5 Big Reasons Why President Aquino Will Never Be Able To Vilify Senator Marcos


It certainly seems that President Aquino is really worried about Senator Bongbong Marcos’s ever growing popularity. Indeed, according to some, Senator Marcos’ vice presidency is assured this coming election. Now, truth be told, it’s quite obvious that President Aquino is still stuck in the past and still eyes the Marcoses warily, thinking them responsible for the death of his parents. He would like no better than to see Senator Marcos discredited and demonized before the public and lose any chance of holding on to any kind of political power. That’s why you’ll notice the allies and associates of the Aquino family going out of their way to remind people of the alleged “horrors” of the Martial Law years and spouting slogans like “never again” which, to me at least, seems to be a ripoff of the motto of Holocaust victims.


Anyway, try as he might, I strongly doubt President Aquino will be able to effectively ruin Senator Marcos’s reputation as a politician and a statesman. Media organizations allied with the Aquino family can spout whatever black propaganda they want about Senator Marcos but, from the looks of things, will only further infuriate audiences who are fed up with the Aquino administration’s incompetencies and inadequacies. Of course, I don’t really agree with the idea that Senator Marcos will win for sure but I also think that President Aquino will have to rely on more than just malicious slander if he really wants to discourage people from supporting and voting for Senator Marcos.

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As always, don’t just take my word for it though. After all, I wouldn’t want all of you calling me out on just spouting a lot of hot air. Here are five things that President Aquino needs to overcome if he plans to make Senator Marcos look bad, or at least, look worse than the current administration:

Senator Marcos Is A Self-Made Man

Okay, truth be told, “Marcos” is a household name and just about everyone has at least heard of them. However, take note how many, especially the Aquino family and their media allies, go out of their way to demonize the Marcos family. Indeed, even now, many of them claim that the sins of the father are also the sins of the son and that Senator Marcos should apologize for all the said “atrocities” that took place during the Martial Law years. I’d like to say that if this were indeed the truth, President Aquino should also be held accountable for his grandfather’s betrayal of the Filipino people to Imperial Japan back in World War II but I digress.

Thing is, President Marcos made his way up through school, the Senate and Congress through his own hard work. He has few, if any, honorary titles like our current president, meaning he worked hard to make something of himself and didn’t get to where he was simply through the popularity of his namesake. Also, he is now running as vice president of the Philippines without using the death of any of his loved ones to boost his popularity.

Senator Marcos Has Actual Achievements

On we go to his actual performance as a politician. As a congressman, he passed bills that helped improve the accessibility of medicine for our countrymen and, as a senator, he authored senate bills against drunk driving and human trafficking. This is in direct contrast to President Aquino’a lack of any bills he has passed on his own during his time in the Senate.

Now, Senator Marcos’s bills might not seem like much to some of you but I’m gonna go out of my way to explain why I think they’re important. Did you know that drunk driving kills more people than natural disasters? Okay, can you imagine the horror that can ensue if a fully loaded jeepney is being driven by a heavily intoxicated driver? Also, did you know that many of our countrymen are being exploited overseas are being exploited as slaves by foreigners after they were duped into thinking that they would become well-paid OFWs outside their country? Can you imagine the horror of being a sex slave in the Middle-East?

Senator Marcos Is A Progressive Thinker

Another thing to note is that Senator Marcos doesn’t allow his family’s past to tarnish his current work and vision. While I doubt he’s perfect, he seems to have a genuine plan for both his career and his constituents. He is a man who looks forward to tomorrow and how bright he can make that tomorrow.

Now, compare this to President Aquino who does nothing but play the blame game whenever he’s given the chance to talk. He goes on and on about the “horrors” of Martial Law and how his predecessors, namely former President Arroyo, has ruined the country even though he seems to be using the latter’s plan for economic growth which he claims credit for. President Aquino can’t seem to even think about the future of the country he’s supposedly running as he’s too entrenched in the past and his childhood.

Senator Marcos Is A Mature Person

Note how Senator Marcos seems to take everything in stride even though people continue to vilify him and his family. In the end, he almost does what he thinks is best for his constituents and works hard at making something of himself and his role as a politician. When he meets with media personnel and common people, he behaves appropriately and treats people with respect and dignity.

Okay, now take a look at President Aquino’s constant grinning even in inappropriate circumstances like the death of the SAF 44. Note also his tendency to make excuses such as saying that “he wasn’t invited” to the memorial service to the victims of Yolanda in Tacloban. He has shown little empathy for his people if he has even the slightest amount of it.

Senator Marcos Is NOT A Loser

Alright, maybe I am going to far with this one but I just can’t help myself. Of course, we all know that Senator Marcos is already married but don’t forget that this too has its own significance. Marriage isn’t simply about two people coming together, you know.

By being married, at least you can show people that someone has their full trust, respect and love in you. It’s not simply about someone “shacking up” with you. It means that someone out there is willing to share their life or perhaps even soul with you because you mean that much to them.

So you see, what can we expect from a 50-year-old spoiled brat of a boy who has yet to know how to act like a right and proper human being around others?

[Photo courtesy PhilStar.]

135 Replies to “5 Big Reasons Why President Aquino Will Never Be Able To Vilify Senator Marcos”

  1. Come on, you must be kidding about your last “reason” (being married). The Dutch prime minister (the highest political position one can get in my country) – by the name of Mark Rutte – is single. He is not married and not in a relationship. So his credentials are untrustworthy? Mark is a member of the liberal party VVD (that is right wing, in political terms).
    I can even use the reason of being single as a benefit. A single person (not being married, not being in a relationship) can put ALL his time (incl his spare time) into politics and “leading” the country.


    1. It doesn’t matter if a leader is married or not not…important is how he fulfill his duty to the country and people…..but contrary to the aquino admin which is useless being a single president because he has no time for his people….but bad mouthing to his enemies is his best…

    2. Yes a lot of homosexuals and unmarried professionals actually excel just because they can focus.

      But people who can achieve much in their careers DESPITE being married and having a family are those we can doubly admire and look up to. “Balance” in life is something hard to come by these days.

      1. Most married people have either a 9-to-5 job or a 9-to-5 mentality. Those who are married and having a high-end job, mostly end up in a divorce because the partner cant handle the other working “ethics”.
        There is balance and there is balance. Lets start with finding a partner who also have a high-end job and who understands its not appropriate to close shop (or turn off one’s PC) at 5PM.

        1. You DUMB IDIOT. 🙂 You must be single, sad, loser and woman hater. lmao

          Look who owns
          facebook, a young married guy
          and so on…

          being married with children made them extra special!

      2. And BTW: there is nothing to admire about when somebody is in a unmarried/married relationship and having a few kids and having a job. Thats the freedom of choice. They dont get any more credits than any other person.

        1. Family is the very basic foundation of your human existence.
          This is where you first feel the love and care this is where you learned the basic things in life.
          Having a family of your own lift you up on a different level. Loved and be love, having your own child, looking at your own flesh gives you a deeper understanding of life. having a responsibility as a father gives you more knowledge and experience on how things in life works.
          there are lots of things you will know and realize as a family man.

          If that’s not more credit to a person I don’t know what. If you cant admire your father for raising you I don’t know your standard of admiration.

        2. Gie,
          My human existence can be caused by rape, by a ‘one night stand’, by rape within marriage, by an unwanted, untimely, unplanned act of sex or by what we nowadays call “making love” in which I was planned and wanted.
          To learn and teach the basic things in life are the implicit duties/tasks of parents/guardians. If they will not teach me those things (tie my shoe laces, ride my bike to name just a few) then I will stay a ‘baby’.
          If the only way to get admiration is by starting a family, then excuse me but that is really pathetic.

          Creating my own family is a new experience for me. But it will not be a hard one. I have watched and seen my own parents raising me; I have seen many other parents raising their kids. I can pick from each scene/parent what I like and copy that to my own family.

          I am sure you have been in other households when you were young. Maybe, probably things were done there differently compared to how you were raised. Maybe you liked that, maybe you didnt.
          Each parent raises his/her kids in a different way. Maybe you were raised in a strict way. Others were raised in a more lenient way. We all have different outlooks of how to raise our own kids. But no matter which mode is used, it doesnt constitute admiration or credit.
          You know what it takes. So you either do it or not. Its a choice. But dont do it bec you want to be admired (or credited). Because that is pathetic.

          Your standard of admiration is below zero. Okay, make that mediocre.

        3. if you are gay
          then that’s a different story.

          you can be extra special being gay
          and president!

      3. I would assume many of the successful game-changers who are married have very supporting wives who can understand the demands of their work.

        Marriage is a double edged sword – it can be a hindrance to one’s career; yet a loving supportive partner can also be a source of strength.

        Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk are married / with families, and yet that didn’t keep them from reaching for the stars.

        More is to be expected from NoyNoy considering all the time/focus he could have devoted to EXCELLING, but unfortunately it’s just something that doesn’t run in the blood.

        It looks like there’s more hope with BongBong than NoyNoy – as the article clearly shows. A return to the Marcoses is imminent for this country considering the Aquinos are proven losers by defaulting in this game where first-world competence is the ultimate yardstick.

      4. And why they are afraid if Marcos win the election?come on lets give BBM a chance to show what he can contribute to our country.

    3. I wish I was kidding, Mr. Haighton. I was actually going to add more to that but I was too sleepy to make something coherent at the time. It’s not so much about being single as much as getting someone (male or female) to genuinely accept, appreciate and love you.

    4. Getting the girl means you are “man” enough. Simple as that. Aquino’s continued failure to get the girl, in spite of his advantageous position means that he is unattractive, stupid (because girls like witty guys), has a terrible sense of humor and generally, a loser.

      1. Dick,
        I cant speak intelligently about Aquino. Maybe he is gay, maybe he wasnt taught properly how to start and how to be in a relationship. Bottomline: I dont care as long as a man/woman knows what it takes to be in the driver’s seat (politically).

        1. Oops, I must have hit a sensitive string with somebody.

          Everytime when I type, my mouth is indeed shut.

  2. let us not forgrt that James Buchanan and Grover Cleveland were also not married when elected as presidents. Erap was married but he was banging his mistresses left and right, as well as other senators and congressman.

    I agree that the sins of the father are not the sins of his son. As a matter of fact, I heard true stories of how Marcos was evil, even Jackie Enrile but I have not heard a single story that bong bong was evil. in fact, the stories I heard about bongbong were all GOOD – and I mean every single one of them.

    There are the marcos apologists who claim that marcos was the best president ever but that is solely based on their opinions. People should not forget the atrocitied that marcos brought to many filipinod and his klepticratic and cryonism Economics. The marcos apologists have come out in full force with their historical revisionism, and a lot of young people today are buying their proverbial bullshit propaganda.

    If you present factual events to the marcos apologists (i.e. economic and social conditions during the marcos regime), they will just dismiss it.

    I am not happy with the Aqiuino administration ot any administration of the post marcos regime but at least people are free to express themselves without fear of being arrested or tortured back in Marcos’ time.

    Actually, Grimwald, If Noynoy is a ruthless tyrant like marcos, you wouldn’t be able to write on your blog. Marcos controlled all the media oulets during his time. He dictates to thr media what should and what should not be publicized. I suppose you prefer tyranny over democracy? Perhaps you are not aware that Marcos suppresed free speech during his time?

    There were poor people during Marcos but they are not free to criticize him. There are poor people today but at least they are free to criticize or bash noynoy or any political figure. How do you enjoy your freedom of speech? ain’t it great?

    1. As expected from an actual Aquino faggot. 😛

      So freedom of speech is much more important for you than something fruitful like freedom from poverty.

      Yes, you have your own freedom of speech yet you enjoy eating pagpag? Ain’t it great?

      1. freedom from poverty? are you telling me that there were no poverty during Marcos, or any ither presidents after him?!? Besides, I am talking about freedom of speech, and your argument is nom-sequitir, Intellectualy challenged much that you had to resort to name calling? butt hurt? Good! LOL! next time you argue with me judt make sure you are armed wuth full mrtal jacket of brain cells. I am not fluent in stupid

        1. You’re missing the point. Even Singapore has little to no poverty.

          And to be fair: there are little to no squatters in QC and even the railways from Makati to Paranaque. When Marcos was ousted, most of the squatters are living in those areas. So what’s your point?

          Next time you troll on this site, try harder at best. You’re already fluent in stupid because you’re actually EMO over a dead president.

      2. i enjoy eating pagpag? lol. I work hard and studied at my own expense, and endured a lot of hardships alomg the way. I worked on menial low paying jobs and worked my way up. I never ever relied on the government to feed me or support me as it is not the governments role to enrich me. The undeniable fact is there were poverty durig, before, and after Marcos. There is no such thing as freedom from poverty. There is freedom of speech and LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness. Even Japan and the richest countries in Northern Europe such as Sweeden, denmark, switzerland, et al have their share of impoverish people.

        Damn, dude. I am imprssed by your blatant display of stupidity

        1. The undeniable fact is there were poverty durig, before, and after Marcos.

          That’s why you’re wrong: you always put Marcos on paper. Isn’t that what we call blatant display of stupidity? And I need to tell you that Singapore is another example of the ‘freedom from poverty’ shtick.

          In case you don’t notice: you mentioned the other countries but unlike the Philippines, they never play victims and they always care for their own people at the very least. After Marcos, Pinoys are now playing the victim card, even their own leaders.

        2. DIO said:

          That’s why you’re wrong: you always put Marcos on paper. Isn’t that what we call blatant display of stupidity?

          How is s/he wrong? There in fact WAS poverty before, during and after Marcos.

          And what is “put Marcos on paper” supposed to mean?

    2. So you like being in a government whored by media that keeps telling you “everything is ok” and not look forward for progress as a society and a nation but to be part of a MEDIOCRITY?

      Deep inside, you’re choking on your own tears.

    3. You know, if I were to choose between freedom of speech and freedom from poverty, I’d rather choose the third yet hidden option:

      “Freedom of PROGRESS.”

      Regardless of past histories and shit, if that candidate can make a big difference, I’d vote for him / her. So objectively, based on merits and accomplishments, my choice would be BBM, hands down. Because despite of the past, he didn’t let it define him. He just continued doing his job as a legislator. (And look at those wind-powered generators! Just add a solar panel farm and it will be badass!)

      The Aquino admin had 3 decades worth of chances to prove themselves.. but the way I see it, they just wasted it. Why? Because they just showed how reactive they are as a gov’t. They’ve focused on the past so much, they’ve already forgotten it’s their duty to make this country a better place (it became a better place for criminals). If the Aquinos are better as they have claimed, I should be hearing news like an Island-to-island bridging project, revival of BNPP, MAJOR railways for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. But alas, all I seeing and hearing are news about how bad Martial Law is, criminals having freedom to do what they want, etc.

      1. BNPP is already outdated. And also, let’s vote for somehow who have a great plan for modern and fast public transpo and who can envision a free energy tower or who’s planning to plant an energy power and wireless connection system that will lower the energy/internet subscription cost and prevent energy shortage/stupid disconnection for LuzViMinda’s continuous and high productivity. Hehe

        1. It is what BBM envisioned. More internet connection for young people to learn more and for much more businesses to enter Phil.

        2. BNPP is NOT outdated. In South Korea there are 25 Nuclear Power plants that just as old as BNPP. A matter of fact, KORI 1 Nuclear Plant is a sister plant of BNPP that is still operating until today. BNPP is even younger than Fukushima of Japan.

        3. I’m fine pushing through with BNPP once BBM is in power. Only one condition, there should be a BIG sign at the gate of such a zero-tolerance-for-error facility:


        4. @Kari Normann,

          yes, you can say that. Based on what I read, all I know is that BNPP remained unused for 30 years and it’s not fully finished and its issue about safety is not yet answered (Kori plants confronted a problem on nuclear safety and regulation). Also, by outdated, I meant in our present time (and probably in the future), first world countries are leaning to clean, renewable, safe but unlimited energy source (ie, energy from sun, wind, mineral deposits and water (Arthur Clarke did say “‘How inappropriate to call this planet Earth, when it is clearly Ocean.’). It’s a matter of knowing how to make the most of the country’s resources.)

          I’ll concede that it’s not outdated if the plants you mentioned were build the same time or earlier than BNPP and the latter will still function with the original intention of producing the vast amount of electricity it promises to deliver. But here are a few concerns, can we produce our own fuel needed for it’s continuous operation? If we need to import it, will there be a program so the people don’t have to shoulder most of the cost for the plants function? For its operation, who are we going to rely to? Foreign or local? (Ah yes, zaxx already air the same concern.

          there should be a BIG sign at the gate of such a zero-tolerance-for-error facility:


          The costs spent for building it is already immaterial. A waste is a waste and it can’t be brought back. I think BBM knows that we still have to deal with the kind of people, the ones who fight tooth and nail to hold BNPP so he’s focusing more with renewable, free and sustainable energy. Also, should we allocate a new budget, what’s better – to spend more for BNPP to operate or start a new modern facility to support our energy needs? It’s well and good if we have a program that could support both but hopefully the people won’t be the only source to pay for its service. Also are we going to put up a research facility to come up with our own?

        5. There are currently 430 nuclear plants in the planet. We only suffer one tragedy and that of the Chernobyl, since they did conform to standards. Chine will build two floating nuclear plants in SCS/WPS.

    4. No matter what ren car, Marcos WILL be the Vice President, so deal with it… and while doing so, please for heavens sake, remove your head from your ass.

      1. jim, I have no problem Bong Bong to be the VP. I think it is your head that is stuck uo my ass, as i can feel your tongue flickering through my rectum. As iI have previously indicated, Iall the things I heard about bongbong during the marcos regime were all GOOD.

        Dio not pull out your head from my ass, I love your tongue action 🙁

    5. Are some countries supress the freedom of
      Speech or the Press… Too much freedom makes
      Your netizen unrespecful the cant even
      follow a simple law… No Jay Walking
      No smoking the can do whatever they want
      To do or say… Walang modo! Bastos! NO

  3. I’d say this blog has officially jumped the shark.

    All of the most respected commentators lowering their standards of good governance to that of the hoi polloi … simply on the basis that Aquino is hopeless.

    I suppose a drowning man will grab onto any piece of flotsam that drifts past.

  4. Couldn’t agree more Grimwald! We really have to move on and vote someone based on their good track record and not because he/she is the scion of this or that family. Albeit only a few, there are really genuine people who only want to serve the country–I look at Senator Richard Gordon, Senator Juan Flavier, Senator Sonny Angara and see the same drive in Senator Marcos.He would be a good VP.

  5. yoshi, hindi makakain ang freedom of speech. To even bring it up is purely stupid. You nincompoops do not even get my point. You go on your stupid and ignorant rants and resort to all kinds of falacious logic. There were no little or no squatters during marcos? are you delusional or just a blatant liar? I lived in manila during the marcos regime and there were squatters all over metro manila. There were many places whom people were afraid of venturing to because they are squatter areas and dangerous. it is a fact that poverty exists before, during, and the post Marcos era — and only mindless idiots Marcos apologists wii deny that fact.

    People should never forget thr atrocities of brutal tyrants like marcos, hitler, polpot, et al to educate the masses and to ensure that it would never happen again. It is not about playing victim. it is about the real victims who suffered under Marcos. I do understand the marcos loyalists who defend marcos. Besides, Hitler and Mao have their share of apologists, too.

    Can you imagine being poor and not able to criticize your government bec you will end up in jail or murdered? Tama – freedom of speech di makakain pero ar least di mo rin ikakukulong o ikakamatay. Heck, if marcos were still president today, all the comments we will read are from the pro-marcos, and many people will be arrested who criticize him whether you are rich or poor.

    So go ahead and swim with your plethora of your revisionist history. I am aware and have no intention of changing your minds. I do not and can not fault you for idolizing a brutal and murderous tyrant. I am sure that the Ilocanos, marcos loyalists and his cronies sees him as the Messiah. Heck, Why not just canonize marcos and imelda?

    Ilocanos love Marcos because he enriched ilocos. He also built infrastructures on credit and we are still paying for them while he pocketed the money he borrowed from the world bank and different countries. Lee kwan yew was smart enough not to losn Marcos millions of dollars because he knew marcos won’t be able to pay it back.

    Want to discusd the GDP and the external debts during Marcos? Oh, do not forget to factor in the inflation rate.

    Lastly, I am not pro aquino but if I were to choose between the lesser evil, I would choose duterte, defensor, or even poe.

    I suppose you don’t give a shit about the victims of Marcos because you did not suffer their fate? It really is more fun in the philippines!

    1. Both of you have made your points. But no matter what each of you say or do to each other, it will be a never ending debate giving examples of this and that, he/she did this, he/she did that. There will always be the supporters and haters of any candidate. Despite almost everyone knowing what has happened during FEM’s time up to Aquino’s administration, which were taught in schools, told by their elders or over the internet…it is the individual who will still choose who he/she wants to support, whether you like it or not and vice versa. What we can look forward to is the change that we have been yearning for our country. History is the Past, It cannot be undone, but the future holds a chance of a new beginning for all of us. It is not only the politicians that should take action, it is all of us, the citizens of this country. It has to start within ourselves to change and to make it better.

    2. Yes during pres marcos time already had squatters but as many as of today….incase u forgot imelda built this BLISS housing for the poor….i also lived in manila dat time and i saw with my own 2 eyes…..but after marcos is there any president after him who built something for the poor?

    3. If old Marcos still lived today, he’s already tired and weary old man lying on bed with spoonfeeding nurse on his bedside! Wearing pampers and might have Alzheimers disease and he is not in power anymore! Martial Law was lifted during Pope John Paul II visit and still some people thinks it will still exists! The main problem of some anti Marcos, they don”t try to move on and think that an old man (Marcos Sr) can not govern or rule the country anymore!

    4. Ano ba ang ginawa mo ng panahon ni FM, naging aktibista ka ba? Ako, aktibo ako sa pagsama sa rally against FM. Pero, di ko sinisisi si BBM sa nangyaring pang-aabuso ng militar ng panahon na yon. Baka si BBM pa nga ang iboto ko eh

    5. ren car,galing mong mag English pare..siguro isa Karin komunista Kaya galit ka Kay Marcos…. Kung talagang may Alam ka sa kasaysayan ng martial law…. Alam mo rin Kung sino ang mga kinokulong at pinapatay pero kung dimo alam magtanong ka kay Tiglao na dating komunista marami siyang alam… ang mahirap sa inyo kasi pati matanda na namatay sa hika, sa atake sa puso at kung ano pang klase ng nakakamatay na sakit ibinintang kay Marcos lahat yata ng namatay sa Panahon ng martial law si Marcos ang pumatay..pero sa tingin ko sa iyo ren car dimo talaga alam ang kasaysayan nong Panahon ng martial law Kaya pati ko ulit kumonsulta ka Kay Tiglaw maraming alam yun. Peromagaling kang mag inglis pare…

      1. dai yag. napaghqhataan ang makinang mong kabobohan. Hindi lahat ng aktibists nung panahon ni makoy ay NPA. cguro isa ka sa mgq ilokantot na sumasamba kay macoy? ang bobo mo pre, as in wagas!

        1. Pre wag mo naman insultuhin ang mga ilokano. Lampas na yan sa dapat na sagot. Insultuhin mo yung tao kung gusto mo, wag ang buong ilocandia porke ilokano si FEM

    6. Problem with pinoys-dealing so much in the past, preventing them to rise above! Let history be his story and make this our own story! Tormented emotional people who do not think of the betterment of their countrymen… Think well! And stop bringing in the past!

    7. you are talking about martial law era my friend.. but before martial law, it was all good.. we are a poor family, pero shit, busog na busog na ako sa singko sentimos..

  6. I didn’t experience Martial Law, I don’t think it’s all bad as what I have learned in school and media. I base my opinion on my own understanding. As I observed, the Liberal party, the Aquinos are just bleaches, eager to spot the faults to their opponents for their publicity. Corrupt, fine, investigate it, but why all the suspended alleged officials are replaced by Yellow party members? Fishy eh? Yet when, those Yellow, got the same issues they are untouchable, just like Abad, blamers when it come to their failures. This may think back to ML, its not that bad, though I can’t say no anomalies either. However, as I been realized, the Yellow and its media let us think black or white not to comprehend things gray which could enhance us to independent thinking. They don’t want us too think gray for better understanding, they want to brainwash. Every things have black and white but you choose which side are you depending of your point of views and values. You want an alleged corrupt leader but you can see his works, competent one, fine you have a reason why. You want a nanny leader who give you freedom and self-proclaim righteous but whatever, incompentent, blame-gamer, you have a reason why. I mean, those Yellowish should stop, let the people decide. I’ll choose BBM, not because of ML or his father, because I see him the best among the VP, candidates. Period.

  7. “Also, he is now running as vice president of the Philippines without using the death of any of his loved ones to boost his popularity.”

    1. aussie, I do not mind calling is yellowtards but i hope you don’t mind if i call you fucktard or bopoltard? What is good for the goose is good for the gander, or would you like me to introduce pot to kettle? That went “swoosh” over your head, huh? 🙂 Yeah, I reckon so, lol

  8. Noy had his shot at making this nation great again. Obviously, he failed… and miserably I might add. The man is oblivious of the true status of his people, and prefers the allure of statistics as the yardstick for being a good leader for its “ease of use.” He can keep saying “The economy grew,” but unless people feel his words and see them coming to life, he is nothing but a story teller. And what is good in a leader who fails to see if his comrades are eating 3 full meals a day? To check if the Filipinos have access to working trains and CCTV cams to ensure their safety? To fend off invaders as a means of upholding sovereignty in the land? Inconsiderate, right? And add to that the nature of his governance, all that underspending on infrastructure yet the sudden urge to be frivolous and host APEC? He is rich, we are not. Some of you might be driving home in a BM while the rest of us, the true middleclass and life blood of this nation, wither away and pay over the top tax rates. Inconsiderate. Again, had his chance but blew it. Noy’s parents are probably rolling in their graves as we debate about their son’s lackluster performance as the most powerful man in the Philippines. Noy had 6 years but wasted it all on being the biggest brat Malacanang has ever witnessed. Bongbong’s time is now, and no amount of being a yellowtard ass and clever mud slinging can ever put a good man down.

    1. Compare that List with NoyNoy’s Senate Bills:

      wiki/Benigno_Aquino_III (all CAPS mine)

      The Budget Impoundment and Control Act (SB 3121), wherein “impoundment” refers to the power of the president to refuse the release of funds appropriated by the Congress of the Philippines, is another bill Aquino is proud of;[19] he REGRETTED,[19] however, that such power has been used and abused by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, a result of which abuse has been the significant emasculation of Congress’ ability to check the president’s authority.

      Focusing further on accountability in government appropriations and spending, Aquino filed other reform-oriented, well-thought-out types of bills, among which were for: Philippine National Police reform; an increase in penalties for corporations and work establishments not compliant with minimum wage; the banning of reappointment to the Judicial and Bar Council; the prevention of reappointment and bypassing of the Commission on Appointments; real property valuation based on international standards; and superior responsibility for senior military officers, who are ultimately responsible for their own subordinates. However, NONE of these bills were passed into law.

  9. Love the cover picture Grimwald/Benign0. Chip off the Old Strongman Block.

    The guy actually became governor (just short of management on a national scale) – which adds to his arsenal, and even making him more qualified than Binay and Duterte (mayors). But I guess people are not ready for a Marcos president yet. So he’s taking it slowly.

    He’s made very calculated moves going up the ladder – resembling a determined suitor’s slowly but surely progressing courtship of lady playing hard-to-get. He has ideas of his own – like green energy (windmill farms) in Ilocos, and promoting tourism from China to the north. If he continues to play his game well, he may actually redeem his tarnished last name.

    If we can bring back the air/aura of discipline+intellect+excellence in this country through the Iron camp, then I’d say we’re headed on the right direction.

    Too much freedom is harmful for zombies. In fact we should even wish the Military ruled the country and settle for just a pseudo-democracy: it’s no coincidence the best president we ever had in the last 50 years was a General.

    Get the right kind of benevolent strongman like a Lee Kwan Yew in power and we are bound to become the next Singapore. BTW, BBM is Chinoy – which should hint us on where this country is really headed.

  10. True!Edsa Revolution will no longer the issue,its now about tyranny!Funny when those media org. try to divert our mind but seems every one knows what was the real…not what is written in a history book..We still using those infra.projects that Pres.Marcos left…And how i hate those Catholic officials and their associates…keep bashing Marcoses,branded him and his son…MEN!PARANG SI PONCIO PILATO NA SILA NUN!…DIBA NILA ALAM NA ISANG MASAMANG UGALI ANG PANGHUHUSGA SA ISANG TAO…KUNG GANUN PALA YUN KASALANAN NG AMA KASALANAN NARIN NG ANAK!AKALA MO KUNG SINONG MGA PERPEKTO ANG MGA TAONG YAN!…Sabagay ang mga nagpahuli naman talaga kay Kristo ay ang mga pari.

  11. The views and comments have really shown the maturity of the Filipino people in lieu of Phil politics. Most of us are really fed of the all the rhetoric and blame gaming that the administration has been doing for the last 6 years (or 30 years after the strongman had left the Presidential seat). The Filipinos are looking for accomplishment and actions from the Govt. Despite of the countries high taxation, the Govt. failed to deliver and address the basic services (Red Tape, Housing, Nutrition, Transportation, Communication etc) that the common public deserves. Instead they will argue that at least we have Freedom of Expression? Really, who gives a F#CK about Freedom of Expression while corruption still exist in the lowest form of Govt. Im not saying Freedom of Expression is Bad but too much Freedom is what putting the country in deep sh!t. These are the fact Martial Law has been a dark moment for some, we get that, FM has been over thrown, Democracy has been restored, rejoiced. But after 30 long years did we excel as a nation? Did we saw any major infrastructure or economical changes that helped alleviate the ailing condition of the country? I remember when I was working in Singapore a taxi driver once told me, that a city should be compared to a bottle of wine and I doubtfully asked him why? Because he said, as time goes by, the aging of wine potentially improves its quality compared it to a city, it should be efficient and should cater to needs of time and its people. These coming election voters should really look beyond the candidate, one should look for the track record, accomplishment and visions, disregard the promises coz after all promises are made to be broken. Enough of the blaming game, people are so sick of immature politicians. Its by high time we move forward as a nation.

  12. It is a detailed contrast of the opposites, of Benigno Aquino III,and Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.

    Aquino is Gay, hiding in a closet. A man in his 50s, and still looking for a wife?…his libido is not working anymore… Aquino is a spoiled rotten boy, who cover himself, of the supposed “heroic” and “sainthood” false achievements of his parents. He cannot show , any achievement of his own…

    Aquino has no good accomplishments. However, he bought honorary degrees, to show to people, he has accomplished something. He thinks; because, he is rich: he can buy all things; including: honors, degrees and accomplishments.

    Since , Aquino is a no good person. He blames people for his mistakes. Take credit, for the work of others. And, demonize his enemies; to show himself as a good person.

    I do not endorse any candidate in this coming election. The voters decide, who to vote for…however, please use your common sense in voting the candidates…

  13. aquino is gay? U based that on what? your flatulence? even if he is gay, so what? damn, u r an ignorant shit of bigot!

    1. @ ren car:

      A man in his fifties, looking for a wife. I believe, he is gay, a hiding gay. I am not ignorant, and I am not a shit. As a person ages, his libido goes down. So, it is not normal , for a man is looking for a wife , in his fifties.

      So, be civil dude…unless, you are hurt, because you are also gay. I have no quarrel with gay people. However, I hate hypocrites. People who pretend what they are not.

  14. so some of you are saying thst the media is being controlled by the government? Hmmm.. isn’t that lovely that all anti- noynoy can freely speak their minds? There are the marcos black propagandists:apologists but that’s okay. at least u have not been arrested nor murdred for speaking against the government. Isn’t freedom grand, even for the poor?

    Did you also know that Marcos controlled media outlets, and he only approved report that are favorable to him?

    As a matter of fact, there are many scholarly articles about the atrocities and the thieveries of Marcos. Then again, you nitwits would rather rely to half-truths and Tsismis of the marcos apologists.

    It really is nore fun in the philippines.

    1. My good Mr. Ren Tao -I mean ren car, sorry- in case you missed it, here’s what I have to say:

      If the Philippines was a progressive and prosperous country, I wouldn’t even be writing on GRP. I would be too busy writing stories of fantasy, sci-fi, horror and porn. I write on GRP because some things need to be said because of how deplorable the state of the Philippines is becoming.

  15. mike, na realize ko kung gaano ka ka inutil at mangmang ng sabihin mo na lahat ng pinapatay o pinakulong ni macoy ay mga komunista o kriminal. Napa kainutil mo pre, as in grabe, over, super duper. Can you cite your source with your idiotic claim, or hinugot mo lang sa bahay tae mo mga mangmang na pinagsasabi mo? okray kabobohan mo pre as in nakaka impatso. Pre, konting research naman dyan, konting basa. putak ka ng putak puro kagaguhan naman pinagsasabi mo. member ka ba ng samahang ilokantot?

    1. Mas maganda kung tanungin mo si Rigoberto Tiglao about that. At palagi mong sinasabi na walang pinapatay o pinakulong si Cory e. Pero kung research mo lang ay Ombudsman and PCGG, then walang kwenta lang ang sinasabi mo.

      Mas inutil at mangmang ang mga taong EMO. Tandaan mo iyan.

  16. to those who claimed that there were little or no poverty during the marcos regime, here are the facts, not peke facts that you spew:

    1. A world bank study estimated that the portion of people living below the poverty line in PH cities has risen from 24% in 1974 to 40% in 1986. (source: Stanley karnow in his book, “in our image, America’s empire in the Philippines,” which, by the way, won the pulitzer Prize for hisrory, and not some opinions from Marcos idolators).

    2. Penn world trade tables reported that while real growth in GDP per capita averaged 3.5% from 1956 to 1965, under the Marcos regime (1966 to 1986) annual average growth was only 1.4%

    3. According to James Boyce, associate professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts, in his book, The political and Economy Growth and Impoverished in the Marcos era,” the workers’ wages between 1982 and 1986, real wages of unskilled laborers in metro manila declined annually at 5.8%, and those skilled laborers at 5.2%. Agricultural wages also declined at the same rate.

    Now, to be crystal effing clear, as some people here have a reading comprehension disability, or just plain bopoltards, I am not saying or remotely insinuate that poverty is not an issue, it still from post marcos administration UNTIL NOW. If you still do not get my point, do not hold it against me if you are a hopeless bopoltard.

    My original comment was it is better to be poor and have a freedom of speech rather than being poor and do not have freedom to express your views.

    To the person who said, “makakain ba ang freedom of speech,” well, your stupidity is beyond reprieve. I try not to argue with idiots especially to those who are so in love with non-sequitir fallacies – nakakabobo at lumalabas ang almoranas ko. My gulay! Can you not argue like the blogger whom I vehemently disagree with but he at least he present an intelligent argument?

    I suggest that if you choose to resort ad hominem attacks (which I do not mind at all. I welcome them with open legs, lol)c can you please, please make it intelligible and cite your sources, please?

    You are free to call me a faggot, a cocksucker, a cum guzzler, etc, and I will find it amusing but please use your brain.

    Oh, someone said, “too much democracy is a problem.” Ummm, Australia, The US, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, The UK, Denmark, and sone others enjoy too much democracy. So please explain to me when is it that too much democracy is a problem? Singapore? Yes, it is true but Lee kwan Yew is not a thief and a murdere like Marcos, and he enriched To Singaporeans unlike marcos who enriched himself, his cronies, and the Ilokanos.

    Then again, Churchill once said, “Democracy is the worst form of government except for the others.

    Mike – bili ka muna ng sampung kilong brain cells sa tailipapa bago mo ako batuhin ng kamang mangan at kabobohan mo ha. O wag ka iyak ha. You threw the first stone kaya tiis lang ha. At wag mo akong sisihin kung nilabas ko ang iyong likas na kanobohan ha. 🙂

    1. Honestly speaking, you’re post reeks more of stupidity and worse, apathy.

      -Malaya ka ngang magpahayag ng opinyon mo ngunit wala ka namang masakyan, wala kang makain. Ayos lang pala sa iyo iyon.

      -It’s not even a fallacy. If you think freedom speech is the “truest form of freedom”, then mas nakakabobo ang sinasabi mo. So, ano ba talaga ang kalayaan para sa iyo? Or maybe your definition of freedom is an absolute one. In other words, you allow chaos to abound. Ever heard of “Freedom with Responsibility”? Maybe not.

      -In case you don’t notice, Malaysian statesman Mahathir stated that “True democracy comes when we know its limits”. Those countries you mentioned have something called responsible democracy. Ours is not true democracy because the people made a spectator sport from it, turning it into a mob and branding it as “people power”. So things like due process and following the rule of law is not “people power”, eh? I also wanted to say that according to Lee Kuan Yew, the American style of democracy doesn’t really fit in our country.

      Yes, it is true but Lee kwan Yew is not a thief and a murdere like Marcos, and he enriched To Singaporeans unlike marcos who enriched himself, his cronies, and the Ilokanos.

      You forgot to add something:

      -He enriched himself? Ok, at least he gave something back to the people. Unlike the people after him who enriched themselves and they never gave back to the people. In case you don’t notice, the cronies of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan are much worse than Marcos, not to mention that they were the ones who are responsible for the Philippines’ downfall. You’re very clueless about the oligarchy. And you’re very clueless about Ilocos Norte: when Bongbong Marcos was governor, Ilocos Norte flourished. Ilocos is the province where energy cost is the lowest, thanks to his windmills.. It is the only province that is ISO-9000 approved, and always one that has not encountered a problem with COA. It’s record is squeky clean. Agriculture and Tourism are flourishing, and thus unemployment is under control. It is the only province that is growing its middle class at a good pace.

      If I were, son, quit on your EMO faggotry and please set your priorities for once.

  17. PS to Mike:

    Upon reading your retort, I have decided to committ suicide by drowning myself in a teaspoonfull of water. Cguro sabihin mo, “ay tanga! Pano ka malunod sa isang kutsaritang tubig”?

    Well, at least nahigitan ko ang katangahan mo. Bleh! Lol!

  18. Lol fucking yellowtards,you always tried to dig what is left behind,MOVE ON!We dont care what is Edsa1 all about,Pity to those who cant move on(medias,noytards family,priest&nuns,yellowtards),Hahaha!Anu nga ba ang nagawa nio para sa ikakaunlad ng bayan bukod sa sinasabi nio Freedom of Speech?Lol!

  19. Hinahambing nio yan Singapore?Ulol eh katiting lng nman yan…

    Those who govern less,ofcourse,govern well!

  20. Grimwald, I couldn’t take your word for jack shit! And I am calling you out for spitting out really mediocre material. This gratuitous garbage on Bong Bong just isn’t up to snuff. Your fabricated fluff is ordinary, unimaginative, unconvincing and, definitely, not worth paying for. Listen up if you want to be part of the lucrative BBM “Big Lie” team:

    • “Noventa por ciento de las problemas de la vida se aregla con dinero.” (Ninety percent of the problems of life can be resolved with money.)

    • “The poor are crazy, the rich just eccentric.”
    • “A poor girl who sleeps around is a slut; whereas, a rich girl who sleeps around is a playgirl.”

    You get the drift?

    With a few billion US dollars in ill-gotten chum change, I can assure you that Bong Bong can muster a battalion of far superior publicists to crank out a more compelling resume of deceit. So, shape-up or shut-up!


    A must read/view/visit website for those of you who still have an iota of gray matter left in your head. Bong Bong Marcos and his whole family/clan should be eradicated from the face of the earth–much less occupy and/or run for public office.

    1. @ V.V. Yes Sir, YOU ARE CORRECT. BBM is a Billionaire and he is going to inherit what his parents stole from the Grandparents of the writers of this blog. The writer’s here are beyond idiotic.

      The Marcos family should be flogged and made to give back every peso they stole and then be permanently exiled, along with the rest of the politicians.

      1. Says the fag who always cheer about the Mendiola Massacre where innocent farmers were murdered.

        Enough of this EMO nonsense.

    2. The soul that sins, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be on him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be on him.

      VV, nice website you got there. But I would suggest you pick on the parents, not the son. The fact Imelda still roams around means she is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Unless of course you use the PH constitution for toilet paper.

      If you have such hard evidence against BBM himself – bring them forward. A debate on accusations vs. BBM himself is pointless without real stuff to back it up. Burden of proof is on you.

      Btw, the production video was great – but that’s all there is to it – a production video. It won’t stand in a court of law.

  21. Lol!Virtual Vigilante,Lets compare the Ilocos Provinces to Tarlac?Despite of being a northern area(which unlike Tarlac,keep sticking to Ncr for having a progressive eco.)Now who has a better countrylife(those Tarlaceno which is still working for hacienderos?or the one who is working in their own land?)

  22. to all armchair economists and political pseudo-experts out here, here ia an “objebtive” analysis of the economic history of the Philippines. The fact is all presidents -from marcos to aquino – faced unforseen world market decline, natural disasters, and economic slow down. It is true that the unemployment rate grew under aquino, but it is also true for the past presidents.

    While no prwsident was perfect, the report clearly stated, “by the time marcos fled the Philippines in 1986, monopolization and corruption had severely crippled the economy.”

    This is a fact, not a propaganda that the marcos apologists love to spew. Saying that the Philiipine economy was great under marcos is an opinion, or purely horseshit as the facts says otherwise.

    I am not a fan of aquino, and Roxas makes me ill – they are very weak – but marcos was still a brutal dictator and the thief-in-chief. You can whine, bitch, cry all you want but you can not escape the facts and there is no amount of marcos propaganda that can change the fact that Marcos was the most intelligent president, and the most corrupt, and brutal.

    Google Economic History of the Philippines facts and details. it is not a proganda but, then again, marcos apologists view facts as propaganda. I resort to scholarly article than half-truths, hearsay, and lies.

  23. Ren Car, thank you for making the distinction between fact and propaganda. It appears many Filipino voters cannot distinguish, which is why there is a high probability that they will eat Marcos shit all over again.

    1. Vitual, it does not matter if I shovr the facts on marcos bopoltards. Marcos is their Demi-God, and there is no amount of facts than can change their. minds. The same goes for the aquino and mar apologists, they will defend the mistakes of those two weaklings.As i have stated before, no president is without a scandal, controversy, or flaws.

      I also do believe that Marcos was a visionary, that his cause was noble eveb before he became president, and his intention was honorable – to build a better country and enrich the people but his greed power and wealth consumed him, with the help of madam bitch imelda.

      Here is another “objective and unbiased” article about the marcos regime.

      Google marcos era -seasite – northern illinois university – seasite.

      Marcos apologists are fond of reading revisionist pseudo-historian. They view objective and scholarly articles as propaganda.

      and some of the marcos idolators here loves throwing ad hominem attacks but whrn I return the favor to them, they cry like little pansies. Bunch of mrental midgets!

      1. Vitual, it does not matter if I shovr the facts on marcos bopoltards. Marcos is their Demi-God, and there is no amount of facts than can change their. minds. The same goes for the aquino and mar apologists, they will defend the mistakes of those two weaklings.As i have stated before, no president is without a scandal, controversy, or flaws.

        Sensya, but you’re always circlejerking every argument with your LOL EVIL Marcos shenanigans.

        BTW, if that is the case, e bakit palaging nakalagay sa papel mo ay si Marcos? Gago.

    2. It appears many Filipino voters cannot distinguish, which is why there is a high probability that they will eat Marcos shit all over again.

      Yeah totally agree. That’s why a no-good Aquino won the last election. =)

  24. i also agree Marcos is really brutal to communism and anarchism. but the Pilipinos have seen the accomplishments of Marcos without comparison with presidents before and after his.

    Marcos is the GREATEST of them all.

  25. yup. marcos was the greatest corrupt president of the Philippines. I would agree with you if Marcos were only brutal to criminals and communist irsurgency but you have to be either intellectually dishonest or flagrantly stupid and ignorant to say that He is only brutal to those two groups you mentioned. Why don’t you cite your sourced with your claim? the problem with marcos idolizer is they prefer fiction/hearsay than truth. when you present them with facts, they retort with propaganda based of a horse’s flatulence – that is why i refer to them as bopoltards 🙂

    1. Hate to break it to you but…

      Post-Marcos presidents made him an amateur by comparison. And it lasted for more than 30 years.

      Just because I don’t believe in Yellow Propaganda means I believe in Marcos propaganda? Get a load on there, fella. That’s some nice logic.

  26. Martin, you also ignored thr fact that you can not criticze or say anything about marcos during his regime, and it is also a fact that he controlled the media. i suppose it is okay with you if Marcos was a fasciist pig? Did you know that fascism and communism are closely related. Comminism is anti-capitalist and fascism is for monopolozation? Both also supress freedom and oppress its citizens. If aquino were like marcos, you wouldn’t be abe to criticize him without the threat of being arrested or murdered, and sll media outlets will not be allowed to report anything about government corruption or wrongdoings.

    Are you really this dumb? well, yes, you obviously are, lol

    1. Same goes to Singapore as well. Anyhow, Aquino doesn’t need that because most Pinoy media are biased and they’re dumbing the minds of Pinoys through crappy television, etc. And even they’re reporting government corruptions or wrongdoings, it’s not enough duebto biased media outlets.

      Yep. You’re always eating pagpag and you’re fine with that as long as you have your “freedom of speech”.

  27. Self respect by definition is a confidence and pride in knowing that your behaviour is both honorable and dignified. Therefore when you harass or vilify another person, you not only disrespect them, but you also. Respect yourself by respecting others.

  28. Being a reporter during Martial Law

    and to those who said that crime was at a minimum during marcos, or it was a peaceful time, or life was good, or poverty was minimal – it is a complete hogwash or a plethora of bullshittery. The link I provided is proof that the news media was controlled by Marcos, and anyone with a basic knowledge in history, or anyone who took civis/social studies, or one semester in Political science, or anyone who has a common sense know that dictators, authoritarians, fascists, and communists government has complete control of the media, and they are not allowed by the government to be criticized. If they do, they would end up in jail or murdered.

    The problem with many of today’s millenials who buy the bullshitteries of the Marcos apologists id the lack of critical thinking and analysis, and they do not bother to research diffrent and unbiased sources/articles to fund out not only the truth but as well as the facts.

    This is what I call the dumbing down of the millenials. Sone of them are already dumb and they get even dumber by the day and, when they try to defend their stance, they pull out profound bullshittery up their asses. and accuse people like me as being stupid, dumb, uninformed when the fact if the matter is they are dumb as the extinct dodo bird, which according to urban legends and some scientists, the dumbest bird ever in the history of ornithology – no offense to dodo birds, lol.

    1. I am not able to paste the link here. Just google being a reporter during martial law|cmfr

      I also observed that many, not all, of Filipinos rely on hearsay and half-truths, or total bullshit, because they are so lazy in fact finding, or some just refuse to admit the truth.

      What i find really amusing is idiots go on an ad-hominem attack (calling me a faggot when it is possible that they are the cocksuckers, lol). instead of refuting my argument by using facts and logic, they go on with their stupid and ignorant rants, which I do enjoy immensely because I bring out their best stupid and dumbest thoughts, lol.

      I do not call people ignorant and stupid just to make a point. When I call someone ignorant and stupid, I expound on it and I support my argument with facts, and not just a half-assed truth or parrotting an article from other people. We were given by (insert your favorite diety here) brains – use it, damn it. Your brain is not just. anatomical ornament to complete your body – it is there for a good reason, lol!

      1. I think you’re referring more to most Aquino supporters since they always do that. And no, you’re lashing on open-minded people as well. So don’t make excuses.

    2. Your post is pure bullshitry, son. Jenny Saltillian Santiago is working for the Inquirer; of course she would say those things. Why not ask Rigoberto or Teddy Locsin, Jr. for that matter? You spout human rights abuses but it seems you’re trying to tell everyone that there are no human rights violations on the post-Marcos years.

      Just accept that you’re very EMO over Marcos. Since I’m a guy who prefer to look on both sides of the story, I can say that you’re not even stating truths because you’re biased and very one-sided. You actually fail to see the bigger picture since you let your EMOTIONS take over. So your efforts are futile. Too bad that millenials are not as dumb as you think since they saw how stupid Noynoy is.

      1. What?!? Where did I say that there were no human rights abuses during the post-marcos years, pops? Where? Many millenials, not alk, as are dumb as a doorknob. Do you deny the fact that is a fascist/authoritarian/dictatorial regime that free speech is suppressed? The fact is it is true! Any fascist pigs suppress the press and free speech, and those who voice out their grievances against the government are either jailed, murdered, or simply dissapear even if they did not commit a crime. I reckon you read history books especially about fascism, authoritarian, communism, and dictatorship.

        Oh, you conviniently brought up just one of my sources and used it to accuse me of being biased, and not the others?

        Sure, I cite a source of a reporter during marcos BUT I also provided you with facts about fascism. I am not one who simply parrot what other people say.

        Furthermore, you. refute my arguments without presenting your arguments with facts. You just went on a tirade about how being biased I am without challenging my premise.

        You also suggested that I ask Teddy locsin, jr.?First of all, you would rather teddy speak for you? What is the matter? You can not speak for yourself. Second, you pulled the appeal to authority by mentioning Teddy Locsin. In your mind, you think he has the intellectual authority to defend marcos because he was a congressman, a lawyer, and a journalist? Are you effing kiddiing kidding me?!?

        It would be like me throwing names of intellectuals, foreign dignitaries, legal and political scholars and telling you to read their articles about Marcos atrocities and how he ruined the philopine economy without expounding on them and not providing you with facts.

        Oh, i have no problem with marcos incarcerating or even exterminating the criminal elements during his time but to silence, and mudering kr jailing then, the reporters and activists groups, or those who dare to voice their grievances about graft and corruption is the purest display of fascism.

        Even communists WHO do not incite violence or are violent themselves should have the right to free speech. You can not silence those people just because you do not agree with them or they criticize you.

        The most democratic countries will defend the right of any person whom they disagree with. However, freedom of speech is not absolute and it has its limits. I am inclined to school you but I thought, nahhhh.

        Next time you refute my arguments, please, please, make it intelligible, And please, do not contibute in dumbing down the millenials. Most importantly, do not ever put words into my mourh. Learn not to only read but also comprehend. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. 🙂

        1. I am EMO over Marcos? You got that right. I am also EMO over Hitler, Mussolini, Hussein, Suharto, Pinochet, Stalin, Polpot, etc. I refuse to see the big picture? Why don’t you enlighten me with the big picture? You just pull out the big picture out of your ass without expounding on it?!? Really?!?

          You insinuated that you are not biased yet you did not provide me with your stance, and you asked me to ask Teddy Locsin?!? So you are telling me that I should absorb what Teddy wrote and take it as face value? Sorry, homey do not play that way. I am more than capable of thinking for myself and having my own mind. I am not one of those Marcos apologists bopoltards.

          You may be older than me but it does nit mean that you are wiser than me. some people just grow old, not wiser.

          Next time you go on a cerebral battle with me, I implore you to br armed with full brain cells jacket. Your fallacious argument is laughable and beyond stupid.

          Calling me bias is like the pot calling the kettle black. Try again 🙂

        2. Too much EMOfagging right there. I keep on saying those things due to the fact you’re EMO over a dead president.

          I never said I denied those things happened. Of course, IT happened. But even they are facts, you’re just overrating stuff. And according to you, “freedom of speech” is the ‘truest form of freedom’ as if it was a very important thing. So I wanna ask: what is freedom for you?

          Are you surprised? Because most of these sources are questionable and pertaining to one-side. So yeah, you’re biased, even you’re stating facts. Sorry, but being close-minded and with bias is also a means of dumbing down.

          You’re underestimating Teddy Locsin, Jr. At least he have two sides of the story unlike your one-sidedness; he actually lived thru the Martial Law years. And if he’s not enough, what about Rigoberto Tiglao? He’s also there. One of my friends said this:

          But, if we let our emotions take the better of us, we would not see what is really going on. For one, if we just consider those who are the loudest in their rhetorics against BBM today, where were they really during the ML years? I could name some of those who really had a good life during those dark days. This is why if you have been following the columns of guys like Bobi Tiglao, Bono Adaza, Alex Magno, Kit Tatad, etc in the broadsheets, and Teddy Locsin, etc on TV, guys who were in the thick of the original anti-Marcos movements, they are questioning the MOTIVES of this new anti-Marcos movement.

          Another overrating bullshitry right there. You always spend time blaming one man for so-called atrocities even though one man couldn’t have done it alone. You solely blaming on Marcos yet turning a blind eye on Ramos and Enrile, not to mention the latter is the architect of Martial Law.

          Even communists WHO do not incite violence or are violent themselves should have the right to free speech. You can not silence those people just because you do not agree with them or they criticize you.

          Are you sure? According to Tiglao and Samonte. they confirmed members of communist group, which Ninoy was a part of, were really hell-bent on wreaking havoc and eventually taking control of the Philippines. Just imagine if they had won. But if you are a communist sympathiser, you wouldn’t understand. Before Martial Law, there was the First Quarter Storm. And it’s a series of violence and insurgency. Of course, a guy with an angry mob mindset would never understand.

          Yes, freedom of speech is not absolute and it has its limits. But here in the Philippines? It’s infinite that it also leads to chaos and irresponsibilities.

          Unfortunately, you’re already dumbing down the millenials with your one-sided bias and EMOness. The most important thing to do is to know your place and set your priorities for once. BTW, emoticons doesn’t necessarily mean intelligence. Please pay on the netshop for once, Einstoned.

        3. Oh four-eyed rent-a-car you are such a useful supply of your delicious tears because your drama queen hostility never cease to amaze me.

        4. I am EMO over Marcos? You got that right. I am also EMO over Hitler, Mussolini, Hussein, Suharto, Pinochet, Stalin, Polpot, etc. I refuse to see the big picture? Why don’t you enlighten me with the big picture? You just pull out the big picture out of your ass without expounding on it?!? Really?!?

          You’re actually missing the point. Well, for you to understand, let me just quote George Santayana: “History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren’t there.” This new movement, which probably you’re part of, is proving Santayana correct. They are making Marcos look like Suharto, Pol Pot, Mao, or Rhee. Surely, Marcos wasn’t; his human right victims doesn’t even number 100,000; it is much less than that, when the other dictators I just mentioned run in the millions.

          Thing is, where was this movement in the last 30 years. They had all the chance to make Marcos a non-issue by now. But now, they come alive because Bongbong is leading in the surveys? Hypocrites, I would call all of them.

          You may be wise, but you’re thoroughly biased with your arguments. Of course, you will ignore it since you let your EMOTIONS run over.

          I would never even go in a cerebral battle because all you did is just TROLLING and SPAMMING on this site.

          BTW, the usage of emoticons proves my point even further. Go figure.

      2. Denzigy, one last note. You would not recognize bullshittery even if it hits you in the face bec you are used to it, lol. Let me ask you a theoretical question. Had noynoy imposed martail law, and he jailed or have his henchmen murdered his right wing opponents, critics, reporters, and the regular schmuck who simply voice out their grievances (am not talking about criminals here or violent political groups – would you not condemn him? I would and I know you would. The only dufference between us is I do not idolize Marcos and be his apologist BECAUSE of whatever the fuck it is you are talking about the big picture. Perhaps you are talking about marcos’ big lie? Will you still be defending the fascist pig if one of your loved ones was an innocent victim of marcos?

        The problem with the marcos apologists is they are not concerned about the plight of marcos’ innocent victims. The Marcos apologists are all about individualism. Just because they did not suffer in the arms of marcos, everything is well and dandy. Why would they care anyway, right? It did not hapoen to then so what is the big effing deal. It is akin to hitler apologists who did not suffer during nazi germany. Only the jews and the german resistant suffered, so what? Right? So the jews should not go EMO over Hitler and his henchmen. That pretty sums up your twisted logic. It did not happen to us, and we were living in peace during the marcos era so what Are you bitching about, right?

        if people just shut up their mouths and did not voice out their grievances duruing marcos rule, they should have no problem. Have you read 1984 and The Prince? I suggest that you do some further reading. It would open your myopic views, and it is good for the brain. Always qurestiom authority regardless who it is.

        To be a ditohead or a mindless sheep is bad for your intellectual health, or lack thereof 🙂

        1. I already did. While you’re just another point misser posting garbage on this beautiful site.

          Noynoy doesn’t even need to impose Martial Law because he have the power and his personal cronies on his side, since he belongs on the side of the so-called “heroes” of EDSA 1. Again, another one of your circlejerks. Also, just because I am an unbiased guy and preferring to look at both sides of the story makes me a Marcos loyalist/apologist? What kind of logic is that?

          About seeing the bigger picture, you actually believe on the biggest lie ever: that we are better 30 years after Marcos left. In case you don’t notice,

          I would not even mention how in 30 years they made the Philippines the basketcase of Asia, how corruption has grown exponentially, etc. That is just about economics, and money problems could be solved by money. What appalled my grandparents and parents when they were alive was the transformation of the culture. My granny lamented how Filipinos could lose their dignity. He kept on saying no Filipino should beg even if they die of starvation as that was the Filipino he knew. Today, mendicancy is the mentality. There is a sense of entitlement everywhere, and yet no sense of responsibility and duty. Society has just disintegrated because we breath the toxic air of distrust, thievery, impunity, etc, and sex seems to have become a preoccupation.

          This is the bigger picture.

          Will you still be defending the fascist pig if one of your loved ones was an innocent victim of marcos?

          Here you go again with your faggotry. You’re just like Cory and Noynoy who solely blame one man for so-called atrocities even though one man couldn’t have done it alone. As Rigoberto Tiglao stated in his article “Why don’t you ask Ramos and Enrile for Martial Law atrocities?”

          The problem with the new anti-Marcos movements is that they’re only concerned about the past but not even the present and the future. They are always concerned about the innocent victims during the Martial Law years but always turning a blind eye about the innocent victims of the post-Marcos years. These anti-Marcos people always love to play the victim card. Just because they suffer in the arms of Marcos, everything is entitled to them. Victor Frankl, the famous psychiatrist who survived Auscwhitz, said no man comes out of an intense downfall or suffering the same human being. Never mind about financial reversals or physical tortures, it is the mental anguish that kills. One comes out of such ordeal either bitter, feeling the world owes them, or thankful for the privilege of such an experience, quite confident, but humbled, they were chosen worthy of such suffering. I suspect PNoy, and her sister Kris, seem the ones who came out bitter and feeling now the world owes them big time, and that may explain their psychology and their motivations today, and they make the Philippines suffer.

          Another one of your fallacies: comparing Hitler to Marcos. You’re proving George Santayana’s point even further.

          if people just shut up their mouths and did not voice out their grievances duruing marcos rule, they should have no problem. Have you read 1984 and The Prince? I suggest that you do some further reading. It would open your myopic views, and it is good for the brain. Always qurestiom authority regardless who it is.

          Another bullshitry. 1984 and The Prince seems out of place for this discussion. The Philippines was never under totalitarian rule just like in George Orwell’s novel; however, The Prince discusses about dictatorship. Seems you never heard about ‘benevolent dictatorship’. I already have open views, but one-sidedness and and going with EMOTIONS first is not good for the brain. There’s nothing bad about questioning authority, but never treat it as your life depends on it.

          To be a point misser, or an emofagging sheep is very bad for your intellectual health, or lack thereof. And it was proven through your usage of emoticons…

  29. Let me mention something again. There seems to be a trend wherein the children of dictators are allowed to enter politics. Other countries are willing to welcome dictators’ children back into politics.

    Park Geun-Hye – Daughter of dictator Park Chung-Hee is now president of South Korea
    Taban Amin – Son of Idi Amin who is active in Ugandan politics
    Alessandra Mussolini – Granddaughter of Benito Mussolini who is a right-wing politician in Italy.

    I just decided to read about dictator’s children and I find it a very interesting topic.

    1. ChinoF,

      Does this also count:
      Jorge Horacio Zorreguieta Stefanini (born January 18, 1928) is a former Argentine politician who served as Minister of Agriculture in the regime of General Jorge Rafael Videla. Zorreguieta is the father of Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.

      Máxima’s father was not welcome and not invited for the wedding of Maxima with Willem-Alexander (present king of the Netherlands).

      1. A bit, if just the guy was part of a dictator’s cabinet. But moreso if he was still involved in politics. I think a daughter of Augusto Pinochet is also in politics?

        1. I would label Videla as a dictator. And during Videla’s reign Zorrequieta was minister. Zorrequieta’s daughter is now queen.

          Jorge Rafael Videla (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈxorxe rafaˈel biˈðela]; 2 August 1925 – 17 May 2013) was a senior commander in the Argentine Army and President of Argentina from 1976 to 1981.

          He came to power in a coup d’état that deposed Isabel Martínez de Perón. Two years after the return of a representative democratic government in 1983, he was prosecuted in the Trial of the Juntas for large-scale human rights abuses and crimes against humanity that took place under his rule, including kidnappings or forced disappearance, widespread torture and extrajudicial murder of activists, political opponents as well as their families, at secret concentration camps. An estimated 13,000-30,000 political dissidents vanished during this period. Videla was also convicted of the theft of many babies born during the captivity of their mothers at the illegal detention centres and passing them on for illegal adoption by associates of the regime. In his defence, Videla maintains the female guerrilla detainees allowed themselves to fall pregnant in the belief they wouldn’t be tortured or executed. On 5 July 2010, Videla took full responsibility for his army’s actions during his rule. “I accept the responsibility as the highest military authority during the internal war. My subordinates followed my orders,” he told an Argentine court. Videla also sheltered many Nazi fugitives along with Juan Perón before him, Alfredo Stroessner of Paraguay and Hugo Banzer of Bolivia. He was under house arrest until 10 October 2008, when he was sent to a military prison.

          Following a new trial, on 22 December 2010, Videla was sentenced to life in a civilian prison for the deaths of 31 prisoners following his coup. On 5 July 2012, Videla was sentenced to 50 years in prison for the systematic kidnapping of children during his tenure. The following year, Videla died in the Marcos Paz civilian prison five days after suffering a fall in a shower.

      1. You’re missing the point. Why would BBM apologize when we are in a culture where making apologies is more like a sign of weakness?

        If anything, he’s already doing it with actions. As the saying goes: “Action speaks louder than words.”

        1. Because “making apologies is more like a sign of weakness” is bullshit, and only insincere people subscribe to this bullshit. People intent on doing the right thing do the right thing, which includes accepting and repenting for wrongdoings, not denying it.

  30. Joey, It was Marcos who was president and he ordered his henchmen to commit atrocities. He was the thief and murderer in chief! Oh, so you want a battle of quoted?

    You threw me of quote by Santayana so I’d treturn the favor. Just because you quoted Santayana makes your argument right? Well, pot, meet kettle.

    “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed are doomed to repeat it.” How’s that, eh?

    What is freedom to me? Well, freedom of presx, freedom of expresion, freedom of and from religion, freedom to a Peaceful assembly, freedom to do anything what you want as long as you do not commit a crime, incite violence, break people’s property, and the basic civil rights. Freedom with the absence of law and order is anarchy, and restriction on basic freedom is fascism or communism.

    I support a person’s speech to offend but it has its consequences. Fot example, you can be sued for libel or slander for knowingly making false claims.

    Our forefathers died to achieve freedom from the spaniards and americans, They did not have the freedom we enjoy today and a Filipino like Marcos who fought heroically against the Japanese only to take the freedom of the filipino people. Ironic, huh?

    You really thought you can trap me with your gotcha questioms by asking me what is freedom for me? Think again, einstein. I am not the smartest tool in the shed but I can defintely hold my own

    So tell me, What is freedom to you? Let us hear you out, shall we? School me about freedom, will ya? Freedom to oppress or suppress your thoughts is probably freedom to you?

    If you base your arguments alone to emotions without providing logic and reason is a fallacious argument which is clearly not in my case. Judt because you say something does not mean it is true. You twisted my words so you van justfiy your accusations.

    Now, reading the marcos alpologists propaganda and agreeing to every words being written is flagrantly stupid and ignorant.

    try again, sherlock. You failed miserably

    1. Joey, It was Marcos who was president and he ordered his henchmen to commit atrocities. He was the thief and murderer in chief!

      Actually missing the point. In fact, he couldn’t do it alone. And if you’re referring to henchmen, it was Ramos, Enrile, Honasan, etc…if we talk about these atrocities, we put on the forefront these Martial Law Brutes. They were the designers of Marcos Martial Law. The jailers and torturers/murderers of Martial Law victims.

      Freedom is not about doing everything you want, but to take each and every opportunity and make it count. Yes, those things are what freedom is but true freedom comes with responsibility. Unfortunately, what we have is not true freedom.

      What exactly has democracy and the much-touted “freedom” its adherents enjoy delivered to Filipinos? Perhaps Filipinos uphold a misguided notion of what it means to be free. If “freedom” to Filipinos has come to mean being free to elect idiots to top leadership positions, being free to flood an entire consumer market with useless trinkets made in China, and free to feed trashy media products to an already ignorant star-struck population, it is likely that a radical re-evaluation of that notion is overdue. KY did not pretend to be a big fan of that sort of freedom to gain the global respect he now commands and to build a society every Third World government aspires to build. As such, he is often criticised for his “autocratic” ways.

      If your idea of freedom is an absolute one, then yes, welcome to the Philippines. Where freedom was misplaced and it somewhat resorts to anarchy. Freedom without discipline, freedom without responsibility. Is that what you want?

      Honestly speaking, you’re already basing your arguments on emotions since you’re EMO over a dead president, wasting time beating the bush.

      Now, reading your questionable anti-Marcos rhetoric w/o any deep analysis or any balance is more flagrantly stupid and ignorant.

      Try again, trollfag. One-sided and biased people always fail miserably. I ain’t even a one-sided prick like you are.

      1. I think what this four-eyed buffoon named orlando santos (yes I’m looking at you rent-a-car) always do is running around the streets wholly naked because that’s what he thinks about freedom. And him being emo over a dead president is like he’s cutting every single piece of a tree.

        1. Intelligence-useless if not coupled with wisdom… Be wise and show you’re intelligent as you say you are… Mr ren car

  31. What is glaring in the comments section is the utter failure in knowing what liberty is.

    I’ve seen one of Lourde De Veyra’s video where he criticizes right to liberty by separating it into 2: freedom to spit, to throw garbage and the like to freedom from crime, poverty and the like.

    It is evident in this thread that some commenters share De Veyra’s perspective, as they echo irrational likes like “freedom of expression? makakain mo ba yan?” or expendable freedoms in favor of much more desirable ones like freedom from poverty over freedom of expression.

    The Americans who share the views of their Founding Fathers know full well what liberty means and the responsibility that comes with it.

    The right to property ensures that no one is allowed to corrupt another person’s property without just cause. This means that you must not pollute another person’s abode just so you can clean your place.

    The right to life ensures that no one is allowed to take another person’s life without just cause. This means that you must not commit murder or make life miserable for another out of spite and malice.

    The right to liberty ensures that no one is allowed to infringe on another person’s liberty without just cause. This means that you must not prevent another from exercising his/her freedom just because you do not like that person or because it is somehow advantageous to you.

    This is the reason, I think, why Lee Kwan Yew believes that US-style democracy is not working in the Philippines. But Lee Kwan Yew made a mistake here. The Founding Fathers of USA established a republic and a federal union, not a democracy. The Philippines established a national democracy.

  32. Thus said the HOLY GOD ALMIGHTY YISRAEL to Wicked President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III and Wicked Company: Howl, you shepherds and Cry! Roll about in the ashes, you wicked leaders of the flock-people, for the time of your slaughter draws near. I the HOLY GOD ALMIGHTY YISRAEL Creator of heaven and earth will break you in pieces and you shall fall like a precious vessel. And the shepherds will have no way to flee, nor the wicked leaders of the flock – people to escape. A voice of the crying of the shepherds and the wailing of the wicked leaders to the flock – people shall be heard. For the HOLY GOD ALMIGHTY YISRAEL is ravaging their pasture. The peaceful dwelling shall be wiped out by the fierce wrath of the HOLY GOD ALMIGHTY YISRAEL. Like a lion, the HOLY GOD ALMIGHTY YISRAEL has gone forth from His lair; because of the oppressive wrath and His fierce anger, declares the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY YISRAEL.
    (Yirmiyahu 25:34-38 – Jeremiah 25: 34- 38)
    So is the Holy Word that issues from My mouth: It does not come back to Me unfulfilled but performs what I purpose, achieves what I sent it to do, declares the HOLY GOD ALMIGHTY YISRAEL.
    (Isaiah 55:11)
    Indeed, all the earth is Mine, declares the HOLY GOD ALMIGHTY YISRAEL.
    (SHEMOT 19:5)
    Praise the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY YISRAEL now, forever and ever.
    Praise the HOLY GOD ALMIGHTY YISRAEL now, forever and ever.
    Praise our HOLY GOD ALMIGHTY YISRAEL now, forever and ever.

  33. It’s a huge phenomenon how this site garners some modicum of credibility despite reeking in Marcos loyalism. I have no love for the Aquinos, but one thing I agree with them is the return to power of a Marcos is something to truly be fearful of. And if you claim the contrary by insisting that the dark years of Martial Law were a lie, then you’re nothing more than unprincipled historical revisionists, no different from Holocaust deniers.

    1. @JoHunter:

      The Marcos era is long gone. Accept that the Aquino era is ending this May 9, 2016. Marcos Martial Law is past; we, Filipinos have to move on…Marcos is dead for more than 30 years. Dead people cannot do anything, anymore…

      The issue now is the governance of the Aquino administration. How did he performed? We live in the Present. Not in the past. We will build for the future, after Aquino is gone. And rotting in jail, for what he has done to this country…

    2. It’s really glaring how you want actually lose credibility. Yes, you have no love for the Aquinos but your comments reek more on EMOism over Marcos and stuff.

      Filipinos should have to actually learn objective history. When they blindly say the Marcos years were bad and give nothing constructive about it but rejoice the 1987 Constitution and Cory’s efforts like it was a breath of fresh air, it’s like the same idiots who thought the Spanish finally leaving was a time of grace for the country. Yes only for the likes of Cojuangcos, Aquinos and such to take over and install their political dynasties for centuries on end. Because Pinoys are so caught up on extraneous details and forget the proper context in mind of the important events that happened.

  34. Pro Marcos Loyalists and Aquino Bashers,

    All we say that Marcos clan are always unapologetic, (if not almost unforgivable) now and forever, it does not matter if FM is buried in LMNB or not.

    1. And the Aquino clan are worshiped as demigods like you and the rest of their cronies did.

      All of us here are stating facts while you’re just spitting on everyone here with your petty Yellow Propaganda. That’s not gonna work here, son.

  35. Marcoses and their clan (except for Ramos) would never apologize to many people after Marcos burial in some perspective ways, in a spiritual world.

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