Ninoy is NOT a hero: Let’s rename NAIA back to “Manila International Airport”



Ninoy, Salamat sa demokrasya. August 21, 1983. “Handog ng Pilipino sa mundo…”, “Magkaisa at magsama…”  Yaaawn… OK, change the channel please!

Now that the Filipino people have been awakened to the reality that there are better channels to watch on their TV and that the many years of fairy-land “democracy” that Ninoy’s death at the tarmac that fateful day ushered the nation into was nothing but a sham or shall we say – our worst nightmare gone haywire, it’s time to shake off the hangover, rise up to our feet, dust ourselves, and get back full-throttle in the game. Did you see that? Speeding Vietnam is already about to zoom past us.

Why “Bury” the Memory of Ninoy

The simple answer: Ninoy is NOT a hero. Just look at what Yellow crap Cory democracy brought dumbfounded shortchanged Filipinos:

  1. Unbridled senseless local media controlling the minds of star-struck hypnotized zombies. It has programmed all to bow to the fake Yellow Saint-Queen and her “special child” Noynoy. To keep the masses from staging an uprising, the key strategy had been to dumb them down (removing English and education/intellect-oriented programs) with senseless romance entertainment and Tito-Vic-Joey folly (“yumaman kami ng dahil sa katarantaduhan”).
  2. The reign of deep-seated pocket-lining corruption and shameless incompetence at all levels of government, all in the guise of decent politically correct bleeding-heart human-rights and rule-of-law-advocating public service. They brought Filipinos to the lowest ebbs of political taste when people became allergic to anything that had to do with intellectualism – considering it an association to dictatorship.
  3. A lost three decades of economic and technological advancement. Filipinos have basically given up an important ingredient that turns third-world ghettos into first-world super-states like Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea: discipline. Filipinos have exchanged true greatness (that of character and mind) for “liberty”, taking pride in OFW-remittance-fueled consumerism rather than core engines of intellect-driven growth such as home-grown automotive engineering, semiconductors, railways and rocket science.

Toppling Down the Remaining Yellow Pillars

The Philippines is finally witnessing the demise of the Yellow political cancer and all that it stands for, as represented by

  1. Noynoy Aquino the fallen “prince” who has finally lost immunity and is now facing charges over incompetence that led to the loss of many lives (fallen SAF44),
  2. Leni Robredo whose very mandate as VP is crumbling under the weight of Bongbong’s battering-ram charges of obvious election fraud, and
  3. Leila De Lima who is now slipping into a dark den where unfed lions await her and the lover-driver, both of which are being subjected to the constant barrage of missiles from Duterte himself in fuming rampaging anti-corruption mode.

Well, remember the statue of Lenin that was taken down at the fall of communism/USSR, we as a people must likewise take a symbolic step of denouncing the crap stupidity that we were all fooled into believing in.

Mayor Duterte (as he still likes to be called) has just given us the magic formula: it is iron-fisted rule + incorruptibility that can fix this country and get us moving again. We have tried various experiments in the past, and even kept repeating some poisonous concoctions that we already knew would make our nation sick – such as voting in another incompetent Aquino into high office merely on the basis of emotional highs.

It is high-time we demolish the reminders of incompetence: such as the idolatrous EDSA shrine and the sickening name of our premiere international gateway. It’s time to topple down the symbols of a dumb and empty ideology that had cast our nation under a long and dark spell.

Regaining MIA’s Original Name: Regaining Freedom from Ninoy and Cory’s “Demon-crazy” World

There was a point when NLEX was supposed to be changed to “Cory Aquino Expressway”. Now let’s swing the pendulum all the way to the other end by pushing for the change of our national airport’s name back to “Manila International Airport”. We can finally all say goodbye to name that represented our shame: worst airport title and the birthplace of the laglag bala scam.

It will be a new era of airport modernization with first-class amenities/comfort rooms (yung wala nang balde at tabo sa tabi), wall-to-wall carpeting for our vital tourists, a train line from the airport to the main MRT-LRT system, and excellent services without the hassles of cumbersome OEC/added-tax requirements for our OFW heroes.

Tapos na ang panahon ng kabulokan na dinadala ng malas na pangalang “Ninoy Aquino International Airport”. Malaya na tayo sa kalokohang “demon-crazy”. Let’s get moving from where we left off 30 years ago, when our monument of greatness, the iconic eagle-winged edifice, was called “Manila International Airport”. Pilipinas: It’s your time to fly.

Note: The airport was then renamed to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) on August 17, 1987 by virtue of Republic Act No. 6639 under the late president Cory Aquino.