My New Year’s Resolution

Just like my Christmas Wish List, I’m just putting this up for Heaven knows why. I just thought perhaps someone might read, understand and do the same thing. However, I’m all too aware of the less astute readers (or more accurately “glancers”) out there who will not only fail to understand but will not even bother to read. Also, back during my days as a grade school student, we were all required to write a “New Year’s Resolution” at the beginning of every year by our language teachers. I hated it back then but now I think I have a real reason to share what changes in myself I plan to implement in 2016.


I Will Not Use The Victim Card Ever Again

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Yes, I’ve been a victim more times than I can count in my life. However, more often than not, I only became a victim because of my own stupidity and refusal to accept reality. Dwelling on my own victimhood has never produced any positive results for me and they probably never will.

Also I need to remind myself that I must never use the victim card to justify my own wrongdoings. Just because I’ve been the victim of bullying doesn’t mean I have any right to bully others. Just because I was left traumatized by a disastrous relationship doesn’t mean I have a right to traumatize others. Just because people treat me poorly doesn’t mean I should treat others poorly.

Regardless of what I have to endure, I must be wise, kind and gracious always.

I Will Not Rely On Any One Person Or Organization To Do Everything For Me

My grandfather always taught me that if I wanted something done right, I would have to do it myself. I will take that lesson to heart because I know for a fact that everyone has priorities of their own. Indeed, some of my priorities are mine alone and I should never rely on anyone else to them for me.

Besides, by requiring others to take care of my problems, I am not only wasting their time but this also runs the risk of them not doing things “my way” so I will do them myself. After all, as I’ve already mentioned, other people probably have their own troubles to worry about and I don’t want to add my priorities to their said troubles. Better yet, if I have time and energy to spare once I fix my problems, I should go help them instead.

I Will Prioritize More Important Things First

Yes, I am also a gamer, reader and avid anime fan. However, gone are the days when I will allow said distractions get the better of me. My life, my family, my friends, my country and my job are far more important than watching some silly TV program or playing a new video game.

Distractions are okay but I should never make them the center of my life. The center of my life is becoming an efficient, self-sufficient and, most of all, wise individual. Everything else takes a backseat to improving myself and my community.

I Will Stop Stalking The Pretty Girl At The Gym

Seriously, it’s obvious she doesn’t like me. Not one bit. I’m going to do both of us a favor and stop bugging her both in the real world and on her Facebook page. Enough said.

5 Replies to “My New Year’s Resolution”

  1. General response and carefactor: 0

    How old are you mate? 15?

    If you are any older than 15 you are a bit of a late bloomer.

    Good to see you realise you are a bit of a waffler and a time waster.

    Hold down a job, advance your education to a respectable level, and you will be far more respected than a website spam poster.

  2. OMG, you are a stalker…For me, I will better all aspects in my life. Have more self confidence.

    I will continue to Blog. Hit anyone, who deserves the hit. And, will continue to inform people, the best way that I can.

    The past is gone; today is important; and tomorrow is out of sight. I will live for today…

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