The fact that the Opposition are preparing for the 2019 elections means democracy is not “dead”!


It isn’t much of a preparation as there is neither vision nor platform to give meaning to their pitch to the Filipino voter. The fact, however, that the Philippine Opposition led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) are now on full campaign mode in the lead up to the 2019 elections exhibits their grudging faith in Philippine democracy — a faith that contradicts what they shriek about in their rallies and media circuses.

Indeed, many “thought leaders” of the Yellowtards continue to screech about their new lame narrative surrounding an imagined “descent to dictatorship”. An example of this shrill but lazy “activism” can be seen in prominent Yellowtard Francis Baraan IV who observes

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I am quite concerned about the state of our democracy, too. We’re not just inching towards a dictatorship, we’re sliding fast down into a dictatorship.

#Duterte doesn’t even need to place the country under #MartialLaw. It’s practically Martial Law.

Even more interesting is that this is in response to an earlier observation issued by what seems to be a British national on the state of health of this democracy…

@MrFrankBaraan Hope you’re well Francis…

I’m really concerned about the state of democracy in the Philippines, and Duterte even locking up lawyers who speak out against him.

You need another democratic uprising before it’s too late!

Note the recommended course of action — “another democratic uprising”. One would think that if the Yellowtards really think that democracy is “dead” then there wouldn’t really be any point in participating in the coming democratic exercise, the 2019 mid-term elections.

For that matter, what does a “democratic uprising” even mean? Current President Rodrigo Duterte, warts and all, is the duly-elected Chief Executive of the Philippines. Any sort of extra-constitutional “uprising” will be anything but democratic. It will be no more than another one of those garden-variety coup d’etats that have become mainstays of Yellowtard ideology. Democratic institutions and process be damned so long as the Yellowtards get what they want. That’s as close to a platform these political parasites could cough up.

If the Yellowtards are truly convinced that democracy is “dead” then they should walk their talk. Mount this “uprising” they keep yakking about. Now na! You can’t be a “revolutionary” and a participant in due process at the same time. You either take a shit or get off the can. Otherwise you come across as just as lame as the communists who have one ass cheek in legitimate democratic politics and another up in the mountains killing Filipinos and the soldiers who defend them.

The only way the Yellowtards can truly prove that they are “defending” or even “fighting for” democracy is to participate in it legitimately and win legitimately. More often than not, this involves being intelligent enough to play by those rules and succeed at overcoming a formidable opponent. The way the Yellowtards are approaching this challenge, however, they’d much prefer upturning the chessboard in the middle of the game, hitting their opponent on the head with it, then storming away. The chess match is not won, but it makes for a great media circus.

14 Replies to “The fact that the Opposition are preparing for the 2019 elections means democracy is not “dead”!”

    1. Filipinos love history that is why they repeat it …

      Or, maybe, Filipinos are bad in history they fail it most of the time and repeat it over and over again until they pass …

      Most of all Filipinos love her story and his story … FILIPINOS LOVE DRAMAs … there is a cure for that … TAKE DRAMAmin … an anti-DRAMA drug in syrup form …

  1. When I read those tweets of Francis Baraan IV, I can’t help but to laugh my ass off about how toxic it was and so with the replies.

    Instead of whining, bitching and moaning on social media, these people should take action if they think that ‘democracy is dead’.

  2. DEMOCRACY IS NOT DEAD IN THE PHILIPPINES … it is alive … evolving, molting and mutating …

    It is the only place in Asia where LAWS ARE MERE SUGGESTIONS … they may or may not follow to the letter of the law … AND THAT IS DEMOCRACY AT WORK …


    1. It is fun to rally and protest in the Philippines. Especially, if you are paid by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis; the N.P.A./C.P.P.; and the Feudal Oligarchs.

      You have at your side, the priests and the nuns; the “Hakot Demonstrators”; and all kinds of people , who don’t even know what they are against for…

    1. One of them is Honorable Lawmaker Senator Lootenant Trillanes. He asked the accused Dummy of Binay (Binay double-crossed Trillanes in the coup known as Peninsula Hotel coup) to produce Land Title of BinayLand. When that Dummy produced an authentic original notarized certified true copy of the Title Trillanes went nuts !!!

      Trillanes did not ask the Register of Deeds for the Title instead the lawmaker Trillanes asked the accused to produce evidence against himself. WoW! What a lawmaker ….

      And the Lawmaker Trillanes went to BinayLand to determine if it belongs to Binay. I wonder how in the world one would know if it belongs to Binay just by visiting and taking ocular inspection. NOW I GET IT, because in the Philippines if one owns a land it has a plaque that says: “THIS LAND IS MY LAND, NOT YOUR LAND, THIS LAND IS MADE NOT FOR YOU BUT FOR ME … GET OFF. NO TRESPASSING. TRESPASSERS SHALL BE SHOT … Owner”

      I did not know that. In 1stWorld countries including Zimbabwe doesn’t have a plaque of ownership. AWESOME HONORABLE LAWMAKING SENATOR LOOTENANT TRILLANES.


  3. “Dilawan” is what happen when the ordinary people is left with a blank character. Being without their own distinct principles the elite are able to sway them to their own elite way of thought and mentally be like the elite. Taking on the elite personality, the ordinary people becomes divided into different elite camps that are making war against each other.

  4. I have never known the Philippines is a democratic country. It is always a Feudal Oligarchy with a blend of Theocracy.

    Those YellowTards and other opposition groups who keep rallying and protesting are “addicted to rallying”…it is their , “political shabu”.
    No political platform; no vision for the country; no alternative plans they can offer, to better the lives of you and me.

    All the YellowTards and the opposition group know is: “1986 EDSA like Aquino power grab”, supported by a foreign country ; the N.P.A./C.P.P. and the Roman Catholic Church. They don’t have any concept of “Democracy”…

    They are all politically bankrupt in their political ideology. So, what do they do?

    They shout and rally to make noise ! Shouting the old 1986 EDSA slogans of: dictatorship, fascism, or whatever “ism” they can think of…

    We can have political discourse in civility. We can have open minds to reason. We are all grown ups. However, most of us remain like “emotionally stunted children” !

    1. Philippines is testing and experimenting democracy. For the past decades the United Nations should have known that U.N. should supervise the Filipinos in exercising democracy.

      Every president that I know of wanted its own designer constitution … designer form of government … From Parliamentary to Socialism and Communism to Federalism run by a Generalisimo.

      Every Philippine president is always under a threat of a coup. The wife of Benigno Aquino has had the most coup under her belt. Coup in the Philippines comes depending on the phase of the moon that newswires has come to understanding to disregard if a wolf cries coup.

      One glaring example is Peninsula Hotel Coup. The Philippine Fake News screamed hoarse at the top of their lungs “COUP”. They were blatantly IGNORED BY FOREIGN NEWSWIRES … eventually they downgraded it to skirmish … misunderstanding … to … some disgruntled defeated PMAyers …

      I can analyze the coup what happened to it … but I’d rather not because I just hate political analysis … it leaves a bad taste in the mouth … BUT RAPPLER, THE MASTER POLITICAL ANALTYST NEVER CAME TO REALIZATION THAT COUP WERE DOWNGRADED like earthquake and typhoon from Signal 5 to Signal 1 .

  5. They are not bankrupt. they already did what they want…ransacked the pilipinos treasury. They must all get out of the country for pilipinos to move on.

    1. Francis Baraan is the product of UNSUPERVISED PHILIPPINE FAKE JOURNALISTS covering unsupervised Francis Baraan.
      (I do not know who Francis Baraan is)

      PHILIPPINE FAKE NEWS, like, RAPPLER should have a disclaimer:
      “All Characters and Events in this News are entirely fictional. The following news contains suggestive innuendoes, gossips and coarse language and due to its content PLEASE READ RESPONSIBLY”

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