GRP’s NFL Mid Season Referendum

You may recall I earlier wrote something on the NFL  asking questions about individual teams that will be answered when play begins for the 2018 regular season. I think now that week 9 is over, it is a good time to revisit those questions and speculate what might happen in the second half of the season. We are at that point where every team has played at least half their games.  At this point every team has at least a win and a loss so no talk of a perfect season on either side for the rest of the year.  Every year in any sport players get hurt and other players surprise for better or for worse. So here in GRP it is kind of like our version of the Trump mid term referendum but for the NFL. A league that the tambays can’t even spell.

AFC East:

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  • Yes, Tom Brady is ageless as far as 2018 is concerned. Every year Bill Belichick treats the first month of season as Week 6,7,8 and 9 of the pre-season except with a smaller roster. This evidenced by their 6 game win steak. Yet every year some people are convinced the sky is falling for the New England Patriots in September.
  • Ryan Tannehill was afflicted with a mystery injury that made backup Brock Osweiler a spot starter against the Chicago Bears back in Week 6. His play has ranged from decent to very good. Which ultimately does not matter having seen the game against the Texans where the Miami Dolphins defense had early Christmas gifts for the Houston offense. Well how much more evidence do we need that Tannehill is that Italian word fragile.
  • Sam Darnold has held his own so far as the rookie starter for the New York Jets. The growing pains are there plus the team around him is not that good, which is why Kirk Cousins signed with the Vikings instead for less money.
  • Yes, last year was a mirage for the Buffalo Bills since they decided to take two steps back and tinker with their roster for the better. For the better of the rest of the division. Somehow they have two wins this year. Which only leaves them one game out of the cellar in the AFC East.

AFC North:

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers had the rare 1-1-1 start ( shades of Uncommon Valor film nerds)  but  currently lead the division by half a game. Of course Le’Veon Bell was a distraction. A reasonable NBA analogy for him is Carmelo Anthony. The performance of his replacement  though is making Bell more and more of an afterthought. I doubt he has much leverage now with the Steelers on a 4 game win streak.
  • The Cleveland Browns have 2 wins which already beats their (1-31 ) from the previous two years. Yet they fired both their head coach and their high profile offensive coordinator. Other notes about this firing: 1) the tough part of their schedule is already behind them. 2) On the field the Browns bought into their coach. They were in 3 overtime games as well. Show me a highly drafted flop QB and I can usually show you a guy surrounded by coaching chaos.  Strike 1 Cleveland.
  • I underestimated the Baltimore Ravens defense in my preview. Yet Cam Newton ( who plays for Carolina) looks good now in part because he torched them. They lost 3 games in a row and sit currently third in the division.
  • The Cincinnati Bengals can be playoff bound again. The problem is every time they play in front of the nation ( games after 7 PM local time) Andy Dalton and company turn in a stinker. They are a half game behind Steelers but I perceive that to be the closest they get to the top all year.

AFC South

  • Indianapolis Colts finally welcomed back QB Andrew Luck and he re-injected the franchise with respectability. It helps that new coach Frank Reich has been able to protect him with both players and scheme. Still at this point they are tied for last in the division.
  • You may have heard the cliche that the QB gets too much credit during the good times and too much blame during the bad times. Hard to believe the Jacksonville Jaguars were a playoff team less than a year ago so close to knocking off the Patriots. The Jaguars have been playing lousy lately. Not just Blake Bortles. Still, it must sting when some people suggest Eli Manning will be an improvement.  They share the basement with the Colts.
  • The Houston Texans are looking good again on offense with Deshaun Watson at QB. They lost the first three games and won six straight after. That is good enough to lead the division by two games . The question is can Watson stay healthy the rest of the way.
  • The day I started finalizing this piece, the Tennessee Titans dismantled the Dallas Cowboys while playing in prime time. They currently have a .500 record and QB Marcus Mariota is still upright. The Titans, like almost any team outside of the 2017 Eagles will only go as far as their #1 QB’s ability to stay on the field.


AFC West

  • I have no idea how you can look at the moves the Oakland Raiders have made and translate it to anything other than F.U. to the loyal fans of Oakland. Their football team is already headed to Las Vegas and their last years with the team in their backyard is just putrid. As lousy as they are, they are still relevant. I mention them at least twice in other parts of this blog entry.
  • I mentioned in my preview that John Elway has not drafted a quality QB during his tenure as the Denver Broncos general manager. He released Paxton Lynch in the pre-season. Two weeks ago the Broncos cut ties with Chad Kelly after a bizarre vacuum incident. None of the five QBs he drafted are on the Denver roster. That kind of instability rarely leads to a record better than the 3-6  Denver has now.
  • The only division rival within reach of Denver are the LA Chargers. They had the same starting QB since 2006. Interesting to see if Phillip Rivers will lead his team to many wins as he has kids ( 8) . They will be getting a few players back  from injury for the second half like Joey Bosa .
  • Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes Jr. III  have the Kansas Chiefs humming at 8-1 . While offense has not been the problem, there has been a time the defense was ranked near the bottom of the whole league. They are on a three game win streak but nibbling on their heels a game behind are the LA Chargers. The best division race in the whole league?

NFC East

  • The rest of the year is not really about the Dallas Cowboys making the playoffs but whether 3rd year QB  Dak Prescott will be signed to a monster contract or let go. That is why they paid the 1st round price tag for Amari Cooper. To give  Prescott less excuses when it is contract time. If you think that it seems quite quick that his contract is almost up, normally you would be right if Dak was drafted in the first round. Prescott is in fact a third round pick and is in feast or famine mode: a huge contract in the off season, franchise tag ( huge pay raise for him) or get released. More details here. 
  • The New York Giants already benched Eli Manning last year then reneged on that decision like a Manny Pacquiao retirement. At least Saquon Barkley is showing enough ability to kind of deflect their lack of choosing a future Manning. It does not help anyone that their offensive line has more turnover than the local Liberal Party. Flowers like Mar went Independent and is now on the Titans .
  • Alex Smith is now at the controls of the Washington Redskins and is currently the biggest threat to preventing their division rivals ( Eagles) from defending their title. I did not see Adrian Peterson coming.  I thought he was Emmit Smith as a Cardinal.
  • The defending champs Philadelphia Eagles still have Carson Wentz upright which makes their current record 4-4 puzzling to some. Of course it is hard to repeat in the NFL but 4-4 ? They are missing Tim Jernigan, Darren Sproles and Mike Wallace but they are all returning this season in an effort to catch up with the Washington Redskins.

This iconic movie character reminds me of one NFL player.

NFC North

  • The Chicago Bears got on everybody’s radar the moment they plucked DT Khalil Mack from the Oakland soon to be Las Vegas Raiders. They are within half a game of  the division lead with the Vikings. That fact means that the fans of the Monsters of the Midway should be  happy with the returns of first year head coach Matt Nagy.
  • The Minnesota Vikings were one game from the Super Bowl last year. They tried to address that short fall by signing Kirk Cousins in free agency. Kirk’s Vikings halfway through the season  has lost as many as games as Case Keenum’s Vikings did over a 16 game schedule. The expectations on Cousins are very simple: Win one more game in the post season than your undrafted predecessor. The Vikings are a tie better than the Chicago Bears in the division.
  • I was lucky enough to watch the Green Bay Packer’s season opener in a public place with an adult beverage or two with my fellow NFL junkie friend. Some people likened the return of Aaron Rodgers after being carted off as Willis Reed like. Unfortunately for the Packers, Rogers may be suffering from nagging injuries from that game. He lost his last two games to the Patriots ( Brady) and the undefeated at the time L.A. Rams. The Packers faithful are already thinking what could have been only halfway through the season.
  • The Detroit Lions are at 3-5. Yet if you told Lions fans in August that halfway through the season they would be a tie ( not a win but a tie) behind the Packers they would take it. Both lost their last two games. Note, they fired their special teams coach.

NFC South

  • It looks like Tampa Bay will eventually cut ties with former first pick overall Jameis Winston.  I anticipate a Robert Griffin II treatment. Turnovers tend to provoke that. A question I asked in my preview was what did Ryan Fitzpatrick have left at this stage of his career. Well he has both great games and not so great games in his 2018 season. The decision to bench Jameis did not pay immediate dividends though against Cam Newton ( like Jameis a former first overall pick, National Champion and Heisman winner ) and the Panthers this weekend.
  • Speaking of which the Carolina Panthers seem to have brought back the 2015 Cam Newton. You know the one who lead them to a Super Bowl appearance. The word is he is very coachable this year. Some people say this is at least in part to his position coach: Norv Turner. How many people predicted them to be 6-2 halfway through the season?
  • The team leading the Panthers is the New Orleans Saints with a gaudy 7-1 record. They are fresh off yanking the LA Rams out of the ranks of the unbeaten. The Saints are that good and  this was not a surprise to some. We will see if they meet again in the NFC Finals.
  • The Atlanta Falcons came into this season with high expectations. Well here they are on a 3 game win streak with a .500 record and three games behind the Saints. Seems like if they want to do some damage this year like they did during their recent Super Bowl run then it might have to be as a wild card.

NFC West

  • The San Francisco 49ers are playing their third QB this season, which is reflected on their 2-7 record. Yet all three QBs so far do not evoke comparisons to say the Bills Nathan Peterman. One of them ( Nick Mullens ) nobody knew before his start against Oakland except maybe Brett Favre.
  • The Seattle Seahawks are  improving as the first  half comes to a close. Currently at 4-4, yet they can be dangerous if they continue improving like they have in the last month. Sad news that many of you know, they lost their owner Paul Allen last month. He bought the Seahawks in 1996 and the Portland Trail Blazers in 1988. Note the two teams are a three hour drive from each other.
  • Some people say the Los Angeles Rams are the best team in football. At the trading deadline they beefed up their pass rush. Glad to see in a world of me me athletes, Gurley ignored the wishes of people who had him in their fantasy team.  It is about winning. If the whole team thinks like that then they have a chance to be there in February.
  • The Arizona Cardinals were not exactly playoff contenders going into this season. Don’t feel too bad for the recently released veteran QB Sam Bradford. He made 15 million dollars this year. He has always been Forrest Gump like when it comes to money in a league where its own players are envious about the money NBA and MLB players make.

Tune in to the NFL to find out the answers to all these questions and for new questions.

18 Replies to “GRP’s NFL Mid Season Referendum”

  1. It is sports in the U.S. How about sports in the Philippines ? Most Filipinos don’t care about U.S. football; neither they care about U.S baseball.
    Most of the Filipinos are basketball fans. The Rizal Memorial stadium, that is now the Aquino Memorial Stadium -.. Ninoy Aquino, Jr., the worst political opportunist in our times, is presumed to be, the greatest Filipino hero of our time, even greater than Dr. Jose Rizal. Ninoy Aquino, Jr. is an over rated individual, peddled to be a “hero” by the fake news media, like ABS CBN, that served as the Aquino Cojuangco propaganda machine…

    Whoever, renamed the Manila International Airport and the Rizal Memorial stadium is looking for “cult of personality” agendas that will translate into votes and power !

    1. You are a long time member of this site . Since when does GRP write for the approval of those that define what is popular in this country. The majority love basketball only for the simple reason that is all they can comprehend. 10 guys on the court who can all dribble , pass , rebound and shoot. Ball goes in hoop. That is the horizon of their appreciation because that is the horizon of their comprehension.

      Typical myopic pinoys they honestly believe the Azkals can get somewhere when this country does not support soccer in any level . Right there pinoy entitlement

      You want me to please the majority?? Since when does GRP emulate sidewalk tabloids and / or ABS CBN ? Basketball is the most baduy sport in the world. The Philippines is the only country devoted to basketball. How far does that get them among basketball powers? Well there was this time that Gilas threw fabricated racial accusations towards the Australians which were as accurate as their shot making . And my point that I always bring up. Australia cares about many other sports more than they do basketball. And they still produce NBA players and they wipe the floor with the only dedicated basketball nation. Tunnel vision can only carry a topic so far.

      Look at this way. Based on what is produced and rewarded with sales / ratings in this country . Are you proud of the tv shows, movies and news coverage that pinoys produces and will continue to produce ? What makes you think pinoy sports is not part of that cerebral vacuum ?

      I follow sports . The pinoy follows a team sport. As in singular. Why should I dumb down my potential on your whims?

      One more thing, pinoy “sports” fans are ignorant of sports as a whole because pinoy sports writers are lousy. I will provide links if you want to things I already said here.

    2. Yessss …. Benigno Aquino and Mar Roxas and his slipper-throwing Hong-Kong citizen wife are over-rated, over-hyped and uber-covered by Philippine Fake News Media … I MEAN, ALL OF THEM … because there is NO REAL BIG BOYS MEDIA IN THE PHILIPPINES … they are run by fresh-UP graduate toddlers that speak foreign language and columnists that loves to quote dead authors sometimes in Latin like Prima Facie evidence … we do not use Latin … we simply use words that is understood by low-IQ Americans: SOLID EVIDENCE instead of prima facie … forensic evidence instead of Affidavits by bought biased jealous witnesses …

      Look, Filipinos love to quote Shakespeare and that author of Little Prince and Leo Tolstoy just to show off they read archaic medieval pieces of literature. Do these make them right? HECK, NO !!!!

      If Filipinos can resite Peter Paul Luke and Matthew from the top of their head that does not mean they are good people … THEY CAN RECITE BUT CANNOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT ….

      Take for example U.P. graduates … they top board exams but do not know what to do with their knowledge ….

      Those toddler fake journalists assigned to cover Malacanang do not know questions to ask … THEY JUST PARROT WHAT SPOKESMAN OF MALACANANG SPEW … something is wrong …. terribly wrong …. I AM HORRIFIED …

      1. I recommend to FAKE NEWS instead of hiring U.P. top-of-the-class graduates to cover Malacanang and just parrot what Malacanang spokesperson had to say without asking questions I SUGGEST they text Malacanang of their press releases … that way they do not need to hire useless air-heads to cover Malacanang then sell newspaper half-the current price so it would be cheaper for my girlfriends favorite fish vendor to wrap her fish with at lower cost.

        There are two benefits in buying fish from your closest wet fish market. They wrap your fish with newspaper. While trapped in traffic to get home you can while away your traffic jam time reading those news wrappers.

  2. Gogs’ promotional staple fandom article, dabbling into his favored NFL, for the lack of any clear, significant and immediate connective value to the Philippine socio-political and economic discourse here in GRP, other than a personal liking to it, including a rather bizarre and irreverent disdain/opposition to what the greater number of his Filipino compatriots want, of course, does not cut it.

    The western-worshiping, western-identifying starstrucked fan/victim can easily apply for the re-colonization program of the American imperialist, Oratio Imperata!

    But then, I would not know exactly if the American Oi, readily and acceptably, subscribes to his mighty declaration that “Basketball is the most baduy sport in the world!” if that naturally include Oi’s American NBA and other top basketball leagues in the world outside of it, such as: EuroLeague, Spain’s Liga ACB, Turkish Basketball Super League (BSL), Russia’s VTB United League, Germany’s Basketball Bundesliga (BBL), Italy’s Lega Basket Serie A (LBA), France’s LNB Pro A, Adriatic League (ABA), Greek A1 League, Australia’s National Basketball League (NBL), Lithuania’s LKL and the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).

    1. All those leagues you mentioned are all superior to the PBA. And they are not the only game in town. Unlike here.

      I have no idea how you figure out what is baduy but here is my method. The baduy in the Philippines are naturally maingay and conspicuous. The Pinoy way is when you lack brains just be noisy and you will be ok. The baduy love PBA and the Lakers traditionally. In the last 7 years it was Cavs and Warriors. The baduy want to be noticed. KSP is the root of all evil. Embrace the baduy all you want. That’s your prerogative. The baduy not only love basketball but they love basketball exclusively. There are no pockets of baduy in the Philippines that love Manchester United or the New York Mets or the Montreal Canadiens.

      To be baduy is to love basketball. You are welcome to either : a) prove the baduy don’t exist or b) the baduy don’t love basketball. c) tell me what sport do they love. Par for the course for anyone who doesn’t read the piece that their own comment is attached to. If it’s not your trip, ignore it. I don’t go to websites that love Justin Bieber and accuse them of ” promotional staple fandom articles”.

      GRP ‘s tagline is ” we beg to differ” . I am delivering on that promise. We are truth in advertising. Yet some complain about that the mindset doesn’t match theirs. You do realize I put this entry under Glitz and Glamour and not society right?? Elsewhere in this website you will find a review of Blade Runner 2049. If I am not mistaken also falls under :

      ” for the lack of any clear, significant and immediate connective value to the Philippine socio-political and economic discourse here in GRP, other than a personal liking to it, including a rather bizarre and irreverent disdain/opposition to what the greater number of his Filipino compatriots want, of course, does not cut it.”

      I have been here over six years and I write under the guidelines of the founders of this site. Many, many people disagree with my opinion and that is the nature of the beast. Like I said earlier, this is a country who elected a president solely because his mom died and I am supposed to assimilate to that culture by catering my writing to their mindset? No thanks. I write what I write and my fellow writers here are fine with it. Yes I have met many of them. If what I write is not your cup of tea then ignore it.

  3. I have been a long time blogger in this site. I learned that you cannot force into the throats of Filipinos, other sports than basketball. Boxing can come next, because of Pacquiao. We simply cannot force them what they are not interested to learn…

    It would be good , if Filipinos could learn more of baseball. Baseball major league players from South American countries, earn a lot, as recruits of U.S. major baseball leagues. They play in U.S. baseball major leagues, with good contracts.

    Soccer can also come next. I does not require height. Soccer recruits from foreign countries earn a lot. Europe and South American countries have huge soccer fan base.

    1. I have said in many things that I wrote that nobody poaches athletes from the Philippines. Closest thing is Roach developed Manny. That is pretty much it. Who cares about forcing things? I have fun writing what I write and I make it available. You can lead a horse to water but it doesn’t make it a duck. Of course Major League players of any nationality make a lot. The majority of them start playing baseball at 5. Soccer requires players , players require fans. No fans here support soccer to any big degree. That is why Azkals all imports who couldn’t make the national teams of their real countries. Bottom line I should get cracking and write something that the Philippines devoting their athletes to basketball and no other team sport leads nowhere. Oh I already did.

  4. I do watch NFL and been an avid fan of “San Diego” Chargers since I came to US. Still like the team, but Fuck the Owner for all I care. I even participated in NFL Fantasy League and it was so easy to update my rosters weekly. NBA Fantasy League however, was so hard to track and must update your rosters everyday. So time-consuming and stressful. I also watch MLB and NBA, but I never pick an NBA team and left it open.

    The point is everyone of us have found our likings to the best reality show on planet, which is sports. Some or most only like one sport like basketball and do not open their minds to other sports all because of “reasons”. Others are looking and found their calling to other sports like soccer, MLB, and NFL. For me, NFL is all dynamic, strategic, majestic, graceful, and crowd-pleasing along with their share of controversies such as players’ off field issues, questionable penalties, and most of all the concussion issue. NFL is becoming more popular in Europe as well so they decided to increase the venues to sell more tickets. Every week of waiting, it builds the excitement, anticipation and the momentum especially if you are rooting for your favorite team. If people in the Philippines do not open their minds on how other sports can be better than PBA, then its their losses and missing out a lot. They deserve better things to watch other than this thrashy, overhyped Baseketball but I guess they don’t want things that will get them too much to ponder.

    For us who found better things to watch, lets celebrate and be thankful that we have this. WE NFL fans truly deserve this.

    P.S. The film Concussion starring Will Smith is a recommendable film for NFL viewers.

    1. My brother is a fan of the New England Patriots because of its team and management, including coach Bill Belichick. In my time as a basketball fan back then, I always used the Patriots as a fine example of how you win championships in a sport: it’s all on the management and not just the players, not even Tom Brady himself.

      What I hate about basketball and its fans is the belief of championships were won by players and not coaches or organizations. I am deeply annoyed at most Pinoy fans, mostly fanboys, who love to gloat about guys like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant as being one of the greatest while disregarding LeBron James despite being an all-time great himself with winning 3 NBA Finals for stupid reasons like “he left the Cavs so he’s not loyal”, “he keeps on losing, look at his Finals record”, “he’s always a loser, unlike Kobe and Jordan LOL” etc. After James’ recent loss and left to join the Lakers, I am now totally relieved since I’m now tired with that nonsense and finally leave basketball. And please don’t get me with the Golden State Warriors bandwagon, which you can see from a majority of Pinoy fans.

      That’s why I shifted to soccer after watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup, from start to finish, a few months ago. The atmosphere and passion is much more different than any basketball game can offer. Hence, no wonder why the legendary Pele said soccer is known as “The Beautiful Game”. That’s why I’m watching everything soccer-related, from the Bundesliga to Chelsea to anything Tottenham Hotspur, and even playing Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager 2018 on my phone.

      And with the Philippines finally entering the AFC Asian Cup next year, I had hope for Filipino football and I will fully support it. It’s time for Pinoys to make soccer another focus and not just a basketball-focused country.

      1. First of all Ceres-Negros Fan . I am a fan of a division rival of the Patriots. I still read this book years ago on Bill Belichick. That is the beauty of football. That beauty inspired me to write this piece on the micro of the NFL even though I know very few people will relate let alone read. At $3 for the Kindle version I recommend you read it if you have not already. It was a fluke to find it in Fully Booked years ago. It addressed one thing many pro critics still hold against him to this day. His record in Cleveland. The author makes the case there is no way he would have succeeded. Some lazy people conclude that Brady was not in Cleveland so Bill is lousy.

        Your point about LeBron. He really is more in the Magic Johnson mold than the MJ mold. So what is the point in comparing?? Plus player movement in the MJ peak is much different than it is now. Even when I did write about LeBron, I hope it was done in such a way that anybody would have learned something they did not know before. Like the Belichick book, it puts a misconception into context. Besides, in the Philippines is there such a thing as a tortured sports town??? We have a 100 million population but can you name regular sporting events that the whole nation cares about that happen at least every year that are not performed in 1) Araneta Coliseum 2) Mall of Asia 3) Rizal Memorial? Three venues in Metro Manila for the whole country? How do we get others to really care outside of the NCR? Care enough to be decent athletes in any sport?? You know how big or small Green Bay, Wisconsin is but because of the Packers the nation cares. The ratings of GB regular season games dwarfs NBA playoff games.

        Pinoys have a weird way of consuming the NBA that makes any local coverage of the league unwatchable. Some I already mentioned when the first commenter insist I cover basketball only. The point of GRP is we are not like everybody else. I tried to watch basketball during the latter stages of the playoffs this year. Unfortunately I was spoiled in previous years with the basketball channel that had ZERO pinoy influence. Even if the ABS CBN feed was in HD in typical pinoy fashion they had to make it about them and not about the players and the game. I detail the experience here. So I gave up on trying to watch the NBA Finals and I paid a “small amount” and got the internet feed to watch the Stanley Cup Finals. Even that broadcast mysteriously vanished from Sky Cable.

        Of course FIFA atmosphere is different for the simple reason that the Philippines is the only nation on planet Earth where basketball is not the favorite sport but the only team sport that draws spectators. Imagine the NBA plays in two countries and is not the dominant sport in either one. So every time pinoy basketball gets whipped by any country. They always have a national team that is more popular than their basketball team. In this country the only national team we care about with players who grew up here is the basketball team. In the US more people care about the Women’s World Cup team (soccer) than the NBA filled FIBA team. The world loves soccer but I believe you should love what you love. At the same time if you don’t love something please don’t expect to be on par with nations that have loved the same thing for decades.

        This country has zero audience for soccer at the grassroots nationwide. Without an audience how will players get better if the games do not mean anything? Brazil, Mexico, Germany, France futbol is everything. It is nothing here. So we should get nothing type results compared to them. The World Cup this year Italy did not qualify and they care. We do not care. GRP is the only place you will hear that among local websites with any kind of reach.

    2. Thank you for addressing this on point. The Spanos family has been notorious all this time for pissing off the good people of San Diego. Did you know a former kicker for the Chargers went on to host Wheel of Fortune or one of those iconic game shows? For your second point. I really don’t care if pinoys avoid the NFL but to be so tunnel visioned on basketball and still be lousy at it. You may notice when I wrote this piece I took one shot at the tambays but I wrote it like I am addressing people who know a thing or two about the league already. It is not a popular topic I know but I love it. This website is all about going against the grain of pinoy thinking. Unfortunately pinoy thinking is all about one solitary team sport. That will not change overnight.

      I talk about the NFL every once in a while even if it is not the main topic of my post. The anthology is here. I never watched Concussion but I am very well aware of the issues in the movie. I inserted those issues in this post about a certain pinoy Senator who people do not mind barely attends to his duties. Thank you again.

  5. @Gogz

    Nobody gives a sh!t about the NFL outside of the US. It is a barbaric sport known to cause concussions and other serious injuries.

    I’m assuming you are based in the US as you like the NFL. I read before that benign0 is based in ANZ. Oratio “white boy” , and other commenters here are abroad as well.

    Pretty easy to be pro Martial Law + Anti- human rights in the comfort of a 1st world country eh??? The dangers of Martial Law and military rule wouldn’t affect you and your family. PRETTY EASY to call for policies that strip others of their rights WHILE YOU YOURSELF ARE NOT AFFECTED!!!

    1. The NFL plays 3 regular season games a year in London. One in Mexico. So maybe you are totally wrong. I don’t expect pinoys to appreciate it since they don’t care to comprehend sports let alone excel in them.

    2. Nah, it’s the Philippines that has the most barbaric fans when it comes to basketball.

      And please stick with the topic and not your martial law crybaby-ism since it’s irrelevant here. You’re just using it to make yourself feel better, which is a leftist thing to do.

      P.S. I grew tired of basketball. So I shifted to soccer, which is much better.

      1. @Ceres-Negros Fan

        Aren’t you a precious snow-flake.
        Too bad your’e also ignorant. Haven’t you seen the soccer RIOTS in europe. This coming from a 1st world educated country. Compared to basketball fans, they are much worse.

        1. Says the actual snowflake who think that racist comments from Pinoys when their team lose are more acceptable. Like how they mock a Croatian player during the FIBA World Basketball Championships in Spain 4 years ago.

          It’s just because soccer is the most popular game in the world. Basketball comes second.

  6. Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.

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