Our Problems With China Are Simply The Result Of Our Own Stupidity


Ah, so here we are ladies and gentlemen. It seems that the UN and majority of its constituents are favoring the Philippines when it comes to the dispute over the islands in the West Philippine Sea. However, while it shows that much of the world is supporting the Philippines in our efforts to secure our territories, one can only wonder how the People’s Republic of China will take this. All things considered, there is always the possibility that they will be willing to resort to open hostility in order to maintain their hold on the contested territories of the West Philippine Sea. Worse yet, the ruling wasn’t even meant to make the Chinese leave our islands alone. It simply stated that the People’s Republic of China wouldn’t be allowed to harm our fishermen and industrial workers in the area.

Indeed the issue is both complicated and volatile and I urge everyone reading this to be on the alert in case something does happen in the wake of the UN’s ruling. Now, this may surprise you, but I strongly doubt that the situation will degenerate into a war but as a certain Tychus Findley once said: “It pays to be prepared.” Those words seem to ring true now more than ever.

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Truth be told, unlike some of the other contributors here on GRP, I’m not exactly an expert on anything. Heck, I’m not even a journalist even though there are those who may say otherwise. If one were to ask, I’d say without any hesitation that I am, in fact, a troll. However, I still think that there are things that need to be said and it doesn’t really matter who says them even if the person saying them is some kind of strange creature living under a bridge straight out of Nordic folklore.

Now, before I continue, let me make something abundantly clear. I know I’ve said it before but I’ll repeat it to you just in case you weren’t paying attention last time. After all, not paying attention is one of the things that brought us to this point in the first place.

Being dumb and being stupid aren’t the same thing. Being dumb is not knowing any better. Animals are usually dumb because they don’t have the same amount of reasoning capability that humans possess. A dumb person can be forgiven for being dumb especially if they don’t have access to information, like those who are uneducated or illiterate. A stupid person, on the other hand, is a different story altogether. Being stupid is about knowing what is right but doing what is wrong anyway. It’s like pushing against a door that opens inward. In fact, while I may not be a philosopher (at least not officially anyway), I can argue that at the core of evil is stupidity and that some of the worst atrocities in the world is simply the triumph of stupidity over wisdom.

Now, I can say that most of us probably know what’s going on out there. I’m sure there are those of you who are well aware that yes, the Chinese are taking over our territories in the South China Sea. I know that a lot of people have at least some inkling regarding the troubles of Mindanao.

However, what do most of us care about more? Manny Pacquiao’s next fight? The AlDub couple’s next movie? The obvious plot twists of teleseryes? C’mon, you guys tell me.

Look, let me repeat myself again: There’s nothing wrong with having fun and being shallow but we must remember our priorities. There’s nothing wrong with fooling around and acting silly as long as we never forget what is important and what is not. Also, there’s nothing wrong with admiring a person so long as we take note that said person is every bit as flawed as the rest of us and have their own limitations.

The problem occurs when it’s the only thing we pay attention to. That’s why I disdain the local media for distracting the common people from the issues that really matter with inane garbage that would otherwise cause foreign nationals to throw up. Foreign powers stealing our territories are certainly more important than some fixed boxing match, isn’t it? Internal strife and rebellion should take priority over a celebrity couple and their shenanigans, right? Unfortunately, for the vast majority of Filipinos, that doesn’t seem to be the case. For a lot of Pinoys, celebrities and politicians are gods and deserve more attention than pressing concerns like foreign invasion, terrorist activities, rampant poverty and violent crime. Sure, I know that we all need a reprieve or a break from all our troubles but it’s a completely different story when you care more about escapist pursuits than issues that should be addressed in real life.

What’s worse is that if we had just addressed some of these issues early on, perhaps we wouldn’t have reached this point. If we had just focused more on the more important issues at hand instead of the senseless garbage fed to us by the local mainstream media such as the sordid affairs of an aging mediocre movie star, the shenanigans of an even older boxer’s mom and the antics of a fake couple sponsored by the oligarchs of the country, perhaps China wouldn’t have moved into our islands at all. If we had prioritized boosting our military and clearing away dissent and discontent in our country, the People’s Republic of China would’ve found something better to do other than seizing and building over our territories.

Of course, why am I even surprised? We’re talking about Pinoys after all, aren’t we? We’re talking about the same people who would doom their children to a life of poverty and crime so long as they get what they want regardless of the consequences.

So go on, stay stupid. It fits you real well. In fact, in the next election, you can elect Manny Pacquiao as your president, Vice Ganda as your vice president and the AlDub couple as your cabinet members. I simply don’t care anymore. Just remember that you reap what you sow and you deserve whatever you get.


36 Replies to “Our Problems With China Are Simply The Result Of Our Own Stupidity”

  1. So…is the same thing true of Vietnam? After all China is pushing them around and bullying them out of their islands in the south china sea too! I’m just asking cause I am curious! Personally I think China is hungry for the resources and knows that she can push the small south east asian countries around because one you dont have the resources to fight back and two that you won’t band together because the ones who have no real stake in china’s resource grab gets too much aid (bribes) from China to risk backing the others! If all of you ASEAN nations would stand together in the face of Chinese aggression China would have no choice but to back down! But thats just my take as an uninvolved party! Thanks for your time!

        1. Indeed it is. Unfortunately, knowing about the Vietnamese won’t help at all unless my own people are willing to do anything about it.

      1. That’s the result of too much nationalism by our politicians. We pushed away the US too early, and we neglected our armed forces for decades.

    1. Hahaha. Benign0 is right. First the Vietnamese kicked out the French, then the Americans, then the Chinese. How about us? What do we have to show for all of our wars with the Spaniards, Americans and Japs? Nada, nothing, nani mo, wala lang…

      1. NO, sorry…The Americans just left. The American people realized that the people running the War effort did not want to win but simply rack up profits for the Arms manufacturer’s, so they protested enough for the politicians to get out rather than bomb the entire country into dust. The USA could have won that war rather easily by bombing the hydro-electric plants in Hanoi, but they chose not to, in order to prolong the profits,er,war.

        1. Yes US Military never lost any major battles with vietcong and nva and held their ground says something that they are powerful but the one weakness of USA is morality the public can’t take that the war in vietnam demands cruelty,accepting live losses and deception.The only thing Vietnam won against USA is the war at home they turned a moral public against their own military.Vietnam was ready to lose millions the us public cant.look up the phoenix program it was a very successful operation that if it continued it would have Neutralize The Vietcong but it required cruelty and fear when it was exposed to the public they turned on the military and was quickly discontinued.its great irony of US power.

    2. Vietnam actually concluded an agreement with the US to buy military equipment (https://youtu.be/SsVxloRsCBw). They are preparing themselves. They are re-arming themselves. They are preparing themselves to be able to resolve this themselves.

      Pinoys, on the other hand, is waiting for Uncle Sam to wage war on our behalf. Because, you know, the Hague and stuff.

  2. this is but a dummy run – the real thing will be about 5 years or so from now when the Arctic Ocean will become ice free and the northwest passage will be a reality.
    so the claimant countries to that body of water will be Denmark (standing in for Greenland), Canada, Russia, Norway, and of course the U.S.A.
    China will certainly want to be in on it, as in the Antarctic, so it will certainly turn up.

    When it was iced over, Canada considered it all its own sovereign territory, but ‘freedom of navigation’ now means anyone can sail through it, maybe even fish in it, or even explore for more.
    Maybe even Iceland will get to plant its flag on some rocky reef and stake a claim?

    but when troubles come, whose coast guard will bother to come to the rescue?
    whose long-range aircraft will take the ill to hospital?

  3. Who can have compassion on the ignorant Failipino is a victim of regrets, a supporter of ignorance and a builder of stupidity.

    We rather kick their dumb sorry ass.

    1. Sometimes the culture of arrogance here is legendary! ‘Though the idea behind such is something noble and, at times, commendable… the manipulation…este…the manuever is dead-end and tends to be selfish and self-centered! Flamboyant but without propositon!

  4. Who cares about Manny Pacquiao and Aldub? What do they and other celebrities have to do with our problems with China?

    1. “What do they and other celebrities have to do with our problems…”

      Well, the President has just appointed some of them (Duterte celebrities/supporters) in his administration!

  5. it really doesn’t matter what The Hague or any President of an AEAN country says or does: What China wants, China is going to take.At least in-so-far as the South China Sea goes.

    BTW, outside of the Philippines, no one refers to the South China Sea as the West Philippine Sea…..give it up YO, its a dead issue.

  6. the truce between USA and China against terrorism in the south east asia has something to do with the south china sea dispute. the Hague decision is just to boost China’s defence on the IS link terrorism building up in the south east asian region. do we think USA and China will fight it out? no way.

  7. Sure, they will vote for Manny Pacquiao, as President. Let us put a Boxing Ring in Malacanang Palace… China has seized Philippine territories. Because that idiot President named Aquino, allowed it…

    Filipinos will continue to view: teleseryas, Wowowee Shows, AlDub couples, etc…they are already addicted to them; like some are addicted to Shabu.

    The Chinese must be laughing at us, as they will seize more of our territories !

  8. Some ar addicted to Shabu while many are addicted to the Yellow. Nangangahulugan na dalawang Salot ang lumalaganap sa kapuluan na sumisira sa kaisipan ng nakararami Ang Shabu na pinalalaganap ng mga Illegal Drug Pushers at ang Black Propaganda na pinalalaganap ng mga Kultong Dilawan.

  9. Why is GRP silent about extra judicial killings?
    From 12 noon of June 30 to July 14, a total of 195 had been killed, 127 by police and 68 by unidentified gunmen.

    1. From what I hear, those guys killed by the police died because they “resisted arrest” and endangered the lives of arresting policemen. Policemen have a right to defend themselves and should be bemedalled. Those deaths caused by unidentified gunmen are currently being investigated. I see nothing wrong here.

      1. Have you ever thought that corrupt police officers were deliberately killing these drug pushers (under the alibi of resisting arrest) to prevent them from spilling the beans?

        I once said, that Filipinos have a great tendency to abuse things, so I think many corrupted policemen were taking advantage of Duterte’s orders to burn evidences and save their asses.

        1. “GetRealPhilippines” – what an ironic name, considering you are apparently naive enough to believe hook-line-and-sinker ALL of the current administration’s bollshit regarding their war on drugs. The current administration in Malacanang just changed and suddenly the PNP is now 100% trustworthy? Who’s the retard now? Oh, I forgot, you’re all Dutertards after all.

        2. JuanDelaCruz – what an ironic name. Honestly speaking, you just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote.

          Please take your TROLLING to somewhere else, fam.

  10. With little military power the Philippine force tried to keep Chinese fishermen away from the “West Philipppine Sea”, what more if we have a strong one? I’m not saying that these Chinese fishermen don’t break the sea laws (who don’t? We have locals who poisoned the body of water with toxic chemicals and garbage and fished via dynamite fishing). But if ever they did, aren’t we supposed to discuss such illegality to their government because if you just cut the weed that’s destroying your garden, it will still shoot up. You have to dig it out to the roots to eliminate trouble. (There are Chinese who are also known for being drug mules that use the vast ocean to transfer their goods and we have Filipinos who work with them.)

    If we had prioritized boosting our military and clearing away dissent and discontent in our country, the People’s Republic of China would’ve found something better to do other than seizing and building over our territories.

    It’s scary to have strong military if the ones in power are stupid. See for example the countries or regions in constant war. And any desperate country would resort with means that could keep their people safe. Like the refugee crisis. We can’t solve a problem not knowing where it came from and judging it by its effect.

    Also, the Philippines is very rich in natural resources. But Pinoys lack the common sense to protect and develop the vast richness. Other country knows what it’s worth and what to do with it thus they want to own this and that, want to invest in this and that, they capitalize on the wealth that stupid people missed because it make them rich (and rich country are powerful).

    Seems what the Chinese is doing is necessary for the evolution of Pinoys primitive mindset.

  11. A very sad reality, but I wholeheartedly agree. Maybe this crisis is something the Philippines need to jumpstart its long-delayed evolution into a true nation-state. If there’s one thing history teaches us, it’s that great nations are forged in fire.

      1. And what is not bullshit for you then? Always living in the lala land while not giving a damn about our country’s real issues?

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