Dealing With a Bleeding, Stabbed-With-Truth Ego

It’s amusing and annoying at the same time reading comments on blogs such as this, that point out the idiocy and the reasons why Filipinos, collectively, have a hard time getting out of the mud that he loves wallowing into.

Words like racist, butthurt, asshole are thrown by either side. Some have never-ending thread of retaliation responses using the same old arguments over and over again. While it is indeed entertaining watching a fight unfold with keyboards as weapons, at the end of it all, I wonder how should we take constructive, or even hurtful criticisms thrown at us. Most especially if there is truth in it.

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General netiquette that I know is, if you have a dissenting opinion to what was written, you can hit comment and thoroughly elaborate your reasons. That and no more. After which one should stop engaging in an online brawl. It’s pointless. After all, they cant change your point of view and you don’t have the capacity to change theirs either. If one will concede however, I doubt that one of the dissenting parties would admit right then and there that the other is right and he is wrong. Only wise and mature people do that.

So how do we save our energies and time from trolling and see the sense and the objectivity (if there is) of the opinion of the guy at the other end, and learn from it instead? Philosophers of old seem to have us in mind when they wrote the following.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle

You don’t have to accept everything you read be it against you, or in favor with your convictions. But instead of breeding contempt, why not see the sensible side of the argument, past the monkey throwing insults and directly into the message? Does something, one little bitty thing about what he said that makes sense? If it doesn’t, close the page and leave him gasping for air in his narrow mindedness. If it does, why not reflect on how it can help you improve and strengthen your arguments?

“Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider.” – Francis Bacon

It’s hard to shut up, especially when our brittle ego lies on the floor in pieces. On extreme cases, this resulted to road rage, homicides, and murder. Need I cite proof other than the daily news? It’s hard to weigh and consider if you’re shouting profanities in your head or on the comments section. Better to tell your emo to shut up before someone else will do it for you.

You might think that you emerged the victor after your tirade when in reality, you’ve lost a valuable insight that might have been added to your arsenal of wisdom.

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” – Robert Frost

It’s not the perfect English grammar nor the choice of nosebleed words. Frost is talking about how it is to be “truly” educated behaving like a true gentleman or lady. Not the one shouting asshole or butthurt or any other derogatory utterances. (Admittedly, it feels good to be ‘uneducated’ sometimes, beating the life off of the buttsore twat.)

“Enlighten the people; generally, tyranny and oppressions of both mind and body will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.” – Thomas Jefferson

Yep, only then are we going to free ourselves from our self-imposed tyranny and oppression. It starts from the self. No buts, no excuses, no that’s-his-fault-not-mine bullcrap.

Towards healing and nation building however, it won’t make any significance if this self-realization is done only by a handful of people. It is a collective effort of everyone wanting more than to be eternally damned in this hellhole. Strange enough, some will fight to the death for the status quo of this wretched, dysfunctional society over the painful work required towards liberation.

This, is what worries me most…

13 Replies to “Dealing With a Bleeding, Stabbed-With-Truth Ego”

  1. FILIPINOS just LOVE to quote DEAD POET SOCIETY so are the Philippine Fake OP-Ed columnists and FAKE JOURNALISTS. They even use Latin prima facie and deep words. Lookit, yo, NO AMOUNT OF QUOTING DEAD AUTHORS AND POETS and Latin and deep words make article truth-saying. NO! No! No!

    1stWorld big boy journalists do not use those words … they use words and phrases that is current and digestable to the general reading population.

    BUT IT IS A GOOD TRY. Filipinos love to quote people of consequence of long ago to show THEY READ. Well, what a world.

  2. It’s quite paradoxical that many Filipinos can see and feel the arrogance of fellow Filipinos but cannot recognize the same arrogance being displayed by these foreign scumbags hanging around among us.

    These abusive scumbags love it here for their supposedly newly-found extraordinary status. But back in their native homeland, their ability to brag about themselves wouldn’t really be exactly as they would want it to be. The truth is their own people there would not even care.

    I thought Duterte was being wrong when he cursed other foreign leaders, but now I can recognize the rationale behind the intention. He showed us how to deal with how we want others to deal with us… in a not so conventional way.

    Whenever you encounter seemingly intelligent Filipino individuals, especially here in GRP, who see themselves more as citizens of the world (as their escapist badge of entitlement!) rather than be natively Filipinos first, it cannot really be disputed that we are indeed a damaged culture!

    1. >> He showed us how to deal with how we want others to deal with us… in a not so conventional way.

      So, you’re suggesting the rest of the world ought to take a leaf out of Duterte’s book, and be more direct with Filipinos about their failures? Haul their leaders up in front of the UN General Assembly and give them a good dressing-down? Maybe throw in a bit of bad language for good measure?

      1. Filipinos requires Duterte’s Book like Americans require Donald Trump’s Book like English requires Theresa May’s book and Germany Angela Merkels’ and France Macron’s and Vatican Pope Francis’


        People has to be treated with a stick without the carrot

    2. Foreigners are not arrogant. They are being looked at as arrogant because those people who think they are arrogant wanted to be arrogant but they do not have the qualities to be arrogant.

      It is like Filipinos hate fellow Filipinos who comment good English. Instead of attacking their comment they attack their English because they cannot write the way that snob-Filipino can write.


      1. To assume and throw the blame upon others, that it was due to them, that make scumbag foreigners ‘appear arrogant’ is, in itself, arrogance in denial and outright dishonesty. It’s like when your idiot friend can’t accept he’s Indian so he pretends to be European. That is even blatantly stupid thinking!

        Mr. Oratio’s American forefathers even went to war fighting for their right not give up slavery. KKK’s culture of white supremacy is very much alive in Mr. Oratio. This KKK can take your baby away! They take pride in granting us (fake!) independence… but, with strings attached (not without parity rights!). Suckers!

        But wait, not only in the Philippines are Mr. Oratio’s American forefathers thought of as having a culture of arrogance. In fact their brand of arrogance was even immortalized by Bob Marley in a song called ‘Buffalo Soldier’.

  3. Idiots and misfits in the internet will always be trolling you. Most are paid by crook politicians. They will attack anything in you. Be firm and stay standing !

  4. It’s quite interesting to spot comments that appear troll-ish– makes sense in some parts, with seemingly random basic errors. They cross the line between constructive criticism and downright moral abuse. It’s pathetic for them to think that Filipinos in general would be willing to take that sort of garbage. It would serve them well dig deeper and adjust their perspective because only fools tend to oversimplify.

    1. WRONG !!! Stand back. Ride U.P. satellite which allegedly launch by them without Philippine Fake News informing the Filipinos what was that for … After you have stood back look at the Philippines as a whole GDP GNP household income … other economic indicators then compare it to neighboring countries … NOW YOU KNOW WHERE PHILIPPINE STANDS AMONG OTHERS …. Simple, isn’t it?

      It is as simple as Let’s go to America because it is the land of bread and butter …

    1. There is no democracy if their behaviors and decisions are guided by laws.
      And, Real Democracy is practiced in the Philippines by Filipinos because this is where they can do whatever they want to do despite of laws because laws to Filipinos is a MERE SUGGESTION not to be imposed.

      1. Filipinos do dastardly act because they believe they have been given a FREE WILL in a FREESTYLE DEMOCRACY !!!

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