Why Revolt Won’t Work in Today’s Philippines


Revolt is the buzzword of the hour after it is claimed that French president Emmanuel Macron gave in to the so-named Yellow Vest protesters, who went to the streets and rioted, calling for Macron’s resignation. But all Macron did was promise to raise the minimum wage (a step that some economists are likely to facepalm at). And it’s only a promise. No action has yet been taken, and thus there is no sign that the protesters will get what they want. Even if that step is taken, there’s no assurance it will work. No one could safely claim yet that protests and “revolts” worked. And if the Yellow Vesters overthrow Macron, that will likely lead to disaster.

yelllow vest riot protest

I remember a post on Facebook about employees of a small store who walked out on their boss because she said “cancer is no reason to not go to work,” which offended them. While some agree the boss was insensitive, one wonders should whether the walkout was the right way of “protesting.” But some, especially the social justice warriors, would look at this walkout as a great first step to a “revolution.” They hope that everyone in a society would just strike or walk out of work and then go on overthrows of their companies and governments (same with anti-Duterte nutcases). Yes, the wet dream of the left.

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So why isn’t it that way? Why don’t workers in a company just go up in arms and take over? Or, why don’t they all walk out and so something else? It should be easy, right?

It looks easy in theory, but in practice, it’s actually dumb. As I wrote before, ousting never really solved problems. You change the corrupt leader, another corrupt leader could always replace him. You’re back to square one. I mentioned Tunisia as an example.

But in the Philippines, revolt only makes life harder. It’s for the insurgents who can depend only on robbing other people (revolutionary taxes) for sustenance. The people they are robbing don’t agree with revolting against the government. Why is this so?

Filipinos desire certainty and stability. A revolt will lead to the opposite: chaos, uncertainty and instability. A friend of mine surveyed some workers about what is the most important thing for them at work. So there were other choices, such as income, work environment, and others. The result was job security. It is important for the workers to keep a steady stream of income without interruption, no matter how big or small. It’s important especially for those I wrote about before, the breadwinners tending to breadlosers. So when a factory, company or society is in chaos after a revolution or strike, this income stream is disrupted. And that means security is disrupted. People are not willing to make that kind of sacrifice (if you can call it that).

Revolting just exposes people to a lot of unnecessary risks. One of them is this likelihood that has happened so many times: the revolters soon turning on each other. It’s happened so many times, such as after the 1700s French Revolution, after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia (Stalin’s purges) and so many other times. It’s so naive to assume that “oppressed” workers will know what to do when they take over. Squabbles ruin almost every successful takeover.

Perhaps if a serious revolt does happen in the Philippines, other Filipinos (not just soldiers or police, even ordinary Filipinos) might crush it. Kasi istorbo eh. Or they won’t support it at all. Example: May 1, 2001.

People who are annoyed by my opinion will badger me with, “so what have you done to change society?” Just being an upstanding citizen is enough. If people want me to revolt against Duterte, and do what the French Yellow vesters are doing, it’s not going to happen. Because revolting like that is not serious about change, it’s only about doing things for show.

The better revolution to do is just change your habits and lifestyle. For example, if beauty products hint that you’re not pretty if you don’t have any product on, just ignore it and believe you’re OK without them, beautiful or not. You can be happy without being rich or famous, and you don’t need any validation from anyone, because this seeking validation is what makes you buy products. Not doing so is the real revolution.

If you’re still acting based on other people’s urging and not your own, then you’re not really acting on freedom or a “revolutionary” attitude. You’re just acting as someone’s puppet.

SJWs and lefties believe societies will magically pick themselves up after the chaos. But the historical record disproves that. The revolutions or violent uprisings I’ve mentioned and many more – Yugoslavia, Soviet Union, Cambodia, to make only a few – have led to more people killed and societies turned even poorer. People have tried revolutions, and they all led to more problems. The free market may have its own problems, but it at least provides stability in life. Nothing warrants abolishing it. The best change starts at the grassroots, and at the individual level. Without individual freedom to make choices in one’s life, any attempt to make “revolutions” successful for the long-term will fall flat.

33 Replies to “Why Revolt Won’t Work in Today’s Philippines”

  1. People in France are in revolt because they are against and being threatened to live a life of “austerity” because many of them are used to the life of “luxury” and these people are ones who are up in arms, but there are ordinary people who are already adapted to life of “austerity” and are just fine with the lifestyle they chose, since the revolt is not to adopt “austerity”, it means, the leaders of this revolt wants to continue the life of living in “luxury” and if they win, the lifestyle of “luxury” continues, history repeat itself.

    Same condition goes on in the Philippines. You know who have the loudest shrill.

  2. The 1986 “Philippine Revolution” (coup d’etat). did nor work. We became as poor as we can be; our leaders became as corrupt as they can be; and the Aquinos became as narcissistic, as they can be…

    The mainstream media became the propaganda machine of the Aquinos, to promote their heroism and sainthood.

    The COMELEC Hocus Pcos and Smart Switik, elected our leaders, like
    Pnoy Aquino, Lugaw Robredo, Porky Drilon, etc…

    Former COMELEC Chief Andres Bautista, facilitated these election cheatings; and became a multi billionaire with multiple bank accounts. This crook is now a refugee in the U.S., enjoying his loots.

    Do we want another revolution ???

    1. EDSA “REVOLUTION” WAS A FAKE REVOLUTION. It was not even coup d’tat.

      IT WAS A SQUABBLE BETWEEN TWO CORRUPT GROUP OF PEOPLE and the Filipinos were just spectators.


      1. @Oration Imperata:

        Okay, whatever you call it…I don’t know what term to use…coup d’ eta, poltical zarzuela, fake revolution, Oligarch’s side show, moro moro, christian christian, katok liku liku, etc…

        We are just spectators, and we were taken for a ride by these crooks !

    1. Filipinos wins Revulsion-of-the-Century
    2. EDSA was not a Revolution !!! Philippine Fake News Media made it look like so in their WAR OF TRUTH
    3. Filipinos never won a Revolution !!!
    4. They lost to Spain for 350 years … 50 years to Americans … 5 years to Japan … and forever will be under Filipinos thru racist Philippine Fake News
    5. Gen Aguinaldo sold the Philippines for a few Mexican dollars …
    6. Japanese conquered Philippines. Filipinos surrendered. Japs rounded them up. Had them grazed to pasture. Then had them marched to their death. AND THEY ARE CALLED HEROES. DEAD HEROES. Filipinos celebrate Bataan Day a celebration of DEATH to surrenders. ABSOLUTELY NOT HEROES AT ALL. (Check out Donald Trump for his definition of Hero)
    7. ***Revolution won’t work because if Filipinos plan the revolution IT SURE DOESN’T WORK!
    8. ***After failed revolution (like EDSA) Philippines would still be run by Filipinos. IT SURE DOESN’T WORK EITHER!
    9. The only way revolution works is put Philippines under United Nation receivership with Blue Helmeted Africans taking care of Peace-&-Order

    LOOK !!!
    a. Philippines is run by Filipinos graduate from Harvard, Princeton, Brown and all IVYSchools around the US. IT SURE DID NOT WORK because they rob and rob the Philippines so much.
    b. Peace-&-Order is managed by Filipinos, THAT, TOO, IS A FAILURE
    c. POLITICAL ANALYSIS is spewed out by U.P. Ateneo and la Salle graduates STILL A FAILURE


    Who are the colonizers?
    1. Americans. #2 economy of the world
    2. Japan. #3 economy of the world
    3. Spain. #13 economy of the world

    Philippines who did not want to be colonized is …… drum roll, please …… huh? Really? #39 ? Am I seeing things? Or, I just lost my analytical mind. Please help, here is the link: http://statisticstimes.com/economy/projected-world-gdp-ranking.php

    1. RP Fake news should offer deep analysis how to get to the bottom of the top drug dealers, I CAN !!!
    2. RP Fake news should stop making news out of gossips.
    3. Columnists and Journalists should pass I.Q. exams conducted by 1stWorld countries
    4. Fake News should stop promoting “White-is-Beautiful-Brown-Pinoys-are-Inherently-Ugly” news reports
    5. Columnists and Journalists should refer to Legal Consultants when analyzing Law … Columnists and Journalists are MERE mouthpieces with false teeths
    6. Columnists and Journalists should refer to Political Consultants when analyzing politics ….


    WHY REVOLUTION SHOULD BEGIN WITH THE PHILIPPINE FAKE NEWS – Because Philippine Fake News is EDUCATION after being educated in Universities. EDUCATION this time is information so Filipinos can know who to elect to Malacanang and other elected orifices.


  5. The protesters just go back to work and still get their salary/wage. So what are you talking about? There is still certainty and stability.

      1. Tobias response to Robert is a show of Filipinos arrogance. Majority of Filipinos are like Tobias that is why their country cannot improve. One thing I like about attitude of Filipinos, like Tobias, is it makes my money run longer than Filipinos Peso.

      2. Mr. ChinoF claims (without any proof evidently) that protesting doesnt work in the Philippines because it will lead to uncertainty and instability. But that is not and never the case. So, I ask him what he is talking about. Do I make myself clear?

        1. No. That is incorrect:

          I was talking more about things like the French Revolution or Tunisia, more like successful violent overthrows of current leaders.

          See? Is that clear now?

    1. I was talking more about things like the French Revolution or Tunisia, more like successful violent overthrows of current leaders. And what happened after each of these examples, things did not improve, and the problems faced by people stayed. Perhaps you can say the same about the overthrows of both Mossadegh and the Shah in Iran, and more. Lots of cases where “revolutions” did not lead to significant improvement over the long term.

      I expect the same in the aftermath of the Yellow Vest riots. Are they really going back to work, and is it really over? Or will they get kicked from their jobs or leave their jobs? Will there be arrests of people who were present in the protests? I am skeptical that all the protesters just go back to work almost as if nothing happened. Perhaps I’m coming from a different background and expect different results based on what I’m used to. But let’s just say, I’m skeptical things will improve after these Yellow Vests riots.

      1. @ChinoF: there is actually some strong academic support for your position. I can’t even remember the title of the book now, but several years ago someone did a review of the history of popular uprisings. Although some were (eventually) successful, the majority either failed – they were brutally put down by the ruling party – or simply replaced the old boss with an identical new boss.

        So statistically speaking, the odds aren’t good.

      2. Chino,
        The promise(s) made by Macron will be delivered or else you/we will see those vests again and then harder and longer.

        I wasnt talking about a revolutiopn as in overthrowing a government or president. To do that, the crowd needs to be much bigger. I myself dont think that that will ever be possible nor doable here in (western) Europe.

        If I am not mistaken, it did work in Romania during Ceaucescus reign. He was actually killed. So, it is doable.

        Sometimes it needs to go 2 steps back and ultimately going 3 steps forward. Change needs/takes time. Rome wasnt built in a day.

        1. I agree, it’s not the end of the story yet. I just think for Filipinos to imitate that isn’t a good idea. Or at least it could be a wasted effort. Changes that are go deeper, from the ground-up, like in culture, are more likely to make a dent on things.

    The best years Philippines ever had was 50 years under Americans.
    But the few wanted Americans out!
    Americans left.
    Americans gave them Independence on a gold platter.
    ***They’d rather have the Philippines run by Filipinos like hell than Americans like heaven***


    Only few get to apply for re-colonization many others were denied. For those who were given VISA they went underground worked under the table for underpay in underground economy from caregiver to undertakers

      What is funny about Filipinos who have approved re-colonization VISAs …
      They celebrate June 12 Independence Day in Los Angeles …
      In all battle regalia, medals and all dancing Tiniqling …

      WHY ARE THEY THERE IN THE U.S. EXACTLY? Celebration of June 12 Independence Day in the US when the real Independence Day was July 4th !!! NOT JUNE 12 !!!

      I CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY THEY ARE CELEBRATING INDEPENDENCE AT ALL when you are in the U.S. They wanted to be independent then scram and left behind the country that they celebrate Independence? THAT IS SOOOOOOooooo ILLOGICAL !!!!


      If Filipinos wanted to celebrate Independence celebrate it in your country , live in that country and suffer in that country because that is what you wanted.

      DUH !!!!

      1. There are many reasons why Filipinos immigrate to the U.S or become OFW slaves in other countries. Most of us OFWs are economic refugees. Some like , former COMELEC CHIEF, Andres Bautista, are wanted for crime, like thievery. Bautista, cannot enjoy what he had stolen in his own country. Others will be there , looking for a way to steal what he had stolen.

        I bet, if the Philippines are neighbors with the U.S., like Mexico. We would be there climbing the border fence, like the , Hondurans and Guatemalans. I would had climbed also !

    2. FILIPINOS ARE JUST SPECTATORS like what happened in EDSA
    3. FILIPINOS CANNOT TRUST ANYONE remember Trillanes was double-crossed by BINAY. Remember? That is why Trillanes is after BINAY CRIME FAMILY that graduated from U.P.
    4. EDSA FAKE REVOLUTION never uplifted Filipino lives … IT BROUGHT KILLER DUTERTE TO POWER that people adored and idolized for killing drug addicts THAT RAPPLER and its owner, RESSA-Time-Person-of-the-Year, despised under the guise of HUMAN RIGHTS!
    5. ALSO REMEMBER AND BE AWARE WHAT EVER FILIPINOS TOUCHES TURN TO CHAOS. If there is a revolution or semblance of it there will be chaos. Filipinos are revolting recidivists.

    SO …. PEOPLE …. LISTEN …. REVOLUTION CANNOT WORK … BECAUSE FILIPINOS LACKS PLANNING INTELLIGENCE …. FILIPINOS CANNOT KEEP SECRETS that there will be revolution …. (remember, they published Trillanes arrest warrants before Trillanes was served?) … SO, BEFORE REVOLUTION HAPPENS, RAPPLER WINDS Up about the plan and publish it SO THEY’D BECOME Time Idiots-of-the-Year ….

    1. One good reason why revolts don’t work here is the amount of backstabbing/turncoats that is going to happen. Ningas-cogon mentality that they love to start something but they don’t finish at all. More talk, less action. For those who can do more action, they are less inclined to actually think of a strategy and instead just go out there guns ablaze screaming whatever and just eating all the bullets from the other side.

      The pabida mentality as well, that they want themselves to be written in the history books to remind people of their “heroism” when the real story isn’t as exaggerated as the one that is written, but of course, nobody cares about that because history is written by the winners. The bad thing is, we were always on the losing side, we only “won” for technicalities.

      I think a real revolution would be something of a silent protest. One that doesn’t have to deal with noise barrage and violent dispersals. Not sure if it’s been done before but that would be something different. At the end of the day, you really can’t revolt if the majority is having their fill and if that majority is actually happy regardless of the minority.

      1. NINGASCOGON? WoW! I am learning something here as always be the case … You tool around Metro Manila I see unfinished building … they boarded it up … and squatted in …

        NINGASCOGON!!! Filipinos start something and don’t finish it !!! If ever they finish it … it is haphazard just to make it look as it is FINISHED !!!

        I am sorry, Filipinos … I see it. In the U.S. if they cannot finish it we tore it down because it is an eyesore.

      2. IT IS LIKE …. “Suppose They Gave War and Nobody Came”. During the anti-Vietnam War movement of the 1960s, the title phrase of this essay became popular – suppose they gave a war and nobody came. The line has its origins in an epic poem by Carl Sandberg called “The People, Yes”.

        FILIPINOS DECLARE WAR AND NOBODY CAME … This is what happened in EDSA Fake Revolution …. and Trillanes Cowardly Revolution a revolution he was double-crossed by his supporter, BINAY FAMILY.

        So, Pinoys, never declare war … because even NPA and CPP and U.P. communist students wouldn’t be found … THEY WOULD SCAMPER AWAY WITH THEIR TAILS BETWEEN THEIR BALLS …..

  8. I wonder if China may attempt to provoke a revolt. It probably won’t work because Filipinos are so passive, but a chaotic revolution would give China the excuse it needs to step in with a “peacekeeping” force.

    That technique worked so well for the CIA they used it about half-a-dozen times during the 20th century.

    1. That’ll work perhaps if China was really interested in taking over the Philippines at all. You do know I’m a skeptic of that, since it presents no real advantage to them. But in case they do want it, probably most Filipinos won’t mind. Especially if Chinese come in bearing gifts, like dole-outs. If you say, beware Chinese bearing gifts, the Filipinos will say, but I love gifts! I wish everything was a gift so I don’t need to work!

      1. They are undoubtedly looking at Philippine natural resources with lust in their hearts. I think the only thing that stops them invading is the thought of babysitting 100 million dependent Filipinos. China is still wasting its own natural resources like there’s no tomorrow, so there may come a point where the (potential) pain of invasion outweighs the (imminent) pain of food shortages and suchlike.

        But yeah, I agree – if it actually happened, Filipinos would have absolutely no problem with it as long as China brought lots of handouts.

        1. Like all 1stWorld Countries, China would rather extract resources from poor countries than desecrate their own natural resources America for one.

          Since Filipinos DO NOT MINE THEIR NATURAL RESOURCES nor DRILL FOR OIL to “preserve” theirs and worlds environment THEY PREFER THEY OUTSOURCE THEIR HUMAN RESOURCES to other countries, otherwise, starve their children so their last whiff of air is pure and unpolluted.

          DIE FILIPINOS! DIE! DIE OF STUPIDITY! Well, Philippines is a democracy they have the right to be stupid and idiots and be dependent on other countries.

        2. The U.S. like other countries mine their resources without thinking of environment … now that we are 1stWorld we stopped and mine other countries resources.


          Possibly they cannot think right because they are deprived of nutrition which is food for the brain.

        3. “I think the only thing that stops them invading is the thought of babysitting 100 million dependent Filipinos.”

          I doubt they would bother babysitting 100 million people, a lot of us would be summarily executed and buried in mass graves. We will be of no use to them except if for a few “lucky” ones who would be too busy licking and shining their boots and to those really lucky ones who would escape. If not summarily executed then mass deportation is going to happen, 100 million people sent off to boats at sea…eventually going to die either way.

      2. Oh, there’s also the strategic position of the Philippines, of course. The US appears to have lost interest, but China seems very keen to project maritime power southwards. This chain of islands would be easy to occupy (since it’s completely undefended), but given enough military installations, would give it complete control of the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea and would potentially threaten Taiwan sufficiently to force some sort of occupation there too, thus putting a wall of Chinese territory all the way from the mainland to Indonesia.

        Just spitballing here, but China’s hubris shows no sign of abating.

  9. A completely un-researched arrticle. What is happening in France RIGHT NOW, is a bit more complicated than this article states: LOL, saying the protester’s asked for ‘Marcons Resignation’! Because, er NO , they did not! An open letter written by FRENCH GENERALS to the French people accussed Macron of TREASON and did not “ASK’ for Macron’s resignation, these Generals DEMANDED Macrons immediate resignation due to TREASON against the Republic.

    and what was the point of mentioning what happened after the purges of the Bolsheviks and the French REVOLUTION ? These purges were a necessary part of what the revolts were all about to begin with, and getting rid of one’s enemy was what those things were about.

    SO LOOK, to compare a Revolt of the order of France circa 1800 or Russia circa 1920 with what is happening in the banana Republic de Pilipinas is frikkin laughable. The parallels are few, the sides disjointed so much so that no one knows who represents what. The people are so utterly clueless that the average Juan Filipino would not know a proper revolt of it showed up on EDSA and said “JOIN US NOW!” right to their face….and even if it did, WHAT WOULD JUAN DO ?

    This product of a banana Democracy is certainly no more than a Kleptocracy run by a few Oligarchs that own the entire country and give a few crumbs to a masquerading Congress and Exceutive Branch that it doesn’t even have to do because the average Filipino would not know what to do in the event of a REAL Revolution nevermind what to do after said revolt.

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