Martin Romualdez, Bringing Back Malasakit and Reviving Lakas CMD

One English translation of the Filipino word malasakit is concern and it seems inadequate.

Malasakit isn’t simply caring or a state of being emotionally invested. It is also a value demonstrated in one’s behavior towards others (malasakit sa kapwa) and towards work (malasakit sa trabaho). Malasakit is manifested in going above and beyond one’s duty in the service of a common good — which most people say is quite a rare attribute among public officials.

Lakas CMD President Martin Romualdez vows to continue his malasakit brand of public service as he runs to reclaim his seat as representative of Leyte’s first district. He hopes to take over the seat from his wife Yedda Romualdez who is running for a seat at the House of Representative as the nominee of Tingog Sinirangan party-list.

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Although often mentioned as being the son of former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos’ younger brother Benjamin “Kokoy” Romualdez, Martin has long made his own way in the world of politics and public service.

Martin is credited for the passage of RA 10754 or the PWD law which exempts those with disabilities from paying Value Added Tax on certain goods and services. He had also hoped to work on passing a law requiring companies to “identify a percentage of their employment opportunities for qualified, industry-matched PWDs and other members of vulnerable sectors.”

This is something that I am watching out for because my son stands to benefit from such a law, should one be enacted. Which is why I have urged may of my waray friends from Leyte to vote for Martin as well as Tingog.

Martin’s return to the House of Representatives also signifies a resurgence of the Lakas CMD Party. Together with Quezon third district representative Danilo Suarez and other Lakas CMD stalwarts, there is a good chance this party will gain more adherents.

The party, which launched the presidencies of Fidel V. Ramos and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, has reached out to old members who may not feel completely at home with PDP Laban and opens its doors to new members.

Sources in the House of Representatives say that Martin was instrumental in installing Macapagal Arroyo as House Speaker and has strong ties with President Rodrigo Duterte as well as his daughter mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio.

What makes Martin’s return to congress worth noting is that parties, not just personalities, seem to be coming to the fore.

Previously, PDP Laban had published its senatorial slate which was comprised mostly of lawmakers and one former local executive.

Too bad though that the Liberal Party’s own Mar Roxas has eschewed running under the party his grand father founded.

Nevertheless, Martin doesn’t hold a grudge against Roxas whom he publicly acknowledged for risking his life and doing all he can for those who fell victim to the onslaught of Typhoon Yolanda.

To me, this seems like a key trait that would make for a unifying leadership not only in the House of Representative but perhaps, soon, also on the national political stage.


11 Replies to “Martin Romualdez, Bringing Back Malasakit and Reviving Lakas CMD”

  1. I will not endorse any political candidate or political party in my blog. It is up to the electorates to choose who they want to vote.

    Mar Roxas, the thief of the Typhoon Yolanda Fund is running as an independent for Senator. “Leopards do not change their spots”, a saying goes. I don’t believe that Mar Roxas will change his ways also.
    He was, as a longtime Senator, in the Aquino era, involved in various Senate Investigations, that destroy his Liberal Party opponents.

    He and Pnoy Aquino were the masterminds in the 2016 HOCUS PCOS and SMART SWITIK election scam, that elected Lugaw Robredo, as fake Vice President. Pnoy Aquino and Mar Roxas, made that crook, former COMELEC Chief Andres Bautista, have multiple bank accounts. That crook , Bautista is now hiding in the U.S., enjoying his loots.
    Where did Bautista get his money ? Who gave him such huge amount of money ?

    What legislations had Mar Roxas passed, during his tenure as a Senator, to improve our lives and the country as a whole ?

    I do not trust, Mar Roxas, in anything, any way. There is no goodness, in any part of this guy’s body or bones. He is Fake, Phony and is a Thief . A consummate political opportunist !

  2. Wow. Since when did GRP turn into a paid hack site for the marcoses. Shocking! (No, really). Glad to see you finally reveal your true colors. Hope your mouth wasn’t too tired from the oral fellatio you just performed. Lolz that was porn star level performance.

    1. Wow, as expected from a paid Yellowtard hack. Shocking! (No, really) Glad to see you fully expose yourself. Hope your pussy isn’t too tired from being continuously raped by the Yellow Narrative. Lolz that’s some high-level shitposting from a Yellow troll like yourself.

    2. Says the guy who keeps on doing numerous porn star level performances through relentless TROLLING and SHITPOSTING on this page and he even put up someone like Mar Roxas who literally said this 5 years ago:

      “You have to be careful that you are a Romauldez and the president is an Aquino. If we cannot legalize [the turnover of authority to the national government], you’ll be in charge, we’ll help you, and that’s it, pero bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo.”

      Take your TROLLING to somewhere else, son. You just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote.

      1. @Geiz LOL son. Your trash talking can’t even keep up if you keep trying to steal a page from this master’s playbook.

        Romauldez is AS MUCH TO BLAME then Roxas in the Yolanda fiasco. He was obviously out of his depth and showed that he couldn’t handle a crisis. Why not turn over authority immediately? BOTH played politics, yet SHEEP like you and Paul here accept him in the fold coz he plays for your team/ benefits you.

        Getting something by compromising your values is called PROSTITUTION which is what GRP has done. I hope they give you solid A-time.

        He comes off as a sniveling loser like you Geiz. I remember him crying at the press conference like a BAKLA. Did George Washington cry in times of crisis. Maybe Geiz , Paul and him can go off in a devil’s threeway

        All aboard CHOO CHOO CHOO!

        1. You’re missing the point. He cried because of what happened to him in his conversation with Roxas during that time.

          If anything, you’re basing this on your anti-Marcos whining and nothing else. Bobi Tiglao’d article about this makes sense because what Roxas displayed is “arrogance of power”.

          Nice try, son. You need to do better than that. Your own brand of prostitution is being continuously raped by the Yellow Narrative and a closet Mar Roxas fanboy. Typical…

  3. Paul Farol wrote that? Seems a bit unlikely. The style is completely different.

    As for RA 10754, it’s another completely stupid law that just papers over the original problem: VAT shouldn’t even exist in the first place, especially in a country like the Philippines where the burden of tax, and tax process, is already unbearable.

    Sort out the tax system so that it’s fair and reasonable, and then it won’t be necessary to create endless exemptions for “the disadvantaged” – cf. that other piece of pointless drivel, the TRAIN law.

  4. It doesn’t sound like ‘malasakit’, however you paint it. How does exempting PWDs from realities of life becomes ‘malasakit’? Is it for common good that you exempt PWDs from taxes while charging more to non-PWDs? There’s only one side benefiting, so there’s no common good there. Is it ‘malasakit’ to dictate how businesses should hire employees?

  5. An acquaintance merely enjoys your company, a fair-weather companion flatters when all is well, a true friend has your best interests at heart and the pluck to tell you what you need to hear.

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