A simple social grace extended by Duterte to Kian’s parents made all the difference

Grieving parents should be allowed to grieve in whatever way they deem fit.
(Photo source: GMA News)

The irony that escapes Yellowtards is that they now see themselves as “victims” of a system they supposedly “fought” for. If only somebody had warned them back in their golden years that spanned the 1980s through the 1990s and the 2000s: Be careful what you wish for.

Indeed, everything they are now tearing their hair out over is a product of the “freedoms” enshrined in the 1987 Yellowtard Constitution — that overcompensation of a charter flubbed upon Filipinos by the late former President Cory Aquino that embodied the national trauma Filipinos thought they suffered from as a result of the “Marcos regime”. The buzzwords of the time, “people power”, the “will of the people”, “majority rules”, and the “wisdom of the crowds” captured the essence of this embrace of the freewheeling “democracy” that Filipinos were made to believe they had “won” following the 1986 “revolution”.

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Note all the words in quotes. Whilst there is an abundance of notions of goodness in these words, it is quite evident in hindsight that the proponents of these notions did not know what they were getting their country into. The stark reality they confront today under the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is that everything they gnash their teeth about is a product of their Yellowtard Constitution.

Forget for a moment that this oligarch-crafted constitution set the Philippines up to be a barrel of fat fish that a tiny handful of rich folk fish off. That’s a different atrocity for discussion on a different occassion. The bigger issue with the Yellowtard “activism” in the early 1980s that culminated in their sacred 1987 Constitution is that it asked a two-year-old kid shivering in an unheated house in the middle of winter what he wanted the most — then handed him a flamethrower.

Yellowtards now insist that the Philippines is burning. Perhaps they should examine what it is exactly they gave the Filipino people back in 1987.

Was “freedom” really what Filipinos wanted back in 1986? For that matter, were Filipinos really in that bad a situation before 1986? The debate around the answers to those questions had been rekindled thanks to the disastrous Second Aquino Administration of 2010 to 2016. That debate and the confronting conclusions drawn from it was what paved the way for the ascent to power of President Duterte and the hideous permanent burial of Mar Roxas’s political career in the 2016 elections.

Still, the Yellowtards had not learnt the important lessons from all this. They continue to cling on to a pathetic tradition of necropolitics and still use their now-blunted emotional hooks as foundations for their political rhetoric. In this most recent activist fail, they used Kian delos Santos as a single pillar to hold up the house of cards that was their demonisation campaign against Duterte. This single point of failure was easily yanked from underneath them by a simple social grace extended by the president to Kian’s parents yesterday — a social grace that former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III repeatedly failed to exhibit in the face of tragedy over his six-year term.

Former President BS Aquino could not be bothered to exhibit a bit of grace when the situation called for it during his term.

The big lesson here is that the Yellowtards were wrong about what Filipinos wanted back in 1987. They did not want a blowtorch as a source of warmth. They wanted a human touch in their government.

Though I wrote about how I once found disturbing the way Duterte’s “die hard” supporters referred to the president as “Daddy Digong”, I realise that therein that preferred term of endearment for a national leader lies the key to understanding what Filipinos expect of their leaders. Filipinos are still, in essence, that shivering two-year-old in an unheated house in the middle of winter.

5 Replies to “A simple social grace extended by Duterte to Kian’s parents made all the difference”

  1. I think that Constitution was written on a Friday night over a few cases of Tandhuay. It is terrible in both concept and execution because it does many things to stifle the economy and even the mandates are not complete with implementing language. It says that ALL children must attend compulsory education, but it does not provide funding for books, facilities, teachers or even a way for the kids to get to school. Nor is there any agency or mechanism for enforcing the mandatory portion of the law. In America if a child is found wandering the streets during school hours, the parents will get arrested. ALL children go to school there as they should here and everywhere.

  2. Jerry: that’s exactly my view on that disastrous document. It’s a joke, and as you said, none of the things that it mandates are actually provided for (except for the prohibition on foreigners contributing to the economy, and that nonsense about “the family”, which is enforced with a vengeance).

  3. Whatever you call it; the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, used their power to protect their own interests; and the interests of the Oligarchy.

    Land Reform program was shelved by the Aquinos, to protect their Hacienda Luisita. Blame Game was their Politics. Making themselves, heroes and saints was their primary goal in being in power.

    By the term of Pnoy Aquino; these political propaganda, were all brought to our consciousness. The advent of the internet and blogging; made the Filipinos, able to inform each other.

    The Leni “The Bobo” Robredo, phony Vice Presidency is another valid issue. Then came , the COMELEC Chairman Andres “Si Latigo” Bautista, unexplained wealth issue.

    These issues, removed all the political propaganda, the Aquino Cojuangco political axis built for many years, to brainwash , all of us !

  4. Most Filipinos are emotional or emotionally-driven when making a decision. LP had used these so effectively in the past, despite their being heartless to whom they overlord. Pres. Duterte is the opposite. Majority of our people could easily feel and discern his warmth, genuineness, faithfulness, and determination to effect genuine changes that have been denied by the previous administration esp. the last one. How would trust leaders who had been raised inside the ivory towers?

  5. If they were made from better stuff, they would have pretended the fault was theirs. They would have made a moment of it–a pretty moment.

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