Crushing Criminality: Duterte’s 6 Months vs Poe’s 1 Month


If 6 months to stop criminality was kind of a stretch for many of us, Grace Poe’s answer to the Duterte camp’s plan is that she can ensure our “feeling of security” in just a month. A woman of hardly any executive experience will attempt to outdo a public official who has been in the tough business of hands-on governance for decades.

Well I can understand how slipping behind to No.2 in the latest survey (Duterte at 30% vs. Poe at 25%) can get a previous leading candidate desperate; but this kind of statement just seems too surreal for even half-wit squatter tambays drunk on Red horse to even take seriously.

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How in the world will Poe achieve this? – considering the first month in office will be loaded with a hectic schedule of organizing cabinet ministers and leaders in government, the arduous process of transitioning into new leadership for many departments and agencies, and communicating to them the plans and strategies to which they must align to.

Poe is very vocal about the right person she has in mind to lead the police force. It seems the success or failure of her entire presidency simply hinges on her perception of how competent these appointees are. She has even simulated it all in her head that some kind of incentive system for local government units will entice local officials and police units enough to cut down crime rates.

A Presidency is About Image Projection

Grace Poe fails to realize what a presidency really entails: that it’s about personifying vision and leadership. The president himself/herself is the very symbol of either the strength or weakness of the entire government and country, and is the face the international community will see for them to make decisions on how to deal with us – whether to respect us or dismiss us as an irrelevant nuisance.

How criminal and destabilizing elements view Poe is more important than who Poe appoints as crime czar. Ang mga criminal ba ay manliliit, o mamaliitin ba nila si Grace? Poe is not someone to be feared; she projects an aura of grace and soft-heartedness. Not that these qualities are not assets for people in public service; they are. But for a crime-infested third-world country like the Philippines, a motherly figure is the least we need now.

We have to realize that many battles are won just based on “projection.” As in poker or the game of bluff, it’s what image you project to your opponent that makes them either cower or be emboldened in the amount they are willing to bet against you.

Duterte claims he can address criminality in 6 months. He even said “killl me if I fail to bust crime in 6 months.” Cayetano also said they will both resign if they don’t deliver. Duterte projects confidence; and it is founded on a very sound logical basis and plan. His audacity in proclaiming this is not devoid of experience to back it up. In fact, it has more to do with his very essence as a leader than anything else.

Should Motherly Women Become Presidents in the Philippines?

This brings us to the question of the appropriateness of placing women trying to project an image of motherhood as supreme commander-in-chief of our men in uniform in the Philippines.

We have seen what Cory brought to our country. Relentless coup d’etats rocked her presidency. But when a respected Military General (Ramos) took the helm, peace and stability were achieved almost instantaneously.

The Philippines as a society has not matured enough to be led by gracious ladies. We can understand why advanced functional societies have no problem with a Merkel or a Thatcher. But the Pinoy psyche is nowhere near their level in evolution. What we need as president at this stage as a nation is someone with a name whose very mention will bring criminals and corrupt officials trembling and scrambling like cockroaches.

PNoy projected an image of “Daang Matuwid” and international rating agencies and investors bought it. An image even if feigned can work wonders. We need an image of a Punisher for this undisciplined society. So between a Poe and a Duterte, who would you rather trust to deliver on their claims to bring peace and order in the land of chaotic anarchic zombies?

Would you trust an inexperience newbie who claims will deliver a “feeling” in a month, or would you rather bank on a battle-hardened proven crime buster who will stake his very life to deliver concrete results in half a year?

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of a certain candidate? The answer should give you enough basis to judge whether you should cast your vote behind him/her. For example, think of Mar – the first word that will surface will likely be “incompetence” or “clown.” So should you vote for him?

“Common sense for Pinoys” is my wish for all who will be exercising their right of suffrage this May. May the most qualified symbol of respect and resolve win!

42 Replies to “Crushing Criminality: Duterte’s 6 Months vs Poe’s 1 Month”

  1. If God created earth in 7 days, Poe can crush criminality in one month – simple logic, lol

    I like Grace Poe but not to be a President

    1. God created the universe in 6 days. He rested on the 7th day. He created the earth in 1 day and that was the 3rd day. The earth was created simultaneously with the sea (Genesis 1:10). If God created the universe in 6 days, it doesn’t follow Grace Poe-Llamnzares can crash criminality in one month. God’s power has no match. I don’t even believe she can do it in six years. She is just all words and no substance.

  2. Good point about the country lack experience in democracy. Patriotism is the key element growing the tradition of democracy. The countries mentioned above all have experience a period of patriot ism in their country hoatory. Philippines may have their share of revolutions but the idea of fighting for freedom has not translated in the idea filipino citizenry as synonymous to liberty and democracy.

    Look for a correlation between ability of people to freely communicate with each other and their degree of understanding the meaning of democracy coincide with each other. And as a result a grassroot movement of civility, law and order and patriotism to arise. Once patriotism by masses is achieved, true democracy will fallow. Only caviet is the country population to some extent must be God fearing or patrionis may lead to totalitarian like communism or Nazism . The tree of liberty must be filled with both TYRANTS AND PATRIOTS …TJ

  3. Mar Roxas is the Poster Boy of Incompetence.

    Duterte and Cayetano promising to stop crime in six(6) month? It’s like promising a “Pie in the sky”…

    I don’t believe that any of these candidates can stop crimes. Or can stop criminals, from committing crimes.

    Grace Poe promised to stop crime in one(1) month? It’s like promising the moon, to a star struck ignoramus voter.

    The more I don’t believe. A newbie, with no Police or Military experience, to stop crimes?

    What is this: “Pataasan ng ihi”?

    I have yet, to find a nation on this Planet Earth, that have no crime. Even, in communist countries; they have crimes.

    If we arrest all criminals in the Philippines. The Bilibid Prison in Muntinglupa would be full. Anyway, the criminals there are enjoying good life. They have : TV; Shopping Center; Churches; Drug Factories; Drug dealing inside/outside the Prison; Prostitution; etc…Who would not want to become a criminal.

    Why not talk about your Vision on the country?
    How to increase jobs, so that people will not go OFW.

    How to remove Feudalism, and enact the Land Reform Program.

    How to defeat the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda; NPA and other insurgents running around freely in the country.

    How to stop graft and corruption. We have to jail most of the Congress People and Senators. They are the biggest criminals. They run the biggest criminal syndicates, by stealing from Pork Barrel, and from the National Treasury.

    How to prosecute those officials who were derelict in their duties, when they were in power.

    How to distribute, the Hacienda Luisita and other Haciendas to the Farmers/tillers.

    How to stop rampant graft and corruption, that is bleeding the country.

    How to be self sufficient in rice. We are importing rice, since the Aquinos took over.

    How to remove those invading Squatters in Metro Manila and other major cities.

    Please stop this nonsense. Most of us, are thinking people. Talk to us, about your platforms and solutions to our problems.

    1. OMG…what is happening with our political circus?
      Grace Poe, what do you think of us, Filipinos? Just because you slipped to no. 2 in the survey you lost your composure !!!
      You promise the moon and the stars …Grace Poe, what can you do on one month??? Ano ka Wonder Woman??? Pls don’t insult our intelligence … We voters are not dumb to just take what you say and promise…
      I don’t really trust you, Grace Poe…para ka ng Tatay mo … FPJ…this is not a REEL… THIS IS REALITY…Grace, ano ka Hilo…
      Sorry…you lost my vote …

    2. Mar Roxas is the Poster Boy of Incompetence.

      Is this your slogan? I was actually expecting a list of the incompetencies to support the opening sentence.

      “Most of us, are thinking people.” Ahh, the irony.

      1. @Ma Ru:

        “Mar Roxas is the Poster Boy of Incompetence….”

        This is not a slogan; but the Stark Truth, staring us.

        Mar Roxas was a Failure in anything he managed, handled, or administered.

        He mismanaged the Typhoon Yolanda Relief Efforts. Now, the Typhoon Yolanda fund is missing. The donated relief goods are rotting in warehouses.

        Mar Roxas called the Mamapasano massacre a “misencounter”. What a dumb guy!

        He is good in photo opportunities; as if he was posing to charm and deceive voters, that he could be a successful manager. What a dimwit.

        Mar Roxas is the foremost Ass Licker of the mentally retarded Aquino. both of them are mentally retarded.

    3. Sir i think, uhmmm, in my own opinion, people like you who are afraid to embrace change. Let’s just say you acquired a lump some money for you to build a business, i think you will be considering to put up your business in a place secured with less crimes, right? So how do you propose to encourage investors to come here in the philippines and establish their businesses if we have not even established peace in our lands. How can you attract more jobs if we cannot somehow stop crimes? When peace is established we can definitely achieve economic growth, thus more oppurtunities for our tambays and kanto boys. Hence, they can now avail to purchase their own lands and not to be squatters anymore.

      You dont need to plead for them to tell you their platforms/visions to our country. One candidate is offering us his service.

      We dont need to look for another option because duterte is our only option.

      1. Your only option? Or you just hate to think critically? You know who you sound like? Those roxasses. You can’t even answer this question “How to defeat the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda; NPA and other insurgents running around freely in the country.” because your candidate duterte himself is siding with those rebels. If you think there is indeed no option then how about you don’t vote at all? Besides, voting is becoming meaningless if you failipinos are so insane for expecting different results.

    4. it seems that you only want to hear promises but remain blind to track record. wake up to reality or live in nightmares.

  4. I do not believe either of them but I trust Duterte would try his best to quell criminality. On the other hand, Poe is becoming pathetic. She just cannot say what she thinks the people want to hear, that is just playing with everyone.
    But playing with the hopes of the people can backfire, they can only reach a certain level of gullibility. Her motherly statements work on many stupid minds, sadly.

    Duterte is focusing on one thing. He does not show the desperation to win the presidency. This guy is in no way pathetic, people flock to him and we cannot blame him. He is so unconventional and that is why he appeals to many voters. He does not promise to solve or try to solve everything but only one thing. And honestly even if it takes 6 years to quell crime and give Davao City level peace for the next 10 years, then that would great!
    PNoys achievements economically isn’t even his doing, most probably just attracted investors and not changing the trend, any president can do what he did as part of the job.

    Lastly on Poe, she is using her fathers name and her fathers death to get votes. It is pathetic and desperate enough.

    1. I have done a little research when I read in some post that she will stop criminality in just 1 month. With her personality as she project in public, I could not believe it. She is just promising security, some people just over exaggerated her statement. She is doing her research on people who she can appoint as her cabinet members and having faith on those people that they will be able to deliver results. Mr. Duterte is willing to use military if he does not find trustworthy people who can deliver results, this is a clear martial law.

      For Poe to use his father’s name, think about it, will she be interested in politics if Fernando Poe did not run as a presidential candidate in 2004 election? She has been an American citizen. Since she wants to glorify her father and to thank the masses for their love to her father that is why she wants to serve the Filipino people.

  5. Duterte’s initiative in combatting crime in the Philippines is an uphill battle to pursue, something to say, it’s a good start.

    Poe’s initiative to combat crime in one month – she’s dreaming, and she is DARNA? Without her ‘BATO’ Darna is a person with disability! Maybe Grace Poe is now handling that “BATO” while she’s offering how to fight the crime in one month!!

  6. One word: crazy. Duterte’s promise of crushing criminality in 6 months is already a miracle in itself, but a month?
    Poe is not a god. She barely has any experience. Criminality has been here in the Philippines for decades and is deeply rooted in the government.
    Without a doubt, this statement is to up her chances of winning the presidency. Is the crushing the criminality in the government a joke now? On who gets to stop it for the shortest period of time?
    If it’s a joke, tell me when to laugh so I’ll know.

  7. Poe, ang kailangan namin ay ung President na ginagawa na nya or may sample na sya like DAVAO tungkol sa kanyang mga sinalita hindi ung salita lang na walang gawa or ngawa ka lang ng ngawa pero wala ka pang nagawa tungkol sa pinangako mong pinatamis na pananalita…hindi na e2 payabangan ng joke sa noontime TV Show.

  8. Tama nga naman. Ang kapayapaan ay hindi lang dapat nakikita kundi nararamdaman dapat ng mga tao.Balatkayo ang lipunan natin ngayon. Sinasabing tumataas ang ekonomiya pero maraming hindi ang nakakaramdam. Sinusuportahan ko ang sinabi ni Sen.Grace na feeling of security. Kung maipapadama ito sa mga tao, mas magkakaroon ng kaayusan sa lipunan at mawawala ang kanilang takot.

  9. Remember her plan that police officials who fail in meeting the 30-day deadline would be replaced. Yan ang may plano at di puro salita lang.

  10. As i recall, she never said she’ll fix the country’s crime issue in a month. She said Filipinos would feel secure under that time.

    The two is very different. It could mean that we can relax because we can see competent leaders and police officials in our govt.

    The people are exaggerating her claims trying to compare it to duterte’s dramatic statements.

    1. Filipinos are demanding little bastards. They love to twist statements and their logic is totally out of the bounds of reasoning.
      In short, you will be held accountable if you spurt out seemingly innocent statements like that.
      Why, you may ask?
      filipinos are emotionally-driven, not a thinking kind of people. doesnt matter what you say – what matters is what they understand of your statement
      so grace, wrong move

  11. Her plans i think can be implemented the day she is proclaimed as president. Unlike other’s miraculous promises.

  12. Poe is using the “feeling of security”. That is a play on the Duterte’s record because per record Davao is high number of crimes (4th) but people feel safe.

    Davao’s claim to fame of being one of the safest city in the world is based on “crowd-sourced survey” not on actual facts and figures. Hence, Poe’s language.

    Maybe she plans on silencing a few journalists too and so the media will censor itself too.

  13. In a span of a month, I guess what a President Poe would have to do to instill a “feeling of security” is somewhere along the lines of “security” and “theater.”

    1. “instilling feeling of security”…is different from Stopping crime…

      I can feel secured, but criminals could be running around in my neighborhood.

      Please don’t instill the feeling of security in me. Fight and stop crimes. And, deter criminals from committing crimes…this is the what I want…”huwag magpalusot”…”Hindi kami mga tanga”…

  14. If indeed Poe said that she assures a feeling of security in 6 months and cocksure Duterte claiming to stop criminality in 6 months, I predict a bloody civil war whoever wins the presidency between this two pretenders unless the US will support a military dictatorship and an honest to goodness legal reforms is introduced.

  15. Asessss!! Sabi nga ni madam Llamanzares na “Feeling of Security” di ba? Feeling lang nga yun and nothing more. Para bang “Feeling ko na maganda ako”, problema na ng iba kung nakita nilang di talaga ako maganda.. basta ako, “Feel” ko… hehehe..gets??

  16. Ayoko kay Grace Poe, hindi dahil sa bagito sya o kaya yang non-citizen bullshit na pinupuna sa kanya — Pinoy sya at lahat na may dual-citizenship.

    Ang ayaw kobsa kanya, nauto sya ni Chiz Escudero. Kung kaya sya utuin ng douchebag na un, pano pa yung iba??

  17. How can the Filipino people feel secure if a newbie, inexperienced individual is running the country? She herself admits that she is just a newbie. This is a very serious job that should be taken seriously. The Filipinos are done with promises. We want action!

  18. Duterte’s definition: Feeling of Security = Kung kaya mong hayaang maglakad sa labas until the wee hours of the morning ang iyong magandang daughter/wife; at panatag ka na makakauwi siya ng hindi-na-molest/dukot.

    Crime has to stop video


    Poe’s definition: ???

    Filipinos should be on the same page on this rather subjective topic (feeling of security). Otherwise, we won’t really get an apples-to-apples comparison.

    Please ask Poe what she really means by her statement; she should know better than to mislead and keep Filipinos’ hopes up with her vague promises.

  19. I won’t even waste my time researching about her platform or planned policies. I watched the 2 Presidential debates. She’s promising the world to the people. But I can never vote for someone whose immediate family can’t even vote for her. Too many lies, too many manipulations. I can’t forgive her and the people behind the Supreme Court’s decision to allow her to run.

    1. The Supreme Court is the law of the land. I doubt that nome of
      the SC justices are in cahooys with Grace for them to declare her eligible to rum for the presidency. Forgive the SC and Grace? Lol, do you really think they gIve a rat’s ass whether u forgive them or not? They do not even ask for anyone’s forgiveness and, frankly. there is nothing to forgive.

      They did no harm to anybody. If Grace wins ( I sure hope not), it is because of the people’s will. All politicians lie. You just have to choose the best lying politician who can do a good job in running the country.

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