Is the Duterte presidency fated to be a wasted opportunity?

What happens if President Rodrigo Duterte is toppled?

Easy. Things revert to the status quo. The Liberal Party (LP) – the no-results, hypocritically decent, group of politicians whom Filipinos have had to bear with for the past thirty years – will be back in power. The drug problem, which has been the cornerstone of Duterte’s anti-crime campaign, will go away. Mainstream media, long perceived to be favorable towards the LP and the Aquinos, will make it disappear from the public consciousness. Crime and corruption will go back to pre-Duterte status. The economy will be deodorized, but the poor will indefinitely remain poor. Plus, they will be safely ignored until the politicos need their votes again for re-election. Expect any political opposition to clam up. The LP will once again get away with prioritizing their self-interests over those of the Filipino people.

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Filipinos will, once again, live in ignorant bliss.

But why suggest that the Duterte presidency is capable of being toppled?

Because the support of the people who voted for him is hardly enough against a persistent, well-organized, and well-funded group of people. A group of people who have grown comfortable, and used to, calling the shots. They will not hesitate to take down and silence all who get in their way, by any means necessary. As we have seen, they will resort to propaganda, to calling in foreign intervention, and to blaming their blunders on Duterte. Who knows, we may just be surprised (or not) to find out one day that they could be actually funding armed conflict and terrorist attacks in the Philippines!

What happens if he isn’t?

The Duterte government is in a precarious position, more so than it likes to think. Inertia is its greatest enemy.

On the political and economic fronts, all the LP-led opposition has to do is to provide enough of a roadblock to Duterte’s “change”, such that he will be rendered inutile. It will simply end in a war of attrition; which will endure, faith in Duterte, or the opposition’s skullduggery? With all the resources at its disposal, the LP is more than capable of doing that, and winning. Furthermore, because the Filipino people allowed enough of the opposition, as well as clowns like Tito Sotto, to be voted into the Senate and Congress, Duterte will have to deal with a legislative branch that doesn’t and won’t do its job properly, and keep on bypassing deserving cabinet members like Judy Taguiwalo, who, unfortunately for her, won’t pander to their self-serving interests.

A comment I read on social media states that president Duterte’s being too soft on his enemies is perhaps a big, even debilitating, weakness of his. Perhaps Duterte is allowing them to make fools of themselves, but no one, or very few at best, outside the pro-Duterte sphere of influence seems to think that way. Instead, sentiment outside of the sphere, that Duterte is a madman, a despot who must be stopped, persists, and is perhaps even growing unstoppably stronger.

Well, since the opposition is branding him a dictator, he should have just crushed them decisively anyway. But that’s just me.

On the socio-cultural front, because Duterte had made outrageous promises during the election (who didn’t), Filipinos have seemingly found no reason to go outside their comfort zone, where they expect their leaders to change everything for them. They have yet another hero, whom they can put on a pedestal, and whom they expect to magically make their problems disappear.

Perhaps it is too ambitious to expect Filipinos to go beyond being “inspired” by Filipinos like Duterte, who stand out. Every time their idols are in the news, they will shout Pinoy Pride, associate themselves – however possible – with the personality, and will regard any criticism of the idol as a personal affront.

The “pent-up sentiment” that pro-Duterte supporters like to use as their excuse to act the way they do, in the face of criticism of the president, is starting to grow tired, old, and frankly, quite embarrassing. Common sense: you can’t expect people to keep listening to you if you keep being “angry” all the time. What is the use of the “scholars” and “erudite thinkers” on their side, then?

If Filipinos don’t take advantage of Duterte’s leadership, and collectively come together to change their public affairs and spaces (outside kinship and clan lines), then that is the big wasted opportunity. For all their talk of “we want change”, their actions seem to betray that they don’t want it hard enough, all because they’re simply not willing to put in the collective work needed from their end.

Wasting an opportunity to do things differently is perhaps a bigger tragedy, than voting dumb bags of nails into office and expecting things to be different. Perhaps this is why, it has been said, that Filipinos don’t deserve good things.

44 Replies to “Is the Duterte presidency fated to be a wasted opportunity?”

  1. They can topple Duterte anytime but the nationalism he awakened already is in the heart of all his supporters. It’s not the same anymore in RP. Citizens have a taste of “puede naman pala” achievements unimaginable with LP. All the machinations you mentioned are blown open. Even the man on the street might even know about Georgo Soros. Our eyes are opened and will fight to the death of those who want to destroy whatever gains Duterte started. A bloody civil war if Robredo takes the Presidency. It’s best that she gets impeached.

    1. that is the most scary if civil war ignited. pilipinos might take into their own hands justice like the bolshevik revolt and the french revolution. no one can stop the unity of the people against anyone who’ll destroy their motherland. luisita is the one the yellow dynasty is defending. it’s worth dying for. since the farmers breaks down the walls and been proclaimed it’s now in full control of the farmers, see what happened, bombings started. they will create anarchy just like what they did during the marcos times. it’s the same old story and set up.

      1. there’s only one solution to what’s happening now. declare martial law just like what marcos did. and arrest those known enemy of the state. and prosecute them.

      2. You are talking out your ass, there will not be a Civil War in the Philippines. The NPA is waging a war for over 45 years and look how that is going. HA, you think Duterte started something ? well, he did,BUT LETS SEE WHAT DUTERTE HAS DONE:Filipino’s have suffered the loss of a right to a trial, and then there is the murdering of 7,500 of his fellow-citizens based on Hear-Say. Lets see, what else? NOTHING, ZIPPO, BUPKISS. Duterte is a fraud, a tool of the Oligarchs just like all the rest of the thieving politicians in the ass-wipe country.


    2. daniel, if impeachment is cased against robredo, it will only mean that she is the legal vp. this is not true. robredo cheated! best the recount takes place soon because her grain will be exposed.

  2. I don’t believe that the position of Pres. Duterte is in danger to be toppled…

    As I compare it during the last reign of the late Pres. Marcos, Sr. There is no other U.S. mainstream media , except the New York Times, editorial board, that has taken the Aquino Cojuangco political axis cause. I never have seen a U.S. Congressman or U.S. Senator, that supports, the Aquino Cojuangco political axis.

    The main reason of the late Pres. Marcos , Sr. , being overthrown by the U.S., was the U.S. Bases agreement in the Philippines. He refused to extend it…In that time, there was no strong opposition than the Cory Aquino opposition group…
    If they think, that their luck will again strike twice…they are just deluding themselves..

    The late Pres. Marcos, Sr. cannot use the fighter planes of the Philippine Air Force; because they were U.S. made; and the late Pres. Reagan warned him not to use the U.S. planes, against Cory Aquino. Now, the fighter planes, are not U.S. made, and can be used against any rebel group, without hindrance of U.S. terms and conditions…

    In a war, Air Power is necessary to win a conflict, along with ground troops, and mechanized brigades.

    Noises, Fake News and Political propaganda, are the tools of the Aquino Cojuangco axis. However, they are just “hot air”. They lost their Hacienda Luisita…so they are behaving like that …

    They use the money they plundered, to pay foreign agents, foreign officials, foreign press, etc… I see their tactics are not working, at all !

    I encountered in the Web Blogs, foreign paid trolls and Web hackers; but that is all…

    U.S. Pres. Trump, has too much problem, with himself, and with rogue regimes in the world, like North Korea, Syria, ISIS, etc… I believe, he is not interested in the Philippines, and in overthrowing Pres. Duterte. He is busy with his domestic political agendas…

    The European Union countries, are busy with their Islamic terrorists problem, and Syrian refugee problems. They may give a little talk of the Philippines Extra Judicial Killings…But that’s all, they can do !

    The U. N. and the International Criminal Court, have no jurisdiction on any country. If they have: they would have arrested, Kim Jung Un of North Korea, or Pres. Bashir Assad of Syria, a long time ago…there are many leaders, that have warrants of arrest by the ICC. However, no one is implementing them …The ICC has no military power, to implement these warrants of arrest…it is a “toothless tiger”, that growls and growls…

    It is up to us, the People of the Philippines…if we allow these corrupt and plundering politicians , the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, and others to insert themselves to power.

    The one good solution is to change the system of government to Parliamentary, or to Federal Parliamentary system , like Germany.
    We have to junk the Cory Aquino constitution, and have another constitution….

    Abolish the Office of the Vice President. Or impeach the Fake Vice President Leni “The Bobo” Robredo…this fake Vice President is their only “hope” to return themselves to power…

    If we stand united for the country; the change , we all dream of, will be realized…The realization depends on all of us, who wants change !

    1. Completely agree with you on the recount. However, the Yellows are once again trying to hijack the process by asking the PET to return the ballots to one local electoral protest I think in Basilan where Leni unbelievably won hands down. If PET agrees, they might do magic. And yes, definitely need to revise Cory’s restrictive constitution and move to Parliamentary/Federal asap. It’s comforting to know, thanks to you, that the ICC is a toothless tiger after all. We need to be more vigilant and united as ever to protect the gains ushered in by Duterte. This is our last chance to be at par with or even surpass our neighbors and become a nation and people who has high self-respect and respected by other races, and be a force of good and peace in the region.

      1. @ 545HTYou think N. Korea is a ‘Rogue Nation’ ? You do not know what you are talking about. North Korea has not started a War nor has it been in a War since 1953. What is sooo rogue-ish about that ? They do not have Nuclear weapons, and will not be able to get them either, so who are they going to attack? North Korea can’t use Nuclear warheads on an ICBM to attack South Korea brcause tey are right next to each other, if N. Korea wanted to have a War with S. Korea it would have been done a long time ago.

        Your entire comment is just so out of touch with the reality of every situation you mentioned, it is astounding. Assad has not attacked anyone ,nor has he gassed anybody either. You mention the NY TIMES, the mouth-piece of the CIA (Remember them? The people who really run the USA ). If you weren’t wasting your time reading rags like the NY Times you would be able to differentiate between who the real terrorists are and who is behind all of the so-called ‘TERRORIST ATTACKS’ around the globe.If Filipino’s want change they are going to have to get rid of the thieves that run the country, the Oligarchs as well as the people that work for the Oligarchs, the politicians

  3. it is the yellows who did’nt renew the US bases agreement in the philippines through a communist lean activism.

    1. @NU WAVE:

      Have you gone to North Korea ? Assad used poison gas on his own people. There is a civil war in Syria. And the ISIS has taken territory, Raqqa, Syria is their capital.

      I did not mention that the New York Times is the mouthpiece of the C.I.A. Its editorial board has written a piece about Extra Judicial Killings, in the Philippines. This is a Fake News.

      We know the terrorists, they are the Islamic Radicals. I don’t read much New York Times…I get my news in the internet.

      The thieves are the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, which you serve…they are also the sources of Fake News, useless investigations, many corruption and graft.

      We don’t need your advice, of what we do with our country…the best way to help us, is to shut your idiotic mouth , and mind your own business !

  4. Yes, that was the mistake of the U.S. State Department. They were hoping that Cory Aquino had the influence to renew the bases agreement. However, she did not deliver…

    So, the U.S. was disappointed by Cory Aquino. They did not want to destabilize the country again…so they just left Cory Aquino to rule…their C.I.A. guy, Fidel Ramos, was there, anyway…

    Panama’s General Noriega was the overthrown because the lease of the Panama Canal was expiring. and , he did not want to renew the lease. The Panama Canal was built by the U.S., and is vital to U.S. defense and trade …

    1. @212HT, YOU MAKE ME LAUGH, YOU COULD NEVER AFFORD TO GO TO N.KOREA and I am not allowed to travel there.Assad’s Air-Force hit a munitions stock-pile of gas cannisters that were stock-piled by Al-Qaeda.Al-QAEDA AND ISIS are both creations of the CIA, THEY ARE THE SAME PEOPLE THAT OVERTHREW QHADDAFFI IN LIBYA AND WERE SENT TO OVERTHROW ASSAD BECAUSE RUSSIA BLOCKED THE INVASION OF SYRIA BY THE USA AND THE UK REFUSED TO JOIN THE USA IN A ‘COALITION OF THE WILLING”, so the CIA created ISIS as well as having created Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan in 1979, before you even wore diapers and they have been trying to overthrow Assad ever since.The battle in Syria is about getting Russia out of its only Mediteraenean Naval Base at Tartuk,Syria.
      I dont have all day to educate you, but you should take the SHIT OUT OF YOUR EARS AND PUT IN YOUR MOUTH and listen to other media sources besides the CIA run NY TIMES.

      1. @HT, YOU ARE SO frikkin stoopid you do not even know that the CIA is financing ISIS and Al-Qaeada, need some proof? How come no USA or Western politicians are ever killed in a “TERRORIST ATTACK”,they are the ones responsible for all the bombs raining down on Muslims the world over,for the last 15 years and yet all the people killed in these CIA FALSE FLAG ‘ATTACKS’ ARE DISABLED ,GAY,HEADBANGERS or streeet partiers in France. You think that Muslims are too stupid to figure out who is responsible for the bombings of their countries and the murders of their families and could not get at a lightly guarded,if that, Western politician? GET A CLUE SHITHEAD, I SAY THAT BECAUSE ONE DAY YOU WILL HEAR A GIGANTIC POPPING NOISE AND IT WILL BE FROM YOUR HEAD POPPING OUT OF YOUR ASS.

    2. @HT, YOU DONT NEED MY ADVICE? who are you? and who do you represent? besides your dumb self? I stated facts Sonny, and you can not refute them. You get your Fliptard ass in an uproar because you know you are an IMBECILE,A MISINFORMED IMBECILE AS WELL. that has been taken to school and intellectually fucked in your dumb-ass. Go shove some ice up your ass to cool off the inflamation and Come back with some more idiotic statements of misinformation, AND I’LL DO IT AGAIN ,

      1. @NU WAVE:

        Are you afraid to travel to North Korea and ask Kim Jung Un, if he has nuclear weapons ? You can sneak in there, like the other Americans/foreigners did…Or, you are afraid to be tortured, and sentenced to hard labor by Kim Jung Un…they will have a good time torturing you…

        Why do you know that North Korea has no nuclear weapons ? You have not been there, as you stated…

        Where you there in Syria, when Assad poison gassed his own people?

        Whoever started the Syrian civil war, is not my business. I am not interested in it… Russia, America, Iran, Hezbollah, ISIS, Saudi Arabia, the EU…let them all fight and we will watch them…

        I represent myself, as a Filipino… I am a Filipino…a full blooded Filipino…

        You are as dumb, as a rock; and the Aquino Cojuango political axis is paying you, to be a Paid Troll on this GRP website. You cannot even get a real/decent job, from where you came from…that is why you are here as a Paid Troll.

        Why not go back to your own country; and get a decent job ? Your advice stinks, as you…

        I am a Filipino, and I am helping my fellow Filipino. I was born and raised here in the Philippines ! I love my country, and my fellow Filipinos !

  5. Do the current leadership and its supporters have a specific back-up plan if anything happens that would favor the no-credibility opposition? If none, then all efforts are spent in vain. Real winning is a matter of making sure of it, and things can be tough, but not incalculable. Filipinos can’t afford to lose anymore than what they have left.

    1. @ HT, OMG, the US State Dept could install themselves at the Subic Bay bases any time they want to, they did noyt need Cory Aquino to do that.

    2. @ TORO TORO TORO, LOL @ YOU, what you just stated makes no sense what-so-ever, and congratulations on being a Full-Blooded Failipino.There is not much that is unique about that, being 100 million of them, but congratulations anyway.U only repeated what I stated and yet you accuse me of being dumb as a rock. YOU ARE BEYOND BEING A JACKASS…

  6. The best “back up plan ” is to do it now…Time is the essence…

    Change the Cory Aquino constitution…Abolish the Office of the Vice President…go to Federal Parliamentary system like Germany…and prosecute all the crimes of plunder and other crimes of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis…

    These solves all the anxieties, people are having with their return to power !

    Restore the Death penalty provision for plunder !

    1. @NU WAVE:

      Idiot, the Americans needed the extension of the Bases Agreement. We are no longer a part of the U.S. Commonwealth. That was the reason, they have to respect our sovereignty…

      The late Pres. Marcos Sr. was against the extension of the U.S. Bases Agreement. This was the reason, he was overthrown…

      The U.S. can do anything on a weaker country, like they did to Vietnam…but they were resopundingly defeated in Vietnam…

      Panama is another case. Gen Noriega refused to extend the lease of Panama Canal. Gen. Noriega refused to go. This was the reason, they invaded Panama, and took Gen. Noriega as prisoner, on the trump up charges of drug dealing.

      In the case of Cuba, the late Fidel Castro, allied himself with the Soviet Union. The U.S. tried to invade Cuba, by the Bay of Pigs…it was a debacle. There was a Cuban crisis, that almost had gone to a nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

      The U.S. intervened in Lybia, by arming the anti Khadafy forces. They killed Khadafy…however, the country is now partially taken over by ISIS…civil war continues in Lybia. And the U.S., is nowhere to be seen…

      The U.S. can take over a country; but they cannot be sure what awaits them, after their takeover…

      Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia, etc…should be a good lesson to them !

    2. @NEW WAVE:

      You are both dumb as a rock and a jackass…in this Website, we must have civility. If we go on name calling each other; the truth, that we have to inform to others is lost…we are not children, we are mature adults. So, grow up, will you?

      Anyway, you have to earn your pay as a pad troll, and satisfy your employers !

  7. if the government will switch to federal parliamentary system right away, what will happen to those who committed crimes under the 87 constitution? can the government still can prosecute them in the parliamentary system? what if the crimes they committed not there in the federal system? i think better prosecute them first then switch to a new system.

    1. @ TORO TORO TORO, so you can predict the future? LOOK, at least the USA can takeover a country when it wants to, the Philippines doesn’t even have an army FFS.

  8. why don’t the ICC investigate the massacre of farmers at mendiola and at the luisita during cory and his son pnoy? sounds like they’re protecting the proliferation of drugs worldwide instead of the health of humans.

    1. @NU WAVE:

      I cannot predict the future. I am not a prophet, nor I wanted to be a prophet. The U.S.A. can take over a country that is weak.

      However, the U.S. must learn its painful lessons like: Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Lybia, Cuba, etc…

      It is easy to invade, if you have military resources…however, the outcome of the invasion is what I am talking about…

      How many American lives were lost in Vietnam ? How about the lives of Americans being lost in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc…

      Did it made America better ; to invade and occupy these countries ? What did America profited with loss of lives, resources, time, etc..

      Please think deeply of what you are talking about…why not mind your own business…

      The inner cities of America is crumbling, full of crimes, drugs, illegal alien gangs, etc…

      Take care of your country and people first !

  9. are all these opposing president duterte’s war on drugs connected to drug proliferations in their own country??? looks like.

  10. ICC is a political tool of the powerful nations, like the U.S., to impose their will of what they like to weaker nations.

    The late Pres. Milasovich of Serbia was prosecuted by the ICC, with the help of the U.S. The U.S. is the main enforcer of the ICC. However, with the case of Pres. Assad of Syria. He allied himself to Russia and Iran.

    With the case of Kim Jung Un of North Korea…He is allied his nation to China, and has nuclear weapons, with the ability to deliver them. Kim Jung Un killed his Uncle and his brother. He tortures people, and have several Americans in his prison…sentenced for many years of hard labor…

    Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries are the worst, human rights abusers. However, the ICC cannot touch them, because they are rich nations…rich with oil. They do public executions in Saudi Arabia, by cutting people’s head. They torture prisoners there, every Friday, by whipping them at their backs. They also hang prisoners by their feet; and whip the soles of their feet…

    Iran also is one of the worst human rights abuser. They hang homosexuals there…but the ICC turns a blind eye on Iran…because it is rich, and have the ability to defend itself.

    How can they arrest Iran’s Ayatollah Kamenei ?

  11. We can all argue the toss about what’s right and wrong here and in other countries. About the little things that have seen our society fail here and fail there, and about the unquestionable rot that undermines our chances of a decent society under our current system. So instead of trying to ‘scotch tape’ over a broken system, shouldn’t we just try again. Then maybe in a generation or two we can have removed the treasonous corruption and backwards thinking in time for our grandchildren to benefit from what’s been known for hundreds of years in those countries we dismiss with arrogant childishness! Let’s embrace what’s already known and is readily & freely available – it’s time to admit we don’t know better, not at all. It’s not strong to argue with the World and dismiss what can truly help us – that’s just schoolyard stupidity and only serves to damage us further in the end…

    President Duterte wasn’t a wasted opportunity, it was never going to be an opportunity. The wasted opportunity is everyday we submit to a system that’s designed to fail the majority of the population for the benefit of the few who manipulate the poorly educated masses – because they believe it’s their right to do so lol…

    1. no one can replace president duterte. he’s the man. you have to poison the pilipino people first to oust duterte.

      1. @ DUARDUM, You are the only person that has any idea of what he is talking about in this thread of comments. You are correct.

        1. Duterte will be replaced, that’s a fact, so there’s absolutely no need for the melodramatics! But if you really believe poisoning the whole nation is the only way to remove him, maybe you don’t understand the democratic election system (mind you, most of our politicians & their extended families don’t either). And actually poisoning us all is a sure fire way of eradicating drugs – so good thinking.

          So what will his legacy be, because that’s all he and the history books are interested in in the end? Undeniably not much, and anyway we always abuse our political leaders (lol) after they’ve gone from office. And mostly they absolutely deserve it…

  12. Filipino’s just don’t get it, THERE NEVER WAS AN OPPORTUNITY…it was made to look like one, but it was a mirage. Every single election Filipinos hear ” There will be a CHANGE”, but nothing ever happens. What has Duterte done in one year on-the-job? Have the WORLD’s HIGHEST ELECTRICITY RATES COME DOWN?NO, and are the Oligarchs still front-running the stock-market and getting MEGA-WEALTHIER speculating in the Energy Market, YOU BET YOU ASS ! Have jobs poured into the country that will pay decently ?
    NO ! All this laughable MORONIC NEANDERTHAL has done is that he has had a hand in the MURDERS of over 7,500 of his fellow citizens. That is all he has done, U see kids:there NEVER was any plan to lift the ‘MASSA’ out of the gutter, the plan was to make it look like a plan and then get everyone’s attention by making some idiotic remarks (Duterte is good at making IDIOTIC REMARKS !) but the REAL PLAN was to keep the ‘MASSA’ in piss-pot-poor conditions and leave them there, all while raping the countries resources on the cheap and plundering the treasury. YES, hate to say I told you so, BUT ITS TRUE, There will be no change and you will all be sitting there in 30 50 100 years from now doing the same stooopid shit and thinking there is going to be a change.


    1. Another YellowTard paid Troll of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. They are deluding themselves, that Leni “The Bobo” Robredo would replace , Pres. Duterte, to become President…

      So, they cheated in the 2016 election, to make Leni “The Bobo” Robredo win the Vice Presidency.
      Then, hope for a Pres. Erap Estrada kind of uprising, to save their Hacienda Luisita.

      See how these two paid trolls, NU WAVE and Duardum (Eduardo), compliment each other ? They are members of their: “Mutual Admiration Society”, and they are paid , by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis…

      See how idiotic these Aquino Cojuangco political axis thinks,that we would swallow their baits ? Your tactic is too obvious and glaring…make it harder for us to see, so that we would bite…

      Okay, just hope and hope with your delusions; until your jaundiced eyes will turn yellow, and you will become True YellowTards (local and imported) !

      1. The mindset behind these sort of comments are absolutely the reason we fail – anger, blame, inflexibility, narrow minded stupidity, and putting 2 and 2 together and getting minus 99! Congratulations…

  13. what president duterte should do is distribute luisita to the real beneficiaries with genuine land titles ASAP! proved the plundering of gold bars, and if the yellow dynasty continues to create anarchy just what they did to marcos, declare martial law. it’s the same tactics they’re doing spreading anarchy. they’re already in the act of sedition against the people. arrest all the attack dogs of the yellows.

  14. …. now you all see what the yellow dynasty did to the country its own Motherland. still they want to be champions.

  15. It’s such a shame a large proportion of Filipinos don’t have the desire or, often times, the ability to think further afield than our current mess of a political quagmire! Instead of banging on and on about this, that and the other to do with the obvious ridiculous mess we’re in, why can’t we just stop and think carefully (it might hurt) before starting again.

    It’s all about who’s winning, who’s got the upper hand, who’s got the undeserved power. The clear & obvious loser in all of this nonsense is the Filipino people – the electorate, the voters, the people our government serves, those who pay the taxes that are stolen by arrogant traitors to fund their families pathetic wannabe lifestyles! And I mean it, these people are traitors because they damage the country and the people they swear an oath to serve – they break the constitution and people die because of their actions. No other name for it!

    And really, if there’s a desire to declare martial law again then we as a nation have seriously failed. To want to resort to what should only ever be a last resort is utterly soul destroying and very very sad! It displays a total inability to consider anything other than what’s come before – and we really have understood nothing because look at the damn mess we’re in…still in…

  16. and now what are you going to blame to marcos? fighting communism, fighting oligarchy, claiming what’s suppose to be a philippine territory, siding with the farmers? what he did is heroism it’s clear, heroism. now tell me what your heroes and saints did to the philippines? don’t be ashame lay it down all here we want to hear your side.

  17. Hay nako buti pa gumamit nalang ng sarili nating wika total mga Pilipino lang ang makakatulong sa sarili nila at sa bansang Pilipinas hindi ang mga dayuhang walang alam sa nangyayari sa bansa at gusto pang isulong kanilang prinsispyong di naman tama at mas nagpapalala lang sa situasyon ng bansa.

    Halata na meron nanamang bagong Dilawan nagbubulag-bulagan at bingihan sa sarili at sinasabing siya ay tama habang ang iba mali. Desperado na talaga ang mga kontra sa administrasyon na pigilin ang paguswag tulad ng pagpapatayo ng mga imprastraktura dahil ayaw nilang magragumpay ang gobyerno ngayon dahil sila sa loob ng 3 decada walang nagawa para sa bansa.

    Kawawa talaga kayong mga bayarang Dilawan puro lang pera ang inaatupag datapwat kapalit naman niya’y kinabukasan ng bansa at mga mamamayan ng Pilipinas. Buti nalang hindi niyo na maloloko kalahatan ng mga Pilipino ngayon mapa Pilipinas man o ibang bansa na gusto magtagumpay ang gobyerno na maiahon ang bansa mula sa kapabayaan ng Dilaw na administrasyon na mga korap, traydor, pabaya, durugista, magnanakaw, mamamatay tao, atbp.

    Kapwa Dilaw pakitang puri sarili nala. Nakakatuwa, desperadong mang-uto at manlinlang.

  18. recipients of the 10 billion pork barrel scam should return the money to the people. it’s a must to sequester their properties if they can’t. if there’s a queen, there’s a king. find the king. the pangilinan’s are have started leaving the country.

  19. wow, another SC maneuver to protect luisita. why should the farmers face contempt? they were threaten. it should be the past admin DAR to be charge of contempt. they disobeyed the court’s order. now they’re blaming it to the present DAR and the farmers? what kind of justices are these? are they thinking they already made all pilipinos dumb? just distribute luisita to the farmers beneficiaries that’s their land since the spaniards came to the philippines. know your history the philippines. it was sequestered from them by the spanish governor. now give it back to them its their land and no one’s else.

  20. A paradox; the best opportunities we want are the best opportunities we miss; the best opportunities we wanted, are the best opportunities we missed and the best opportunities we seek for stay far away from us. In the end, we only settle for any opportunity.

  21. My country understands what my country needs. In spite of the deceit and propagandas around the world against us, things are progressing in the homefront. There will be partisans and political conflicts but the true colors will eventually come out. Ignorance has declined thanks to social media and its drivers. NorKo will always threaten with nukes, EU will always favor and the US will always pick fights using using third parties and the global economy will always be what it is “Adapting & Reinventing”. A thief forced in a corner will always sing the right song to the highest bidder.

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