Filipinos have Mocha Uson and the Yellowtards have Jover Laurio. Who’s gonna win?

Now that former Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson is a private citizen, she can start blogging. Like a real blogger. Just like that other one who’s been styled by no less than Rappler and its community of Jesuit- and nun-educated cheerleaders as the preeminent blogger of the Philippine Opposition led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards). The winner will be the Filipino audience who get front-row seats to a brilliant match of wits over the Net. Jover Laurio blogs and Mocha Uson blogs. Who’s gonna win? That remains to be seen. But the lines are drawn and pens and keyboards are locked and loaded.

In an ambush interview following her resignation from government service, Uson issued the first battle cry. “Bakbakan na talaga ‘to!“. We still have to hear from The Yellowtard Blogger. Is she up to the challenge?

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The more interesting question is, how deep a bench of political bloggers do the Yellowtards wield. Is Jover all they’ve got? In basketball-crazy Philippines, depth of bench is an important factor to consider when placing bets. Even more interesting, the Yellowtards have designated Twitter as their battlefield

Is this a smart move? Compared to Twitter, Facebook, where Uson is queen, is the preferred platform for political discussion amongst Filipino Netizens. In terms of engagement and referral traffic, a Facebook post is at least ten times as valuable as a tweet byte-for-byte. Twitter is also known to be an echo chamber of the private school village-raised elite minority of Philippine society. This can be seen in the way elite stuff largely irrelevant to the masses (UAAP games, university rivalries, SJW causes, etc.) easily “trend”. As such, Twitter chatter has long proven to be an unreliable cross-section of the general sentiment of the Filipino public.

This is the trouble with the Yellowtards and the broader Philippine Opposition that follows their lead like sheep. Rather than understand the enemy, they prefer to assure themselves in their quaint love-in soirees that theirs is the superior and morally-upstanding force and intent. In being so focused on the imagined ascendancy of their lot, they routinely underestimate who and what they’re up against — just like they did back in 2016 when then presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte came out of left field to seize Imperial Manila from the Liberal Party.

The Opposition will do well to consider what their next move will be and not underestimate what Uson is now capable of now that she is free of the conventions demanded of her when she was part of the Malacanang team. One obvious step is to ditch the Yellowtards and the choir of fallen saints they habitually worship. In doing so, the Opposition will become less of an insult to the intelligence of the Philippine electorate and more of the respectable Opposition Filipinos deserve — one that is a productive part of the modern democracy Filipinos aspire to build.

12 Replies to “Filipinos have Mocha Uson and the Yellowtards have Jover Laurio. Who’s gonna win?”

  1. It’s just simple: Facebook had a larger audience and it was mainly used by the general public. Only a few use Twitter and it had limitations when posting tweets.

    But on topic: Mocha is more tolerable compared to Jover Laurio TBH. Only the Yellowtards and the anti-Duterte shcmucks would agree to her, along with her vile and vicious content.

  2. mocha uson should focus where the DAP money goes and how it was spent. That’s the best she can do for the country and its people.

    1. LOL. What would be the point? It goes to the same place every government department sends its funds:

      a) a big hole in the ground.
      b) somebody’s Swiss bank account.

      How do we know? Because absolutely nothing of value has ever come out of the DAP, or from any other quasi-governmental organisation set up to further “development”. The only logical conclusion is that their funds are being stolen or wasted.

      1. By “Big hole in the ground” you probably mean unfinished road projects? Because I have a few choice words with how our roads are done, at least from my perspective.

        Our subdivison recently had our front road “fixed”, by that I mean a new cement work. Not sure what they actually did, could be the flood ways (which they already did not too long ago), or road widening, or clearing. My problem with them is that the workers seem to be taking a damn too long of a time to actually complete this project, for half the side of the road no longer than 100 meters.

        The only time I ever see progress being made is on Mondays, so that means they only seem to work our road on weekends, which then means that our front has unusable road area that lasted much longer than it should have been (I think it’s two months now already). This resulted in rather unsatisfactory traffic conditions because only half the road is usable, and some of the parking lot space for our commercial area can’t be used.

        I would have preferred they just work on it as quick as possible, or they don’t work on it at all. The latter case I prefer on some other projects that really raised my eyebrows. Like, WHY in the world would you put an overpass and FORCE people to use it… on a subdivision that is home to a sizable amount of elderly citizens??

        So… yeah. I guess my point is that there seem to be a lot of shady projects going on, and money being wasted.

        1. @Random: it’s just a colloquial phrase in English meaning “disappeared”.

          But yeah, funny you should mention about the roads. I remember passing one of those signs by the road that says “this is where your taxes go” … right next to an ACTUAL huge hole in the ground. Sadly I was on a bus and couldn’t take a photo. What made me laugh is that the hole had no obvious purpose. There were some halfhearted signs that it was a construction site, but exactly what they were constructing was a bit mysterious.

          I think it’s common knowledge that the DPWH are still running neck-and-neck with the BIR and the BOC for the annual “most corrupt bunch of thieving crooks” prize. Acquaintance of mine in the industry told me about the obligatory suitcase of cash that gets handed over when bidding for public works.

          Every time I see a gang of idiots “working” on road “repairs” I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The ridiculous thing is, if they did it properly it would not only last longer, it would be cheaper, and they could steal more money than they do already.

  3. Twitter has that 160-character limit… thats why it isnt that popular with pinoys. I reckon pinoys use instagram a lot more than twitter.

  4. No matter how the hackers will gonna hack Facebook or there’s a glitch on it, Facebook & other social media is the new weapon of information & propaganda, not the printing nor mass media. We’re now in the Information Age and surely the political, economic, social & cultural ideas will change as well just like what it did in the 19th century Industrial Age. There are pros & cons in it & the only thing that it didn’t change is the human nature in which, of course, if humanity uses social media, they’ll gonna show their emotions, their ideas & their reasons by posting their messages on Twitter or Facebook or other social media out there. And that’s how social media works!

    Anyway, if both Mocha Uson & Jover Laurio will run on politics in the same position on next year’s election like if they’ll both run for a Councilor on the same district, then surely Mocha Uson will win but if they’ll both run for a Senate position, then both of them will never make it to the Magic 12 however Mocha Uson will get more votes than Jover Laurio (maybe she’ll be on the 13th spot while Ms Jover is below on Top 15). Just my 2 cents.

  5. Okay…it is now “war” between Mocha Unson and the YellowTards/Opposition. Let us wait and see the results.

    The trouble with the YellowTards/Oppositions is they will initiate to close your accounts, on FaceBook, Twitters, etc…
    If they cannot close your accounts. They will infect your computer with viruses, malware, etc…they will try to shut you up in any way they can. They don’t play fair !

    1. Next election will be about beauty contest … Younger Men will go for Mocha Uson … older women for Laurio … Those who think they have the brains vote for Laurio and those who don’t have the brains votes for Laurio still.

      Here is the stat … 45,000,000 Filipinos are 24 years or bit older … surely, they will vote Mocha.

  6. Filipinos have Mocha Uson and the Yellowtards have Jover Laurio. Who’s gonna win? Beauty-wise Mocha Uson wins with my hands down…there

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