CJ Corona’s death: selective justice under the Aquino govt explains why Duterte’s vigilante style is popular


The death of former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona is a reminder to Filipinos that there is no justice in the Philippines — unless of course you take matters into your own hands or proactively seek it by using your connections in the Justice Department and law enforcement agencies. Because patronage politics is rife in Philippine society, justice is only afforded to those in power and their allies.

Corona, who reportedly died of cardiac arrest, passed away without getting vindication for his removal from office. His career in the judiciary and as a lawyer ended abruptly after he was found “guilty” of the trumped-up charges filed by members of Congress. The senator-judges, who presided in what some called a Kangaroo court, also allowed the prosecution to publicly humiliate him during his impeachment trial in 2012. They ignored the blatant violation of the rules in gathering evidence against Corona and their bald mockery of the justice system. This included divulging his dollar accounts that were supposed to be protected by the Philippines’ bank secrecy laws and making false accusations based on hearsay.

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President Benigno Simeon Aquino paved the way for their shameful behaviour. The President relentlessly persecuted Corona from Day One of his Presidency. The President pursued Corona’s removal from office like a mad dog would. He did not care about Corona’s right to presumption of innocence because his goal was to ruin his reputation with the public.

BS Aquino kept badmouthing Corona even to his face. The first-born son of so-called “heroes” Ninoy and Cory showed his lack of breeding and empathy in his agenda to remove Corona. This was evident in the first instance BS Aquino humiliated Corona during a speech he delivered at the Criminal Justice System summit in 2011. He did not have any qualms about calling Corona a midnight appointee in front of the crowd. The audience were visibly shocked at his callousness. Never mind that the Judicial and Bar Council of the Philippines found Corona’s appointment legitimate anyway.

Why was BS Aquino obsessed with Corona? Because the Corona court granted the Hacienda Luisita farmers the lands that have been denied to them by the Aquino-Cojuangco clan:

In 2011, the court directed the Hacienda Luisita Inc. to give the farm workers P1.3 billion as share in the sale of the 500-ha land to RCBC, as well as 81 ha of Luisita lands to the Bases Conversion and Development Authority for the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx).

It’s not hard to understand why BS Aquino was angry at Corona. Just imagine being in power and not being able to do anything to stop the distribution of the lands your family had been clinging on to for decades. BS Aquino’s pride must have been hurt especially if presumably the elder Aquino-Cojuangco clan members were pressuring him to do something to take it back.

What has happened since Corona’s removal from office? Not much has changed. They said Corona’s impeachment would pave the way for “honesty” in government. But the truth is politicians today still refuse to open their bank accounts to the public for scrutiny. The only time Filipinos are made aware of a public servant’s account details is when another politician is using it to expose corruption against his rivals. Other than that, politicians in the Philippines in general enjoy the privilege of hiding their loot using the bank secrecy law. They seem to have this understanding not to expose a secret account unless it is necessary or as a last resort. Why else would someone like Senator Trillanes use Davao City Mayor and Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte’s bank account against him just two weeks before the election? The senator could have exposed that months ago.

Indeed, the country’s bank secrecy laws do not work for those who are not in power. If you are not allied with the incumbent President, your secret account is at risk of being exposed. What happened to Corona is called selective justice and is still happening today especially prior to the Presidential Elections. People have noted that only candidates running against the incumbent’s bet, Mar Roxas, are subject to investigation and public scrutiny. It goes to show that so-called democracy in the Philippines is only a front. In a true democracy, justice is applied equally to all. It should not favor anyone, rich or poor.

The application of selective justice in the Philippines is the reason why Filipinos are getting increasingly frustrated at the current government. BS Aquino’s Daang Matuwid or so-called “straight path” only works for his friends and allies. No wonder Duterte’s vigilante style of justice has become acceptable to a lot of people. If the justice system is broken anyway, people think it is better to take matters into their own hands. They are tired of politicians like BS Aquino and Mar Roxas who say they are “decent’” but do not have any qualms about destroying people who get in their way.

Corona was never found to be guilty of corruption by a real court. His only offence was in the discrepancy in his Statement of Assets and Liability Net Worth (SALN), which by law, government officials are allowed to correct whenever discrepancies are found. Most public servants would be guilty of that but they are spared from the persecution Corona was subject to under BS Aquino and his minions. BS Aquino keeps bragging about being the first President to impeach a sitting Supreme Court Chief Justice. He couldn’t have done it without the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and pork barrel funds and a corrupt Congress.

Perhaps, in death, Corona gave Filipinos his final gift. His death should remind the voters of the injustice and cruelty of the BS Aquino government. Corona’s impeachment, trial and removal from the Supreme Court were blatant abuses of power and disregard for the law. The consequences of that will be evident in the decades to come. And that is the true legacy of BS Aquino.

[Photo courtesy Reuters.]

102 Replies to “CJ Corona’s death: selective justice under the Aquino govt explains why Duterte’s vigilante style is popular”

  1. I still remember the words of Sen. Santiago and Joker Arroyo, especially Mr. Arroyo’s.
    CJ Corona’s impeachment paved the way for me to read the Constitution, books about politics and laws.
    I also learned that the media cannot be trusted no matter how many awards they claim they received for their “credibility”.
    Another thing I realized then?
    The Aquinos are no heroes.

    I agree with you Ilda, this is his final gift to the Filipino people. I felt like crying this morning when I heard the news about him.
    At this time, people should be reminded of the injustices, these DECENT people would do for power and to feed their greed.

    This is why Mar Roxas’ daang matuwid line is a hard sell. No wants the Daang Matuwid anymore. They just want radical change.

    1. Very well said, I mourn not only for the death of corona but the actual and true freedom of the Filipinos, hate to know we are being manipulated

      1. Exactly.
        Almost everything is twisted and manipulated. All for money, power and greed. Grabe lang.

        I hope that when we vote, we vote not for the candidates but for their ability to lead this country.
        Let us always challenge the power in this government, our messed up system, our flawed mentality as people, and our culture.

        Our democracy is not even real. Our country doesn’t know the real face of democracy.
        We have allowed oligarchy, the powerful, the elite to paint the truth for us. The media always paints a different picture of the truth for us. This has to stop really.
        It will be a long shot but this has to stop.

        1. “Our democracy is not even real. Our country doesn’t know the real face of democracy.
          We have allowed oligarchy, the powerful, the elite to paint the truth for us. The media always paints a different picture of the truth for us. This has to stop really.
          It will be a long shot but this has to stop.”

          Thank you for this. I need to re-post your quote so that I can share it to others. Thanks again ZI

      1. Thanks for your articles, Ilda!
        You encourage me to think, assess my views and look at the other side of things. 🙂

    2. Yes ur right ..wat they did to chief corona is also happening to duterte now…..this administration is a real bullshit…

      1. yes thats true,.even comelec is one of their pawns, hindi pa man nakakaupo si president DUTERTE e may naka ready ng case against him,.what a bullshit this philippine politics, he must stop these elite clan so called aquino cojuanco family from manipulating our system..we need a new leader,

    3. from the start, justice corona, should have been given as our laws said: “a day in court”. putting to shame one who just made a simple mistake, is despicable, more so to a learned man who made lot of sacrifices for other who lost hope in our Philippine justice system. Aquino just could not take his decision, so he applied “what are we in power for?”. i cried because justice corona was not able to vindicate himself. i cried because what happened to him, can happen to anyone, more so, it can happen to a poor man asking for justice. i cried because, justice was not well served. i cried for myself and for other people, who cannot do anything because we are powerless. not even the supreme court can protect our simple people… i cried because we lost one justice who’s advocacy is to uphold justice.

      1. corona was tried in Senate Cangaroo Court not justice court. I didnt know that senators can be a Jury all in one

    4. Daang matuwad converted the constitution into a piece of paper for wiping Abnoy Aquino and NP LP stinky ass. Daang matuwad is absolutely above the law

    5. BS Aquino will have his day. He is vindictive and heartless. Where did this guy come from? That is why Duterte won. People are just so sick of the likes of this creature. They want change, and swiftly, and they believe that Duterte can give them this.

  2. What are you talking about? Corona was a powerful corrupt justice who met his just fate! Evrything you said about President Pinoy are rubbish!

    1. Its hard not to feel sorry for Corona.
      He totally felt like the victim in that trial.
      His career was ruined just because he was appointed by PGMA and went against the case of the juvenile nincompoop president’s family estate.

      What was worse was the bribes. Totally pathetic to show so much hate against another person and call yourself the president. What a model this nincompoop president is, yes?

    2. And what are YOU talking about? If you think selective justice is not corruption, then please admit that you’re trolling. And it shows.

    3. rubbish? he declared he has done what other past presidents has not done. look… see…. for all that he just finished, the past presidents started it all……. he cannot claim that, as his credit. review all his faults…. sometimes, you have to accept that Pnoy really has faults…….. he is not faultless as you may have portray him. you need to listen now to the anger of the people and judge. do not act as if you do not know…. or are you just being indifferent?

    4. John Issachar, thank you for protecting your ‘napakahinang’, very vindictive, walang kuwentang presidente… Unang buwan pa lang sa puwesto, palpak na sa hostage taking ng mga Hongkong tourists sa Luneta, pati na doon sa SAF 44 ang napasimpling crissis palpak pa rin. Is this the kind of man you are protecting. Oh come on Mr. John. ‘Di mo ba naalaala na vindetta ito sa kay CJ Corona ang ginawa ng ‘yong presidente sa kanya….Maawa ka naman sa taong pumanaw na … You should have to give your due respect to this man who remain innocent until proven guilty in court after a decent trial (not a Hucos Pucos one) not in an impeachment where flagrant bayaran took place.. Maawa ka naman sana, tao ka!!!!!!!

    5. John Issachar
      Yellow shit. how much to impeached Corona and how much they recovered from such hidden wealth, nothing because they are only forged pieces of paper,courtesy of little lady or we called central Bank.
      A president was so powerful ,he can asked U to chew your own shit w/o a complain

  3. The way Congressman Banal of the Liberty Party represenrtng QC 3rd District explained that somebody dropped in his frontgate mailbox info about Corona’s bank account is an unparalled lie.

  4. Tayong mga filipino’s kailan man di na tayo natoto sa ating mga nakaraan di tayo marunong mamili ng tamang leader natin kaya tayo ganito, nagtataka nga ako kong bakit naging presidente yan si panot na bading!

  5. chief justice Renato Corona will never be forgotten for the rightious he did for hacienda luisita farmers. He will always be remembered a place in Philippine History.

    1. Tama ka Jin, I agree with you…… Si CJ Corona ay biktima lang ng Hacienda Luisita issue, he was just a victim of how vindicted is the present man in
      malacanang is….

    2. jin says
      Kung hindi siya naki alam sa Nakaw ng mga Aquino, de SC pa rin siya ,kaya nga lang ,laging may loyalty check ang mga LP make sure na walang dod double cross

  6. While justice is selective it does not follow that those accused or convicted under the present dispensation makes them innocent of the charges against them.

    Aleng Bening, it is time you get contributors that are not biased and worst highly partisan now that you are gaining readership.

    1. it does not follow that those accused or convicted under the present dispensation makes them innocent of the charges against them.

      So is Corona guilty? You have a sick way of defending this current president’s abhorrent practices.

  7. There was this Filipino lady in red riding hood waiving photocopies of Corona’s bank account IN TOTAL VIOLATION OF BANK SECRECY LAWS.

    The Filipino Lady in Red Riding Hood was never prosecuted !!!

    When Chinese laundered money, The Chinese Bank Secrecy were never violated !!! The Senate Lawmakers cannot even peek into their bank account! RCBC always claim Bank Secrecy Law.

    Filipino deGuito got laundered, hanged-out to dry and flat-ironed !!!

    She was stopped immediately at NAIA. When two Chinese launderer left thru NAIA they were never stopped. They will never be coming back to Philippines!



    … actually HATE FILIPINOS !!!

    … Because Chinese, American and Spaniards were never charged of bribery, corruption, shenanigans ONLY FILIPINOS ARE BROUGHT TO THE SENATE AND SHAMED BY FILIPINO NEWSMEDIA !!!

    THEREFORE, Chinese, Americans and Spanish businessmen MUST BE VERY VERY VERY HONEST !!! Only traditional looking browned-skin punk’d nose Filipinos are CROOKS !!!!

      They prefer foreign-looking half-bred half-white English-snob mestizas to represent browned-skin punk’d nose traditional looking Filipinos. White skin is measure of beauty.

      They prefer English not Talagog. English got class. Talagog got no class. English is a show of pedigree. Talagog is show of poverty. ENGLISH is measure of intelligence in the Philippines.

      FILIPINOS HATE Made-in-The-Philippines …
      They prefer Made-Abroad

      They wanted to live abroad


      1. I wouldn’t go on to say that Filipinos hate anything filipino… We actually love anything filipino, we just love everything foreign a lot more. I hate it, but it’s true. Those who care can’t do anything, and those who can don’t care.

        1. I agree with you. We don’t hate everything Filipino we only hate some who are “bad” not bcuz they are brown,but even the mestiza blend. Re. speaking of English, it is the result of education. We easily blend with the ways of the European and the Americans bcuz we have known this kind of people since the Spanish colonial period and the American colonial period in the Phil. Any person from another country, when they grew up from childhood in America or in Europe, their ways become that of the country where they grew up, no matter where your parents came from. So, if Filipinos try to speak in English or can speak English very well, but they grew up in the Phil., you still can see in their actions that they are Filipinos. It’s thru education (patterned to American) that Filipinos can blend well with European and American. With OFWs in many parts of the world, we will see later on a blend of different characters in the Phil bcuz some Filipinos get married to non-Filipinos in the places where they work. Some non-Filipinos think we Filipinos don’t love our country because we prefer to work outside, they don’t know the real reason. Filipinos, when they cannot find a good-paying job in the Phil then would try to look for a job outside, but remitting most of their earnings to their loved ones in the Phil. The happiness felt is being able to help financially their loved ones, altho the side-effect of this is sadness or loneliness or homesickness.

      2. Hello, Wise One…
        You have strong words.. strong sentiments; but what’s your point? I seem to have missed it.

  9. Goodbye, Former Supreme Court Justice Renato Corona. History will vindicate you, as a good man. History never err.

    Hacienda Luisita was the main cause of the impeachment of Former CJ Renato Corona. The Cojuangco/Aquino family , used all their political power and influence, to protect the, Hacienda Luisita; the land, they scammed from the People of the Philippines. The Land must be returned, to the Filipino people/farmers/tillers who really own it.

    Those who accepted Pork Barrel Bribes; and voted in the impeachment of Former CJ Corona;they have no shame. Those who participated and prostituted, themselves in the “Kangaroo Impeachment Court” of Aquino are the most vile and vicious people, I had seen in Philippine politics. May you all rot in Hell!

    We have to vote against : Mar Roxas, Leni Robredo and any candidate of Aquino. These people are despicable , corrupt, abusive in power and greedy. We must not vote for any candidate, who voted for the impeachment of Former CJ Corona. It is payback time for all of them. Do not vote for Porky Drilon, etc…

    1. du30 – PDP-Laban, political party of cory

      roxas – LP

      binay – adopted son of cory

      …. these three are all under the yellow dynasty bluffing the people that they were oppositions to the present admin. do not bite their stage shows.

    2. Hi, Mr. Hayden..
      First, let me say up-front.. “I am no defender of the Aquinos nor the Cojuancos; and I have no dog in this upcoming dog-fight. My only concern is the country and the truth. I just feel that we have to be more circumspect in our allegations lest we sow and perpetuate wildly inaccurate notions that could inflame the emotions of the less informed among us.
      So.. how, exactly, did the Cojuancos scam the country and her people in “Hacienda Luisita”? This is not an idle question, as indeed, neither was your allegation an idle indictment. This is important; so, please look it up. I can wait.

      1. @vagoneto rieles:

        Yes, they scammed the country on thier ownership of the Hacienda Luisita. If you are a YellowTard, defending this greedy family; you have your vested interest in defending them.

        To own such huge land, in such in agricultural province, with no industries. I don’t believe, they have that kind of money, to buy those lands.

        Look at their behaviors in politics. The Aquinos are the greediest people, I have ever seen. They even use God and religion, as a means to their end…

        They stop the Land Reform program, just to protect their Hacienda Luisita, that would had benefited their serf/peasants.

        These people who are parading as Godly; in truth, have no consciences. They are “Angel of Darkness”, parading, as “Angel of Light”…

        1. Hi, Mr Hyden..
          So, you really have nothing to go by in making those wild accusations. Let me say again..I am no defender of the Aquinos nor the Cojuancos. I don’t know them, nor do I care to. I am for truth and accuracy, however, and would like to point to a few facts. The ‘Hacienda’, up until 1958, was owned by Tabacalera, the old Spanish company and Royal Charter, that dates back to the early 19th century. It was the Lopez family of Iloilo and Negros who first wanted it when it went up for sale then. President Magsaysay, who was President at that time, rightly blocked the sale for the reason that the Lopezes already owned Meralco, Negros Navigation, Manila Chronicle, and a handful of sugar centrals and sugar plantations in Iloilo and Negros. Jose Cojuanco, Pnoys grandfather, made an offer and bought it with a loan from a New York bank guaranteed by the Central Bank. It was a straightforward purchase that did not use ‘peoples money’. Nobody got ‘scammed’.
          The people you malign may, or may not get hurt by your ‘scatter gun’ rants. They probably know better how to fend off such blather. It would be refreshing, though, if we could all hew closely to the truth.. and be able to put our money where our mouth is.
          By the way.. what does ‘tard’ really mean?

        2. @vagoneto rieles:

          Whatever you say; I know, you are a defender of the Aquino/Cojuangco Hacienda Luisita scam.I don’t believe , you are doing it for free, or for charity… The land is 70% the land area of Tarlac province. And, only one family owned it. It should have been Land Reformed, many years ago…but, they were in power , and stop the Land Reform Program.

          Whatever you say; is not believable. Tarlac has no industries, or export products. Yet, this family, became very rich and, owned almost all of Tarlac Province. This is greed to the highest degree. Anyway, continue to ass lick your YellowTard masters. Maybe, they paid you well.

          Their source of wealth is the National Treasury. Look at how they have stolen from: DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrels, etc…and try to steal from the BBL Law , they are promoting.

  10. The passing-on of an individual, whether he be a former street sweeper or a former Chief Justice is a sad event. I condole with the family of Chief Justice Corona, (one who had occupied an exalted position gets to be addressed by the former honorific). That said, however, it must be acknowledged, as well, that the fact of his prosecution by his alleged enemies, was much less about the perceived animosities, than about the crimes he was being prosecuted for. Mrs. Gloria Arroyo and Mr. Erap Estrada were both Presidents. Both were indicted and prosecuted.. and Mr. Estrada was even found guilty. Senators Juan Ponce-Enrile, Jinggoy, (the son) Estrada, and Bong Revilla are sitting Senators and (except for Ponce-Enrile) are now indicted and detained. Should have all these individual suspects of high crimes (one having been pronounced convict) been spared from investigation and indictment simply because it would have humiliated them? I think not. One thing that our ‘public servants’ seem to forget is that their positions is a public trust and not an opportunity. They must keep their noses clean, and show that they had crossed all the ‘Ts’ and dotted all the ‘I’s’ to dispel any suspicion. Without judging Chief Justice Corona’s case, I must point out that his failure to include all sources of his wealth in a ‘SALN’, was not just a mistake. A mistake is wearing white socks with a tuxedo. What happened could only have been a conscious attempt at making his income consistent to his position as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

    1. His trial wasn’t conducted in a real court. The evidence was tainted and testimonies were based on hearsay. They exaggerated the number of properties he had, for example. The negative propaganda was meant to influence the public against him. He wasn’t even charged for ill-gotten wealth. They removed that from the list of charges against him.

      One of the greatest injustices committed against Corona was being “judged” by so-called senator Lito Lapid. It was a joke and anyone who put weigh in his judgement is equally moronic.

      1. Most of our politicians are cut from the same mold… Justice can be swayed by the rich and the incumbent, I’ll give you that. Only do not tell me that he’s innocent, you make yourself sound like a paid troll. I don’t think you’ll recognize evidence if it hit you in the head.

        1. Justice can be swayed by the rich and the incumbent


          Those kinds of accusations have always been around. Usually fired off by the person on the losing side.

          Only do not tell me that he’s innocent, you make yourself sound like a paid troll. I don’t think you’ll recognize evidence if it hit you in the head.

          Disagreeing with you makes ‘Ilda’ a stooge of whom exactly? Or is it typical of you to resort to name-calling when you are unable to support your argument?

          Whatever your predispositions regarding the political and/or economic elite, the fact still remains that any evidence or testimony needs to meet standards set by our justice system. In this case, the standards happened to be more relaxed as part of the impeachment proceeding. And conducting a smear campaign alongside the hearings did nothing to preserve their integrity.

        2. What was he guilty of? Was it an impeachable offence?

          Who would pay me to defend Corona? He’s dead.

      2. Hi Ilda. Great article.

        Just wanted to point out — the impeachment proceedings ARE considered part of a real trial; the objective being to determine whether or not Chief Justice Corona violated the position he held and what penalties, if any, were to be meted out.

        Let’s be clear: this was not in any way meant to follow the procedure of the regular trial court for criminal and/or civil cases. While the Senators hold the position as ‘judges’ for the hearings, the purpose was to hear testimony and present (physical) evidence of the crimes the official is charged with.

        The Senators duties are more in accordance with the jurors in a ‘grand jury’ as defined by the US justice system. Like the grand jury system, the Senators are expected to have an understanding of the law/s that were supposedly violated. The Senate then has the power to view almost any kind of evidence they wish, and to interrogate anyone they like. The procedure is generally more relaxed to allow as much flexibility as possible. As a result, the rules of evidence allow much more leeway than is allowed at a regular trial. Testimony that may be characterised as hearsay is allowed to be heard, for example, while the regional trial court would not have allowed it to be included.

        One major difference is that while US grand jury proceedings are held in strict confidence, the Corona impeachment hearings were televised (owing to ‘transparency,’ I suppose) and broadcast over the radio. The media circus around it does nothing to protect the rights of the accused should he/she be found not guilty. As you pointed out, the purpose was negative propaganda and mudslinging to remove someone from the Supreme Court that Penoy and his cronies wanted to replace with their own stooge.

        1. Hi Johnny Saint

          Long time, no read! Good to see you again in the comment section.

          Yes, I get what you are saying. The senate court is legal and the senators were doing their jobs. The problem is the senate court was not presided by the most qualified people in the country. Hence, some people call it a “kangaroo court”. There were former actors and celebrities who hardly knew anything about the law and what the prosecution was violating. I watched it from Day One. The judges ignored it even when the prosecution obtained their evidence illegally and they dismissed allegations of bribery by PNoy, which Jinggoy confirmed a few weeks later.

        2. Thanks. Can’t visit as often as I want to unfortunately.

          It is sad that the legislature is populated by some of the least qualified, or desirable, when you think about it, when it comes down to the nitty gritty of governance.

          Unfortunately, in this instance, we have no choice. ‘As you sow, so shall you reap,’ as the old proverb goes. They were in fact elected, and the rest of us have to live with what turned out to be bad voting decisions made by a majority swayed by emotional appeals, yet ignorant of the issues.

          Still, the more knowledgeable of Senators did attempt to preserve the integrity of the impeachment. At one point they excluded evidence pertaining to Corona’s supposed ‘perks’ from PAL because this was not part of the charge, and yet the prosecution kept trying to introduce it. Enrile in particular excoriated the prosecution for trying to introduce evidence that was conveniently left on the doorstep of one of the prosecutors literally one day before they brought it to the hearing.

      3. Ilda says:
        Central bank is above the law, who do u think responsible for DU30 account landed to Trillanes..U figure out now the identity of the red little lady riding hood

    1. @Johnny Saint:

      What “integrity of the impeachment”, are you talking about? Those who impeached the late CJ Corona, have no integrities.

      CJ Corona was impeached, because of his decision on Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita.

      The Senators who voted for his impeachment, did it, in exchange for Aquino’s Pork Barrel Bribery. Two of the Senators, “sang like canaries”. They are supposed to be still “in jail”…Enrile, who was caught with the Pork Barrel bribe is now free; happily enjoying his loot. The Senate Kangaroo Court, headed by that Swine, Porky Drilon, did that CJ Corona impeachment show, as a “political zarzuela”…the gullible Filipino people , were entertained, but their taxpayers’ money was used as bribes by Aquino…what a scammer! No, wonder, his family scammed the Hacienda Luisita, from the Philippine government…

      1. As you are a humourless, delusional buffoon consumed by an unhealthy obsession with the Aquinos, which has convinced you that the current President is somehow directly responsible for every natural disaster, political, social and economic catastrophe since 1896, I will try to be as plain as possible.

        (Or at least as plain as possible to a very slow five-year old.)

        I do not dispute the acknowledgment made by Sen. Jinggoy Estrada that the senators who voted to impeach Justice Corona were given up to PhP50 million. Nor am I claiming that the entire affair was not stage-managed by Penoy Aquino and company to install someone on the Supreme Court who would be more sympathetic to the Liberal Party and to Aquino Family interests.

        I simply stated that in the face of the blundering about by clueless prosecutors (who supposedly all passed the bar but did not have the slightest idea how to conduct themselves in court) Senator Enrile at least had the good sense to conduct the proceedings according to the established rules of impeachment. Case in point: Enrile refused to allow evidence pertaining to Philippine Airlines that had been previously excluded because it exceeded the scope of the articles of impeachment. And he disallowed evidence which the prosecution claimed mysteriously turned up because it had no corroboration or verification.

        If the impeachment were the absolute farce you believe it is, Malacañang could have managed it so that even irrelevant items were introduced and accepted as evidence. A canny political operator such as Enrile likely thought that such an arrogant disregard for our institutions and the rule of law went too far, as well as showcased the prosecution’s breathtaking stupidity.

        1. @Johnny Saint:

          Maybe , you are the Delusional Buffon; because you want to rationalize the impeachment of the late CJ Corona. And, You cannot accept the truth/cause of CJ Corona impeachment.

          The main cause of the impeachment is: CJ Corona’s decision of the Hacienda Luisita. He distributed it to the tenants/serfs of Aquino… Whatever evidences presented in the Senate Kangaroo Court, do not matter. There will be more serious evidences on Aquino; if he will face trials for his crimes, while in office.

          Anyway,continue to lick the asses of your Yellowtard Masters. Maybe, they are paying you well, with my taxes. Their days are now numbered. They will soon, be out of power. So, will be your source of income. Unless, you can find another Master…

          YellowTard loyalties, will surely change to the one who will be in power…they will leave Aquino and his loyal minions.

          I don’t believe, you are defending Aquino, for free…

        2. And there it is again.

          In the absence of even the ability to read, much less comprehend, simple English, the delusional resort to outbursts of incoherent drivel.

          It saddens me that ‘Hyden Toro’ continues to pollute social media wother crazed rhetoric. It destroys the credibility of genuinely concerned Filipinos who legitimately oppose the Aquino tyranny.

        3. @HydenToro, could you please tone down your anti-Aquino rhetoric and ensure that whatever comments you issue on that topic are backed by sound arguments. I understand many of your assertions about them may be true, but repetitively citing them matter-of-factly does nothing to persuade people to see things according to how you frame things.

          You need to come up with new information and/or new angles/lenses into the issues rather than apply a monomanic cult-like approach to emphasizing these without taking on board ideas contributed by the other commentors here.

      2. 21Hydeqn007Toro9999.99
        Cebu second debate. Miriam told that being the president is less work than a senator because senators are only heleluyah around the president

        1. @S-Tambay:
          That is Miriam Santiago’s opinion. I don’t care, and I am not a Miriam Santiago endorser. Ask her, what she mean by that statement. Do not ask me…

  11. Eversince Edsa.. i am not pro Aquino even when i was young that time ans so not fully understand what is happenning but i cannot fully understand why Aquino should be a hero… bakit nga ba? And the question is still a question until now with the secondnterm of an aquino. Ang dami daming nagawang tama ng karamiham and they were not given proper recognition while this administration and the former have not done something extraordinary (sorry po baka hindi ako aware na meron pala) and galunggong nga lang na naipromise na baba ang presyo eh tumaas ng tumaas. I am just glad i am not guilty of placing them in their office.

    1. @Benigno:

      It is up to the reader to believe or not to believe what I write. This is the place, where you write your opinion. this is not a court…

      If people agree with you…then, good. If they disagree with you, then, it’s okay for me. I am not putting a gun on people’s heads to agree with me.

      If someone is hurt, because of what I write, is true to them… so be it. I write about the CJ Corona impeachment, from what I had gathered from reliable information.

      What I write happened…and some people agreed, with me. I maybe politically incorrect, but, Truth no matter , how it hurt, will bring good information and awaken our people. Instead of deodorized propaganda, from YellowTard media.

      If anybody cannot Stand the Truth. Sorry for them!!!

      1. @Johnny Saint:

        I can read and write well. I am not barely literate , as you presume.

        Is telling the truth, incoherent drivel?

        If I pollute the social media with undeodorized Truth…so be it! Do YellowTards have credibility. Presuming that they are anti Aquino; but in truth; they are hiding paid hacks of Aquino, is worse than writing information of brutal truth about our country’s condition.

        What I wrote, truly happened during the CJ Corona, impeachment. Did I add anything of my own making? I did not add any iota of my own making, on the CJ Corona impeachment.

        What I wrote happened. If anybody cannot Stand the Truth. Then, it is up to them…I never ask anybody to agree with me. Any of the blog readers, have mind of their own.They decide on their own, if they believe or not to believe…this is freedom of speech…and freedom to believe…

        If you are a paid hack YellowTard, and is bothered by your conscience. It is your fault…not mine…

        1. And yet again…

          I never said you were ‘barely literate.’ I stated that you do not comprehend anything posited to you. That in turn suggests you are in fact illiterate.

          There really is no reasoning with ‘Hyden Toro.’

          You must HATE Aquino with him/her or else. And if you even seem to slightly disagree with the illogical rhetoric, according to his/her paranoid delusion, then you must be a paid agent of some shadowy Aquino-led cabal.

          To those who genuinely oppose the tyrannical Aquino autocracy: I really must apologise for the way ‘Hyden Toro’s’ erratic, unfounded outbursts have damaged the credibility of honest dissent against the Aquino orthodoxy.

      2. I side with your reasoning. Some people hurls insults to comments of some people instead of submitting their own opinion. Anyway, what I read before, that hacienda luisita was leased by the cojuangco’s from the Dept of Agriculture with a promise to return the lands at the expiration of the lease. The cojuangco’s gave the administratorship of this hacienda to Benigno Aquino because of his ability or knowledge in law. When the lease expired, the cojuangcos/aquinos did not return the lands to the DA but continued holding the ownership of the hacienda. When GMA passed on the law on agrarian reform and had it implemented by Corona, then started the war between the aquinos and the arroyos. That’s when cory influenced susan roces and FPJ to run against the candidacy of GMA. As we all know, FPJ died during his campaign, so GMA became the elected president and before her term finished she appointed Corona to the SC position, reason why PNoy got revenge on Corona and GMA.

    2. liza says:
      Sisihin mo ang ABS CBN.Ikaw ba naman ibalik sa iyo ng libre sa lopez ,de haleluyah ka rin sa dilaw, gets mo.
      Sa Abias din nangaling ang pagiigng Sanata ng Majongera sa Malakanyang. Dapat pag nanalo si DU30 ay makalkal ang mistery kung may personal alliance ang Lopez para bigyan ng pabor ang mga Aquino sa dikta nila

  12. The mentality of our President BS Aquino rooted from their selfish act. Read their history. Revenge is their act in every situation that does not favour them. SC Justice Corona is a victim not a plunderer. From the grandfather of Pnoy down to him they support rebel from Hukbalahap until the CCP/NPA. Ninoy II sold Sabah and betrayed our country when himself divulged that Marcos ordered to take the Sabah from Malaysia. The Aquino made this country a big humiliation in the face of the earth, Yet their contribution does not justify the means. From Cory, poverty is the same until now the only difference is the year when they sit in the Malacanang but what they have done is almost equalled.

    Cory : Hacienda Luisita and Mendiola Massacre
    Pnoy: Mamasapano,Luneta Hostage taking, Kidapawan and the Basilan where 18 soldiers died
    Both of these atrocities involved farmers and the pesants who are serving the nation that includes our soldiers.

    Not to mentioned, Ninoy II finger point the Plaza Miranda bombing to Marcos. See the pattern? They are all blaming the others.
    How can there be justice if they cannot clean their own Backyard?

      1. @Johnny Saint:

        This is what you wrote:”In the absence of even ability to read,much less comprehend simple English…”

        What does this mean? You are telling me I am barely literate. Able to understand , simple English…

        My readers are the judge, if I am barely able to comprehend simple English or not…

        Again, I am not forcing anybody to agree with me. I am not delusional or paranoid. I don’t care , if you believe me or not.

        What Aquino “Orthodoxy”, are you talking about? Aquino and Abad orthodoxy to plunder the National Treasury?… thru :DAP, PDAF; etc…Aquino’s “orthodoxy” to bribe Senators with Pork Barrel, in order to impeach the late CJ Corona? If Stealing is the sanitized with the word :”Orthodoxy”…then I do not agree with your deodorized description of stealing. Stealing is stealing…no other word can sanitize it…

        I am only telling the Truth. If anyone cannot Stand the Truth…it is their problem, not mine…I do not hate anybody. I only hate the evil, they are doing to the country, and to my fellow taxpayers.

        1. And malakanyakanyang trolls like you have an angry mob mindset because that’s what your retarded pwesident told you so.

        2. Again, I apologise to those of you who genuinely dissent from the mythological narrative of the Aquinos for the damage caused by the incoherent ramblings of ‘Hyden Toro.’

        3. @Johnny Saint

          I’m just wondering why you bother with Hyden. Clearly you are more intelligent. He doesn’t have anything new to say. He’s like a broken record. Nobody else pays any attention to him, so don’t bother.

    1. Just wondering why PNoy never took revenge on the remaining Marcoses clan? His father was killed by, what most people think was someone working for Ferdinand? Pnoy cannot handle the Marcoses but he can handle GMA and Corona.

  13. To go against the dominant thinking of your countrymen, of most of the Failipinos you see every day, is perhaps the most difficult act of heroism you can perform.

    1. @Johhny Saint:

      I will apologize, if apology is needed. I don’t need your apology for me.

      If what I have written is Mythological. Then, the readers are the Final Judge.

      I maybe incoherent to you, but to my readers, they read what I write.
      Again, I am not forcing anybody to agree with me.

      Your sarcasm serves well your YellowTard Master. I am sure , you are paid by my taxes and taxpayers’ money. Paid YellowTard Hackers and Trolls will always be with us, until Aquino is out of power. These are nasty people, living on our taxes….

    2. @GRP Tambay:

      I am just a common blogger in the GRP website. I don’t know, why the YellowTard paid hacks and trolls, like you, are bothered by me.

      I am glad that, you and other paid hacks YellowTards, are paying attention, to what I write…maybe, because I am writing the Truth. Your YellowTard masters cannot accept or stand the Truth…

  14. I have a Dream where people living in this country will go bat-shit crazy and release havoc in this corrupt government. People everyday riot, nobody works, nobody pays tax, Just pure insanity.

    1. Who cares, if CJ Corona is a crook.

      Aquino and Abad, the two crooks were plundering at the National Treasury. At the same time; Aquino was getting revenge against CJ Corona, for deciding his Hacienda Luisita, against Aquino’s wishes.

      This is my U.S. $64 question: If CJ Corona, would not had decided against Aquino’s wishes on his Hacienda Luisita. Would he had been impeached?

      I doubt so…because , his anointed successor, Mar Roxas may had stolen the Typhoon Yolanda Relief fund; and he is running for President. Supported by Aquino, using the newly vintage helicopters, together with his whore sister: Kris Aquino, as their means of campaign transports.

      LagLag/Tanim Bala Abaya is in complicit with those, who are doing extortion scam at NAIA. Not even a reprimand is done on him.

      Purisma, the suspended Police crook, retired silently, after commanding the ill fated Mamapasano SAF massacre…

      It is selective justice.Like the Selective Justice , of De Lima and her driver lover… If you expose them of their crookedness…the paid hacks/trolls of Aquino, will come after you…

  15. Noynoy Aquino can do whatever he wants and gets away with it because he has the political & military protection of the US govt, in exchange of course for Aquino’s subservience to them. Ayan tuloy naka.pasok ulit ang mga hinayupak na mga Americano sa bansa natin, c/o Noynoy. WORST leader ever!

    1. The U.S./C.I.A. will dump any liability…from the Shah of Iran to Hosni Muburak of Egypt…

      The people in the Reagan era, who supported Cory Aquino, are no longer in power.

      Hilary Clinton ,or Donald Trump, may become the next President in the U.S. New people will be in power. Pres. Obama will soon be out of power. The Philippines is not as important, as the Middle East and the Ukraine conflict with Russia, and ISIS.

      The Aquinos will not be protected by the U.S./C.I.A. I know that most in the U.S. are outraged on their : Abuse of Power and widespread corruption; Laglag/Tanim Bala; etc..

      1. I’m curious about what happened to the Shah of Iran. That was back in the 1980s, right?? Ano ba talagang nangyari dun, and its connection to the United States. Can you give me a short summary, if possible? Hehe

        1. The Shah of Iran, went on exile in Panama. I don’t know where he died.

          The Shah of Iran was the puppet of American and British oil interest in Iran. But was overthrown by Iranian students. The Iranian students raided the U.S. Embassy, and took hostages U.S. Embassy Personnel. The Ayatollah Komienie, returned to Iran, from his exile in Paris, France…the rest was history. U.S. Hostages were released , when Pres. Reagan was elected. However, the Iranian assets in the U.S. were frozen.

          It was just unfrozen recently by Pres. Obama, in exchange for the promise, that Iran will not develop a nuclear weapon.

      2. Ahh I get it now. Thank you HaydenToro. If I’m not wrong, that movie ‘Argo’ that Ben Affleck was parading around, it was ‘award-winning’ and all that, depicted the experiences of those hostages in Iran during the US embassy raid. ‘Argo’ came out around mga 2012 just in time when that Iran nuclear power issue was always on the news. I realize now that ‘Argo’ pala was a propaganda movie against Iran.

  16. EVeryone knows that the oust of CJ Corona is political. A kangaroo court mastered by the president himself. I salute CJ Coprona for even at the last days of his office he ruled on the distribution of land of hacienda luicita to the farmers.. this legacy will forever be engraved in the history of our nation and the hearts of Filipinos. We need to vote wisely not to succomb to the powers of politicians who’s aim only is to protect their business interest. Radicla it may be, but people are tired of being used and abused by the very few rich.

    1. heart says
      Corona is a pawn to show tuwad na daan is serious about to any opposition to bow and haleluyah Abnoy

  17. Yeah right publicly shamed thanks to your retarded pwesident by paying the senatongs 50 million pesos each to impeach him. Admit it fuckface. You just want Corona to die do you? What a sick fuck you are malakanyakanyang troll.

  18. Many members of the Kangaroo court that judged Chief Corona were crooked and corrupt. Some are now in jail or was in jail… Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla, JP Enrile, etc. The rest have questionable characters. No one to thank for this travesty but the Filipino people who voted for these officials… and more over, thank those Filipinos who did not exercise their right to vote.

  19. There was an agreement nmn tlga when hacienda luisita was brought that after 10years it will be given or awarded to the farmers? Pero what happened nga bakit ang tagal bgo maaward sa kanila yan? And there was even massacres or assasinations dyan tama b? Well at least naaward n s knla yun finally

    1. I have not read any news yet that all the lands in HL were awarded back to the farmers. Has PNoy or the Aquinos given back all the lands? I would appreciate anyone letting me know. I have been waiting for the solution of that HL.

  20. It’s heartening to note that a lot of people are engaged on this shameful episode, the impeachment of CJCorona AND HIS SUBSEQUENT DEATH. Truth and justice is very difficult to attain in a very partisan political environment, with a president whose objective is to harass and persecute political opponents. There is one thing which had not been touched during the exchanges, while it is true that Hacienda Luisita was awarded by Magsaysay to the Conjuangcos to manage, take note “to manage” particularly by Ninoy, it was with a condition that the Hacienda will be awarded to the tenants or farmers working the Hacienda after 10 years. Many decades had passed and the Cojuangco-Aquino clan still refuse to give it to the farmers.
    The government of Marcos after the refusal of the Cojuangco-Aquino clan to surrender the Hacienda, filed suit to reclaim it. Cory, after grabbing power, ordered the gov’t suit against the hacienda, not to be pursued and to be cancelled.

    1. To Mr. Babasa:
      On the matter of CJ Corona’s impeachment.. what’s more relevant is why and how he was indicted in the first place. Who it was who sought for, and pursued the case is of less importance. There was no indication that the charges were trumped-up. On your view of ‘Hacienda Luisita’, I’m just wondering why Jose Cojuanco, (the older), would borrow money (USDollars) to purchase a property that he could own for only ten years.. a period way too short to recover and  repay what he had borrowed from the US bank. Another wonder is why this ‘ten-year’ limit was not enforced during the Martial Law years.. a period when the ‘ten-year’ stipulation was already past due. I’m just thinking aloud here, of course, but.. could you be wrong?

      I had mentioned this before, and don’t mind saying it again. ‘I don’t know Aquino, or Cojuanco.. and don’t care to.. at all’. it matters to me, though, that truth and not propaganda is disemenated through media, whatever form that medium takes.

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