations). In other words, only 140,000 Filipinos – 0.14% of the population – have adequate education and skills to go abroad and get good jobs.

          >> How did the Filipinos became the 9th biggest migrant in the world according to the 2017 Migration Report?

          Filipino OFWs, mostly, are treated as slave labour. They do it because ideas about duty to State and family were implanted in their heads at age six. They don’t integrate with the local population. They are rarely even allowed outside. They keep to themselves and are often looked down upon by the locals.

          >> This thread is about “War on Truth” and yet here we are, deviating from the topic and talking about education system

          If you think education has nothing to do with the War On Truth, then I’m not entirely sure what you think education is even for?

        2. @Marius: In my opinion, your hyperbole-based numbers does not hold water in any type of argument. And I thought you were serious about being a man of science. The inconsistencies are too much for me to bear.

        3. @Darwil: awesome Filipino-style argument there.

          – You assert that 60%+ of the social/economic problems in the Philippines is a direct result of educational failure.
          – I don’t believe it’s exactly 60%. It could be 40% or 70%.
          – Because you can’t determine whether it’s 60%, 40%, or 70%, your argument is invalid in its entirety.

          In addition, it seems you’re going to ignore the hard numbers I gave you regarding the vanishingly small number of OFWs who are in professional positions.

          Basically, you just proved my point about the Filipino inability to think.

        4. @Darwil: since you clearly don’t know what science is (another victory for Filipino non-education), I’ll spell it out.

          Science is a method of testing whether something is false. So let’s take my “hyperbolic” assertion that a majority of kids (whether it’s exactly 60% is irrelevant) leave school dumber than when they went in, and that this happens by deliberate design.

          What facts can you bring to bear to show this argument to be false? You offered the example of successful OFWs … which didn’t prove what you think it proves, since 84% of OFWs have no meaningful qualifications.

          Unfortunately, to definitively demolish my argument, you’d have to show either that:

          – Filipinos are born stupid.
          – Filipino parents are inherently evil.

          If Filipino kids are not born stupid, then the only logical explanation for them all being out-of-work, incompetent and lazy must be their upbringing. Upbringing has two main components: school (peers) and parents. So if it’s not school that messes them up, it’s their parents.

          Which explanation do you prefer?

          Do you have an alternative hypothesis?

        5. @Marius: You are putting words in my mouth. I cannot comment on something that is a product of your hyperbole as you claim.

          My whole argument is this: you are putting much weight on classroom education being the culprit of a complex problem. There is a limit on what one can learn in a classroom environment: people acquire knowledge on other available modes of learning (their own personeal experiences, other people, web, etc).

          Your rhetoric on Filipino’s inability to think is just that- pure rhetoric.

          Your feedback on other Asian countries just confirmed my suspicion: you are clueless.

          I recommend you to read more, especially the book “From Third World to First” and others. Maybe you could get your numbers right and be guided accordingly.

        6. >> My whole argument is this: you are putting much weight on classroom education being the culprit of a complex problem.

          That isn’t an argument. It’s a statement.

          My assertion fits the observed facts. That doesn’t mean I’m right, but you need to demonstrate that it’s the wrong explanation. Show me some facts that contradict my position.

          >> There is a limit on what one can learn in a classroom environment

          Oh yes. Yes indeed. That’s the beauty of brainwashing. It requires VERY LITTLE effort to achieve the desired result. Filipino kids learn all they need to learn in the classroom, they accept it as fact, and then they spread it around.

          Go and look at Filipino school textbooks. Go on: do it. Get them from a bookshop if you don’t still have copies. Do you see ideas written down there that you’ve accepted as Truth without question? My favorite part is the indoctrination session for Pinoy Pride. Check it out. Then come back and tell me education is irrelevant.

        7. @Marius: The problem with your hyperbolic comment is: I cannot take you seriously. School can only mold the student’s mind to some extent, give credit to each and every individual on how they turn out to be and not only what is taught in grade school.

          Calling people stupid reeks of arrogance: typical Filipino trait.

          Oh, so you are foreign educated, which makes you entitled to hyperboles and rhetorics and therefore exempted from the norm. How convenient.

          Hope your foreign school has a refund policy 🙂

        8. @Darwil: >> I cannot take you seriously.

          In other words, you don’t even want to think about it. You just want to keep telling me what your opinion is. You don’t believe it’s true, therefore it isn’t. You have no argument, no facts to support your position (or demolish mine). All you have is your opinion; and you don’t even realist that opinion was put into your head when you were six years old.

          Pinoy education in action.

          >> School can only mold the student’s mind to some extent, give credit to each and every individual on how they turn out to be and not only what is taught in grade school.

          And what they turn out to be, mostly, is useless. Don’t they?

          I’ll give you one concrete example: the schoolbook that I have tells Pinoy kids they should be “proud” because “Filipinos sing karaoke”. Never mind the bizarre logic behind that statement: do you think it might have some bearing on the fact that Filipinos spend an inordinate amount of time annoying the entire neighborhood with their “singing”?

          >> Calling people stupid reeks of arrogance: typical Filipino trait.

          I’m not calling them stupid. I’m describing the traits of Filipinos I’ve interacted with. The clever and competent ones I can count on the fingers of one hand. And they ARE very clever and competent.

          Several hundred others had/have the intellectual capacity of small children. Some of those were in responsible government positions, causing all sorts of trouble. It’s f’ing frightening, but it is what it is.

        9. @Marius: The truth is, I dont even remember what I’ve learned at six years old to be honest. And whatever bad thing you thought we were taught, it’s not something that my secondary, university or post degree cannot overcome. So whatever stigma you had when you were 6years old, I’m sorry to hear that you cannot outgrow them.

          So being good at karaoke annoys you, well, man up.

          The elitist attitude bothers me, your lack of empathy towards Filipinos is glaring. Words such as Filipinos are useless, stupid, have intellectual capacity of a small children, etc; I can call you racist and it will not be far from the truth.

          But I gave you the benefit of the doubt and tried to read your posts from various threads here. It did not help. What I found was a man craving for affirmation: you were in total agreement to the posts of GRP writers: where is your critical independent thinking? You do know that the articles here are meant to stir debate and independent critical thinking right? Is that how your foreign education taught you?

          Again, you better look up their refund policy.

        10. >> The truth is, I dont even remember what I’ve learned at six years old to be honest.
          Not consciously, no. I notice you’re not interested in verifying any of the things I’m describing. You could easily do so simply by walking into a bookshop and reviewing what they taught you when you were young and impressionable. But that would tear your world apart, so you can’t.

          As I said earlier, brainwashing is VERY effective, and pointing out to someone the nature of his own brainwashing is largely pointless. And so it turns out.

          To be fair, every country does this to its children. However I have never seen it deployed with such malice and calculated intent as in the Philippines. Your ruling classes are pretty smart.

          >> And whatever bad thing you thought we were taught, it’s not something that my secondary, university or post degree cannot overcome.

          Nope. You’re still not prepared to even THINK about the problems I’m mentioning. They don’t exist. Problem solved, Pinoy-style.

          >> I can call you racist and it will not be far from the truth.
          I’ve asked myself this question, in all seriousness. When I first came to the Philippines, I came naively thinking that if I treat Filipinos as human beings, as equals, they will respond in kind. This worked just fine in the other six countries I have lived in over my lifetime.

          It didn’t work in the Philippines. I discovered that, unlike most human beings, Filipinos do not seek win-win goals (they prefer lose-lose), they reward trust with betrayal, and they seek to hurt others whenever they can get away with it. I have never seen anything like it, anywhere. So am I “racist” for noticing that these things happen? Should I pretend they don’t happen? Should I make excuses for Filipinos? If I did, wouldn’t that mean they are sub-human, incapable of being anything more than they are?

          I criticize Filipinos on the same basis I criticize anyone. Only Filipinos respond with tantrums, death threats, and ignorant non-arguments. I refuse to believe that this is because they’re animals. Hence my assertion that they’ve been TRAINED to do this.

        11. @Marius: Your bitterness is astounding, you should get help. I can sense that you were deeply hurt or maybe too sensitive? You dwell too much on the negative or maybe immature perhaps? Either that or the frequency of you meeting the “outliers” suggests that you are working in a mental institution or prison maybe. Otherwise, how can you get such a distorted view?

          You lived in six countries?! Was that another one of your hyperboles?

      2. Ah, back in the land of standard Filipino responses. Denial.

        “There’s nothing wrong with us. There must be something wrong with you”.
        “Not all Filipinos are like that”.

        Which is why NOTHING here ever gets changed. Filipinos and the Philippines are perfect as they are (your karaoke response is the CLASSIC example of that sort of logic).

        Bitter? Not exactly. I’m just astounded at the depths to which my fellow humans can sink when they’re allowed to. I think it’s pretty funny you compare the state of the Philippines to a mental institution or a prison. Half the population certainly belong in one or the other.

        And yes, you bet I’ve had some bad experiences. A lot less of them since I’ve learned how to deal with Filipinos (ie., don’t trust them unless you have an extremely good reason to do so, and don’t waste your time interacting with them unless absolutely necessary).

        If I hadn’t, I actually WOULD be a racist and a liar, wouldn’t I?

        1. @Marius: There goes your problem: a binary concept of the Philippines (either perfect or totally corrupt).

          You have a problem dealing with people and it seems you are the one not integrating into the society. A foreigner imposing your will on the locals maybe? Intolerant, prejudiced, what’s the word…. a bigot.

          Racist, bitter, bigot. I wonder which foreign school is responsible for this mess.

        2. @Darwil: LOL. We’ve gone from talking about a technical issue with Philippine education to an unending diatribe about my “problems”.

          Don’t you find it odd that EVERY SINGLE FOREIGNER mocks you for this sort of behavior? Yet, according to you, that’s because foreigners are all racist, bitter, etc etc.

          Emoting wins the day again, and the problem is solved! Pinoy Pride!

        3. @Marius: I’m glad you found humor in the obvious.

          No, not a single foreigner I worked with nor I managed in the company where I work mocked me or any other Filipino I know. In fact, Filipinos here are commended as being the hardest workers and fast risers in the corporate ladder: to the point where locals are becoming insecure. But I don’t need to tell you that. Nor do I feel the need to correct you everytime you get the wrong message (I did not say all foreigners are…. never mind).

          Where you find it convenient to generalize Filipinos as stupid, brainwashed, low IQ, gullible, etc, based on your bad experience dealing with the “outliers”; I am offering you an alternative reality that there are Filipinos who are within the bell curve- the so called median dwelling type of Filipinos that are not that different from the rest.

          Now, if only you get down from your horse, maybe you will know where I’m coming from.

        4. Foreigners are capable of understanding that people are all different and you can (in theory) take each person on their merits. I understand statistical distributions.

          Since you live in Singapore, it goes without saying that the Filipinos in your company are those with the wherewithal to work in Singapore. As I said earlier, those people represent a smallish fraction of the people who work as OFWs. They represent an even smaller fraction of Filipinos at large. I’m quoting government numbers at you here: it’s not stuff I’m just making up. You are working with people up around 2-sigma, not the Filipino median.

          The people left behind in the Philippines are a different breed entirely. Their median is in a completely different place. If that were not the case, the Philippines would not look like it does. Can you think of any possible scenario in which a population of smart, well-adjusted people would create the dumpster fire that is The Philippines? Because I can’t.

          If the MAJORITY of the people I come into contact with act like idiots and spoiled children, it is a fairly logical assumption (correct me if I’m wrong) that they have had a very dysfunctional upbringing. I would draw that same conclusion if I were in Europe or the US, and I would treat them accordingly. I see no reason why I have to “integrate” with individuals whose primary intent is to cause me harm, whatever their nationality.

        5. @Marius: I would be very glad to discuss more on the topic of education if there is a relevant thread about Filipino education that GRP writers could scrutinize. Something to the effect of the state of PH education and its role in nation building (or of course, its pitfalls). This thread is getting irrelevant to our discussion I admit.

    2. I believe the education in the Philippines is just fine. It is when the students go home that is where fakked-up education happens in real time. Their parents teach them what is wrong. The Filipino Channel & ShowTime blasting incessant stupidities …. idiocy from Ressa’s news based on guilty-by-tortured witness affidavits instead of evidence-based justice …


      Where Philippines should start changing the Filipinos? Here are my recommendations:
      1. Bring in United Nations troops
      2. Bring Philippines under U.N. political receivership
      3. Reform-by-kill or reform-by-torture the media practitioners. 10-lashes for erroneous journalism … 20-lashes for political analysis …. flog-to-death for lying
      4. Place all students from the reach of their stupid parents … put them in state-run foster homes
      5. Income-based pregnancy … poor Filipinos can only have one baby …. tiered income based pregnancy



    Liberals wanted open borders
    Liberals are against killing useless violent people

    Wait … PHILIPPINES has open porous borders … They welcomed me … They welcomed Whites to live among their midst … They wanted to marry me so I can impregnate them with half-bred half-white hybrid children so they can become actors and actresses in ShowTime … Philippines do not require us a Visa …. I planned … I bought ticket … I flew … I landed … I flashed my blue eagled US passport … off I went … unmolested ….


    *** so, who are the Filipinos? *** ANSWER: FILIPINOS ARE NEITHER DEMOCRAT NOR REPUBLICANS THEY ARE INDEPENDENTS … they can do whatever they wanted to do under the sun … neither rain nor typhoon can stop the killings of violent Filipinos.


    1. Oh, I forgot. FILIPINOS ARE NEITHER LIBERAL, DEMOCRAT NOR REPUBLICAN …. they are neither PROGRESSIVES …. they prefer retrogressive parties …. I AM LOVIN’ it … Life is Good.

    1. Why are Filipinos are the way they are?
    2. Who, whom, where and WHAT SOURCE they learn it from?
    3. of course, THE PHILIPPINE FAKE NEWS …
    4. What does PHILIPPINE FAKE NEWS talk about and cover?
    5. PHILIPPINE FAKE NEWS cover politics … ONLY … not analyzing BECAUSE HORMONALLY AND GENETICALLY FILIPINOS ARE JUST POOR IN ANALYSIS … EXTREMELY POOR … that is why Filipinos do not have scientists because the language of science is MATHEMATICS and mathematics is based on LOGIC. If Filipinos do not have logic they do not know mathematics if they do not have mathematics they do not have scientists …..

    …. now wait a minute ….. let us pause for a second … I STAND CORRECTED …. Filipinos do have SCIENTISTS … they HAVE POLITICAL SCIENTISTS ….


    6. Who made illogical Filipinos vote for their candidates in Congress, Senate, Malacanang and local elected offices? OF COURSE, THE PHILIPPINE FAKE NEWS ….. Filipinos vote based on their sources and their source is PHILIPPINE FAKE NEWS …. RESSA’s FAKE NEWS that is addicted to POLITICS ….

    7. What should be done to give Filipinos education ? START WITH THE FAKE NEWS …. CONTROL FAKE NEWS INTO REAL NEWS ….. because that is what Filipinos read and hear all day.
    8. Imagine these dingdongs and ding-a-lings promoting gossip-based justice …. witness-based justice….affidavit by guilt instead of EVIDENCE BASE JUSTICE …

    *** EDUCATION BEGINS IN NEWS MEDIA and the Philippine Fake News Media inculcate INTRIGUE NEWS AND GOSSIP NEWS ***

  9. Philippine Fake News is:
    1. RACIST. It promotes in all beauty contest that white is beautiful. Brown are ugly. Since Filipinos are brown therefore all of them are ugly ***IF YOU ARE BROWN FILIPINO … TOUGH LUCK …. I RECOMMEND EXPORT YOURSELF TO 1STWORLD COUNTRIES ***

    2. WHITES ARE HONEST BROWNS ARE NOT. Brown Filipinos are the constant suspects in corruption, thieveries and crookeries. Whites and the mestizo class APPEARS to be honest because FAKE JOURNALISTS ARE afraid of them. FAKE JOURNALISTS ARE AFRAID TO ATTACK THEM. FAKE JOURNALISTS ARE AFRAID TO INVESTIGATE THEM. FAKE JOURNALISTS ARE PRO-WHITE ANTI-BROWN ANTI-FILIPINO.

    3. FAKE JOURNALISTS ARE ANTI-POOR PRO-RICH. FAKE JOURNALISTS attacks brown politicians and poor Filipinos fake journalists never attack RICH FILIPINOS who are well-connected and powerful.



    ***FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Do you know only ugly brown skin Filipinos indulge in Politics?***

    Think about it for a moment.

  10. ***FILIPINO FAKE BROWN JOURNALISTS would rather attack fellow ugly brown Filipinos and get murdered doing so …. BUT WOULD RATHER NOT WANT TO BE MURDERED BY WHITE CORRUPT MESTIZO CLASS ***

    Why is that?

    Is the pain more painful if murdered by white mestizo class than ugly brown Filipinos? MARINATE ON IT FOR A MOMENT …

  11. FILIPINOS ARE JUST U-G-L-Y …. The Filipinos are now in adoration-mode of Catriona Gray. She does not look a single-grain of Filipino in her ….


    1. CATRIONA GRAY WHO? She’s an import from Australia to represent Ugly-Duckling Brown Filipinos … HAR! HAR! HAR!

      Why do they import beauties from abroad to represent ugly Filipinos in Miss Universe? Because the other German import had already been crowned Miss Universe sometime ago. So, they have to go abroad …. looking for beautiful … because they cannot find any in the Philippines !!!!


  12. THERE IS NO WAR IN TRUTH in the Philippines !!! Because nobody is against the TRUTH that their Miss Philippines beauties ARE NOT FILIPINOS !!!

    Here are Miss Philippines import or not representing the looks of the Filipinos:
    NOW CATRIONA GRAY direct from Cairns Australia

    Oh, you poor U-G-L-Y FILIPINOS …. so many, 110,000,000 yet they look in another country to FOOL PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD THAT THEY LOOK LIKE WHAT THEY IMPORT FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY.


    1. TROLLatio, don’t fool yourself too much, the world knows who are squatters of America.

      Anyways, from what was originally an Instagram Live video, are the immortal spoken words of TROLLatio’s student and protege, Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers, a Nebraska native, discussing her fellow contestants along with Miss Colombia Valeria Morales and Miss Australia Francesca Hung.

      Summers: “What do you think of Miss Vietnam [H’Hen] Nie?”

      “She’s so cute and she pretends to know so much English and then you ask her a question after having a whole conversation with her and she goes [makes nodding gesture then mockingly laughs, HAR! HAR! HAR!].”

      (The other girls laughed along and called Nie “cute.”)

      Summers: “Miss Cambodia is here and doesn’t speak any English and not a single other person speaks her language. Can you imagine?”

      “Francesca said that would be so isolating and I said yes and just confusing all the time.”

      “Poor Cambodia”

      These crazy, funny, extremely jealous Americans really have fucked up minds, American UGLY and NOBODY TROLLatio and her American BITCH candidate Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers, they do share something in common!

      And what an embarrassment! Considering what they want is to represent the world! Tsk… Tsk… Tsk…

      1. WHO? WE? SQUATTERS? I heard that looney un-textured conversation before from Filipinos and those who were denied VISAs to the land of milk and honey … and the brave.

        You and the rest of the Filipinos wanted to go to America to join the squatters? WHAT KIND OF LOGIC ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

        Wait … you do not have logic. You have deprived childhood. Deprived of food. Deprived of parents love because your parents trying to make ends meet to buy you slippers.

        We made America what it is today …. You, what have you done to make Philippines great? Nada! Zilch! Wala!

        Who employ you and feed you? Of course, the Spanish Conquestadores and American multi-nationals ….. Sari-Sari store cannot feed you …..

        GET OVER HERE so I can spank you !!!! HAR! HAR! HAR!

        1. Poor TROLLatio can’t even comprehend what he just have read and retorting back with what isn’t wanted?

          Does your bitch Miss Summers, in any way, represent the American Indians, the original inhabitants of America?

          Btw, you’re really are a good teacher to your student!

        2. For your information, I am very much here in the country!

          On the contrary, it’s you who’s here! Aren’t you suppose to be there in America, living the life, as you once confessed here, of a NOBODY? Why are you here? We have enough losers here to even demand for imported whitey Incels!

        3. Oh gosh, this is a funny exchange. And Trollatio must be all red and pissed because he thought all Filipinos are that easy to push around, despite how he comments like a persistent psy op.

    2. I admit it is not a subtle point but the fundamental point Oratio brought up is valid and remains unanswered: If this country is so proud to be pinoy then why do the people who represent us in the 2 things pinoys valued most since the beginning of time : 1) basketball 2) beauty pageants tend to have elements that are not remotely pinoy. In the case of any “Miss” contest you rarely see Malay features . The last FIBA appearance the primary source of baskets was a guy who got pinoy citizenship even if he was not : a) born here b) of pinoy heritage c) resident d) work here. Its like what brings pinoy pride is something so far removed from what is really pinoy.

      1. Can you believe this?!

        Gogs’ question:

        “…why do the people who represent us in the 2 things pinoys valued most since the beginning of time… tend to have elements that are not remotely pinoy.”

        ChinoF’s answer:

        “I am Filipino no matter what culture I take and what practices I have in life. Being of a different culture or mindset doesn’t make me any less Filipino.”

        benign0’s answer:

        “Does anyone have the right to tell Liza Soberano how “Filipino” she is?”

        “This is interesting because, really, there really is no one single authority on who is and who isn’t “Filipino”.”

        “Many Filipinos who have taken residence and even citizenship overseas — and there are millions of them — still identify as being “Filipino”. Who’s gonna challenge that?”

        (“quite laughable, just plain ridiculous and, quite frankly, a bit primitive” is how the GRP webmaster described such questionings of Gogs!)

        Is Gogs willing to debate with his GRP comrades?!

        Or with himself?!

        On why is he so obsessed with everything foreign?

        Gogs must examine himself really for whose interest is he genuinely willing to take side, support and identify with!

        Do I still consider myself as a Filipino or a committed KSP of the Western World?!

        1. I know you are illiterate but can you please read the tagline of the GRP website?? Again you come out of nowhere telling a veteran writer in this website what to write about. You are the guy 3 years ago that wanted me to write a tribute to the genius of Andrew E. and I turned you down. Actually I am not sure who you got to say yes. If you want a baduy perspective go to a tabloid. This is Get Real Philippines. Where people who are baduy hate to go

        2. This is Get Real Philippines!

          An Illiterate is defined as someone unable to read or write, unlettered, so it boggles the mind, for someone with a questionably ridiculous logic to even instruct a perceived one to read something, if that is the belief.

          Can you point out to a poor illiterate where did he try “telling a veteran writer in this website what to write about”?

          And a veteran writer of predominantly what content exactly?

          When you raise questions of the people’s tendency “to have elements that are not remotely pinoy”, shouldn’t you, in all honesty, begin with yourself?



          ” And a veteran writer of predominantly what content exactly?”


          Very nice Kulas o mighty  consultant of GRP that nobody knows or cares. If you have to ask that question then why in the hell are you giving me tips and critiquing what I do  write?  I am a veteran with dealing with morons. Which is why I don’t have time for content produced by ABS CBN, Rappler and GMA 7. The PBA is useless when it goes against real basketball players that is why from time to time they import them and they become standouts in an all pinoy roster. I doubt I will watch the MMFF this year again. So you will have plenty to attack me about and continue to make comments about being culturally confused. Pinoy audiences  love tabloid/ teleserya trash and that is not me.   Really comical that you presume to guide me on what to write using elementary recess insults as a motivator. Go after someone who has more interest appealing to the baduy.


  13. Coincidentally, I am now holding a genuine copy of that Time magazine issue with Zuck’s green-eyed face on the cover. Someone must have bought it back then hoping some of his “magic” rubs off to the reader (hoho – pasko na naman!).

    Here’s a piece of the main article that may be of value to Pinoys…

    “One of the interests Zuckerberg lists on his Facebook page is “Eliminating Desire”… “To me … it would be very easy to get distracted and get caught up in short-term things or material things that don’t matter. The phrase is actually ‘Eliminating desire for all that doesn’t really matter.’ ”

    Moral of the story: FOCUS is what creates Billionaires.

    Ironically Facebook (Zuck’s MMMachine) is one of the biggest distractions for “isang kahig, isang tuka” (hand-to-mouth existence) Filipinos. The next question is: Does Ressa/Rappler help us focus on what matters or not?

    1. NO! RESSA ONLY FOCUSES ON POLITICS. Because Politics is where the Filipinos are addicted to! Thank Goodness only OLD BROWN FILIPINOS indulge in Politics. Post-Partum, Pre-Teens, Teens, and, 30ish DO NOT CARE ABOUT POLITICS.

      They care about their FACEBOOK likes !!! Because these cliques know they cannot change the Philippines. They can change their Facebook profiles and pictures BUT NOT THE GENETICS THAT RUNS THE ENGINE OF THEIR DESIRE FOR SELF-DESTRUCTION.

  14. Did Inquirer gain credibility— or did it invite shame— when it named Jover Laurio 2017 Filipino of the Year? Same with TIME.

  15. Dear Time Magazine, Rappler, Maria Ressa & other journalists & giant corporate media out there.

    If you think that the journalism is now on a threat & you’re fighting for the “War on Truth” but in the end, you still stinks & your stories are full of garbage, i.e. nothing but full of lies, deception & Fake News and most of the people outside the media world have little or no trusts in you unlike before. Well, I’ll give you a “true story” of a veteran journalist who’d made his mistakes before while doing his job as a journalist & found out that writing a Fake News reports is definitely a BAD IDEA. Read his story below to find out & this will be a lesson to all of you! ?

  16. It’s probably more a war against lies, or a war for truth… since channels have now been opened in terms of information flow—which makes sorting out information supposedly easier. What’s key in this is people’s ability to handle the technological situation.

  17. We live in a world where unfortunately the distinction between true and false appears to become increasingly blurred by manipulation of facts, by exploitation of uncritical minds, and by the pollution of the language.

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