Foreign media outlets criticising Duterte’s “war on drugs” are clueless about Philippine politics

Articles critical of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte from foreign media outlets are coming out from left, right and centre lately. Unfortunately, they are mostly one-sided. One can’t help but think that they have an agenda — to damage the reputation of the new President and undermine his leadership. This is something that the members of the Liberal Party and their supporters would want.

Take the case of that TIME magazine article. The writer interviewed Senator Leila de Lima for comment about the government’s ongoing “drug war” without realising that the Senator is the last person to ask for a “fair” or “objective” assessment on Duterte’s policy. Aside from De Lima having an axe to grind against Duterte for her failure to pin him down back when she was still the Human Rights Chairperson on his alleged involvement in the Davao Death Squad when he was still Davao City Mayor, De Lima also is very defensive about her failure to eradicate the drug trade inside the country’s penitentiary – The New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City when she was the Secretary of the Department of Justice.

Sen. Leila de Lima: The last person expected to make a fair assessment on the 'war on drugs'

Sen. Leila de Lima: The last person expected to make a fair assessment on the ‘war on drugs’

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De Lima already lost her credibility to the public. The only people who support her are rabid Liberal Party supporters. Bringing up her sordid love affair with her former driver at the DOJ would only be considered wrong if the driver wasn’t linked to the drug lords operating at Bilibid prison. The driver would have had access to a lot of contacts inside because of his connection with then Secretary De Lima. Besides, as mentioned before, former President BS Aquino set a precedent for naming and shaming. It’s not surprising that Duterte is continuing the tradition. What’s surprising is how some people expect Duterte to play fair since he has always been brutally honest. De Lima, for her part, has a lot of explaining to do including her failure to deal with drug manufacturing inside the compounds of the Bilibid prison and how the drug epidemic in the country became worse under her watch.

Perhaps he didn’t have enough time to understand the complexities of Philippine politics because it seems Rishi Iyengar, the TIME article writer, was aiming to paint a very gloomy forecast for the next six years under the Duterte leadership. The writer obviously failed to question De Lima’s role as head of DOJ. He could have asked her what measures she instigated to clamp down on the drug lords operating with impunity inside Bilibid. He would have understood why Duterte blames her for the problems he has to deal with today. Pictures of her mingling with known drug lords at a party have been making the rounds on social media. The TIME article would have been more balanced had the writer mentioned it.

What is quite disturbing about the TIME article aside from getting mostly the side of those who are against Duterte’s policy on drugs is the notion that the Philippines’ drug problem is not that bad. Iyengar seems to think that Duterte exaggerated to scare the public so he can convince them that there is a need for drastic measures. He even called his move “the oldest autocratic trick in the book”. Comments like that serves as evidence that the writer applies a strong bias against Duterte in his writing.

In proving that Philippines’ drug problem isn’t that bad, he compared crime rate figures from other places overseas against the crime rate in the Philippines:

But how bad is the Philippine drug problem? According to UNODC data, the highest ever recorded figure for the prevalence of amphetamine use (expressed as a percentage of the population aged 15 to 64) in the Philippines is 2.35. That is a high figure, but then the equivalent figure for the U.S. is 2.20, and the world’s real amphetamine crisis is among Australian males, where the prevalence is 2.90.

When it comes to illicit opioid use, the Philippine prevalence rate is just 0.05, compared to 5.41 in the U.S., and 3.30 in Australia. For cocaine, the Philippine figure is only 0.03. In the U.K., it is 2.40, in Australia 2.10 and in the U.S. also 2.10.

In other words, the statistics show what any visitor to the country may easily see: Filipinos are not degenerates, who need to be protected from themselves, but are mostly a nation of decent, sober, law-abiding and God-fearing people. The most revealing Philippine statistic is this: 37% of Filipinos attend church on a weekly basis. Less than 20% of Americans do.

Nonetheless, Duterte has succeeded in convincing large numbers of his people that drug use constitutes such an emergency that the very existence of the nation is threatened, and that only his rule can save the Philippines. It’s the oldest autocratic trick in the book.

What the heck is the writer trying to say? That the Philippines can still wait a while before addressing the problem? It’s like saying that since the drug problem is not as bad as Mexico, Duterte’s tough stance on drugs is not justified. I don’t think the writer considered the fact that some crimes involving drugs do not get reported anymore and so the data showing the crime rate could be a conservative estimate. Besides, who is he to tell Filipinos when to deal with the country’s drug problem? Most people prefer to nip the problem in the bud. That is why Duterte has the support of the majority of the public. Indeed, foreign media should be focusing on other countries that are not addressing their own drug problems.

Speaking of other countries, in the U.S. the role of one of its own government agencies – the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – in importing cocaine into the country was exposed in the 1990s. They were alleged to have allowed the drug syndicates to sell cocaine to ghettos in California targeting the African-American community the purpose of which was to raise money for the Nicaraguan Contras rebel army. There was outrage when the stories were made public. Imagine your own government being a party to the proliferation of drugs. No wonder some people consider the U.S. war on drugs a “failure”. One government agency was fighting the drug trade while another was fuelling it. That’s just crazy. The investigative journalist who made a series of exposés on this was demonised and met a suspicious death that was ruled as “suicide”. His story was made into a film called Killing the Messenger.

Stories like that make one think that some members of the international community have lost any moral high ground to tell the Philippines how to mind its business. What happened in California in the 1990’s gives Filipinos enough reason to take most foreigners’ criticism with a grain of salt.

Foreign media writers need to put the issues they write about in the proper context. Not all those who were killed died in the hands of the Philippine police. If we are to follow the DOJ’s Operational Guidelines on what can be classified as “extra-judicial killings”, death of suspected drug lords and dealers aren’t even considered as such:

Extra-Legal Killings (ELK) or Extra-Judicial Killings (EJK) – For purposes of operationalization and implementation of A.O. No. 35, the ELK/ElK will refer to killings wherein:

a. The victim was:
i. a member of, or affiliated with an organization, to include political, environmental, agrarian, labor, or similar causes;
or ii. an advocate of above-named causes;
or iii. a media practitioner
or iv. person(s) apparently mistaken or identified to be so.

Homicide where victims are allegedly drug dealers or drug lords cannot be considered “extrajudicial killings” under Philippine law.

For everyone’s information, here is an official tally of “deaths” in Duterte’s war on drugs as of today:


Yes, I know what you are thinking. It seems people have been reduced to numbers and one death is one too many. But this is the Philippines where most people were apathetic to victims of heinous crimes as a result of the drug epidemic in the last six years. It’s quite suspect the way some people are acting so “outraged” now especially since these same people routinely turned a blind eye to the BS Aquino government’s neglect.

97 Replies to “Foreign media outlets criticising Duterte’s “war on drugs” are clueless about Philippine politics”

  1. I love all these brilliant exchange from GRP writers and readers about Duterte’s “War on Drugs,” and how he’s being trivialized by local and foreign organizations with the way he’s handling it.

    Each time I read the articles and comments about the “War on Drugs,” the topic is always about the same major characters (Duterte, De Lima, the Aquinos) and the political bandwagons that they belong to that affect our country and people—so we think.

    Isn’t it about time for us to change the lenses on our cameras, shoot from different angles, and start highlighting the minor characters that may turn out to be the major players, that would alter the course of our nation’s history someday–good or bad?

    I love surprises, especially the ones that will keep me on the edge of my seat; but not the ones that will bite me in the ass because I didn’t anticipate them; those are the worst and will leave you traumatized for a very long time.

    1. LOL, the Philippines will start crying and will not what to do when the next Hurricane hits them so hard they will all cry for their Mothers. LOL, but she will be a drowning victim.Its high time people stop sending donations to the country anyway as it never gets to the intended victims anyway.

        1. For sure, rot in yer own pee, poo & spit! What does that corrupt cesspit offer the World anyway, except cheap & practically useless labor!

  2. Rishi Iyengar writes for Time magazine and graduated from Columbia University (according to his Twitter profile), but the way he argued his assertion that drugs are not really a serious problem in the Philippines is so amateurish that you would think a college intern wrote his article if you took away the Time logo and hid his “credentials”.

    Consider what Iyengar wrote:

    “When it comes to illicit opioid use, the Philippine prevalence rate is just 0.05, compared to 5.41 in the U.S., and 3.30 in Australia. For cocaine, the Philippine figure is only 0.03. In the U.K., it is 2.40, in Australia 2.10 and in the U.S. also 2.10.

    In other words, the statistics show what any visitor to the country may easily see: Filipinos are not degenerates, who need to be protected from themselves, but are mostly a nation of decent, sober, law-abiding and God-fearing people. The most revealing Philippine statistic is this: 37% of Filipinos attend church on a weekly basis. Less than 20% of Americans do.

    Nonetheless, Duterte has succeeded in convincing large numbers of his people that drug use constitutes such an emergency that the very existence of the nation is threatened, and that only his rule can save the Philippines. It’s the oldest autocratic trick in the book.”

    I laughed so hard when I read this I almost had an asthma attack.

    Opioids? Cocaine? Iyengar is so ill-informed he doesn’t even know most Filipinos can’t afford those kinds of drugs. That’s why the usage rates are low. The drug of choice among the Filipino masses is shabu (meth), which is called “the poor man’s cocaine” precisely because it is cheap. Did Iyengar show any comparative statistics on shabu? No, of course not. He had something better–church-going statistics! According to him, 37% of Filipinos go to church weekly, while only 20% of Americans do, therefore, it is not true that a lot of Filipinos are hooked on drugs. F*cking brilliant. Let us all now hold hands and pray, and the thousands of homicidal addicts will turn into choirs of angels, just like the addict in the news today who raped his 9-month-old daughter while he was high, and the other addict in the news yesterday who climbed up the bedroom window of a 22-year-old nurse and stabbed her to death 19 times because she woke up while he was digging around for spare cash to pay for his next shabu hit.

    Thank you, Mr. Iyengar, for opening our eyes to these marvelous truths that we otherwise would not have known. You really deserve a Pulitzer Prize for this one. I hope President Duterte’s press secretary really does get in touch with you and treats you to a free stay at the Bilibid Hilton, because you truly, truly deserve it.

    1. Fhe statistics show what any visitor to the country may easily see: Filipinos are not degenerates, who need to be protected from themselves, but are mostly a nation of decent, sober, law-abiding and God-fearing people. The most revealing Philippine statistic is this: 37% of Filipinos attend church on a weekly basis. Less than 20% of Americans do.

      That is possibly the dumbest paragraph I’ve read in a long, long time 🙂 Thanks for the laugh, yellowed!

    2. Even foreign journalists who come from reputable media conglomerates still have to rely heavily on their information from second and third-hand sources. This is why we have to take what these journalists have to say at “face value” and a form of entertainment at best.

      Marius said it right in zaxx’s last article. “News are always full of shit”; and, regardless of the news, investors will still find out for themselves whether they should invest in a country or not.

      Duterte, De lima, and the rest of the political characters are just puppets in the big stage we call “life.” Their masters are the real forces who pull the strings and control how they will act.

      These puppet-masters are the most ungrateful, conniving sons of bitches you’ll ever come across. (Words of wisdom from actor Tommy Lee Jones’ monologue from the movie “Under Siege).

      So we have to ask ourselves who the puppet-masters and puppets are in the Philippines. The puppets, like actors, are the ones we should be taking at “face value”–but we don’t and believe them–because they entertain us and captivate our imagination.

      It’s the puppet-masters who we have to worry about. They’re the ones who direct these puppets to take us away from the world of reality and bring us the world of imagination that they have created, as they take advantage of our country and way of life in the midst of our delusion.

    3. The drug problem in the Philippines is not that bad.The ‘WAR’ being waged on the least able to defend themselves,street level drug dealers, is a diversion to keep the people’s minds off of what the biggest problems in the country are.
      Unemployment,poverty,the highest electricity rates in the world,a crumbling under-developed infra-structure massive corruption at all levels of government,rigging of GOCC contracts, front-running the stock-market.I could go on for an hour….but MAYBE you get the picture?

      SHABU is not even a real drug,its pseudo-ephedrine and can be made from Sudafed or any other cough medicine.The bigger problem is not the street level drug dealer it is the condoned, maybe even sanctioned murder of Philippine citizens by anyone who points a finger at someone and accuses that person of selling drugs.IT IS FUCKIN MURDER and should be perceived, and prosecuted, as such. BUT FILIPINO’s are too fuckin stoopid to see these things. They elect someone who goes after the easiest targets, people who most people hate anyway, has everyone go fuckin kill them any possible way they can, and the idiotic Filipino’s stare at the MURDER statistics and point to them and say:”You see? At least our President is doing something.’, like fuckin retards.Meanwhile the problems named above are virtually unchanged and have not a single solution even mentioned or thought about. BUT, BEY, Duterte is going to change things and make our lives better. AND FILIPINO’s fall for it just like they fell for Aquino,Marcos and every other full of shit politician for the last 60 years.

      Ya know, after such a long time, you would think that most people would be able to figure the shit out.

  3. American Media serves the American interests , not the interests of the Filipinos. This was the reason Marcos, Sr. , was demonized by the American Press, when he was against the extension of the American bases in the Philippines.

    The U.S. used the Aquinos, to promote their interests in the Philippines. The same way, the Japanese Imperialists invaders, used Benigno Aquino, Sr., as a tool to pacify the occupied Filipinos, during the Japanese occupation.

    De Lima is a Drug Lord protector. The writer of the Times Magazine, using De Lima as a source of his article; is like using the notorious American mobster: Al Capone, as a source of his Times article, when writing about the American Mafia…

    Some of the media writers in the U.S., are stupid and biased. They featured Iraq was stable, because, they brought “American Democracy”…Now, the ISIS Caliphate has grown into a worldwide terrorism network.

    They even demonized Pres. Bashar Assad of Syria, because of Petro Politics. The Americans wanted to remove Pres. Assad, and put an American puppet, in the name of American Democracy.

    Turkey was the last country, they tried to change its President. They tried an Aquino style, “People’s Power”. The Americans failed, And now, it is their headache. ISIS and Turkey combined together with Iran and Afghanistan, are major U.S. headaches.

    Why not these Yankees mind their own business. They try to make other countries look bad, so that they can justify the decay in their own country !

    1. OMG, GET A CLUE, The USA wants Assad out of Syria so as to remove the Russian Federations only Naval Base on the Mediteranean Sea at Tartuk, Syria. Not because of ‘PETRO-POLITICS’, like you say. So,Look, get a clue as to what you are talking about before opening your mouth. I realize that you may sound intelligent to your FLIP FRIENDS BUT speak to people outside of the Filippines about what is happening in the M.East, and Syria in particular, and you sound like an IDIOT.

      1. @Tell it like it:

        It is Petro Politics. Why is the U.S. interested in the Middle East? It is the oil and the sales of arms (merchants of death)…same as they did in Iran, during the Shah. The Russian naval base, is just one of the prizes. Oil is the energy, we still use. Iraq and Lybia were invaded by proxy, because of the oil. It is Petro Politics.

        I may sound stupid on you, Egoistic YellowTard…I never ask you to read my blogs. If you agree with me…thanks, if you don’t …thanks. You are an Egoistic idiot and stupid…who thinks, he knows all? I believe you are one of the U.S. disinformation agent!

        1. @ TOR, ‘US disinformation agent’? yes/no. LOL, that is the last thing I/we are. There was MAYBE a little doubt concerning your intelligence before that remark. That doubt has been removed. THANKS for removing it, it was not all that necessary, but thanks anyway.

      2. Anyone who uses ‘OMG’ sounds like an idiot. Further, there is oil at play. The U.S. ousted Yanukovych because oil was found in Ukraine; Western oil companies want it. Yanukovych was a democratically elected leader of Ukraine, who was pro-Russia. The imperial U.S., with its un-American government, wants world domination and that includes oil.

        1. OMG, FUCK YOU. CRAIG, the discussion was about the Middle-East NOT the UKRAINE.ISRAEL wants to have a ‘GREATER’ Israel, from the Nile to the Euprhrates, and is dictating USA foreign policy in that direction. AS PROOF, Netanyahu demands to speak to the entire USA Congress and they all run to Capital Hill and sit down and listen to him.What other world leader could do that?Russia’s only Mediterranean seaport is in Syria, and the USA wants to shut it down, just like they tried to do in the Crimea. BUT RUSSIA STOPPED THEM.
          SO FUCK YOU CRAIG,You butt into an argument and change the subject and call someone an IDIOT? That is the very sort of thing an IDIOT does….. witout even realizing it, BWAH HA HA HA !!!. Unable to post under Tell it… NERI will have to do.

        2. @NERI:

          Characteristic of a YellowTard. They change names. Who cares about my intelligence… how about you? You think yourself as intelligent? As I had said; if you agree with me ….thanks…if you don’t thanks. I am forcing anybody to read my blogs.

          Tactic of a YellowTard. They think themselves as intelligent. In truth, their skulls are thick…no brain, like their master: Aquino ! They show their ignorance/stupidity on their blogs !

        3. Hey Neri,

          It is obvious you are the same person as ‘Tell it Like it is’, and are a troll. I can tell by your name that you have used at least 3 different names on this site. You are a troll and use different names because of it.

          I will say it again, you stupid moron: anyone who uses the term ‘OMG’ is an 8 year old and should learn proper speech, not text speech. If you use ‘OMG’ I will assume you are a teeny-bopper and no one will take you seriously.

          I did not change the subject. The original post was about Syria not having anything to do with oil. The U.S. cares about Ukraine because of oil, and its imperialism. The U.S. is in the Middle East because of oil. Did you not read my post, you bastard? Learn proper reading comprehension instead of resorting to personal attacks. I said the goal of U.S. policy is world domination. You ended up agreeing with me and are too stupid to realize it. Good job.

  4. It is quite obvious that there is a massive All out Propaganda war globally to attack Prez DU30. International Media is currently obsessed in demonizing DU30, one false move and we will end up like Syria.

    1. The Japanese American husband of the sister of Aquino was once in the American media. Aquino has some influence in the American media.

      Aquino is trying to paint the Philippine War on Drugs, with many Human Rights violation. He is trying to hide that the Shabu Drug problem proliferated in his administration.

      American media cannot do anything on Pres. Bashar Assad of Syria. Assad aligned himself with Putin’s Russia. So, the war continues there. Inside Syria, is the Capital of ISIS…

      1. The catalyst that led to the Syrian war was because of teenagers who was arrested and tortured that painted anti revolutionary slogan against the Syrian government this uprising turned violent and the conflict has become more than just a battle between pro and anti Assad’s government.

        1. The Americans supported the anti Assad fighters. They even wanted to give them air support. However, Putin ordered Russian military to defend Syria. Russian fighters and air support are now in Syria.

          It is the same scenario again, when North Korea supported by China and USSR; the South Korea supported by the Americans and the U.N. ; during the Korean war…

          Super powers fighting each other in foreign countries. Not in their own countries. It is a very dangerous and volatile situation…

    2. NO, not a chance the Philippines ends up like Syria. No one wants to take care of 95 million poor people and the Ohilippines is only needed as a staging area for wars that will be fought elsewhere.

  5. Beware of those who criticize you when you deserve some praise for an achievement, for it is they who secretly desire to be worshiped.

  6. the drugs scourge is not some mole on the backside of society – it is a gangrene that needs to be removed for the rest of the organism to survive.
    there ain’t no such thing as a ‘recreational drug’ – whether it’s tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, shabu, synthetic drugs – they all degrade the immune system, bring the user to a zombie state, and the pusher to a vulture, and do nothing to enhance the beauty of just a natural high.
    if Philippines is ever to come home from the Olympics some day with a bagful of gold, it’ll be done the old-fashioned way – hard work, determination, discipline, wholesome nutrition, and focus on the goal, no distractions.
    Russia got a lot of boos at Rio for ‘state-sponsored’ cheating by doping, but if things work out well here, that will never happen, only hurrahs!

    1. WHAT? More BULL-SHIT….NEVER has a person been degraded to a ‘ZOMBIE STATE’ from smoking cigarettes. GEEZEUS, the Crack-Cocaine and REAL Methamphetamine(that is NOT for sale in the Phailippines), when used to an extreme, can cause this, but Nicotine and even,dare I say, Alcohol…NO, NO WAY !!!When used in moderation ,ALCOHOL, is the specific example of a recreational drug,Cannabis as well….and only after HARDCORE daily useage can it have a debilitating,permanent effect on the person using it.

        1. ‘High IN Cocaine’, LOL, Have you ever even seen COCAINE? You sound like you probably even think that garbage ‘SHABU; has Methamphetamine Nydro-choride in it, and it doesn’t.It has Pseudo-ephedrine in it and you can get that crap out of sudafed cough medicine.

          The drug problem is a joke in the philippines, people getting murdered by order of the President over a drug that is not even illegal,PSEUDO-EPHEDRINE. Methamphetamine-HCL is much too expensive to sell in the Philippines. It is more expensive than Cocaine, REAL COCAINE, not that crap, CRACK-COCAINE that is mostly Manitol and oil based baking soda.

  7. Notice how the TIME article compares Philippines to other Southeast Asian countries on how similar our action was towards drugs. SEA countries are also very supportive of Duterte’s War on Drugs.

    The west fails to realize that we had to resort to these types of drastic actions because our situation is a far cry from theirs (the west). Western countries had the privilege of being powerhouses since the dawn of time. SEA countries,on the other hand, had been conquered and raped repeatedly in the past by these same western powerhouses. And our countries had been trash ever since. As much as we want to have a “civil society” that’s comparable to western society, we can’t do so without taking drastic measures because we never had the privilege that western countries had.

    And yet, white nations are so adamant in pushing their “perfect” and “humane” ideologies towards us.

    Simply put, the west don’t understand our situation. SEA countries do. Western ideas won’t work here. They should just shut up about us not complying with their “amazing” and “right” ideologies.

    1. You make a good point. The western, imperial media does not like Duterte because he is not their puppet. The media is controlled by corporations who fund the media outlets through advertising. Where were the ‘human rights’ frauds before Duterte? They were silent because they didn’t care. Duterte is a (at least somewhat) nationalist who won’t whore the Philippines to foreign countries.

      The morons who don’t support Duterte said nothing when people were murdered before he was elected; this means they have no problem with murder. Most sensible people are more concerned with the rights of innocent people, than the rights of criminals and drug dealers.

  8. People were being killed before Duterte was elected; we just didn’t hear about it, for obvious reasons. Time magazine is a joke, and it cannot be taken seriously. America, and its mainstream, corporate hacks, will lecture other countries on various ‘human’ issues – but is friends with radical countries who have horrible civil liberties/ rights records. The U.S. likes to invade foreign, soverign countries, which it has no right to do. The military is for defense, not imperial nation-building and other political bullshit.

    A prime example of un-American, imperial action was the Philippine-American War, circa 1898. The U.S. placed Filipinos in camps and murdered them. These imposter, traitorous frauds who conduced this action were facists and not Americans. We have these same traitorous assholes now with the neocons (Bush, Clinton, Fox News types, Obama), who support the U.S. fucking with the middle east, and scewing with affairs in the Ukraine.

    Another example of U.S. imperialism was the Banana Wars. American companies bribed and manipulated Central and South American governments (sound familiar?) for the purpose of acquiring banana plantations there, which caused the native people to be kicked off their lands. An example is Honduras. These same native people were hired by the American companies as low-wage workers. The U.S. Government sent in the Marines to sometimes kill native people, for the purpose of securing ‘their’ land for profit. This was illegal and an example of facism, not Americanism.

    The U.S. does not exist and never really did. It is more of a corporation than anything else. The law is not followed and It is controlled by various traitors and globalist actors, who impose ‘U.S.’ foreign policy for the benefit of other countries, banks and corporations. Banks and corporations write the laws, via lobbyists (professonal bribers) who meet with politicians. The lobbyists love to make ‘campaign contributions’ to their whore politicians who pass the corporations’ laws. I am sick of these fuckers and their inferiority complex. Most people around the world think the actions of the American government are within the realm of legal normality – but have nothing to do with American interest or legality. The stupid American voters are so dumb and are partly responsible for the mayhem caused by the Bushes, Clintons and Obamas. Shame on them.

    The point that references the U.S. Government and drug war is interesting. The ‘war’ on drugs cannot be conducted if the Mexican/U.S. border is wide open. There are powerful interests that prevent a border from being constructed. Every other country enforces its borders. If the U.S. enforces it border people cry racism and zenophobia.

    Ignore anything the mainstream, corporate hacks say about Philippine affairs. These stupid assholes think Duterte is the world’s biggest problem? Hey hacks, what about Saudi Arabia and China? Hey hacks, what about their ‘human rights’ abuses?

    1. ‘The stupid American voters’ ? UH NO, The USA government is going to do what it wants to do, regardless of the voters.

      The War on drugs, are you even sure you know what it is that is happening/happened in the USA with the war on drugs?it sounds like maybe you do not.You got the Facist part right though….and before you tell me to MYOB, you posted a comment on a blog that invites comments…….everything said here is up for discussion by anyone.

      1. The elected officials are the ones who are bribed by various ulterior interests, and yes, the people are too stupid to look at voting records and to research who is funding campaigns. An example is Miss Wall Street, Hillary Clinton. Real Americans would not accept bribes. The duopoly is in place because the corporate interests have both parties controlled. Most voters don’t realize this because they are stupid. The government gets consent from the people, like Jefferson said. The government exists because of taxpayers. No taxes = no government.

        You don’t think the American people – who were cheering Bush and the Iraq invasion – are responsible? They elected him and fell for the BS.

        Actually, I do know some of what has happened. The border is one element that enables the drug industry; there is very good reason it is open, despite most people wanting the problem addressed. The government and other elements are involved too.

        Try not to use caps, you come off as being a teeny-bopper.

        1. NO TAXES=NO GOVERNMENT? REALLY? You haven’t heard of ‘Quantatative Easing’?Part 1-4? The USA has printed $4trillion USDollars in the last 8 years, all out of thin air, backed by nothing but the USA Military.YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.the USA doesn’t need taxation revenue to function, it just prints money whenever they need it.It was stated that the government will do whatever they want, and the people are powerless to stop them. A recent Princeton University study proved that USA voters have virtually no effect on the ploitical process or the laws of the country and its foreign policy as well. SO YES, the voters are NOT TO BLAME.LOL, even the voting machines are now computerized, and the election is more easily rigged now than ever before.

          AND BTW, I USE CApS ANY TIME I LIKE, BEING A TEENY-BOPPER IN YOUR EYES AFFECTS ME NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST. SO FUCK YOU CRAIG.You do not know wtf your talking about and I just proved it.

        2. Neri fake troll,

          You did not prove anything because I am correct. I am aware that the Fed prints money, which is why I am in favor of auditing it. You try to put words in my mouth so you sound smart. I know everything you have told me. The U.S. Government does not audit the Fed because they are bought. If the people did not pay taxes there would be no government to protect the Fed legally. The Fed are unelected bankers and the Fed act, created in 1913, is technically illegal. The politicians choose not to follow the law.

  9. the yellow dynasty are scared of the nations decent to anarchy against them through sereno’s speech. how could drugs enter the Philippines from china, taiwan, hongkong, etc? are they not checking it at their airports? there’s a strong possibility it’s been manufactured/cooked in the bilibid prison. it’s safe there untouchable.

    to end all this political war, distribute hacienda luisita.

      1. General Dela Rosa understands the principles of the “Art of War” (Sun Tzu):

        “The enemy’s spies who have come to spy on us must be sought out, tempted with bribes, led away and comfortably housed. Thus they will become converted spies and available for our service.”

    1. The well-positioned Yellow Dynasty is already serving and legitimizing the unbelievable growth of big Chinese-Filipino businesses and Chinese National investors in this country. It doesn’t need to dabble in the pettiness of the illegal drug industry and risk getting caught, which many of the not-yet-billionaire political dynasties are trying very hard to compete for, since there is not enough money from the country’s coffer (i.e., Pork Barrel and Typhoon Yolanda funds) to go around and steal from.

      1. The Chinese Triad Mafia Crime syndicate is based in Hong Kong and ShangHai…their foot soldiers, are the ones in the Philippines. Some of the rich Filipino Chinese business people are members of this crime syndicate. It is an old crime syndicate, like the Italian and Sicilian Mafia and Cosa Nostra…

        The true Bosses and the Boss of the Bosses are in China, directing the crime operations, and money making operations in the Philippines.

        The Lag lag Bala extortion scam in the international airport, is a classic example of how they make money thru extortion. They are also in prostitution, child pornography,child prostitution, fake brands of goods, protection racket, etc…where the money is to be made: legal or illegal. They are there !

        Would you believe these sinister/evil people observe Human Rights?

        There is no way, than to kill them !

        1. A-Fucking-Men, Hayden. It’s time the writers and readers on GRP acknowledge what you and I have known all along and stop beating around the bush.

  10. I am convinced that Rishi Iyengar has NOT been here and has not talked to anyone mentioned in the article. The write-up is thrown together by a “she said this” and “he said that”, seasoned with some statistics.
    No more, no less!

  11. The past administration has been so over-zealously busy with a witch-hunt, persecuting its political enemies, that this drug problem has aggravated what then was merely a social tumor into a social cancer—a social cancer that has metastasized deeply into so many levels of society, that the only way to rid society of this is to severe some parts that may still relatively appear healthy.

    If the past administration hasn’t dropped the ball on this problem, perhaps extraction of this cancer may not require the level of precision surgery that the same opposition demands of Duterte—And they have the nerve to complain why the process may be messy!

  12. Thank goodness the people now know better. No amount of foreign bashers will sway the Filipino people. They try so hard to instill fear among the common people. As if to say that we should only now start fearing for lives since we could be the next target of the PNP or the vigilantes. Many yellow supporters would even condecendingly say, “kayong mga Dutertards, sana hindi mga mahal nyo sa buhay ang maging next casualty sa war on drugs.”

    The people know better. They know what it was to fear for the lives of their sons and daughters who would commute everyday to and from school/work. Everyday we hear news and stories of young men getting holdupped, young women getting harassed or raped, kids being abused by their own family, students going missing, innocent citizens getting ran over by drunk/high drivers, and just the number of casualties by criminals. And everyday, we fear for the lives of our loved ones because of these experiences.

    The fear-mongering these foreigners and yellows create pales in comparison to the actual fear we all felt waiting for our love ones to come home hoping they won’t encounter any addicts, drunks, or criminals.

  13. NO WAY, I CALL BULL-SHIT, BIG TIME BULL-SHIT !!! ON IL-DUH !!!!GET A CLUE, LADY WILL YA !!! The Foreign Media is NOT ‘CLUELESS’ about Filippine politics. Anyone who visits the country for a month, or even less, KNOWS that the country is corrupt from bottom to the top.These people KNOW That politicians RUN the local economies much like Feudal Lords in Medieval Europe.IT IS NOT DIFFICULT TO COMPREHEND AS IL-DUH HERE SUGGESTS, in fact, it is pretty easy to deduce.

    The recent MURDERS’ supported/condoned by, or possibly initiated by, the President of the country, is just a smoke screen to shield the REAL CRIMINALS from the media spotlight. Duterte, MUCH LIKE BSA3 used the Corona Trial while the DAP robbery was ocurring, is just making a smoke-screen in which the lowest societal members (Street level drug dealers) are being MURDERED in order to screen from public view the robbery of the treasury that is ongoing, as usual, for decades and continues to be so 24/7.The only CLUELESS ONE HERE ARE BENIGGERNO and his sidekick IL-DUH !!!!

    Gonna delete this too? Have some balls for a change !

    1. You are wrong about the foreign media. I know because they pull the same shit in other countries, with decoys deployed. They are clueless about what is going on, and are using the ‘human rights’ nonsense to attack Duterte. Why were they not moaning about ‘human rights’ 5 years ago? The media was not reporting on people being killed, that’s why. The country has been corrupt for decades, so why would that only matter now to the media?

      1. the media have been reporting on it for decades, now and then. No one gives a shit bout corrupt politicians in a 3RD world hell-hole, that is why…its par for the course. BUT, Presidential condoning of the murder of its citizens without due process?…..that is a different story.
        This guy Duterte will get away with whatever he wants to do until it crosses the CIA,US Dept of State. When he crosses them, he will be sent packing, one way or another.Its a guarantee.

        He doesn’t run anything but his mouth.

        1. The media is making a much bigger deal about murder than when anyone else was president. Duterte is not a puppet, so he is attacked. There never was ‘due process’ under any other president.

  14. Here is my personal view on why western media (incl Dutch media) are so against Duterte’s actions and way of ‘solving’ a problem.

    Today all drug users are killed/murdered/assasinated by police or by whoever.

    The question now is: who is next? What is the next problem that needs to be ‘solved’ in the same manner?
    All gays, all lesbians, all atheists, all INC members?

    Is that how a problem needs to be solved?

    1. I don’t believe the PNP statistics above (they’re almost certainly made up out of thin air) but as far as I can tell, the vast majority of drug users/pushers etc are not being summarily shot. The streets are not littered with corpses. There are no packs of feral policemen picking off drug addicts. I hear no gunshots at night, even though there are plenty of drug addicts wandering around my neighbourhood. I’m here on the ground, and whatever the newspapers are saying is clearly nonsense.

      As for those 700 who have (apparently) been executed, what of it? There are 8000 documented murders every year. You and I both know that most murders aren’t even investigated here, so the true figure is probably in the tens of thousands. Most of them would have been ordinary people who upset the local criminal clans.

      And we’re worried about 700 drug dealers?

      Thing is, Robert, the Philippines is not even close to being a functioning country. I’ve spent all my life living in civilized places, and when I came to the Philippines I quickly learned that what makes sense in those countries makes no sense here.

      To take a simple, everyday example, I tend to trust people first, and assume that they will treat me with respect if I show them respect. This works so well in Europe or the US (and much of Asia) that we consider it normal, common-sense behaviour.

      Not in the Philippines. In any social interaction here, you DO NOT assume that, the other person sees you as a fellow human being, or that he is interested in some mutually-beneficial outcome. You do not trust ANYBODY unless they show some positive proof that they are trustworthy, and even then you watch your back because they’re probably just stringing you along until they can stab you in the back.

      So when you get earnest reporters blathering about 37% of Filipinos going to church, and are therefore good, honest people, you want to scream. If churchgoing were a metric for social probity, the country wouldn’t have a murder rate five times higher than Europe.

      My option for “fixing” the Philippines’s problems would be to send in a million disciplined, well-trained soldiers from European countries and have them performing police duty here until the criminals are off the streets. That simply isn’t going to happen. Sadly, then, we’re stuck with incompetent, ill-trained, and ill-funded Filipinos performing that duty. A long way from ideal, but better than the status quo.

      1. I have to agree with Robert.
        You know what bothers me the most…?
        How if local, narional and internarional report whats going on( and ill tell u right now many of the news outlets have reporters here on the streets) yall scream biased media.
        Yet its plain as day you are all the biased ones.
        Fact…over 2000 people have died since Dutertes war on drugs started.
        Fact.. Jails are 300 to 400% over capacity.
        Fact… Duterte is loose with his lips and it seems this war on drugs and his way of doing things screams more political then saving a nation.
        Fact… He is the head of state but seems to alienate more and more of our trading partners and international allies in what seems to me( and the rest of the world) unstable old man rants at 2am in the morning.

        I honestly shake my head at the majorityof the comments here.
        The real problem is not duterte. Its you guys.
        Look at toro hydens comment below…No people…No problem.
        That sums up the one dimensional, view you all seem to habe and the very resl implications this has for the future of this country.
        Where due process does not matter and that ” ideals” like human rights are not important.

        Ill steal a line from a previous poster for a month or so ago.
        You are all on the wrong side of history and if you, deep down can not see what this is going to do to this nations and its future then yes.
        Ignore the international press, ignore the rest pf the world.
        Because if this is how we react to something that is plain as day wrong, then we do not deserve to join the rest of the world.

        The UN, international intelligence agencies and the international and local press are all wrong.
        Duterte is our savior, praise him.
        Everyone else is wrong.
        Hail bingbong.

        1. @The Voice of Reason:

          It is a war…there will be civilian casualties. This war was put upon us. We do not like it. However, Drug Lords kill and murder.

          Would you treat them with kid’s gloves? Unless, you are a stupid YellowTards, who keep shouting : Human Rights, in the midst of a war !

        2. Its not a war.
          There is no united front of soldiers.
          This is murder against tax paying citizens.
          Wake up toro or hyden or whatever your name is today.

          Its never been a ” war on drugs” drugs do not take up arms.
          Funny how u and every other dotard thinks ” human rights” is a dirty demonized western ideal.
          There is no is versus them.
          They are us.
          This is a lie. A propaganda war.
          Fear drives you and every other dotard.
          You said No people…Np problem
          That statement alone shows what you are.
          You do not care about anyone.
          Especially not a 5 year old girl who was the latest victim of this ill thought out genocide of the poor.

        3. Using the ‘hail bingbong’ seems that you have lost all credibility. Please stop with that nonsense and set your priorities for once, fag. 🙂

        4. And yet another insult from the duterte lot.
          to claim i have lost all credibility and then throw an insult, what a lovely hypocritical double standard your mind enjoys.
          My priorties are truth and evidence based accusations.

          Not abuse.

        5. @VoiceofCUCKS:

          Priorities please. Pointing out a red herring comment of yours is not an insult. You have your own double standards because you were easily get triggered by one tainted surname. Hypocritical, is it?

          No, you have no priorities to begin with but to always play the victim card and you’re abusing it. If you think De Lina’s attempts to discredit Duterte is considered as ‘finding truth and evidence-based accusations’ crap, then you have a problem, son.

      2. Marius,
        I postponed my already scheduled visits to the Philippines because of what is going on, right now. Why? Because I am a drug user, pusher or drug lord? No. I just dont want to become another statistic of being at the wrong place at the wrong time and end up dead as an ‘accident’.

        What I didnt read about so far is what Duterte is doing about the ‘supply-line’. All I read about is the ‘end-line’ (the end users). Why is that?

        Seize/close/burn all the production facilties and the pipe line gets empty and the end-user will get ‘dry’.
        If and when ‘shabu’ is imported from foreign countries then check all the ports and airports and confiscate the materials.

        Based on what I read, I conclude that Duterte is cutting corners and going for the short term easy victory.

        The ‘funny’ thing is that every time I visit(ed) Cebu (since 2010) I never saw/see anything close that resembles a drug user. Nobody ever offered drugs to me. So I always felt safe, no matter where I was in Cebu. But now it becomes a whole new ball game.

        Again what Duterte is saying and doing is at best mediocre and the easy way out.

        You can accusse me of being a Yellowtard but I am a foreigner and I am not a stakeholder (nor shareholder) in any PH government.

        BTW: Finally, I find it too easy to blame everything on the previous 6 years. Or did drugs become available in your country only since Aquino took office?
        As far as I know drugs became available in my country in the 1960s (at least in a known way and known to the greater, wider public). Or does really everything happen in PH 50 years later?

        1. Even without Duterte and this War on Drugs, the probability of you ending up “dead as an ‘accident'” or ending up as a statistic would still be the same. Probably even higher.

          As an unprivileged skinny, petite, and weak- looking 24-year old woman that commutes everyday and have to render overtime until 9pm, I feel much safer now. You might scoff and think I’m just deluding my self into feeling safe, but to people/women like me, the fear of criminals and drug users are far worse than our fear of vigilantes and the PNP.

          Lucky you, you’ve never encountered criminals/drug users. I have and my friends have as well. When I was robbed, the police did not give a crap about my situation. They even chastised me for being in a “hold-up prone” area at night. They said they couldn’t do anything about it because the guy who robbed me ran towards a massive squaters area and it’s “too risky”. And apparently it’s a drug infested area and the police don’t want to risk it.

          And yet, when I decided to search the net for news about that area, months prior to my incident, a celebrity got his phone taken from him while inside his car while the windows were down. Guess what, the police was able to recover it. I doubt they chastised him for having his windows down in such a risky area.

          For everybody’s safety and reference, the area is in Tandang Sora. The one near Commonwealth Avenue going to Katipunan Ave.

          Lucky you, you’ve always felt safe. I never did. You can’t really blame people for preferring Duterte’s way. For the people like me without privilege, life was never safe then. Our everyday lives back then were always at risk. Now we feel safer.

        2. Dee,
          what makes you under-privileged? Your english is at par, you have a computer and internet access. Hardly to be called the poorest of the poor.

          Why do you call yourself weak? Are you in a wheelchair? Are you fully dependent on others to move around; to think for yourself?

          My pinay GF warned me of pickpocketers and to keep my hands always on my wallet; to not wear shinny slick jewelry; and not try to apprehend a thief who just stole my wallet. I agreed to the 2 former but cant accept the latter. If someone steals my wallet (or watch) then I will do everything to catch her/him.

          Furthermore, she told me to stay away from downtown Cebu City especially at night. Probably because foreign tourists are interesting subjects/objects to steal from.
          On a few days, I was alone. So I went out (in broad daylight) and again I never felt unsafe. And mind you at that time Cebu City was an unknown city for me.

  15. If we,Land Reform Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita. Half of the Aquino’s meddling in Philippine politics is solved. Aquino and the Cojuangcos are still meddling in Philippine politics, because they want to save their Hacienda Luista. And, continue the Power of the Feudal Oligarchy. They have also affiliation with the Chinese Triad Mafia Drug syndicate ! See their works when Aquino/Cojuangco was in Power ?

    1. “They have also affiliation with the Chinese Triad Mafia Drug syndicate!”

      Chinese only deals with fellow Chinese. The Aquinos are part Chinese; and so are the billionaire Chinese-Filipinos who are monopolizing the country’s economy and Chinese Nationals smuggling drugs, weapons, and people (human trafficking Chinese from mainland China and giving them faked documents to pass off for Filipinos).

      1. Some of the overseas Chinese are half Chinese,are affiliated with the Chinese Triad Mafia Drug syndicate. You do not have to be of full Chinese blood to be affiliated with this crime syndicate.

        A Mexican Drug Lord had been arrested recently; and he is not a Chinese. However, he seems to be affiliated with the Chinese Triad Drug Mafia syndicate. Crooks knows no nationality; color or ethnic origins. It is an organization, that does not discriminate…Bugsy Siegal, the Mafia mobster, who founded Las Vegas, Nevada was a Jew. And, he was a member off the American Mafiosi. A non Italian…Where a lot of money is to be made, they can make a deal and affiliation !

        1. In the Philippines–like Mexico–where laws and rules can be bent, broken, and straightened when money is involved, is a safe haven for any legal or illegal organizations. There is an old Chinese proverbs that says, “where and when there is a crisis, there is also opportunity.”

          The Philippine archipelago remains a very politically and economically chaotic region because the Chinese (Chinese-Filipinos and Chinese Nationals) are making sure it stays that way–by way of fostering graft and corruption–so they can continue to fleece (rape) the country of its wealth.

          The Filipino people also need to realize that our government officials are just puppets that move to to the pull of their strings by the Chinese cartels. When the puppets get broken and no longer serve their purpose, they can be easily replaced by other puppets that will continue to dance to the same tune that the Chinese have been playing.

        2. @TheVoiceofCUCKS:

          Pot calling the kettle black, aren’t we?

          Just to remind you that you’re also doing insults and abuse when it’s a discussion about the Marcoses, calling anyone a ‘hack’ or a ‘propagandist’ to people who have a neutral POV. And sugarcoating anything and doing the appeal to the emotions approach doesn’t even make you correct either.

      2. @The Voice of Reason:

        ISIS Caliphate is on war with the Infidels. There are no fronts of soldiers. Terrorists are blowing themselves, and innocent infidels.

        Drug Lords are armed, killing whoever,cross their path in their Shabu business. Wake up, YellowTard, you may be their next victim!

        1. Hayden,

          I wouldn’t waste my time explaining anything to TheVoiceofTreason. This wet-behind-the-ears motherfucker still thinks rice will grow on concrete. That’s why I nicknamed him “Nostra-Dumbass”; he is always predicting the Philippines will solve its problems by leaving things the way they are.


        2. @ toro Wow. Sorry were we talkng about isis or the ” drug war”.
          I fail to see similarities, unless of course u r a nutter.

          @ Aeta. You have such a negative and screwed up look at the country and its people.
          You people that condone this are so loud and abusive towards anyone with a different opinion its no wonder the people against it are so quiet.
          The only person that is wet behind the ears is you.
          Go back to the dark ages you dinosaurs.

        3. @VoiceofCUCKS:

          Says you, who keeps on spreading crap like Singapore being a police state with little less freedom. If things like discipline and responsibility are bad in your view, then you have a much screwed up mind since all you want is anarchy and chaos.

          Unfortunately, you got caught up with the “Think Positive” mentality that most Pinoys have so that’s why they delude themselves and keeps on telling everyone that “Everything is okay”, which is isn’t.

          You’re already living in the dark ages, plankton. And I’m talking about people who just want to remain with the status quo.

        4. Im sorry?
          Have you lved in Singapore
          If so where.?

          At what point have i said lets keep the status quo?
          More words u pulled from your twisted world view.
          What makes you think filipinos are different from other humans?

          I have been around the world, lived in many countries.
          People are all the same.
          You have your redneck, kill em all Neanderthals in every culture.
          I do not need to hurl insults or abuse at you.

          Im at a loss at where you think i have lied or where this ” think positive” ideal you think i have has cone from..
          Definitely not from any of my posts here.
          So you are just makng stuff up…..hey it works for the President i guess.
          Do you think it would work for you too?
          Everythng is not ok.
          Or have you not seen the news?

        5. @VoiceofCUCKS:

          I’m sorry, did you ever contradict yourself? Why do ask me those if you don’t even value things like discipline and responsibility?

          What makes Filipinos different from other humans is the culture. People are the same, yet they were different thinking and culture. If you’re trying to justify this country’s dysfunctional culture, then you have a problem. Filipinos are too emotional for their own good, have their false sense of pride and the sense of entitlement is everywhere. Or maybe you don’t realize it.

          And yes, everything is not okay. But back then before Duterte came into the presidency, you seem to believe in that crap. It is a government whored by media back then and MEDIOCRITY is the norm. Of course you won’t understand it; what do I expect from someone who once said that Yellow Party is ott in power for 30 years until Duterte came into the picture. That means you’re totally clueless.

        6. Fidel was not the liberal party.
          Estrada was not lineral party and gloria was not the liberal party.
          That is unless, you have a different version of history to the rest of the world?

          filipino culture is different to every other countries culture yes, that is correct.
          Just as every other countries culture differe to other countries.
          Does that mean that what works in every other county just does not work in the philippines.?
          Ofcourse not. This is a lie told by too many people to somehow defend atrocities.
          I do not understand you guys.
          Somehow ever single national and international new agency that says exactly what is happening here is biased and wrong.
          The yellow party somehow owns and manipulates ever new outlet across the world.
          Somehow, even though many of these international news agencies have reporters and investigators living here, they have no idea what they are talking about.
          why is it that u presume i was happy how things are?
          Have i ever said that.?
          What is it with you jumping to conclusions?
          I wanted this country to evolve and become better, safer.
          We should be moving forward not backwards.
          Then again u r probably thinking that a president that endorses vigilantee behavior( dds) or a police chief that tells people to kill people and burn down their houses is a step forward in the right direction.
          Who is next?

        7. TheVoiceofTreason,

          “@Aeta. You have such a negative and screwed up look at the country and its people.”

          Good! Now you know know I’m being brutally honest and not blowing smoke up everybody’s ass like what you’re doing.

          People are not responding to what I said because they already know what I’m saying is the cold hard truth but it’s too embarrassing and uncomfortable to talk about it; or, they don’t have a strong enough argument to discount what I said.

          In your case you will say shit just to say shit. That makes you an El Primo Bullshittero, and it shows on the numerous insulting comments you’re getting from everyone on this blog on the stupid things you say. So give it a rest, Nostradumbass.


        8. @VoiceofCUCKS:

          Then again u r probably thinking that a president that endorses vigilantee behavior( dds) or a police chief that tells people to kill people and burn down their houses is a step forward in the right direction.
          Who is next?

          Here’s a hint:

          “Lumad killings and Kidapawan Massacre happened and no one bats an eye, Duterte have started killing criminals and everyone loses their minds.”

        9. Over 2000 people dead in 7 weeks.
          Yes there has always been killings but not in these numbers.
          Meber endorsed pibically either.
          I do not care about insults Aeta.
          Im only getting them because thats all u guys know how to do when someone disagrees with you.
          Insult and abuse.
          Your version of truth is not the real version.
          Just because you are bitter does not make your view correct

        10. TheVoiceofTreason,

          I’m only insulting you because you’re stupid, who thinks the sun will always shine on the Filipino people regardless of what they do.

          Maybe in a test tube but not in real life.


        11. @TheVoiceofCUCKS:

          Pot calling the kettle black, aren’t we?

          Just to remind you that you’re also doing insults and abuse when it’s a discussion about the Marcoses, calling anyone a ‘hack’ or a ‘propagandist’ to people who have a neutral POV. And sugarcoating anything and doing the appeal to the emotions approach doesn’t even make you correct either.

          Please stop with this victim mentality crap.

        12. @TheVoiceofCUCKS:

          Choosing facts to fit on your agenda or for your personal convenience is not stating facts either. Go figure.

        13. I’ve finally came to a conclusion that TheVoiceofTreason is paid troll by the Yellow Party. Nobody is that stupid. This troll’s idiotic comments had to be staged to get our cages rattled. Nice try, Nostradumbass (TheVoiceofTreason).

  16. i think hacienda luisita has something to keep secret to the Pilipinos. they knew that land belongs to the farmers but why they’re fighting for it over their dead body? is it really true that general antonio luna delivered the people’s money to isidra to hide it from the americans at that time? they said it’s just not one cart filled with golds and silvers? if it’s true it might be still there somewhere. how could they move it out there if it’s 4,5,6,etc number of carts? is it one reason why they can’t give it away to the farmers that it might be discovered? and some hearsay there’s a love child? does it really exist to this time the descendant general luna if it’s true? written history tells that isidra has a brother and has four son. one was rumored was the love child. among the four siblings, who became the most riches?

    1. Once the land is given to the farmers. Take a Metal Detector; and detect some buried treasures. There are advanced metal detector accessories, that can target prominently: gold, silver and other precious metals. There are deep ground penetrating metal detectors, designed recently.

      Remember to ask permission to the Philippine government. If treasure is found. Maybe 50-50 share/deal could be made, before you go on treasure hunting…50% for you; 50% for the Philippine government. Want a deal with Pres. Duterte?

      These treasures were the bribe of Aquinaldo, to stop his rebellion and go for exile…these silver and gold came from Mexico. Maybe treasures from the Aztecs, Incas, etc…Incas of Peru, have a lot of silver and gold…looted by the Spanish Conquistadores!

      None goes to the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos. Since they had stolen these treasures, from the Philippine government !

      This treasure is more in worth, than the Yamashita treasure !

  17. the OFW’s should be privided housing for their family at low cost payment. money is not a problem. sequester all being acquired by corruptors in the past administrations and put it down to OFW’s who themselves worked hard for the country.

    1. [Revised]

      The OFWs are never going to be offered low-cost housing. Why is that? Remittance money is the main reason why Filipinos are allowed out of the Philippines in the first place to work as OFWs; it’s the money they will send back and spend on Chinese-owned businesses: condominiums, house and lot, automobiles, and spending spree at SM and Robinson malls, while the politicians get a hefty kickback from the revenues. Feudalism is a well-established economic system in this consumer-minded society.

  18. The OFWs are never going to be offered low-cost housing. Why is that? Remittance money is the main reason Filipinos are allowed out of the Philippines in the first place to work as OFWs; it’s the money they will send back and spend on on Chinese-owned business: condominiums, house and lot, automobiles, and shopping spree at at SM and Robinson malls, while the politicians get a hefty kickback from the revenues. Feudalism is a well-established economic system in this consumer society.

  19. it’s easy to do that. if there’s a will there’s a road. Pilipinos can live without going to malls. agriculture is the answer to that. no need for imported clothings just to say they have the money to spend. they can start small businesses on their own everything locally.

    1. It’s too late, a yellow tard. Whatever will is left in the consumer-brainwashed Filipinos to go back to farming is no longer possible. There are no farmlands left. Whatever farmlands that still exist are now sitting idle in flood zone areas or up for sale to be turned into commercial properties. Our apparel manufacturing industry had been destroyed by imported clothes from China, and locally-owned business cannot compete with chinoy-owned shopping malls and franchises. Filipinos are destined to become OFWs, low-paid serfs in the country, or engage in illegal activities (sell illegal drugs, steal, and murder) to survive. We can thank the Chinese businesses, our well-bribed politicians, and our consumer-brainwashed people for patronizing this feudalistic oligarchy. The whole country is doomed even if we win this “War on Drugs” because the Chinese already owns it.

  20. these drug lords and pushers addicted their victims without human rights. now their protectors want human rights for them. who is de lima’s protector? there must be someone.

  21. Like I said before, the “servile spirit” in Asia as expounded by Baron de Montesquieu in 1748 who argued that the excess of slavery was already embedded and never able to shake off in almost all of the Asian nations.

    The contempt of the Western mind against all political and warrior-like despots in Asia was influenced through the records of their history due to the fact that the Tartars and other Asian hordes had destroyed the Grecian empire and other European civilizations.

    It is no wonder that they called any Asian achievers during their early days as “barbarian” or neanderthals. (e.g. after Juan Luna won in Europe with his “Spolarium” art)

    Their medical experts had also branded earlier the down syndrome as “mongoloid” which according to them was the result of incest that was being practice by the chinese and other Asian tribes.

    We may not like it, but the west will continue to criticize us and other Asian nations as well because we have our OFW’s and other Asian migrants working in Europe as servants (like the TIME magazine correspondent and the chinese oligarches with their yellowtards bootlickers) proving to them that the “servile spirit” is really working until now.

    1. The enemies are made up of giant Chinese (SM and Robinson malls, Asia Brewery, and GMA—just to name a few) and Filipino (ABS-CBN and Ayala Corporation) businesses (legal and illegal) and well-bribed politicians (Aquinos, Villar, Drilon, Abad, Roxas, GMA—and slew of others) who all stand to lose a lot when Duterte comes after them.

  22. I am rolling around the floor laughing at The quote “In other words, the statistics show what any visitor to the country may easily see: Filipinos are not degenerates, who need to be protected from themselves, but are mostly a nation of decent, sober, law-abiding and God-fearing people. The most revealing Philippine statistic is this: 37% of Filipinos attend church on a weekly basis. Less than 20% of Americans do.”

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