Senatorial candidate and former DILG Sec Rafael Alunan: Why I Support Duterte for President


I was interviewed by a foreign journalist yesterday. She asked why I was supporting Rodrigo Duterte (Du30) despite all the negative press about him.

First, I said that he and I had the opportunity to work together for peace and order during my time as Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). I know what he did and how he did it. It was tough law enforcement within the bounds of lawful authority, not extra-judicial killings or we would have arrested him as we did abusive local officials during the Ramos era.

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Second, mudslinging and muckraking is standard operating procedure in politics. It goes with the territory. What’s needed is personal research and discernment whether there’s truth to it or disinformation gladly peddled by agents of the opposition disguised as journalists.

Third, he is open about his faults and admits them publicly, like he has a bad mouth and that he womanized when he and his first wife separated. He says he may have all those rough edges but he delivers good government. And that is not hard to believe because he has Davao City to showcase with very satisfied stakeholders.

Fourth, he enables economic development by providing clean governance and tough law enforcement. Businesses in Davao flourish on that account where the ease and cost of doing business there has earned high praises from both local and foreign investors.

Fifth, in this country controversy and/or confrontation gain the most publicity. Du30 pushes the envelope about himself, his persona, and tells the public, “This is who I am. If you don’t like it, don’t vote for me.” That is a good quality of a leader who knows who he is and what he can do. I also know that he listens and is humble to admit mistakes.

Sixth, he personifies the masa who look to him as their equalizer, the way government ought to be for those who have less in life. To them he is the real deal, nothing plastic or contrived there. The elite don’t know how to deal with that because they’ve been disconnected from the masa for so long and subconsciously fear the loss of privilege, entitlement and impunity.

Seventh, what he’s done for Davao City over a span of 22 years is his paradigm for the country. If Davao is a microcosm of the Philippines, his success there can be assumed to be replicated on a national scale. The people around the country sense that and are placing their trust in him. International aid agencies and foreign businessmen know and appreciate his capacity as a public servant.

Eight, if I may add, he has a risk reduction, emergency preparedness and crisis management mindset which aims to save lives and protect property. Years of crises honed his mindset and skill sets that would do him well in the presidency as he tackles the nation’s man-made and natural disasters in the years ahead.

Is that his defense? No, he can ably defend himself. These are my views, how I see him beyond his mistakes as to what he can do for the greater good and the national interest. We have monumental problems that have grown because of negligence and inattention.

He is putting things in proper perspective by spelling out the priorities necessary for genuine nation-building – a peaceful, just and lawful society that must underpin the country’s sustainable development.

I hope I’ve enlightened some of you who remain skeptical about Du30. As for Alan Peter Cayetano, he has the best credentials of all in terms of being matino and mahusay and to serve as Du30’s vice-president. All things being equal among his rivals, my assessment is that AP’s moral character and experience in governance gives him the edge over the others.

This is Raffy Alunan, kakampi ng bayan, No.3 sa balota, Senado 2016.

22 Replies to “Senatorial candidate and former DILG Sec Rafael Alunan: Why I Support Duterte for President”

  1. Alan Cayetano voted for the impeachment of the late Supreme Court Justice Renato Corona; in the Senate Kangaroo Court. So, I presume, he received the Pork Barrel Bribery from Aquino. Why did he voted for the impeachment?

    The Late Cj Corona, was impeached, because of his decision on Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita.

    As for Duterte. It remains, to be seen, if what he is selling to voters will materialize.

    I ask voters to use your common sense. and, not be fooled by : propaganda; endorsements; disinformation; freebees; etc…vote wisely!

    1. Mawalang galang na po, Sir Alunan, yung matino at mahusay na VP ni Du30 na si Alan Peter Cayetano ay isang mayabang, nagpapagamit sa may pera at makapangyarihan, at isa ring balasubas kagaya ni Trillanes na ginagamit ang Blue Ribbon Committee upang atakihin ang mga kalaban ng administrasyong BS Aquino. Kaya, hindi ko siya iboboto at good luck na lang po sa inyo sa darating na eleksyon.

  2. “It remains, to be seen, if what he is selling to voters will materialize.

    …use your common sense. and, not be fooled by : propaganda; endorsements; disinformation; freebees; etc…vote wisely!”

    This is the kind of critical thinking that I came to know when I first discover about this site. Still calculating and discerning even when others are showing their bandwagoning tendencies.

    1. Here is mine:
      President: Duterte or Miriam
      VP: BBM
      gen. santiago
      Raffy Alunan
      Greco Belgica – though i have reservations

      1. Great, Andrew. You have ALUNAN in there.

        I’ll take a look at your Gen Santiago and Belgica.

        My Senators so far:
        1. Alunan, Rafael III
        2. Gordon, Richard
        3. Osmeña, Sergio III
        4. Liban, Dante
        5. Romulo, Roman
        6. Ople, Maria Susana
        7. Romualdez, Ferdinand Martin

        Still undecided on the remaining five.

        1. All ofws must vote for susan. this woman has done a lot for us, and we dont even hear about it from the mainstream media.

    2. Not really.
      What Alunan did in 1995 when the Chinese are starting to take over Mischief Reef ? Nada.

  3. sir alunan may tiwala ako sa iyo kya binoto kita ofw ako mostly independent binoto ko including susan ople pero #1 skin si greco 11 lng binoto ko senators of course Duterte and BBM para sa pagbabago…

  4. Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines our destiny.

  5. Very well said Sec. Raffy Alunan. I and my family is for Duterte. But our VP is for Bongbong Marcos. I was assigned and worked in Davao, in Digos City and I am well versed on the situation of Davao Del Sur, North Cotabato, and the whole region 11 & 12. I was connected with the NEA and we implemented the initial implementation of Rural Electrification in Davao Del Sur. I was the 1st Acting Gen Manager of Davao del sur Electric Coop., Inc. (DASURECO ) 1975-1979; concurrently with North Cotabato Electric
    Coop., Inc. (Cotelco) 1978-1979. That’s 40!years ago, and when I went to DASURECO last Nov 2015 for DASURECO employees re-union, I have seen the beauty of Davao Del Sur and how awesome Davao City is .
    I said , Duterte is the man of the time. No ifs no buts … Duterte/ Marcos ako and my big family and Clan. My big Dela Cruz clan in Laguna, Nueva Ecija, and Bulacan are all for ALDUB.

  6. I said that he and I had the opportunity to work together for peace and order during my time as Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

    Clearly, that was a complete failure since there is no “peace and order” anywhere in the country. The de facto Law of the land is simple: if you have money and a gun, you are the Law. The reason this is the case is also simple: the de jure law of the land is a hopeless shambles of unenforced and unenforceable nonsense. The Constitution, and 80% of the bills passed through Congress, appear to have been written by 8-year-olds on a shabu trip.

    No “peace and order” is possible unless somebody rips up the rulebook, tears down the public institutions that benefit from the rules, and starts again, preferably with a modest amount of intelligence applied to the process.

    Will Duterte achieve that? If he can, then he’s the right man for the job. The more likely outcome is that any good intentions he might have will be submerged beneath a tsunami of Pinoy incompetence, greed, and selfishness, and he’ll resign himself to the standard role of every other politician: thieving as much as possible before his term is over.

    1. I’ve often said, “The Constitution was written on a Friday night over a few cases of Tandhuay.” Only that could explain the idiocy of it because the people who wrote were not 8 years old physically, mentally perhaps and I would not be surprised if meth played a part in the writing of that piece of trash document. It was so short sighted I’m surprised the framers were able to remember to eat breakfast the next day.

  7. Politics is when you promise one thing but intend to do another, and when you win you will do neither what you promised nor what you intended —- Saddam Hussein

  8. According to documentation by Fr. Amado Picardal, among the 1,424 suspected criminals, none of them has been charged in court, only killed by Duterte’s Davao Death Squads from 1998 to 2015. Of those, 57 were female and 132 were young people – 126 boys and six girls – not more than 17 years of age. All were unarmed when they were taken.

  9. Sec. Alunan, welcome back to the political arena. Riding on the crescent wave of Du30 is the smart move for a no-nonsense political brand name that seeks to get back into the action.

    I’ll vote for you but in case you don’t make it into the magic 12, try to find a place in the Du30 cabinet. Du30 is a political genius; he can coach you on how to get free nation-wide media limelight at zero cost to better market your brand.

    Item#5: controversy gains most publicity indeed. Binay and Poe were topping the surveys when they were in front page news with investigations and qualification issues. Now Du30 has grabbed the throne by getting himself embroiled in one viral controversy to another. As long as ones’ core product stays intact (Du30’s offer of strong iron-fisted leadership to dismantle criminality/corruption), controversial news should be welcomed, and even created on purpose.

    The entire world now knows Du30. I doubt the international community knows the other four.

    More Filipinos prefer radical change (which I refer to as the Filipino mindset revolution) towards a disciplined world-class society. They have found the answer in Du30. Imperfect, but good enough for the much needed janitorial job of the decade.

    After Du30 reconfigures this country, we can then move forward to greater heights in the evolution of PH politics. We have a long way to go; but waking up from the yellow spell is one giant step for Pinoy-kind. More power to GRP – this community of bloggers have helped make it happen. Brighter days are up ahead.

    1. Yes, that’s what I am hearing too. If Alunan does not make it to the Senate, he will be in the Cabinet. Perfecto Yasay is definitely part of the team already. But, the great news I am hearing is that Gibo Teodoro will also be in the Cabinet.

      Well, that’s what we have been saying here Real leaders attract the best and brightest. …not a KKK.

  10. You just lost my vote Mr Alunan. You were one of my 5 choices for Senator. There’s still time to be enlightened. I hope you do the right thing.

  11. Well, I respect your decision, Mr. Alunan. Hope that you win this coming elections. If not, try to get a position in DU30’s cabinet.

    Just a request. Keep an eye on JoMa and his ilk.

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