Is Hanlon’s Razor Even Applicable to A Society That is Chronically Committed to Harm Itself?

“Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by ignorance.’ – Hanlon’s razor

When a person is intelligent, and it shows, he is often referred to as a show-off and seen to be arrogant. Well it can be that that person is indeed arrogant, or it may just be an inaccurate perception of confidence for cockiness. There’s a big difference.

And it all boils down to envy to some that are in possession of what the others had only been drooling fo r. Come on, the dude has it and you don’t, how bad can that be? But depending on who you got on your side, one may go along with Small Mind in whining about the ‘injustice’ and hurling insults and labels to the ‘pompous’ intellectual. Or you can say along with Big Mind with eyes teeming with excitement ‘damn, he’s got his shit together, I’d be that too!’

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If one will follow Big Mind, what he’ll do is work on his shit, adjust something here and there, and even emulate some of the qualities of the other until such time that they are no longer dizzy and intimidated with the mere presence of the intellectual. One will cease utilizing argumentum ad hominem and just have a plain conversation of the mind, devoid of prejudices and deal-breaker emo. What you’ll gain is a sound state of mind at par with the intellectual you once envied.

In today’s society however, Small Mind almost always gets the final say. Because they allow it to, of course. In doing so, they are unwittingly imposing upon themselves their self-created caste system in labelling the others as the intelligentsia and themselves as the proletariat and limiting themselves in the process. They strongly believe that it puts them on a morally higher ground which automatically demonizes the other and labelling them anti-poor, know-it-all, yada yada yada. They detest the disparity. They abhor it to the bone.

But what baffles me is that most of all the self-labelled commoners relish that hollow me-good-they’re-evil rhetoric. Perhaps because their ‘I am a victim’ tenet is further substantiated and justified – which actually accomplishes nothing on their part. They resort to this pathetic excuse when confronted to change internally to improve their plight. They’re appalled at the sight of the required monumental internal work to be done to transcend from being a parasite to a dignified man ready to roll his sleeves and start working towards the betterment of his identity and country.

And so they postponed confronting it, indefinitely. Left alone, the elephant in the room already evolved into a leviathan, whose presence they wish they will only see once and no more.

8 Replies to “Is Hanlon’s Razor Even Applicable to A Society That is Chronically Committed to Harm Itself?”

  1. In the case of Filipinos, the appropriate epithet would be: “never attribute to ignorance that which can be adequately explained by malice”. Although they do seem to embody a toxic combination of both, such that it’s difficult to discern the separate effects of either.

  2. Some of the blog comments here in the GRP are thought provoking. I learn much from reading them.

    I am happy that the GRP Web Blog is involve in informing us, and opening our minds for better view of issues. We , as GRP bloggers have good debates and discussions on various issues, affecting our country. We all can contribute much of our “carabao sense” to our readers.

    Of course, there are web trolls, who are nuisance. There are also “know it all” bloggers. There are some trolls who want to exchange with them, “blog spats”. There are paid trolls, paid by crooked politicians, who are bent to discredit you and even malign you.

    I, myself don’t want any quarrel with anybody in this blog site. However, if anybody is looking for it…I will give what they are looking for !

    1. They are called Know-it-All because the readers know what the person is writing about is based in unadulterated pure knowledge, hence, Know-it-All.

      Filipinos hate fellow Filipinos who know it all for the simple reason FILIPINOS DO NOT KNOW AT ALL.

    2. Another thing I noticed about Filipino “writers” they quote dead-men famous authors. American OP-Ed writers very very very seldom quote Dead Poet Society. Americans and Europeans and Canadians and other countries ruled by whites never quote Dead Author Society because their OP-Ed is more than enough to expound their piece.

      MY PRESCRIPTION TO FILIPINOS no co-payment necessary … WATCH AND READ AMERICAN NEWS WEBSITES 3x a day Everyday for the rest of their lives

      WARNING: Side Effects … YOU BECOME MR. KNOW IT ALL AND FILIPINOS HATE FILIPINOS WHO KNOW IT ALL, 2ndly, you lose friends. Happily they are friends who doesn’t know it all, 3rdly, WELCOME TO THE INTELLIGENTSIA !!!!

  3. BIG MINDS abhor killings
    SMALL MINDS relish killings

    Those who abhor killings think they are the intelligentsia
    Those who relish killings think they are the intelligentsia

    BIG MINDS in the Philippines are actually small minds. They are ensconced in moat-and-drawbridge 24/7/365 armed response security tony subdivisions. They are safe

    SMALL MINDS in the Philippines are actually big minds. They live in unsecured dilapidated high-rise condominiums clothes fluttering out the windows to dry

    BIG MINDS have phalanx of typists and army of notaries to create affidavits as their forensic evidence
    SMALL MINDS screams for forensic evidences

    Here are step-by-step instructions for New England residents who are interested in becoming a Notary Public:

    1. Make sure you meet all of the requirements (see below).
    2. Take a 6-hour training course from a New England state-approved vendor.
    3. Complete the New England Notary Public application form.
    4. Pass a state-administered exam. Application, $40 application fee, and 2” x 2” color passport photo due at the exam.
    5. Submit the “Request for LiveScan Service” form with your fingerprints for your background check. 6. The Department of Justice has a list of Live Scan locations.
    7. Receive your commission certificate from the state.
    8. Get your $15,000 surety bond.
    9. File your bond and oath of office with the county clerk within 30 days.
    10. Buy your Notary journal and Notary stamp from a designated vendor.
    11. Get errors and omissions insurance (optional, but strongly recommended).
    12. If you want additional training, look for continuing education courses or consult Notary experts for guidance.

    SMALL MINDS, BIG MINDS … the battle lives on forever … IT IS FUN …

    1. Philippine BIG MIND notary public requirements:
      1. Graduate of Day Care
      2. Graduate of pre-school
      3. Graduate of kindergarten
      4. Graduate of Elementary
      5. Graduate of High School
      6. Graduate of College
      7. Graduate of POLITICAL SCIENCE
      8. Graduate of LAW SCHOOL

      BEFORE A FILIPINO CAN NOTARIZE. Small Minds Americans only require 6 hour of notarial school and must be at least 18-years old !!!



      Filipinos rely on Typewritten Notarized Affidavits because it is notarized by LAWYERS !!!

      Once Affidavits are issued there will be war of COUNTER-AFFIDAVITS …. These battle of affidavits is like having a back-and-forth conversation but it is typewritten and notarized. BIG DEAL? Aha! ha! ha!

      NO BIG DEAL TO US … because we do not tell people that FBI and DOJ coming over to gather forensic evidences WE JUST SWOOP DOWN UNANNOUNCE LIKE WE SWOOP DOWN IN ABBOTTABAD PAKISTAN TO KILL BIN LADEN.

      In the Philippines they announce in complicit with ignorant fake Philippine News and they attack. By the time they get there all forensic evidences has been cleaned.


  4. The Elite have Big mind because they are more “educated”, the Ordinary people have Small mind because the are less or not “educated”. Big mind solution to any problem, passed it on to the ordinary people.

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