Filipinos must put EDSA I and Yellowtardism where they belong

In the rubbish bin of history.

By now it is pretty obvious that there is still a considerable group of Filipinos – many of them supposedly who are “educated” – who refuse to let go of the EDSA I narrative.

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To put it quite plainly, EDSA People Power happened simply because the leader at that time could no longer hold on to his power. Coincidentally, a colleague of mine succinctly described it as a power grab.

The aftermath of that event was that certain mentalities were, shall we say, reinforced within Filipinos:

1) That there is always a fight or struggle, Laban, to be won;
2) That a certain group of personalities are solely to blame for the Philippines’ lack of development;
3) That Filipinos will be better off under a “democracy” than a “dictatorship”;
4) That Filipinos are perpetual victims of their government, and;
5) Once Filipinos forget EDSA, they will plunge back into dark times,

Needless to say, the results of how Filipinos have trod along thirty years hence speak for themselves.

The Philippines is still a backward country. It is a society made up of ethnic groups who do little than tolerate each other. Rule of law takes a back seat to the whims of whoever is the dominant power of the times. There is no consistency when power is transitioned between appointed/elected leaders. The same old slogans keep being repeated.

Filipinos’ leaders have treated the country as their own personal fiefdom. People are still reluctant to hold to account the Aquinos and other EDSA I actors for the bang-up job they did afterwards.

There is no longer a fight or struggle to be fought, but there is a need to build. If we were to use a theme from People Power, Magkaisa (let’s unite), we would find that, for the longest time, very rarely do Filipinos talk about “magkaisa sa pagtayo” (unite in building). Instead, the discussion revolves more on “magkaisa sa laban” (unite in fighting).

Unfortunately, uniting in building requires that Filipinos aim toward something bigger than themselves and their own self-interests. It is not something they are known for; everyone wants to be “me-first”. Uniting in fighting is easier to do, because all it takes is a common enemy; the people fighting don’t necessarily have to be on good terms with each other.

Times have indeed changed. Apparently, giving Filipinos the “freedom” to do what they want did not imbibe them with discipline and consideration for their fellow countrymen. The people who were to be blamed for the Philippines’ lack of development before and ever since EDSA are being given a second look, in no small part due to the deficiencies of those were at the helm after 1986. Because the Aquinos were made out to be the symbols to be revered after EDSA I, their failures in managing the Philippines became the failures of the results of EDSA I.

What happens when you rely on a past – one that’s no longer applicable – to define your future? You get left behind.

Under current president Rodrigo Duterte, a new course for the Philippines’ future is being charted – one where EDSA I is rendered increasingly irrelevant. It may not be a smooth course. It will definitely not be a comfortable one. But it is one which is no longer shackled to a debunked myth from the past.

Under president Duterte, history has a chance to repeat itself. The only question is whether Filipinos will allow it.

EDSA is dead. It’s high time Filipinos say that with finality.

5 Replies to “Filipinos must put EDSA I and Yellowtardism where they belong”

  1. How can you say “There is no longer a fight or struggle to be fought” when you live in backward poverty stricken corrupt country, which little hope for the future. So of course there is a fight, dont just concede.

    1. As if anything changed after EDSA 1, right? Corruption and poverty still got worse after 1986.

      You’re just grasping on straws….

    2. The opposition have got it wrong about what to fight. They keep on saying the fight is against whoever’s in government that is not part of their side. The real fight is against the stupidity and silliness of the ordinary people. That also is one factor behind poverty. Any street protest or ousting will do nothing unless the ordinary people change their character.

  2. EDSA is Fake News, that became Fake History. The U.S. /C.I.A. and the U.S. Dept. of State, simulated a Peoples’ revolt, that they later called : Peoples’ Power. It was a way to remove the late Pres. Marcos, Sr. and replace him with Cory Aquino.

    The more we put this EDSA Aquino scam , into the garbage bin of history, the better for us all. There were no EDSA heroes, EDSA saints, or EDSA patriots. There were only EDSA political opportunists, eager to raid the Philippine National Treasury, and get rich.

    EDSA is like the riddle of the disappearance of the Philippine revolutionary government, Mexican Gold Coins. And the unsolved murder of the late Gen. Antonio Luna. And his love affair with , Ysidra Cojuangco.

    EDSA is like the riddle of why the Cojuangcos owned 70% of the land area of the Province of Tarlac. The Cojuangcos are not international business owners, nor they are industrialists. Yet, they became extremely rich.

    Forget EDSA, it is just an Aquino Cojuangco scam …

  3. Our actions in the present build the staircase to the future. The question is whether that staircase is going up or down.

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