Sec Gina Lopez faces off with miners while VP Leni Robredo, well, holds ANOTHER press conference

As expected, Vice President Leni Robredo, in her recent press conference remains stuck in issuing motherhood statements about President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs. So much for the symbol of “woman power” she was put up to by her social media fans. Unfortunately for Robredo, that ill-thought-out branding no longer flies — not with the likes of Environment Secretary Gina Lopez making even bigger headlines staring down big mining companies.

No mercy: Sec. Gina Lopez faces off with big Philippine mining firms!

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Hardly surpising, then, that Filipinos are no longer buying Robredo’s public-service-by-television. The only insight one might glean from her recent press conference is that she may already be suffering from a bad case of delusion of vice presidency. One simple question would have left Robredo stumped:

What have you achieved?

Lopez, on the other hand, would not only have an answer to that question, she’d also have the numbers to back her answer.

Lopez said Thursday she was suspending and closing operations of several mines following an industry-wide crackdown on violators of safety standards.

Of the 41 mines audited, only 13 passed while 21 are for closure, six for suspension, and one was deferred.

Robredo’s only asset at the moment is the Yellow media. Unfortunately she does not seem to employ a smart enough staff of handlers to build a credible brand for her on the airwaves (and timelines). That’s even more unfortunate for the Philippines’ Opposition — which exists more in potential rather than in tangible substance. Robredo has always been seen as the leader of that Opposition — which is probably why she delivers the occasional press conference and sticks to her tired old campaign script.

In this regard, she is becoming more of a liability to the Philippines’ nascent feminist movement — a relic of the perverse Filipino form of liberalism that she embodies; one heavy on victim mentality and feather-light on exhibiting any ability to slug it out in what essentially remains a man’s world.

7 Replies to “Sec Gina Lopez faces off with miners while VP Leni Robredo, well, holds ANOTHER press conference”

  1. Robredo is very far away behind maam gina lopez in terms of public service and competency…….maam gina has proved to us dat she is dedicated to the position the president gave her……while robredo has achieved different speeches and prescons …

  2. The VP is digging her own demise by numerous irresponsible and unnecessary utterances. Only a few believe now with her advocacy, founded on nothing but reactions to whatever the government been reforming, and nothing new to hold on something credible. If you want to be a credible opposition, please do away with reactionary utterances and do something or utter something that is feasible and acceptable to the many.

    1. The way I look at it is that ; The VP Madam Leni Robredo , allowed herself to be used by the LP to achieve their personal goals .
      Had she concentrated to the job given to her by Pres. RR Duterte … rather than commenting and joining
      rallies not related to her job as the Sec. of HUDCC … she would still be a Cabinet Member of the present administration and be able to help a lot of people affected by typhoons and earthquakes .
      Too bad , it did not happen that way .

  3. Well, you know what they say in Marketing: advertising a bad product is worse than no advertising at all.

    Leni Robredo might have the yellow media and yellow PR machine behind her, but the more exposure she gets, the stupider she looks.

    Instead of building up her image, all her interviews, press cons, and press statements just raise people’s awareness of her brainlessness and uselessness. Sobra ang pagka-inutil, ibang klase talaga.

    Cory Aquino was at least capable of speaking in straight English and straight Filipino, and she didn’t have the same social-climbing pretensions as Robredo since she was real alta sociedad.

    As long as the opposition is “led” by Robredo or anyone linked to the yellows, it will never be credible. Only a constructive non-yellow third force with no oust-Duterte ambitions will be acceptable at this point.

    Kung baga sa produkto, sayang lang ang airtime na binibigay kay Robredo. Hindi talaga yan bebenta. Itapon na yan at mag-launch ng bagong produkto. At tanggapin na mahirap talagang tapatan si Duterte. Masyadong mabenta.

  4. Leni Robredo is a fake Vice President. This woman talks nonsense. I have not seen any good accomplishments she had done, ever since. All she does is talk and talk. Or become a model picture in magazines….

    The Aquino Cojuangco political axis needs people, who are dumb; and they can easily manipulate …

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