Ninoy is NOT a hero: Let’s rename NAIA back to “Manila International Airport”


Ninoy, Salamat sa demokrasya. August 21, 1983. “Handog ng Pilipino sa mundo…”, “Magkaisa at magsama…”  Yaaawn… OK, change the channel please!

Now that the Filipino people have been awakened to the reality that there are better channels to watch on their TV and that the many years of fairy-land “democracy” that Ninoy’s death at the tarmac that fateful day ushered the nation into was nothing but a sham or shall we say – our worst nightmare gone haywire, it’s time to shake off the hangover, rise up to our feet, dust ourselves, and get back full-throttle in the game. Did you see that? Speeding Vietnam is already about to zoom past us.

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Why “Bury” the Memory of Ninoy

The simple answer: Ninoy is NOT a hero. Just look at what Yellow crap Cory democracy brought dumbfounded shortchanged Filipinos:

  1. Unbridled senseless local media controlling the minds of star-struck hypnotized zombies. It has programmed all to bow to the fake Yellow Saint-Queen and her “special child” Noynoy. To keep the masses from staging an uprising, the key strategy had been to dumb them down (removing English and education/intellect-oriented programs) with senseless romance entertainment and Tito-Vic-Joey folly (“yumaman kami ng dahil sa katarantaduhan”).
  2. The reign of deep-seated pocket-lining corruption and shameless incompetence at all levels of government, all in the guise of decent politically correct bleeding-heart human-rights and rule-of-law-advocating public service. They brought Filipinos to the lowest ebbs of political taste when people became allergic to anything that had to do with intellectualism – considering it an association to dictatorship.
  3. A lost three decades of economic and technological advancement. Filipinos have basically given up an important ingredient that turns third-world ghettos into first-world super-states like Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea: discipline. Filipinos have exchanged true greatness (that of character and mind) for “liberty”, taking pride in OFW-remittance-fueled consumerism rather than core engines of intellect-driven growth such as home-grown automotive engineering, semiconductors, railways and rocket science.

Toppling Down the Remaining Yellow Pillars

The Philippines is finally witnessing the demise of the Yellow political cancer and all that it stands for, as represented by

  1. Noynoy Aquino the fallen “prince” who has finally lost immunity and is now facing charges over incompetence that led to the loss of many lives (fallen SAF44),
  2. Leni Robredo whose very mandate as VP is crumbling under the weight of Bongbong’s battering-ram charges of obvious election fraud, and
  3. Leila De Lima who is now slipping into a dark den where unfed lions await her and the lover-driver, both of which are being subjected to the constant barrage of missiles from Duterte himself in fuming rampaging anti-corruption mode.

Well, remember the statue of Lenin that was taken down at the fall of communism/USSR, we as a people must likewise take a symbolic step of denouncing the crap stupidity that we were all fooled into believing in.

Mayor Duterte (as he still likes to be called) has just given us the magic formula: it is iron-fisted rule + incorruptibility that can fix this country and get us moving again. We have tried various experiments in the past, and even kept repeating some poisonous concoctions that we already knew would make our nation sick – such as voting in another incompetent Aquino into high office merely on the basis of emotional highs.

It is high-time we demolish the reminders of incompetence: such as the idolatrous EDSA shrine and the sickening name of our premiere international gateway. It’s time to topple down the symbols of a dumb and empty ideology that had cast our nation under a long and dark spell.

Regaining MIA’s Original Name: Regaining Freedom from Ninoy and Cory’s “Demon-crazy” World

There was a point when NLEX was supposed to be changed to “Cory Aquino Expressway”. Now let’s swing the pendulum all the way to the other end by pushing for the change of our national airport’s name back to “Manila International Airport”. We can finally all say goodbye to name that represented our shame: worst airport title and the birthplace of the laglag bala scam.

It will be a new era of airport modernization with first-class amenities/comfort rooms (yung wala nang balde at tabo sa tabi), wall-to-wall carpeting for our vital tourists, a train line from the airport to the main MRT-LRT system, and excellent services without the hassles of cumbersome OEC/added-tax requirements for our OFW heroes.

Tapos na ang panahon ng kabulokan na dinadala ng malas na pangalang “Ninoy Aquino International Airport”. Malaya na tayo sa kalokohang “demon-crazy”. Let’s get moving from where we left off 30 years ago, when our monument of greatness, the iconic eagle-winged edifice, was called “Manila International Airport”. Pilipinas: It’s your time to fly.

Note: The airport was then renamed to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) on August 17, 1987 by virtue of Republic Act No. 6639 under the late president Cory Aquino.

138 Replies to “Ninoy is NOT a hero: Let’s rename NAIA back to “Manila International Airport””

      1. Actually, it’s a growing clamor.

        You can even join the survey here…

        Suvey: Change NAIA back to MIA (Manila International Airport)?

        To date, 92% say YES.

        The comments in the Facebook discussion for the article show an almost unanimous outcry. Everyone is just SICK of Aquino.

        It’s probably how Germans would feel if they had an airport still called “Adolf Hitler International Airport” in the day and age.

        I know one of these days, a congressman, senator or cabinet official will air this call for change to Duterte himself.

        So if you have any radical proposals, it’s during Du30’s term to speak out. Once Robredo regains the throne for the Yellows, the party’s over.

      2. Re-write or undone all the Aquino doctrines if there was any. They are the bad luck to our ever growing economic progress, no to ccp-npa at all and don’t let any of those fucktards meddle to the current administrations agenda and on-going projects be derailed just because of their ideology can only served to their followers with a twisted minds and a yes sir, yes ma’am mentality???????

          Why? We had a WEAK STATE and STRONG Political oligarchies during the THIRD PH REPUBLIC
          When President Marcos declared Martial law, he made the STATE STRONGER and the political oligarchies weaker.
          Ano nangyari when Cory abolished the amended 1973 Constitution and replaced it with the 1987 Constitution? WORSE SITUATION than the 1935 Constitution amended! Why?
          Ibinalik tayo sa UNITARY PRESIDENTIAL BICAMERAL type tapos kinopya pa ang MULTI-PARTY SYSTEM sa Marcos era Constitution (1973 CONSTITUTION: PARLIAMENTARY; AMENDED 1973 CONSTITUTION FRENCH BASED SEMI PRESIDENTIAL PARLIAMENTARY WITH MARCOS IMPRINT) the politicians today disregard their party ideologies & PARTY-LIST SYSTEM the political oligarchs and communists way to Congress. The STATE BECAME WEAKER, THE POLITICAL OLIGARCHS STRONGER, AND THE ORDINARY FILIPINO POORER.
          The Filipino Elites who collaborated with the colonizers of the past are the same Filipino elites who would do everything they could to oppose Constitutional change. Of course, with the help of their friends – catholic priests and nuns (Liberation theology and/ or indebtedness to sponsors like Jaime Cardinal Sin to the Lopezes), the communists (as their private militia), Liberals (members of the Filipino elites) and the UNITED STATES (who collaborated with the Filipino elites to protect their economic and political interests)

  1. the question of ninoy’s heroism has nothing to do with what happened after he died, but everything to do with questions now hanging over him re the plaza miranda bombing. if it was indeed the handiwork of joma sison as senator salonga concluded after investigation, then it opens up all sorts of questions — why wasn’t he at the miting de avance of his liberal party, is it true he was warned by a commie friend? i’ve always wondered why he didn’t flee the day before martial law was declared — he had been warned, he was number one on the arrest list — did he submit to arrest out of a guily conscience over the bombing, he deserved to be punished? and the coincidence of the dates aug. 21, 1971 and 1983, of the bombing and his fatal homecoming can’t have been an accident. it was he who chose to return home on that very day.

  2. A friend of mine said, changing it back to MIA will give it the same acronym as Missing In Action (MIA), you know. Just saying; not very auspicious for an airport if you ask me. ????

    1. LOL!

      Sounds like a very appropriate name to me.

      They could put a sign at the arrivals gate where the lucky traveller steps onto the streets of Manila: “abandon hope all ye who enter here”.

      Anyway, I don’t think national airports should be named after anybody. Was Aquino a hero? No idea. AFAIK, he didn’t do much except get murdered, which happens to dozens of Filipinos every single day in this benighted land without much remark.

      It’s just an airport. 90% of the travelers passing through neither know nor care who Ninoy Aquino was. They just want to leave the country safely and efficiently.

        1. Both of those people were either heroes or assholes, depending on who you ask.

          Their names don’t belong on the airport. CdeG is a horrible airport anyway, so I imagine he wouldn’t want to be associated with it.

        1. It still is (Thanks, TSA). Come to think of it, most “named” airports suffer a combination of overcrowding, oppressive and incompetent staff and infrastructure issues.

    2. Wiki says the airport is located along the border between the cities of Pasay and Parañaque, about 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) south of Manila proper and southwest of Makati.

      If you guys don’t like MIA, you can go for “PaPaIA”. That should spell out to the whole world that PH under Du30 has emerged to be more than just a banana republic.

  3. The Yellow Idiots want us believe tnat the Traitor Ninoy was a Hero. Same as now that the Catholic Church want us to believe that the mahjongera orchestrator of the Mendiola Massacre was a Saint.

  4. Naming the airport after the Aquinos (as well as roads, schools, “awards”, putting their faces on P500 bill, etc.) is a classic tactic of yellow brand-building.

    They are doing the same thing now with Leni Robredo, trying to legitimize her by arranging for her to be given “awards”, visited by “dignitaries”, interviewed by this and that on anything and everything, so her existence will have some kind of relevance. They need to do this because Robredo has no real, concrete achievements or track record that they can play up. She does not even have a real electoral mandate or fan base. I suspect this is why the US has not gone all out in their efforts to prop up Robredo. The “awards” she has been getting are from minor, insignificant organizations. Perhaps the US also sees that even if they succeed in installing her as president, she won’t last because she has no real following and no crowd-drawing pull. With the amount of praise and mileage the yellow media has been showering on her, she should be the hottest rock star by now. But the hate has not abated. People are simply not buying Robredo. In fact, the more PR there is about Robredo, the angrier the people get.

    The US would be better off if they continued investing in Duterte. No matter how bullheaded he is, and even if he goes along with only 50% of what they want, he is still a better investment than Robredo, because Robredo is a product with no market. You can put her in every sari-sari store and every supermarket shelf, advertise her to death, even have a buy-one-take-one sale, still no one would buy. Because she’s not what people want. People want the steak, not the salad.

      1. THe Yellows have indefinite money supply from ILLEGAL MINING FIRMS, DRUGLORDS, OLIGARCHS that supports them, PCGG(supposedly recovered Marcos’s stolen wealth, so where is it now?In their pockets), DAP/PDAF/PORK from previous YELLOW ADMINISTRATION, FOREIGN DONATIONS(200+ BILLION YOLANDA FUNDS)etc.

        1. just remove the name ninoy aquino in our airport and their photos from 500 peso bill and this nation will be great again

  5. Speaking of yellow brand-building, there was an item in the news today that is a good case study on how the Yellow Ecosystem for Brainwashing the Masses operates.

    (What is the Yellow Ecosystem for Brainwashing the Masses? Read this

    The CHR head, Chito Gascon, an old-time yellow lackey who was appointed by Noynoy to the CHR in 2015, said that charges of crimes against humanity can be filed at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for the “extra-judicial killings” that Gascon claims are being perpetrated by the Duterte administration.

    Observe how the Yellow Ecosystem played this out:

    1. First, Gascon name-drops the ICC and UN as if he speaks for them, but he actually doesn’t. The heads of the ICC and UN probably don’t even know who he is.

    2. Then, the yellow media (i.e. Rappler, ABS-CBN, Inquirer) spin Gascon’s statement into a headline that sounds like it was the ICC itself that issued the statement.

    For example, this was Rappler’s headline: “Int’l court may probe drug-related killings in PH – CHR”.

    If you don’t read the rest of the article, you might think the ICC is already coordinating with the CHR to file a case against the Duterte government. But the ICC actually has nothing to do with this, its name was just used in vain by Gascon and the yellow media.

    3. Then, the yellow “civil society” trolls pass the article around on social media, to make it seem like ordinary citizens are concerned about this issue.

    The TV arm of the yellow media might even show interview clips of some “chairman” of a hastily manufactured NGO with a trumped-up name like “United Peace Association of Parents, Teachers, and Children Against Poverty, Crimes, and Corruption” bewailing the supposed ICC case against the Duterte administration.

    Maybe Chito Gascon should go ahead and bring whatever case he thinks he has to the ICC. This would be a golden opportunity to demonstrate to a global audience what unprecedented heights yellow stupidity can reach. And while Gascon is at it, he should also file cases at the ICC for the deaths of the SAF 44, and against his yellow cohorts who coddled drug lords and allowed the drug menace in the Philippines to ruin the lives of at least 3,000,000 addicts plus countless victims of drug-related crimes.

    Otherwise, if Gascon does not do this, maybe it’s time to have him investigated by the Ombudsman. After all, he is blatantly using his government position and the resources of his government agency to support the propaganda line of his yellow party instead of attending to legitimate human rights cases. As his friend Leila de Lima would say, “this is a mizzuze and abuzze of power”.

    While we’re on the subject of the UN, there was an interview with Lauro Baja, former permanent representative of the Philippines to the UN, on ANC the other day. According to Baja, the rapporteur who criticized Duterte on “extra-judicial killings” is not even an employee of the UN. Rapporteurs are only consultants and they are not an official part of the UN itself. Yet the yellow media made it seem like it was the UN itself condemning Duterte.

    (It’s weird that ANC did not post this part of the Baja interview online, they only chose to post a snippet of the second half of the interview.)

    Now here comes the NUJP (National Union of Journalists of the Philippines) coming out with a statement slamming Alan Peter Cayetano for bringing up the biases of the media. It’s funny, really, because the NUJP members and their ilk are probably the only people left in this country who don’t think the media is biased.

    These journalists are living in their own planet, celebrating themselves as crusaders, martial law warriors, freedom fighters, and saviors of society, totally unaware that the rest of us find them more outdated and obsolete than landlines and fax machines.

    These journalists need to put their egos aside and reflect on why people these days trust Mocha Uson and private bloggers more than them. These journalists are so out of touch that they don’t even know how downgraded their profession has become. People today are smart enough to recognize shit when they see it, even if that shit comes wrapped in the “prestige” of a famous media personality or media brand name or international journalism awards. Audiences are a lot smarter now than they used to be, and it’s about time these journalists showed some respect.

    1. Nice. You just uncovered the inner workings of the Yellow spin doctors association of the PH.

      Manila Times is probably the safest media outlet for people who can’t get their own garbage-filtering mechanism to work.

  6. What did Ninoy Aquino, Jr. do to our country? He was shot dead by unknown assassins in the Manila International Airport. Up to now, nobody knows who shot him, and why he was murdered.

    When Cory Aquino came to power. She renamed the Manila International Airport to Ninoy Aquino International Airpot. She put the picture of Ninoy Aquino, Jr. in our currency. With the aid of the Aquino’s Propaganda Machines; they advertised to people, that Ninoy Aquino , a hero; along with the ranks of Filipino heroes.

    What has we gained in the Aquino era?
    The Feudal Oligarchy was solidified. Land Reform was removed, to protect the Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita. A lot of graft and corruption. Massacres and murders. Laglag Bala extortion scam in the NAIA. Incompetence in the government services…

    Lastly, the Shabu Drug proliferation in our country. The Chinese Triad Mafia Drug syndicate corrupted high government officials.
    We have Drug Lords, who are governors, mayors, and high government officials. The National Bilibid Prison became a five star Hilton Hotel, for Drug Lords. It also became their command center for their Shabu drug distribution.

    The Bilibid National Prison is the only prison in the world that is both an armory and a bank. The underground floor became a bank vault and an armory.

    Immorality is the call of the day. De Lima and her driver lover, on pornographic video doing their love scene. Kris Aquino, the sister of Aquino, boasting her many lovers, many marriages, and many husbands. She even boasted her STD.

    It is a disgrace that such international airport; built by our tax money, should be named with sinister people, like Ninoy Aquino, Jr. In truth, he is a traitor and a political opportunist, like his father, Benigno Aquino, Sr…

    Let us rename the International Airport to Manila International Airport. And remove the faces of the Aquinos in our currency !

  7. And there is a foringer blogger who praises and admire the Abnoy tulo laway …now in bahag buntot, afraid of his life. Yankee go home !

    1. Joe America has done a great service to the Philippines. Don’t you dare make fun of him!

      He has contributed a lot to the enlightenment of our society. Joe’s decision to retire from blogging is a great loss as he is one of the most rational voices in the blogosphere.

      Enjoy your blunder!

        1. Sorry guys but I have to draw the line here. You can make fun of me but making fun of Joe America is simply unacceptable.

          I heard a rumor that he is a recipient of the Medal of Honor (yes, THAT medal).

          Kayo? Merong ba kayong Medal of Honor? Miyembro ba kayo sa “Society of Honor”?

          Do you have similar accomplishments?

          No. You don’t even come close to this great man’s accomplishments and level of sacrifice.

          Who is stupid now?

          Enjoy your blunder.

        2. Sorry fag, but Joe America is a Aquino apologist.

          Oh yeah, I’ll post this everyday until you like it:

          Well I was using old spoof nicks all the time. So old folks like you, benign0, Toro, etc knew all along what was up.

          I am still flabbergasted why so many Pinoys don’t appreciate satire and sarcasm. Sometimes you can make a point more devastatingly effective that way.

          Oh well, back to life. Until the next Philippine catastrophe. Have fun guys. The Philippines will remain a shit hole and there is only one solution: GET THE F*** OUT.


          Congratulations, son. Because not only you’re just stupid but you just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote. Like I said, take your FAGGOTRY to somewhere else. 🙂

        3. Everyone is making fun of you because you’re a real-life AUTIST and a TROLL who loves to post AUTISM on this site. Actually, this webpage is not for actual stupid autistic people like yourself who loves to contradict themselves.

          Of course you won’t admit because your posts reeks AUTISM. So please take your AUTISM to somewhere else.


        4. @ProudAutist:

          Actually, it was never mentioned in his blog that Joe America has a Medal of Honor.

          So yeah, nice TROLLING, autist. Because the one who are committing blunders, like your posts, are actual autists like yourself.


        1. Actually, it’s also the same guy who said this:

          Well I was using old spoof nicks all the time. So old folks like you, benign0, Toro, etc knew all along what was up.

          I am still flabbergasted why so many Pinoys don’t appreciate satire and sarcasm. Sometimes you can make a point more devastatingly effective that way.

          Oh well, back to life. Until the next Philippine catastrophe. Have fun guys. The Philippines will remain a shit hole and there is only one solution: GET THE F*** OUT.


        2. @Yoshikage Kira:

          I am not a fag and an old folk. In truth, I may be much younger than you. I am married and have three children…I know you are a YellowTard, who just pretend, to make himself wise, but in truth: you are stupid!

          If you agree with what I write, thank you. If you don’t agree…thank you.
          Sarcasm and satire, may be your tools. They have no effects on me. I don’t need your advise on the way I write…It may be your style of writing…but not my way…I will continue to write, what I want to write.In the way, I want to write… Stand for what I believe ! YellowTards or no YellowTard.

        3. @Hyden:

          In truth, I am not stupid. I’m pointing more on the Yellow Troll known as Proud Pinoy a.k.a. Pastor Ernie, who is an actual FAGGOT.

          Don’t waste your bullets on me. Point your bullets on the real-life stupid faggot known as Proud Pinoy/Pastor Ernie. 🙂

        4. 233Hyden007Toro999.999 a.k.a.FAKE Hyden:

          Would you please stop your FAGGOTRY and set your priorities for once, trollfag? Actually, the REAL Hyden Toro would never say such things.

          I just hope that the mods would DELETE your malicious posts disguising it as ‘satire and sarcasm’. I know you’re writing style…. Proud Pinoy/Pastor Ernie. 🙂

      1. Yet you name your trolly to “Proud Pinoy”…whilst kissing Joe America’s (America’s) ass like some god… (…don’t you dare…LOL )

        You’re not even worthy of a Pinoy name…May God Help you…meanwhile..

        STFU! ^_^

      2. Joe AM’s is an eloquent writer but his bias for the Aquino administration is blatant. It would give him more credibility if he used his real name instead hiding behind pen name thus making me suspect that he is one of the armies of paid ghost writers and social media bloggers of the LP party.

    1. DIO:

      You YellowTards cannot accept the truth. Our country is in mess , because of Aquino and his cahoots.

      You have eyes, but you refuse to see. I will continue to write, the way I write, YellowTards or no YellowTards.

      1. And now you’re accusing me as a Yellowtard where the actual Yellowtard is here spreading BS known as Proud Pinoy/Pastor Ernie?

        kek you’re pointing on the wrong guy. 🙂

        1. @KosakuKawjiri:

          Stupid YellowTard and a faggot, like his masterw Aquino. Who cares about Toro. He is just a messenger. Understand his messages, if your thick skull and small brain can understand my messages. It is Benigno’s website, where you are intruding. If Benigno will delete my blogs. I cannot do anything.

          However, the way that you notice my blogs, means my blogs are being read and noticed by people. I am not forcing anybody to read my blogs. I am not even forcing you to read my blogs. If the hurt/irritate you and your master YellowTard: Aquino and his cahoots. Then, don’t read them ! Stay away from the GRP website. It is not for you…it is for the people who care for their country !

        2. If someone here is a faggot and a Yellowtard, then you’re referring to TROLLS like Proud Pinoy/Pastor Ernie. 🙂

          I’ll keep on doing this until everything becomes clear. I’m a regular GRP user and I always take people on face value, remember that

      2. Wait a sec…

        The REAL Hyden Toro would never accuse me of being a Yellowtard. So you’re impersonating him just to attack me?

        It doesn’t work here, son. I just hope that most of the comments of Proud Pinoy/Pastor Ernie would be DELETED in an instant. 🙂

        1. @DIO:

          Toro is just a messenger…whoever, he is, real or imagined, does not matter. His blogs and messages, you must understand them…if his messages/blogs hurt you. Don’t read them. Stay away from this GRP website. It is not for you. It is for people, who care for the Truth of the situation of their country !

        2. I always understand his messages, but accusing me as a Yellowtard is uncalled for. Like I said, you’re pointing on the wrong guy.

          Seems the TROLL is laughing all the way to the bank for what you did. The REAL Toro would never accuse someone like that. I ain’t no Yellowtard, from the bottom of my heart. 🙂

  8. Nah, I’d stick to MIA (Mayhem International Airport) because of all the bullshits that continue to happen at that airport.

    1. @DIO:

      As I had said, Toro, is just a messenger, real or imagined. I can smell a YellowTard, a mile away.

      Most of those in Pro Pinoy website bloggers, who are YellowTards, are here, because their website , Pro Pinoy is closed. Mar Roxas lost the election. Aquino is out of power. However, Aquino is in the background, directing his Yellowtards.

      I am familiar with the YellowTard tactics. Toro is not the issue here. It is how pretend and cover yourself, as a YellowTard !

      1. Then the likes of Proud Pinoy/Pastor Ernie are actually TROLLS a.k.a. Yellowtards. So why are you accusing me here? I didn’t even made posts about Noynoy being the best president ever or such. I’m taking people at face value here.

        So if you have proof, then tell me. As I said, you’re barking on the wrong tree and the troll is laughing all his way into the bank. I’ll still keep on doing this to defend my innocence. 🙂

        1. DIO:

          One the tactics of the YellowTards is they pretend to be anti Aquino, just for a cover. Then, they attack people who are anti Aquino, like me in a subtle way.

          “Lumang tugtugin na tactic yan” !

          Actually, Aquino wants the “heroism” of his father , Benigno Aquino, Jr. , to continue to be in the minds of the Filipinos. Aquino wants the Manila International Airport , to continue its name.

          He also wanted the faces of his parents to be always in our currency. This is a propaganda and political tactic. His minions, who are YellowTards, pretend themselves to be anti Aquino bloggers, and in a subtle way, try to influence the minds of the blog readers of what Aquino wanted.

          We are dumbed by too much doses of Aquino propaganda, with his media propaganda machines. Now, his minion YellowTards are doing their works to attack anti Aquino bloggers and anti Aquino websites. Since their Pro Pinoy website is now closed. They are like rats, whose holes, were destroyed. They have to go somewhere, and they found their way in this GRP website !

      2. I don’t think NigNog is capable of “directing” a bowl of soup, let alone a bunch of retards, yellow or otherwise.

  9. I think if Ninoy was not killed would have died anyway from heart attack because of how his Son left his legacy using his name. Well all is well that ends well.

  10. now that de lima’s men were exposed in the matrix, de lima won’t do that without somebody to protect her. now, who are her bosses??

    1. Who’s De Lima’s boss? The Chinese Drug Cartel operating freely in the Philippines by way of corrupt Filipino politicians like her.

  11. Ninoy Aquino knew he was already a “Walking Dead” with all his medical condition anyway, long before he stepped off the plane onto the tarmac. For someone who was politically prolific as he was during the Martial Law era, Ninoy wasn’t the type to exit this life quietly in exile in United States. He had to go with a bang (no pun intended) to makes a statement against the political establishment of the time, and to leave a legacy of martyrdom for himself and his family. The whole Aquinos clan is just too “Star-Struck” (Kris), “Sainthood Struck” (Cory), “Hero-Struck” (Ninoy), and “Men-Struck” (NoyNoy).

      1. Being “politically prolific” could mean anything. It could mean giving the whole country a “snow job” to rise up against the existing power and replace its leader with one of your own choosing–even at the expense of your own life. And that’s exactly what happened in 1983 and 1986.

      2. Hmm.. blame game, apathy, exaggeration of achievements, political ambition, false image projection…
        Classic signs of a narcissist

        1. Exactly. The Philippines–especially its people–would be an excellent source of research material for anyone interested in doing an academic thesis on “Classical Narcissism.”

    1. If Noynoy was wise enough and was true to his words to have himself struck by a train he would be Pedstruck ( Pedestrian struck). Hahaha

      1. (ok) you do realize that’s as painful as getting beheaded/decapitated and it won’t be a pretty sight to behold.

        Don’t worry. I know someone who laughs when he hears someone had just died. In the case of Noynoy’s passing away (by however means it happens), they’ll have a hard time getting a crowd of authentic mourners to honor him one last time.

  12. Let’s keep the current name for this lousy airport. Then let’s build a better airport worthy of the name “Manila International Airport”.

  13. It’s basically the battle of the dynasties for their perpetual-name-recall branding campaigns.

    Guess under who’s term CRK got it’s original name back…

    In 2003, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo renamed Clark International Airport as the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA), in memory of her father, former President Diosdado Macapagal, and ordered the Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC) in February 2007 to fund the US$1.7 billion (PH₱76.5 billion) expansion of DMIA and the approval of a US$2 million (PH₱90 million) study plan financed by the Korean International Cooperation Agency. The first stage of Clark Airport’s expansion program, a PH₱130 million terminal expansion, was completed in January 2008 to accommodate more than 2 million passengers annually.[9] In February 2012, the airport’s name reverted to Clark International Airport,[10] but the passenger terminal continued to bear Diosdado Macapagal’s name.

    Unless these politicians have nothing better to do with their time/effort, I really suggest they cut all this “dynasty-glorification” crap.

    Kawawa naman mga turista at taumbayan – litong lito na. If they want to label anything after their family name, they should just create their own “Disneyland” using their OWN money.

  14. Let’s make a deal with the Aquinos.

    We change the name of the Airport and in exchange name a mental hospital or a treatment center for the mentally challenged after Noynoy and a clinic for research against venereal diseases after Kris.

    The offer stands, how about it?

  15. A good insider’s view on Ninoy’s role in the chaos that led to Martial Law (c/o ‎Ollijurt Nalla)‎ came in under the Facebook discussion of this article.

    Ito ang katotohan kung bkit hndi dapat kilalaning hero si Ninoy Aquino. Suriin natin mabuti kung ano nga ba ang mga nangyari noon bago nagdeklara ng martial law.
    •October 21, 1966, TIME MAGAZINE: Greater Manila Area: a notorious haven for criminality.
    •late 1960’s, nabuo ang Muslim Independence Movement.
    •1970’s, Nagkaron ng secessionist movement sa Mindanao….

    Ayon sa official MNLF website, si Ninoy ay isa sa nag organisa para mabuo ang CPP-NPA at MNLF. Halos sabay nilang binuo ang dalawang grupo na ito noong 1968 para manggulo sa luzon at mindanao. Ang layunin nila ay para mahati ang pwersa ng mga sundalo sa central luzon. Pero matalino si marcos alam nya na madaling mahihikayat ng mga rebelde ang mga magsasaka at mga ordinaryong mamamayan kung walang magbabantay ng mga sundalo magdamag. Kaya nag deklara sya ng martial law, may curfew pag gabi at madami nakabantay na sundalo sa ibat ibang sulok ng bansa natin. Karamihan sa sinasabing mga biktima ng human rights violation ay hindi kagagawan ng militar. Ang madalas na may gawa nito ay ang mga komunista mismo para ibintang sa mga sundalo. Kinukuha nila yung mga uniporme ng mga napatay nilang sundalo at gagawa sila ng pangaabuso sa mga mamamayan na suot ang uniporme para isipin ng taong bayan na sundalo ang may kagagawan.

    Visit the main link for details…

  16. IT IS A CLASSLESS ACT, to bash the dead.However some people deserve it.

    FILIPINO’s, IN THEIR NEVER ENDING STUPIDITY, NEVER UNDERSTAND that their government is not a democracy and the country is run by oligarchs internally and the USA externally.The Aquino and Marcos “FIGHTS” were orchestrated ‘Fairy-Tales’ designed to keep the population divided. AND when Marcos said FUCK YOU to USA policy, Aquino was murdered by people smart enough to know that this would cause public disturbance enough to remove Marcos and the USA would have its puppet back.FIGURE IT OUT YET? Why did Aquino’s Son NEVER seek revenge? A Marcos would be an easy shot,yes? It is because the Marcos clan did not kill Aquino on the tarmac that day in 1983,NO. MARCOS had nothing to do with it. Duterte can do as he likes within his borders, like killing drug dealers no one gives a shit about, but WATCH: The second he veers towards making the WRONG deals with China or some other foreign policy that differs from USA policy, and HE WILL GET WHACKED.THINK ITS NOT SO?

    Look at the coup attempt in Turkey recently.What happened right before it? Erdogan went to Moscow to make a deal with Putin.What happens next? A MILITARY COUP that failed. Erdogan is a deadman waiting to expire. The CIA will eventually get his ass. AND the same thing will happen to Duterte, IF HE DIPLEASES HIS MASTERS.U CAN BET ON IT !!!
    WAKE UP FILIPINO’s, DUTERTE runs nothing but his mouth.

    1. Wow! Drinking a lot of conspiracy juice lately?

      And Erdoğan orchestrated the coup himself to get extra powers to have a free hand cleaning up and arresting anyone who is against him. Do you honestly think that the army could pull off a coup without MİT (Turkish National Intelligence Organization) knowing about it? And if the army wanted to do a coup, you think they would have done it in such an amateurish and totally unprofessional way? The whole of Europe knows it was all just a show.

      1. DREAM ON JIM. The CIA wants Erdogan gone, and he will be soon.Thesecond he aplogized for shooting down the Su24 and then had the nerve to visit Putin. Erdogan is now so paranoid he is locking up all the people he even suspects of having something to do with the coup.

        “The whole of Europe”? keep dreaming,J DeGriz. Erdogan has displeased Washington and is a deadman walking if he aligns with Moscow.

  17. hey de lima stop it! the strong evidence against you is ‘why are you dancing with the drug lords’ you must explain that to the people. the pictures were not photoshopped you knew it’s authentic. open it in photoshop and enlarge it to 500 pixels and you’ll see the pixels (squares) were not broken. the pilipinos expecting you behind bars ASAP!

    1. ….how many journalist visiting here? ask de lima about the picture of her with jayvee sebastian if it’s authentic or not. and tell her it’s authentic the pixels were not broken it’s not photoshopped. and what’s she’s doing there partying with convicted drug lords.

      1. [Revised]

        Foreign journalists are never going to ask De Lima any incriminating questions because their local media sources (ABS-CBN, GMA, and the newspapers) are going to paint her as an innocent victim of a “witch hunt,” instead of as one of the major protectors of the Chinese drug lords.

        It’s common sense yet the writers and readers on this site refuse to acknowledge the fact that there is a strong connection among the triad of Filipino politicians, the Chinoy-owned businesses (including Yellow Party-influenced businesses like ABS-CBN), and Chinese Nationals smuggling drugs and weapons into this country.

        In short, all three will cover each other’s dirt–by feigning “hear no evil, see no evil”–in order to keep a tight reign on our political and economic infrastructures

        Business is business in the Philippines—whether it’s legal or illegal, ethical or unethical.

        The moment everyone on this site openly acknowledge the truth that this “triad” is the one responsible for destroying our society, that will be the time I will consider Get Real Philippines a truly objective source that’s moving forward, leaving no stones un-turned to discover the truth.

        In the meantime, everyone’s partial opinion about what’s wrong with the Philippines only makes all of us look like individual ships dead in the water, with a broken engine that’s just making a lot of noise.

  18. the pilipinos should rise up in one people power to do citizen arrest to the enemy of the state who are derailing a change for a better Philippines. without the peoples support duterte can’t do it alone.

  19. Western media, especially Time magazine, was heavily used in the 1980s to build up the Aquino brand and to demonize Marcos. The same strategy is being applied on Duterte today.

    There’s a recent article on Time written by a writer named Rishi Iyengar who should be sent back to journalism school. This guy wrote a report about Duterte and the war on drugs, and the main Philippine national government official he interviewed was—don’t laugh—Senator Leila de Lima. Yes, believe it. He also included a token quote from PNP chief Bato de la Rosa, but only so he could depict the “closeness” of Bato to Duterte as some kind of blind loyalty to a mass murderer. Iyengar’s main interviewee was Leila de Lima, the accused drug lord protector herself. Maybe Iyengar should also interview Lucifer about the Christian faith.

    Other minor interviewees of Iyengar among government officials: Mike Rama, the former mayor of Cebu who is also an accused drug coddler; and Chito Gascon, the die-hard yellow CHR head appointed by Noynoy Aquino under whose presidency the drug lords thrived. Makes you wonder how much research Iyengar actually did before he wrote his article.

    This is the problem with foreigners who self-righteously criticize what’s going on in our country when in fact they don’t have a clue. Iyengar thinks he knows better than the 16+ million Filipinos who voted for Duterte, and the 91% of Filipinos who trust Duterte. In effect, Iyengar is saying that nearly all of us Filipinos, all 91%, are idiots, and we should ignore the realities that we see with our own eyes everyday, and listen to him instead. Why? Because—shiver me timbers—he’s with Time magazine! The Time logo is supposed to razzle-dazzle us indios into forgetting we have our own brains.

    Iyengar calls the planned investigation against De Lima, and the info about her driver-lover, a “smear campaign”. He obviously doesn’t know that the news about De Lima’s driver-lover has been an open secret for years and De Lima herself has not denied it. Has Iyengar even seen the pictures of De Lima partying with a drug lord at the national penitentiary? Is Iyengar aware of how the national penitentiary turned into the “Bilibid Hilton” of the drug lords and became the number one source of meth/shabu in the country during De Lima’s watch as head of the Department of Justice that oversees the prisons in the Philippines?

    Iyengar did not mention in his article that nearly 600,000 drug pushers/users surrendered within Duterte’s first 6 weeks in office, and the average number of killings per day has gone down from 35 to 20. Why indeed should he bother to mention these facts? They don’t fit with the fiction he and Time magazine want to promote.

    Communications Secretary Martin Andanar should sit down with the foreign correspondents in the Philippines and educate them on what is really going on. He should show them what a crazed shabu addict is capable of doing, like stabbing a 22-year-old nurse 19 times in her bedroom because he was looking for cash to pay for his next fix. Better yet, Andanar should arrange a free one-week stay at the Bilibid Hilton for these foreign journalists. It will be the most unforgettable sponsored junket they will ever experience.

    Here’s the link to Iyengar’s article. His Twitter handle is on it. All Filipinos on Twitter should give him a piece of their minds, and show him that the Time logo can’t razzle-dazzle them into giving up their capacity to think for themselves.

    Make no mistake about it. The Western media has been mobilized to demonize Duterte and make foreign investors lose confidence. Andanar’s team should beef up their ranks. The government channel and the Philippine News Agency are not being maximized to disseminate real information, so the yellow media and the Western media with their vested interests are filling up the vacuum.

    1. [Revised]

      “Make no mistake about it. The Western media has been mobilized to demonize Duterte and make foreign investors lose confidence. Andanar’s team should beef up their ranks. The government channel and the Philippine News Agency are not being maximized to disseminate real information, so the yellow media and the Western media with their vested interests are filling up the vacuum.”

      Keep in mind these foreign news agencies are getting their information fed to them about the Philippines from syndicated Yellow journalists who also do sideline news reporting for international news agencies like the Associated Press, CNN Philippines, Al Jazeera, and Huffington Post.

      It’s a no-win situation for the current administration unless it beefs its own news and publicity campaign, that will reach out to all four corners of the globe to stop the inaccuracy of the shared news reporting.

      1. The news is always full of shit. The Philippines isn’t being singled out unfairly: it’s just that journalists need to sell copy, and they’ll spin the facts whichever way they like to do that.

        Any foreign investors who might be interested in the Philippines do not believe what they read. They will come here, look at what’s happening on the ground, talk to people, and then make a decision. In reality, Filipinos are still Filipinos, so 2016 is unlikely to be any different to 2015 from an investment perspective. We will only know if Duterte failed or succeeded 10 years from now.

        1. I agree. “News is always full of shit”; it is nothing but a second or third-hand account of what actually took place, and subject to fillers and buffers by its delivers to make it a hit to the subscribers.

          In a sense there is no difference between news and work of fiction. The subscribers still have to use their imagination to picture in their mind what really happened, since they weren’t there to witness the events for themselves.

          In this world of deceits, lies, and imaginations, Duterte administration’s most daunting task will not be found on the front line of fighting graft and corruption; instead it would be on winning the hearts and minds of the local and international communities to fully comprehend–whether it is sanctioned or not–the job that needs to be done.

    2. Better yet, Andanar should arrange a free one-week stay at the Bilibid Hilton for these foreign journalists. It will be the most unforgettable sponsored junket they will ever experience

      Good idea, GRP reader turned writer. All the amenities of the drug lords should be preserved, and the place turned into a museum/hotel – in memory of the disgrace the Yellows brought on our institutions/country. The stashed weapons, jacuzzi, recording studio… All should be displayed. Call the place “De Lima’s Lair”. Visitors pay 100 php entrance fee – govt can even earn money to sustain our ever growing prison population.

    3. Hey Yellowed Out, you got quoted by Yen Makabenta of the Manila Times! 🙂

      There is a highly critical commentary on this purported Time article that has been posted on Get Real Philippines. It calls the piece “sloppy journalism.”

      Check it out here!

  20. Here’s another example of how the Western media is being used to demonize Duterte, similar to how Marcos was demonized to build up the image of the Aquinos in the ‘80s:

    This BBC article is better than the one in Time magazine, but it makes one major flawed assumption: it is assuming that the “police officer” that the female hitman says is her boss is ordering the killings for Duterte. But there is no evidence anywhere in the article to support that.

    Think about this: why would Duterte hire hitmen and pay them P20,000 for each minor drug pusher killed? Duterte barely has enough budget to pay for the guns and bullets of the legitimate police and the AFP.

    On the other hand, who has the most to gain by having these small-time drug pushers killed? Who has the most to lose if they decide to surrender, or are caught by, the legitimate police? Who has the means and motivation to conclude that it makes better economic sense to spend P20,000 each to have these pushers silenced permanently, before they can surrender and spill the beans to the legitimate police about who their suppliers are?

    The Western media don’t seem to understand that the reason why drugs became so rampant in the Philippines is because the drug lords were able to put a lot of police officers in their pockets for years. These crooked police are still there, and it is more likely that they are the ones killing off their pushers before these pushers can surrender or get caught.

    So, why isn’t the foreign media looking into this angle? Is it because doing so means they can’t cherry-pick bits and pieces of info anymore just to make Duterte look bad?

    I am no blind Duterte fan. But I see his logic in aggressively pursuing the war on drugs. We had a worker once whose son became addicted to shabu. The son became so crazy and violent that they had to keep him chained inside their house. It was a tragedy because the father scrimped and saved for years to send this guy to school and he was about to become a seaman before he got addicted. Now the guy is totally useless. He not only ruined his life, he ruined his parents’ lives. This is just one person, and he didn’t get to the point where he was already raping and killing people. But think about the 3 million other addicts out there, and the victims of their drug-induced crimes.

    Just today, I read an article that the government allotted P2.8 billion in next year’s budget to build 4 rehab centers. These are our taxes, people. We taxpayers now have to spend P2.8 billion to rehabilitate all these drug users because of all the greedy, incompetent, and negligent government officials in the past who allowed the drug lords to take over our country. How many children could have been clothed, fed, and sent to school by that P2.8 billion if there was no drug problem to deal with?

    Now that we finally have a president like Duterte who is taking action, and getting results, these self-righteous journalists and dim-witted yellow bleeding hearts complain. Are they just being stupid?

    No, there’s more to it than that. Many of them actually know how ridiculous they’re being. But they need an issue to use against Duterte, and right now this is the best storyline they can come up with.

    1. yellowed, I feel your pain. I’ve heard plenty of stories similar to the one your relate.

      Is it really 3 million addicts? 5% of the adult population? That wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

      People from civilized countries have no real clue how messed-up the Philippines is. They don’t seem to comprehend that – as you said – things have got so bad that the only option is all-out war, and sadly people do get killed in wars. This is not a “war on drugs” in the US style. It’s the government vs. well-organised private armies, including people who are supposedly employed by the state.

      If the previous administration had done it’s job, we wouldn’t be in this position. But we are. Duterte has to deal with reality as it is, not as liberal arts graduates would like it to be.

  21. a wikipedia entry 🙂
    ninoy aquino intl airport – embark and get shot, or
    cory aquino intl airport – a socialite mahjongera for a saint

  22. Mr. zaxx, Your creative use of the English language for your sentiments are commendable. Certainly you deserve a Palanca award instead of those pretenstous “writers”.
    I’m working on a research paper decrying all the Yellowtard propaganda but if it isn’t too much to ask, can you give some citations to all of the information you gave? I really need it for my Bibliography. Thanks in advance po

    1. Why Thanks. Juan dela Cruz below doesn’t seem to share your sentiment though. 🙂

      Sorry, my red-letter links are a bit limited in this article. I had assumed most of the info is already common knowledge.

      Pero kung medyo pag-gugulan mo lang ng konting panahon sa pag-google – readily available naman mga citations to anything I wrote above.

      For example: Google search for “Vic Sotto YUMAMAN KAMI NG DAHIL SA KATARANTADUHAN!”

      and you will get the link

      Control-F (search) “taranta” and you will jump to the comment…

      Nick Tambolero says:
      October 2, 2015 at 6:44 am
      I remember one time while I was watching tv and this I cannot forget when Vic Sotto said on their tv program “YUMAMAN KAMI NG DAHIL SA KATARANTADUHAN!” See?

      There you have it. Isn’t teaching one “how to fish” a lot better than the “spoon feeding” done in today’s educ system?

      PS: Forget everything I just said. You might consider me to be a “complete moron” for assuming you DIDN’T already know the above. But that’s a good research paper topic. If you need to check my other increasingly anti-yellow articles, just click on “zaxx” at the bottom of the article or this link…

      Article #40 completes the “wandering in the wilderness” stage. Time to enter the “promise land”.

  23. The author of this article is either
    a) a troll;
    b) a liar; or
    c) a complete moron who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Same goes to the posters who supports this article.

    1. Then you, son, are either

      a) a troll;
      b) a liar; or
      c) a complete moron who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

      Same goes to your fellow Yellow Zombies. 🙂

    2. Juan Dela Cruz – (n.) a complete yellow idiot who still believes in the lies of the propagandic Aquino bastards who ruined the country with their hypocritical ideologies.

    3. Seems there’s still a delusional fool who thinks his ineffective propaganda is still relevant in this age of non yellow democracy.

      Sorry to say, your propaganda is no longer going to fool anyone.

      troll harder idiotic loser named Juan Dela Cruz

  24. National Heros Day kuno…

    Time to honor Cory’s contributions as well…

    Contrary to her claim, CORY was disgusted at the so-called advocacy of NINOY for democracy. All she supposedly wanted was to live like the daughter of a rich couple, spend money around and engage in her love: gambling.

  25. Ever since the yellows left, why does it seem people with common sense suddenly mushroomed and are blossoming out of nowhere?

    We can therefore conclude: Yellow democracy – malas at walang direction/foresight.

    The next step is to oust the likes of Vice Ganda from PH TV screens.

    Btw, why in the world does non-sense like this end up as a top news article in a PH daily?

  26. Make a historical revisionism please! For Pro-Marcos Loyalists only.

    Naming back to MIA Airport from NAIA.

    No more need for freedom and democracy because of Aquinos but discipline and rigid stict rules and punishments for conversative fascism against communists and Muslims for Marcos Revisionism.

    Forget about Martial Law thru looks of Luis Araneta. Even if FM is long dead, there is still a shadow, ghost, specter and legacy of Martial Law which lurks around forever.

    1. Butthurt Yellowtard is butthurt. Nobody is takibg you seriously because yours is nothing but pure TROLLING and not even opinion.

  27. Change it to Ferdinand Marcos International Airport. Then next term if it doesn’t fit to next generation’s opinion, change it again, again, again and again including the streets, roads, highways and buildings. At least in this category there will be change. Anyway, there will always be time and money for this change

  28. We need to rehabilitate the Marcoses, to vilify the Aquinos. We need to prop up the Marcos legacy. Make it Marcos international airport.

    Justice for Marcoses and karma & judgment day for Aquinos.

    Cory Aquino must burn in hell while Marcos is in heaven.

    Let’s pray that Filipino history needs to be sanitized under Marcos revisionism. We need Marcos’ crimes and sins to be erased from existence. Think of Marcos gold and achievements that improved Filipinos’ lives like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore and Chung Hee of Korea did.

    We must invalidate Martial Law victims who are too kuno! EDSA is the big mistake! Marcos is the most decorated war hero with 32 medals.

    @Ngek Ngek and Salagintong Bukid,

    Never forget New Society/Bagong Lipunan.

    1. It still remains to be seen if BBM will be a great leader, but the country needs to give him a chance and their support, and don’t try to dissent and divide like what the Liberal Yellow members are doing, then maybe he’ll turn out to be just that. A Great Leader.

    1. I voted duterte youth partylist specifically to get the ninoy name out of our airports and our highways and our schools and our textbooks and our money.

      Ninoy is the name of a traitor and should be expunged from the historical record except for the record of his treacherous acts.

      1. It’ time to rid the country of Liberal “Yellow” Party influence from buildings and roadways, media, Catholic Churches, and schools textbooks, so the people can learn to unite as one nation again.

        1. “It’ time to rid the country of Liberal “Yellow” Party influence…” – Aeta
          There you go again with your yak-yak. Get rid? How? Who? When?

          Supply the necessary information. Don’t just blubber. ?

        2. Aeta,

          I hope that NTF-ELCAC will cleanse the homosexuals by mandating compulsory ROTC. Homosexuality needs to be purged and cleansed so do are Yellows and Pinks.

        3. Marcos gov’t will remove all the references of Aquino and Martial law, just like China was removing the references of the atrocities concerning June Fourth Incident in China. We need it like Holocaust denial. You are the official pro-Marcos loyalist, Aeta.

        4. @Propaganda Boy

          LOL you sarcastic troll. I knew there’s something funny about you.

        5. “Marcos gov’t will remove all the references of Aquino and Martial law, just like China was removing the references of the atrocities concerning June Fourth Incident in China. We need it like Holocaust denial. You are the official pro-Marcos loyalist, Aeta.” —- Propaganda Boy

          I don’t know if I would go along with the extremities of your claim over China’s June 4th incident, Nazi’s Holocaust, or me being a pro-Marcos loyalist. I, as well as the majority of the population that elected him, only want to give BBM a chance to rebuild the country that is free of Yellow Liberal’s influence. But, from the looks of it from the liberals in the Philippines, as well as the liberals on GRP, that’s not going to happen without being met with oppositions. It sounds to me that the real issue here is the Liberal Party’s personality problem of not wanting to be proven wrong of the opposite of what they want to happen: to see BBM’s administration fail.

        6. And don’t worry, the military and BBM will censor all Liberal Yellow Party, Communist, LGBT influence and martial law references, to be censored, to be forgotten so will references of Jose Rizal, Ninoy Aquino and Andres Bonifacio. We will support mandatory ROTC with discipline, patriotism, progress and we don’t need democracy. We will make like in Singapore as Zaxx told us.

          Let’s get straight! And we will have one nation, one goal, one spirit, one destiny.

      2. “I voted…” – Megget
        You voted? I thought mentally deficient are not allowed to vote. ???!!!

        1. Must be why leni lost.

          Those “mamot” crowds must have been made entirely of retards and pink balloons .

  29. Facts:

    The pink wave, made up of entirely of retards, faggots, and inanimate pink balloons, got beaten senseless on may 9.

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