Senator Bongbong Marcos was the crowd favorite at the Vice Presidential Debates #PiliPinasDebates2016


The one and only Vice Presidential Debates hosted by CNN Philippines became mostly about Senator Bongbong Marcos. If not for Marcos Jr, the debates would have been boring. It seems most people just want to hear from him and what he has to say. Well, except of course for the hecklers who kept interrupting him by chanting “Never Again”.

The irony of what the members of the Never Again movement are doing escapes them. They complain about human rights abuses but are also quick to deny an individual’s right to presumption of innocence and right to a fair trial. They are not even good at following rules. They kept heckling even when the rules from organizers were clear against heckling and interrupting the proceedings. They behaved like they were an audience in a gladiator ring – uncivilized.

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The members of the Never Again movement do not want to listen to what Marcos Jr had to say because they are afraid they could be proven wrong. His rivals like Congresswoman Leni Robredo kept bringing up the victims of Martial Law even when their cases have already been settled. They didn’t bother to understand what Marcos Jr was saying about the status of the settlement.

It turns out that the current government under President Benigno Simeon Aquino is the one delaying granting reparation claim. In the last two years since the law granting the compensation was enacted, hardly anything has been done.  It seems BS Aquino’s law was simply for public relations purposes – to make him look compassionate to so-called victims of Martial Law. But this is only on paper and was not followed through by action.

Samahan ng Ex-detainees Laban sa Detensyon at Aresto or SELDA said the delay in granting the compensation “reflects how the Aquino government treats human rights victims then and now,” as it noted that instead of diminishing, the number of human rights violations has increased in the waning months of the current administration.

It also pointed out Aquino has yet to name a replacement for former HRVCB member Chito Gascon, who is now chairman of the Commission on Human Rights, causing even more delays in the panel’s work.

Leni Robredo came across as not well-informed about the status of the compensation claims of Martial Law victims. She just sounded like a broken record. She doesn’t have anything much against Marcos Jr except for atrocities allegedly committed by his family during Martial Law. She is irrational when it comes to putting Marcos Jr down. Maybe that’s from hanging out too much with an irrational crowd like the Never Again advocates.

The problem with Robredo is she is too beholden to the Aquino name. She keeps turning a blind eye to atrocities committed during Aquino’s term. She promotes her platform and ideas on how to solve the country’s problems while ignoring the fact that the country’s problems worsened in the last six years.

At least the other VP candidates acknowledge the current government’s shortfalls. Robredo may have good ideas but being associated with the Liberal Party is pulling her down.

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano acted like he was in a Senate hearing. He was acting like a mad dog spewing baseless accusations against his rivals. He spoke as if he is not corrupt. He probably thinks the public hasn’t read the news item about the Commission on Audit asking both him and his sister to return unused pork barrel funds:

“Pursuant thereto, the unutilized/unused  PDAF funds for the period CY 2010 to 2013 from the legislator proponents of different projects in the amount of  P39,588,528.41 as of December 31, 2013 as shown in the Subsidiary Ledgers should not be disbursed and has to be remitted to the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr),”  COA said in its report.

COA said Alan has to return P21 million of the P44 million pork funds he gave to the city. The pork funds were for the purchase of 18 multi-cab units worth P9 million, construction of North Signal Village Health Center worth P5 million, financial assistance for indigent patients in Taguig City Hospital and Western Bicutan for P3.5 million, financial assistance to families in crisis worth P5 million, and construction of 5 multi-purpose buildings for P21.5 million.

Cayetano came across like a hypocrite. He is against political dynasties but is married to Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano. He is also the brother of Senator Pia Cayetano. No wonder the voters do not like him. He is so unpopular in surveys even when he is already teamed up with Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who has become second most popular Presidential candidate.

All the other Vice Presidential candidates were so boring. Senator Chiz Escudero is only popular because he is married to a beautiful young actress Heart Evangelists. There is nothing special about his ideas of governance. He is also into patronage politics. We recall that he was one of the senator judges who voted to impeach former Chief Justice Renato Corona even when as a lawyer, he should have known that the charges against him were trumped up and that information used against him were gathered illegally especially when Anti-Money Laundering Council divulged his bank accounts without Corona’s consent.

Senator Trillanes spoke about his ideas like fixing the traffic problems as if it was as easy as installing another light rail transit. The government cannot even manage the maintenance of the Metro Rail System properly but he wants to add more of them. It’s quite bizarre why Trillanes is running for the Vice Presidency when he knows he is not popular. He should still be serving his jail term for rebellion. The only reason BS Aquino pardoned him was because he was jailed during former President Gloria Arroyo’s term. We all know BS Aquino hates Arroyo. Trillanes’s enemy is BS Aquino’s enemy.

Another Vice Presidential candidate who does not have a chance of winning is Senator Gringo Honasan. As much as he appears to have sound ideas, his charm with the crowd has faded. The sparkle in his eyes is gone. He doesn’t seem relevant to the voters anymore. I doubt if any of the members of the audience actually listened to what he had to say. It doesn’t help that he is associated with Vice President Jejomar Binay. Sometimes that’s all it takes to lose. Just ask Mar Roxas who is associated with BS Aquino.

The VP debates are more entertaining than the Presidential debates. Frankly, the Vice President is not really going to make a difference in the policies of the President particularly when the President is from a different political party. But if Duterte wins and fails to curb criminality within six months as promised, he might turn over the Presidency to his Vice President Marcos Jr. Assuming the latter wins the VP. In a democracy, the voters will decide on that.

167 Replies to “Senator Bongbong Marcos was the crowd favorite at the Vice Presidential Debates #PiliPinasDebates2016”

    1. The problem with people like you and a lot of your followers, is that you are so far removed from the pains and atrocities of Martial Law and the Marcos Regime. You think things you hear about Martial Law did not happen. Well they did whether you believe them or not. BBM was young then but not for most of his father’s regime including its last days when he was in charge of taking their wealth with them.

      I am as well very disappointed with all the Aquino presidencies, but hating them would not make me forget and suddenly become in favor of the Marcoses. They are both liable to all their sins.

      And the settlements you people speak of will not erase the lives that were lost and families that were ruined.

      1. You’re correct Jes Zap. We may not satisfied with all the Presidents after Marcos but to praise and return Marcoses back to the top government position is not the only way to quest for the better and right leader of our country. We learned from the past that’s why we look more for the one who can really eradicate corruption in the full sense of responsibility of a public servant. We must not allow our young generation to be fooled also by anyone of those in the Marcos family. This is the result of the freedom that we fought back from them and yet they are also enjoying the democracy that was deprived from us because of Martial Law as well as the ill gotten wealth that they used to live like a Royal Family in the dynasty.

        1. Hi!
          Everyone had a choice during the martial law years. We chose to abide by the martial laws because it did not hinder our own personal and political freedom. We enjoyed the same kind of life we had before the imposition of martial law. Precisely we did not see the need to fight the soldiers, who we rarely saw around if at all. You chose to fight the soldiers,,oh, di nagsuffer kayo..some of you were shot. Sino ngayon ang may kasalanan niyan? Anong gusto ninyo nuon, magpabaril ang mga sundalo sa inyo? By the way why did you fight the soldiers anyway? Ano ba ang nawala sa inyo when martial law was imposed na nawala sa amin na hindi namin alam kung ano man iyon? Why do you want the government today to pay you for fighting the soldiers and not pay us for abiding by the martial law?

        2. how much longer do you want to sleep Ernesto ?
          you seem obligated to believe that those who fought Marcos are all correct, and “daang matuwid” is a solution.

          Pinas was painted yellow in 86, and has been so again in the last 5 years. and as you said barely satisfactory.

          and deducing from the ones who were LAW ABIDING during the Martial Law years, they were all HAPPY. how well would another set of LAW Abiding People be given a chance to be HAPPY again?

          now, let us get those those ATROCITIES happen again and make Desparadidos disappear again, lest we miss the lesson of history.

          about corruption, it is in the level of who is capable of BLAMING better. you can have Cayetano, if you want it for yourself.

      2. Free country…:) Our family lived through martial law and we never experienced any human rights abuses because my grandparents and parents taught us to be law abiding citizens. My lola would walk for about 2 km from our house to her store in a market and we never feared that she might be robbed or mugged. she leaves our house at 6am and comes home at 6pm. why should we be mad at the marcoses when we lived a peaceful life during his regime. why hate people who tell their own version of their experiences and stories.

      3. And the problem with failipinos like you is that every articles about marcos that your beloved yellow journalism always provided are gospel truths. You just hate to use you pea-sized brain and critical thinking do you yellowtard?

      4. the atrocities of Marcos happened for a reason.
        the other half of the population who did not experience it are wondering why Marcos is even needed to be booted out.
        the other half who joined the “makibaka” and whose part i was with, is starting to realize that we really did not fight for democracy, but only wanted change because we were duped into believing that Marcos handled it too badly for us.
        looking at the last 30 years seems enough that we all made our mistake, but you are still yet sleeping.
        live your 31st hoping for a yellow miracle, while i live mine in reality.

        enough of the ‘namatayan’ kind of voting.

    2. “Senator Bongbong Marcos was the crowd favorite at the Vice Presidential Debates”

      are you sure we are watching the same TV show? all i see were audiences laughing at his gaffes. and some booing. marcos was laughing too… all the way to the bank.

      1. Of course you would say that because you treatbit as a “saving”.

        Bongbong showed class and respect in the debate. And of course the audience’s were focused on trivial so they were ‘laughing’.

        Does THAT make sense?

        1. what? are you kidding me?! the audience were laughing as if they were an audience of a tv sitcom. bongbong’s word betray his him when he coould not help but also laugh at what he claims about not being involved in any corruption during his entire career, mid sentence.

          some deluded marcos loyalist you are.

        2. @Terry

          bongbong’s word betray his him when he coould not help but also laugh at what he claims about not being involved in any corruption during his entire career, mid sentence.

          You’re missing the point. Because the crowd is more like you see at sabongs or the crowd focuses more on trivial stuff.

          Some FAGGOT TROLL you are. 🙂

        3. And some deluded idiot aquino follower you are then. Masyado kang nagmana kay noybita sa kakabintang mo ano bobong pinoy?

        1. Son, it seems you’re an actual fan of marcos loyalism. Typical angry mob mindset at its worst.

        2. Implying that anyone who has intellectual minds are marcos supporters. Does that mean you always eat pagpag because you hate critical thinking failipino?

  1. I Agree , One thing i noticed …. Cayetano became a clown when he start mudslinging Sen. Marcos in correction for what he said ” Wala daw Bahid ng Corruption ang pamilya marcos ” but Marcos Said ” Walang Bahid ng Corruption ang TRACK RECORD KO ” it seems cayetano has mental illness thou… HAHAAH ! and that moment when Sen. Marcos was just laughing when Cayetano stared to talk shit … kasi Sina Phsycho lang ni Marcos si Cayetano kaya naging Tanga nga tuloy si Cayetano ..


    2. [but Marcos Said ” Walang Bahid ng Corruption ang TRACK RECORD KO ”]

      uhh, has anyone here ever heard of the pork barrel napoles scam?

      1. You’re missing the point. Oh, and that includes Cayetano on the list.

        What do I expect from a someone who had an angry mob mindset?

      1. Correct! During my high school, I graduated at Pres. Sergio Osmeña H.S. at Gagalangin, Tondo Manila in 1973, and that was Martial Law. During that time my residence was at Libertad St., Pasay City. I have not felt the atrocities of Martial Law, and there was no drugs in the Philippines as a whole. I travel at night with no fears, because nobody will harm you. There are times that the jeepney driver will just wake me up, and tell me that “Maam nasa Pasay na tayo, gagarahe na po ako.” Kung icompare natin sa ngayong panahon? Patay kang bata ka.. Kelan ba tayo nagkaroon ng rampant na drug sa Pilipinas? During the Cory Aquino Administration…Kulang na lang ibenta tayo sa mga Intsik..Bakit nagresign si Doy Laurel sa kanyang post during her admin.? kasiy ayaw daw makinig, feeling marunong daw and nanay ni Pinoy….

        1. I agree,i was 10yrs.old then me and my family did not abuse as well as our brgy,wala ako nabalitaan na na-abused kahit nasa malayo kami town ng Baler,Aurora katabi namin ang HQ ng PC and I feel safe no one can harmed us and that’s true wala rape at drugs.and nakakarating pa dati ang mga rasyon sa skul nuon galing sa UNICEF w/ or w/out calamity regular ang supply lahat nabibiyayaan.

    1. I do agree with you. It seems that Marcos is more educated, dignified and gentleman among the vice presidentiables. I find Cayetano as less dignified and do not listen to the issue at hand and the same with Leni Robredo. Kung makaatake akala nya nakapuntos na. Ang galing galing ng mga sagot ni Bongbong Marcos. Kung nakikinig lang sila, dapat sila ang mahiya sa mga sagot ni Bongbong Marcos.

  2. Nakakatawa yong pa ulit ulit na sinasabi nang mga kalaban ni senador Marcos, ibalik mo ang pera, humingi nang tawad sa martial law, ito ang kanilang plataporma!
    Tama akala ni cayetano at robredo nasa hearing sila, ha,ha,ha,
    Dito sa tingin ko kung walang dayaan bongbong marcos ang mananalo

    1. #NeverSayNeverAgain

      I must avoid the comments section of the Facebook page because all I see is cancer made by anti-Marcos and pro-Aquino stooges.

  3. I could tell the Cayetano is so jealous of sen #BBM that he keeps on provoking him. but the good senator (BBM) just kept his cool. and why is it that everytime Cayetano opens his mouth, it would always be about Davao as if he came from that province. what about Taguig–he has his own dynasty there, right?

  4. I remeber When Mayor duterte had decided to participate in the game, there was an anbush interview asking him if who will be his vice or running mate The good mayor said! E sino pa? Di ito! Pointing Peter Cayetano who was in his right side “ITO LANG NAMAN ANG SUNOD NG SUNOD E”frankly speAcking! Ako ang parang nagliit! But Peter pretends not to mind it! But I know he felt offended by the gesture of the Mayor!

    1. But the good news is this is a frank strategy of Sen. Alan Cayetano to convince the Manilenos to vote Duterte for president and no other else. If he didn’t declared that he would run for VP instead of a highest position & support Duterte for presidency on this year’s election, who knows? Maybe the entire Metro Manila voting population will either vote for Binay, Mar or Poe instead of Rody if he didn’t done that last October. Just my 2 cents.

      1. Thank you for Allan Cayetano for doing that though. But it does not mean that my family will vote for him. Still Marcos for VP.

    2. totoo yan. nakita ko din yung video. and, actually wala na syang choice kasi miriam already chose bongbong marcos then as her vp. Besides, as sad as it is, alam ko noong mga panahon na yun kahit gustuhin man nila Duterte at Bongbong ay magiging balakid ang PDP-LABAN sa tandem. Heaven knows, maybe this is God’s way of making things happen; Madami din naman talagang nagmamahal kay Bongbong kahit mag-isa lang siyang nangangampanya. This is proof that most of the simple folks have loved Marcos because they benifitted from his programs and only the rich and the activists have demonized the Marcos name. #DuterteBongbong

      1. lets just stay with bong bong. i will give our vote to duterte if cayetano openly withdraws the race. i doubt this will happen. so pangbasag lang yan ng boto natin. LETS ALL STICK TOGETHER!!

  5. They never could hurl anything against BBM except what his father did because they really have nothing against him. It is a shame how Cayetano carried himself in the debate. No composure and no decency. Not a statesman.
    Robredo’s facts are based on what? Human rights atrocities? How about the Hacienda Luisita killings? At least BBM did not mention that because he is not like that. I admire his decency.
    Also, I read somewhere that Marcos Sr. tried to give back 90% of his wealth in exchange to be allowed to return to the Philippines. A proposal through Doy Laurel which Cory Aquino immediately shot down. Nobodyentioned that. It was decent of BBM not to mention that.
    Choosing the VP is as crucial as choosing the President because it would make a good partnership if at least these persons with the highest post in the land would get along well and also because impeachment has been a trend for some time now.

    1. I agree with you Ronel Paguirigan. BBMarcos is the best Vice President that will make great again. He has good breeding;
      And he is a good man with a good heart…

    1. BBM has all the qualities of a good leader. Rivals fear of him because BBM will prove to them that no other president who have run this this country was better than the marcos, that Edsa’s aim was made palpak buy FEM successors.BBM is my VP. Common Sir bongbong,… Make this country grate again.Unite the Filipinos and make the philippines powerful.

  6. Tama ka Mr Crescini mga tuta nga kayo. Mga tuta na bulag at bingi.As I read thru all the comments above, I began imagining a bulag at bingi na Tuta leading another bulag at bingi na Tuta. In fairness, I admire Bongbong Marcos for his composure pero his arrogance for refusing to apologize is unpardonable. Bakit? Nobody is perfect in this world. And an expression of apology wil not in any way diminish a person’s being a person. I am on my sixth decade in my journey on this earth and I have seen the evils of the Marcos regime making me commit to myslef, NEVER AGAIN!

    1. The Aquinos does not apologize either. Under his government on this current era, he never did apologize. He always does blame the past regime.

    2. What about his other rivals who are most of them receiving pork barrel for impeaching CJ Corona using trial by publicity? Hell what about the aquinos who already caused a lot of massacres including what happened to Kidapawan? Dada ka nang dada ng never again pero kay marcos lang? Andami mong arte bobong drama queen.

    3. u have seen the evils of the x pres bakit po kayo ba ang kanang kamay o trusteed person ni x pres fem. ako isang ordinaryong tao na nagtratrabaho ng malinis diko naramdaman ang dinasabi ninyong evils doing ng x pres ang nakikita ko noon ay ang kapayapaan sa paligid di nakakatakot umuwi ng alanganin oras, malinis na kapaligiran mga murang bilihin na kahit ang sweldo ko 400 plus lng isang buwan ay may matitira pa, di tulad ngyon lahat ng bagay noon ay nk monitor walang hoarding pagbaba ng gadolina automatic babalik ang dating mga presyo, at isa pang maganda sa panahon niya pag may kalamidad first hour in the morning may mga tulong ng dumadating at may action agad, ako di tuta ng x pres pero dahil sa pagkakaiba noong panahon niya at sa mga sumunod sa kanya ay talagang no comparison pagdating sa kng sino ang magaling

      1. tama. kitang-kita naman na ang mga ordinaryong mamamayan mahal pa rin naman ang mga Marcos. Kasi hindi sila kasali sa mga nanggugulo noon sa Malacañang. Hindi sila nagra-rally kasi kuntento sila sa buhay na ibinibigay sa kanila ng gobyernong Marcos. Ang naninira lang naman kasabay nitong mga aktibista at rebelde ay mga mayayaman(na nagpapabomba sa maynila noon) na ayaw maging kapantay sila ng mga maralita na in-empower and ini-ennoble ni Pres. Marcos.

      2. Agree. Although 1979 ako ipinanganak, wala ako idea sa nangyayari sa paligid nun. Kaya one weekend tinanong ko ang tatay ko paano kami dati, mayroon lang daw kami tindahang maliit pero napagtapos nya kami.. Pero ngayon, bachelors degree ka na, e tatawaran ka lang ng minimum.. Dami kaya gastos lalo na if law abiding citizen ka.. Tapos introduce pa nila yan k-12 na until now di nila maipaliwanag ang curriculum. Kaya ngayon di pwede masayang ang boto para sa mga bata at mga susunod pa. Mukha naman marami na matalino botante ngayon, wag lang sana mandaya ang mga put

      3. Ang kinakailangan maibalik ang Marcos sa Malacanang..dahil yong yaman na sinasabi ninyong ninakaw nila ay para sa bawat Filipino yon, dapat napanood nyo ang interview ni Mel Changco ki Madam Imelda kompleto lahat ng lahat ng kaso panalo ang Marcos..Kaya tama na ang pag bulag at pag mamalinis ng mga Aquino sa madlang people…MARCOS FOREVER!

        1. ako ay 67 years old na. Marami akong nalalaman tungkol sa Marcos regime. Ang bottom line, si xPres. Marcos ang pinakamagaling na President sa Phil.

        1. Super agree to what….? To her sheer ignorance and blatant idiocy?

          That says something about you…

    4. Never Again… to what?

      Actually, tuta ka rin because you’re actually cheering when the Mendiola Massacre happened and it happened again at Kidapawan, Cotobato. Be honest. 🙂

    5. when you are the KUYA, it is understandable that you apologize for what your little brother did.

      but when you are the little brother, it is somehow illogical to apologize for what your Kuya did.

      now, coming to the ‘what has transpired’ and the basis of the apology. it is LOGICAL that the greater ‘person’ who did his offense makes the apology.

      nobody’s going to accept an apology of the LESSER individual. that will always be short, and incomplete.

      unless of course, you look up to BBM as the BIG one to beat. then, that’s what is called ‘TAKOT’.

      takot sa Galing ni BBM, takot sa popularidad, at takot sa katotohanan 🙂

    6. BBMarcos for vice Pesident ,How he could apoligize of the crimes that he didn’t commit my friend. Are you mad. Ang kasalanan po ba ng Ama ay kasalanan din ng anak….?

      1. Sa batas ng Diyos, ang kasalanan ng magulang ay hindi kasalanan ng anak. Biblia: Deuteronomy 24:16. Ngunit ang batas ng tao ay baligtad kasi ang kultura ng westerners ang nagtuwad… “the end justifies the means” at ginawang batayan ng makasariling pamunuan! sa western religion itong malaking kasinungalingan ay batay sa maling aral ng “original sin” ng RC/protestants … na minana daw ng tao ang kasalanan ni Adam at Eve!!! alamin ang katotohanan upang ibalik ang Culture of Life and Love … abolish ang Culture of Death and Hatred!

        1. Eh kung yung mga bobong anti-bbm pa ba naman ay mga katoliko, karapat-dapat silang tawaging mga katoliban kung naniniwala sila sa kasalanan ng ama.

    7. mam malinaw po ang sinabi ni BBM… mag sosorry sya kung may nasaktan sya, pinahirapan o kung ano paman sa laob ng 27yrs nia bilang public servant. at malinaw din po ang sinabi nia na he feel sorry for those victim in EVERY administration. unfair po kase na sabihin na during FM administration lang nag karaon ng mga VICTIM. until today po may mga biktima ng karahasan sa pilipinas. at mali din po kase na ipaako sa anak ang hinuhusga sa ama.


      may nagawa kayong pag kakasala. tingin nio makatwiran ba na pananagutin ang inyong anak sa pag kakasalang iyong ginawa?

      *** sana po maliwanagan din kayo… VP BBM 2016

    8. how about Aquino?, did you ever haired he say sorry for what they did to the Hascienda Luiecita, for the treason of his grandfather and father? The SAFF 44, for no back-up? many more.. or you’re just blinded?

      one thing I could suggest, let’s move-on and let’s help to build new nation, one country for the next generation. History is History, Let’s learned from them.

      1. They stoppwd using that argument when Leni was asked to apologize as her father was a judge of marcos and enfor ing martial law. Chiz ahoul apologize too his fathwr was minister of afeiculture and applied land reform under martial law. Cayetano was with enrile law office sercing under martial law. Mist of all? Bs aquino should apologize for his families ceime against thw filipino pwoplw for at least 4 generations. Pnoys grandfather collaborated with the japanese and identified filipino guerillas and were killed because of him. Kaya tumahimik ka nalang. Dont vote for marcos, you have 3 admin candidates. You want anoher widow like cory? Go for Leni hou have chiz and allan. Good luck.

    9. Tulog ka pa ba? Bigo ang layunin ng Edsa I at patuloy na ginagamit ito habang ang bansa ay patuloy sa pagbulusok sa kahirapan. Ang katotohanan ang demokrasya na ipinaglaban sa Edsa na naging bahagi ako ay demokrasya ng mayayaman di para sa mahihirap dahil mas mahirap ngayon ang buhay sa bansa. The issue today is not about the past but the future of the next generation which all sexagenarians will leave behind sooner or letter. THERE ARE MUCH MORE EVILS TODAY TO COMPARE WITH THE EVILS OF YESTERDAY and its much more widespread and much more dangerous than yesterday. Compare the budget and accomplishments of the Marcos regime in 20 years and the accomplishment of our government today 30 years after Edsa I, especially the accomplishment and budget of the present government.

    10. apologise for what? for being born as a son of a dictator? can’t u see what the man is trying to do? he is trying to cover/fix the wrong doings of his father by doing good in this chosen field which is politics. i have seen the country from the father’s time until now, and everything has deteriorated… even values of people has deteriorated.

  7. A wise and true gentleman can be a great leader. Its very obvious that ghey are all pointing a finger on #BBM but we all know that when everybody seems to be attacking him, it means they are all threatened by him…my vote on May 9 will be for #BBM4VP!!! Nothing will ever change that!

  8. Ms Padilla,

    It seems that you weren’t clearly oriented with what’s happening to that case you were pointing out.

    “Hindi na kami nagpapadala ng Abogado sa kasong iyan”- Marcos

    Meaning hindi sila kasama diyan. Ang PCGG po ang nagsasabing may narecover silang “loot” pero wala naman silang pinamamahagi.

    Logically speaking, kung wala sila sa kaso, Bakit siya magssorry? Ikaw, magssorry ka ba sa pagpatay ng mga kastila kay Dr. Jose Rizal?
    I think that isn’t arrogance, that is standing on the ground of Truth.

    Perhaps what you saw during the Marcos regime is how swift justice is and being upheld. Perhaps you do not understand what is happening; Perhaps you have been a Marcos hater from the start.

    Yun lang yun.. wag na po kayo mag sabi ng mga galing sa nakalipas, kasi naipaliwanag na po iyan pero ayaw nyo lamang pong intindihin.

    As the saying goes, HATERS WILL HATE!

    1. She’s probably one of those who suffered from martial law because she loves being an outlaw that she was always caught by the long arm of the law.

      1. Manood po kayo ng Youtube at nang malaman ninyo kung sino talaga ang nag patupad ng Martial Law…maririnig po ninyo mula sa bibig ni Pres.Marcos…itinago ang video na ito noon at ngayon na sa Youtube na at malaya ninyong mapapanood…

        1. Yeah he declared it but he didn’t made it. It was enrile and ramos who made that possible. You love to overrate marcos as evil do you noytard?


  10. It was interesting to hear the answers of Senator Marcos on the arrogant and without decency accusations from his opponents specially to Senator Cayetano. It only proves Senator Marcos ability to be straight forward on whatever issues they may throw on him. He is really a leader who has the will on overcoming wrongful accusations for the understanding of every electorate.

  11. Imagine if BBM was as abrasive and harsh as Alan Cayetano. That debate would have deteriorated very quickly. BBM kept his cool because nothing could be achieved by attacking back. Yet, he could if we think about it. Rene Cayetano, the father of Alan, was a partner in Pecabar, which was the go-to law firm during ML because Enrile was also a partner in the firm. So, you could say that the father of Alan was a beneficiary of ML because his family was part of the then powers-that-be.

    Then you have Leni Robredo, whose father was also appointed by FM as a judge. Then you have Chiz Escudero, whose father was the Agriculture Minister of FM. Of course, Gringo Honasan was of the inner circle of Enrile at DND and privately also the COO of the businesses of the Enriles in Cebu. If they are so antagonistic against BBM, gosh their candidates are people who had very comfortable lives during ML. Surely, if BBM wanted to, he could have asked his staff to dig all sort of dirt against the families and friends of his opponents, like what they are doing against him. But, what would that achieve? A scorched earth policy? But, what would that build when he has now chosen a path of mending and unifying?

    What Alan has proven is that he is a seasoned bellyacher, which means he should remain in the Blue Ribbon Committee where his talent could be more useful. He could also be a good trial lawyer, and I believe he should pursue such. But to be in the Executive Department, much more a VP? Gosh, how could he execute policies and programs with such abrasiveness. He even outdoes his father who was a suave gentleman and thus, is the opposite of his father.

    He is also trying to outdo lawyers like Saguisag and Joker Arroyo, and we know what kind of lawyers they are when they become politicians. They are perfect when they are in the opposition, but flounder pathetically when they find themselves in power. No, Alan cannot be in the Executive Dept, or he would just mess up that branch and waste his talent there. See, he was trying very hard to be like a Duterte, and yet it can be seen he is no DU30, so he looks like a court jester in the court of DU30. Sonamagan, how some people will go to the extent of making themselves clownish just to be in power. These are really sad stories. Sayang ang mga talents, mga summa cum laudes pa naman sa school, but because power blinds them, they no longer know themselves.

    I guess same could be said about Chiz who was trying to be the opposite of Alan; to be cool as a cucumber. But this guy is a schemer and is sneaky from what I hear in the grapevine. So, I get it when he tries to be flowery with his words. Gosh, he would be a great car salesman. Sayang din, cum laude din sa school, but really does not know himself anymore. He should be in the private sector, maybe as a commercial lawyer.

    Never mind Trillanes. This guy shoots from the hip and says the craziest things. But, what do you expect from a megalomaniac?

    Was quite impressed by BBM, Gringo and Leni. Unfortunately, Gringo and Leni are with the wrong groups; mga napilitan lang; they should detach themselves, or they are ruining their futures. Sayang din, the two.

    Overall, we should congratulate CNN. Pwede pala, basta ang outfit in the background is world class. GMA7 now looks so stupid, kasi greedy sa commercials.

    1. @Add

      Thanks for the information. It seems Alan Cayetano does not know his own family’s history. It’s probably because he opens his mouth before thinking. Yeah, he should seriously think of changing his career, maybe become a litigator in a private firm instead of a public servant. It will suit him better.

      It’s only right that millennials know the associations of BBM’s rivals to the players during Martial Law since they keep bringing it up. They also benefited from it. They can’t keep blaming BBM.

    2. Add, you sure are a great source of information, with your hypothesis backed by impeccable research. I give you… the William Henry Scott award.

      If Martial Law was not declared those days, where do you think the Filipino now? Refugees…without country…”The main objective of Martial Law is to save the Philippines from communist rebels supported by China] Like! what is happening right now (present administration) ano po ang ngyayari sa spratly? sa Mindanao po? [SAFF 44 niligtas ang boong mundo] sa zambales na unti unti hinahakot ang bundok?

  12. Ganito lang po yan, ikaw ba ok lang sayo Kung aaya win Ka ng maging ing in laws mo dahil sa bad reputation ng nanay mo? Na dahil pokpok nanay mo pokpok na rin tingin sayo?

  13. But here’s the question, if he will win for VP position or not this year, will BBM make a formal apology to the victims of Martial Law? Well, even the Japanese emperor & empress didn’t make a formal apology to the comfort women when they’d been sexually abused by the Japanese soldiers during World War 2 when they’d visited to our country early this year. How ironic about this tragic history of our country.

    1. We are not in a monarchy. BBM did not inherit the crown like the Japanese Emperor. Therefore, BBM did not inherit his father’s so-called “sins” and does not need to apologise for atrocities supposedly committed during his term.

    2. Son, everyone is judged on their own sin. Nothing else. As it is written:

      “The son should never inherit the iniquity of the father nor the iniquity nor the father should inherit the iniquity of the son to the father.”

      That is also biblical.

      what is important is the NOW.
      Move forward you fucking crybabies.

  14. It is interesting to note that the words, Daan Matuwid, PNoy, and Mar Roxas, never came out from Leni’s mouth. She seems to be trying hard to distance herself from LP, although she avoids trying to attack them frontally. But funny, everytime she offered a rationale of what and why this or that has to be done, she was unwittingly, but practically, throwing PNoy and Daan Matuwid under the bus.

    I think that speaks volume. She is very good at hiding some trouble inside the party, but unconsciously, she exposes it quite often during the debate. I would not be surprised if one of these days there will be newe that the relationship between Leni and PNoy is strained and tense. Afterall, Chiz is not LP, but on a personal basis, Chiz is really the BFF of PNoy.

    Leni should realize by now that LP is evil, mga manggagamit. She should know that in persisting to be with them, she is telling us she is not really a principled woman. “May the best woman win”? No, you are not the best if you cannot stand by your principles, and you compromise it.

    1. pansin ko din nga na in a discreet manner she is pointing out a lot of the flaws in the programs ng Aquino govt. compared with the go-negosyo debate where ibinandera nya talaga ang mga programa ng daang matuwad without really knowing kung recently lang in-implement or may irregularities or questionable ang patas na pagpapatupad. It’s a good thing na dapat alamin niya ang totoo and not just depend sa kung ano ang ifeed na info ng partido niya.

    2. When i watched the debate and the topic was on peace and order, Daang matuwid candidate took a long break? seems she forgot to review about that topic 🙂

  15. Cayetano came across as a desperate man. Throwing accusations left & right, tapos buhatin sariling bangko, tapos gagamitin c Duterte. Whew!

    Ang galing magsalita (ni Cayetano) PERO LOOK at TAGUIG! It’s a DRUG freaking HAVEN!!!

    On the other hand, look at Ilocos?

    Look at Tarlac?

    Let’s compare.

    Just a simple logic.

  16. And sa lahat sa knila, c Bongbong ang may pinakamaraming batas na naipasa na pinakikinabangan ng mga Pilipino.

    Cayetano, ayusin mo muna Taguig bago mo buhatin sarili mo bangko!

    Ginagamit mo pa Davao.

  17. Kung iisipin po natin at pag-aralan ang mga nagawa ng lahat po ng mga Administrasyon na nagpatakbo po sa ating Lipunan para sa akin po. Mas maganda po at mas marami po ang nagawa ni Mr.Former Pres. F.E Marcos kaysa kahit sinong namuno ng ating Lipunan… Salamat po…..

  18. I would not let my children again watch the VP candidate debate if Sen. Cayetano would be there for I do not want my children to have the impression that debate is just like what Sen. Cayetano is doing. Parang nakikipag-away sa palengke na putak ng putak. Have a sense of decency sir coz a lot of the young Filipino people are watching.

  19. I laughed my arse out when Bongbong commented on Cayetano’s remark about corrupt people being voted into congress or senatorial position and even executive position instead of serving time in jail.”does that mean that you stole government funds that is why you were a congressman then became a senator?”-said BBM while laughing. At that moment, Cayetano went “tameme” and quickly retaliated condemning Sen. Marcos about the “ill-gotten wealth” that the family supposedly stole while PFEMarcos was in office. Cayetano definitely felt “guilt” that he resorted to barbaric remarks that time had proven to be NOT true hence the hearing in the USA against the Marcoses where the family was acquitted. Sen. Cayetano should not have taken it hard, it was a “joke”, NOT a penis. Alright it may have been ‘sarcastic’ but that does not mean its actually a penis. LOL

  20. i do agree that only BBM is the right one to choose because he stands on his own principles and yet following what the constitutions is, and that, he formed good policies in accordance of what our nation needing to regain its prosperity, orderliness and peacefulness, these are concepts of progressive and inclusive result at all aspect of living. after all, i stand for a man who have good morals and right conducts, he flocks only to wrong alleges and he has the right to defend himself. BBM IS THE RIGHT ONE.!! SALUTE!!!

  21. Talk about the present, act for the future. forget about the past. Our vote is not for President Marcos, Come on guys, move on! ilang dekada na nakalampas pero inu ungkat pa din. what about the present administration, under his presedency, andami ding namatay, Mendiola Massacre,Kidapawan, Cotobato, asan ang yolanda funds..heller, yan ang pag usapan ung ngaun hndi ung nakaraan.

    sa ginwa nyu, mas umangat si marcos.

  22. I hate to say this, I really hate to say this, but average Pinoys think Cayetano and Robredo did very well in the debate. I don’t know if it’s because most “political analysts” in CNNPhil, the people interviewed after the debate kept saying Leni Robredo answered well and indirectly said came as the debate winner or because Filipinos in general can’t see beyond hypocrisy and can’t distinguish a weak character. Leni for one, though offered effective solutions and seem to know what she’s talking about (she’s a lawyer anyway) said clearly that it became clear to her why she’s running for VP only after she started campaigning. She also don’t have the balls (no pun intended) when it came to contradicting and opposing other debaters when they started showing their hypocrisy (especially that of Trillanes (wants to be a DILG secretary good grief!) and Cayetano (problems can be solved in 6 months if you have political will!)). She’s all smile and too timid when she has to be an ironlady to be able to deal with a lot of crooks who’ll try to impose their power over her. People must have also failed to notice when BBM reminded her that she keeps on offering solutions that the party she belongs to could have applied already but instead they wasted all the opportunities to apply those solutions meaning it would only be a repeat of making promises with no actions.

    As to why Pinoys think Cayetano is magaling? He’s trying to appear bad-assed like Duterte but we all know here he made himself appear more like an A-hole in the debate.

    I didn’t bother with Chiz. He’s like Chucky turned human.

    1. Shes probably starting to realize that she is in the wrong party/coalition at the wrong place at the wrong time. She could do well in the senate but not for exec. dept.

    2. @ChinoF, Oliver,

      Yes, too bad. She also said poprotektahan niya ang mga anak niya and the citizens of the country. Hope she won’t win so she can’t be a puppet of the yellowtards. She has genuine concern with Bicolanos. I feel bad for her that Mar’s attaching his name to her for his to be noticed.

  23. Naawa ako kay Marcos. Marami xang pwedeng ibato sa kalaban pero hindi xa nanghusga kagaya ng ginagawa sa kanya. Very professional at may pinag-aralan talaga. I’m a fan.

  24. I am now almost 68 years old and I’ve been an avid follower of the Marcoses. But sad to say, I never met any one of them.
    I admire Bongbong for being so composed, cool, and very gentlemanly in his manner especially when Cayetano was lashing out at him regarding the ill-gotten wealth and even humiliating him about BBM’s graduating from a course which was not true. Should that be an attitude of a born-again Christian (daw)? Cayetano appears to be self-righteous, that is, he has a “Pharisaic attitude”. Suppose his accusations to the Marcoses were true, if he is a Christian he must say the truth in love. I don’t like Cayetano, he was so brutal to BBM.

    1. thats why Cayetano is digging his own grave for his own doing! he did not mind that Duterte said if he cant solve the criminality within 6 mos. he will give the Presidency to Marcos rather than him Thats an insult on Cayetano’s capability as VP and Duterte predicted the sure win of Bongbong!

  25. Basta I stand by this truth. I worked in the government during the martial law years. The jobI worked entailed me to travel from Tuguegarao, Cagayan down to Cotabato and Davao, by land, by sea, by air, by foot and by bicycle to the hinterland of Baybay, Leyte. I was never a witness of any atrocities done by the military against anyone.
    What I heard then. I heard that the military was fighting it out somewhere out there with the NPAs. What do these “victims” expect during those skirmishes, magpabaril na lang ang mga sundalo sa kanila? Besides, haven’t they asked themselves the question today, how in God’s name the military found their location when they were already hiding somewhere out there in the hinterlands of nowhere? The people..the people who you NPAs wanted to serve and protect did not want you in their lands,reported you to the miitary authorities!That is how you were found out!

  26. a very thorough and realistic observation. Only Marcos has an intelligent answrs poked at him especiaaly from a boring Cayetano and redundant Robredo who has no flatform but continuing only the flatform of Aquino.

  27. BBM pa rin sya ang maganda ang track record at plataporma para sa ikauunlad ng ating bansa at may malasakit sa sambayanan.unlike others na sisiraan lang ang kapwa para lang umangat.di na uso yang style na yan gising na ang sambayanan.

    1. If Du30 will win the Presidency and should not solve his promises in 6 months VP Bongbong will authomatically assume the Presidency of the Republic of the Philippines on January 1, 2017

  28. Wow!!! How the pro-BBM (including the author of this article) in this page HAS BEEN SO BLINDED that they no longer know their left from their right.

    O, LORD, have mercy on us, Filipinos. 🙁
    Please install only someone whom you have chosen, and not what the blind dictate must be.

    1. i can say the same prayer.

      and you’ll never know what hit you.

      i lived through the Marcos, and until this abnoy.
      and knowing who is blind can get you nowhere.
      but knowing who is abnoy, can awaken you.

    2. Pardon me but let me comment on your statement. No, the people including the author are not blinded otherwise we won’t see the atrocities committed by the present administration(choosing to pass a law(BBL) proposed by terrorist even without consulting the catholics and indigenous tribes in Mindanao over giving justice to the fallen44, failure to deliver a promise to redistribute lands to farmers=Liar/Incapable of good governance, Missing Yolanda funds, selective justice) and his mother(e.g. Hacienda Louisita, Mendiola Massacre, Selling of government funded establishments for personal gains=corruption) a lot can be mentioned but i will stop here just to give you an idea on the matter. It’s alright to ask for religious guidance such as mercy from the Lord similar to what the religious participants(who were actually used as human shields) did exactly during the Edsa revolution. Unfortunately, everything crumbled.I also pray that you may be enlightened and may the Lord open your eyes to what is actually happening. Bless this poor soul

    3. Son, you’ve been blinded in the first place when writing your crappy post.

      And please, don’t put God on your discussion because He Himself is actually disappointed on what you are doing. -_-

    4. Wow and how the yellow hakot has been so blinded by the money he got paid by the malakanyakanyang miscommunications group from the taxpayers. And God Himself is facepalming at you for using His name for your hostility katoliban. Yes I call you katoliban because your hypocrisy shows for believing the sins of the fathers in which The Bible said it’s against that and you always bitch that bbm will be as evil as his father. Practice what you preach religiot!

  29. How about, if we ask compensations of the murder and torture victims of Benigno Aquino, Sr. KALIBAPIs? Or, the Aquino victims of the Hacienda Luisita and Mendiola massacre?

    These massacres happened during the Aquino time…

    I don’t endorse any candidate for Vice President. Do Not vote for Leni Robredo. She is a puppet of Aquino.

    Use your common sense in voting. See and examine the tract records of each candidate. Also, examine their political platforms. And ask questions.

  30. I hate the way MEDIA portrays Marcos as a dictator.Its like shoving their opinion down on everyone’s throats.The important thing is the BOTTOMLINE of what Marcos has achieved.In his time the value of the peso is 1 is to 1 and The Philippines was NO.1 in Asia economically.Even if you combine all the presidents that came after(Post Marcos),they couldn’t compare to what he has done for our country.I don’t think that the debate will tarnish Bongbong’s reputation.Actually it only made The Cayetanos and The Robredos look like villians in the eyes of the people because people are clamoring for a change for a long time.i hope that we’ve seen the last of The Aquinos because they have done NOTHING for this country but tarnished the legacy left by Ninoy.Take my word for it.Bongbong will win VP

    1. Fact check. I’m sorry but I think you got the facts wrong peso dollar exchange was 4php to 1 usd when marcos started and ended at around 20 php to 1 dollar. Peso devalued to 1/4 of what it was when Marcos Sr started.

  31. Yeah Cayetano could have said something better than bsckslashing BBM…about the status of the Phil economy, etc…where is his intelligence? he sounded bitter or jealous?

  32. He got my votevtoo!
    But How could BBM win if ballots used and to be used by OFWs abroad are highlighted (yellow)?, Roxas and Robredo.
    Baka naman yon ang basahin ng pcos machine..dami na pong posts mga OFWs abroad regarding this.


  34. Bongbong is articulate but humble of his intelligence. He never accused personally his opponents like Robredo, Cayetano and Escudero. He (Bonbbong) is not only a gentlemen but also acting as statesman during the debate. Good bless you my idol “BONGBONG MARCOS. After Duterte, he will be out president.

  35. nagtataka lang po ako na napakarami ang nasa listahan ng mga nawala, at ipinapatay daw ni Pres. Marcos sa panahon ng Martial Law at ngayon yon ang ihinihingi ng apolopy mula kay BBM at kabayaran mula daw sa mga ninakaw ni FEM. kaya marami sa kanila ang nawala dahil namundok at nagpunta sa mga kanayunan upang magrecruit pa ng maraming miyembro. Maraming nagtteach-in noon sa mga liblib na lugar ay mukhang mga college students pero di naman mga taga amin.ang iba may dalang baril at ang ipinakita pictures ay kina Mao Tse Tong at mga kasamahan niya. Mga miyembro yon ng mga NPA na marami din ang dinukot, inambush at pinatay at nangharass sa mga magsasaka at nangulekta ng revolutionary tax na katumbas ng 25% ng kanilang ani at kapag tumutol ang magsasaka ay pagbibintangang military informer at kanilang papatayin. Sa takot ng mga magsasaka marami ang dumagsa dito sa Manila kahit walang eguradong trabaho. Nang nabalita na may mkukuha ang mga biktima ng Martial Law ang mga gumawa ng listahan ay mga dating NPA din na nagsitanda na. Kasama pa nga sa listahan yong pinatay ng karibal sa negosyo ilang taon na makalipas ang Martial Law at nakatanggp naman ng P40K. Pinapirma nalang ang balo sa natanggap niya. Isa ako sa pinupuntahan sa bahay noon upang hikayating sumali sa kanila at nang malaman na may kapatid akong pulis gusto pang hagisan ng granada ang bahay namin ng makitang ang kapatid kong iyon. May sumaway lang na kasamahan din nila dahil nakitang maliliit pa ang mga anak ko pero nagbilin sa akin na dapat akong humingi sa kapatid ko ng 2 bala ng M16 kada buwan at ibigay ko sa kanila para hindi na nila ako pakialaman at di rin maambush ang kapatid ko. Di ko yon ginawa at lumipat na kami dito sa Manila. 2 yrs after napatay si Ninoy Aquino 9 na pulis kasama ang kapatid ko at 1 sibilyan ang inambush ng NPA ng Aug. 21 bilang ganti daw sa pagkamatay ni Ninoy na kanilang protector kaya itinaon sa Death Anniversary niya. Ngayon fair ba yon na si Marcos ang sisihin sa kagustuhang mabalik ang peace & order sa panaahong yon? Nasaan ang hustisya kong yong mga pasimuno ng kaguluhan nang Martial Law ay bibigyan ng kabayaran. Kung hinihinging magsorry si BBM dahil sa ginawa ni FEM nais protektahan ang mga mamamayan dba dapat din magsorry si Penoy sa mga nagulo ang buhay at mga naging biktima ng NPA? Sa kanya din ba kami hihingi ng kabayaran, Daan Matuwid?

  36. Mudslinging does not help our country. Instead, we request all candidates to show solutions to our country’s problems. How can you improve things?

    We know that most of the candidates are corrupt and political opportunists. They don’t have to tell us that they are corrupt and political opportunists.

    Show your tract records. The legislation and laws, you had sponsored and passed, to help better things in our country. What are your plans, in case, you are elected? What are your solutions to the present problems, staring us now?

    We are tired of the: slogans; name calling; who is the bigger thief; who is the baddest of them all; who stinks to high heaven; who is stealing from the Pork Barrels; whose parents were the worst; whose parent was a hero or a saint…etc…they are all nonsense.


  37. May VP na ako. Si BBM… Kaya lang, wala pa akong Presidente.

    Hinihintay ko pa kung sino ang magsasabi na ipakukulong niya si PeNoy at ang mga alipores niya na nang-gang raped sa kaban ng Bayan.

  38. Swearing doesn’t make your argument valid; it just tells the other person you have lost your class and control.

  39. Some things do not change. I was a UP student between 1968-1972. While I was not one of the hecklers, I used to cheer and favor the militants who heckled Pres. Marcos and anyone in power then. Looking back, I ask myself why did I feel that? 1) It made me feel more powerful than Pres. Marcos. 2) I thought it was fun. 3) I did not know what I was doing.

  40. The only reason the debates are interesting with him around is because Bongbong IS what they accuse him to be: corrupt! If you’re voting for him because he makes the debate more entertaining, then I hope you never have any children.

    1. And the people who accused him are not? Let the courts decided if he’s corrupt, not you.

      If you vote for grandstanding, arrogant jerks like Cayetano then I hope you will be smashed by a steamroller. Your username confirms you’re a TROLL. 🙂

    2. So you’re calling those who declared them guilty liars then? I bet you’re one of those commiefucks who cause nothing but trouble during martial law then failipino.

  41. hi po ,,senator bongbong marcos ako po ay taga pililla rizal at panganay sa 10 magkakapatid ang edad ko po ay 29,,at walang asawa ,,sana po ako ay mabigyan nyo ng magandang trabaho na pang matagalan para mkatulong pa po ako sa mga magulang ko at mga kapatid ko ,,,umaasa po ako na matutulungan nyo salamt po ,,,god bless u

  42. Don’t believe everything that ABS CBN News says on the telly about Robredo leading in The Vice Presidential Race because they are owned by The Lopezes who are sworn enemies of The Marcoses.add to the fact that The Aquinos are part owners of the said channel and they are known to manipulate the media

  43. Who says he was the crowd favorite? It is more apparent to the writer that “hecklers” (which she accuses the audience to be) were chanting against BBM. She put it in the first paragraph so how is that BBM was the “crowd favorite”?

    It’s interesting how to the writer, Bongbong is innocent until proven guilty while all others associated with Pnoy and LP are guilty until proven innocent. It’s not only the hypocrisy of the writer that is sickening, but also her attempts to mask this and influence people that she is being fair and square and that she abides by the law to say that someone is “innocent until proven” guilty.

    These articles are not very bias, these are very uneducated, one-sided, breeding in hatred for the administration if not just over flowing with vengeance to it’s core.

    Yes, we get the point where their accusations to LP may be valid, although they write their claims with full conviction about their claims while saying BBM is innocent until proven guilty.

    The way these writers think are really quite bothersome.

    1. it is the way you think that is so bothersome.
      like roxas, you may never really feel that 44 of you troops are under attack
      the reason you can’t feel the Favorite in Marcos 🙂
      30 years of blaming and hating may not be enough for you to realize that ninoy did nothing, not a single act of patriotism or a single deed to create something good for the Philippines.
      he bashed and desired to be president, and his wife and son knows the funny truth of his death.
      until then, you can sleep this six years coming. you are not as needed even when you are awake 🙂

    2. I was wondering about that entire “Marcos thingy” myself. Why the hell can’t Noynoy, with all the awesome powers of the presidency cannot prosecute or even run after his father’s killer? If we are to believe the so called real accounts, the Marcoses should be held accountable for that. And yet the most powerful man in the most powerful office in the land chose to persecute the liked of GMA and Corona because of Hacienda Luisita. Not to mention not even a single filed case or followup on the cases against the Marcos family. If your idol can choose Noynoying over the simple matter preventing of the slide back to the so called evils of Marial Law by doing actual work like filing criminal cases instead of his usual moronic black propaganda through corporate owned media despite BBM’s presence, maybe you should too. That tired #NeverAgain crap has never really gained any traction within the general population save for diehard yellows like Jim Paredes et. al. Time to ditch that moronic rhetoric that seems to only come alive whenever a MArcos runs for a high post.

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