Critics of Duterte’s war on drugs are all talk but offer no alternative solutions to solving the drug problem

Do the members of the Philippine Liberal Party and their supporters who are against President Rodrigo Duterte’s “drug war” have a better alternative to solving the drug problem in the country? It doesn’t look like they do. They make a lot of noise and rabidly criticise the government’s efforts to stamp out the illegal drug trade, but they haven’t presented an alternative solution that can apply to the Philippine setting.

As a top official of the government, Vice President Leni Robredo should conduct a proper study on how the Portuguese scenario could be applied to the Philippines.

Current Vice President Leni Robredo was quoted suggesting the government study how the Portuguese government addressed the drug problem in Portugal, but she never proactively pursued the idea herself. This is something her office could have done – conduct an in-depth study of Portugal’s policies on illegal drugs and see if it can actually apply to or work in the Philippines. She’s part of the government, after all. One wonders why she keeps criticising the government she is part of.

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Filipinos cannot simply copy another country’s policy just because it is perceived to have worked in their society. Portugal’s policy may not work in the Philippines. Every society is different. The country is not rich enough to treat the drug problem as a health problem. Who is going to fund the rehabilitation of the millions of drug addicts in the country? Besides, the Philippines is run like a mafia operation. Patronage politics is very strong. In fact, the reason why the drug problem worsened is because a lot of the drug lords were allegedly allied with the Liberal Party. For six years, the drug lords operated without any hitch. They even ran a drug laboratory inside the national penitentiary. Former Department of Justice Secretary and now Senator Leila De Lima was aware of this, but couldn’t do much about it.

Yes, the Liberal Party had an opportunity to address the drug epidemic, but ignored it instead. Former Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary and losing Presidential candidate Mar Roxas apparently knew where the source of illegal drugs were, even bragging at one time about the exact location where he can get some, but it seems he did not do anything to stop the dealers from engaging in their trade with impunity.

But now members of the Liberal Party are acting like they are the experts when it comes to solving the drug problem. Yet they can’t even present a detailed solution on how to fix it. They should do themselves a favour by either shutting up since they had their chance but blew it, or by presenting concrete plans on how to go about dealing with the drug lords. Would they finally go after friends and allies who are in the business? Would they be willing to risk losing campaign donors when they clamp down on suspected drug lords who are supporting their party? How would they address the shortage of drug rehabilitation facilities in the country? How will they deal with the crimes committed by drug addicts? Will they give the drug addicts a pass since they think drug addiction is a mental issue and not a criminal issue? If they do that, then the victims of drug addicts should be entitled to compensation, which tax payers won’t support. These are the kinds of questions Liberal Party members and their supporters need to ask themselves before they criticise Duterte’s war on drugs.

Members of the Liberal Party in the House and the Senate aren’t even coming up with any legislation to change the laws on illegal drugs. At present possessing and dealing are both illegal, which means the government agencies are simply doing their jobs enforcing the law. This just proves that the Liberal Party, in acting so outraged, are not genuine in their concern for human rights.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Duterte’s war on drugs is perfect either. He should have mounted an aggressive cleaning of the ranks of law enforcement agencies before he embarked on his crusade. He should have avoided attracting the attention of the international community by not making unnecessary remarks against those who criticised his policies. He should have allowed the result of his efforts to speak for him. The last survey showed that more Filipinos feel safer with his drug policy. But now the bleeding hearts are after him for feeling slighted by his words.

Speaking of bleeding hearts, Dr. Agnes Callamard, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial summary or arbitrary execution is in the country as a special guest at a drug policy forum at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Callamard took Malacanang by surprise by not telling the Duterte administration of her arrival. Her lack of diplomacy was evident when she snubbed an invitation from the office of the President for her to come late last year. She probably wanted to catch the Philippine law enforcement agency off guard. A planned meeting would not have satisfied her.

Dr. Agnes Callamard showed disrespect for the Philippine government by snubbing Duterte’s invitation then entering the country unannounced.

In the forum, Callamard emphasised that “the war on drugs does not work”. She added that “many harms associated with drugs are not caused by drugs, but by the negative impacts of badly thought-out drug policies.”

Callamard must have in mind drug wars in countries like Mexico and Columbia, which were backed by the US. They were very violent, indeed. But, ironically, they were not condemned by the UN as much as they now condemn the Philippines’ drug war. It is quite baffling why the UN, seemingly represented Callamard, is meddling in Philippine affairs. She didn’t even bother gathering correct data from the Philippine National Police before she concluding that the Philippine drug war will not work.

Callamard will be in the Philippines for just a few days and will not even get a chance to investigate the alleged extra-judicial killings relating to the war on drugs. She’ll only have time to meet with like-minded people – people who will tell her what she wants to hear. She will leave with the same impression she had before coming to the Philippines. It will be a visit that had been well planned by her sponsors. They made sure she avoided meeting members of the government who can address her concerns. That just goes to show Callamard doesn’t respect the current government and couldn’t be bothered clarifying her concerns. Instead, she’d rather talk to the media about her one-sided view. She could be the ticket back to power the Liberal Party has been desperately looking out for.

55 Replies to “Critics of Duterte’s war on drugs are all talk but offer no alternative solutions to solving the drug problem”

  1. Ms. Callamard of the U.N., is just a tool in the “tug for Power”, in the Philippines. If the “War on Drug” does not work, what works to stop the flow of drugs in a country ?

    Drug Lords have a lot of money; and they can buy corrupt politicians with drug money. The case of “El Chapo” de Guzman, who is a well known Drug Lord in Mexico, is a good case. The Police in Mexico is bought by the Drug Lords with Drug money. It is the Mexican Army, that is catching drug lords, and enforcing the law … The drug dealers and drug traffickers, already bought the Police and government officials….

    Columbia, which is the primary source of Cocaine for Europe, Asia and America, cannot eradicate the Cocaine Trade. It is a multi Billion U.S. dollar industry. The U.S., with its sophisticated technology and law enforcement, cannot eradicate its problem of Cocaine.
    If these drug dealers cannot get the real cocaine; they can synthesize them in a chemical laboratory, like what they did to Shabu…

    Giving speeches; to criticize and talk will never solve the illegal drug problem. Using this drug issue, as a “political tool” , to gain political power, is the worse that I have ever seen.

    The YellowTards and the Liberal Party must present to us solutions for the drug problem…they were in power,before and they utilized the drug trade for their own political advantage.

    This is what they are, talkers , not doers ! Political opportunists !

  2. Callamard and her cohorts should’ve just cut through the crap and echo Robredo’s brilliant decriminalisation idea. Maybe they’d also want drug stations set up all over the country, that sure would prevent killings in THEIR idea of saving lives. How do u discourage drug trade and use if you don’t consider its social and criminal consequences in formulating crackdown procedures?

  3. Is it really impossible to start a test-sample (or pilot) using the Portuguese way of treating drug addicts? It works in Portugal and it works in my country. So why should it not work in the Philippines? Are you that different of a species? Sorry, but I doubt that.
    And if you say no then all you can come up with is assasinating all of them?

    So who (or what) is the next problem? Lets get rid of that next problem by using a bullet, right? Because you are different.

    1. Someone who is living in a different country with different culture, beliefs, morales, virture, etc. and definitely “POPULATION” 100+ Million and counting compared to what 10 Million? That’s 10x the difference.

      Also 30 years of under a corrupt Yellow Government that did nothing but steal and let criminality specially Illegal Drugs prolifirate, they left the country become a 4th world being left behind by it’s neighboring countries like Thailand/Vietnam.

      1. @Robert Haighton:

        Portuguese method of combating drugs works in Portugal and in your country; but I am sure , it will never work in the Philippines.

        We are a Third World country, remember ? Our culture, and political patronage system are much different.

        If money, and getting rich quick are on the agenda; you can be sure, that most Filipinos will take advantage of them…just look at our corrupt politicians.

        As Joseph Stalin had stated : “No people, No problem”….iron fist is the only thing that these drug lords and drug dealers can understand. You cannot talk to them…you cannot persuade them…you cannot give incentives to them , not to sell illegal drugs…

        These drug victims have also “human rights”…we shouldn’t be focusing on the “human rights” of these drug dealers, and make it a political issue. Then, as a “ticket” to political power, like the Aquino Cojuangco political axis is doing …

        We don’t want to be another Mexico !

        1. Hyden,
          “it will never work in the Philippines”
          How much proof/evidence do you have to support your statement? If you will defend your thesis with remarks like that, they will laugh at you. You have to come with evidence to collabporate your statement.

          My suggestion is very simple, yes, even for a 3rd world country. Pick a few drug addicts and apply the Portuguese way of combatting the drugs addiction. Do it at a small scale and see what the results are. Like a laboratory test on mice. I am sure that when you invite the Portuguese team to your country they are willing to help you being successful at it.

          If that is really your attitude “It will never work in the Philippines” then you dont have an open mind and you (the country) will remain and stay a poor 3rd world country for ever.

          Lets kill all Filipina lesbian women because they are also forming a big problem.

      2. For the sake of the country,
        have you tried it? No, you didnt. So pls come with good arguments and not with those stupid arguments. There are not 100m drug addicts in your country.

  4. Filipino’s are too stupid to figure out that the drugs and the people using them are a symptom of the problem, so idiot Filipino’s take the ‘lets just kill the symptom(the low-level dealers/user’s’)’ approach, like idiots. AND TO MAKE IT WORSE, FLIP-TARDS are killing each other over a substance that contains ZERO Desoxy-dimethylephedrine (commonly known in the West as ‘Speed’/’Crystal Meth’) ,none.!The substance on the streets from Quezon City to Gen Santos city is actually crushed up cough medicine tablets and nail polish remover and it is NOT ILLEGAL anywhere on the planet.
    AND IF YOU THINK THERE IS ANY Desoxy-dimethylephedrine in that P500/$10 sachet of powder sold in any Philippine city, NOW HEAR THIS: DESOXY-DIMETHYLEPHEDRINE IS ONE OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE SUBSTANCES IN THE WORLD, $2500 USDollars per liquid ounce(OUNCE MORONS!), not a single street druggie in the entire country can afford the shit. NOT ONE !!!

    SO FILIPINO’s are killing each other over a substance they know little about, a substance that is not illegal and are by-passing their own laws to do so….and they cheer the Blood-thirsty Moron who told them he would give them a medal to do do the killing….and not only do they listen to this Moron, they elected the Neanderthal President and cheer for him as he see’s to the murdering of his own people. The people being murdered, if they lived in the West, would be on probation..MAYBE…but Desoxy-Dimethylephedrine would have to have been in their possesion, and in the Philippines, THERE IS NO SUCH DRUG AVAILABLE as its too expensive. SO, the Philippines ? What a fuckin nightmare for anyone who unfortunately lives there.
    It is without a doubt the dumbest shit anyone could ever see.

    1. @Robert Haighton:

      We are not mice; and lesbianism is different from drug addiction.

      The Former Secretary of Justice, now Senator Leila de Lima, profited from the drug trade…she used convicts, as drug traffickers…Mar Roxas just watched the drug trade to flourish in every town and province. Pony Aquino knows the drug problem, but never did anything about it…so were the former administration officials…most of them, even became drug lords , drug traffickers and drug dealers…

      Experiments may work, it is not the same as in real situation and real time…

      It is the attitude , and culture of Filipinos, that are their worst enemies…

      I am a full blooded Filipino. I grew up in the country; and I am very knowledgeable on my fellow Filipinos.

      We don’t want foreigners to teach us, to know what is good for us; and what is not good for us…

      We just want to be left alone, to solve our own problem; deal with our own crisis.

      This is how, we learn to grow, as a nation…we have too much of colonialism and imperialism !

      1. Hyden,
        its very admirable you want to solve your own problems. But were do you go to if you need guidance? The bible, your daddy, your granddaddy? It seems you want to (re-)invent the wheel again while other people (and/or nations) all have the blueprint for the solution.

        I suggest that you solve your own shit when your country is hit again by a typhoon. At least then you are consistent.
        Oh pls dont tell me that a typhoon is something completely different.

        1. @Robert Haighton:

          The best way to help us, is to leave us alone…we can solve our own problems, and we can deal with the present illegal drug proliferation/problems. Please mind your own business…we are nit minded your business…

          All foreigners, including from the U.N. , should stay out of the Philippines. They are helping the Aquino Cojuangco political axis; from which this illegal drug trade flourished.

          All who want to extend their “Human Rights” advocacy should go to : Syria, Lybia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, North Korea, etc…
          Go also to the ISIS Caliphate located in Iraq and Syria. Raqqa, Syria is their capital…They are burning people there. They are choping people’s head. Non Muslim women are sex slaves and sold as slaves. They are putting people on cages and drowning them…

          Go to Saudi Arabia, and other Arab countries…they treat women as properties there…women cannot vote…women cannot drive…women are properties of their husbands…

          So these “do gooders” human rights advocates…these are the countries, that need your “human rights” advocacy …

          Kindly leave us alone …do not become political tools of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis !

  5. In general I agree with the sentiments of this article until the latter stages. Why should Dr. Agnes Callamard “bother gathering correct data from the Philippine National Police” when that organization is the problem itself and not to be trusted under any circumstances?

    1. @NU WAVE:

      You Idiot, we have knowledgeable Chemists, who can determine the chemical compositions of a drug…most of us are educated; some have even PhDs in U.S. ivy league universities, and from European universities …

      We are not that moron, as you…just talking nonsense…

      The drug problem is a serious problem in our country…and we don’t want idiots like you lecturing us about it…

      So get lost, moron

      1. Jerry, I agree other sources should be used, especially since the PNP is known to be laden with corruption. That alone may justify an independent investigation from human rights advocates or the UN.

  6. how could the yellows find alternative to solving drugs in the country? are they going to hang themselves? they have the key to the drug chains. they’re on the defensive mode. death penalty is carrying a plunder case that’s why they want it excluded. their crimes falls all under death penalty.

    1. @bukid The Yellow gonna solve Illegal Drugs/Criminality? They were the source/cause of it to begin with and even wanted the Philippines to become a Narco Capital in Asia. Just ask Mar Roxas he knows all of it since he’s in cahoots with those Narco Generals and Narco Politicians.

    2. SO, thats all you got? “I have an education.”, that still doesn’t change the fact the drugs on the streets is COUGH MEDICINE TABLETS CRUSHED INTO POWER AND BAKED W/NAIL POLISH REMOVER INTO A PASTE THAT IS THEN POWDERIZED, DOES IT? it is still not illegal, and YOUR PRESIDENT has ordered your fellow citizens to be murdered over it, IT IS IDIOTIC !!!and you sit there and say “WE HAVE AN EDUCATION LIKE A FUCKIN MORON THAT DOESN’T.

      What you said changes NOTHING about what I stated, BTW, CONGRATULATIONS on graduating schoold just like 9 billion other people, want a medal ?

    3. we have people with ‘IVY LEAGUE EDUCATIONS’, in Manila ? You say you don’t need morons like me lecturing about it, LMAO, but you send people outside the country to get that education, DON’T YOU ? ‘IVY LEAGUE’, where? IN MANILA? The drugs on the streets in the Fils is COUGH MEDICINE, pseudo-ephedrine, THAT IS IT….

      DESOXY-dimethylephedrine is way too expensive ($2,500/liquid Ounce, MORON!)to sell in a 3RD World hell-hole like the Fils….GET A CLUE MORON.

  7. There’s been some talk about wanting to decriminalize or even legalize drugs altogether. since the reason the violence associated with the drug trade has been the result of its criminalisation despite the endless demand of it

    1. @NU WAVE:

      Why moron, you foreigners can only go to good universities ?

      We have Filipinos with PhDs from U.S. Ivy league universities. We have a lot of Filipino doctors and nurses, treating Americans in the U.S. We have Filipino doctors and nurses, working in hospitals thruout the world…

      Asian Americans (some are Filipinos),are excelling in some top universities in American and European universities.

      We are not ignorant and uneducated like you…who thinks, he is smart, but lacks common sense…

      We have some Filipino Americans working as Engineers in NASA and other research/scientific centers in U.S.A. and Europe !

  8. @Thomas Chiong Sy:

    Decriminalization of illegal drugs, like what Fake Vice President Leni “The Bobo” Robredo wanted implemented, will
    not work. Illegal drugs like : cocaine, shabu, ecstacy, heroine, marijuana, etc… are highly addictive. They destroy people…

    Unlike the Alcohol prohibition in the U.S. We cannot compare the depravity as a result of ingesting these highly addictive drugs.
    They destroy the personality of people…if an addict has no money to buy drugs. He/she will sell himself or herself. Crimes are committed, when people are on high on drugs…families, marriages and futures are destroyed.

    Much more the potential of a human being, to contribute good to our civilization is rooted out… The earnings of people are spent on these highly addictive drugs; instead of being spent on their own good.

    As a good example was the Chinese Opium War…the British wanted to weaken China, and conquer it…so they grew Opium in Afghanistan, and hooked the Chinese of Heroine and Opium. The Chinese became decadent; many Opium Dens, sprouted thruout China.

    And finally the Chinese succumbed to the Imperial powers. China was divided by these Imperial powers.

    If you want to weaken and destroy a country…hook them by illegal drugs…

    “Those who does not remember the past, are condemned to repeat it “, stated historian/philosopher Santayana !

    1. @707 HT, THAT IS WHAT I SAID YOU IDIOT, but Filipinos have to go to the USA to get that education, then you say, like A fuckin moron, that you dont need foreigners? YOU JACKASS…

  9. Callamard is a fraud whose purpose is to push propaganda that would legalise weaponised substances. So were the others who spoke on that forum. They probably think they came to a third world where they can lecture sh*t and everybody will just lap it all up.
    The drug trade is worth billions and can be laundered. Dangerous narcotics cannot be other than criminal in nature. Without a doubt, it would be worth killing for.

  10. @Robert Haighton:

    Please mind your own business…we are not interfering in your business !

    1. When I have a problem that needs to be addressed, I always lay that on the table. Especially if I dont know myself how to get around the problem. So I am listening to all other people who give me advice and implement their advice/suggestions/ideas one by one. Why? Because I dont have the arrogance and I dont have the luxury to know evrything.

      So you are welcome to give me advice, requested and not requested.

  11. @Robert Haighton:

    I don’t give advice…and I don’t need any advice. I solve my own problem. I don’t solve my problem by consensus. I use my common sense and my good damn brain…

    I don’t know everything…but , I have the luxury, where to go to ask for help, when I needed one…

    This drug problem, is a Filipino problem…we again ask , all foreigners, including the U.N., to stay out , in interfering in our internal affairs…we have the capability to solve our Shabu drug problem…we have good and dedicated people, to enforce the, illegal drug laws in our country…

    Do not be a political tool of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis…they want to profit from the Drug Trade. These people are: swindlers, scammers , political opportunists, and thieves !

    1. @rob as I said you live in a country with diff. culture, beliefs, morales, virtues, etc. and the big difference not only economy wise but population which is 10x bigger and addicts/prolifiration of Illegal Drugs/Criminality have been constantly growing for 30 years under the Yellow Banner whom also benefited/endorsed it. With the help of Yellow Media they cover up/beautify their Yellow Lords(who were apparently TAX EVADERS WORTH 2+BILLION), even alot of Innocent Victims where getting robbed, hold-upped, raped, murdered, even “CHILDREN” of very very very crucial aged where getting abused,raped or murdered.

      So where are the HUMAN RIGHTS(UN) for them(INNOCENT VICTIMS specially CHILDREN) w/c was worse under abnoy aquino? They don’t know a single shit nor YOU YOURSELF living in a country free(less occurance) from such cases compared to a 3rd/4th world country deprived from Growth/Future Developments due to Yellow Corruption/Abuse of power to only help themselves/cohorts and not the people or the country of the Philippines.

      1. So for all the reasons and causes you mention, it is okay to put a bullet in their skulls? Simply, because my country is an atheist country, because my country has higher (or lower) morals then your country?
        Excuse me, but I dont buy that BS.

        Your drug problems lies NOT in the drug users. Your (the country’s) drug problems lies else where. So solve it there. But that is a side that Mr. D. cant or doesnt want to solve. So he wants to win a war the easiest way. What a coward.

        Pls dont mention the UN. They are there for show. Forget about the UN. They are harmless. The only institution that can really hurt your country is the EU (and similar institutions) by banning all PH products. Now that will really hurt your economy. So again, forget about the UN.

        But first start doing something about the real drug problem. Dont start killing symptoms.

      2. @ 707 HT, yeah right and the next time your town is underwater , WHO ARE YOU GOING TO CALL? Your President in Manila, your an idiot….if it aint the USA it will be china coming to your rescue, IDIOT.

    2. Robert, I agree that other solutions or additional remedies should be examined in order to resolve the problem rather than just alleviating the symptoms. That entails having an open mind as well as experimenting and acting according to the results. Being pessimistic and closed to employing anything new, as some here appear to be, will certainly never resolve anything. Perhaps that may even be the biggest obstacle to the progress of the Philippines, even more so than the drug problem itself.

      1. Marcial,
        over and over, I read here “what works in your country (that is my country), doesnt work in our country (that is the Philippines)”. I always wonder how they got that wisdom without even trying. And they say here, that drug addicts must be jailed and/or killed.
        Thank god, I live in a civilized 1st world country where drug addicts are NOT killed but instead they are treated.

        So in short: I do agree with you.

        A president, king/queen or prime-minister will never be and is not the initiator of change/progress. Progess and change must come from the population (e.g.. the individual). A government can only speed things up by making liberal, modern laws to facilitate that change/progress.
        So far, I havent seen Duterte (and his administration) be the/a beacon of change.

  12. relocate all squatters within metro manila to luisita with housing. and give them work tilling the land for self sufficient rice, cattle, etc for a better philippines for the future. provide a deep well irrigations for the farmers.

    1. @ NU WAVE:

      You are more a moron…we can deal with anything on our own, idiot. We don’t need foreigners, like you, who thinks we cannot survive without their aid.

      Keep your stinking aid, and get out of the country…we don’t need any foreigners here !

  13. @rob so where did I say that it’s okay to put a bullet on their head? Now your making up conclusions when it can also be the otherway. Please just stop whatever your trying to push that is irrelevant or illogical just to make yourself right and me wrong. Also where did you get that info about shooting them thru the skulls or who are even doing it? Let me guess Yellow Media, either local and international? I’m not really expecting any answers anyway.

    And I don’t buy your BStries too for someone who never experienced or observed living in the Philippines for the past 3 decades or even just 5 to 10 years under the past administration. I won’t bother reitterating what I’ve said before in someone who makes baseless conclusions or observations whilst ignoring what has been said.

    Again you have not lived in the Philippines, never experienced fear especially during the evenings when going home late from work or your loved ones during night time even during the daytime from the past administration, you do not know just how many ethnicities, religions, tribes, language the country has, the effects of Illegal Drugs especially SHABU if you think they can still be rehabilitaded for more than or maybe even less than a year of usage, how hard it is to abandon Illegal Drugs compared to Alcohol,etc.etc. (Oh wait now your gonna say it’s okay to shoot them thru the skull when I haven’t mentioned it).

    I suggest you just STFU since it has come to this bad mouthing acronyms.

    For your info that UN Raporteur who entered the country w/o informing the Government but mostlikely the Yellows for their Propaganda lives in one of the EU Country.

    Also go to EU if you want, it’s pretty obvious your just trying to make yourself look cool or righteous when in reality your just another. Attention seeker spouting nonsense on here. I’ll be waiting for the results of your request to the EU though I don’t expect it happening anyway.

    Killing symptom? Oh another made up conclusion from some self righteuos attention seeker. Now I’m convinced that your nothing more than a BS person who keeps yapping and yapping he is always right.

    Keep believing wherever you get your info at.

    1. “so where did I say that it’s okay to put a bullet on their head?”

      I nowhere see you protest against the killings. You dont go to the streets and protest against Mr. D’s methods (regardless of a killed person is one of your own relatives/family members/next of kin).
      You let is just happen as if it is the most normal way of solving a problem.

    2. @ HT, I said nothing about Filipino’s and foreign aid, NOTHING. BUT, who are you kidding ? NO ONE, besides yourself….you’re a delusional moron.

  14. @rob and I nowhere said I agree to shooting them in the head….. Seriously you’re obvious becoming stupid seeking attention by making up conclusions for something which was not stated….

    Keep ignoring my other statements eitherway I now can prove your nothing but a BS person acting like a know it all person using only a keyboard as means of self righteousness without actually experiencing things in real life…

    Again you don’t know what has happened or is happening in the Philippines for the past 3 decades or even just the last 6 years of the Yellow Administration under the most stupid abnormal president abnoy aquino…

    Clearly you lack info or maybe your source got too much yellow in them….

    Since you aren’t living in the Philippines, FYI even their own parents or family members got chopped up by their own family member whose an addict and I’m not even making that up, it’s in the news!!! Even the Main Stream Yellow Media can’t cover that Brutal Crime Committed by an addict, worse even a month old baby got raped and brutally killed by an addict!!! Tell me you can rehab those kind of person? Specially those using SHABU(oh wait you gonna say again that i wanted them shot in the head)…

    So now were on family matters w/c thankfully are safe or non of then are into Illegal Drugs… So tell me who is doing this killings? Where is your proof? You keep repeating killings where it seems your the one who is endorsing it just to pin that on me.

    Thankfully I’m not that stupid like you who seeks attention by making up conclusions/answers without proof other than your own spoken words of self righteous wisdom.
    Guess what you can shove it down your a hole.

    It seems you still keep ignoring majority of my statements like a typical attention seeker, so how’s the EU Banning request, you gone there already by the way?

    1. @NU WAVE:

      I did note write about foreign aid, idiot….your were telling us : “who do you call when your city is under water…” We will not call you, or any other people…

      Go back to your country, you are not welcome here !

  15. I always knew a good man should do no bad deeds, but it never occurred to me that a good man must do good deeds. He cannot just sit back and do nothing. He cannot just relax and let things happen around him. He must act or his faith is meaningless, mere words or thoughts.

  16. @rob Almost forgot, your not worth debating or having arguments with since it’s clear as day you know nothing about whats happening outside of your comfy home or your stable country other than made up self spoken w/o concrete proof fake info’s. Or in short an attention seeker here on this blog.

    I’m not gonna bother answering any of your questions nor interact with your answers since most of it are just BS anyway and someone like you who can’t accept when someone hit the right note completely ignores those statement to the point of making up answers/conclusions out of thin air.

  17. wow no one could ignore that the yellow dynasty’s linkage extends to the new york times and the UN. luisita is really a worth dying for. their presidency is to plunder the nation’s wealth in exchange for luisita. see how their yellow constitution defends them, but now they’re the enemy. it backfires on them. what a philippine history they’ve set up. everything falls under the death penalty.

  18. Drugs are a global problem that can only really be solved at a global level. Trying to remove them from one country is surely virtually impossible. Particularly in a country like ours riddled with rampant corruption, arrogance beyond comparison and a complete lack of understanding of the bigger picture – all of which goes nicely together to provide a perfect environment for drugs, so work on this other normal stuff first. Our government & law enforcement ignores the basics such as wearing helmets when riding, even having working lights & mirrors, and thousands of other simple everyday worldwide laws, so why would we get excited about something trickier that anyone with a sane mind knows is hard to achieve – particularly hard for the politicians (lol) we have in ‘power’! Especially when they’re more concerned with creating a legacy for themselves, easy jobs for their families and amassing money ‘taken’ from legitimate social & environmental projects.

    Average people aren’t interested in controlling drugs right now when our education, health, utilities, transport, tourism….well everything else is more than screwed up by the people proclaiming this campaign to be worthy of spending public money on. Ask the average poor family voter the best way to spend 1000php & they won’t say kill a drug dealer with it…

  19. @ DUARDUM, YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON ON THIS COMMENT SECTION THAT HAS A CLUE AS TO WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING,It must be sad to live amongst such morons and be subjected to their idiocies on a daily basis.I VE YET TO SEE A DUMBER SOCIETY THANT THE PHILIPPINES,WOW , and I have been to Haitti and Belize… and they are a pretty clueless,but Filipinos are in a league of their own, idiot wise.

  20. Why do I get the feeling that people here think this Drug War is the only major thing happening in the Duterte Administration? Anti-Administration people always rant about this administration NOT focusing on “more important” aspects of our society like education, agriculture, and reducing poverty.

    News flash sweathearts, this administration is actually doing tons of projects for those aspects. They’re just not very visible because one, Mr. President doesn’t like to brag about “hilaw” accomplishments. And two, the mainstream media is not interested in disseminating these facts.

    For example, a major irrigation project in Mindanao received a huge budget increase to help with the agricultural aspect and poverty reduction in one of the poorest regions of the country.

    An influx of financial and technical support from China and Japan was also observed.

    Honestly, so many things are going on behind the scenes. Even pro-administration lemmings are ignorant about all these. This drug war is just the surface.

  21. So why rattle on and on about something that isn’t working and is only successful in drawing huge criticism the World over (largely because 90% of the World has already tried and failed at this, it’s just an accepted ongoing campaign). Showing off with such macho self-righteousness isn’t clever, just pretty stupid in most people’s eyes!

    Our country needs to be proud of the good things we’re doing for our people, not hiding it and then highlighting nonsense with such gusto. Everywhere is fighting drugs, but it’s successfully kept in the background because it’s the seedy aspect of life – not particularly good for general national moral (begs the question is our society so backward that this is considered good uplifting news?). It’s important, but not something you want banded around – apart from here apparently, with us as a particularly unsophisticated audience! Maybe good things are being done – it’s not obvious on a day to day basis! But I’m guessing the money left after our authorities have pilfered the lion’s share for their personal use isn’t enough to do much worth shouting about, embarrassing little really so best we keep quiet!

  22. If an evidently impartial UN “special rapporteur” is allowed to come to a country (even on an “unofficial” visit) and offer presuppositions before an official probe, I wonder if other institutions at that level can operate in the same manner? What kind of probe should we then expect? And is it an implication on why international crises are how they are?

  23. Ilda, I appreciate your perspective on Duterte’s drug war, especially your alternative ideas on how he could have handled it. I’m pleased that we both agree on a pre-drug war purge of law enforcers as well as his incivility towards the international community and his critics.

    However, it is only natural to examine other countries with similar problems, which may have better solutions. Thus, I must credit Robredo in this respect. Perhaps a solution in one country may not work in another, but there is no harm in experimenting, at least on a small scale with a select few.

    If funding is an issue for rehabilitation, there is much waste in government wherein money can be derived. Funding can also be derived from the future potential jobs created from infrastructure projects. Indeed, a holistic approach should be undertaken. I have listed some of Sen. Richard Gordon’s proposals below which is excerpted from my commentary titled “Digong is no Dick”:

    Gordon, on the other hand, has a comprehensive approach to the drug problem. For instance, since China has failed to effectively enforce its anti-drug smuggling laws, he suggests they be condemned. “We should shame China,” advises Gordon, “They’re not only taking our land. They’re also bringing in drugs to our country.” He urges the Foreign Affairs Department to “launch a strong protest” against the imperial power.

    Additionally, Gordon proposes that schools provide highly trained guidance counselors and facilitate active Parents-Teachers Associations in order to detect and prevent potential drug addicts. He supports the establishment of village watch groups that would coordinate with the police and has been proven to be effective in Olongapo City under his mayorship. Gordon also proposes establishing police courts for handling drug-related crime and extrajudicial killing cases and body cameras for the police to promote transparency.


  24. Drugs exist the World over, but become more prevalent in failed societies where they are used to escape poverty, abuse and the hopelessness of life. Where the people are endlessly failed by successive governments, leading to the feeling that things can never get better. Failure of our governments one after the other combined with our depressing history of abuse of workers, the old, the poor and children leaves us all feeling helpless and hopeless, inevitably pushing some into crime and drugs (usually both – one feeding the other). We inform people to ‘be honest – even if others…’ in town plazas and official offices, when it should be normal to be honest.
    But why be honest when everyone here and overseas knows our own government and law enforcement are role models for dishonesty? So basically we advertise across our own country that as a nation we can’t be trusted! Now, when faced with existing in this hopeless and future-less society, some people turn to drugs as an escape. We failed our own people and we constantly allow our governments to fail us all without question! So now we’ve exacerbated our drug problem with incredible neglect and without one ounce of caring for these victims of our failed society, our current government has decided the answer is to mercilessly kill them. But those who created this nightmare with their arrogant and selfish mismanagement of our country are left unscathed – those pathetic ‘dynasties’ who still hang around pilfering our countries assets for themselves. Who’s the criminal and who’s the victim in all this embarrassing nonsense? Failed again because that’s what we do!

    1. Duardum,
      I can end my own misery and my own poverty by NOT procreating. The kids that I dont put on this world will not suffer the same ordeal. I dont need a government to solve MY poverty. Maybe some (or a lot of) people in PH should do the same.
      The fact that I am here (on this planet) cant be changed anymore. But the least I can do is make sure that no kids of mine will have to have the same rotten life I am having. That is no rocket science but using a brain cell or two and using common sense and common knowledge.

    2. What do you get when you combine excessive PC, liberalism, multiculturalism and induced literalism? Self-censorship and emotionally charged knee-jerk reactions. Makes people vulnerable hence easier to change their traditions and culture (and “values”-though a neutral concept) . We’re wired to initially react emotionally, that’s why propagandas are designed to trigger emotional responses. When we keep feeling, we think less. Or not at all.

  25. Great, so the country needs to pull it’s thumb out and educate people in that respect. But the people who are here now are here, nothing we can do about that….

  26. THAT is the problem with most Filipino’s, they study the crap out of an issue then ” it’s not gonna work” mentality automatically comes in. Hindi pa naguumpisa ang laro talo na agad ang iniisip !!!!

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