We need to talk about that Kwentong Jollibee Valentines ad!


The latest Jollibee ad hits to the core! Watch the ad first. Spoilers follow so no peeking! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Well, si girl naman kasi. How dreadful for the guy, but what to do when you are in the girl’s shoes??

Thus, the age-old relationship question that keeps us perennially flumoxed:

Can a boy and a girl be friends if one of them is attracted to the other?

I guess the thing boys don’t get about girls is that we like venting with friends. And a lot of what we vent about are, well, boys. So right there is the biggest alarm bell. If I confide to you about a boy (or a number of boys), guess what: you’re likely to be on a one-way street to friendzone city.

See, if I were a guy, I’d think, “hmmm… doesn’t she have friends to talk about stuff like this? Or even to discuss me?” Indeed, I’d then (continuing to walk in this hypothetical guy’s shoes) come to the conclusion that, hey, it’s not my role to listen to this!

In short, if we vent to you, you’re one of my friends! Makes sense?

The particularly cruel thing about girls keeping a friendzoned guy around is the fact that we keep said guy around. But then, we enjoy said friendzoned guy’s company. It’s kind of selfish right? I for one know the kind of effect I’m having on this guy. But I keep him around just the same, knowing that he does not stand a chance of getting into my pants.

I can’t really speak for the boys though. Do boys also friendzone girls? To be honest, it is a bit harder to imagine such a situation. But I do recall this friend of mine in college. I once told him, “hey, Cora has a crush on you. Why don’t you go for her?”.

“But isn’t that cheating?” he said. “You know, taking advantage of inside information to make an unfair trade?”

Looking back, I know now that not too many boys are as sportsmanlike or, to use a better term, as gentleman-like as this college friend of mine.

And, you know what? After hearing his response in that instance, I do recall him suddenly coming across to me as pretty hot. Hey, I’d consider that a rare instance of a guy coming out of the friendzone! But then he never did make the moves on me before and after that conversation. So maybe that does not count. Perhaps it is even possible that I was the one friendzoned! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

8 Replies to “We need to talk about that Kwentong Jollibee Valentines ad!”

  1. The good:
    Cherry-picked scenes are shown to tip the viewer off to some some sort of expected ending. At the end PLOT TWIST BAM

    da Bad:
    The ad’s impact fades after about 30 seconds.
    because It is merely an overview how relationship turned out.
    because you do not base the success of a relationship on similar interests.
    because the characters are one-dimensional. I mean there are youtube shorts that that have character devt in half the runtime of this.

    There’s more to the story than what is shown. A story that i would not bother to even watch. Because, well, it doesnt float my boat.

  2. I had never had the experience of being friends to girls. I had a girlfriend, but not on a friendly basis.

    Young love rarely turns into mature love. Time changes; people changes; life changes..if one or the other is too ambitious…the love relationship could fizzle out. The guy or the girl could find a new love interest…as well as a new career interest…

    Nothing is permanent in this world. Seasons, life, goals in life, thoughts, beliefs, girlfriends/lovers, boyfriends/lovers, agendas ,etc…everything is on constant change …

  3. Regardless of gender, If she/he is not into you, better find someone who is into you as you are into them than wasting your time pining.

    *Can a boy and a girl be friends if one of them is attracted to the other?
    -Depends on the situation but mostly it is up to the guy and the gal if they are both on the same page that they are “strictly friends”.

    *I canโ€™t really speak for the boys though. Do boys also friendzone girls?
    -Yes. No matter how physically attractive the girls is, if there is no spark/chemistry then sorry.

  4. Oh come on. Inspired by a true story? How often do you see people who are attractive, slim, single, and minus fifteen kids in Jolibee?

    I suppose you have to give credit to them for, um, copying McDonald’s well-constructed ads and correctly identifying the fantasy-land which their customers inhabit.

    Anyway … yeah, Rohss is right. Of course boys have friends who are girls. And there are all sorts of shades of grey (fifty, possibly) in between ‘friend’ and ‘girlfriend’.

    Don’t understand the story about the ‘gentlemanly’ guy. He’s an idiot. Or maybe fourteen years old. Cora’s pining away waiting for him to make a move, he (apparently) likes her, but for whatever reason he’s like, ‘eww no girls are icky’. Wow. What’s wrong with men these days?

    1. I wish that Baste Duterte should watch this (oops, sorry!). ๐Ÿ˜€

      Anyway, I like this Jolibee Valentines ad commercial and this one is now becoming a talk of the town on the social media, pero medyo may kaunting korni ang dating. Probably this ad commercial makes a touch of a hugot-ness that reflects to the Pinoy romance, oh well.

      Maybe I should watch more on 2 anime films namely 5 Centimeters Per Seconds & Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa) again instead of this to see what really loves means without that HUGOT thing.

  5. Always a GIRL FRIEND, never a GIRLFRIEND.

    Even now I’ll see her looking at him, her eyes are full of longing, and she’s always giving a gentle, absent nod. Perhaps this is the nature of true deprivation – a lifetime of love, tenderly spurned.

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