#Bangsamoro ‘homeland’ dream just a land-grab strategy built upon a guilt-trip myth

Let’s straighten out some things in response to this renewed drive for secession, ill-disguised as BangsaMoro from those who threaten war if they don’t get what they want. And these are supposed to be coming from our peace panel, peace partner and peace broker.

The Philippines is everyone’s homeland. No one “owns” the Philippines. It is part of the global commons and we are all but stewards whose mission is to preserve the land for future generations.

islamic_jihadThis homeland mumbo jumbo is nothing but a power tripping land grab bulit around a story designed to send people on a guilt trip to establish an Islamic State within the Republic of the Philippines. The best proof of equal rights and opportunities is local autonomy.

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Muslim leaders are elected by Muslim voters. If the leaders are corrupt and local governments underperform, then focus on building human resource capacities instead of changing the political structure and carving out a “homeland.” It is illogical.

For your information, social injustice is a national problem; in fact, it’s a global problem. Blame that on feudal practices evident throughout the country but most acute in Muslim Mindanao based on the “datu or sultan culture” – “ako ang hari-hari dito” entitled to use and dispense with resources and opportunities as deemed fit. That is what sets back progress and development – the local boss gets richer while his subjects remain poor.

Moreover, Dark Age jihadists prancing around the world and the Philippines are the worst human rights violators from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Chad, Chechnya, Al-Barka Basilan, Patikul Sulu, Mamasapano Maguindanao, Midsayap North Cotabato and Ipil Zambo Sur.

I have seen the long trail of dead men, women and children who were victims of jihadist atrocities, clan wars and family feuds. So, what victims of violence are these guys yapping about in the hands of the infidel? Furthermore, what the Spaniards, Americans and Japanese did to them as colonial occupiers have nothing to do with us today. We are not and cannot be held logically and morally responsible for the actions of nations and people long before we were born.

I personally have done nothing wrong against our fellow Filipinos who happen to belong to the Muslim faith. Some are my very good friends from Mindanao and the island provinces, and am godfather to a good friend’s daughter in marriage. In fact, I have helped many in various ways that they can attest to. Maybe it has to do with my ancestry that supposedly goes back to Yemen through Indonesia. Maybe it’s just the spirit of universal brotherhood that binds us.

One thing more, if anyone has any right over everyone else about who came first to the “Philippines” it is the indigenous people – the IP’s – from Austronesian seafarers that plied the Indo-Pacific oceans long before Sheik Makdum ever set his foot on Simunul. So, let’s just drop the crap shall we?

Those who don’t want to stay in the Philippines are free to go – try Africa and hold hands with Boko Haram or whisper sweet nothings with ISIS while getting shafted from behind as a kuffar. If they can’t live in peaceful co-existence and work things out like civilized human beings, they should leave. We will not hold them back.

[This article was originally posted on Mr. Alunan’s Facebook page and published here with his permission.]

14 Replies to “#Bangsamoro ‘homeland’ dream just a land-grab strategy built upon a guilt-trip myth”

  1. I love how this was written. Sad that I had to discover and read it from another page, when the writer is an FB friend and is following his wonderful works.

  2. thank you for this article and articulating what apparently everybody else is thinking except all the so-called “peace advocates” particularly bs and the hyatt ten-approved negotiators who are once again making the issue a matter of either you are with us or plain evil. just because we are against bbl they are saying we are anti-muslims or anti-peace. worse, i even heard a military head (i believe this one was associated with the hyatt ten also hence his meteoric rise to a general) even say that we should be sent to war ourselves…or something to that effect…

    as we are discussing this, we should also be vigilant with what is happening in the comelec and the automation issue. if this cab-bbl will continue beyond this incompetent and self-serving govt, no one with a treacherous bloodline or streak should be voted back in. also, if this be put to a referendum, i wouldn’t want a conscripted programmer to vote for me.

    i only wish there were more statesmen like sec. alunan and former cj puno in govt now than these “sanctimonious” spoiled brats and their sycophants.

    1. Anyone who has any faith in an election in which the source code of the computers can be rigged by a select few is bereft of any brains.
      the issues themselves taken sigularly, are pretty simple.the implemantation of the fixes and correcting of the issues is the biggest problem. No one in power wants to remedy the masses.

  3. >> The Philippines is everyone’s homeland. No one “owns” the Philippines. It is part of the global commons and we are all but stewards whose mission is to preserve the land for future generations.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if that were true :). Unfortunately, the Philippines is, in fact, owned by a criminal syndicate, and they’re currently having a bit of a turf war with another criminal syndicate.

    Yes, it is illogical. Welcome to da pilipins, where nothing else is expected.

    Good article though. Only thing that bothers me is the standard recourse to ‘if they don’t like it, they can leave’. Of course they can’t. We’re talking mostly about poverty-stricken, illiterate peasants here … holding Philippine passports, if they have a passport at all (or even a birth certificate). Where are they going to go where they’re less unwanted? Use of this phrase destroys any good argument.

    1. That part did catch my attention too. Would it be nice if we can really do it? But of course, it’s a wishful thinking, since it only goes for those who can afford it, which in this country, many just can’t.

  4. ..You know when you write like this, I feel more bad. Why could we not have as president people like you, so lucid, so coherent, so logical. And, I know there are quite a number out there with similar brain, who also will never be president.

    Instead we have one in Malacañang who is autistic, plays computer games in the wee hours of the morning; who cannot understand presentations and reports during cabinet meetings unless you repeat it over and over, or put it in cartoon like, kindergarden type of graphics; who would rather while away a time, which is often, in a practical shooting range, where they can also seat around their Gatorades talking about Porsches and Bugatti Veyrons and who is the next beauty queen he could date; who walks around in his signature newly circumcised yet pompous swagger; who often scolds bureaucrats and professionals when nobody could understand why or what is the scolding about… and yet, the guy now who would dare to say he has the best idea on Mindanao, take it or leave it. Putangna.

    Putangna. Gising Pilipinas. 2016…Grace Poe, Binay, Duterte, Mar Roxas …are all garbage too..

    PS…and Trillanes would be garbage of garbages. (.,,and let Pacquiao stay in boxing ring. In politics, he is the garbage of garbage of garbage.)

  5. There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.

    Men use thought only as authority for their injustice, and employ speech only to conceal their thoughts.

  6. Well said….however when thought about: Who wants to be associated with the current corrupt leaders the country has to offer? It is a natural outgrowth of the disgust that almost every Filipino feels towards the corruption saddled horse,masquerading as a democracy, that has caused just about everyone in S.E.Asia to recognize the current crop of politicians and entire Government in the Fail-ippines as a criminal syndicate.

    Reaping what it has sown, and in an effort to Kow-tow to the ‘International Masters’ (who the author has curiously left out.), this voice will not be heard.Sorry, but NO !The agreement will be signed. If not, the current situation will continue anyway regardless if it is signed or not. The battle field needs bodies, when all is said and done, that is all there is to it.


    Get the big picture. In 2011 CHINA and BP Petroleum decided what and how the West Philippines Sea was going to be carved up, HAS ANYONE HEARD ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING THERE RECENTLY? NO? WHY IS THAT? The current crisis is just a diversion, sure the West needs fighters in Syria/Iraq BUT that will happen whether the Bangsamorro agreement is signed or not. The dissecting and exploitation of the Gas/Oil & minerals in West Philippine/South China Sea has begun since late 2013 and is another reason why the DAP Scandal broke out (has anyone actually seen the 3 imprisoned Senators in their ‘CELLS’ at Camp Crame latey ? HA DOUBT IT, they are all in Hong Kong & Macau playing roulette at the casino’s),the BBL farce is making headlines etc etc etc…
    Want to know what the most important news in the Philippines is? HINT: It is not being discussed in the Main Stream Media of the country,that is for sure.
    Fail-ipino’s have been Hood-winked by a bunch of guys that are not as smart as they are ruthless. It is pathetic, it really is…DU-U-U-U-H-MEE’S !!!

  8. This is the strategy of Islamic Radicals: Land and Autonomy. Israel gave Gaza to the Palestinians; hoping to find “peace” thru the land deal. Israel was wrong. Gaza became the “launching Pad” for Rockets attacking Israel.

    Pakistan gave autonomy of their Northern Province to the Islamic Radicals. It became the area of launching attacks to cities in Pakistan; including the Capital: Islamabad, and Taliban attacks on Afghanistan.

    The U.S. under Obama, withdrew in the Anbar Province in Iraq. The Anbar Province became the area of ISIS Caliphate, as they invaded part of Syria, and established their ISIS Caliphate.

    This will happen in the Philippines; as Aquino will trade a part of Mindanao, for “peace” in the Philippines.

    1. Correction:

      The Province of Pakistan is the North-West Province of Pakistan, known as:Waziristan.

      It is now a stronghold of Al Queda and Taliban fighters. Sharia Law is enforced in that Province. Schools for girls were blown up.

      It is the staging area to attack Afghanistan and the cities of Pakistan. Jihadists who murdered the late Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, came from that area.

      It is still a Province controlled by Islamic Radicals.

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