Why Leni Robredo will FAIL as leader of the Philippine Opposition

The Philippines’ Opposition do need a leader. Desperately. Indeed, I’ve recognised that a long time ago in my July 2014 piece The Philippine opposition remains too flaccid and disorganised to EXPLOIT the current situation. I wrote then how “as Opposition to former President Marcos, then during the administration of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the Yellow mob was a force to reckon with”. They had, in those heady days immense and unmatched political capital…

They had a united front — united behind the Yellow shade and the “L” hand gesture that stands for Laban (“fight”) — and two well-loved national heroes directly associated to their “cause”, the ‘martyred’ former Senator Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino Jr and his late wife and former President Cory Aquino.

This was political wealth utterly squandered by the administration of former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III. Even at the peak of political power, Aquino was unable to shake that old opposition mentality which “did not mature into an Administration mentality.”

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Over the last four years, not only the Yellow mob but the President himself stuck steadfastly to the adolescence of Laban rhetoric — flashing the “L” hand gesture at every opportunity and wearing that yellow ribbon. Even more bizarre, President BS Aquino would paint the very Establishment itself — the Establishment he is currently a part of — as the Goliath to his David persona reminiscent of those old Laban days.

History was to show that this whole Laban spiel was worn to tatters by the Second Aquino administration, an astounding waste of public goodwill that paved the way for the spectacular ascent to power of current President Rodrigo Duterte. Even more interesting, the last remnant of that camp to cling to power, presumptive “vice president” Leni Robredo continues that very tradition of further stretching that old “laban” rhetoric to breaking point. She persists in that old approach of painting herself as a victim of the powers-that-be even as she herself fights to secure the legitimacy of her claim to the second highest office in the land.

Old habits die hard. Following her recent basang sisiw circus over her being excluded by Duterte from Cabinet meetings after which she issued a dramatic resignation spiel to the public, Robredo is but the most recent of a string of “Opposition leaders” that fit that “victim” archetype preferred by the community of emos, necropoliticians, and bleeding-heart “activists” who rally around these “prayerful” and “saintly housewife” types.

The important question remains, however. Can Robredo (for that matter, any politician of her personality type) rally a fragmented and disorganised Philippine Opposition and challenge an incumbent who continues to enjoy the trust and confidence of the vast majority of Filipinos? Perhaps the first step to answer that question begins with imagining what sort of president Robredo could be. Indeed, as the supposed “vice president”, she is a mere heartbeat away from the presidency. But for many Filipinos, the answer to that question is becoming clearer by the day. Just in the way Robredo conducts herself before the cameras — in that girlish colegiala sort of manner that rubs pragmatic and real people the wrong way and gets under the skins of even some of her own supporters — she will likely fall far short of that lofty pedestal her die-hard fans put her upon.

The Opposition camp should stop setting a low bar for the qualities that befit a true leader. They should start by purging their rhetoric of that old housewife-widow-turned-reluctant-labanista narrative.

36 Replies to “Why Leni Robredo will FAIL as leader of the Philippine Opposition”

  1. Mr. Benigno, “webmaster of this article, your way of blogging is very personal, not informative. Full of words but no facts, if there are all twisted to create “drama” by which you insult a person’s character. VP Robredo did not do any harm to your supported president. LP is a political party, but the Robredos are not included to what the Aquinos did, not a supporter of them but at least be thankful to what the democratic people did during EDSA because you won’t have the same freedom as your kind of writing now. And if you want to spread truth, convince people, or make them “get real” as what your page says, write facts and figures not your personal views that is very narrow.

    1. That is because Mr. Benign0 is a paid troll. There is no point in reasoning with him because he is not interested in honest discourse. His blunders are full of red herrings.

      I am disappointed by his son.

      1. @ Winter General. Benigno is a paid troll ? By whom? Maybe you are from AMLAC who knows the money flowing into Benigno’s bank account. lol

        Any relation to Ms. Abad, the daughter of Noynoy’s budget secretary? lol

        Share us what you know please. 🙂

      2. That is because Winter General a.k.a. Pastor Ernie a.k.a. Proud Pinoy is an actual paid troll.

        Never change, fagg. Never change. 🙂

    2. Well you are in GRP, a place where they do not hide their political inclination towards the Marcoses. You should expect articles here being Pro-Marcos and Anti-LP, with this being a blog site they can be as personal as they want.

      Compare that to a place like Inquirer, a rather polar opposite here. They are Pro-LP and Anti-Marcos / Anti-Duterte, and they try to be as civil as possible. I can’t say they’re succeeding in the civil part, but at least they’re trying.

      Given what happened to EDSA, sure I could be grateful at the very least that they gave us freedom to say whatever we want. But everything else seems to have stayed the same. Ousted one oligarch and put in another, we simply changed ownership. Succeeding administrations to Marcos did not slow down corruption one bit, partisan politics still rampant, and the government was still killing rallyists just like their despised Dictator predecessor.

      I may be totally wrong, but the “Get real” part was this site exposing truth and lies behind the Aquinos during the time of Aquino’s campaign for presidency, that they’re no better than the Marcos family they have ousted. They told people not to believe the vilification of the Marcoses and the praise-to-heavens of the Aquinos. It was… “enlightening” to say the least, but you can clearly see their inclination even in their debut.

    3. It is whether you’re missing the point or you’re just TROLLING, just like Winter General a.k.a. Pastor Ernie a.k.a. Proud Pinoy.

      With that comment of yours it seems that you have no facts and figures at all; only your own blatant idiocy and this ‘appeal to the emotions’ type of BS.

      Something tells me: you’re an actual Yellowtard.


    4. not a supporter of them (Aquinos) but at least be thankful to what the democratic people did during EDSA because you won’t have the same freedom as your kind of writing now.

      Which reminds me of something:

      “30 years of propaganda and half truths. Now, the people are free, but stupid. The most dangerous lies are those that are nearest to the truths.”

      Hope you consider that. Because of too much freedom that most Pinoys thought of it as ‘freedom to do what they like’ that it results into disorder, anarchy, and even lawlessness. Discipline and responsibility are thrown out in the trash.

      Here’s a line from the song ‘Sayaw sa Bubog’ from The Jerks:

      “Walang libreng kalayaan, ito ay pinagbabayaran.”

      1. @DIO, YOU ARE AN IDIOT and you FAIL to realize that if it weren’t for the EDSA revolt THIS VERY WEBSITE, Get Real Philippines, would not be allowed to exist.

        IT IS CERTAINLY AN IRONY OF THE PAST THAT A Pro-Marcos blog exists and it is a testament to what EDSA achieved that this website even exists…OR IS THAT LOST ON YOUR DUMBASS?

  2. The pro-D30 should be very happy for Leni leading the opposition. That is to me an assurance that DU30 will finish his term and not be ousted.

    DU30 and his fanatical followers should worry once a non-Yellowtard captures the imagination of the combined opposition and lead them the way.lol

  3. DU30 is getting away with murder and leading this country like a true Pied Piper from Davao because of the mediocrity and incompetence of the present opposition leaders. They, these visible opposition leaders, lack a viable and universally accepted vision for the country, ONLY a mission that is bound to fail, at the worst leading this country to a bloody mess.

    DU30 would leave some legacy of greatness if only he secretly orders the killing of all drug lords at the NBP not just an Albuera mayor and his kind.

  4. Leni Rob redo, to lead the opposition ? It is like a novice soldier, leading an army to war…

    What are the accomplishments of Leni Rob redo, as a Congresswoman ?

    What can she offer to us, Filipino voters, and the country as a whole ?

    She flunked in her law bar exam. She is a clueless housewife, whose husband was murdered, because he found out the illegal Shabu Drug Traficking, inside the Aquino administration.

    Leni Rob redo, “won” the Vice Presidency, by HOCUS PCOS and SMARTMAGIC; the wicked and perverse work of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis.

    All this woman does is: to smile, to pose for photographs, and to give unimpressive speeches and interviews !

    Leni Rob redo was fired from her position in Housing and Urban Development. She does not know to run the agency.

    And, she wants to run the Philippine government ? God save us , from this idiot !

  5. these yellowtards inherited the yellow dynasty’s professionalism, the greatest spin doctors of all times. it’s not leni robredo who’s really the vice president. it’s pnoy the vice president coaching her. pnoy is also a senator and a representative. she’s there as a puppet a toy of a puppeteer. a senatorial and congressional puppeteer that’s pnoy.

  6. Why does duterte get credit for his work in davao but robredo’s achievements in naga city are ignored? If you even compare data for the two cities naga is better in most metrics. (ravings of duterte fanatics not considered as empirical facts)

    1. @kaeperneck:

      Cite what legislations, did Leni Rob redo authored, and passed, during her term as Congresswoman; to solve the country’s problems as a whole.

      She must be specific. She wants to become President.

      I am one of the Filipino voters, and she must show me how to deal with our present problems, that are so many….

    2. Why does duterte get credit for his work in davao but robredo’s achievements in naga city are ignored?

      Ok, name her achievements in Naga City.

    3. Seriously, cite specifics, plez. AFAIK, Jesse Robredo did more achievements in Naga City as mayor than Leni as congresswoman. They’re not the same actually. Or perhaps you’re just putting it because of narcopolitics.

  7. One of the most deadly causes of destruction of divine destinies is when a leader is failing, but he or she does not know it. Ignorance about your role is a death plot against people’s successes.

  8. Leni Robredo should not have allowed herself to be used by LP. But still, her stupidity shields her and makes her oblivious to the scathing observations and criticisms thrown her way, so good for her.

  9. We, Filipinos should think a thousand times, before casting our votes to these candidates.

    We have to see their qualifications, experience and accomplishments…slogans, “pa charming”, rabid follower of political parties, etc…do not define well a candidate…

    We must pursue to prosecute any of these candidates, who cheat in elections. Cheating is defeating the will of the people of their choice for a true leader.

    We must investigate thoroughly, these cheating; and Lock Up, whoever is involved.

    Unless, we citizens will be vigilant on these issues; we will never progress, from our present situation, as a Third World country …

    Hand in hand, we can better things and improve our country !

  10. This opposition hasn’t done much for the country. In fact, most of its members SCREWED their fellow filipinos. So it seems the west just cut off an aid to the PH. As if they didn’t know most of it went to the pockets of politicians willing to sell out the country anyway.

  11. All they have to do is prove that they deserve to be a credible opposition. Any group for that matter. In general, Filipinos need to start proving they deserve the rights and freedom that were prematurely given to them. Until then, laws would have to be recalibrated, as Duterte likes to say.

  12. this Leni chick will do just fine because the USA will back her up all the way as long as she does what they tell her to do.

      1. What is sooo funny about it?

        SO EITHER DUTERTE WILL DO WHAT TRUMP SAYS OR TRUMP WONT GIVE A SHIT,and CHINA CAN FEED THE FILIPPINES and the USA can stop all the aid and let China foot the bill for a change. See how that goes, THAT WILL NOT BE FUNNY ? We will see how the Chinese treat their good friends: the Filipino’s.
        and maybe throw all Filipino’s w/Green cards out and the OFW’s can go work for noodles in China, EH?

        The Philippines is not important, as most Filipino’s seem to think. The USA has military base’s that make Subic Bay and Clarke AFB look like truck stops.Just take a look in Japan, South Korea to name just two. The Philippines needs a Benefactor to support it, the USA doesn’t.Trump , and most other USA power people, dont give a shit about the Philippines. 100 Million poor people and no manufacturing capabilities, No Army to speak of, No Navy orAir Force either.NOTHING TO OFFER BUT AN I.O.U. and CHINA will find that out, and maybe not care. Believe it: TRUMP DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT WHAT DUTERTE DOES OR THINKS AND MORE IMPORTANTLY :SAYS !

        1. With your EMO-inducing posts, nobody would take you seriously either. What’s funnier is that you deflect my question either way.

      2. @ Kurpot Dan, you did not ask me anything you fuckin dope. You couldn’t hang with me in a debate or anything else, go back to 5TH grade and learn something.

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