Opposition should never be done for its own sake


The “opposition” keeps on going against the current administration under Duterte. But often, instead of putting out sensible points, they just say, “Duterte, dictator” or “Duterte, puppy of the Americans.” Despite the prevalence of tales of Duterte’s hand in death squads in Davao, these tales remain allegations – tsismis or gossip – so “Duterte, murderer” could only stand on a sign and not in a court of law. The left and SJW sides continue to oppose because they likely believe opposition should be done for its own sake. Because, it is argued that opposition for its own sake is a sign of democracy.

Is it?

duterte opposition own sake

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True opposition is never done for its own sake. You oppose an act because you believe it is wrong and you want it corrected. For example, you oppose insurgents doing violence, because they are violating human rights. You would oppose a tax law because of how it adds burden to the taxpayer, not because of who implemented it. You would oppose the Philippines annexing Sabah because, if we are a democracy, we should allow democracy in Sabah, letting the people there decide who they want to be under. You could oppose Duterte’s own foul mouth because it isn’t really good to let go in public. We bloggers here oppose a lot of habits and beliefs that Filipinos often cherish because we believe they are part of why the country stays in the pits. Opposition is done for a purpose.

I generally believe things should not be done for their own sake. Many things we do for our lives have purpose. We eat in order to find sustenance to live. We work in order to get the exchange currency for what we eat. We have hobbies to keep us stimulated and our minds honed. All actions are bound to have a unique purpose attached to them, because they are linked to our survival and well-being. If something has no purpose, it is wasteful and could hurt your chances of survival.

Sometimes, we get this temptation to do silly things for no reason. For example, people pretending to be in a travel location or pretending to be in a relationship. Why pretend? Because they don’t want to be left behind against people who do these things. But that’s not a good purpose. Some people might say, “but you have to be in a relationship, or you have to travel.” Why? “Because you just have to.” Why do you have to do something even if it serves no good purpose? You spend money to do this, go there, buy that, try to have someone do this. Sometimes it gives you unnecessary headaches. So what does it give you at the end? It only gives you a temporary high and nothing good for the long term.

One inspiration for this “for its own sake” mentality is commercialism. For example, fuel companies, travel companies, airlines, and more are experiencing a downturn in business, so they engage in some compaigns to convince people to travel, even for its own sake. Even blogs and social media are used for this. I consider this dishonest marketing and leading people to have wasteful lifestyles, leading to cases like those who beg for travel money. Sometimes, there is even badmouthing or pretentious moralizing against people who don’t get into fads. Things like, “you’re a closed-minded person if you don’t travel” or “you don’t appreciate this, you’re uncool!.” Now look at the political arena: “you’re evil if you don’t protest the Marcos burial or don’t support ousting Duterte.”

Back to the “opposition;” perhaps they are just putting up a show, to make it look like they’re doing something. As in, “Jesus is coming, look busy.” That would just be mere dishonesty. That’s just it, opposition for its own sake is intellectual dishonesty.

And there are those who like opposing to piss someone off. They’re probably bored in life, or don’t feel they’re getting enough “respect” or “brownie points,” so they try to oppose someone to try and makes themselves look cool. Then there are these who are pissed with people who don’t hate the things they do, so they “oppose” those other people without the same hate. But that’s all nothing more than trolling.

Now, what if someone you oppose is actually doing right? Say, Duterte reduces the steps to create businesses to just one, and all the anomalous fees are eliminated. Will you oppose this just because you’re the opposition?

Opposition for its own sake is not a sign of democracy being active; rather, it’s a sign of democracy’s being abused. Opposition is best done when it’s needed. Of course, it’s a problem when opposition is brutally suppressed; but that’s not happening now even under Duterte. It’s more like the “opposition” demonizes whoever doesn’t agree with them. Opposition in order to overthrow, certainly that’s not a good thing to do. Opposition should be based on substance instead of form, and not simply because you don’t have anything better to trip on at the moment. Opposing something for its own sake is just going on a wild goose chase.

8 Replies to “Opposition should never be done for its own sake”

  1. You don’t oppose things, just to be called: Oppositionist. You oppose an idea, and present a better alternative idea. Ideas that work, and produce good results.

    The opposition, led by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, had governed our country for more than 30 years. What had they produced, for that span of 30 years ? DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, Laglag Bala at the International Airport, Massacres : from Hacienda Luisita massacre to the Mamapasano massacre, Dengvaxia vaccine, Typhoon Yolanda Fund disappearance, etc…

    If a scammer, already scammed you. Would you believe him/her, if he/she comes for another scam ?

  2. Just my two cents … My dad and I had numerous conversations regarding about ‘opposition’ and we sometimes brought up this so called opposition as nothing but noise makers. Whether it is the Jeepney phaseout or the changing of the 1987 constitution there will always oppose but when we act sensible and ask for their solution they just shrug and act like idiots. No matter what you try they will always be one who disagree just to disagree.

    I dont know if is a Filipino trait or not but this opposition thing also happened at elemenatry school – I was ask to be the leader and ask my groupmates any ideas, as we tried to even gain an agreement – one, just one opposed and I sensibly asked why and did he had an alternative idea, he just shrugged and I still chewed him out for wasting our time.

    1. It’s like, “trip lang” to oppose. Could be that they feel pride or power when they oppose someone, or some other primal feeling. Probably not Filipino only, but it is a problematic attitude that is doesn’t help. Adding to that is the Dunning-Kruger effect – the stupid people don’t know (or refuse to accept) that they are stupid.

  3. Originality, not Intelligence, is the sign of a brilliant Author. All the Education in the world won’t help someone who can’t think for themselves.

  4. “Sometimes it gives you unnecessary headaches. So what does it give you at the end? It only gives you a temporary high and nothing good for the long term.”

    Exploring the world, makes people richer. Not financially but mentally. We can read books about the Philippines; we can watch all kinds of documentaries about the Philippines aired on National Geographic, but nothing beats that by actually visiting the Philippines first hand and see it with our naked eyes.
    Before I visited the Philippines, I hardly knew anything about the country. So travelling and exploring makes a person richer.

    1. Indeed, good reasons. But that’s it, they’re reasons. It means traveling is done for a reason or two, not for its own sake. That quote you took from my article refers to anything done for its own sake, and when done that way, it tends to not make anyone richer.

  5. Opposing the current administration means money to most, even if they look ridiculous carrying banners and shouting on top of their lungs. Money is all that matters, even to the leaders of the Opposition itself. It’s what makes them alive and relevant.

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