The “Pak Ganern” Challenges And Other Philippine Media Trends: The Cycle Of Stupidity And Madness Continues


So here we are again ladies and gentlemen. Again, I would like to go out of my way to tell you all that this will just be another rant rather than a right and proper article but sometimes, some things need to be said regardless of how harsh they may seem. Also, I really don’t care if you don’t agree with me because five times out of ten, you probably aren’t going to like what I’m going to tell you. But, like I said, there are things you need to hear even though you may not like what is being said.

Now, first and foremost, let it be known that I have never really been big when it comes to fads and trends. Of course, I try to fit in with modern fashion whenever I can but, truth be told, I never really care all that much if people find what I wear strange. As long as it’s appropriate for the occasion and the venue, I’ll roll with it. For someone like me, fads and trends are indicative of “herd-think” and is a sign that those participating in it simply lack the individuality or intellect to think of something else, possibly more productive.

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I would now like to call out the “Pak Ganern” challenges that seem to have taken the country by storm. Look, while I’m not a fan of fads and trends like I said, that does not mean that I disapprove of people doing what they want during their free time. I can also admit to engaging in senseless behavior when I have a lot of time for myself. Indeed, by all means, you may imitate what they do in Showtime and slap each other silly for all I care. For greater entertainment value, I suggest the hosts use bricks or flails to make things even more interesting.

But now, I must ask, what positive impact does it actually have for the common Filipino?

Will it, for instance, somehow improve the economic status of the country?

Apparently not. The economic status of the Philippines is currently in dire straits thanks to the incompetence and delusional thinking of former president Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III. Now, current president Rodrigo Duterte is working hard to undo a lot of the economic damage brought about by rampant poverty and apathy, there’s still a lot that needs to be done before the country can rise out of the mire of foreign debt and abject squalor brought about by destitute citizenry.

And no slapping and dancing won’t help solve that.

Can it, somehow, solve the issue of crime and corruption in the Philippines?

Sadly, no. The thing is, the crime and corruption that plagues the Philippines has a lot to do with the economic issues mentioned above. When one lacks the resources for a better life, the temptation to engage in criminal activities in order to improve one’s life and the life of their family becomes a legitimate alternative. After all, why take the long road that inevitably leads nowhere when there’s a dangerous but seemingly rewarding shortcut? Again, President Duterte is working hard to fight crime in the Philippines but it’s going to be a long and arduous night before the light of justice rises over the Philippines.

Also, again, slapping and dancing won’t reduce the crime rate in the Philippines.

Is there anything it can do to improve the intelligence of the Filipino people?

Unfortunately, the only real way to improve the minds of Filipinos is by changing both the education system and media of the country. Televisions (and the TV stations that populate them) and the internet, whether we accept it or not, have become a part of every household and family and are the secondary (or at least they should be secondary) source of information and influence on the youth of today and, in this day and age, all that’s shown is senseless and pointless drama. Schools and other systems of education are supposed to somehow improve on the intellectual bankruptcy of the country but, tying in with economics above, they tend to lack enough resources to properly furnish places of learning with enough books, chairs and even classrooms.

And, for the third time, slapping and dancing won’t make Filipinos any smarter.

So what does “Pak Ganern” do for Filipinos?

Well, as more than a few people have told me, “it makes people happy”…

Well, ain’t that a fact…

So what else can make a person happy?

I can actually name three:

  • Having enough money for necessities and comforts.
  • Being safe from various dangers.
  • Being able to intelligently manage one’s life.

All three of these can be achieved without having to slap one another and shaking one’s hips.

So what’s my point here?

Okay, like I said, I don’t really have anything against the “Pak Ganern” challenge and those who wish to engage in it. However, why is this one of the most trending topics of the country when there’s so much more relevant issues and ideas that need to be tackled? Why, of all the challenges that one can face in one’s life, why is it that more people choose silly things like whatever this “Pak Ganern” is supposed to be? Why has it become more important for people to engage in the “Pak Ganern” challenge than it is to actually accept a challenge that is genuinely rewarding and productive.

I will admit that I also do equally senseless things in my spare time but they are, at best, distractions from my life goals and activities. There are more important things that I need to address such as my studies and making a living.

Is it because it’s easy? Well, probably so. As mentioned by Charles Englund in his latest article, Filipinos are always suckers for the “easy way” even though the “hard way” is often more rewarding despite the difficulties involved.

So, instead of pointless activities like the “Pak Ganern” challenge, I offer you, reader, greater challenges that are far more rewarding and helpful to society in general:


So, are you willing to accept any of my challenges? Surely, if you can make an idiot of yourself by slapping others and shaking your hips, even just one of the six I mentioned should be fairly easy for you, shouldn’t it?


27 Replies to “The “Pak Ganern” Challenges And Other Philippine Media Trends: The Cycle Of Stupidity And Madness Continues”

  1. “Giling Giling !” “Igiling mo, Baby”…the challenge is there , Mr. Grimwald. However, most Filipinos will never accept it.

    It is better to hide behind the : “Proud to be Pinoy, mantra”…the success of Manny Pacquiao, Charrise Pempengco, the Olympic medalist, Ms. Diaz, etc… If we attach ourselves to them; and imagine their success is our success.

    Then, we can be successful, without any drop of sweat! This is the Filipino way ! Proud to be Pinoy !

    Forget your, Maslow Heirarchy of Needs. They don’t work in the Philippines…

  2. I don’t know why Filipinos would stoop so low to the point of enslaving themselves to this kind of garbage Media is feeding us 24/7. Oh, that’s right beggars can’t be choosers. # forevershithole

  3. Well Philippine Local Movies are mostly composed of over-acting gays.

    That’s why I stopped watching Ph movies.

    1. Filipino movies are always about the rich and the poor and played by aristocratic, imported (mestizo) actors and actresses. These movies are unrealistic at its worst and cheesy at its best.

      1. The Philippine Film industry is a fucking disgrace. And they will try to rub out anyone who is trying to do something decent. Independent Film has a zero chance here, unless it has some backers from within the industry. Industry outsiders are being discriminated against.

        1. our chance to develop our film/movie industry is directly from the government. you saw the new tv show “alyas Robin Hood” a cheap ass replica of “Arrow”. the actor (arrow) himself shared it is his FB page.

        2. Okay Andrew. Well, I’m not even familiar with what you are talking about as I DO NOT watch ANYTHING from a local station, except CNN Philippines sometimes and even that twists my stomach.

          If it’s on a local station it MUST BE a pile of STINKING SHIT!

  4. I was just waiting for this to come up here. LOL
    I have had the unfortunate chance to watch this on the bus and it was funny the first time. Heck, it reminded me of my childhood days when I slapped my friends on the arm when they commit the counting mistake. But the operative word there is “childhood.” Filipinos don’t wanna grow up, be responsible and take action after owning up to their mistakes. It’s uncool and nakakahiya. Better off mooching off mom and dad FOREVER.

  5. There are silly trends that caters to the pleasure of the immature minded and it will mostly be exploited by the media as part of entertainment to capture the attention of the gullible.

    While I tend to digress with the current topic, the real concern that is not being addressed in our society is the detrimental impact of technology on children.

    I’ve just recently viewed a documentary that in China, they had already verified internet addiction as a mental health disorder.

    More so in my neighborhood alone, all internet shops whose customers are male children mostly spend several hours playing violent video or online games. All I can say is that the “brainwashing” in every fronts aside from the media deception and adult’s drug addiction had already begun.

    1. A friendly reminder to our resident Grapeface G. Gloomyboots (yes, more than one): there is nothing wrong with dancing, nothing wrong with being an electrician, and nothing wrong with being a dancing electrician.

      (Just don’t dance while working with live wires. But I’m gonna bet my last cent you know that already.)

      1. And a friendly reminder to killjoys to those just having fun being killjoys: if you can’t see the connection between Vice Ganda’s latest pakulo and the morass of spaghetti cables dangling in our eyesore-filled streets, you may want to attend ChinoF’s course on Filipino Cultural Dysfunction 101 (3 units) at a University of Common Sense campus near you.

        You will probably like the part where you get to dissect the cadaver of a recently gunned down junkie to see how much of the melting brain’s still left.

        1. I’ve had plenty of time to indulge in schadenfreude. Not that I’d didn’t like it at first, but I’d really rather have people alive and kic- sorry, dancing.

          (And really, zaxx, just like in this society comedians — good or bad, likable or not — are allowed to live and be comedians, people are allowed to live, have fun, and fad out. If you’re an unsmiling Puritan who feels the need to shout causes into strange ears, you’re free to do so, but don’t expect everyone to drop their things and follow you just because you feel you’re right.)

        2. And before I forget again — you want Vice Ganda dead for being a mediocre comedian? I mean, I’ve read and watched Death Note, but… wait, this isn’t ridiculous enough, you’ve got Light Yagami killing people for being lazy bums.

          All the same, zaxx — Jesus, man.

        3. Sure pal, people are allowed to have fun. They just don’t realize that drilling holes on the hull of a ship to delight and play in the squirting gush of water will eventually land this vessel (which I too happen to be riding on) down to the bottom of the Pacific.

          The road of happiness the likes of Vice Ganda lead our clueless masses on —> lead straight to the Singaporean embassy where Filipina mothers line up begging to get a visa to become slaves of a mighty and functional ASEAN tiger.

          It’s the butterfly effect bro. Besides there are far more enriching, healthy and satisfying ways of having fun than passively watching the swaying hips of crazy fools on your TV screen. Don’t you think it’s about time Pinoys move on from grade 3 and graduate from condescending slapstick entertainment?

        4. Why do you insist on a necessary correlation between fun and failure? Why do you think that if people have fun and fad out, they automatically fail at life? Can’t people have fun and still be successful at whatever the hell they choose?

        5. Bombard people’s minds with trash day in day out and what do you get? Yup, a nation full of fools. And who said watching “Discovery Channel” isn’t fun? It’s a simple equation: GIGO —> Gago

        6. Pallacertus lives in a bubble, is impervious to logic wherein he cant get your point of the VOLUME of garbage being thrown at the viewers. or he’s ignoring it. because he knows youre right so he steers clear of your point because yay ego and instead leads you out of the original topic whein he paints you as a gay-hating supporter of a mass murderer.

  6. “However, why is this one of the most trending topics of the country when there’s so much more relevant issues and ideas that need to be tackled?”

    Not every person gives a shit about your cause or mine or anyone else’s all the time — nor should they give that shit because they’re forced to give a shit about shit, really.

    Believe it or not, you can just wing it and have fun and think of nothing else instead of being Grimwald — defender of truth and justice, protector of the afflicted, savior of this country, et cetera with cherries on top — at least some of the time.

    Truly, those who think peoples’ lives should be borne and spent and quenched in causes of utmost seriousness — one minute flying the Catholic flag, another minute gunning down a few drug addicts, the next one pontificating on the evils of MSG and alcohol and cellphone radiation — they’re the silliest ones.

        1. And this — by this I mean “every single criticism with added contempt” — is where I disagree.

          I agree that as a society we have flaws. I agree that we need to correct them.

          I disagree on the nature of those flaws, on the origin of those flaws, on the depth those flaws permeate current Pinoy society, and on how those flaws can be corrected.

        2. You propose nothing but empty platitudes. Try selling your rhetoric to the dirty slum dwellers. Hope you don’t get gutted by those “noble savages.”

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