What should we do with the Philippines’ FLAT spare tire called “VP” Leni?

Imagine driving at full throttle on your rugged all-terrain Jeep Cherokee through a vast rocky wasteland infested with rabid zombies, with the steel belt strands of your tires starting to peer through the increasingly thinning worn-out rubber.

You come to think of the big WHAT IF: the likelihood a tire will blow out anytime soon. How do you proceed when at the back of your mind you know full well your spare tire is actually flat? Should you go on in your mission-critical journey under such a glaring risk?

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The Importance of Backups

Remember the Fukushima nuclear disaster – how such a devastating environmental tragedy resulted from the emergency backup generators failing to kick in, being flooded under the enormity of those 13-meter-high tsunami waves.

Red flags are popping up all around folks. Unless we replace that backup who is as incompetent as the Yellow line of bozos that preceded her  (Cory, Noynoy, Mar and their KKK band), the entire nation is up for some real trouble!

Duterte is already showing signs of bowing out prior to completing his 6-year term, owing to his age and state of health. And let’s not discount other possibilities such as an assassination or plane crash. Are you willing to accept the reality of a looming Leni presidency? You must really hate your country so much as to wish it a flat tire for its emergency backup wheel. Let’s brainstorm a bit more…

Solution 1:  A flat spare tire needs to be vulcanized. This can be done by exposing Leni to some authentic hands-on leadership as Duterte’s apprentice. Looks like Duterte has closed that door just recently by stripping her of any opportunity to hold any executive office in his cabinet.

Solution 2: A flat spare tire once installed can be pumped every few kilometers. This is like training a pilot by putting him/her in a real live cockpit without any prior experience in flying a plane. Should we entrust to a novice OJT trainee the massive role of taking the helm of a jumbo jet with 100M souls on board? Depends on how valuable the cargo is.

Solution 3: Replace the flat spare tire with a fully functional one.

The longer the Supreme Court delays in handing down a verdict on the electoral protest case of Bongbong vs. Leni, the longer we proceed traveling without any feasible and reliable backup leadership for this country. So much of the gains of the Duterte administration these past few months (far outweighing the 6 years of Noynoying around) will just go down the drain once this Leni character comes into Malacanang goofing all about.

Moreover, the backup should share the same vision and leadership strength as the incumbent to ensure continuity in the administration’s programs.

Leni – The Clanging Cymbal

The office of the vice president has been reduced to an irrelevant annoying clanging cymbal, a complete waste of taxpayer’s money. Just look at this attention-hungry pa-cute girlie – in the headlines of every Yellow broadsheet every so often these days:

Robredo not laughing at Duterte’s crash joke

Robredo: I have not read Mocha’s blog, don’t intend to read it

LP not doing enough but I understand: Robredo

Now ask yourself in all honesty, do you really think this clueless Cory-copycat who happened to just get “lucky” to have her husband die in a plane crash (so as to catapult her to necro-political stardom) should be the best this country has to offer as the backup leader we will be looking up to – to solve the myriad complex problems we are facing as a struggling poverty-stricken nation if and ever anything happens to President Duterte?

Some of that invigorating “Common Sense for Pinoys” juice should start kicking in by now.

24 Replies to “What should we do with the Philippines’ FLAT spare tire called “VP” Leni?”

    1. pfft. Why do people keep banging on about hacienda lusita? There are entire islands owned by politicians, and I’m not talking about a heap of sand with a palm tree on the top.

      As for giving it ‘farmers’, why not just spray it with Agent Orange? You’ll get the exact same effect, with much less effort.

  1. I doubt that PDigong is bowing out. Why did he pursue a presidential career if he knew all along that he would not last six years on the job? He may or may not be sick. Only he really knows about that. He promised change and that promise he would fulfill, even at a snail pace towards the end of his term. And I don’t think that he will disappoint the 16M followers (and, perhaps counting) who believe in him and look forward to that promised change. Whatever he meant by his statement that he may not last until the end of 6 years only he knows. Or it may be just one his usual hyperbolic expressions. He is up to something.

  2. an irrelevant annoying clanging cymbal, a complete waste of taxpayer’s money.

    You just described the entire Philippine State apparatus. Leni is, in fact, completely in her element, doing what Filipinos do best in positions of power.

    Incidentally, your metaphor falls down slightly, in that ‘vulcanizing’ in the Philippines doesn’t mean making rubber stronger; it means making it like crap and then patching it 50 times until it finally falls to pieces.

  3. Zaxx,
    I really dont understand the PH system. The PH system allows that Robredo (someone from a different political party) can be the vice-president. It sounds to me as Trump being president and Clinton being the VP. It will not work unless there is some sort of coalition.

    My suggestion is: change the election system or let a president appoint his/her own VP.

    1. The Filipinos did not put (and allowed) Robredo to the VP seat. In fact, per BBM’s protest, she apparently cheated through the LP’s manipulation of the voting machines during the recent election. The people’s dislike for Robredo is such that, when she “resigned” from her Cabinet post, they would rather she had resigned from her VP post as well. There can never be a coalition because the opposition wants to remain in power, so much so that they are in constant disagreement with the current administration’s program of governance. Rumor has it that they are even hatching an impeachment move against the President. Not even Robredo, who used to be a Cabinet head of HUDCC, agreed with the President. Her traitorous action of holding press conferences said it all.

    2. 2 possibilities: the nuthead who made up the rule was either dumb or just plain stupid.

      PH may be better off just following the golden rule:
      the one who’s got the gold makes the rules.

  4. How about, if your “back up spare tire” is only good to be thrown to the scrap yard ?

    Leni Rob redo, the Fake Vice President was “elected” by cheating in the HOCUS PCOS machine.

    Leni Rob redo is a “Bobo”…

    This election cheating work, was done by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, to put a “grappling hook”, for them to , to cling to, to return to power…

    They want the:

    1. Multi billion pesos earnings and profits, from the illegal Shabu Drug Trade. Aquino, Mar Roxas, and their minions want this money and profits…

    2. They want, the easy money to be stolen thru the DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, etc…

    3. They want to stop the illegal Shabu Drug investigations; and save their puppet, Leila de Lima from prison. Leila de LIma is taking all the blame for them…

    Leila de Lima will “die” for their sins !

    4. They want their Hacienda Luisita back.

    This is the reason they are making and looking all means to impeach, Pres. Duterte, and install Leni Rob redo, as their puppet !

  5. @Robert Haighton A president and a VP of different political parties is the very cause of political instability. The Parliamentary System which lost by a mere vote in the 1986 ConCon would have been the ideal system. The Federal System DU30 is proposing is the worst. True to form, if approved, would put the icing of the “achievement” of the Pied Piper from Davao City.

    DU30 stand on the West Philippine Seas is the start of an his irreversible tailspin.

    1. Renato,
      It can and will work in a situation where both political parties agree on making compromises and only have the population at heart (for the good of the entire country. So basically, where each individual’s needs are met.

      This compromise s written down as the charter/mandate for the coming next 6 years.

      But in the current PH system it (a president from political party A and the VP from political party B) will work counter-productive.

    1. kek. The people who voted for Duterte also mostly voted for Cayetano and even Bongbong. Perhaps either you are scratching your head upon why suddenly Robredo takes the lead while everyone is sleeping or you’re just EMO over Marcos. Oh yeah, you don’t have any idea why Bongbong’s camp filed an electoral protest.

      1. You only have to watch youtube videos on Soros and Smartmatic to have an idea why Robredo won. The “enye” change was a conyo idea of Soros, agree ? lol

  6. Vice President: A spare tire on the automobile of government.

    For the Failippines, well, it ain’t the case, especially with a so-called “VP” Maria Leonor “Leni” Santo Tomas Robredo.

  7. The people who voted for Duterte did not vote for Robredo. It is the COMELEak trough it’s SmartMagic who forced it’s way to make that VP win.

    They wanted a Rotten bicycle tire to be the Spare for easy manipulation.

  8. Robredo is simply a manifestation of another very Pinoy trait: Pretense.

    Nevermind if, by all obvious indications, that she’s an incompetent buffoon. She has that “look” and the BS motherhood statements media loves to romanticize (nevermind clear platforms and quantifiable plans) as well as the “political correctness” of keeping her statements “safe”. No cussing, no incendiary statements, no provocative stance, nothing.

    In fact, she’s one big NOTHING.

    But leave it to the average Yellow—no, Pinoy—to prioritize image than competence. What’s that saying? Di baleng magutom makaporma lang? This is it and more. Hiyang hiya sa mga sasabihin ng iba kaya dun na lang tayo sa mukang mabait kahit na walang silbi.

    I forgot hypocrisy is also another strong facet of the culture.

    I’m fine with people hating on Duterte but at least give a better alternative than her or any candidate from the LP. Yan na lang ba talaga kaya natin?

  9. Your article reminded me of the yellowtards motto (and it made me laugh so hard).

    “Anybody would do as long as it’s not a Marcos.”#NeverAgain

    Goes to show how visionless and inutile they are. 😀

  10. If FILIPINO’s don’t have what it takes, and they surely don’t, just ignore her ! VP’s in most Western Democracies serve no real purpose anyway.

    1. @Wild Man. The VP is this country has a very important role – to actualize the ambitions of disenfranchised oligarchs. :)lol

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