Shouldn’t The Best Basketball Be Enough?

The dozen of you or so who care,  know I have a few tenets in life:

  • KSP Is The Root Of All Evil
  • Pinoys have low standards
  • Pinoys jump on the bandwagon because they are front runners
  • Basketball is the only team sport pinoys are capable of comprehending
  • Basketball is only #1 in the Philippines yet other countries that prioritize other sports routinely beat us.
  • The basketball world gets along fine with zero contribution from the Philippines


I miss the presence of NBA Premium on my cable provider. It was included when I asked for the HD sports package three years ago. If I recall, their NBA coverage had zero local influence. Even the commercials were meant for a foreign audience. If we still had NBA Premium maybe I would actually watch the upcoming NBA Finals. Like the way God intended it to be viewed. The best basketball players in the world shooting, passing, rebounding and dribbling.

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Instead without NBA Premium I am at the mercy of Sky Sports and Action . Yes the action is in HD unlike the NFL in this country.  Despite that I am already subjected to typical brain numbing pinoy commercials when they go back to the game I am bombarded by onscreen tweets of people all saying they are for Golden State plus informing us how little work is being done at their place of employment. Makes you think they will get around to asking Leni Robredo for a quote.


That is the essence of Pinoy saling pusa pakisama culture. Insert yourself in a place that you don’t belong. Which is exactly what Andy Bautista did, but I digress. Typical pinoy stupidity means shoehorning themselves into a swimming medalist in the 2016 Olympics , Infinity Wars and the recent Royal Wedding. Why am I not surprised they would do that in the NBA Finals? Jordan Clarkson emerged from a Filipino womb. That is it. He did not go to school here or train here. There is a story online that he wanted to play for Gilas. You know why it’s a story? He is not good enough to play for Team USA. You know, a team that  gets angry when it only gets silver. Is your life really so empty that you have to go there??


I listen to sports talk radio 365 days a year. It is usually a great substitute for watching a meaningless regular season game the day before. Despite listening to Will Cain, Colin Cowherd, Bill Simmons. Dan Patrick , Golic and Wingo talk about the current NBA playoffs all the time I never heard the name Jordan Clarkson once. Those of you who actually watch the games know better than me than the Cavaliers are starved for somebody on the team to be a Robin to LeBron James’ Batman. Look at Clarkson’s playoff stats.  He is a non factor in every category.  In a culture that is starving for attention we have to celebrate a full grown adult’s entry into the world back in 1992 in order to attach ourselves to relevance in 2018.

KSPs always wanting to attach themselves to relevance since they themselves are irrelevant. I love that last point.

Whenever I publish something in GRP that ridicules how useless pinoys are at international competition and how so much of their success depends on people who are not even pinoy  I get told I know nothing about sports. That is rich coming from a culture that only knows basketball. I have seen six different professional sports in person. Five of them ( hockey, football, golf, basketball and baseball ) at the highest level. Besides all that, any idiot can tell you that a country that only focuses on basketball must be doing a lot of things wrong if nobody comes here to poach players. The same case exists in the local coffee industry. There is a disconnect between pinoy pride and pinoy reality. Bill Parcells says you are what your record says you are.  The reality is the world does not pay to drink pinoy coffee or see pinoys play basketball. So what does ABS CBN do? They pollute their coverage with pinoys telling you they are watching the show you are already watching. That is a pinoy’s idea of additional value. Feeding the need of pansin somehow makes your sports broadcast more appealing.


Nobody cares about pinoys playing basketball. Either get better or accept it. Shouldn’t the best  basketball be enough? The best team from the Eastern conference vs the best team from the Western conference in a 7 game series for the right to be the best basketball team in the planet. The basketball itself should be enough. Why should I care about who is watching, where they are watching and that they are not cheering for Houston? Pinoys are so giddy because the NBA Finals is the only championship game on Planet Earth that is not played locally that taho vendors  can even identify. Emo pinoys have to insert themselves in a stage that shuns them. Other sports coverage do fine without it. Having to see this has made the coverage unwatchable for me. I choose instead to watch NBC’s coverage of the Stanley Cup Final.  That is the world’s best hockey league. Fast, strong athletes dishing out passes, shots and hits. Zero mention of people of any culture inserting their thoughts where I feel they do not belong. No pinoy presence. After watching just a little of the ABS-CBN coverage of the NBA WCF that fact is quite appealing. The hockey is enough to hook somebody who wants to watch sports. Pinoys deep in their soul want the attention without any preceding achievement. That is why it was so easy to sell Noynoy as president.   Despite being the only culture completely dedicated to basketball the NBA itself is devoid of pinoy influence for a reason. I will let you figure that reason out.

22 Replies to “Shouldn’t The Best Basketball Be Enough?”

  1. NBA or no NBA. If a Pinoy, who have a little blood of Filipino, running in his vein makes it to the NBA. The Filipinos, would identify him as a Filipino.

    We are so starved of sports heroes, that we cling to anybody, with just a shade of Filipino, as a Filipino.
    We cannot be a champion, of ourselves, by ourselves. Manny Pacquiao, who is being called: “Pambansang Kamao”, is an example. He is a boxing champion. We identify with him; without any sweat: we are also a boxing champion.

    I don’t know , if this is just a plain stupidity on our part. Or we are just lazy, to accomplish anything on our own.

  2. I really dont understand it (from a PH perspective). Many sports (basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, football/soccer, to name just a few) are the easiest way to get out of poverty. So, all one has to do is train, train and train (that is practise) and have some talent that can be developed in becoming a top notch player. Obviously, everything starts with talent.

    1. Answer is not easy . Look at my previous posts about Olympics , basketball and other sports. Internally we are lousy in developing athletic competitors. Our amateurs love only basketball yet that translate to zero advantage overseas. Its a weird cycle, Pinoys feel entitled, they get their a$$ kicked, they still feel entitled. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  3. I am a basketball fan myself but i need not show to the world the team i am rooting for. That is unnecessary, who cares if other viewers see me watching an NBA game on TV! i have to admit that this is plain crap KSP mentality. ABS CBN’s TV coverage of our national pastime (second to gossips, of course) is now as “bakya” that it fell short of seeing the inanities of showbiz tsismis. why can’t we go back to the old TV coverage where analysts explain every basketball play incisively instead of reading tweets and loads of commercials that bored me to death! No wonder ABS CBN coverage of the NBA sucks!

  4. Gogs, you are also a Pinoy hockey fan? Cool! We are very rare in Pinas, aren’t we?! Like we are some ultra-secret society who speak a totally alien language to our countrymen! ????

    Who is your team? I have been rolling with the Minnesota Wild since 2006! But am rooting for the Caps this SCF!

    1. Saw my first game in person Dec 1980 Canucks- Penguins. 10-4 . Watched a lot of playoff hockey on TV mid 80s , early nineties. Loved listening to hockey on the radio . Even in the car, Do yourself a favor and look up Don Cherry in YouTube. Original Donald Trump.

  5. It’s pretty sad, the 80s to 90s we saw how the ramp up of the NBA showing easily seen spectacles with mass media covering Basketball pretty much mesmerized Pilipinos. It’s a shame, the Philippines had somewhat the best Baseball teams during the 50s to 60s, but I guess our modern day history books and easily distracted population don’t care about it.

    1. The rest of the region caught up. Pinoys though feel entitled. Everybody loves cutting in line they have no idea how to play fairly , by the rules and compete Hence “PUSO!!!”. Translation who cares what the scoreboard says?

      1. That’s nothing compared with what Cayetano has to say with own brand of PUSO Diplomacy:

        At a congressional briefing on the recent developments in the West Philippine Sea (WPS), ACT-Teachers Rep. France Castro asked Cayetano what advantages the country have against China.

        “Ma’am, pasensya na po sasagutin ko kayo sa lengwahe ng basketball: ‘puso.’”

        “Kumbaga sa basketball po matangkad sila, mas masustansya kinakain nila… pero tayo puso.”

      2. It’s sadder than that, just like our modern sports organizations and Olympic Committees, infighting and corruption killed Baseball in the Philippines.

      1. And speaking of Fake News, here’s a video clip of Lebron James had walkout from a post game interview after he was pissed by an annoying journalist who’d interviewed him after his team, Cleveland Cavaliers lost to Golden State Warriors on Game 1 last Friday. You know what those journalists of today gonna make some money to screw a guy who had a bad day:

  6. The Peenoise surely love to show their “dicks”, whether they be about their Christian faith or the sport of basketball, in public. So that’s why despite sports coverage in any other culture don’t have those stupid shoved down our throats, onscreen tweets.

  7. Anybody who thinks for 1 nano second I am exaggerating that pinoys think too much of themselves and their place in a stage that ignores them please read this recent article and their extremely misleading pinoy headline that works for the KSP pinoy audience.

    Kisses Delavin apologizes to Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant

    Usual Fake headline for a pinoy movie that has fake quality using the NBA. KSP is the root of all evil.

  8. If you’d watched the entire games of 2018 NBA Finals between Cleveland Cavaliers & Golden State Warriors in a “historic” rivalry and you’re rooting to either those teams or both. Guess what? This year’s NBA Finals TV ratings was slump & their rematch was really boring just like what we’ve watching Pacquiao-Marquez fight all over again with a but of boo-boo. 😀

  9. With the recent Royal Rumble in FIBA I noticed a few people in the GRP FB page saying GRP should never write about sports. Well I will answer them here since this is one of the many times I ventured into sports in the GRP context.

    Mark Lester Paredes Lorenzo Sa politics lang puede ang page na ito, di puede sa Sports analysis

    Amina Miwin GetRealPhilippines, this is not your expertise.
    Post something relevant and not in sports.
    For us, your posts on sports means nothing to us.

    Thadeo San Pablo Your anti-fiba rants mean nothing to sports enthusiasts. Just stick to your anti-yellow blogging sentiments that your fans love.

     That is rich coming from a culture that only cares about basketball that you get to confine who gets to talk about sports. This blog is about pinoy culture and the last time I looked the pinoys being the only country in the world that focuses 99.999% of their attention to basketball with negligible results is a cultural phenomena.  If  you don’t like me making fun of that then : Go back to Russia. 

    Lea Marie Glad to see these whiteheads getting whipped by my kabayans????

    Lea Marie, last I looked the sport in question was basketball and the deficit was 36 points. So as far as your use of the word “whipped” I want you to consult with my friend Indigo Montoya

    Norberto Mortel have you played basketball ?

     Even if the answer is no, so what? Many people critique movies even if they never made one professionally. Besides all the GRP takes on basketball critique pinoy’s attitude toward basketball and not the team’s passing, rebounding and shooting. You are questioning our attitude and yet we can’t question the attitude of the pinoy fans? 

    Mark Lester Paredes Lorenzo Starting to dislike this page

    It  took a basketball article for you to come to that conclusion? We must be slipping. 

    Mark Christian Banag stick with bashing yellowtards

    Who are you to tell me not to bash the  ignorant, tunnel visioned , close minded people totally unaware of the other fine team sports this world has to offer?


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