Leni Robredo’s vindictiveness and false humility a turnoff to voters

Congresswoman and Vice Presidential candidate Leni Robredo insists that she doesn’t have any ambition to seek the Presidency. She said it like harboring such an ambition is a bad thing. She brags about being the only one among the candidates who does not aspire to seek any post higher than the vice presidency. I suppose Robredo thinks her statement will make her look “humble” compared to her rivals. She’s been playing this “reluctant” candidate act from the very beginning and her tactic is starting to get old. People are starting to think she is exhibiting false modesty.

Leni Robredo: How does one aspire to be Vice President but at the same time fail to imagine being President?

Leni Robredo: How does one aspire to be Vice President but at the same time fail to imagine being President?

For one, we’ve heard it all before. Prior to agreeing to be Mar Roxas’s running mate, Robredo kept saying on record that she didn’t have any ambition to be Vice President. Now that she is in the thick of the campaign trail for her VP bid, she is saying the same thing about the Presidency. Somebody ought to tell her to quit saying things she might have to take back later on. It’s so easy for anyone to go back to what she said in the past about her stand on issues and call her out on it. She has to be consistent. Consistency is not a very common trait among Filipino public servants and she’s looking more and more like a typical one. Someone even made a comment saying that the fresh-faced Leni is starting to look like a trapo (traditional politician) because of her hypocritical statements.

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Second, she’s not making any sense. Does she even know why there is a vice president to begin with? The vice president is someone mandated to act in place of the president in the event of the president’s death, resignation or incapacity. What if something happens to the President and Robredo happens to be the Vice President? Since she keeps saying she does not want to be President, she won’t be able to fill in for the President because she does not want to be in his shoes. The Philippines will be in a dilemma because of her “reluctance”. As someone asked me on Twitter, how can one aspire to be vice-president and never consider the possibility of becoming president even accidentally? I can only scratch my head on that one.

It seems Robredo cannot think too far ahead and lacks foresight. That’s not good for someone seeking the second highest government post in the land. She thinks that as the VP, she can continue doing what she wants, like continue pushing her advocacies as if she was still in Congress. But if she becomes VP, she will have to answer to the President. At this stage, if popularity surveys are to be believed, Mar Roxas won’t win the Presidency so the future Philippine President will not be from the Liberal Party. Therefore, Robredo won’t be free to bring her advocacies to a national level if she ever wins the VP post. This was even confirmed by some of Roxas’s supporters.

Because a lot of people who will vote for Robredo won’t be voting for Roxas, the latter’s supporters are reduced to begging Robredo’s supporters to vote for Roxas as well and warning them that Robredo won’t be able to implement her policies if Roxas doesn’t win. They are effectively saying that it is useless to vote for Robredo without Roxas as the President. But even if Roxas wins, he has his own agenda and it won’t necessarily be in line with Robredo’s agenda. The two running mates may appear united during their campaign sorties but the truth is, they were just forced to run together by bizarre circumstances. It is like a marriage of convenience for them. If they do not have anything in common, their relationship will break down soon enough. The campaign platform they crow about is only good on paper and will not likely be implemented just like what happened to BS Aquino’s platform in 2009.

Besides, we’ve seen enough Philippine Presidents and Vice Presidents whose relationships eventually went pear-shaped in the past. The most recent break-up is between incumbent President Benigno Simeon Aquino and Vice President Jejomar Binay. Binay was even considered a close family friend of the Aquinos but that didn’t stop members of the Liberal Party from mounting an attack on Binay in an attempt to derail his bid for the Presidency. Binay then attacked the BS Aquino administration, which he is still a part of, in retaliation.  

Another President and Vice President pair who went their separate ways were the late Cory Aquino and Salvador Laurel respectively. Laurel even wrote a scathing letter to Cory venting his frustration at their “fundamental differences” and the way Cory renege on the promise to be “servants of the people’s will and the people’s well being.”

The point is, the same thing can happen to Roxas and Robredo especially since they don’t have a lot in common. I can imagine Roxas must be resenting the fact that, from being plucked from obscurity, Robredo has now overtaken his popularity with the voters. The Liberal Party’s plan to use Robredo to pull Roxas’s popularity up did not work. They did not consider the fact that the voters can choose the President and Vice President separately and not as a team.

Robredo’s supporters are insisting that she is a modest and humble person and their proof is in how she uses public transport in travelling to and from her hometown. But there are people who think this is a shallow reason and are not easily impressed by that especially since she travels in luxury using jets and helicopters to campaign sorties out of town.

Robredo’s supporters need to get real. There is no such thing as a humble politician. Politicians tend to be narcissists and are full of themselves. They have to be, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to sell themselves effectively. Robredo definitely exhibits narcissistic tendencies whenever she promotes her bid for the VP post. She puts her rivals down in order to pull herself up. She doesn’t believe in winning based on her merits. She thinks she has to badmouth her rivals in order to win.

Robredo’s supporters also think she is pious. But a truly pious person will not turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed during the present administration. If she does not have the courage to speak out against BS Aquino and his cabinet members who are not performing their duties as expected of them, then she is not going to be effective in the VP post. She will not be able to “draw national attention to advocacies that need to be pushed”. The BS Aquino government has ignored a lot of the things that need attention in the provinces. The farmers suffering from drought is one of them. We have yet to hear Robredo criticize the BS Aquino government for neglecting the farmers even after the deadly riots in Kidapawan. Robredo’s silence on that matter can be considered tantamount to her condoning the government’s criminal negligence there.

It boggles the mind when one thinks of why Robredo is still sucking up to BS Aquino. He didn’t even want to confirm her husband Jesse as Department of Interior and Local Goverment (DILG) Secretary when he was alive. He died with the title “acting” DILG Secretary. BS Aquino made no secret about their fundamental differences in governance and even cited it as a reason for unnecessarily delaying his confirmation.

“There are various reasons kung bakit acting. In the case of Jesse, we had some differences during the campaign as to style. We want to make sure we can really work with each other well. It does no good to get him through the whole process of the CA only at the end of the day to find out that there might be difficulties in our working style, among others, our core philosophy, so we did agree na acting na muna,” Aquino said.

In short, BS Aquino did not believe in Jesse Robredo. It was even reported that he was about to file charges against BS Aquino’s buddy former DILG undersecretary Rico Puno for various complaints that reached Robredo. Puno was also criticized for breaking into his apartment as soon as news broke that Jesse’s plane was missing. It was rumored that Puno wanted to get “sensitive” documents containing information pertaining to an investigation on Puno and some Philippine National Police officials. Leni even had to ask the Justice Department to secure her husband’s condominium after the break-in:

Robredo’s wife, Atty. Leni Robredo, admitted to the press in Naga that she herself had made the request that their apartment be secured.

According to a report by ABS-CBN’s Anthony Taberna on TV Patrol Thursday, September 6, Leni Robredo had asked for heightened security after she was notified that Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Undersecretary Rico Puno tried to enter Robredo’s condominium and offices in the National Police Commission and the DILG, both in Quezon City.

It was only after Jesse died that the President and the rest of the Liberal Party members started praising Jesse Robredo’s name. This was after they observed the public’s growing sympathy for Jesse. The Liberal Party have certainly made up for their past indiscretions against Jesse by elevating his widow’s status. I guess all is forgiven now that the Liberal Party is helping Leni become Vice President. It turns out she wants the power associated with the post. She thought she’d have us all fooled when she said she is not ambitious.

64 Replies to “Leni Robredo’s vindictiveness and false humility a turnoff to voters”

  1. How insane Failipinos in the Failippines are as humans when having received a nasty offense we return the same awful offense. If given an apple found to be rotten and wormy, would Failipinos not toss it aside rather than force a soul to eat it? Offenses should be discarded, not returned.

    So revenge is obviously a deeply messed-up expression of vindictiveness. It is hard to even call it “evil.” It is just plain insanity. A result of deeply messed-up thinking.

    People are only human, point taken. They let their emotions get the best of them sometimes. It’s a weakness. Some can’t handle rejection without reaction. So when you say “No” it burns some people (especially among Failipinos in particular) who are in high positions. Do expect him/her to be condescending.

  2. Here we have another incompetent servant leader kuno; Leni Lobredo, pilit na pinahihinog ng LP … Like mangoes …Kinalburo … To look better… But it taste awful … Kalburo is very expensive … Is it 500M Php???
    If elected VP, and anything happen to the elected President ; then we will have a reluctant and incompetent President.
    Sorry … Leni…we have had enough incompetent Presidents…
    that brought down our Beloved Country… Leni… Enough is enough..
    you missed my vote …

    1. She is also the elite type who can easily pretend that she is not corrupt. Her father was a former judge appointed by FEM and her mother is Mrs Gerona a former teacher in Collegio de Sta Isabel in Naga city. Her former students told that their family is the same as those influenced paddlers and corrupt during Ferdinand Marcos time if you considered him as a corrupt president. Kaya mahirap nagmamalinis espcially the way how she thrown mud against Bongbong, but people who knows her is just like washing the dirty linen of her family.

  3. There is a Japnese saying: “Never trust a politician who doesn’t have any ambition”.

    This Filipino fascination with “reluctant candidates” eludes me. Is it an extension of our masochistic tendencies?

    1. It’s more of appealing to that Filipino tendency to be “pakyeme”.

      Filipinos reject those they perceive to be “overeager”; You have to wait for things to be “offered” to or “forced” onto you here.

    2. Itong mga posts na ito ay PR as any man with ample training in writing. None sense at paninira lang. The VP fight is between Leni Robredo and Bongbong. But many prefer one who does not have any taint of having benefited from a ruinous Martial Rule that ruined many lives and democratic institutions. Many will not rebel at EDSA is there was no basis. You must have seen at EDSA the joy of Filipinos freed from the bondage of fear, oppression, greed in the name of gain and extension of that unwanted rule. If by chance, Filipinos have forgotten that noltorious era particularly the youth, what can we do but hope that “he” will repay the misdeeds during his father’s rule, long and deep. We were deeply embedded into poverty as an aftermath. Sorry to tell the truth, we were there, as Filipinos were victims. We should see a repentant son who will spend his lifetime repair a ruined country. If not, NEVER AGAIN!

      1. Honestly speaking, your post is more of a PR.

        “Martial Law and EDSA are not valid issues in this election. Leave EDSA alone, do not drag it into this sordid campaign.” -Teddy Locsin, Jr.

      2. You’re totally clueless.

        After EDSA, nothing has changed. Everything you’ve seen at EDSA is nothing more than a mere delusion; anarchy is not freedom. Changing one political family to another is not freedom. Honestly, it seems you overjoyed about the Mendiola Massacre, Hacienda Luisita Massacre and the current incident in Kidapawan, Cotobato where hungry farmers were met by bullets instead. In fact, things like fear, oppression, greed are still existing in the guise of democracy. What does it THAT tell you? Such hypocrisy right there.

        And if by chance, people like have forgotten that things git worse after Marcos. More like Pinoys have to actually learn objective history. When people like you blindly say the Marcos Years were bad and give nothing constructive about it but rejoice the 1987 constitution and Cory’s efforts like it was a breath of fresh air, it’s like the same idiots who thought the Spanish finally leaving was a time of grace for the country. Yes only for the likes of Cojuangcos, Aquinos and such to take over and install their political dynasties for centuries on end. Because Pinoys are so caught up on extraneous details and forget the proper context in mind of the important events that happened.

        Sorry to tell the truth, but victim mentality is a loser mentality. So please, #NeverSayNeverAgain because that’s so dumb.

  4. Liberal Party has become so disgusting. Imagine the biggest applause during the gathering of their leaders in Club Filipino this week was reserved for Butch Abad. It was not even for Mar, Leni, or PNoy. Sonamagan, it was for Abad?

    Of course, it is for Abad because he does not call PDAF, DAP and Malampaya as such anymore. Abad now talks of BuB. He is their genius when it comes to the manipulation of discretionary funds, which by the way is at 800B to oneT now, right in the face of SC and the nation. Oh, I forgot, we don’t have a Supreme Court; what we have is a Sereno Court. The only thing supreme about SC now is that it looks like an instant noodle, as in Lucky Me, Supreme noodle.

    So, as in the Corona impeachment when each legislators/judges got their DAP, so their LGU leaders are now expecting their BuB if it has not yet been distributed to them. No wonder a few in their ranks who are still principled wanted to vomit; their loyalty is now outside of LP. But, the Club Filipino event was a loyalty check, and there was Mar shouting: “We will win.” Kawawa naman our Wharton guy, talagang na-bobo na. Can he not see that they went there, not to see him, but to cheer their beloved Abad? What does Mar think, these LGU guys don’t look at pre-poll surveys? Or, does Mar know something about Hocus-Pcos that nobody else knows about? He is in the 4th, a bottom dweller, and still expect to win with three weeks to go before May 9. (Media keep saying it is still a 4way race bcuz the political machinery of Binay and Mar don’t kick in till election day. This is a lie, everyone on the ground can see it is a two way race, or are they conditioning the public there will be massive cheating.)

    And Leni in the company of these thieves? Gosh, she better think, and I think she is thinking because during her interview with Karen Davila, she said something to the effect that she could work with any President, not necessarily Mar. Boy, was that not a slap on Mar’s face? And of course, during the debate, the words Mar, PNoy, and Daan Tuwid never came out of her mouth. If she is that principled as they say she is, she must be having some sleepless nights. Maybe, she should talk to that WB rep who understand privately concedes that if there was an Ali Baba during ML, a conjugal plunder, today, there are 40 thieves, or more than a whole soccer team plundering. No wonder what is being plundered today is three, four times. Maybe, the rep could convince Leni to bolt out of the party.

    And, the followers of Mar are talking of #MARangal, decency, etc. Sonamagan, how can yellowtards be so blind? Decency, my foot. They are not only defending incompetence, but a filth that will be exposed after June 30 as so filthy than the crap of a pig. Really gross. Or, are they so ignorant like a barber I recently encountered. He said: “Bakit, sir, magaling naman si PNoy, ha. Tignan nyo memorize nya lahat ng speech nya.” So, I was shocked and said: “Huh? Narinig mo na ba yun salitang, teleprompter?” …..”Anu po yun, sir?” Imagine we are in the 21st Century.

    In any case, Leni is no pro-active, strategic player at all, and I can see that. She is a bit better than PNoy, but that is not saying much of course because PNoy is the worst of all reactive players. But, Leni will find that she has been Peter-principled into VP by LP, because to be strategic thinker takes time, and she ain’t one at all. She is already at her best in Congress, working closely with civil societies – her talent will shine in that position.

  5. Someone needs to remind her that she’s running for a position that will force her to be the president should the need arise… We don’t need another reluctant leader. A VP should be ready and willing to assume presidency at any given time.

    1. yes but after we’d watched the VP Debate last Sunday on CNN Philippines & there’s one question asked to them if anyone of them have an ambition to run for the presidency in 6 years from now, and none of them (except Sen. Trillanes who’d refused to answer it) had answered yes, if I’m right. Maybe if someone will brought a lie detection then we will know which of them are really telling us the truth or not on this kind of question.

  6. Vindictiveness? You need to put more effort to rein in your bias, Ilda. Hasn’t it ever occurred to you that just like every other BBM opposition in the country, Ms. Robredo is genuinely afraid of what will happen to the Philippines should BBM become VP? It’s not hate, it’s patriotism.

    1. @JoHunter

      Oh where was your patriotism in the last six years? PNoy has been disrespecting the constitution since he started his term. Did you not realise it when he used pork barrel funds and DAP to buy favours from members of congress? You were not afraid when he tried to dismember the country with his unconstitutional BBL? It was BBM who helped stop the bill from being passed into law. You did not feel disgust when PNoy left the 44 SAFs and other civilians to die in the hands of the terrorists.

      Where was your patriotism when BBM was still running for senate? Why are you only now speaking against his candidacy? Surely if he can run for the senate, he can run for the Vice Presidency. He hasn’t been convicted of any crime. Oh please, if you are patriotic, respect the constitution and give BBM his right to presumption of innocence and his right to defend himself in court.

      1. way to go ilda……i am a bicolano and there are times i even sat beside leni robredo in the same bus en route to naga city…… but heck no my vote is certainly will count and add value to the rest of the million voters in the philippines and i will not put it on a bahala na traits….i will vote duterte and marcos coz i am waiting for a betterment back home coz i am really fed up being an OFW SINCE 30 YEARS na i wanna go home and stay for good but in a well off home country…..i know in my wits and broad informations facts and history and future paths that my philippines is filthy wealthy natural and physical in character we have everything there i mean everything just enough to live life and prosper but it is so dirty and clogged with lazy corrupt criminals and greedy few ruling our lives and resources….. i want that duterte and marcos clean it and polishing the pearl of the orient foe the whole of pilipinas and it’s mamamayan …….

        1. $4 billion recovered so far by PCGG will Duterte prosecute the Marcoses in his anti corruption programming to recover the remaining $6B or fantasy nanaman eto.

        2. @Ranliv:

          In case you don’t notice, the PCGG are nothing but another group of plunderers. They recovered the said $4 billion yet they never paid a single Martial law victim? Isn’t that kinda weird?

      2. Ilda, I just noticed that in every reply you make, you always make it about Pnoy and his failures. The issue was about Robredo. You should lessen your obsession to Pnoy so that you may be able to see a better perspective. You are so stuck in Pnoy’s failures that it disables you to write and think sensibly. You are being so paralyzed by your own hatred.

        1. You’re missing the point. Robredo is part of the Liberal Party so Noynoy is also included in the discussion since he incited Leni Robredo to be Mar Roxas’ running mate.

          Unfortunately, people like you fail to see Noynoy’s failures that it disables you to THINK. You are being so paralyzed by your own Yellowtardism and delusion.

    2. JoHunter, you are not a patriot if you support oligarchs who plundered this country and a President who is not only mentally challenged, but also an incompetent nincompoop.

      This stupid woman is not fit to be the Vice President as she has zero experience and is nothing but an empty, yellow colored coconut.

      Fake, faker, MOST FAKE!

      You yellow dumbasses with your idiotic propaganda which is based on NON-performance and empty phrases make me sick to my stomach. You morons RUINED this country.

        1. Habang ikaw naman ay diabetic. Ayaw mo ng mapait na katotohanan kasi ang hirap sa iyo gusto mo palagi ay puro rainbow at unicorn ang nakikita mo.

    3. Patriotism my ass yellow nazi. More like you, your retarded pwesident and all of his allies are credit grabbers to some Filipinos’ own goals with your bullshit ponoy prayd and the enemies of the state because all you outlaws did nothing but give trouble to the Filipino people. Also, so much for patriotism if your retarded pwesident always pin the yellow ribbonin his shirt instead of the Philippine flag.

    4. Son, your comment proves that you have shallow thinking. Making baseless assumptions for self-pleasure and covering your won stupidity.

      And please, stop relying on surveys. Just ask Dick Gordon and Miriam Defensor-Santiago. 🙂

  7. That mobile survey that David Yap already warned us about in an article is now saying Leni is leading in their survey.

    Well, I will add something to what David already said about that doubtful survey. Don’t forget that CH.5 is “owned” by Manny Pangilinan (MVP), which means it is really owned by the Salim Group of Indonesia. MVP is just an employee of Salim, although MVP is one of top 10 highest paid executives in Asia.

    PLDT is in effect owned by Salim, but this is covered by layers and layers of holding companies.

    Now, let me ask which companies are the worst when it comes to employee compensation of rank and file? You guess right, companies “owned” by MVP.

    Now ask yourself who among the candidates will question the ownership structure of PLDT, a telco that has choked the internet speed, and the candidate who will question the way they pay their employees? MVP will make sure that candidate will not win.

  8. What vindictiveness are you talking about? It is the pinoy politician political theatrics to ride on the people’s illusory and vicarious sense of justice.

    This “vindictiveness” surely disappears after election or the power holders desperate arsenal to stay in power. The power holders must have imagine enemies to attack as cover for the abuses or incompetence

    1. Read the whole article again idiot! Isn’t leni’s hostility against bbm for always bitching martial law when in fact he’s not involved in that already a vindictiveness? Oh don’t tell me you believe in the sins of the fathers. And even if bbm will win, he doesn’t have the power to declare martial law because 1. his position is only vice president and 2. there are lots of processes for declaring that law.
      And no, vindictiveness will never disappear once leni loses the candidacy that she and her liberal mafia will always do black propaganda against bbm (if he win) in order for him to step down. Common sense naman uy!

  9. I believe there something “fishy” in Jesse Robredo’s death. He ended up in the bottom of the Mindanao Sea. Puno breaking into Robredo’s apartment, after his death? What is Puno’s motive in breaking into Robredo’s apartment? The Aquino administration is hiding something…and Puno, the hatchet man of Aquino and Mar Roxas, may had done something awful, in the death of Robredo.

    Leni Robredo reluctance in assuming the duty of the Presidency, in any event, is a Hint, that : SHE IS NOT READY, FOR THE POSITION OF VICE PRESIDENT. PLEASE CHOOSE A CANDIDATE, WHO IS READY AND WILLING TO BECOME A PRESIDENT, IN ANY EVENT…

    We have a “pakipot” vice presidential candidate. Hoping that her “pakipot” tactic would earn her votes. What a dumb woman!!!

    1. While feminazis like you should troll harder because your fangirlism is no different from the dutertards. What’s the matter feminazi? Exclusive lang sa inyo ang karapatan?

  10. Leni so far is the most truthful candidate. She is a lawyer who served the poor even if she doesn’t have any position in government. She is more than just a widow of the late Jesse Robredo! Her simple lifestyle, intelligence, and truthfulness will surely make her win!

    1. That’s because idiots like you make her win thanks to your anti-elite and wowowee mentality. Anong tingin mo kay leni si willie revillame?

  11. Leni is the best VP candidate there. Years of genuine public service with the qualifications to boot. Untarnished by corruption allegations.

    1. And yet she’s very vindictive when all she bitches to bbm is nothing but martial law and ill-gotten wealth that there are no actual evidence.

    2. Untarnished by corruption allegations.

      Very funny. Yet she’s one of the people who approved the unconstitutional Bangsamoro Basic Law. What does THAT tell you?

  12. You see, not one of her opponents dare say snything against Leni because there is nothing bad they can say about her. I am sure she is not perfect like you and me, for who is? Obviously, you are not a woman with conviction like her, and how you hate her humility. What can you do? She is a humble person and compassionate. You obviously have a problem.

    1. You missed one thing: she coherently bashed Bongbong in their first debate so where’s the humbleness and compassionate stuff?

      YOU obviously have a problem because you’re an Aquino apologist. Your point?

    2. Humility and compassion are not the best qualities to find in a leader.
      Its rationality and charisma. Both of which PNoy lacks, and I an sick of any candidates associated with him though I am sick of Roxas being such a bigheaded schmuck as it is.
      Humility as much as it prevents fights, but too much of it or too much show of it would ultimately kill off ambition. Not self ambition only, ambition overall.
      Compassion is not important, we need only enough but compassion that foolishly thinks it can save everyone will ultimately be bad for all. You cannot save the poor forcefully. You can only give them opportunities, taking it and being lucky is up to them.

    3. Actually bbm doesn’t have to because he focused on his campaign and not being like “vote me because I’m popular” that your bitch candidate always do. Rabid yellowturd monkey.

  13. Lenie Robredo in my view is the best candidate for VP. She has the background and compentency to assist or work well with the president whoever is elected. She has the sincerity to help the poor and the leadership strong enough to make it happen. The views of the writer in this article while I respect reflects her own personal views which I think favors more of her candidate for the same position. As for the gains of EDSA, the problem why it did not prosper should not only be blamed on the current and past administrations but largely to us Filipinos who still support and vote corrupt leaders whose purpose of running for office is just to protect their own vested interest. If we really want to change, we should choose leaders not on the basis of affiliation but more on their competency and capabilities. We need to mature and must change for the better..

  14. one position at time..she not hypocrite she just telling what is on his mind now to be a good vice president..if elected.focus lang muna s isang job..wag mag madali..people love pakipot effect even duterte used that tactics.she is learning the trade and she has an appeal to the masses.ayaw nyang sirain yung by being so eager to seek the higher office..alam nman ntin lahat nagbabago..mas maganda kng may drama effect..remember politics and entertainment.. go hand in hand in the phil..

  15. But when “Not Mar, then I will resign”?

    Why is that so?

    If she has a clear plan for the country and not a puppet of LP then, Roxas or not she can work hand in hand with other candidates to make the country a better place.

    She saying this just proves that she is incapable of becoming a VP.

    Plus they are using the same tactic that Noynoy used to win the elections. Vote her because her husband who is a good politician died.

  16. No truth to all what the author wrote. Over and over again Leni has said she has no desire to become the President of the Phil. If she become one it is because of early death of Duterte. 6 years from now she will not file COC for President.

    1. You missed the point of the article. The VP is only a heartbeat away from the Presidency. If something happenes to Duterte, what would Leni do considering she does not want to be President? She’s not making any sense.

  17. actually the part of the rico puno – jess robredo clash became a root on those who made this legend that atty jess did not died on a plane crash but assassinated by a plane crash.

    what a coincidence. the last political figure i knew who died from a plane crash is ramon magsaysay. there is a legend resounding magsaysay’s death that he was assassinated by the cia “for being too much nationalistic of pro-filipino.”

    remember when sen jose w. diokno made a speech on filipino nationalism and he quoted:

    filipino nationalism is pro-american… we think of the americans as our liberators

    in this speech at the us congress, he was not applauded due to the tone and message of diokno towards the united states.

    so whats the connect from late sen diokno to late pres magsaysay to late sec robredo. when you tried to sing in favor of righteousness, you die. same goes to malcolm x to martin luther king, they die also for propagating african-americans to wake them up to this white supremacy zeal of power. same goes to what these three did except diokno, he was not assassinated.

    the most interesting part here is the point where the same characters and actors involved in this kind of setup. we have the cia and noynoy aquino, the son of cory that jess favored but the turnout is that the son has no trust to atty jess. wait a second am i right… im getting more confused.

    dont forget the speech cory made in congress: join us america … oh i see, its still the same players involved with an indirect touches. never forget the quote:

    i dont care if he’s a son of a bitch as long as he’s our son of a bitch.


    so the big picture is this, its still not the interest of the people being placed on this picture, its still the interest of the few. for protecting rico puno’s right to rape the nation, they need to shut jess robredo up.

    sorry maria leonor gerona. why should i be sorry for her if she is now under the curse of the yellow plague. oh yeah, she’s already part of the plague. its like cory knew the death of her husband being planned by the family to protect the interest on preventing hacienda luisita to go to the hands of its tenants.

    haysssss… so its still the same shit! ouch!

    to tell you one thing, its not only atty jess who became a victim of abnoy’s yellow fever/plague. i know there were two of them. one is the late chief justice renato corona being impeached not because of declaring his saln but because of favoring the farmers of hacienda luisita.

    and there is emilio ramon ejercito or jeorge estregan. does it ring any bells?? asiong salonga. boy golden. el presidente. and the villain of batang x. son of george estregan, nephew of erap, cousin of jake ejercito. (info only if you dont know him) he was charged of overspending by comelec en banc but the real reason why he was disqualified from being governor of laguna:

    kung natuloy lang ang pacific channel na programa ng pangulong marcos di sana lumulubog ang laguna

    now you have it.

    its not only atty jess but there are more. but in the point of atty jess, they need to shut him up just to protect rico puno and someone told me that there is a rift between robredo and a visayan politician for that politician is part of daang matuwid’s inner circle. also, robredo barred a dap funded program that will receive kickbacks (unlike his wife got kickbacks from a fish port program).

    for the yellow plague will not be hindered to its hidden agenda, assassinating robredo is a way of pulling a thorn on their interests. just like a saying says “masamang damo matagal mamatay“. this was also a reason why lourd de veyra sung a part of his segment that it should had been mar that died. hahaha! lol

    ahhh well, what can we do. standing for the truth is risky but it shall give you a name above all name. in a way that truth will set you free but in reality, it hurts. fighting for freedom needs blood and sweat, same as the truth. thats why to get the dirty job done, you need to be quick and clean. but, our opponents must always remember:

    you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.


  18. Not for now.. but if it happens, she has no choice but to take post as presisident.. yun ang nsa batas.. at khit nman sabihin nya na wla syang ambisyon sa mas mataas na posisyon depende prin yan sa magiging sitwasyon sa susunod na eleksyon..

  19. How to Be a Hypocrite Like Leni Robredo

    1. Accuse the President of being intolerant of dissent, but delete critical comments against you from your official Facebook page.

    2. Project yourself as an accomplished “people’s lawyer”, but make sure the media never ask you questions harder than what a 4-year-old Little Miss Philippines contestant can understand.

    3. Claim to be transparent, but when accused of links to drug lords and jueteng lords by anonymous insiders from your hometown, arrange to take down the website of your hometown newspaper that has old reports on those issues.

    4. Build up your political career using the memory of your late husband, and act like a devoted celibate widow, while carrying on an affair with a congressman.

    5. Talk as often as you can about fighting poverty and uplifting the laylayan ng lipunan, but pose for luxury magazines whenever you can, wearing clothes and jewelry that cost enough to feed entire families.

    6. Attend as many CSR activities as you can and claim credit for them. Even if your attendance was only for photo op, refer to the organizers of said activities as your “partners” to promote your imaginary anti-poverty program.

    7. Keep telling people that you didn’t really aspire to be vice-president, and that you have no interest in being president, but hang on for dear life to the VP post, and block every attempt to start the investigation on election cheating and hold a recount.

    8. Market yourself as God’s greatest gift to Philippine politics, but shirk away from having to take any real responsibility for leading your own political party.

    9. Say “I won’t be silenced” whenever negative news about you comes out, even if no one is actually bothering to silence you. Make empty-headed statements about every topic under the sun to keep yourself in the news. Keep claiming you’re being silenced, even if no day goes by without your inane statements clogging the media.

    10. If bloggers criticize you, accuse them of being paid trolls, but retain a well-funded socmed team that does nothing but post flattering comments about you on news sites using multiple fake accounts, and order them to attack your critics.

    Bonus tip: Keep talking about the human rights of criminals and drug pushers, but say nothing about the victims of their crimes. Complain and criticize the president everyday, but never do anything to solve any problems yourself. Just keep going around attending events, giving speeches, holding interviews, and reacting to everything the president says and does, so you look like you’re “working”. Remember, it doesn’t have to be true, it just needs to look like that. You can always fly off to the beach with the congressman in the middle of the workweek if you need to take a rest from doing nothing.

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