Oil Price hike, nanaman?


In the midst of big time oil price increases in the country, you can hear every Juan and Pedro complaining about how harder it will be to make ends meet. Some will go to the extent of politicizing the price increase just to be able to throw some cheap shots at the Duterte admin. Yes, I get it, it’s more than a peso increase per liter, so what? I get so irritated when these people complain about the price increase but still get their premium coffee at a popular coffee shop (yes, that is the one with the crowned lady logo) and spend their time tapping away on their expensive smartphones.

Let us put their complaints in proper perspective, shall we? So the price increase for unleaded gasoline is about 1 Peso. To simplify my point, let us assume the following scenario at 1 Peso price increase. For a normal city dweller working his ass in a 9 to 5 job, he will need to fill up his 45 Liter tank 2 times in a month. With the price increase he needs to shell out additional 45 pesos for each full tank which translates to 90 pesos increase in a month. So am I correct in saying, he has a car, a decent job (I am assuming decent since he does have a car), his budget is heavily impacted by 90 pesos enough to post hatred on social media using his expensive smartphone?

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On another scenario, another bloke, working a blue collar job, commuting to his work daily, his fare will soon increase by few centavos if ever, due to the increase in oil price. Let as assume 25 centavo increase, that is 0.25 times 26 workdays a month is equal to 13 pesos increase in jeepney fare expenses in a month. That is worth a few sticks of cigarette or few pieces of candy from the takatak boys. How about daily necessities price increases, you ask? Well didn’t you just have your annual salary increase as well as corrections due to salary standardization? That should lessen the impact of the price increase. Also consider that one has been incurring cost by way of “investment” in that 800M Lotto Jackpot. Grabeng mahal ng bilihin ngayon!

It’s simple, really. Oil prices are just one of those things which we are hardly in control of. And speaking of variables, oil prices are just one of the considerations when buying a car. The Philippines does have a very active car culture. Despite this, the typical Pinoy would rather think only about the initial cost of owning a car. It is a clear case of “we need to take out that car loan or else our kumpare / kumare / kapitbahay / kaibigan / etc. will take out their car loan ahead of us, and that is bad”. They consider how maporma and hightech / late model the car is, how fast the top speed is, etc etc. — things which really do not have any substance at all with regard to the car’s intended purpose. Another desired quality of the car is if it is matipid sa gas. Come on, if you drive an 800 cc car and try to drive it at its maximum limit kasi mabilis,do not expect matipid. And by the way, if your major concern when buying a car is fuel economy then I think you are better off commuting.

Gasoline, together with proper maintenance, insurance, proper driving documents, proper driving etiquette are all major items which needs to be looked up and have cost impacts to be considered. Surely, you knew this before and so, stop complaining when any one of the items needed increases in price. Otherwise, mag commute ka na lang. As a side note, the Philippines did have the oil price control  and the OPSF (Oil Price Stabilization Fund), so that there was minimal impact to pump prices during the late 70’s and early 80s. The Pinoy idiots back then were all shouting, “diktador” and “kurap“, so the OPSF was junked. Now Pinoys are asking the government to control oil prices… ano ba talaga?

And before I forget, LTO will increase vehicle registration fees in the near future, so what will the pinoys shout about again that time? Si Duterte nanaman?

36 Replies to “Oil Price hike, nanaman?”

  1. Oil price increases are dependent on oil producing countries (OPEC). If they decide to produce less oil: the price of oil will go up. If they produce more oil; the price of oil will go down.

    Our economy is too much dependent on oil. So, every item we buy, is subject to the up and down price of oil. The only solution, is to find an alternative source of energy. Drive less and support public transport. We have also to produce what we consume. Not all imported from foreign countries !

    1. That’s true and we need to find an alternative fuel which are cheaper, safer & an environmental friendly and ending the dependency of fossil fuels. And the best example of an alternative fuel is believe it or not: SALT WATER and there are plenty of them like you could get it from the oceans or buy a table salt at the supermarket, get a gallon of water and mix it up to become a salt water and use it for your vehicle that could run it on that kind of water as what I’d found on this video recently. And also not only salt water as an alternative fuel, it is also a medicinal wonder to cure cancer: https://www.flixxy.com/alternative-fuels-research.htm

      And by the way, there’s a promo coming from a *ahem* petroleum company by the name of Shell that launches a toy car that could power a salt water: https://www.manilatimes.net/shell-launches-saltwater-powered-super-cars/447326/ and who knows, maybe sooner or later Shell might introduce a salt water in their gas station to market it to the public & use it as an alternative fuel and ending their century long fossil fuel markets in their company. That’ll be a good news for all of us.

      1. Solar energy is the most promising alternative form of energy.
        It is from the sun. The energy can be taken from the sun ; collected , conserved/saved, in containers for future use.

        We have not yet perfected the use and the technology of solar energy.

        There is some other Rare Earth elements, not yet discovered that can be a source of energy. Fossil fuels will become obsolete in the future.

      2. FFS. Why do Filipinos so obsessed stupid nonsense about water-fuelled cars? I think this speaks volumes about the abysmal quality of education in this country. Also proves my point about Filipinos believing absolutely ANYTHING as long as it’s completely outrageous.

        Those Shell toys are not “powered by saltwater”. They’re powered by an ordinary lithium battery. They’re just exploiting Filipino gullibility to sell a product.

        Just try putting salt water in your car and report back what happens. We’d all love to know.

        As for solar power: solar PV has been cheaper than fossil fuels for about 15 years now (in certain applications, at least). The only reason Filipinos aren’t using it is:

        a) the good old BOC is blocking imports of state-of-the-art PV panels;
        b) Filipinos are too lazy to learn how the work, how to get the best out of them, and how to install them. There are a couple of installations that I know of (paid for from taxes to “help” remote communities) that are now non-functional and mouldering away because nobody thought to explain to the locals how to keep them running.

    2. Alternative sources such as electric and hydrogen have been studied for as long as I can remember. Why it hasn’t evolved yet on being practical, that is the question. I don’t know much about electric cars, but in my mind that is just passing the buck to whoever will be producing power in the first place. Yes it may be from renewable sources, but think about how much more power we will be needing come the time we are all using electric cars. Not to mention the amount of infrastructures to make electric cars to practical for everyday use. Hydrogen is still hazardous and production is very expensive.

      Although, I can suggest one alternative for automotive fuel… plant based oils. Diesel is designed run on plant based oils anyway. Conventional diesel engines can readily use it. I have tried waste vegetable oil on my old engine and it works the same as a diesel. Tips to our scientists… please discover high yield oil producing plants. And if the our government is looking 20 years ahead from today, then they would know better to develop large scale farming for this plant instead if putting up malls and subdivisions, so we can also export to other countries.

      1. Your comment deserves a comprehensive response, but I’ll try to boil it down into something readable.

        >> Why it hasn’t evolved yet on being practical, that is the question.
        It has. It’s just that the products that dropped out of the research are not “cars” as you and I would recognise them. They are different forms of transport infrastructure, optimized to make best use of the energy available. However, that means they have to attract interest from either governments or large conglomerates (who can manipulate governments). In countries like the Philippines – where there is a tiny coterie of well-placed people making obscene amounts of money from gasoline – it just isn’t going to happen.

        >> but in my mind that is just passing the buck to whoever will be producing power in the first place.
        Indeed. The car itself is the problem. It doesn’t matter what energy source you use. It will always be inherently inefficient. Remember cars were originally invented as a toy for the idle rich. Nobody ever imagined that everyone would own one, or that they would be used for everyday transportation. They’re just not suited for that.

        >> I can suggest one alternative for automotive fuel… plant based oils.
        A biodiesel-fuelled engine is no better than an electrical one or a gasoline-fuelled one, for the reason I described above: the problem is not the engine but the car itself. In any case, biodiesel is horribly inefficient. The maximum theoretical limit for photosynthesis (conversion of solar radiation to biomass) has already been reached: it’s about 3%. Then consider that the raw material has to be processed into fuel, and the efficiency of a car is something like 30%, and you’re talking sub-1% efficiencies. I won’t even mention the environmental destruction involved in growing the crop.

        Compare that with solar PV (~20% conversion efficiency from solar radiation) and ~80% efficiency of (appropriately designed) electric vehicle infrastructure, ie., 16% overall. The implication is that electric vehicles running from solar would require one-twentieth of the land area of biodiesel-fuelled cars.

      2. Why should our scientists even bother??

        MVP can’t even drive the Tesla that he bought because according to the LTO….



        Why bother to do anything. When government just steals from you ANYWAY

        1. Who/What is MVP !!!
          Tesla not a car because it got no engine? ORIGINAL !!! I love Philippines. It is fun!
          Electricity is not electric if generated by wind turbine because it is not produced by engine.
          Filipinos are not Asian because they are floating in the pacific islands. They should be named Pacific Islanders


          WTF. It’s actually true. Look everybody, Filipinos doing what they do best: shooting themselves in the foot!


          This is absolutely f’ing hilarious because the TRAIN law actually mumbles about exception for electric vehicles … but other laws prevent electric vehicles from actually using the public roads (I suspected this in the first place, since I’ve never seen a single one).

          Refer also to the article about Filipinos not following rules (and my comment pointing out that not following RULES MADE BY FILIPINOS is a perfectly logical course of action).

  2. WHAT CAUSE OIL PRICE HIKE ? … in the Philippines
    1. Law of Supply and Demand. If Demand is greater than Supply oil price goes up then Filipinos blame the government because they do not know the Law if they knew the Law of Supply and Demand I am pretty certain they will have the law removed
    2. Philippine Piso depreciates. When Piso depreciates it takes more piso to buy oil.
    ***why piso depreciates? because of Filipinos love of anything foreign. they import it to flaunt their success. the more they import the more negative balance of trade deficit. the more they import the more they spend OFWs dollar remittance to pay for import. the more the dollar reserve is depleted the more piso depreciates. THAT IS THE LAW OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND ***

    HERE IS THE PROBLEM IF OIL PRICE HIKE and the Philippine Fake News. THE PHILIPPINE FAKE NEWS do not explain the cause of price hike. The U.P. PHILIPPINE FAKE JOURNALISTS instantly blame it on their government.

    WHY PRICE HIKE CAUSE CHAOTIC PUBLIC TRANSPORT FARES. Because Brilliant Filipinos sitting in to make decisions on transport hikes do not index it to oil price hike.

    LET THERE BE STRIKE !!! So I can drive my big black mean Suburban SUV unimpeded !!! I LOVE TRANSPORT STRIKE …

  3. I can only speak for myself. The economic condition of our society is telling me that I can no longer live in “luxury”, the best choice right now is to live in “austerity”. But as far as I’m concern, to live by austerity doesn’t mean you are going to live in poverty, and this is precisely what those opposition want us to believe, “austerity equated to poverty” so they can have an issue against the present order, but of course, if you are use to living in luxury, it’s understandable, you hate austerity. I live by austerity but I don’t feel poor, it’s only a matter of having principles as a guide 1) Be not a burden! 2) Be independent! 3) Be practical!, these three principles that I need to follow. But if you add two more(optiona) principles 4) Be equal! 5) Be educated!, you become an Ordinarian. This is how I survive.

    twitter acct: @karaniwans/ The Ordinarian Movement (not a political party opposition)

    1. a) I am not a public charge to Philippine government. I don’t do drugs nor weed. I am just addicted to lonely Filipina women. They are awesome treat that Filipino men overlooked because Filipino men prefers half-bred hybrid half-white English-speaking women.
      b) I am independent. I crossed the seas to work-and-live in the Philippines to teach.
      c) I am practical. I buy Guitar white T-shirt that Filipinos do not want. Guitar is Made-in-the-Philippines. It is cool in hot summer humid weather. It is not cheap, it is INEXPENSIVE. I love it. Remember, Filipinos prefer imported shirts. If they wanted Bench and Collezione they prefer it is modeled by remaining colonists: Mestizas and Mestizos. Filipinos wear beanies, WoW!
      d) I practice equality. I respect LGBTs they are nice people. I noticed Filipinos are way over the curve than the U.S. when it comes to LGBT treatment
      e) Yes, I am educated. Not graduate from U.P. But first two years from Community college, a college that is U.P. on steroids.
      f) Ordinary. I am ordinary in the U.S. but stand out in the Philippines because of the language I speak and the color of my skin

      1. Lol @ Oratio Imperata

        You really should stop commenting white BOI. You don’t know what your talking about. The filipina women are using you. Your just a wallet.

        But at least it beats being an INCEL in the US eh?

        1. @mortis
          Dude. Thats so pinoy. If you cant offer a good argument you go all recist+ad-homeniem.
          He is just pointing out how much slave mentality is ingrained in the the filipino psyche.
          He actually has a point. and if it flew over your head, he mentioned that lgbt is more accepted in the ph. i do think thats a positive, but i also think that gays shouldnt go all-out-faggot like vice ganda.

          There is some truth to mortis’ advice as well: so make sure you dont get attached. ive seen so many horror stories in philippinefailblog that it is the norm. tl;dr: stay away from women too attached to their families.

      2. Isn’t that the way parents are supposed to raise their children, not to become a burden to society, become independent, become practical, at least that’s the reason I know parents send their kids to school but somehow a lot end up the opposite, being a burden to others, always in needs of assistance, in many ways impractical in thoughts, I don’t know, somewhere along the way of education something happened.

  4. Solar energy can be stored efficiently in Capacitors. The energy can be tapped, for use like the gasoline storage. The trick here is to develop a very efficient Capacitor, that can store huge amount of potential electrical energy. The energy of the sun is infinite, environmentally friendly, and free.

    Atomic energy still runs on huge atomic reactors. It is like the old computers that require a roomful of gadgets to run it. The trick here is to develop an atomic energy nuclear reactor that is small, safe, compact and efficient.

    Anyone in the Philippines interested in this field ? Oh…Filipinos are only interested in politics and get rich quick scams !

    1. Brown skin Filipinos from my fish vendor to lawmakers are only interest in SCIENCE !!! Yes, Political Science.

      The last remaining white colonists and remnants of Limahong dominates light, power, banking and other heavy industries !!! THEY ARE EXTREMELY HONEST, TOO !!! Nary a derogatory news gossip about them. The offshoot of the union of white colonists and Filipino-haters stars in Maalaala mo ako, Pinoy Big Brother, It’s showtime, Forever more … they are all whites … and the brown skins are relegated to comedy because of their ugly face only Filipino mother can love.

      1. Those with an interest in science have left (or have an intention of leaving) the country!
        When i was a child i thought it would be awesome to work for the PNRI (philippine nuclear resarch institute). Sadly, you’ld probably earn a lot more being some deadbeat call center agent. A friend of mine who finished applied physics in UP (complete with a masters degree) went on to become a commercial airline pilot. It may sound awesome, but i think it is also a great waste of talent.

    2. Hyden: you’re an idiot. You don’t even know the difference between “efficiency” and “storage capacity”.

      It is impossible to manufacture capacitors to store enough energy to replace a battery because physics. You simply cannot squash the necessary amount of energy into an electrostatic field using real-life materials.

      Some exotic physical phenomenon might be discovered that allows us to build something LIKE a capacitor that does the job in future, but it won’t be a capacitor as such.

      In any case, it’s stupid talking about technology that’s just around the corner. We can do it NOW with technology that we have. People were running electric trolleybuses in 1910. Technology has got a whole lot better since then.

      1. @Marius:

        I am not an idiot, as you call me. The Solar Panels store charges , in any possible way it can. I don’t think it is a battery. I have seen the storage system here in the U.S. They are large; acres and acres wide …and it is somewhat “capacitor like”, as explained to me by the Technical man. Efficiency in storage capacity, that is the term. If you can efficiently store electrical power to the maximum efficiency and capacity…that would be excellent.

        Do not be a know it all guy, because you live in a country that is very far behind in technology. I have lived in the U.S. for more than 30 years already.

        Remember, the Philippines is 200 years behind any industrialized country. We don’t know new technical developments, because they are industrial secrets. Inventors and developers will not show you, or explain to you everything.
        New technologies are very much guarded as secret. Other nations, like China, have industrial spies…trying to steal new technologies.

        Maybe, it is a new way of storing electrical power, “capacitor like”. And let us leave it to that…

        1. @Marius:

          The Law of Physics, is not written in stone. It is a Law, we know by the area of our present human understanding. There are many natural Earth laws, we still don’t know.

          If you believe in UFOs, or ancient people using advance technologies. The speed and maneuvers of UFOs violate all known Laws of Physics, that we know. Inter Planetary travel is not possible in the Law of Physics. We cannot break thru the speed of light, as understood by the Law of Physics…

          The Earth is flat…so refuse to go where no one has gone before !

        2. Just living in the USA doesn’t make you smarter, as most of your posts illustrate.

          I’m not saying I know it ALL. However I do know something about THIS, because it’s what I do for a living.

          >> Efficiency in storage capacity, that is the term.

          No, it isn’t. That phrase means nothing. “Efficiency” relates to how much power is lost during conversion. Capacity relates to how much total energy is being stored.

          A solar panel doesn’t store anything. It converts solar radiation to electrical current.

          New technologies are not kept secret. They’re put onto the market as soon as possible and sold. What’s the point in keeping something secret? These new technologies are not being used in the Philippines because:

          a) Filipinos think they know everything already
          b) Filipinos are too lazy to learn about anything new
          c) Filipinos think that everything foreigners try to sell them is a colonial conspiracy
          d) The government blocks anything useful, so Filipinos can’t use them even if they wanted to (see, for example, the article about the LTO refusing to register Tesla cars).

  5. God, your blog post is full of logic gaps.

    Using your logic, why do I even work at all ? If I can’t use the money to buy stuff?
    WHY DON’T I JUST BECOME A HERMIT AND LIVE IN THE MOUNTAINS!?!?! Then I don’t need no brands, or cars.

    OPEC decides oil prices… BUT it is made WORST because of the FUEL EXCISE TAX given to us by the corrupt government. They take the taxes so the congressmen can have billions.

    It is THIEVERY!

    1. @Marius:

      The Scientists in the U.S. are better than you. Did you ever invent anything or develop anything for humanity ? Have you ever won a Noble Prize in the field of Science and Technology ? The U.S. has many Nobel Prize winners Scientists.The best brains in the world are here, being utilized by companies and the U.S. government to advance Science and Technology in our era.

      Companies and the U.S. government guard these inventions and developments very well, until they decide them to bring it out.

      Do you understand this ? China, and other countries stole some of these inventions and developments…

      I don’t claim to be smarter than anybody. But, I am more informed than you, because I live in a first world country, and the most technically and scientifically advanced country in our Planet Earth.

      Kindly put in your back burner your “Pinoy Pride”…It does not work. It will work against you.

      I had that attitude also many years ago: “Pinoy Pride”. I found out, I was making a fool of myself, so I kicked it out !

      1. As it happens, the answer to your predictable Pinoy Pride ad hominem attack (“what have you ever invented?”) is: a lot more than you. I design products for a living, some of which have been world “firsts” in their market. I hold a patent for electric vehicle technology. I’ll happily admit I’m not good at EVERYTHING, but yes, I take pride in being good at what I do, and I get paid for it accordingly.

        You, on the other hand, simply on the basis of being a lab technician in the US, have apparently absorbed all the knowledge of American scientists just by being in their radiant presence. Oddly enough, you haven’t absorbed any writing skills despite being around fluent English speakers, or for that matter any critical-thinking skills.

        >> Companies and the U.S. government guard these inventions and developments very well, until they decide them to bring it out.

        Look, hyden, I’ve worked in R&D for 30 years. I know how this works. The WHOLE POINT of doing R&D is so that you can SELL SOMETHING. Do you seriously think companies spend millions of $$$ developing new products and then hide the results in the basement? Why on earth would anybody (except a Filipino, possibly) do such a stupid thing? In fact new products are often released onto the market before they’re really ready, because the company wants to get its money back.

        Why would China steal things if they have no intention of producing the stuff they’ve stolen?

        Of course, just because it’s out there, that doesn’t mean everyone can buy it. Filipinos aren’t allowed to buy PV panels or electric vehicles because Filipino politicians want to keep making money out of the status quo. But it’s certainly not the inventors who are sitting on it.

        >> I had that attitude also many years ago: “Pinoy Pride”. I found out, I was making a fool of myself, so I kicked it out !

        No you didn’t. You’ve still got it. Pinoy Pride!

        1. @Marius:

          Oh so you are an inventor and a designer ? How about being a Nobel Prize winner, for Physics ? Maybe , you also claim to have invented and designed the internet…the World Wide Web…the Space Shuttle, etc…

          It does not matter, if I am a laboratory technician or a janitor , or a care giver. Does it matter to you ? I earn my living in an honest way,

          Are you a grammar school teacher ? You criticize my English. Maybe you are a Putlizer Prize writer also. And also, a top author of a book, or on the bestseller list.

          Oh…I have met some good Filipino Technical and Scientific people. They are humble, without any sense of large ego, or superiority. They respect people like me, who maybe a janitor or a care giver, or a lab technician. They don’t look down on me, because I write semi literate English…and I am not as smart as them…

          Marius, your ego is too large. You think you are a gift to humanity. Another, “Pinoy Pride” of human being living in a technically backward country and a culturally dysfunctional country !

        2. I don’t pretend to be anything I’m not.

          I’m mocking you because you’re not willing to be any more than you are.

  6. Corporate executives are immune to price hikes so are employees who tool around with corporate cars. Their cars are paid for by the companies they work for and the gas that fuels these cars are re-imbursed !!! Like mine !!!

    So, what is the fuss about Oil Price Hike. I do not care. Oil Price Hike makes mass transportation effective. Filipinos will ditch their cars and go mass transport. Wait, not so fast, if they can afford cars they can afford a few peso oil price hike. So, nothing doing! Enjoy !!!

    1. I don’t care on what kind of cars/vehicle would the Filipino people use unless if they could purchase a self-driving or autonomous vehicle. Or maybe they will not gonna buy that because they will complain that its too darn expensive to buy but rather they’ll complain that they will NOT GONNA DRIVE that kind of vehicle. Its 100% controlled by A.I. or computers & human drivers doesn’t need to drive it but an owner will make a command or programmed it on where will be his destination and that’s it but as I told it above the Filipino drivers will NOT gonna like that technology that’s because they will not gonna show their true nature as an arrogant, undisciplined, rude & barbaric drivers and they’re no longer being the “King of Philippine Roads” and instead the autonomous vehicle will rule it! I hope this will come true but that is our expectation and still our country faces the harsh reality of Philippine transportation. 🙁

    2. @Marius:

      As I have stated: I may have been earning my living as one of the OFWs, as a janitor, a care giver or a lab technician. I am one of the Filipino OFW slaves…economic refugee…

      In the U.S., there is what they call :”dignity of labor”…not like in our dysfunctional country. You can work as a manual laborer here, and you have respect on what you do for a living. No one looks down on you…

      If you are a higher up person, maybe a CEO, factory owner, business owner, politician, millionaire, etc….they will not shout at you : “You know who am I?, like that idiot , Bertiz.

      Learn to be humble. We learn much thru humility. As one highly respected pastor of our church told me :” In humility we ask God, with gratefulness, we receive from God “.

      1. Perhaps the imprecision of Tagalog is the problem here.

        Not once did I criticize what you do for a living, nor would I look down on you if you were a floor-sweeper. I’ve been a floor-sweeper. YOU RAISED THE ISSUE FIRST with your Irrelevant Pinoy Debating Tactic #4, “what have you ever done” comment. I wasn’t bragging. I answered your question. i would not have even mentioned it otherwise.

        I ridicule your comments because:

        – I suspect you’re intelligent, but you’re so abominably lazy you can’t be bothered to use what’s in your head to do some research before you write. You therefore end up writing nonsense. If you were a genuine retard (like, say, salagintong bukid) I wouldn’t even bother responding.

        – You take pride in reflected glory rather than your own achievements. You seem to imagine that just living in the US has automatically added 20 points to your IQ.

        – You revel in your status as an “OFW slave”. Nobody likes a loser. I know it’s horrible, but it’s just so tempting to kick someone when they’re down.

        Pinoys really have trouble with this Pride and Humility thing, don’t they? They just don’t understand the meaning of those words. Maybe they have no accurate translation in Tagalog.

        1. @marius:

          I never have been lazy. Slaves cannot be lazy, or they face dire consequences.. I am an OFW Filipino slave, auctioned by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, and those crooked politicians on the slave auction block, called Dept. of Labor…. Filipino OFW slaves like me, float the Philippine economy. If not for us, you the “do gooders and smart alecks” in the Philippines would have starved.

          Did I claim that I am more smarter than anybody else ? I said: “I live in the U.S., and I am more informed than you”…

          I am not a loser, my slave master: Uncle Sam, is very rich and powerful. He takes care of my needs. He does not mistreat me. He does not whip me. He does not even intend to sell me on the slave auction block, like those evil Filipino politicians did. Uncle Sam, never have thoughts of murdering me, and putting me in a freezer…Uncle Sam loves his slave !

        2. You’re lazy in your head. You don’t think and you don’t learn.

          You think the “Aquino Cojuangco political axis” is in control of your actions and your destiny. You wait for Uncle Sam to flush your toilet for you and wipe your bottom. In short, you’re a child, who does what he’s told and believes what he’s told.

          You are not “more informed” simply because you live in the US. Despite that country being a world leader in science, you know nothing about basic physics. Because you haven’t studied it. There are 100 million idiots in the US who are just as ignorant as you are. Because they’re lazy, like you.

          Yes, Filipinos probably would have starved if they didn’t have an army of OFW slaves sending them money. Because they’re so lazy they can’t even be bothered to feed themselves.

          I suspect, when that sort of thing happens, it’s called “natural selection”. The ones who survived would maybe have a bit more get-up-and-go.

  7. @marius:

    As I have stated, slaves face dire consequences , if they are lazy. Even being lazy to think. You look down on Filipino OFW slaves, because you utilize them to take care of your inhuman needs, and wait for their monthly dole outs , to feed your lazybone body. You are a despicable part of humanity, living on the toils , tears and sweats of Filipino OFW Slaves. You don’t have a sense of righteousness in any part of your lazy bones. You should be thrown in the trash piles of Filipino crooks, scammers and fraudsters, burned to oblivion. All of you have, is your selfish interests to take advantage of the predicaments of Filipino OFW slaves.

    Maybe, you are part of those evil Filipino OFW slave traders, on the hunt and on the lookout for some Filipino OFW slaves, to capture, and to sell them on the auction blocks ( Dept. of Labor) for international slave market/traders.

    You should be ashame of yourself. But, you don’t have any shame in any part of your soul and body . Your conscience is already callous of too much evil you had done to your fellow Filipinos !

    1. Whut? I’ve never hired an OFW.

      If Filipinos don’t want to be victims, then they can stay home and fix their country.

      Your paranoid rants are just bizarre.

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