Bongbong Marcos was a class act in #PiliPinasDebates2016 Episode 2


It was a fine battle of brains and wit the likes of which had not been seen in Philippine politics for years! But it was not a battle amongst equals. As my colleague Ilda had earlier pointed out, vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos was a clear standout in last night’s vice presidents’ debate (dubbed #PiliPinasDebates2016) hosted by CNN Philippines.

Marcos was a standout because he exhibited remarkable grace and dignity fending off the infantile loaded questions flung at him by the other candidates, notably Chiz Escudero, Alan Peter Cayetano, and the trailer amongst the majors, Liberal Party candidate Leni Robredo. The accusations and zingers issued by these three against Marcos were nothing new. Even hakot “activists” dragged straight out of their Grade 1 class and onto various street rallies have for years been parroting the trite anti-Marcos drivel delivered by Escudero, Cayetano, and Robredo on national television.

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The candidates were, of course, playing to the balasubas Filipino audience. This is, after all, a Philippine election — essentially a popularity contest. And to be popular in the Philippines, you need to pander to mass audience tastes. Filipino tastes and manners were all on exhibit on Sunday, the 10th of April. Listening to the hoots, jeers, and screams of the audience, you’d think you were watching a cock fight. In such a crowd, simply mouthing a familiar slogan will rouse the audience. That, essentially, is what the vice presidential candidates did throughout the night. They were not really addressing one another, they were addressing the audience. When you are a hammer, everything you see is a nail. When you are a politician everyone is a voter.

Marcos is, of course, a politician. But unlike his rivals who stooped to the masa and assumed that position permanently, Marcos struck a fine messaging balance during the debate. Like an excellent episode of Sesame Street or Spongebob Square Pants, Bongbong delivered finely-crafted soundbytes that were exquisitely-multiplexed to appeal to both educated and uneducated, young and old, rich and poor, urbane and bakya. In short, what came out of his mouth was a multi-channeled orchestra of ideas that appealed to all levels of audience sophistication.

This is true statesmanship. Real statesmen address entire nations.

Compare this to current President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III and his sidekick Mar Roxas with their tired and exceedingly annoying habitual use of Tagalog peppered with street lingo like “eh di wow” and the like. The reason the Philippines remains a blight on the intellectual landscape of southeast Asia is beause of “leaders” like these — rather than seek to uplift their people’s political discourse, they’d rather pander to their low-class humour and addiction to slapstick entertainment.

It is therefore no wonder that Bongbong Marcos resonates the strongest amongst the A, B, and C crowds — because he represents class and dignity. Perhaps this is something all Filipinos who aspire to be looked up to by their barrios and spend afternoons sipping lattes at Starbucks and rubbing elbows with the peninsulares at Glorietta should take note of. You don’t climb the Philippines’ social ladder by acting like buffoons — something politicians like Aquino, Roxas, Escudero, Cayetano, and Robredo have branded themselves around. Ask no less than boxing champ Manny Pacquiao whose vast wealth was virtually useless in his efforts to gain membership in the Manila Polo Club.

The Philippines’ financial impoverishment is but a mere symptom of its more profound social and cultural impoverishment. Because Filipinos routinely fail in their civic duty to conduct themselves with grace and dignity and exhibit basic courtesies to one another, they have woven a foundation of dysfunction into the very fabric of their society — one where distrust and envy reign instead of mutual support and collaboration.

Perhaps the grace Bongbong Marcos has shown during these debates, more than anything else, could serve as a reminder of the subtle leadership qualities and the nature of world-class statesmanship that Filipinos had somehow lost in the last 30 years. Since 1986, Yellow thinking had all but convinced an entire generation of Filipinos that being crass and stupid were virtues to be aspired to. It is time we change that squatter mentality culture and look to leadership that we could truly be proud of.

93 Replies to “Bongbong Marcos was a class act in #PiliPinasDebates2016 Episode 2”

    1. Weii, they can always accuse GRP of being pro-Marcos. But, GRP has already been writing about Marcos long, long before we even knew BBM was running for VP. It is because when the article is about Marcos, there is a healthy discussion in the comment box. So Marcos has been useful in elevating the quality of comments here.

      That the VP debate was better than that of the Prez, possibly because of the presence of BBM, we kind of expected because of our experience here in GRP. I think BenignO can confirm this.

      So, who cares if this site is labelled as pro Marcos. All we know is that Marcos has been useful in inducing critical thinking in the readers. Whether BBM wins or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that by his candidacy alone, he has already slap the bobo thinking that has followed the yellow era.

      1. Why should we care that the international courts deem their wealth as ill-gotten/criminal? Its fine for him to be glib. But the truth is you cannot explain how they got to be so rich. A grneration ago marcos senior parents struggled to send him to school and imelda and her mom slept in a garage. So where did all the money come from? A glib thief bongbong.

        1. Nice red herring you got there, slut. Just admit that you’re one of the bobo crowd that gets slapped on the face. 🙂

        2. Hey cynthia patag of the yellow hakot crowd. Where is your concrete proof of that desperate accusation of yours? Are you relying too much on yellow journalism again yellowtard? Pinatunayan na nga sa korte pinipilit mo pa rin na mali. Ano ka above the law katulad ng bobo mong panggulo?

        3. parang si Robredo abugadong naturingan Paulet ulet lang paano ba naming public servant mga iyan,excuse my words pero parang putang palaka na kokak ng kokak

        4. Ms cynthia even a very poor brgy capt who won for the election can save money why? Simply because that brgy captain knows how to earn for a living through receiving salary until the fruit of labor became high that leads to his success in political career.. And that same with the Marcoses not to mention they are a family of a genius clan. Former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos became a great leader because he looks the needs of his people before his very own needs. And that explains hw they became famous and rich. Genius! Very far from the stupidity of yellow aquinos!

  1. but the question is why Duterte didn’t choose BBM as his VP tandem & instead he’d choose Sen. Alan Cayetano? If he’d choose him as his VP, then do you think he might loose on his presidency this year because both of them made a controversy in the past like Duterte formed a vigilante group in his city before to curb down the criminality in Davao & the human rights group want to sue him in the court while BBM is the son of a former dictator in his country & now even worse, he’s facing a plunder case when COA had investigated their report that he’s also one of the politicians in our country who’d involved on the PDAF/DAP aka pork barrel scam? Just my 2 cents.

    1. Duterte could not get BBM as his VP, although Digong believes in the capability of Bongbong. Former Sen. Nene Pimentel who said that he was a victim of Martial Law belongs to Digong’s Political Party. So it is clear that if Duterte endorsed Bongbong as his VP there might be a reap between Duterte and his political allies.

      With regard to plunder case filed against BBM, let the court decide. Anyway, this is some sort of politicizing. Just saying

      1. Digong,bongbong marcos and joma…know how to trade principles. Theyll ssy its reconciliation but its capitulation

        1. Can I explain to you why your post is full of crappy assumptions and such? You’re doing this for attention whoring.

        2. Here’s the difference of bbm: he’s not even a communist. Hell, that is the reason why his father declared martial law and it’s so hypocritical of him if he’s indeed being a communist. Desperate hostility much whore?

        3. Looks like we have another noytard who thinks its propaganda is effective drivel.

          Yellow propaganda is never useful for debates as it is easily debunked by the truth.

    2. ang PDAF ni BBM na inimbestigahan ng COA ay lumabas na pineke ang pirma mismong foreign expert pa ang gumawa ng examine,yung maya santos naman 2013 pa eh terminated na ang trabaho kay BBM dahil hindi nito nagawa ang report na hinihingi ng opisina ni BBM, at yung DAP naman eh hindi tumanggap si BBM nyan,yan ay pansuhol na imbentong pondo nila abad at aquino sa mga mambabatas para i impeach si corona.hindi sa hindi sya pinili ni duterte,kung matatandaan mo huling huli na nag file ng candidacy si Duterte dahil wala talaga syang planong tumakbo,mas naunang nag file si BBM ng kanyang candidacy dahil sigurado na sya sa position na kanyang tatakbuhan,up to the last minute ang ginawang pagsunod sunod sa kanya ni cayetano para tumakbo.

    3. It’s just a mere political strategy.Duterte is a choice of the south while BBM is the choice of the majority in the north.the most important aspect here is that they are good buddies and could be excellent partners in leading the country.

      1. I strongly agree with Sir Rudy!! Our country still need the wisdom and leadership of Marcos… Still the best Leader among the others…

        1. And you’re an utak showbiz gossiper who always believe on gossips instead of facts. Your tears are very tasty whore.

        2. parang si Robredo abugadong naturingan Paulet ulet lang paano ba naming public servant mga iyan,excuse my words pero parang putang palaka na kokak ng kokak

    4. You must remember that DUTERTE said that in case he fails his promises to the masses within six months he will give the Presidency to Bongbong not Cayetano it so happens that Duterte realized who Cayetano is later.nhe accepted the boring Cayetano just for his insistence to be his VP. that’s it I hope you remember now kabayan.

  2. You’ve said it right, Sir Benigno. Sen. Bongbong Marcos was able to handle
    And answered with dignity, and showing his fine upbringing as a Leader. He remained cool and like a true statesman…he answered all the issues hurled at him…much more the rude and canto boy bullying of Cayetano. All the opponents of Sen. BBMarcos, came with their rude audience, not for a Debate of their platforms but rather to Lynch Sen . Marcos. The mudslinging by Cayetano and others, shows their uneducated attitudes.
    But, Sen. BBMarcos maintained his cool under fire attitude showing and manifesting BBM’s Leadership qualities. We love him more as he did not stoop down to Cayetano’s level. BBM deserves to be our next Vice President .
    Sen. BB Marcos stand out in that debate. Mabuhay ka Sen. Bongbong.

    1. The kind of leader the Filipinos desire to have for such a long time that will make us look more dignified and respected among the nation that surround us. I love your comment and have the same outlook … thank God for such a leader like BBM. thank you for your nice and encouraging comment.


  3. True statesman indeed. I like it when he’s humoring Cayetano who, in desperation to make BBM look evil, make senseless allegations without stating at least a proof source. Just like all the hecklers in the debate. And he’s a lawyer.

  4. Listening to the hoots, jeers, and screams of the audience, you’d think you were watching a cock fight.

    They came not with an open mind, to listen to what is good for the country, and to decide their vote thereafter. They have already decided their candidate, so they came to cheer as if it was Ateneo versus La Salle basketball match. But, the awful sounds they were generating, while I was watching it on TV made me conclude early on, it was a bakya crowd, the gusgusin kind, therein. Indeed, it was a sabong. No wonder foreigners don’t respect Pinoys; they think we never take anything seriously; it’s all just joke. ..yea, it’s more fun in PHL.

    Bongbong delivered finely-crafted soundbytes that were exquisitely-multiplexed to appeal to both educated and uneducated, young and old, rich and poor, urbane and bakya. In short, what came out of his mouth was a multi-channeled orchestra of ideas that appealed to all levels of audience sophistication.
    This is true statesmanship.

    EXACTLY. If they were not busy shouting him down, they certainly would have seen this in BBM.

    I was also impressed by Leni because she was not spouting party lines; perhaps she wants to dissociate herself from LP. She was actually citing things out of her own personal experiences. ….this woman is with the wrong political party. Ba’t sya nagpapagamit, I don’t now understand.

    .. rather than seek to uplift their people’s political discourse, they’d rather pander to their low-class humour and addiction to slapstick entertainment.

    Because they are not statesmen. They are prostitutes, worse than the ones in the red light district with STD.

    So, how do the tourists now look at Manila now? It is the Sin City of Asia, and tourists don’t need to go to the red light to know this country is filthy.

    Ask no less than boxing champ Manny Pacquiao whose vast wealth was virtually useless in his efforts to gain membership in the Manila Polo Club.

    Because breeding is not about money, Rolexes, or Porsches. I don’t know why Pinoys are so loud. Can they not appreciate the beauty of silence? (Which reminds me, perhaps Pacman should just drop his bid to be a senator, and just pass on that ambition to his children. To get them out of the Pinoy mindset, send them to a boarding school in say, Vancouver, for a start.)

    The Philippines’ financial impoverishment is but a mere symptom of its more profound social and cultural impoverishment.

    The core problem
    . The root cause of other problems

    And if they have been listening to BBM, they should have heard him asking to be the Secretary of DOLE. It is the Labor Portfolio. It is the most thankless job in government. This is something phenomenal. Really, an earthquake. He is looking at doing war with Oligarchs, if he really wants to do a good job in DOLE to benefit Labor.

    But, this means he understands the root cause of all problems. Humans cannot have dignity if they cannot have work. We cannot play in the global competition if part of the population is unemployed, or underemployed, or underpaid; we cannot play basketball with only two or three players; all five players should be in tip-top conditions. A secretary of DOLE, who is a VP, might just correct things in DOLE, which has so far been providing Oligarchs with slaves, who are Pinoys.

    His objective obviously is the growing of the middle class. If this is the objective then all other problem starts to fall in their proper and respective places. A working population means solving also cultural and social problems. It is a lofty objective, but it gives a hint that BBM is profound; all the other candidates are pygmies, as Tiglao already observed.

    When BBM said this, there should have been a thunderous applause from the audience. A VP who is a SEC of DOLE? And not just a token czar of OFWs as before? Out of this world!!! Oligarchs must have already taken notice, and that is why they sent people to shout him down, and the propaganda machine is in full throttle.

    But, it is up to the people to decide what is good for them. Vote with your mind, not your emo.

  5. That is what i call good Breeding and Cool attitude.
    Walang ka evil evil sa salita isip at gawa.???????????? natatawa pa at nangingite kapag pinepersonal.

        1. Are you watching too much generic, “pwede na iyan” pinoy action movies and telebasuras emotard fishball aka vincensus ignoramus?

      1. Alam mo ba kung ano ang ginawa ng Lolo ni Noynoy nung giyera laban sa Hapon? Alam mo ba kung sinu-sino ang mga kamag-anak ni Noynoy sa ina nya? Mga EVIL sila at nasa dugo rin ng Presidente, halatang halata pa.

  6. This is what happened:

    Marcos – associated with class, intelligence, decorum, acting dignified, etc. = evil

    Aquino, anti-Marcos – associated with bakya, “poor,” “downtrodden,” underdog, boorish, bastos, unintelligent, etc. = good

    As a result, Filipino people, even the middle class ones, have been conditioned to hate the intelligent, rational, reasoned way to do things and want the bakya, dumb and stupid things that drag us down as a nation. And even refusing to believe the latter one is also evil.

    In other words, they live out the warning of Issac Asimov = an anti-intellectualism that makes one’s ignorance as good as one’s truthful knowledge.

    Even the movies in Hollywood as well as the local ones celebrate ignorance and anti-intellectualism.

    Unfortunate indeed is that Marcos is the poster boy for “matalino” and “intelligent,” when there are surely more qualified examples out there. But, that’s it, Filipino society doesn’t like them.

  7. he may have delivered impeccable english and wit will never cover the truth that he is just running around the bush and deliberately ignoring the questions of about martial law abuses and greed. Kung nag nakaw ang magulang mo, at ang mga ninakaw ay nasa bahay niyo lang, isosoli mo ba ito sa tunay na may ari or you will just shrug your shoulder and say , “di naman ako ang nag nakaw nito eh”

    1. Where is your concrete evidence failipino? You better prove it to the court instead of your full retard whining. Hindi na nga sila guilty pinipilit mo pa. Are you being above the law like noybita?

        1. And how will you prove that to the court when all you did is nothing but pure accusations and your only source is your precious yellow journalism? Also, why put the blame to marcos when it’s enrile and ramos who are the masterminds of martial law? Natatakot ka lang na matatapos na ang mga maliligayang araw nyong mga bayarang yellow army ano?

        2. how will you explain the killings under Marcos’ s admin? Are they also being above the law?

          rightand you don’t even count the mendiola massacre, lupao massacre, hacienda luisita massacre, luneta massacre, mamasapano massacre and the kidapawan massacre as being worse than that?

          Bravo, bravo, I salute thy unequalledhypocrisybravo

    2. He is not running around the bush. He is just tired of saying the same thing over and over. every single accusations hurled at him by Alan and Leni, he already answered in various occassions (ANC, UH, UKG, DZRM, DZRH, etc.) and he also answered it in this debate. yung mga ka-debate nya ang ayaw makinig. Reasoning with them is futile because their agenda is to bring him down. It’s like talking to a wall. Bilib nga ako sa kanya, sinasagot nya pa eh. ako doon, sagot ko ” pls. refer to my interview with Karen Davila” or something like that. dapat sya ang nag re-record ng sinasabi nya dahil sa sobrang predictability ng mga kalaban nya.

    3. Emo faggot. 🙂

      Kung nag nakaw ang magulang mo, at ang mga ninakaw ay nasa bahay niyo lang, isosoli mo ba ito sa tunay na may ari or you will just shrug your shoulder and say , “di naman ako ang nag nakaw nito eh”

      Let the courts decide about that matter, not Bongbong himself. Hindi mo ba alam na ang “kasalanan ng ama ay kasalanan ng anak”? And why would he do that, anyway? So that the PCGG can plunder them again?

      You seemed to love overrate stuff. So yeah, you’re part of the bakya crowd. You should be careful of what you’ve said since your post is stupid… and you’re not dealing with a stupid guy. Set your priorities for once, kid.

    4. I’m just wondering? the martial law abuses etc.. how about the mendiola massacre? killing in hacienda luisita? di ba nangyari yon during cory aquino leadership. when cory became the president, that started the fall of Philippine economic.. maraming naghirap.. meralco binalik niya sa mga lopez.. huge unemployment… after Marcos sinong presidente pa an nagmalasakit sa Pilipinas? wala! graft and corruption di naman nawala nung maupo si cory.. hanggang ngayon si noynoy na ang presidente.

  8. Ang nakakatawa pag may nagpost at nagsasabi ng katotohanan about Marcos – etong mga yellowtard agad magsasabi pro-marcos ka. Eh an tanga namn, doon ka pumunta sa mga anti-marcos article at bat ka mag-aaksaya ng panahon dito, pinapahirapan mo lng sarili mo.

    1. It’s a blog. You’re looking for “objectivity” like someone who’s looking for a virgin in a whorehouse. But to be fair, benign0 is one of the more objective writers in this blogsite. Even more than some mainstream “journalists” you probably revere.

  9. E di Wow!!! Vote using your common sense. We want more of these debates. It exposes unqualified candidates…

    1. Agree, like Cayetano, Chiz, Trillanes. Leni is more on motherhood statement. Quite surprised with Honasan, mature and rational person. For Marcos, the author has said it.

    1. #NeverAgainToProstitutes

      How can you be so sure that there will be these so-called “dark days” again? Do you have a crystal ball or something?

      As expected from an EMO whore. 🙂

    2. And never again to the aquino-cojuanco mafias who done nothing to the country but annual massacres. Never again ka nang never again eh kayong mga bobong yellowtard nga ang nagbibigay ng gulo sa bansang ito dakilang puta.

    1. Looks like the butthurt levels in this one is off the charts.

      Not surprising to see a lot of butthurt noytards here since their boss, Aquino is going to jail when he steps down.

  10. his act is natural, he was really nurtured well by his family, very respectful, his family are so close to each other and they are all well mannered the Marcoses are really on a different level. just like our grandfathers time people are always taught how to talk properly.. I wish people would be more respectful nowadays just like the old times..

    1. One of the regular posters here named Add even said this:

      “The Marcoses, for all of their flaws and faults, would never drag down the dignity of the Filipino.”

  11. Dear sir Benign0,
    Love your article. Well articulated, well thought-out, well-crafted.
    Deserving to be an editorial. How I long to read such exceptionally written piece. And its intelligently-loaded advice. You’ve definitely brought us to the next level not only in writing but more importantly in personal improvement and leadership qualities. Thanks for all your time and effort in posting this extremely important fact. God bless.

  12. Bongbong’s strategy was to lie agains his teeth, then redirect the issue by criticizing the incompetent Aquino Administration

    1. The problem with you and the rest of the yellow society is so much accusing and not being able to handle and accept the truth. You and your yellow society, to this day, have so much power, resources, the liberty and luxury to bring everything to court, to prove them guilty but each and everytime you do, you are proven wrong? What do you really want to know? Or probably what do you wanna hear? I supposed you are still waiting for the day when finally a fairy tale or a great fiction story becomes a reality. Wake up my friend otherwise you’re in for a long wait.

    2. What’s with the desperate conspiracy theory uneducated hakot yellowtard? Your payroll from malakanyakanyang miscommunications group is on the line?

    3. Sabi nga ni bbm “you must remember I am a Marcos and the president is an aquino” so napakadali sana sa kanilang palanasin ang katotohanan kaya lang wala talaga silang mapalabas kasi inuto lang nila ang taong bayan na tulad mo… ngayun nga hindi nila talaga maimbestigahan kung sino nagpapatay kay ninoy eh, natanong mo ba yan sa sarili mo? Or nakatatak na sayo na si marcos talaga ang nagpapatay sa kanya? Sumagi ba sa isip mo na kasama rin ni ninoy ang pumatay sa kanya para magkagulo?

    4. I never heard a single accusation directed towards the administration said in that debate. Who are you lying to?

  13. In your first sentence, you used a past perfect “had not been”. I believe that it is used incorrectly because the purpose of a past perfect is to emphasize an event in the past happening before another event. I suggest you review your grammar so you can be a classy and dignified Filipino as well.

  14. I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry at what I have read on this column/website today. Wow. It is absolute Marcos-sycophancy to the highest degree. Have you people sold your souls to the devil? Apparently most of you have. Poor Philippines–duped again.

    1. I think it is YOU who sold your soul to the devil. I bet you always don’t give a fuck about aquino’s annual massacres including what happened to kidapawan you filthy blockhead.

    2. Honestly, son, you’re actually laughing maniacally when poor starving people from Kidapawan were met with bullets than rice.

      Reality-check: people like YOU have sold your souls to the devil in the first place. And that is after Marcos left. YOu’re calling smart, intelligent, and respectful people are the ones who “sold their souls to the devil”. In fact, narrow-minded faggots like YOU are the ones who are killing the Failippines.


      *drops mic*

  15. Grace? Dignity? While I can’t speak for the other candidates, after watching the debate I can’t exactly say his decorum was either graceful or dignified.

    Take, for example, his interruption of Sen. Cayetano, who claimed that if you steal a lot, you become a congressman; if you steal more, you become a senator. Sen. Marcos interrupted Sen. Cayetano for the sole sake of asking him whether he, as a senator, was claiming that he stole as well. Instead of attacking the argument (which was obviously an allegory), Sen. Marcos decided to attack his personality instead.

    Sure you might defend Sen. Marcos by saying that Sen. Cayetano was repeatedly doing the same towards him, but a true man of grace and dignity would not let the previous mudslinging cause him to get into his own mudslinging.

    As such, despite my neutral stance towards Sen. Marcos, I cannot agree with this article, claiming him a class act. Neither can I call any of the other vice presidentiables during the debate a “class act”.

    1. Cayetano is an asshile saying those words, tpos sasabihin nya nung nabara sya ni marcos sarcasm daw yun sinabi nya and he didnt even realize na lahat ng sinabi nyang example ay pinag daanan nya, kaya nga siya tinanong ni marcos to make it clear kasi baka sarili ni cayetano ang sinasabi nya. And also watch the debate again and check kung sino talaga ang nag iinterupt ng madalas.

  16. Sorry pero I have to call tanga ang mga nakiki anti Marcos at nagsasabi ng mga never again to marcos no to marcos. Ayaw lang tangapin ang katotohanan na naging uto-uto sila ng matagal na panahon at hindi talaga alam ang history ng Pilipinas. Puro tsismis lang ang alam!

  17. Filipino people doesn’t need classy leader, we need a leader with integrity and political will the one that knows the real problem and solve it. Most especially we don’t need another classy thief in power.

    1. Real integrity and political will comes with true character and dignity, not the other way around

      No wonder why Filipinos are low class people, and that’s why foreigners never take us seriously because for us, everything in entertainment.

      Set your priorities for once.

    2. Why failipino? Because you’re an undisciplined little kid who hates progress? Mahilig kang lumabag sa batas ano bobong pinoy? Wag mong sabihing kriminal ka na ang trabaho mo ay magnanakaw. Ang tanda mo na isip bata pa rin. Tapos sisigaw ka ng “proud to be pinoy” pag may nagawang pinaghirapang tagumpay ang isang Pilipino na nakikisama kayo sa tagumpay nya na sariling sikap nya lang iyon dakilang palamunin.

  18. Class is an aura of confidence that is being sure without being cocky. Class has nothing to do with money. Class never runs scared. It is self-discipline and self-knowledge. It’s the sure-footedness that comes with having proved you can meet life.

  19. The problem now in our nation, after EDSA 1 crazy revolution,it benefits only the oligarchs yellow makati business club, who condemned and deprived the life of working Filipino by repealing the law,of regularization and implementing the,contractualization without giving benefits to their workers. 2nd, the yellow elitist businessman degraded the educational system with the collaboration of yellow government.. Look, Henry Sy, who is the owner of SM malls in our country, owns also exclusive school like Ateneo Manila, Araneta Unversity, and others. Now our,private schools were mostly owned by Certified Yellow
    oligarchs , relatives, crook friends of Aquino family.Our education has been intentionally degrded by these owner ofschool. They want to control the minds of their student with their very low quality of education..and lies. Fabricted Philippine history which is not true. Gusto Ng mga dilawang oligarch people na maging mangmang ang ating mamayan, upang magasal hayop tulad nila na nagsasamantala Sa mga mamayang walang alam Sa history Ng katotohanan. Very low quality of,education ang pinapaimplement Ng dilawang gobyerno Para makkontrol nila ang kulang Sa kaalaman. At Ng dahil Sa,internet na may social media, lumabas Ang baho Ng mga dilwan lalo ma ang Aquino Family na,siyang dahilan Sa paghihirap Ng mga mamayang Filipino dahil sila ay makasarili, greedy, Sa kayamanan Ng bayan.BBM IS THE RIGHT PERSON TO SERVE OUR PEOPLE. LOOK IN HIS PROVINCE, FIRST CLASS RWFION, WITH,SUFFUCIENT FOOD, AND CHEAP ELECTRICITY DUE,TO,HIS PROJECT ,WINDMILLS, SOLAR power PLANT..BBM WILL BE,THE,NEXT PRESIDENT AND SOON WILL BE,THE PRESIDENT AS WELL.

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