Democracy is not dead – only Ninoy and Cory Aquino are

Every year in August, Filipinos are unfailingly reminded of the deaths of their “icons of democracy”, former president Corazon “Cory” Aquino, and her husband Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. It is generally accepted that Ninoy’s death paved the way for Cory to be president, and Cory’s death was how the son, Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III got catapulted into Malacañang.

Coincidentally, Filipinos get a holiday not only on Ninoy’s death anniversary on the 21st, but on National Heroes Day on the last Monday of the month. One can be forgiven for thinking that this is to ensure that Ninoy, Cory, and heroes are perpetually used in the same context or sentence.

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For those who still venerate the Aquinos, they would like to make it appear that “democracy is dead” under the term of current president Rodrigo Duterte. This is the same “democracy” that Ninoy and Cory supposedly died for.

Unfortunately, however, the more the Yellows open their mouths and gnash their teeth, the more it becomes apparent that for them, democracy is alive, only if they are the dominant voice. Despite their best efforts, it turns out that the democracy they would like to take credit for resulted in Rodrigo Duterte. If somebody put a gun to the voters’ heads and intimidated them to vote for Duterte, the Liberal Party would have made hay of it ever since the last elections. They didn’t.

People are still free to voice their dissent, whether online or in real life. Last we saw, Duterte’s critics have yet to prove that the alleged extrajudicial killings have his blessing, and that he is using the killings to silence his critics.

Twice, however, the LP has used the cadaver of one of its “saints” to propel one of its own into the presidency. They might have recently nearly succeeded in using the dead boy Kian delos Santos to bring down Duterte, had he not extended to the family a simple social grace the LP and Yellowtards have shown incapable of.

The people have made their choice, and it’s neither the Aquinos nor the LP. Whether this choice was actually good or not, is itself a topic for a separate discussion.

The only things that are factually dead so far, are Ninoy and Cory.

We can update with the status of the following related entities:
EDSA is dead.
The mystique of People Power is dead.
The political capital associated with the Aquino name is dead.
The LP is moribund – not yet dead, but anything it touches is bound to turn to crap.

Democracy in the Philippines, on the other hand, is still alive and kicking.

Tough luck for the LP, the next dead body it might have to use to be relevant again, might be its own.

4 Replies to “Democracy is not dead – only Ninoy and Cory Aquino are”

  1. To tell you the truth, we are not a Democracy. We are Feudal Oligarchy, with some shade of Theocracy.

    The Aquinos made themselves, heroes and saints. They have a shrine. They are in history books. Fake news, became Fake history. They imposed national holidays, to make themselves, be venerated by us, as heroes and saints. They name for themselves :airports, buildings, memorial stadium, etc…

    No matter how they deodorize themselves: the stink in the 2016 Election is there. The slime and sludge of the Andres “Si Latigo” Bautista, unexplained wealth and money laundering are staring us in our faces.

    The disappearance of the Typhoon Yolanda Funds, under the care of Mar Roxas, is not yet resolved. The Fund just disappeared, from the face of the Planet Earth.

    The foulness and filthiness of the : DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, during the Pnoy Aquino administration continue to bother us.

    These are what we get when political propaganda, covers the Truth .

    When the Truth comes out, the odor of the rotten matter is very strong !

  2. Yellows’ tricks and manipulations will not work anymore these days. They are not the voice of freedom and democracy, but by the few who want to hold power forever.

  3. Propping up Marcos Legacy to be alive is to glorify Marcos as golden years of his administration.

    Let the Marcos Truth prevail. Let’s have New Society and Marcos Discipline rather than democracy and freedom.

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