Common Sense for Pinoys: Practical Options for Resolving the Spratlys Dispute with China


After looking into the grave consequences of Filipino stupidity, let’s dive into a closely related topic: common sense for Pinoys. You really don’t have to be a holder of any college degree to apply basic common sense. Consider this awkward scenario: If you were suddenly caught naked in public, would you cover your private parts or cover your face? What if someone takes a snap shot of you and posts it on the internet? Just imagine the consequence. That could be your future career and social life down the drain.

Common sense is the basic human reasoning ability to simulate IF-THEN scenarios in your brain (or rather mind to be accurate), and having the fortitude to ACT upon it accordingly. Good decision making in life is simply about learning how to ask WHAT IF questions and weighing which option has the most advantages over others.

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The Spratlys conflict: What went wrong for the Philippines?

What got the Philippines in the tight situation it is in in the first place in this entire debacle over the Spratlys? We simply failed to answer some very basic WHAT IF questions before we made major decisions.

  1. What if we eject the American bases from our country without considering our resources for building some credible national defense capability, how would China react?
  2. What if our leader fails to offer any sincere expression of apology for a bungled hostage situation involving Chinese tourists in Luneta, how would China react?
  3. What if our lame-duck head of state compares the Chinese leader to “Hitler”, how would China react?

The Pinoy always has to make the pathetic excuse: well I didn’t see that coming! Foresight is what differentiates successful nations and leaders from banana republics. Reviewing our history shows Pinoys have miserably failed in the test of common sense. But there isn’t much we can do with the past really. We have already dug ourselves into such a deep shithole with all the stupid decisions Filipinos (and in particular the leadership) have made. What matters now is the question: What’s Next? Okay, let’s go through some WHAT IF scenarios and practice basic common sense together:

Applying common sense by asking “What if…?”

  1. What if our fishermen confident of our Hague Tribunal victory go back to Scarborough Shoal and get confronted by the Chinese coast guard, leaving some of them dead? Will it not escalate the situation to a flash point of military confrontation?
  2. What if we sent our few little frigates into the contested waters, will it provoke China to bring out their full military muscle to intimidate us even more?
  3. What if we cry out to the US and ask them to return to set up bases in the Philippines, can Pinoy pride take it? And how does that make us appear in the eyes of the entire international community?
  4. What if we enticed the Abu Sayyaf to go out and “invade” the Spratlys in the Filipino’s behalf, how do we know it won’t degenerate into an ISIS-type piracy-infested region?
  5. What if we just forgot about these contested waters, since we can’t even take care of our own main territories (like evicting squatters) anyway, do we lose anything much?
  6. What if we unilaterally imposed a “rental fee” on China for occupying “our” islands, will they retaliate similarly?
  7. What if we threatened to pull out our OFWs and domestic helpers and impose a banana and mango export embargo to China until they comply with our demand to exit the Spratlys, can we endure a trade war with such an economic behemoth we depend on more for survival than they do on us?
  8. What if we just cool down and soften our tone of language, talk in a diplomatic manner to ease tensions, come to an agreement on what cooperation and shared rights both countries can accept, will that not give both countries a better prospect of mutual peace, stability and economic gains?

It looks like our new president Rodrigo Duterte and his stalwarts of change in the foreign affairs department are taking the road of cautious discretion and studying the best next move carefully without rashly going in berserk autistic mode in PNoy trademark dysfunctional fashion. It is best not to go on a boastful rhetoric while emotions still run high. Our current administration is well aware of reality – we are no match against China and there is no way a military option can even be entertained.

Seeking the safety of the iron wings of the American bald eagle (whom we kicked out in the first place) is as humiliating as simply going to the Chinese red dragon, admitting our weakness and expressing openness to comply with what they deem best. In fact the latter would even turn out to our greater advantage. What if by simply giving in to China, they will consider us an ally, give us a percentage of the “loot”, and start massive economic cooperation and investments in our country?

A radical approach in dealing with China

There’s a verse in the book of Matthew that may be appropriate for the situation:

But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well. If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.

The actions of radical Christians can be very counter-intuitive. But really, shaming somebody with your kindness and unconventional reaction of giving in to demands may actually send the right signals and positive vibes that can bring two nations together instead of tearing each other apart and in pieces over what is essentially a minor bone of contention – just some negligible pieces of partially submerged rocks.

Being content with what we have

What if we just stood content with what we already have in the Spratlys? Malaysia seems to be taking it easy with the little they claim. Looking at the island distribution map, the Philippines actually already has a fair share of the Spratly islands (scroll through the link for an awesome aerial virtual tour) reflecting a claim that even goes beyond our national defense capabilities. In the real world of nations, one can only own as much as he can defend.

And what are the Spratlys to us anyway? Do any of us fail to bring home the bacon or lose a meal if we don’t have access to those reefs in the middle of nowhere? They are practically nothing to us ordinary citizens. We have enough domestic issues to fill our “to do” list. We might as well leave contending over the rest of the Spratlys to the superpowers and simply stay happy with what we still have.

Gaining China’s favor

I agree with what practical level-headed President Duterte is inclined on doing – to simply talk one-on-one with China and get some favor in exchange for keeping our mouths shut – like as he suggested, a Mindanao railway system.

China is now a world leader in rail technology: they are even competing with the likes of Japan and South Korea for bids in constructing extensive train systems around the world. Take a look at just one Chinese company:

China Railway Construction Corporation Limited. Second largest construction and engineering company in the world by revenue in 2014. CRCC Revenue 88B USD (2014) vs. Philippine annual budget 3T PHP or 64B USD (2016).

Positioning ourselves towards befriending China instead of talking as if we were some big shot in the region with nothing really to back our mouths would be in the best interest of this country. I hope our leaders and citizens will come to realize this before we start making a new round of diplomatic gaffes that could bring us into deeper trouble. I think we’ve done enough clowning around for the past 30 years. Don’t you think it’s finally time to get real?

I suspect left-leaning Duterte isn’t just courting the local reds; he could be aiming at a bigger red bull’s-eye by seeking partnership with Red China itself. Maybe the bigger question is: what if we become a “satellite province” of China? Take a look at Hong Kong now. Are you willing to accept a Philippine flag without the yellow sun in exchange for a more comfortable and decent life? It could really all just boil down to a simple choice of common sense or Pinoy pride. Let’s start asking ourselves – What if…?

36 Replies to “Common Sense for Pinoys: Practical Options for Resolving the Spratlys Dispute with China”

  1. “Give them an inch, they take a mile.”

    Do you really think China will consider being lenient with us if we actually give up our claims? China don’t give a shit about us. We’re just a pebble standing in their way to the ultimate goal: remove the US from the Western Pacific Ocean.

    And really, a satellite province of China? I would actually prefer the Philippines becoming a US state, because we’ll be just treated as second/third class citizens by China.

    1. And what happens when China has complete control of a 5+ trillion $ trade route? Do you think Japan and South Korea can just sit and let that happen? Can you imagine the consequence for those two if that happened especially Japan! And the US and EU can’t allow that either!! Besides why aren’y the ASEAN countries wourking harder to form a trade defense block…then China would have to show some respect?!

      1. Short answer: Because the ASEAN countries all have beef with each other, be it territorial disputes or one state sponsoring rebels in another.

      2. Yes, ASEAN should unite – and let’s make the Vietnamese the leader. Here’s proof they have more brains (enjoy the comedy show as well):

        Southwest Cay, known as Pugad island in the Philippines, Nanzi Dao in China and Đảo Song Tử Tây in Vietnam, is an island in the North Danger Reef of the Spratly Islands. It was occupied by Philippine forces up to 1975, when South Vietnam forces were able to invade and occupy the island.

        Southwest Cay is in the northern western corner of the Spratly Islands. It is within the North Danger Reef, which also contains the Philippine-occupied Northeast Cay (Parola Island), the Vietnamese-occupied South Reef and the unoccupied North Reef. Southwest and Northeast Cays are just 1.75 miles (2.82 km) from each other; each island can actually see the other within their respective horizons.
        The “invasion” (occupation of the island) took place when all of the Philippine soldiers guarding the island of Pugad (Southwest Cay) left to attend to the birthday party of their commanding officer, who was based on the neighbouring Parola Island (Northeast Cay).

        The storm that day is also believed to have persuaded all of the soldiers to regroup temporarily on Parola island. A report[by whom?] also came out saying that South Vietnamese officials managed to send Vietnamese prostitutes to the birthday party to lure the Filipino soldiers guarding Pugad Island. The “gift” was said to be a “present” to the Philippine commander for his birthday, and as a move by South Vietnamese forces to befriend all Filipino soldiers guarding the Spratlys. Philippine soldiers did not expect that South Vietnam would resort to foul play since both the Philippines and South Vietnam, together with the United States, were allies in the Vietnam War. This tactic is believed[by whom?] to be the reason why South Vietnamese forces knew that the Filipino soldiers had left the island, an action that would usually be kept confidential.

        After the party, and when the weather cleared, the returning soldiers were surprised to find that there was a company of South Vietnamese soldiers on the island. The South Vietnamese flag had replaced the Philippine flag flying on the pole erected by the Philippine soldiers.

        Tsk Tsk Tsk… Peeeenooooy nga naman!

        1. 1975 – By that time, hadn’t the North Vietnamese already took over their entire country? So it couldn’t be South Vietnamese, unless they were stragglers looking for land.

        2. The same link continues…

          A few months later, the then recently formed unified Vietnam (after North Vietnam successfully invaded South Vietnam) decided to remove all remaining South Vietnamese troops in the Spratlys and establish military control among the features. It was reported that dozens of South Vietnamese soldiers on Pugad Island swam all the way to Parola just to avoid being captured by North Vietnamese forces.

          It’s a total comedy show LOL (sure great to have SV allies like these eh?)

  2. In reality we really don’t have anything against China and that’s reality. Let us strengthen ourselves first and not fight with each other. It will be a good start. But until then we really don’t have anywhere else to go but subside with China’s bullying. What can we do to fight them? just ask ourselves. if we’re ready then we fight.

  3. Good points,ZAXX. Duterte has an opportunity to play his “Statesman” card and be Magnanimous in Victory, offering the Spratlys as an ASEAN+3 project to include PRC, Japan and Korea as stakeholders. Dealing with China alone will be polarizing so let’s invite other countries to join the discussion.Philippines can’t afford to develop or defend it alone, so let’s go for the High Ground and become an International Player.

  4. Nowadays most Failipinos die of a sort of creeping common sense, and discover when it is too late that the only things one never regrets are one’s mistakes.

  5. What if Aquino sold the Scarborough Reef to the Chinese, thru that moron Trillanes in the backdoor diplomacy ?

    The nine dotted dash line of the Chinese claim , came after that moron Trillanes, came out from that backdoor diplomacy. Then, the Chinese began constructing the reef into a military base. What if , this really happened?

    This is the US$64 billion question…Tillanes is silent. Aquino is hiding. Duterte is thinking the next move.

    I don’t believe China will commit a National Suicide, with their claim on Scarborough Reef. They have too much on stake, on their economy; and the World market. They have too much to lose !

    Other Powerful nations are coming to our military aid, to enforce the PCA decision.

    We have a standoff. We wait and see. It would be of China’s interest to resolve the issue on the negotiating table; and continue helping small countries, like us. Instead of being a Bully in the South Pacific region.

    1. Aquino and Trillanes may had sold it to the Chinese, already !

      We don’t know, if the money went to their pockets, or not !

  6. The best that we can do is to negotiate our rights to free navigation and resource sharing, since we lack the technology anyway to fully exploit the resources of those islands be it oil or natural gas explorations. In the first place if it was really that important to us then why did we not take the initiative (we are way closer to it than anyone) to construct structures on those islands and atolls like China did?

    Losing those underutilized islands would not really affect our economy, although we must negotiate for the rights of our poor fishermen that’s about it, it serves no great purpose to us.

    China is already too deep in this to go retract with their ridiculous 9 dash line historical claim, Philippines would not be able to reclaim those places unless we arm ourselves with nuclear weapons or we file another case, win and the whole world would economically pressure china but still even that is unlikely considering China is a big economy with wide influence………sorry for taking much space 🙂

  7. As GO RICO says…

    The Philippines can’t afford to develop or defend it alone

    Military power Philippines vs China (1/2016)

    Submarines: PH 0 vs China 68
    Destroyers: PH 0 vs China 32
    Frigates: PH 3 vs China 48
    Aircraft carriers: PH 0 vs China 1
    Attack Helicopters: PH 0 vs China 200
    Fighter Aircraft: PH 0 vs China 1230
    Attack Aircraft (FW): PH 8 vs China 1385

    ZERO seems to be the favorite number of Filipinos.

    At least, Malaysia has 2 submarines and Vietnam has 5. So shall we start making our own submarines now?

    The easiest option is the obvious one: “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!”

    1. since this is an archipelago i think it’ better if we make: Ships (anti-air / sam sites in each islands), submarines
      and bring back our jet fighers (i remember your post before about our jets designed base on our geopraphy and climate). then we focus on defense.

      1. Here’s the sad story about PADC – started during the Marcos years. Ramos further boosted the program to empower us to make our own airplanes and helicopters. But Estrada once in power pulled the plug.

        This is how democracy fails the Filipino. China on the other hand has a solid political party that ensures programs are sustained based on a roadmap and an overall national masterplan, despite changes in the top leaders/personalities.

        No wonder Duterte is turning this country into some kind of iron fisted communist state. Vietnam is becoming a regional power itself being ruled by communists. It cannot be bullied or pushed around. Note that “communist” doesn’t stand for anything anymore these days but “ultranationalist”. Communists are the most capitalistic actually. Even our local communists go by the name National DEMOCRATIC Front.

        Filipinos must fear the communists though – once fully in power they will likely shut down TV programs like Eat Bulaga and replace it with mandatory nation building educational programs – Pinoys will react with “yuck!” Pinoys want more fun of course. Freedom = Fun. Duterte is actually a killjoy. Pinoys will soon realize Du30 is their biggest “mistake”. He will turn this country upside down. But not if De Lima and Yellow Queen Leni can help it.

        Pray hard that Leni can save the country from impending doom (loss of freedom). Pinoys want their rights- the right to pee on the streets, live as a squatter, etc. Cory may already be crying for the impending loss of all our gains in EDSA. Once she meets PNoy on the other side, she will greet his failure of a son with one big “Putang Ina Mo!” PNoy all smiles will simply say “Can you say that again mama?”

  8. Our country should not have gotten in this shitty place if Aquino didn’t become president. He credit grabbed, sold parts of the country because he’s that damn.

  9. Think of this: not even Japan and South Korea (militarily strong nations as they already are) would dare let go of US bases they host in their territories. They understand the threat of potentially hostile neighbors, and the deterrent America’s hegemon status brings.

    How come the Philippines had the balls to throw out that shield that’s kept China at bay for so long? Now Pinoys cry for help in the international community.

    What the hell were Filipinos thinking?

    1. Right again, ZAXX. Japan and S. Korea understand “Cost / Benefit” for their countries and people. In exchange for some land, they got 50 years benefit of an enormously expensive Military Shield at no charge, allowing them to invest more infrastructure and socioeconomic development.

      “What the hell were Filipinos thinking?” Nothing. Aquino family, however, was trading our national security for fully developed bases as Economic Zones and a Disneyland near their Hacienda.


      Going back to “Cost / Benefit”, Philippines still has strategic location and legal standing, so let’s offer ASEAN + 3 to join Philippines in a Pacific version of NATO for shared security. Diplomacy is a better investment.

      1. Yes, as usual – Filipinos were exhibiting their tried and proven Zero Thinking strategy. Instead they were Feeling. They must have felt so proud to say NO to American bases.

        Good point there about Aquino, GoRico. Having those nearby bases converted into Eco zones surely jacked up the land price of Hacienda Luisita alright.

        Same old story – it’s always about their Hacienda. Duterte should just confiscate this root of all evil for good and distribute it all to the farmers.

        ASEAN+3 has been the dream of Japan ever since they went ballistic during WW2. All we need is a real leader who can unite this powerful economic bloc. Diplomacy is key.

      2. like Flippinflips said, the stupid yellowtards only wants emotional satisfaction hence they give it to emoational flipinos. and here we are now.

        and yes, it’s always the cost-benefit that should have been applied. Liberal Party got it all wrong.

        flippinflips video. funny:

        lol 😀

  10. Nice comment from the Facebook discussion:

    David Louie
    Admin WHAT IF YOU GO THERE AND FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS instead of posing what ifs? What if you post something that people could follow like encourage them to boycott chinese products? What if you encourage businessmen that instead of importing commodities, they produce it here? Would you make a difference?

    No I’m not the admin here. Benign0’s the man.

    But Yeah! Maybe I should ride a jet ski to Mischief reef and fight it out – anyone with me?

    As I’ve been saying all along – we can make our own subs. They don’t even have to be manned. We can make drone subs since anyway – no one really is willing to spill their own blood for this shit hole. Just look at how many hands went up when I asked the question. So again – who will join the jet ski invasion?

    Boycotting Chinese products??? What if #7 –> should be obvious enough.

    Anyway, that was really classic. How about you – what are YOU doing about the issue other than talk?

  11. Taken in isolation, every war has amusing stories like this one, but terror and death are the norm. I was in that war, and I can assure you 1) I would swim for miles to avoid capture and execution 2) the Vietnamese were not only worthy warriors, they won the war 3) Vietnam has progressed a lot in 45 years and 5) They do not fear confrontation with China or anyone else. Would they make good allies? Hell YES.

  12. The fact that a traitorous Pro-China sell-out Dutertard like yourself is allowed to continue living is proof that the Failippines is indeed Turd-World. In any other decent country, true patriots would hunt you down and beat you to death. Scum like you sold out the Philippine Revolution to Spain and the U.S.A., and the Philippine Commonwealth to Imperial Japan.

    1. A true patriot is one who has the best interest of his people in mind. Wishing that your people be managed by enlightened ones who are competent and incorrupt is anything but treachery – it is love of country.

      A traitor is one who keeps his countrymen bound in fetters, when he has the keys to set them free. Leaving your people in bondage under the yoke of apathetic dysfunctional bozos whose only preoccupation is to line their pockets with the people’s taxes is the real treachery.

      Chinese blooded “Filipinos” have made this country great. You have SM Malls, Jollibee, Cebu Pacific, Cherry mobile, … While OFWs have left, the Chinoy has persisted to stick it through (sa hirap at ginhawa). Chinoys are the true patriots.

      Your hero Aguinaldo is a traitor who had the founder of the katipunan Bonifacio executed. Ganyan pag Stupid Pinoy ang mangasiwa – parang mga daga, nagaagawan ng patay na bangkay. Bulok mag-isip; marami nang sumuko na walang pag-asa na ang Piiipino.

      Ako hindi pa – I think there’s still hope for Pinoys —> injection of foreign blood. Didn’t you notice : most commenters here in GRP are either foreigners or Pinoys exposed to the first world?

      Your answer to saving your country does not exist in the Phil. The answer will come from outside Pinoy core culture. Trust me – you will want to have more foreign minds involved in fixing this country. Leaving this paradise to the locals to destroy is the real treachery.

      1. So your solution is to let the Chinese take over, is that it? The same Chinese,
        – with a mindless corched-earth culture of environmental and ecological mismanagement (Beijing is practically uninhabitable due to the pollution)
        – who are mindlessly and heartlessly causing the extinction of all wildlife on Earth due to their nonsense superstition of “Traditional Chinese Medicine” and their insatiable appetite for exotic meats and ivory
        – who heartlessly literally torture animals (most infamously dogs and cats) to death, even literally eating animals alive (like donkeys and monkeys) because of the same nonsense superstition that pain and other negative emotions causes the “spirit” of the animals to go into the meat and make it taste better (the opposite is actually true, adrenalin ruins the taste of the meat)
        – who toxically poison practically all their exports in order to cut corners (milk, pet food, toys, etc.)
        – who eat soup made of aborted fetuses
        – who are the root source of all illegal drugs on this side of the Pacific Ocean
        – who oppress their own non-Han ethnic minorities as second-class (the Manchurians) and turd-class citizens (the Tibetans, the Uighurs of Xinjiang and the Inner Mongolians)?
        – etcetera ad infinitum

        Also, the same Chinoys (specifically the SM Group) who caused the evil of contractualization in the first place?

        In the tradition of the DC Universe, what Bizzaro World and Anti-Matter Earth do you come from that letting the Chinese and Chinoys rule over Pinoys would be better and best?

        Maybe Singaporean or even Taiwanese and Hong Kong Chinese, but that’s not what you’re specifying. You’re saying Chinese period, which is Mainland.

        Manuel Quezon said that he would rather have a Philippines run like hell by Filipinos rather than a Philippines run like heaven by Americans but a Philippines run by Chinese would be worse than hell, it would be OBLIVION. Why do you think the Mainland Chinese Elite are all fleeing China as soon as they can and going to Canada, the U.S.A., and Australia?!

        1. I agree, Fetus soup is pretty repulsive, but others customs are no reason to go to war.

          Although your patriotic rage at Chinese in the Spratly islands is understandable, there are wars you can wage today that cost less and gain more.

          1) Rather than spend USD Billions in Military build up to fight the Chinese over 200 hectares, I suggest you spend gas money to drive up to the gates of Hacienda Luisita or any other plantation and demand the land rights to 29,000,000 hectares already guaranteed to Filipinos but stolen by the Oligarchs and Politicians they own.

          2)The casualties from this war (1) are already mounting. Thousands of Filipinos die every year from bad water or no water, bad food or no food, substandard housing and infrastructure. Let’s save Philippines from poverty first, then we can worry about the Chinese later.

          3) The Chinese chose the Spratly Islands as a answer to US Military in the Pacific. This is the language of Geopolitics. It is nothing personal against the Philippines.

          The Hague has ruled in Philippines favor, which makes the Philippines a stakeholder in the “Pacific Game of Thrones”. This is an opportunity for us to be globally relevant, but we need to be smart and set Patriotism and emotion aside.

          4) Chinese elites are fleeing China because their President Xi is a hard ass on corruption, just like Duterte. Our Oligarchs will do the same thing.

          I admire your Patriotism; let’s think how to accomplish what we need to do using poise and precision.

        2. … only the ones with stolen or embezzled money are leaving before currency controls are coming in.

        3. I come from the world of common sense. I see that SM supermalls and Ayala centers are better managed than filthy palenkes and pathetic sari-sari stores. So why leave the country in the hands of locals who are dishonest and lack foresight?

          I would prefer Taiwanese, Singaporean Chinese and HK Chinese to be the ones to assist the Philippines by allowing them to help manage our country. But it looks like Filipinos need the iron fisted handling of mainland Chinese to bring about discipline first.

          Once we are transformed to become the likes of a Singapore-class state, and local Pinoys have been discipled in correct management practices (after 100 years), then we can cry out for independence all we want.

          It was a huge mistake to set Pinoys free prematurely. We should have been under Japan for 50 years first. Look at Koreans now – they basically adopted Japanese values, and are even outdoing them. They can make cars, memory chips, trains, jets and ships on their own.

          Beijing environmental mismanagement is a good point. Some balance is needed. We don’t need overdevelopment but balanced management of our resources. Singapore should be our model. Let’s hope we get the good Chinese to come and fix this country.

          Hopefully we’ll have better luck next time. BTW, Digong and PNoy both have Chinese blood; but the latter is corrupt and incompetent. Not all Chinoys are the same. So grouping all of them in one boat may not be the best way to look at things. Life is more complicated than it looks. So please apply common sense: we need good managers for this country – give the helm of this ship to those who have proven their mettle.

  13. WTF… most “comments” here look like they have been written by a bunch of colonials begging for even greater dependence of that world’s biggest terrorist, that US of A. The Pinoy battle cry… “I want to be a vassal of Amerrikka. Like the Yanks said in 1899: Filipinos are too dumb to govern themselves, we have to teach them democracy” and the rest is history, written by Yankistan. Get a life, people or as the Yanks would call you ….

    1. Actually, Colonialism died long ago and nobody wants to occupy the Philippines, especially China. The Spanish, Japanese and Americans are all gone. The only thing holding Philippines back now is the Political Dynasty Structure. At the same time the Congress was doubling their PDAF funds to P 27 Billion year, they refused to fund Critical Military Modernization Request for P 27 Billion (annual for 15 years). The end result, a weak military, no improvement in infrastructure or quality of life.

      With a new President and new emphasis on ending corruption, this is the best, maybe the first, opportunity for Filipinos to take control of their own destiny. A stronger nation can deal from a position of strength. It’s time to get strong and get real.

  14. China’s trajectory is heading Northwards
    The US is heading fast South.

    The US greenback ( unbacked by gold and printed like paper money by the US FederalReserveBank )
    is only kept afloat by intimidating global US military presence
    enforcing the unilaterally beneficial terms of the 1944 Bretton-Woods Conference.
    The Chinese Renmenbi currency gaining monetary strength and value
    now stands as the world’s second reserve currency closely trailing the USD
    muscling its projected Made In China 2025 enterprise.

    Defective US military equipment such as the F-35 JointStrikeFighter/Zumwalt-class destroyer/
    Littoral Combat Ships/ColtM4/V-22 Osprey, plus a couple of ancient ArleighBurke-class warships
    seriously damaged by collision due to faulty navigation near Japan,
    while one ship patrolling the BlackSea whose AEGIS combat system effectively SHUT-DOWN and JAMMED singlehandedly by a buzzing Russian aircraft
    speaks IGNOMINIUS volumes on DETERIORATING US military edge.

    Chinese+Russian military/aerospace technology mutually undergoing
    qualitative resurgence poised to challenge US domination
    with Russia developing and fielding latest Hypersonic Missiles
    while China successfully landing spacecraft on the dark side of the moon.

    Russian+Chinese foreign policy advocating peaceful diplomatic solutions to emerging global conflicts,
    ceaselessly promoting shared military partnership in the fight against international terrorism
    and instituting free-market trade policies that sustain healthy world economic growth
    by way of RussianFederation-led Eurasian Integration Economic Development Scheme
    in tandem with China-authored One Belt-One Road Initiative.

    US State Department threatening illegal wars/invasions, Tomahawk/Predator airstrikes,
    orchestrating unlawful regime-change that contravene International Law
    and established United Nations Charter,
    conducting extraordinary renditions and maintaining worldwide black prison torture sites,
    sponsoring proxy wars, color revolutions, massive internet surveillance programs,
    crippling economic sabotage thru extortionate tariff rates and blanket trade prohibitions,
    subterfuge false-flag operations employing known hired terrorist organizations.

    Juxtapose the crumbling ruins of Detroit and antiquated JFK airport
    vis-a-vis the gleaming, sophisticated urban skyline of Guangzhou,
    spanking-new, 5Gtech-ready Beijing International Air Terminal,
    as well the burgeoning Greater Bay Area High-Technology Development Basin.

    Compare globe-trotting/ luxury branded item-shopping, moneyed Chinese travelers
    to those drug-addicted/homosexual American hoi polloi
    subsisting on credit and food stamps
    who drive to Costco aboard leased automobiles
    fighting each other crazy to gain bargain-priced TVs during Black Thursday Sale period.

    Or, if one prefers to go mundane,
    differentiate sharply the humdrum features of an Apple iPhone XS
    matched and exceeded by shockwave leading-edge tech specifications of a Huawei Mate 20 Pro
    at a fraction of the price.

    And, as a coup de grace to de facto Western RETROGRESSION:
    Clueless, bickering Britons frantically squabbling to resolve the Brexit question, as we speak
    while China has already resolutely built and commissioned
    its forward military emplacements in the SCS that would ensure its
    national defence and unhampered economic progress for years to come.

    NOW DO THE MATH, Pedro .

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